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Gary Bauerby Gary Bauer, Contributing Author:  Imam: Annihilate The Jews -  Last Friday, as riots erupted in Jerusalem, Imam Ammar Shahin preached a sermon to his followers about the Al-Aq ... discuss

Dr. Walter E. Williamsby Dr. Walter Williams: Here’s part of President Donald Trump’s speech in Poland: “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive. Do we ... discuss

As the tragic case of British infant Charlie Gard nears a close, another family in the United States continues their fight for their severely ill daughter’s life. Many LifeNews readers will reme ... discuss

May All Beings Be Free From Suffering “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” -His Holiness the Dalai Lama, XIV Compassion is something ... discuss

Through my experience in entertainment, God has heightened my sensitivity as I have attempted to lead my family in how we view and enjoy all types of entertainment: from TVshows to movies, from opera ... discuss

“Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends, if you do whatever I command you. From now on I call you not servants; for the servant knows ... discuss

by Paul Jacob, Contributing Author: Presidents tend to issue pardons as their tenures draw to a close. But many victims of our government should be pardoned right now. Until the culpable agencies can ... discuss

The Charlie Gard case has taken the temperature on our view of human life. It has revealed how disconnected, cold, and flat out wrong the courts, hospital, and media in England are concerning this cas ... discuss

Yesterday morning we engaged in a new preaching series through the letter of 1 John—one of three letters written by the apostle John who also penned the Gospel of John.  Over the next 90 days, we ... discuss

“A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future.”Tell me how socialism has ever brought the people of any nation a better future?Are food lines, lack of medicine, starving people, and mor ... discuss

[A] hermit of the Lebanese mountain is inscribed in the number of the blessed...a new eminent member of monastic sanctity is enriching, by his example and his intercession, the entire Christian people ... discuss

Last year I began to read an electronic copy of "Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society--Where We've Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go" by John Horvat II ... discuss

But our reason for humility is also our greatest reason for hope! Understanding the Bible doesn’t depend ultimately on your IQ, your efforts, or how long you’ve been a Christian. Understanding t ... discuss

But many attractional leaders are likely to maintain their popularity and their profitability. Many have built their ministries on sentimental religion and pop-spirituality; echoing the cultural zeitg ... discuss

“What you do before a Sunday morning ever begins, for the most part, determines what happens on a Sunday morning. Chances are you’ve struggled through the mistakes below. I have. And what’s ... discuss

by Paul Jacob, Contributing Author: "Everywhere you look, economics is despised,” writes Tom Woods in his Tuesday email letter.You know what isn’t despised? A daily email letter.*But I digress; b ... discuss

How can someone who has never really read the Bible before begin to read and understand it? I will try to answer that question in a series of posts, beginning with this one.Why is the Bible Difficult ... discuss

21 July, Old Testament Ezekiel, the son of Buzi, was a priest, called by God to be a prophet to the exiles during the Babylonian captivity (Ezekiel 1:3). In 597 B.C. King Nebuchadnezzar and the Babyl ... discuss

If you pay any attention to the news, you are well aware that sexual offenders show up in churches, predators hunting defenseless prey, who do unspeakably horrible things to our children. Much of what ... discuss

Tocqueville believed, in Patrick Deneen’s words, that democracies inevitably seek to do away with “any apparent differences” among people—“material, social, or personal.” No distinctions ... discuss

by J. Christian Adams: Remember a few weeks ago when civility was cool? Or, had you already forgotten? Remember the days after Rep. Steve Scalise was bleeding out at second base in Alexandria, Virgin ... discuss

by Dr. Chuck Baldwin: If you think Obamacare is bad (and it is), Ryancare, Trumpcare, Obamacare 2.0 -- call it whatever you will -- was even worse. In spite of fierce bullying tactics by House Spe ... discuss

Ann Coulter signsAdios America forARRA News Service Ann Coulter: I think I've found the core problem with health care in America. And guess what? It involves Delta Airlines! A few weeks ago ... discuss

Professor Joel Brind, PhD, encouraged pro-life advocates to think at a deeper level about how scientific theories about what life is have influenced how society values life. Brind, a professor of huma ... discuss

by Paul Jacob, Contributing Author: "Polling on every possible option confounds all logic," or so writes Tiana Lowe about ObamaCare and its repeal, at National Review."Americans overwhelmingly dislik ... discuss

by Kerby Anderson, Contributing Author: If you are on any social media, you have probably seen the many memes people have produced about Denmark. Some claim that Denmark has free healthcare and free ... discuss

Two pro-life leaders in Alabama spoke up for a 12-year-old rape victim and her unborn child this week after a court deemed the girl mature enough to have an abortion. Lorie Mullins, executive director ... discuss

CHAPTER IV – ON PLANT LIFE We are told that in old days the Fairies used to give presents of Flowers and Leaves to those whom they wished to reward, or whom they loved best; and though these gi ... discuss

Get outside the church, and tell somebody about Jesus. Few things redirect us from our troubles like helping others understand the grace of God. Even if nobody listens, your obedience to the Great Co ... discuss

Some Christians believe the world’s lie that maximum pleasure is the goal of sex. Scripture warns that in the last days people will be “lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God” (2 Timothy 3 ... discuss

by Newt Gingrich: For the last several months, I have tried to understand what is not working with the new Republican team. The GOP-led White House, House, and Senate have not been getting key legisl ... discuss

Those in Acronym LandShould Know Betterby Seton Motley, Contributing Author: In Washington, D.C., bad ideas never die – they just get new Congressional bill numbers.There is no notion so dreadful n ... discuss

Christ the Savior Cathedral (Russia)by Kerby Anderson, Contributing Author: All the talk about possible collusion with Russia sometimes obscures the need for us to think clearly about Russia. In part ... discuss

by Romina Boccia: Late in the afternoon on Thursday last week, the Social Security Administration released its annual trustees’ report.As is often the case when government entities have bad news to ... discuss

A beautiful little girl with Down’s syndrome is now gracing yoghurt pots across Ireland. Abby Dillon has just been revealed as one of four faces of Glenisk’s Organic No-Added-Sugar Baby Yo ... discuss

'It is an odd kind of surprise when believers are attacked by their co-religionists merely for fighting for what their Churches have always held to be true,' the archbishop saidArchbishop Charles Chap ... discuss

Double (1954 Calendar): July 19Vincent de Paul, a Frenchman, was born at Pouy, near Dax, in Aquitaine, and from his boyhood was remarkable for his exceeding charity towards the poor. as a child he fed ... discuss

Many Bible scholars believe that the Jailor was a retired veteran Roman soldier. The city of Philippi was a major city that had been chartered as a "Roman Colonial City". Old soldiers sought retiremen ... discuss

The Christian life is one where we are called to be holy. As Paul wrote: “For God has not called us for impurity, but in holiness” (1 Thessalonians 4:7). It is the daily struggle of every Christia ... discuss

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers (3 John 2 NASB). Sometimes misinterpreting a passage boils down to decontextualizing a single wo ... discuss

Recently I was re-reading John Piper’s explanation for what types of careers and jobs are appropriate for women. He goes into a long and complicated description of how to determine what types of ... discuss

by Kerby Anderson, Contributing Author: If you want to understand why the debate over Obamacare isn’t going well, all you need to do is look at the debate about Medicaid. In a recent commentary, Mi ... discuss

Jane speaks with a young man who became pro-life the hard way — his girlfriend aborted their baby. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it.  (John 1:5) Joyful.  An As ... discuss

For almost a year now, we have heard the caterwauling from the Progressive/socialists and the sycophants that they have in the media about how President Trump has worked with the Russians to destroy o ... discuss

Over the past eleven weeks, our church has been studying through D.A. Carson’s book—Praying with Paul: A Call to Spiritual Reformation in Sunday school.  That study nicely intersected with t ... discuss

As I read Augustine’s Confessions this week, I felt a similar conviction. The great theologian pulled a “grandpa trick,” critiquing my parenting through storytelling. As he wrote about his o ... discuss

Yet, even in this extreme distress, David never loses faith or falls into complete hopelessness. His anguish leads him to prayer, and the first words of the prayer are “My God.” Even in his suffer ... discuss

Certainly the Most Recent.  Well, One of the Most Recent…by Seton Motley, Contributing Author: Radio impresario Rush Limbaugh routinely, rightly identifies a consistent feature of the human con ... discuss

For almost a year now, we have heard the caterwauling from the Progressive/socialists and the sycophants that they have in the media about how President Trump has worked with the Russians to destroy o ... discuss

by Tom Balek, Contributing Author: A bunch of my friends meet once a week at a local fast food for a short men’s bible study. One of our regulars had missed the last several sessions because he wa ... discuss

The rainbow does not mean what it has come to symbolize on recent years. Throughout the ages, beginning in the ancient mists of antiquity, the rainbow has been a symbol of God's covenant with the ... discuss

The Future of Our Nation Depends on the Strength of Our Family Unit The future of our nation depends entirely upon the stability of the family unit that God has designed. For this reason, I believe ... discuss

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In its short history just shy of seventy years, Israel has fought in eight recognized wars, two Palestinian intifadas, a number of armed conflicts with hostile neighbors and not one of these wars or a ... discuss

This flies in direct contrast to the principles (if we can call them “principles”) of modern secular progressivism, where truths (if we can call them “truths”) are said to evolve over time, an ... discuss

When your heart wants to give your children the world, it can be difficult to say ‘no.’ But caring for your long-term financial picture is caring for your kids’ long-term financial picture. Beca ... discuss

We don’t really understand grace. Somehow, we talk about grace while working as if our approval from God were dependent on our efforts. We use work to avoid other issues. Occasionally, work keeps ... discuss

When I say that Christianity is rational, I do not mean that the truth of Christianity in all of its majesty can be deduced from a few logical principles by a speculative philosopher. There is much in ... discuss

12-Year-Old Girl Raped By a Relative and Abused By Her Mother Will be Victimized in an Abortion It’s difficult to believe a 12-year-old victim of abuse could fully understand the ramifications ... discuss

This is just simple math… People compare some “big ticket” item with “small ticket” items and don’t mention how the very large numbers of those small ticket items add up, or how very l ... discuss

    Walmart isn’t too big to fail. It isn’t even too cheap to fail. It certainly isn’t it’s low prices, bringing in the masses for cheap crap sold by apathetic cashi ... discuss

It’s difficult to believe a 12-year-old victim of abuse could fully understand the ramifications of abortion, but that is what an Alabama court ruled this week. The Alabama Court of Civil Appeal ... discuss

The case of dying English baby Charlie Gard shows how much public opinion about life and death issues is swayed by emotion rather than thoughtful deliberation. Charlie was born with mitochondrial DNA ... discuss

“And behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the east; and his voice was like the voice of many waters; and the earth was lit up with his glory.”  (DBT)  (Read this s ... discuss

by Dr. Ed Feulner: “Drain the swamp!” It was the battle cry of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.Many Republican members of Congress echoed that call as well, riding it to victory—and contr ... discuss

by Ed Choice: Vice President of Communications Jennifer Wagner is joined by our guest EdChoice CEO and President Robert Enlow to discuss what’s going on in federal education reform policy and wher ... discuss

The following article was published by Mercatornet on July 13, 2017A British palliative care pioneer talks to MercatorNet about the campaign for assisted suicide.By Carolyn Moynihan Baroness Ilora Fin ... discuss

From the Foreword Phil Hotsenpiller has accomplished something rare in his new book, One Nation without Law. He shares a theological and hope-filled perspective on how to position our faith whil ... discuss

There is a lot that could be said here, and I do not intend this post to be the final and utmost word on the topic.  I’m also just kind of throwing together information from a handful of the re ... discuss

CHAPTER III – ON ANIMAL LIFE (CONTINUED) We constantly speak of animals as free. A fish, says Ruskin, “is much freer than a Man; and as to a fly, it is a black incarnation of freedom.” It is ... discuss

Editorial Cartoon by AF "Tony" Brancoby Ann Coulter: Republicans are about to do something very stupid. Using bribery, threats and cajolery, they intend to pass a catastrophically unpopular bill on a ... discuss

  – Hello! Gordon’s Pizza? – No sir, it is Google Pizza. – So, I have the wrong number? – No sir, Google bought Gordon’s Pizza. – OK. Take my order pleas ... discuss

  I used to think I was just a regular guy, but . . . I was born white, which now, whether I like it or not, makes me a racist; I am a fiscal and moral conservative, which by today’s sta ... discuss

I touched on this a bit in the post on power distance– while it *seems* like communication is often in a format that seems indirect to Americans, and Americans seem blunt and tactless to those ... discuss

When I shared a letter I wrote to Lily, a comment someone wrote about it rubbed me the wrong way. I know I'm not the only person who has lost a baby who struggles with well-meaning people who just don ... discuss

by Gary Bauer, Contributing Author:   Modern McCarthyism - Donald Trump Jr. went on Sean Hannity's TV show last night to defend his actions last year in meeting with a Russian lawyer. He ... discuss

. . . The smoking gun that wasn’ Matthew Vadum: Donald Trump Jr. fought back yesterday against the increasingly desperate shrieking from the tinfoil-hat Left by publishing online the emails tha ... discuss

I have written rather extensively on the controversy surrounding Father James Martin and his book, "Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of R ... discuss

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Minister of International Development, Marie-Claude Bibeau, defended Trudeau’s focus on abortion and contraception rather than famine relief in aid funding ... discuss

by Jerry Cox:  Yesterday the Huffington Post published a column regarding pro-life laws passed by the Arkansas Legislature earlier this year.The article contains some confusion about the laws a ... discuss

Why has the case of British 11-month-old baby Charlie Gard struck an international nerve? At its core, this controversy is about state infringement on parental rights. The question is, whose child is ... discuss

In this passage on wisdom, part of what wisdom says is this, speaking of God:  “When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass on the face of the depth: When he established th ... discuss

Peter and Emma Smith understand the hardships that infant Charlie Gard and his parents are facing. Their son, Maxwell, has the same condition as Charlie, and while he has benefited from experimental t ... discuss

Life has a way of reminding its benefactors of what an inexpressible miracle it truly is at times. Sometimes doctors play a critical part in making the miracle possible. And sometimes, the miracle com ... discuss

I downloaded David Livermore’s Cultural Intelligence series from Audible (Customs of the World: Using Cultural Intelligence To Adapt, Wherever You Are), and I’m still listening to it. I re ... discuss

Exodus reveals the God who saves his people. From Exodus we come to understand that God is actively involved in history. He hears prayer. He answers. He saves, but God does things in his own way, in h ... discuss

It has been made perfectly clear by now that the mainstream media can’t be trusted. The main agenda has been changed from giving the people the news and both sides of a subject to becoming   progr ... discuss

Contact: Keli Garrett, 864-517-0666, GREENVILLE, S.C., July 11, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Over 130 million children in the world don't have a loving and secure place to cal ... discuss

Political commentator Charles Krauthammer weighed in on infant Charlie Gard’s case on Monday, saying he would let Charlie die if he was the judge. Krauthammer is a well-respected journalist and ... discuss

Bill TammeusA few years ago, the National Catholic Reporter published a commentary under the title “Status of abortion, death penalty in Catholic teaching makes little sense.” Rea ... discuss

With all the celebrity support Planned Parenthood is getting, it’s hard to believe the claims that the abortion chain needs taxpayer dollars to operate. Abortion advocate and actress Lena Dunham ... discuss

By Jean M. Heimann July 11 is the feast of St. Benedict of Nursia, the twin brother of St. Scholastica, the founder of Western monasticism. In 1964, Pope Paul VI declared him patron of Europe and in ... discuss

. . . Feeling good versus doing Mark Tapson: Shortly after Ronald Reagan first moved into the White House in 1981, a single-panel cartoon appeared in The New Yorker depicting an older, wealthy ... discuss

Lies are tricky things. They’re often disguised to us as truths or half-truths. Other times, they can be easy to call out as false. Some of the most sneaky lies I’ve seen myself believe recentl ... discuss

Accurate coverage of Charlie Gard is “vital,” especially where the story intersects with American healthcare, according to pro-life leaders. Leaders of the pro-life movement addressed the media co ... discuss

Pentecost 5July 9, 2017Matthew 11:25-30“Rest in Christ”We're just coming off of a holiday weekend, and I hope you've gotten, or will soon get, some vacation time this summer. Maybe you'll be trav ... discuss

It’s very tempting to water down the Gospel and promise great comforts in this life for those around us, but while there is great joy in knowing Christ, we need to be careful to speak the truth. Whi ... discuss

“But the believer whose eye has been opened to the riches of this benefit, sees the matter differently.  He has come to the humble acknowledgment that good works, whether these consist of emoti ... discuss

Former Justice Antonin Scaliaby Paul Stark: The U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision made abortion legal nationwide in 1973. Fewer Americans know about the Court’s Planned Parenthood v. Case ... discuss

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Memorial of St. Benedict, Abbot, July 11, 2017By Msgr. Bernard BourgeoisProverbs 2:1-9, Psalm 34, Ma hew 19:27-29Then you will understand the fear of the Lord; theknowledge of God you will find. (Prv ... discuss

Accompanying Video:Message Audio:We’ve talked about topics like theology, sociology, philosophy, government, and other topics, looking at a litany of spheres of life to discover how our Christian fa ... discuss

From the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church:66. In what sense do we understand man and woman as created "in the image of God"?The human person is created in the image of God in th ... discuss

It is essential to properly apply scripture to understand the Mosaic Covenant of the Old Testament  and the New Covenant of Grace revealed in the New Testament. In this episode of Echo Zoe, Ryan Ha ... discuss

  ... discuss

Solomon had spiritual riches, not to mention physical ones. He was immensely blessed by God. There are few men who are such illustrations of blessing like Solomon. Among the greatest of his blessings ... discuss

By removing everything except the first sentence of this recommendation, the Assembly made it possible that exactly nothing will change in the congregations where refusing to ordain is the current pra ... discuss

We need to grasp once again who God is in his fullness; we need to grasp who we are in relation to him; and we need teaching and worship which gives full-orbed expression to these things – and t ... discuss

“I am a sinner. I’m a redeemed sinner with a new heart, but I’m still a sinner. This sin is not my friend; it’s my greatest enemy. What’s so insidious about my sin is that so much of it ... discuss

The death of a baby conceived in rape and the sentencing of his teen mother  for “aggravated homicide” is being exploited by abortion rights activists to push for the legalization of abortion.  ... discuss

On June 27 delegates at the BMA annual representative meeting (ARM) voted to support the decriminalization of abortion. You can listen to the whole debate here and five brilliant two-minute speeches ... discuss

In his magnificent speech in Poland, President Trump asked whether the west “still has the will to survive”. If he’d listened to BBC Radio’s Today programme this morning (approx 0840), he migh ... discuss

Charlie Gard’s mother spoke out on British TV this week about her son’s condition and the helplessness she feels as a parent. Charlie is suffering from a rare mitochondrial disease, and hi ... discuss

Can the government tell you when and where your child will die? For one couple in the U.K., the answer is “yes.” This is a chilling precedent. An incredibly complicated and heartbreaking life-and- ... discuss

In a story that emphasizes the human tragedy of abortion, Mark Gietzen of the Kansas Coalition for Life, has shared a tragic report of a young woman who received an abortion at the Planned Parenthood ... discuss

Seminary president Jerry O’Neill plans to retire next year and will be succeeded by Prof. Barry York, but Dr. O’Neill will continue to work part-time in development and academic administration. Pr ... discuss

We express this embodied totality in corporate worship through our shared symbols, rites, and rituals; through our posture and gestures as we bow, kneel, or lift our hands; through our actions when we ... discuss

Recommendation 7 of the PCA’s study committee on Women Serving in the Ministry of the Church states: “That presbyteries and the General Assembly consider an overture that would 21 establish formal ... discuss

What is a worldview? As the word itself suggests, a worldview is an overall view of the world. It’s not a physical view of the world, but rather a philosophical view, an all-encompassing perspective ... discuss

Chapter 2 There is no species of animal or plant which would not well repay, I will not say merely the study of a day, but even the devotion of a lifetime. Their form and structure, development and ha ... discuss

Wayne LaPierre, NRA's Executive Vice Presidentby Wayne LaPierre: Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ pledge to enforce federal laws dealing with criminal acquisition, possession and use of firearms, and ... discuss

Charlie Gard’s desperate case for release from a London hospital before losing life-support was again made in the British parliament today, as seen in video provided by the Mirror. The response of t ... discuss

World leaders including U.S. President Donald Trump and Pope Francis have offered their support for British infant Charlie Gard, but his own prime minister has not. While British Prime Minister Theres ... discuss

King Solomon wrote three books of the Bible. In Ecclesiastes he said there is a time to love and a time to hate. Paul in the Bible said we should hate what is evil and cling to what is good. The New Y ... discuss

Rest is not necessarily sleep; it’s not necessarily increased leisure; it’s not even necessarily inactivity, though all of those things matter. Rest goes deeper. Rest is a state in which we live w ... discuss

If my story feels scary for you, remember what my friend said, “It’s not catching.” Divorce not of your choosing, or children who walk away from the faith, or cancer, or whatever the trial, isn ... discuss

Often, abstinence teaching within the church gives a false promise that is still focused on a man-centered gratification that really has nothing to do with our purity. It goes something like this: If ... discuss

by Dr. Alan Keyes: These days, we celebrate the Fourth of July as Independence Day. Actually, it's the day when the first American patriots declared their decisions to break away from the people of ... discuss

July 2ndHappy birthday, mumsie dear, on this middle day of the year! 😘 💕 🎂 🎁 🎈 ✨ 🎉In honor of my mom's birthday, I want to share what she wrote for Lily's Celebration of Life ... discuss

CM volume: Miss Mason wrote six books in her series on education. That series is often mistitled the ‘Home Education’ or “Homeschooling Series.” This is not an ideal or accurat ... discuss

Perhaps the greatest benefit of studying the Old Testament for counseling is getting a bigger and better sense of the redemptive plan of God as revealed and advanced throughout redemptive history. Onl ... discuss

Stevie Wonderby Lloyd Marcus: Stevie Wonder’s call to say I love you to black Americans was rejected by black and white Leftists. Leftists were outraged over Wonder’s compassionate message to his ... discuss

by Dr. Jack Wheeler: From where do we get the term and concept of “Millennials” as the current generation of young people in America today?From a 1991 book that explains American cultural history ... discuss

I try to do a fair amount of spiritual reading (not near as much as I probably should), mostly writings of the saints, in a quest to understand how people become saints.  Pope Francis has said sa ... discuss

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This is what makes preaching powerful. It is not enough to read Bible commentaries, though many of preachers need to read more of them than they do. Commentaries help us understand the text, but they ... discuss

The mainstream media is broken. The Russian collusion scheme, started by Podesta and the Hillary group has been proven to be garbage. Even though the story has been debunked the mainstream media conti ... discuss

“Small towns desperately need normal, everyday people like farmers, factory workers, teachers, secretaries, and small business owners who think and act like missionaries to reach their friends, ... discuss

More than 10 years after Terri Schiavo’s death, her family continues to fight for the rights of the medically vulnerable. Schiavo’s brother, Bobby Schindler, spoke Friday at the National R ... discuss

The Sacred Page is a blog on the Bible and Catholic theology written by four professors of Scripture and Theology, Michael Barber, John Bergmsa, Brant Pitre, and John Kincaid. Together they provide in ... discuss

Look at the decay of sexual morality today - and the government seeking to impose its will on people in sexual maters (think of some birth control mandates, forcing people to take part in activit ... discuss

Special thanks to Brett Kunkle for providing me with a free copy to review the book.There aren't many books that I'm aware of that try to talk about the culture as a whole. There are certainly some go ... discuss

This article was published by HOPE Australia on June 26, 2017Paul RussellBy Paul Russell, the director of HOPE AustraliaDr. Boudewijn Chabot is a retired Dutch psychiatrist and psychotherapist. In 199 ... discuss

If a person achieves even a tiny amount of notoriety, they want to use that to build their name and establish themselves as experts before actually putting in the work and gaining the experience. That ... discuss

The Bible tells us explicitly and shows us implicitly that God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. David knows this to be true. As broken as he is, he knows God and how God relates to pen ... discuss

If I am ever blessed with having another life to grow within me, I will want to share the joyful news early in pregnancy.There are many people who wait until after the first trimester at least to make ... discuss

Funding America’s largest abortion provider will reduce abortions, according to its president. Never mind that, as Planned Parenthood receives more funding, its own abortion rate increases. On Wedne ... discuss

Jesus Christ was once asked about marriage and divorce.  He replied in this way:“Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’ an ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - The Rhyme and Reason Author Singer Songwriter Ever notice how brightly light shines in the darkness? Even a tiny match light shines in the darkness. You can see it from hundreds of y ... discuss

  PCA by the numbers: Comparing 2015 with 2016 reported statistics, in 2016: We had 1,545 churches, an increase of 11. We had 347 mission churches, an increase of 20. We had a total membership of ... discuss

A lot of us investors and founders often confuse metrics. In the early days of the mobile apps, we would ask developers how many downloads they had. “You have 5 million downloads? Great! This must b ... discuss

A couple of days ago, I appeared on BBC TV’s This Week show talking about whether the Anglosphere, the shorthand term for the English-speaking world led by Britain and America, was in decline give ... discuss

Engaging in conversation with someone who is pro-choice can be difficult, especially when you are very strong in your views and know that your position is the right one. I have been there. It is hard ... discuss

A huge piece of my heart is found here in this cemetery in Virginia. And it is here where my heart is always first drawn when I come back into town.See where the grass is growing in a rectangle by the ... discuss

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An immigration and refugee administrator/counselor for 22 years before my retirement in 2003, I would be appalled and sickened if SCOTUS once again flouts congressional intent by siding with the flawe ... discuss

Day OneJesus says: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”Pier Giorgio responds: “The faith given to me in Baptism surely suggests to me that of yourself you will ... discuss

Danusha Goska has published a thoughtful and generous review at her blog, Save Send Delete. Here's a bit: Seeking Jesus in Everyday Life: Prayers and Reflections for Getting Closer is one of the weigh ... discuss

Dave Andrusko (Editor of National Right to Life): Ellie Saul is a gifted writer, some of whose postings at she has happily allowed us to reprint.I find her a delight for many reasons bu ... discuss

The botched restoration of the Catholic Icon "Ecce Homo!" (Behold the Man!)Defacing the English word at a time...John Fotopoulos and Aristotle Papanikolaou, in their recent article "Women ... discuss

In a recent statement about the progress of Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggested that the social media platform was able to fill the gap of falling church membership.  With an expanding populatio ... discuss

We live in a word with many wrongs that need to be righted.  That is another way of saying, we are fallen human beings living in a fallen world.  Many people will devote a large part of thei ... discuss

“If you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you'll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb ... discuss

by Susan L.M. Goldberg: On paper it reads like a not-so-vague attempt to socially engineer your child’s behavior. In reality, teacher-led mental health assessments coming to a growing number of pub ... discuss

Double (1954 Calendar): June 25St. William was the Piedmontese religious founder (1085-1142).  He lived as a hermit in various regions of Italy. While he was on a height between Nola and Benevent ... discuss

The Catholic blogsophere, as I have previously written, does not like Father James Martin.  They write scathing posts against him because he refuses to condemn homosexuals. Father John Zuhlsdorf ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - The Rhyme and Reason Author Singer Songwriter Designer babies are all around you In fact, you’re one of those designer babies, and you might not even know it. There’s a l ... discuss

I briefly mention this topic in the last post because it's been a major stumbling block on my quest to attend Mass more often to keep myself from becoming apathetic towards the Church. Again, I'm goin ... discuss

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Tony Funderburk - The Rhyme and Reason Author Singer Songwriter Fathers Day poems don’t always rhyme or have good reason like this one It’s June 18, 2017, and I’m sure there are lot ... discuss

Those of us who are the recipients of God's amazing love, mercy and forgiveness have been given an important mission: to spread that same love, mercy and forgiveness to others. God didn't bring His ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - The Rhyme and Reason Author Singer Songwriter Global warming sure beats freezing to death If you pay attention to what scientists say, instead of politicians and activists, you’ ... discuss

My Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati Rosary bracelet.This is something I'd been holding back on for weeks (that, probably, no one other than 2 people know about) but I think is now the right time to share: th ... discuss

Just this morning before I headed in to work for the day I was able to finish reading the Gosnell book that I had been given by a friend who works at a local Pregnancy Resource Center. I was able ... discuss

An Act of Reparation From the Angel of of Peace at Fatima as taught to the three young children one year before Mary appeared in Fatima.  Let us pray this prayer during this Feast of Corpus Chris ... discuss

Embarrassed. That’s how I felt awhile back when I came across the ADL’s (Anti-Defamation League) so-called ‘Pyramid of Hate.’  How could an organization focused on preventing ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - The Rhyme and Reason Author Singer Songwriter Grace to you – now, that’s as good as it gets Is life tossing you monkey wrenches on a daily basis? Is your patience being t ... discuss

Falling into the arms of love. Brothers and sisters, rejoice. Mend your ways, encourage one another, agree with one another, live in peace, and the God of love and peace will be with you. The grace o ... discuss

Why?Before getting into the question of how you get teach your children to read and understand the King James Version, we should probably first discuss why you should want to do so.If you are an Engli ... discuss

Any individual working in the many fields of ministry will face the challenge of disillusionment.  When I first got into ministry work I had some naive notions about it.  I was hoping to fin ... discuss

Reprinted with permission from The Sargent County Teller (Milnor, ND: June 2, 2017) By Paige Cary  Who, exactly, is Jesus? That is the question Pastor Matthew Richard of Gwinner explores in his n ... discuss

David McCullough once told of Teddy Roosevelt during his time in the Dakota Territory and before his arrival on the world scene. Two thieves who had been on something of a crime spree in the territory ... discuss

A portrait of US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump dancing at one of the Presidential Inaugural Balls in January of this year with a pancake between them- This is meant to be a nice ... discuss

Now that school has ended for the semester, you may be wondering what you should do next with the time you have off. You  may be wondering how to make the break between semest ... discuss

Kathy Griffin, desperate attention-seeker.(Photo: Getty Images.)I absolutely cannot stand Scotch whiskey. People tell me that Scotch is an “acquired taste.” To which I always respond with some bew ... discuss

In 2011, Archdeacon John Chryssavgis wrote a review of Homosexuality in the Orthodox Church, by the openly homosexual Episcopalian priest Justin R. Cannon. This review was published in the  Saint ... discuss

Disclaimer: I don't claim to be part of any specific fellowship or society. I'm simply a pastor in training who has struggled with addiction and overcome that struggle against great odds through the p ... discuss

Battle of Guiliford Courthouse, CC 2.0 via Wikimedia CommonsAccompanying Video: I’d like to take you back in time to the birth of this nation. The year is 1775, and the British are marching in ... discuss

Every year, the National Abortion Federation -- sort of an abortion provider's guild, if you will -- gathers for an annual meeting in which they share with one another the trials and triumphs of their ... discuss

I just found this in my old notes. Thought I’d post it because I’ll probably never randomly find it again in all my mess of papers. It is not good or anything, it’s just what I remember writi ... discuss

This is nothing much, but if anyone just looked at our facebook page and the comments and topics we discuss. They would be amazed by how many birhtmothers feel. I just posted some2010 11/1  Birt ... discuss

How can we do what is best for the adopted child?by Birth Mom Missions on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 at 2:39pmWanted to start sharing some different views on adoption recovery and begin to learn more fr ... discuss

I think I have to post this. It helped me. still does. by Joe SollThe Respect We Never GotI’ve looked into your eyes thousands of times and through them into your hearts and I’ve seen the pain and ... discuss

This is a Christ-centered work of non-fiction. The subject is the Humanity of the Person of Christ, the Son of God. The author, Trent Sheppard, is a pastor. He helps to pastor an urban house church, ... discuss

I love the Holy Days. They are reminders of the salvation offered to us by our Creator, salvation which we have neither earned nor deserve. We were all hopelessly trapped in our sins, and instead of ... discuss

... discuss

I recently started to re-read Saint Thérèse of Lisieux's autobiography, "Story of a Soul." I love this book for so many reasons. This great saint's theology is as profound as any that of any other s ... discuss

I came across this article going through “old stuff” to throw out, published in 1968 in Our Sunday Visitor.  (Is that still around?)  Thought I would have already put it on my blog but a ... discuss

I had some thoughts today about why soccer is appealing to the younger generations (compared to those over 50).1. Soccer games last almost exactly 2 hours including half time. This means that you can ... discuss

Without understanding the realm of possibilities, it is impossible to understand how the best options for the various players might be achieved. What are the individual capabilities of the DPRK, US, P ... discuss




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