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If you are looking for a great read this summer, you should check out Oswald by Edoardo Albert. This is the second book in “The Northumbrian Thrones” series. The books follow the rise and ... discuss

BALTIMORE (AP) — In a story June 28 about the Cleveland Indians game against the Baltimore Orioles, The Associated Press erroneously reported a quote from Cleveland manager Terry Francona. The quote ... discuss

By Patrick J. Buchanan “I will never be able to hold her again, but I forgive you.” So said Nadine Collier, who lost her mother in the massacre at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Caro ... discuss

In your charity, please pray for: Sat Jun 27 4:00 PM Intentions of Rachel and Terry Brown Sun Jun 28 9:30 AM Margaret Salinas + 11:30 AM Intentions of Elvie Ocampo Mon Jun 29 11:40 AM Joel Dauz + 12:1 ... discuss

In Alabama, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Alveda King, will be marching with other pro-life leaders to bring attention to the illegal activities of abortionist, Dr. Samuel C. Lett. A leader ... discuss

You didn't hear Pope Francis embrace traditional marriage? There's a reason. The press that previously embraced him didn't like his comments so they gave it scant coverage.See comment below by Terry M ... discuss

A ... discuss

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad is joining the chorus of Republicans who want changes to the party's plans for its presidential debates, saying all major candidates in the race shou ... discuss

MEDIA ADVISORY: In historic Selma, Alabama, Rally at Christ the King Cathedral and March across the Edmund Pettus Bridge planned for June 19 and 20, 2015 “Criminal acts against far too many wome ... discuss

Book Details: • Editor: Chad O. Brand • Authors: Chad O. Brand, Tom Pratt Jr., Robert L. Reymond, Robert L. Saucy and Robert L. Thomas • Publisher: B & H Academic (2015) • Format: softcove ... discuss

Paul seeks the truth about Saudi government involvement in the 9/11 attack on America in September Religious Freedom Coalition: On June 2, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), U.S. Representatives W ... discuss

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "// ... discuss

The Iowa legislature has put the final touches on a pro-life bill and the legislation now heads to the governor. When women considering an abortion see an ultrasound of their unborn baby, they choose ... discuss

Photo CreditThese are interviews that Jonathon Van Maren conducted with veterans of the Rescue Movement of the 1980s and 90s.You might know him as the Communications Director for the Canadian Centre f ... discuss

GOVERNMENT PLANNING GOES BUST: California’s drought has worsenedunder government edicts that have siphoned water from the Central Valley, the state’s agricultural breadbasket. (AP Photo)by Ke ... discuss

Contact: Terry McIntosh, 011-972-2-275-1050 MEDIA ADVISORY, May 6, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Jesus Christ Embassy Palestine has designated May 12, 2015 as INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER for Peace ... discuss

Dr. Alan Keyes provides video, asking help for the Terry familyContact: MEDIA ADVISORY, May 5, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Mr. Terry has a Masters Degree in Diplomacy and ... discuss

In arguably the least surprising legal opinion of 2015, pro-abortion Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D) issued an opinion today that adopts the abortion industry’s position on a 2013 law int ... discuss

By Dr Kevin Fitzpatrick - Director of EPC - International and HOPE Ireland.Dr Kevin FitzpatrickEmer O’Kelly writes emotionally in the Irish Sunday Independent about Marie Fleming. Marie was my frien ... discuss

Cardinal Nichols meets homosexual group QUEST, March 2015The Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Cardinal Nichols, is scheduled to celebrate Mass for “LGBT Catholics Westminster” at the Church of t ... discuss

Today the Church celebrates the feast of Saint Patrick (387-493), the patron saint of Ireland. It is on the Emerald Isle that today is both a national and religious holiday. At one time, the bars woul ... discuss

Direktur Utama PGN, Hendi Prio Santoso menyambut gembira penyelesaian transaksi antara SEI dengan Swift ini. Melalui akuisisi 36% hak partisipasi Area Shale Gas Fasken, PGN berharap mendapatkan banyak ... discuss

 Elections have consequences—See actions of pro-abortion Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe By Dave Andrusko Pro-abortion Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffeThere are few words more telling ... discuss

The Virginia Department of Health, consisting primarily of new appointees of pro-abortion Gov. Terry McAuliffe, voted 13-2 today to amend licensing rules for abortion facilities to make it easier for ... discuss

The book "Treasuring Grace" was inspired by a dream in which co -author Tracy Roberts feels that God spoke to her and directed her hand in the writing of the story. Many people feel God's special i ... discuss

And Survivor stuff too! I'm sorry that posting to this site has become such a rare event. As I've written here before, the time available for blogging is not what it was. The primary culprit remains ... discuss

ago, FreedomWorks is running tv ads here is Arkansas opposing proposed increase in the tax on tobacco. Above is their ad "Enough is enough" which encourages the viewer to call their Senator to oppose ... discuss

After clearing the first huddle in the state House without a vote to spare, the bill to raise taxes on tobacco to fund a health care package is heading for a vote in the state Senate on Thursday. The ... discuss

When you are an enthusiastic Catholic and  live in the New York City area, running into Fr. Groeschel is no great accomplishment, the man had a punishing schedule for decades. I remember runnin ... discuss

The vote to declare that the New Heart Community Church of La Mirada, California “does not presently meet the definition of a cooperating church” came unanimously as the Executive Committe ... discuss

Terry Lowry is a conservative Christian Talk Show host who has been on the air for many years, and who was kind enough to have me on his show to talk about the plight of persecuted Christians in the M ... discuss

Terry Nelson of Abbey Roads, whom I greatly respect, has left a comment on my blog in regard to Cardinal Dolan.  His entire comment:  "FYI, Cardinal Dolan is the Catholic guy who's following ... discuss

On Friday, July 25, the Courier Times carried a revealing, insightful piece by Terry Mattingly, noting that MOST couples seeking Catholic marriage ceremonies are already living together.  While ... discuss

by Dustin Siggins WASHINGTON, D.C., June 13, 2014 ( -- In a tense exchange earlier this week, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told NPR's Terry Grossu that supp ... discuss

H/T Cry and Howl - From Sstorm0730's Blog Dear Mr. Obama husband, wife, sibling or child of a U.S. Military Veteran who sat (forgotten and neglected) on a waiting list with the Veteran's Administrati ... discuss

Stole this from Terry. It is fitting. Shea backs Voris – read all about it. ... discuss

Part 2 with my guest, former police detective now author,Terry Cook on his latest book, "Beast Tech." Governments surveilling citizens; companies developing injectible chips, tattoo identificatio ... discuss

The fateful post-WYD conference. (Photo: CNS)Okay, let’s take it from the top: The Catholic Church exists to preserve and teach the revelation Jesus gave to his disciples during his earthly ministry ... discuss

Today n Washington, D.C. - Jan 31, 2014The Senate is not in session today and will reconvene at 2 PM on Monday. On Monday, the Senate will consider the conference report for H.R. 2642, the farm bill. ... discuss

 McConnell: ‘Mr. President… Pick Up That Pen You’ve Been Talking So Much About And Make This Happen’SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY): “This report from the Obama administration once again ... discuss

The original drummer from renowned punk rock band, The Clash, has written about his spiritual reawakening in his new book. In his autobiography, The Strange Case of Doctor Terry and Mr Chimes, baptise ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | Cardinal O’Malley Said What? by Terry Mattingly of Get Religion - How to Defeat Gay Activist Economic Terrorism – Acts of the Apostasy Honesty Alert: & ... discuss

The Wild Goose CaseBack in March of 2013 Tony Massey and myself, Jo Scott, were accused of "following" Christa Pryor, the wife of Jim Pryor, Planned Parenthood's head security guard.  With me at ... discuss

Birmingham, Alabama is abortion free for now, as the sole abortion clinic there, run by Planned Parenthood, has temporarily closed. If it stays closed this is the second closure of an abortion clinic ... discuss

Birmingham, AL – Fr. Terry Gensemer of the CEC for Life has announced that the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, has closed, at least for the time being, leaving the City of ... discuss

Contact: Fr. Terry Gensemer, 205-253-0159 BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Jan. 15, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Birmingham's Planned Parenthood, the last remaining abortion facility in the city, is currently closed ... discuss

The Bopp Law Firm, PCThe National Building1 South 6th StreetTerre Haute, IN 47807-3510www.bopplaw.comPRESS RELEASEFriday, January 10, 2014Montana House Candidate Challenges Law Requiring Complete Disc ... discuss

Virginian-Pilot: "During his final days as attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli released a pair of nonbinding opinions that can be read as legal arguments against Gov. Terry McAuliffe's campaign pledges t ... discuss

By TRENT BEATTIE | How to Share Your Faith With Anyone A Practical Manual for Catholic Evangelization By Terry Barber Ignatius Press, 2013 154 pages, $14.95 To order: (800) 651-1531 or ignatius.c ... discuss

On the Donahue show, Faye Wattleton admitted that abortion destroys babies. 11 wks September 6, 1991, dialogue involving Faye Wattleton on Donahue, according to Transcript #3288: Randall Terry: “ ... discuss

Last night, with Anthony Furey on The Source. Video thanks to Aloha Snackbar 01. Original PostingRead more →The post Video: Robert Spencer on Sun TV — Molly Norris and Terry Loewen, two of ... discuss

I hate to be the one to say it; but this is some seriously funny stuff right here. Before, I post the story, here is the picture of the so-called terrorist: Man, if this is the best that Al-Qaeda can ... discuss

(NBC NEWS) A 58-year-old airport worker was charged Friday with allegedly planning a suicide bombing at a passenger terminal at the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport in Kansas. The suspect, Terry Lee Loe ... discuss

A few days ago, Terry Teachout had a piece on pop culture writing in the Wall Street Journal—specifically, why there’s so much high-quality pop culture writing, to the apparent exclusion of higher ... discuss

I'd like to introduce some changes I think you'll (Hopefully!) like. The first is our change to a new web-site- Newly designed and optimized for mobile. Try it on your smartphone. It actually looks a ... discuss

I have done several posts about Michael Voris and how I feel he has crossed the line. I find him to be more and more dangerous to the Catholic faithful. I know that is a very heavy accusation, but I ... discuss

by Kirsten Andersen RICHMOND, October 29, 2013 ( – At this weekend’s candidate forum for the Virginia Governor’s race, Democratic contender Terry McAuliffe continued ... discuss

by Kirsten Andersen RICHMOND, October 29, 2013 ( – At this weekend’s candidate forum for the Virginia Governor’s race, Democratic contender Terry McAuliffe continued ... discuss

by Kirsten Andersen RICHMOND, October 29, 2013 ( – At this weekend’s candidate forum for the Virginia Governor’s race, Democratic contender Terry McAuliffe continued ... discuss

by Kirsten Andersen RICHMOND, October 29, 2013 ( – At this weekend’s candidate forum for the Virginia Governor’s race, Democratic contender Terry McAuliffe continued ... discuss

by Kirsten Andersen RICHMOND, October 29, 2013 ( – At this weekend’s candidate forum for the Virginia Governor’s race, Democratic contender Terry McAuliffe continued ... discuss

foundationlife.netDuring Thursday’s third and final Virginia gubernatorial debate at Virginia Tech, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe once again pledged to never compromise on the issue of aborti ... discuss

Mario and Terry Whitmire, after 40 years of marriage renewed their vows at Saint Jude Chapel today, which by the way is celebrating its 45th anniversary. Opening its doors in 1968, St. Jude Chapel pro ... discuss

I'm mad as a hungry honeybee! I just got another robocall from the Democrats with yet another female voice telling me that Ken Cuccinelli isn't really pro-life. It's obviously a spliced piece and I'm ... discuss

When I volunteered for 1st Way of Eugene, I found it to be a mind-expanding and heart-expanding experience.I didn't know that much about pregnancy or pro-life issues. I remember the day Terry hired me ... discuss

foundationlife.netPro-abortion Democrat Terry McAuliffee (left) and Pro-Life Republican Ken Cuccinelli are in a tight race to be the next governor of Virginia. By Dave Andrusko On Wednesday, NRL News ... discuss

Man Writes Confession Letter to His Down Syndrome Daughter: Sorry I Wanted You Aborted I just watched a video about a family who had a baby with Downs and this is what the mother said, that it fel ... discuss

“Our passion is far reaching, yet it only needs to reach as far as the individual woman. We eschew political intrigues for the real action instead. We meet mothers where they are, where they need. ... discuss

Editor's note:  Below Mr. Bauer addresses the Navy Yard Assassin.  As an aside, the lame stream media reported that an AR-15 assault rifle was used by the shooter and then immediately c ... discuss

Not everyone knows about our staff at First Way, Eugene. In addition to our director, Terry Ianora, we have a medical director, Suzanne Temple, M.D., and three registered nurses who are certified ... discuss

Police Militarization, Abuses of Power, and the Road to Impeachmentreposted from the article source: by ... discuss

Florida Pastor Terry Jones, who gained notoriety in 2010 for planning to burn Qurans, has been arrested, reportedly for hauling thousands of “kerosene-soaked Qurans” in his truck: Pastor T ... discuss

Yes, that is correct; he belongs in jail. But, first, here is the story via LA Times: Florida officials have arrested radical anti-Islam preacher Terry Jones as he was on his way to a Sept. 11 event w ... discuss

According to, Evangelist Pat Robertson stated on his television show 700 Club yesterday that it’s okay for a man to divorce his wife if she is diagnosed with AlzheimerR ... discuss

Can you imagine the impact if each of you shared or re-tweeted 1st Way blogs and messages?  Believe it or not, a few clicks every day can sometimes even do more to serve mothers and save babies t ... discuss

Every now and then, mama has to purge her shelves to make room for new shiny things we hope to use (or furry things that like to stare at us). Secretly, most of the time we purge just because we coul ... discuss

Residents in Mulberry, Fla., have been pushing back against an invitation extended by a local man to have Dr. Terry Jones hold his annual Quran-burning in their town. But the Christian minister has sa ... discuss

Contact: Rev. Terry Gensemer, CEC For Life, 205-253-0159 MONTGOMERY, Ala., Aug. 8, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- To raise vital awareness of yesterday's incident in Jackson, MS, CEC For Life and othe ... discuss

Ken Blackwell, Contributing Author: As news reports have been exposing new chinks in the armor of Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe on a nearly daily basis, talking heads ... discuss

First Way's 40th Anniversary Celebration Fundraiser, this past Sunday afternoon, was a wonderful experience for over 160 guests who attended. The music was beautiful. A string trio opened and was foll ... discuss

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Aug. 5, 2013/Christian Newswire -- Pro-lifers in Alabama are very concerned over today's hearing regarding a lawsuit from the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) levied agai ... discuss

I love the National Catholic Register, for the most part, but in this case I think the amazingly talented Sue Ellen might've missed the boat…just a tad. Not even a tad: a scintilla, if that.In her a ... discuss

This might come under the heading of "temptation."I have been busy reading books for school for next year, having taken over a course that had a reading list full of books I'd never read.I finished on ... discuss

An ancient Coptic monastery, a hidden desert hideout, the Oval office, and Jerusalem’s Temple mount — these are a few of the stops in Terry Brennan’s latest whirlwind novel. From Leb ... discuss

On December 14, 2010, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was shot dead by a group of suspected drug cartel along the Mexican border in Peck Canyon, northwest of Nogales, Arizona. The guns used to kill ... discuss

Bill Bolling today dropped his gubernatorial bid. Faced with an insurmountable challenge from Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli he decided to pull the plug now instead of waiting for an inevitable loss ... discuss

The book "Treasuring Grace" was inspired by a dream in which co -author Tracy Roberts feels that God spoke to her and directed her hand in the writing of the story. Many people feel God's special ... discuss

As unreliable as the MSM is in reporting on matters religious, religious bloggers and non-mainstream news outlets are almost as bad at reporting on what the MSM says about religion. Has anyone act ... discuss

I just finished Terry Virgo’s book “God’s Lavish Grace.” What I like about the book is that it sites many passages from the Bible. Grace is something many Christians battle with, thinking that ... discuss

Pope Francis washes the feet of young ‘offenders,’ including two women, during Maundy Thursday Mass. The Catholic world is in an uproar right now. In fact, the AP posted a story: “Po ... discuss

A Protestant friend of mine decided to tweak me publicly on Facebook.  “I was reading Tony Layne’s blog the other day and it reminded me of this bit from The Meaning of Life which Tony took ... discuss

I found it somewhat daunting when Katy gave me an iPad for my 89th birthday.  What?  Another technological thing to have to learn to cope with?  I’m not at all sure I can stretch my brain tha ... discuss

The following ran in the November/December 2012 issue of MCCL News.Jan. 22, 2013, marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, the U.S. Supreme Court decisions that legalized abortion ... discuss

Since I'd like to start blogging again, I thought I'd start off with my 2012 list.  I re-read quite a few books from my favorite Stephanie Plum series, but overall, still read quite a few books t ... discuss

~ $6T added to deficit in 1st 4 years, $4.8 Billion borrowed daily, $16.3+Trillion immediate deficit, $122T in unfunded obligations, wants to nationalize savings accounts & cap earnings at 3%, incr ... discuss

Morton Blackwell and Over 100 Other Leading Conservatives was sent via the Coalitions for America to U.S. House and Senate Republicans: An Open Letter to U.S. House and Senate RepublicansDear Republic ... discuss

Bill Bolling pulled out of Virginia's GOP race for governor today leaving Ken Cuccinelli as Virginia's favorite son and likely nominee. The party will choose its candidate at a convention next May 18t ... discuss

Alex SchadenbergBy Alex SchadenbergIn the past year there have been three reports and two court cases concerning the legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada and the UK. All three rep ... discuss

ARRA News Service: ObamaCare Exchanges Are NOT A Done Deal! Our Partners at Americans For Limited Government are tracking updates as they occur. Changes being posted to NetRight Daily linked below. ... discuss

How much do we love our Gov. and Lt. Gov.?   Friday, June 8 pro-lifers took part in the Rally for Religious Freedom outside the Capitol in Des Moines.  Governor Terry Branstad and Lt. Govern ... discuss

Professor SchneckThe idea that all abortions are a result of economic hardship is held by many liberals including Professor Stephen Schneck at Catholic University who used it as an excuse to support O ... discuss

Dan Savage has quite a presence on the internet as a defender of gay sex and an advocate for gay marriage.  To anyone who watches any of these three videos, which are presented as a kind of overview, ... discuss

Two 'high rank' officers aren't listed.  o'incompetent dismissed them compounding his feckless coverup of his Benghazi, Libya debacle.  His disgraceful 'vote saving'&nb ... discuss

Terry to request FCC revoke WUSA broadcast license, in accordance with law -- See Law Below The FCC must vindicate its authority, and bring severe sanctions against WUSA. Otherwise, it tells rich and ... discuss

Obama better not cheat lest there be hell to pay.  Just sayin'.Obama's Endorsements from the Military: 5General Wesley Clark, USA, (Ret)General Colin Powell, USA (Ret)Major General Paul Eaton, US ... discuss

The following is Part 3 of an open letter to Colonel Vaughn Doner and a critique of his 2012 book, Christian Jihad: Neo-Fundamentalists and the Polarization of America. Throughout the series, I addre ... discuss

This is from last year for two reasons. One, of course, I have no time but can't bear to let you spend the day before All Hallow's Eve without some suggestions for diversion. The links, therefore, are ... discuss

Trade Developments- Panama FTA Vicki Needham reported yesterday at The Hill’s On the Money Blog that, “A free trade agreement between the United States and Panama will go into effect at the end of ... discuss

article source:  (5Sep12)689 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama The National Review Online, September 10, 2012; Volu ... discuss

October 16, 2012/Operation Rescue -- By Carole Novielli Yesterday [October 15, 2012] Pro-lifers in California posted images from the Family Planning abortion clinic in Bakersfield. Terry Palmquis ... discuss

The October 22 issue of The Weekly Standard magazine features a lengthy article about pro-life activist Randall Terry. Writer Matt Labash spent a week with Terry, his family, and Terry’s band of ... discuss

Randall Terry, Candidate for U.S. House, releases: "The New Uncle Tom" at   Contact: Juan Lepanto, 304-289-3700   WASHINGTON, Oct. 15, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Recently, ... discuss

... But Big Bird and his creators are having nothing to do with it! They are saying enough is enough. Big Bird Doesn't Need Saving By Obama "[W]hile Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are rolling out big ... discuss

  Matt C. Abbott column Opposing Obama in Romney, W.Va.; 'Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical' Matt C. Abbott Matt C. Abbott October 7, 2012 Randall Terry, veteran pro-life activ ... discuss

Explaining the title of the LectureFor the lecture’s title I have used a phrase which appears in T.S.Eliot’s Four Quartets – the second of which is called East Coker.  East Coker is a villa ... discuss

"Catholics" for Obama willing to blatantly lie about President Obama's record and what Planned Parenthood does?  Why am I not surprised?On Wednesday Hudson also revealed that a group calling itse ... discuss

o'impeach - 51 Facts: Obama Ineligible! + Why Congress Refuses to Investigate. [emphasis and underlining added -- rfh] 51 Bullet-Pointed Facts That Dispute Barack Obama's Identity and ... discuss

Terry has another escellent piece on the threat to our very way of life by the jihadi killers and their appeasing leftist allies. Islamist Barbarism’s ‘Gigantic Lurch Forward.’ September 22, ... discuss

Image via TheNationalPatriot Investor's Business Daily Editorial: First Amendment: Just over a year ago, Obama assured Arab Spring Muslims he'd help protect their "universal right" of "free speech. ... discuss

Contact: Fr. Terry Gensemer, CEC for Life, 205-253-0159 BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Sept. 18, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Not even six months after the closure of one dangerous Birmingham abortion facility - ... discuss

Dr. Peter SaundersBy Dr Peter Saunders, Campaign Director, Care Not Killing Alliance - UKMore than seven out of ten MPs refuse to back calls to legalise assisted suicide, according to a new survey rel ... discuss

A few days into iPad ownership, I began to feel confident enough to explore the unfamiliar icons it kept displaying, like Safari.   Safari looked like it might be a browser and it invited me to R ... discuss

Dear Sir,Tragically, a motor neurone sufferer took his life after watching Terry Pratchett's television programme about euthanasia, 'Choosing to Die' ('Patient's suicide after right-to-die TV show', S ... discuss

Read more at The Blaze… ... discuss

From: Zionica News  Sent: Monday, September 10, 2012 Subject: Anti-Christian comments force DNC Chairman to resign Anti-Christian comments force DNC Chairman to resign A Florida De ... discuss

Honor Those Who Died on 9/11....WITH ACTION. Say NO! To Speakers Linked to Terrorism in Our Childrens Classrooms. Contact: Terry Kemple, 813-653-4822, TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 7, 2012 ... discuss

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat In the Weekly Standard, Meghan Clyne discusses the “War on Women” rhetoric: In the meantime, a perceptive observer may notice a curious thin ... discuss

And If So, What Can We Do About It?My talk from the Catholic New Media Convention 2012. You may hear it along with the Q&A, the panel discussion I was on afterward, and every talk from that terrific c ... discuss

This year Dems are busy trying to capitalize on the verbal gaffe of MO Senate candidate Todd Akin. So instead celebrating sexual diversity with MN state Rep. Terry Gauthier, they’re going to ha ... discuss

Brethren, Peace be with you! I've come to notice recently that whenever I leave a comment on secular sites (mostly news sites) that go against the reigning anti-Catholic "verities", commenters often ... discuss

The following is the text of the speech given by Paul Russell during his debate with Philip Nitschke, Australia's Dr Death, on August 16 in Adelaide Australia. Paul Russell is the founder and leader o ... discuss

It becomes increasingly evident that, as William Schneider is quoted as saying, “the press . . . just doesn’t ‘get’ religion” — so much so that Deacon Greg, in addi ... discuss

By:  Fred Lucas ... discuss

51 Bullet-Pointed Facts That Dispute Barack Obama's Identity and Eligibility to be President of The USA! By Kevin A. Lehmann on in Politics, article source: ... discuss

It is simple:  Obama's claimed, and foreign student, father was a Kenyan citizen.  Self explanatory.  We do not have a legitimate President of the United States.Articles of Impeachmen ... discuss

Yay, us, we’re gonna lose at least 25 billion on the auto bailout The GOP sues to force Obama to comply with requests for documents on Fast and Furious, which allowed guns into Mexico by the th ... discuss

Pro-life activist Gary Boisclair is creating quite a stir in his primary bid against Muslim Democrat incumbent Congressman Keith Ellison in Minnesota’s 5th District, up to and including death th ... discuss

Why is Eric Holder showing up at the memorial service for the victims of the shootings at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek?From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:U.S. Attorney General Eric Holde ... discuss

According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, the Obama administration told law enforcement in Portland to "stand down" and not enforce the law against the violent #Occupy protesters ... even ... discuss

This series of posts focuses on several pitfalls that especially plague Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) churches. These pitfalls are wide enough to catch people of a variety of stripes, but fund ... discuss

This morning I saw a Facebook post from my good friend StacyTrasancos: Judging from the scene in my kitchen this morning, you’d never believe I used to dress in smart business clothes, mar ... discuss

Disbelief.It's unreal that the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek was the site of a mass shooting.This sort of thing doesn't happen here, not on Howell Avenue, not across from Classic Lanes. A mass ... discuss

A single attacker entered the Sikh Temple in the Oak Creek suburb of Milwaukee, WI, and killed six worshippers before he was killed in gunfire with police, outside the building. So far, no one knows w ... discuss

The recent interview of Bishop Leonard Blair by Terry Gross, host of NPR's "Fresh Air," provided an interesting and revealing contrast to that of Sr. Pat Farrell, president of the Leadership Conferenc ... discuss

Here it is, August 1, and the anti-Chick-fil-A crusade has reached “epic fail” proportions.  Far from hurting Dan Cathy through his pocketbook, the threatened boycott has generated the A ... discuss

... discuss

Brethren: Peace and Good to you. According to NPR's Fresh Aire with Terry Gross:  Bishop Leonard Blair of Toledo, Ohio Bishop Leonard Blair of Toledo, Ohio, is the bishop who assessed the Leader ... discuss

For the record, I have not officially started blogging again. This is more of an... appetizer, if you will. While shaking the rust off, I read some of my ole' trusty go-to-blogs and read a post from T ... discuss

The latest skirmish in the culture war is over whether or not to patronize Chick-fil-A (a popular fast-food franchise known for its chicken sandwich, rich shakes, and observance of the Sabbath) for th ... discuss

A few months ago I started setting aside early Tuesday mornings to head up to one of my "branch offices" (the Panera's restaurant on west Maple) in order to do some writing and ministry planning and, ... discuss

Over at Facebook, I noticed a picture of Kermit and Miss Piggy marrying, with a caption about Chick-fil-A. I can’t seem to find it, now — perhaps the person who posted it deleted it.I conf ... discuss

Dr Peter SaundersBy Dr. Peter Saunders, Campaign Chair - Care Not Killing Alliance - UKWhen euthanasia became a dirty word the Voluntary Euthanasia Society changed its name to ‘Dignity in Dying’ i ... discuss

Nadia KajoujiThe Associated Press has reported that the Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld the conviction for assisted suicide of William Melchert-Dinkel, the former Minnesota nurse and internet suicid ... discuss

The previous post in this series is here. John Terry, a soccer player, has been found “not guilty” of racist speech in a criminal trial in merry old England. Chief Magistrate Howard Riddle ... discuss

The news came out Monday that former  Storm Lake & LeMars IA  Planned Parenthood clinic director Sue Thayer had filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (PPH) fo ... discuss

By:  Fred Lucas read more ... discuss

So how has the church responded to the decline in church attendance in America?  Rev. Terry Forke has just released an excellent article titled, "A Famine of the Word."  CLICK HERE to read t ... discuss

Peter Saunders, the campaign director for the Care Not Killing Alliance published two important comments on his blog. This first commentary relates to the fact that Lord Falconer intentionally misrepr ... discuss

Peter SaundersPeter Saunders, the campaign director for the Care Not Killing Alliance published two important comments on his blog recently. In the UK Lord Falconer has introduced a new bill to legali ... discuss

I was listening to Heather Ordover's wonderful commentary on Gulliver's Travels (which comes with audio of the book specially recorded for us, y'all). In this particular episode of Just the Books, she ... discuss

He went to jail for refusing to defile his oath to uphold the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. All he asked was that President Obama do the same thing every military recruit is ask ... discuss

by Lord AltonThe so-called consultation on the Falconer proposals is intended to provide a cloak of respectability for a Bill which will lead to doctors being required to take the lives of some patien ... discuss

Rather than "House of Shame", "House of the Rising Sun" may be more appropriate considering the number of members who appear to be "bought'n paid for" and can be made to "walk the ... discuss

Hat Tip: BB RightNewz Watch the latest video at ... discuss

Wow! :By Jonathan Strong Roll Call Staff June 29, 2012, 12:06 p.m. fiery floor debate over contempt proceedings for Attorney General Eric Holder, House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darre ... discuss

Holder is an incompetent and needs to go. He selectively prosecutes and is anti white. He is yet another shameful member of Bo's cabinet. Even 17 dems voted against him!! The family of murdered bord ... discuss

Black Caucus Radicals Will Stage a Walkout During Holder Contempt VoteIt’s racist??????????????????????????????? You got to be kidding me! I think what “Whites” need to do every time a ... discuss

related: /FONT> ... discuss

Today's absolute must-read piece on 'Fast and Furious' is Andrew C. McCarthy's piece at NRO: Fast and Furious and OCDETF (Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force). Here's a brief excerpt of McCar ... discuss

After three-and-a-half years of his failed policies, and of his dysfunctional Administration, which have been an abysmal disaster in all fronts - the economy, unemployment, health-care, social issues, ... discuss

  the Supreme Court recognized in US v. Nixon, the Executive Branch has a legitimate interest in confidentiality of communications among high officials so that the President can have the benef ... discuss

Bill Whittle hits all the high points and thoroughly debunks the liberal meme that "'Fast and Furious' was just like Wide Receiver, so it started with Bush." First and foremost, Fast and Furious was ... discuss

Kent and Josephine Terry, the parents of slain border patrol agent Brian Terry, are speaking out about their son's death.In an interview with Sean Hannity, they say "that they think Attorney General E ... discuss

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A.F. "Tony" Branco: "Fast and Furious" turned out to be a bloody scandal after the U.S. Justice Department okayed the sale of guns to Mexican drug cartels, under the ridiculous excuse that this wou ... discuss

Jay Carney can't remember Brian Terry's name, the American border patrol agent killed with guns from Fast and Furious. Answering a question at today's White House press briefing, Carney says "the fami ... discuss


With Attorney General Eric Holder facing contempt of Congress charges it seems that the ATF operation Fast and Furious has finally made it into the mainstream news. However, would this have been possi ... discuss

Via Fox News - Brian Terry's family attorney Pat McGroder released the follow statement from Brian's parents, Josephine Terry and Kent Terry Sr. "Attorney General Eric Holder's refusal to fully disclo ... discuss

Two Weeks for Freedom: Christians Standing Together for Religious Freedom On Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 8 PM ET, Christians from across denominational lines wi ... discuss

I had the privilege to eat lunch with the organizer of the HHS Mandate Demonstration in Ellicott City, Maryland, Peggy Hagen. We were joined by the lead council for a religious liberty defense firm, h ... discuss

The sisters are all Joan of Arc and the Bishops are all Don Giovanni!Allow me to clear my tabbar of these numerous links touching on the Sr. Margaret Farley story, the LCWR leadership meeting with Rom ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - June 13, 2011: The U.S. House is in recess but some Representatives have been busy.  On Monday, we highlighted letters by members of Congress to President Obama on th ... discuss

First he burns Korans and now he hangs Obama in effigy The Florida pastor who ignited an international furor by threatening to burn a pile of Korans has applied his subtle touch to the 2012 presi ... discuss

Why is AG Eric Holder Stonewalling Congress? Today in Washington, D.C. - June 7, 2012: The Senate reconvened at 9:30 AM today and resumed consideration of the motion to proceed to S. 3240, the far ... discuss

Tim MontgomerieTop stories:Top Tory says PM's backing for gay marriage is "big factor in a slump in Tory membership"A prominent activist and commentator within the British Conservative party has said ... discuss

This incident sums up the nature of supporters of the recall movement. It shouldn't be shocking. These people are nuts. They've been spiraling out of control for over a year.Tom Barrett's failed bid t ... discuss

Gov. Scott Walker Victory Speech Today, the Wisconsin voters gave a resounding no to recalling their Governor, Lt Gov, and four State Senators.  Big Union and progressive efforts failed and cos ... discuss

Peter SaundersPeter Saunders, the Campaign Director for the Care Not Killing Alliance in the UK is reporting that Pro-Euthanasia activists in the UK are gearing up for a fresh assault on Parliament in ... discuss

Contact: Tom Ciesielka, TC Public Relations, 312-422-1333, BLUE ISLAND, Ill., June 1, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- No more than 12 hours had passed since Affordable Recovery Housing ("A ... discuss

St. Justin (100 - 165) was a martyr, philosopher, and defender of Christianity. He was born into a pagan family at Flavia Neopolis, or Nablus, in Palestine. At the age of thirty, he became a Christian ... discuss

Contact: Tom Ciesielka, TC Public Relations, 312-422-1333, BLUE ISLAND, Ill., May 31, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Affordable Recovery Housing ("ARH") filed a lawsuit today in the Unit ... discuss

Contact: Juan Lepanto, 304-289-3700; WASHINGTON, May 30, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Background: Missy Smith ran for the US House against Eleanor Holmes Norton in 2010. He ... discuss

From: Off The Grid News  Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 Subject: Has Illinois Become A Police State? article source: ... discuss

Press conference Tuesday May 29, 1:30 PM at Dubliner at 4 F Street, 20001. Guinness and Wings will be served to the Press  Contact: Juan Lepanto, 202-531-7547; WASHINGTON, ... discuss

Terry and VP running mate will run as Independents in general election in several key states; will discuss those states and strategy with press.   In keeping with tradition, Guinness and wings will b ... discuss

"Most 'pro-life' Americans are content for it to be legal to kill unborn babies. This poll is a disaster for the pro-life movement." --Randall Terry Contact: Juan Lepanto, 304-289-3700 WASHINGTON, M ... discuss

Dozens of Catholic Groups Sue Obama Admin Over HHS Mandate Notre Dame, Franciscan University of Steubenville, and dozens of Catholic hospitals and organizations have filed a total of 12 lawsuits t ... discuss

I have been able to conduct a lot of interviews in the many years I’ve been running this blog. A couple of weeks ago I drew up a list of interviews featuring Christian artists. Today I’ve ... discuss

The Pro-Life Action League and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society are pleased to announce that the next Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally will take place on Friday, June 8, in cities and towns across ... discuss is reporting that the pro-life activist who interrupted pro-abortion Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s speech today at Georgetown University was with Randall Ter ... discuss




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