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 The battle lines are heating up in TN. In November there will be a amendment on the ballot known as Amendment One. This seeks to restore to the people of Tennessee the right to once again t ... discuss

Frederic Chopin was plagued by poor health Frederic Chopin(1810-1849)throughout his short but prodigious life. His bouts of melancholy are well known and have been attributed to bipolar syndrome or cl ... discuss

At this point, the cure is worse than the disease. Sometimes the ‘cure’ is causing disease. The police are supposed to be in place to protect citizens from crime, but more and more they a ... discuss

In Minnesota, a state full of dedicated pro-life advocates, the abortion rate last year reached its lowest since 1974. Credit for the continued decrease is due to pro-life citizens who have insisted ... discuss

 Porn and Violence: What Planned Parenthood’s role models have to offer  Adam Peters  shareIn 1892, Lizzie Andrew Borden st ... discuss

by Kelli Pro-lifer Reilly Ball (pictured right) responded to the popular ALS ice bucket challenge on her blog, explaining her pro-life perspective both there and on her YouTube page: As it turns out, ... discuss

Aug 21 - Homily: St. Pope Pius X and "The Oath" Father Matthias preaches on the legacy of the great modern Pope, St. Pius X who was, as the collect of today's Mass says, "filled ... with wisdom and ... discuss

And here we are - two weeks later...... Kajieme Powell Identified As Man Killed In St. Louis Officer-Involved Shooting - St. Louis officials have identified the 25-year-old man shot dead yesterday ... discuss

Here are some new Kindle deals: Rythms of Grace by Mike Cosper ($0.99); Reasons for Our Hope by Wayne House ($4.99); new from GLH Publishing is that classic The Autobiography of George Mu ... discuss

Today, August 21st, is the memorial of Pope St. Pius X (1835-1914).Giuseppe Sarto was born June 2, 1835, the second of ten children born to a poor family in the village of Riese, Province of Treviso, ... discuss

by Bill Smith, Editor: Former Massachusetts Governor and Republican nominee for President in 2012 Mitt Romney visited Arkansas today to endorse Asa Hutchinson for Arkansas Governor. In 2013, Arkansa ... discuss

Genevieve Wood, Heritage Foundation,: interviews former Hewlett-Packard CEO and U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina.“Democrats lie. It’s propaganda. It’s shameless, baseless propaganda.” ~ ... discuss

It takes a special man to cram so much wrong into a mere 342 words.  Or an Old Grey Lady. The New York Times’ utterly ridiculous Editorial Board recently as one addressed Title II Internet regulato ... discuss

“We will drown all of you in blood.”--ISIS Terrorists' message to America --American journalist James Foley was abducted on November 22, 2012 in Syria.  He had been in captivity for 22 m ... discuss

Credit:  cheezburger.comMark Shea had a very interesting post today [HERE] concerning an article from The Remnant Newspaper, an ultra orthodox traditional newspaper whose main goal seems to be to ... discuss

It’s a reversal that makes no sense. After the Supreme Court unanimously decided in favor of free speech in June – a case brought by 77 year-old sidewalk counselor Eleanor McCullen – Massach ... discuss

Just because I find this touching. ... discuss

Time once again for our usual midweek feature.Remember two weeks ago when we showed those Finnish hillbillies going Appalachian on heavy metal? How could you forget a thing like that? Well, they're no ... discuss

Is Michael Brown actually even dead? Perhaps his "death" was just a false flag operation. What do I know - I did not see his body. It is a stretch to think such a thing I'm sure, but I am totally c ... discuss

Ask R.C. Live - Today at 4 PM EST, R.C. Sproul will be answering questions via Twitter. You can click the link to get more information. What Are Gospel Issues? - D.A. Carson takes on a ph ... discuss

... discuss

... discuss

Forgotten Past+Founding Documents eBooks+Federalist Papers+American Minute History+Essential: B.C. to Now Quotes+American Values  Magna C ... discuss

by Phil Kerpen, Contributing Author: We've already seen San Francisco liberal billionaire Tom Steyer will go to extraordinary lengths to promote liberal politicians who have promised to kill the K ... discuss

--There are only a couple men that I've been in love with politically, and Paul Ryan is one of them.--Back in 2010 I wrote a post entitled, I Heart Paul McRyan, I had this to say:Yes, I had to take a ... discuss

Video games have never been my thing. Not even when I was a kid. Video games stress me out. What fun is it to sit there all tense pressing buttons as fast as you can? When I have free time I want to ... discuss

from Jill Stanek.comby Susie Allen, host of the blog,Pro-Life in TN, and KelliWesley J. Smith responds to the recent Washington Post opinion piece opposing the use of the phrase “difficult decision ... discuss

In May 2001, Christopher Duffley was born at 26 weeks, weighing only one pound and 12 ounces with cocaine in his system. He was blind, autistic, and suffered from a host of other medical ailments. How ... discuss

With [Romans] 12:1-2 begins a new section of Romans.  But Romans 12-16 is not the 'paraenetic appendage' described by those who, under the influence of a theory-practice paradigm, divide Paul's l ... discuss

Three relatives of Pope Francis died on Tuesday in a car crash in Argentina. The accident happened in a highway that divides the cities of Cordoba and Rosario.The Pope's nephew was involved in the acc ... discuss

Embrace Grace, an organization dedicated to helping single, pregnant mothers to find the strength needed to choose life and find hope in their difficult situation, recently released the following vide ... discuss

A Day With Mary #112: St Maria Goretti and the Eucharist Ave Maria! Fr. Giles speaks on the Eucharist during the “Day With Mary�? held at St. Patrick's Basilica in Fr ... discuss

A Day With Mary #113: 5 First Saturdays Ave Maria! Fr. Andre speaks on Our Lady during the "Day With Mary" held at St. Patrick's Basilica in Freemantle, Western Australia on 5 July 2014. +++ For Au ... discuss

Jul 13 - Homily: "A sower went out to sow..." This is reflection given by Fr. Giles M. Atherton on the readings for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time Ave Maria! Mass: 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time - ... discuss

by Hans Johnson During Pope Francis‘ trip to South Korea, he visited the House of Hope in Kkottongnae, which cares for the elderly and disabled who were rejected by their families. While there ... discuss

In our society, many people view children with Down syndrome as a burden or as people who will never reach the potential of other human beings. This is because some have medical hurdles to jump, educ ... discuss

Aug 19 - Homily: Christ Became Poor to Make Us Rich Father goes over the readings, psalm, and antiphons of today's liturgy, and shows how Jesus became poor for us, and by being united to Him, we be ... discuss

Longtime 'Saturday Night Live' announcer Don Pardo dies at 96Rest in peace. ... discuss

Before praying at the abortion memorial in Korea this weekend, Pope Francis also visited the “House of Hope” Rehabilitation Center Saturday afternoon. He spent almost an hour at the cente ... discuss

ProLifeAction: On September 22, 2012, the Pro-Life Action League gathered eight former abortion workers in Chicago, Illinois to share the stories of how they left the abortion industry and became advo ... discuss

What the New York Times Wants - Intentionally or Not by Seton Motley, Contributing Author: It takes a special man to cram so much wrong into a mere 342 words. Or an Old Grey Lady.The New Yo ... discuss

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said on ‘Fox News Sunday’ he stands by the decision he made that Friday led to a grand jury indictment on felony charges of abuse of official capacity and coercion of a publ ... discuss

Most of us agree we should stand by our friends, and that we should keep our promises. However, the U.S. has a decidedly mixed record in doing this. I will look at that record, but the reason to reall ... discuss

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana ( – I was in New Orleans for a week in July with Operation Save America (OSA). It was a fitting follow-up to the OSA Regional event held in Kissimmee, ... discuss

The Bible condemns abortion with its admonitions against murder and encouragement to choose life and respect the life God created. But the wife of a prominent late-term abortion practitioner thinks th ... discuss

By Michael Johns               “He was tortured, beaten to death, strangled and then set on fire,” Laura Wilkerson said earlie ... discuss

The money quotes via The New York Times, which come via Darlene over at Protein Wisdom: Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager who was killed by a police officer, sparking protests around the natio ... discuss

University of California Santa Barbara Professor of Feminist Studies, Mireille Miller-Young, has been sentenced in a criminal case in connection with an assault on pro-life young people who took the p ... discuss

Also saved in OneNote The new movie, The Giver, adapted from Lois Lowry’s classic young adult novel, is being hailed by pro-life leaders as a genuinely pro-life movie.Sometimes an author writes a s ... discuss

9]> < ![endif]--> trip of land, in-between the Mediterranean Sea and Israel’s southwest border, known as the Gaza Strip, has been home to over ten thousand rockets launched at Israel since 2006 a ... discuss

From the moment he got off his popemobile to greet the families who lost a loved one in the ferry accident, to his silent prayer for the unity of Korea, the Pope's visit to South Korea was full of mov ... discuss

On August 15th, I celebrated my "spiritual birthday." It just so happens to be three days after my birthday.I grew up in a Christian home and Christ was a part of my life from a young age, so I don't ... discuss

It happens all too often that a person’s ideology and moral conscience are in deep conflict. This is exemplified in the story of Catherine Adair, who was so entrenched in her “pro-choice” philos ... discuss

 Bitter divisions within pro-abortion movement no longer behind the scenes By Dave Andrusko Sunsara TaylorThanks to Penny Starr for writing about an interview Sunsara Taylor of “Stop ... discuss

You may remember our Friday feature on Noah “The Apparently Kid” Ritter, who made his debut on live television be telling the world he had never been on live television before -- never, ever. The ... discuss

ARRA News Service - CNN photojournalist Mark Phillips was on board a flight taking supplies to the Yezidi community trying to escape Islamic State fighters in Mount Sinjar, Iraq. His raw footage cap ... discuss

... discuss

Aug 17 - Homily: Prayer: A Sign of Faith Father speaks of today's theme, fidelity and perseverance in prayer. He tells why, sometimes, God doesn't seem to answer our prayers, and emphasizes that Go ... discuss

... discuss

Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges,Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush, Alexander Skarsgard, and Taylor Swift.ARRA News Service - Most student in the past decade has read The Giver. F ... discuss

Our faith teaches that "children are the supreme gift of marriage and contribute to the welfare of their parents." (Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI, no. 9) In the consideration of having children, husba ... discuss


My husband and I are beekeepers. We have three hives of Russian bees. Last year, our first year in fact, we expected to get no honey from our two hives because the bees had so much work to do. You put ... discuss

Summer is quickly winding down, isn’t it? We have two weeks of summer vacation remaining up here in Canada, and then, the day after Labour Day, life goes back to normal. As a person who ... discuss

Jesus said "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and  follow me. (Luke 9.23) In some areas of the world taking up one's cross is following Jesus, a ... discuss

Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Jeff Bridges,Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush, Alexander Skarsgard, and Taylor Swift. Most student in the past decade has read The Giver. For some, reading the ... discuss

-- 1 --Went in for my annual physical exam today and I found out that I have a couple of health issues. One for certain and the others are possibilities. Either way, I was given medications, more bloo ... discuss

Major language warning. Common sense explained. :) ... discuss

When a mother delivers a stillborn baby, the baby is born without any signs of life at or after 20 weeks of pregnancy. In the United States, about 1 in 160 pregnancies end in stillbirth, and most occu ... discuss

GAH! Have I mentioned lately how much I love the Thais and the beautiful, moving commercials they produce? Here’s another great one I came across recently. To have and to hold, from this day f ... discuss

By the time a baby becomes a toddler, they will need ten to thirteen hours of sleep a night. This is because toddlers are usually very busy learning about themselves and the world they live in. Some o ... discuss

This video is epic and very timely. (Via The Blaze) Here’s his interview on Fox and Friends: Watch the latest video at If more African-Americans thought more like this guy, a ... discuss

The new movie, The Giver, adapted from Lois Lowry’s classic young adult novel, is being hailed by pro-life leaders as a genuinely pro-life movie. Sometimes an author writes a story because she wants ... discuss

As Long As He Can Steer You From The TruthThe following video is making its rounds on the Internet as testimony of a Muslim's conversion to Christianity. Integral to this man's conversion was informat ... discuss

By now, most Americans are familiar with the horrific Knockout Game, a creepy “sport” where people prey on random unsuspencting citizens and attempt to know them out with one sucker punch. ... discuss

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) – PALS Programs provides a place for young adults with Down syndrome and their peers to have fun, grow as individuals, and build transformative friendships. Membe ... discuss

Thank God it's Friday, and here it is, your moment of whimsy.Noah Ritter of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, stole the show on WNEP-TV News one evening, during an interview with reporter Sofia Ojeda at the ... discuss

5 Principles of the New Sexual Morality - Alistair Roberts lays out 5 principles of the new sexual and relational morality. You need to understand this to understand the great shift happening ... discuss

Except when they don't! From I'm 41 - Jake Tapper calls out Department of Justice spokesman for tweet about journalists arrested in Ferguson - CNN's Jake Tapper harnessed his right to free speech p ... discuss

... discuss

--I wasn't impressed with Governor Jay Nixon's response to the escalating violence in Ferguson, Missouri.  Plus, he made George W. Bush look like the most eloquent speaker ever, he kept stumbling ... discuss

Today the universal Church celebrates the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in which we commemorate her being taken up body and soul into heaven when her earthly life was finished. The Catechism ... discuss

TweetJonathon interviews Mariette Rozen, who lived through a lost childhood. She was only three and a half years old, living in Brussels, when her “life was suddenly ripped apart and irrevocably cha ... discuss

by Kelsey Harkness, The Daily Signal: A Planned Parenthood counselor was caught on video telling someone she thinks is 15 that if she’s too young to buy sex toys across the street, she could “get ... discuss

... discuss

by Phil Kerpen, Contributing Author: A couple of weeks ago an article addressed San Francisco hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer finally finding another donor to join his Super PAC committed to steepl ... discuss

A mom who lost her baby daughter when she was just six months old is on a mission to help other parents of premature babies. Deneen Bryan is the founder of Capturing Hopes Photography, the Daily Mail ... discuss

Every year, 16,000 babies are saved from abortion after their mothers see an ultrasound of their unborn baby at a Pregnancy Resource Center. These centers are run by volunteers who want to provide wom ... discuss

My feeling is that if the National Guard is to be called in, they should be standing with their backs to the citizens who need protection, and their guns pointed at the police. No, I don’t thin ... discuss

The State of Mississippi filed an appeal to the full Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday seeking a reversal of a last month’s ruling by a three member panel that has blocked implementation o ... discuss

American Life League: In this unusual interview, the radio host of a new-age talk program requests Michael Hichborn, American Life League's Director of Defend the Faith, to present a Catholic perspec ... discuss

Our Lady's Scapular - Dr. Miravalle: Mcasts228 Dr. Mark Miravalle on the scapular, how Our Lady gave this devotion to us and its great benefits. To ask questions regarding Mary, email Dr Mark Mirav ... discuss

Jun 22 - Homily: Corpus Cristi On this feast of Corpus Christi, consider these three phases from Holy Mass: "This is My Body, this is My Blood, take and eat, take and drink." and "go forth the Mass ... discuss

I'm going to continue sharing about August 2009...I remember so clearly watching the Lifehouse "Everything" Skit that month. I was immediately captivated by it because I realized that girl was me. I w ... discuss

New Orleans: These street musicians, Tanya and Dorise make more money on the street than they would in a club (they say) and so that’s where they play most of the time. They are incredible! ... discuss

“I would say anything within the sexual world is normal as long as it’s consensual.” This is the advice of a Planned Parenthood employee. In the fourth shocking video from the pro-l ... discuss

This seemed like as good a time as any to show this video, dedicated to one who is deserving of further discussion. All in good time. Now then ...If someone had told me at this time last year, or befo ... discuss

Question: "Was the whole world actually flooded in Noah's flood, or were just parts of it flooded? Does it matter? I went back to read the story but I wonder have the translations from the Greek been ... discuss

When he is a fully functioning human being, full of passion, compassion, clarity of right and wrong. Responsible. A seeker of truth. He is not of any color. "The fully human person is his own person, ... discuss

Here are today’s Kindle deals: B&H has 3 titles by William Lane Craig & Paul Copan at $2.99 each: Come Let Us Reason, Passionate Conviction, and Contending with Christianity’s Crit ... discuss" height="1" width="1"/> ... discuss

Carson withSir Battlescarred at a Toronto conferenceIn my last post I mentioned my grandson Carson did some voice work for Sesame Street. Actually, he's done quite a bit of voice-over f ... discuss

Don’t you love it when there are movies worth going to see at your local theaters that your entire family can watch? There were a few of them lately that we enjoyed enough to add to our DVD col ... discuss

This is an awfully boring video.I was going to script the embed code to skip the first four minutes, but then I said "no."Take a gander at how "intimidating" Linda Gibbons is.You'll yawn with wonder.H ... discuss

How many more Americans will be put in harm's way and abandoned by this administration? And how many of these feckless politicians will be rewarded for their irresponsible and, dare I say it, evil act ... discuss

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — Imagine coming to church for worship, and then having your silent prayer interrupted with “Abomination! You’re going to hell! Synagogue of Satan!” This is wha ... discuss

As I have said before, suicide is not the answer to depression. If you are reading this and are depressed, seek help…not suicide! Man has ONCE to die, and then the judgment. I pray that Robin ... discuss

--When Barack Obama first ran in 2008, I was torn about even going to the polling place.  Why? Because somehow McCain had gotten the Republican nomination, and I had sworn that over my dead body ... discuss

I was being pressed by the bright and persistent students at Grove City College last year. They wanted to know what President Reagan thought about the question of men marrying men. I had been invited ... discuss

by Hans Johnson In May 2014, we brought you the incredible story of a mother-daughter reunion that took a lifetime to accomplish. In 1928, 16-year-old Minka Disbrow (pictured on the left) had been rap ... discuss

Aug 13 - Homily: Comments on Today's Liturgy Father Maximilian comments on the Gospel reading for today, and says some words about today's saints. We are all called to be martyrs, which means witne ... discuss

Last Saturday in the Wall Street Journal I read about the dilemma of the European welfare state: its low fertility cannot sustain the welfare state and its anemic economy cannot offer jobs to young mi ... discuss

Time once again for our usual midweek feature.It's been a while since we've seen anything here from NBC's “The Sing Off” hasn't it? We sure do love that á cappella singing, don't we, especially s ... discuss

Yet another Planned Parenthood abortion business has been caught telling a teenage girl to subject herself to violent sex at the hand of her partner. This time, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Minneapo ... discuss

Today Live Action released its fifth undercover video exposing Planned Parenthoods across the country as promoters and educators to minors of dangerous, violent sexual activity known as BDSM*. In this ... discuss

Aug 13 - Homily: The Sign of the Cross Fr. Joachim underscores the need to have the sign of the Cross in order to be counted among Jesus' elect. Ave Maria! Mass: Pontian and Hippolytus - Opt Mem - ... discuss

In which we wander through the confusing maze of the DHM’s brain in no particular order.  Sort of like always.  And, you know, trigger warnings galore. So…. I am still trying to figure o ... discuss

adline-title" style="background-attachment: initial; background-clip: initial; background-image: initial; background-origin: initial; background-position: initial; background-repeat: initial; backgrou ... discuss

O coração de um feto a bater com 7 semanas de gestação.De acordo com a lei portuguesa até às 10 semanas de gestação qualquer destes fetos pode ser eliminado.Como facilmente se depreende o corp ... discuss

Lauren Bacall, Hollywood's Icon of Cool, Dies at 89Without a doubt, this ranks among the most memorable scenes in movie history. Rest in peace. ... discuss

Funny line: "I love that woman more than people love their friend's Netflix password." Glad to see Jay Leno make an appearance again."Remind me to send him a thank-you note." ... discuss

She lived a full 89 years. Rest her soul… ... discuss

"Pie Jesu" Latin LyricsPie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie JesuQui tollis peccata mundiDona eis requiem, dona eis requiemPie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie JesuQui tollis peccata mundiDona eis requiem, d ... discuss

Depression is a spirit. It is real. It is evil. It is oppressive. Depression’s goal is to talk people into taking their own lives. Don’t allow depression to minister to you. Jesus is ... discuss

“It uses shame tactics and misinformation and fake science,” said Ashburn. “That is not what a 10-week-old fetus looks like. They’re computer-generated Photoshopped images.”If they're not r ... discuss

On August 6, our attorneys representing Sally Howe Smith, a county clerk in Oklahoma, asked the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the freedom of Oklahomans to affirm marriage as the union of one man and o ... discuss

In 2014, an estimated 2.5 million people suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and nearly 500,000 seniors die each year because of the disease. This makes Alzheimer’s disease the sixth leadin ... discuss

Thanks to Penny Starr for writing about an interview Sunsara Taylor of “Stop Patriarchy” gave the YouTube station “Acronym TV.” As we’ll see, the interview is particularly illuminating to th ... discuss

But Will You Recognize the Lion? "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD." Deuteronomy 6:4 You might be surprised to realize how many Christians have splintered the image of God in their minds.& ... discuss

Singer Beyoncé once called the heartbeat of an unborn baby “the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life.” “There’s no words that can express having a baby growing inside of you,̶ ... discuss

at we have known all along: women are just born this way! Watch this adorable video of a precious baby girl babbling away nonstop to her dad. ... discuss

boys laugh, giggle and babble to each other in their crib. So adorable. Friends for life. ... discuss

ation, brainwashing, cult worship and more."Mmmm mmm mmm, Barack Hussein Obama, mmm mmm mmm, Barack Hussein Obama." School children sing worshipful praises to Obama at B. Bernice Young Elementary Scho ... discuss

"Very rarely did we communicate through the press anything that we didn't absolutely control," said Anita Dunn. "One of the reasons we did so many of the David Plouffe videos was not just for our supp ... discuss

by Hans Johnson President Barack Obama notoriously entered the political stage with his fervent opposition to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act as an Illinois state senator. A few years later as P ... discuss

Almost every day at LifeNews, we get emails or social media comments from abortion backers who are upset that we refer to them as pro-abortion in our news reporting and analysis columns. They insist t ... discuss

Abortion is an injustice. Pro-life people are passionate about ending it. Those are good things. But they are no excuse for name-calling. Unfortunately, some pro-lifers make really mean and nasty comm ... discuss

Hardly a week goes by without reports of bad news coming out of Africa, whether it's one group of thousands being massacred for being a little different from another group of thousands, or a group of ... discuss

This is so sad.The loss of a loved one can be very painful and difficult to accept, but death by suicide is so difficult to bear. Robin Williams dead at 63 in suspected suicideOscar-winning actor and ... discuss ... discuss

Please, Get Off Our Backs by Seton Motley, Contributing Author: Aesop was a Seventh Century, B.C. Greek philosopher - mere “storyteller” doesn't do him justice. The best storytellers are philos ... discuss

... discuss

Local Dallas, Texas pro-life advocate Todd Bullis recently confronted a security guard at an abortion clinic in Dallas, Texas. The security guard has a cross hanging from his car while, at the same ti ... discuss

According to Standard Media, quick action by police officers in Bungoma town in Kenya averted an ugly scene after angry residents attempted to burn down a clinic following the death of a Standard Seve ... discuss

The mother and father of the twin baby Gammy, who wanted a surrogate to abort because he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, are defending their decision to ask the surrogate mother from Thailand to hav ... discuss

It’s too early to tell whether pro-abortion world is imploding, but there sure have been plenty of fireworks lately. I’ve written two posts in recent days on a new phenomenon – ... discuss

... discuss

A number of Facebook posts have been coming out in the last few days about Chick-fil-a Holcombe catering an event at an abortion clinic in Houston.  This has no doubt caused a tremendous uproar, ... discuss

Ohio Homeschoolers are trying to get their notifications in before the start of the public school year. I wrote about this a little bit here, here and also here. I'm adding a bit more information ... discuss

Anyone with eyes can see the DC Empire has turned a dysfunctional country into a hellhole: The conservative radio host made the assertion during a “Fox News Sunday” panel debating the impact of P ... discuss

This week, Texas Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davis released a video attacking her opponent Greg Abbott. According to the Daily Caller, the ad criticizes Republican candidate Greg Abbott ... discuss

Gallons of virtual ink have been spilled over the weekend as people have discussed the latest news in the ongoing saga of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church: both he and his church have been r ... discuss

by David M. Huntwork, Contributing Author: In 2005 Gaza was unconditionally given to the Palestinians. They quickly handed it over to Hamas, made it a terror fortress, and smuggled in all the weapon ... discuss

TweetJonathon interviews Donny Pauling, a former pornographic film producer who is currently an anti-porn activist, Christian speaker, and Internet advertiser. His views were shaped by his time in the ... discuss

This essay was originally published in Christian Democracy Magazine.Most of us are familiar with - and, often times, hypocritically preach - Christ’s teaching to love our enemies (Matt. 5:44).  ... discuss

The church affiliation and planting ministry that Mark Driscoll founded, Acts 29, has removed Driscoll’s Mars Hill Church from their network and asked Driscoll to step down. Since I first read a ... discuss

Ben Carson: We Called Ancient Civilizations Heathens Because They Sacrificed Babies, But We Abort Them Dr. Ben Carson has a way of putting things in perspective that endears him to pro-life activis ... discuss

Aug 10 - Homily: Keeping Our Eyes on the Lord Fr. Joachim reflects on the Gospel account of Jesus walking on water and Peter's attempt that was so wonderfully successful so long as he kept his eyes ... discuss

Quando se fala em propriedade privada vêm-me logo à cabeça 2 formas diferentes de a encarar : o comunismo e o capitalismo. Na primeira, não há propriedade privada e tudo é de todos. Na segunda ... discuss

En enero de 2014, se estrenó un nuevo largometraje, Gimme Shelter, basada en la vida de Kathy DeFiore. Cuenta el viaje de una joven que intenta escapar del abuso y de los sentimientos de abandon ... discuss

  Home made Thai Coconut Chicken Soup (Tom Kha Gai) I may have a slight addiction to this fantastic soup. The last three times I have made soup (in the past three weeks) have been Tom Kha Gai. My ima ... discuss

As the Muslim thugs continue to rampage across Iraq and the Middle East and follow their demon god into the ever-lasting pit of hell fire, I am starting to wonder about just how ferociously evil and u ... discuss

"Who will stop rulers from favoring, from even imposing upon their peoples, if they were to consider it necessary, the method of contraception which they judge to be most efficacious?" These are the ... discuss

... discuss

How Modern Liberals Think, by Evan Sayet, a comedian, and former liberal. ... discuss

 In 2005 Gaza was unconditionally given to the Palestinians. They quickly handed it over to Hamas, made it a terror fortress, and smuggled in all the weapons of war that they could (which brought ab ... discuss

My grandson Carson is an actor. This past year he did some voice over work for Sesame Street. See That's his voice you hear introducing the letter "N" ... discuss

BeethovenDon't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets,for it and knowledge can raise men to the Divine. -- Ludwig van Beethoven Art needs discipline and persistence ... discuss

On August 2 pro-life abolitionist Caleb Head, a member of Abolish Human Abortion, observed a Chick-Fil-A catering truck making a delivery to Houston Women’s Clinic. According to Head, this abor ... discuss

I think we are at the beginning of a new world order. I think we need another Crusade. This is the problem when Catholics cede their sovereignty to secular governments who turn a blind eye to the suf ... discuss

By: Brent Parrish The Right Planet Via YouTube/LibertyInOurTime: Documentary film describes the September 1999 Russian apartment bombings as a terrorist act committed by Russian state security service ... discuss

I was away on personal business and I did not have a chance to comment on what’s happening in Iraq. Here’s the video of the announcement from President Obama: (via The White House) Now, t ... discuss

This Brit took the words right out of my “RACIST” MOUTH………Papa Mike This British Patriot feels about Tony Blair like we feel about Hussein Obama–and I think we can ... discuss

Last winter, little girls across North America were singing and dancing to the music of Walt Disney's movie "Frozen". My granddaughter's were no exception. It's was joy for me to watch my younges ... discuss

Speaker John Boehner, U.S. House : As part of Republicans' focus on American solutions, the House of Representatives has passed 40 pro-growth jobs bills to build a stronger economy and a better fut ... discuss

During the first two years of a baby’s life, they are learning one of their most important skills: how to talk. However, before they utter their first word, they are analyzing how the adults aro ... discuss

Emil Hagamu is one of millions of Africans who increasingly wonder what wealthy Western nations want from Africa. All over the continent, the influence of these nations is visible: trucks, billboards ... discuss

Ms. Mayweather….PLEASE ask your son to STOP!!!! Money has gone to this fool’s head. ... discuss

It's now an easy to thing to say the much-publicized Common Core State Standards Initiative lacks educational exactingness. Once upon a time, Americans were led to believe that the standards were deep ... discuss

AND THIS CAMPAIGN-FUNDS HUSTLER WAS ALLEGEDLY A HARVARD LAW SCHOOL PROFESSOR? Straight from the sober folks at the Wall Street Journal, here’s a rational explanation of why Barack Obama often feels ... discuss

Amazon’s Big Deal is back and that’s good for all of us because it includes some excellent books: Praying Backwards by Bryan Chapell ($1.99); Taking God at His Word by Kevin D ... discuss

Last week we took a close look at a long article that appeared in Esquire Magazine titled “The Abortion Ministry of Willie Parker” []. The quasi-religious overtones were not c ... discuss

The ongoing regulatory assault on the coal industry by the President continues. Major coal producer announces plans to lay off 1,100 West Virginia coal miners by mid-October. Alpha Natural Resources ... discuss

On July 31st, Richard McTear of Florida was convicted of first-degree murder, kidnapping, battery, and child abuse after throwing a 3-month-old boy out of a moving car. Tragically, the child died inst ... discuss

For Immediate Release Media Contact: Krista Thomas – 540-622-5272 – | DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania – August 6, 2014 — Emil Hagamu, regional director for Human Life I ... discuss

Once you attack children, you attack the nation… We don’t need condoms. We don’t need contraception. We don’t need abortion. – Emil Hagamu, director of English-speaking Africa for Human ... discuss

It's been reported that Pope Francis invited a Catholic delegation from North Korea to attend his Mass in South Korea and ... wait a minute, you mean there are Catholics in North Korea???Meanwhile, he ... discuss

Pope Francis sent a message to the Knights of Columbus to mark their 132nd International Convention in Orlando, Florida.The message was sent to the Knights in a letter sent by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, ... discuss

Is he really praying? Does it really matter?Respecting the President’s NameLiving in Texas, I often have occasion to reflect on Elton John’s satirical “Texas Love Song”. The link takes you to ... discuss

Reporters from India have monitored the set up and launch of a HAMAS ROCKET, in a densely populated residential and business area of Gaza. CLICK HERE to see the video.  If the YouTube version disappe ... discuss

... discuss

100% of Senate democrats voted for late term abortions last month (S. 1696) when they supported the most radical abortion bill ever. Fortunately it failed, but it illustrates that the Dems really are ... discuss

Each year when August rolls around yet again, I reflect on August 2009. I will be sharing posts this month about that time that the Lord intervened in my heart and life and fought for me, rescued me, ... discuss

One in English, one Korean. First, the Korean: His voice is like melted chocolate gently wrapping my bones. Ordinarily 크러쉬 (Crush, the young man singing) is a hip hop rapper. I am not averse to ... discuss

"We Are All God's Children" Official Theme Song for the 2015 Apostolic Visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines.Lyrics written and sung by Jamie Rivera with the Hail Mary The Queen Children's Ch ... discuss

Maxine e Don Simpson são verdadeiramente um exemplo de amor eterno. Aquela promessa feita em cada casamento foi para o casal californiano uma realidade vivida durante 62 anos. “Até que a morte nos ... discuss

Interesting pair of commentaries in the Los Angeles Times tell us a lot about the state of the abortion battle and the disarray within the pro-abortion community. First an editorial praises two decisi ... discuss

Fr. James Kubicki provides an inspiring reflection on this glorious feast day which we celebrate today, the Transfiguration of the Lord.Related Posts:St. Pope John Paul II Quote on the Transfigur ... discuss

This is Rabbi Mendelsson's speech: ... discuss

Aug 06 - Homily: The Transfiguration and Mary Father Maximilian walks us through Luke's account of the Transfiguration, and comments that it was to strengthen the faith of the disciples. This stren ... discuss

As many of you may know, Coke’s summer marketing campaign, launched in June, has people searching the soda displays at stores for their own personalized Coke bottles. According to a press release fr ... discuss




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