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The weekend long program features top entertainers and industry executives including: Meagan Good, DeVon Franklin, Common, Michelle Williams, Sherri Shepherd, Terrence Jenkins, Pastor Paula White, Eri ... discuss

According to Zach Taylor, an outspoken former Tucson Sector Border Patrol agent who is the chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, “As the government allocates resourc ... discuss

Really, you just can't make this stuff up! " ... a plan by the Obama Administration to save the children from the train of death, pick them up in their home countries and fly the directly to the distr ... discuss

Here is a July 25 statement from Bishop Anthony B. Taylor of Little Rock, Arkansas, regarding the humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border. * * * For the last four years I have served as a ... discuss

Well, worked hard enough that I think I can come home (sort of) a day early, Thursday night instead of mid-day Friday. Our press missed another one. Or did I miss the flood of reporting and in depth ... discuss

By: Sara Noble Independent Sentinel h/t Grumpy Elder Zach Taylor, the President of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO), needs people to call Congress today. Links on th ... discuss

 Assisted Suicide Death Cult “Death Coaching” By Wesley J. Smith Philip NitschkeI discovered the assisted suicide death cult when my friend Frances killed herself under the influen ... discuss

According to The Electronic Intifada, the following video with subtitles is accurate.: Lyrics include: “In Gaza there’s no studying. No children are left there” “I hate all the Ar ... discuss

In the buildup to the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, and even more so in its aftermath, prominent news outlets have been aggressively spreading falsehoods about key aspects of the case. B ... discuss

The Australian newspaper has a front-page article covering another death of a young man who had a very clear connection with Exit International. 26 year old Lucas Taylor’s body was found in a de ... discuss

Text:  Matthew 13:44-52Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.How valuable is the kingdom of God to you?  Is the kingdom of God worth more than anyt ... discuss

By Paul Russell, the director of Hope Australia (Link to the original article).Paul RussellFollowing The Australian's news story about another young life lost that was related to Philip Nitschke ... discuss

Rebecca Taylor reviews the latest teen dystopian future trilogy to hit the big screen: I…want to thank Veronica Roth for tackling tough issues in biotechnology in a way young people love. I ho ... discuss

Mark Levin SALUTES Rick Perry for sending National Guard to the border; Also talks Beck, Cruz ... discuss

On Saturday morning, July 19, Katie Pavlich reported on Fox News about a group of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang members being held in Nogales, Arizona. They are part of the influx of “unaccompanie ... discuss

Since appealing to moral conscience doesn’t cut it, Bruening has a less novel idea: give poor mothers money to keep their children. Bruening calls it a “child allowance program.” I call it lib ... discuss

By: James Simpson DC Independent Examiner Zach Taylor The video interview posted here is worth watching in its entirety. Zach Taylor is a 27 year veteran Border Patrol agent with supervisory experienc ... discuss

Uncle Sam Eavesdropping Outside the Confessional | Aaron Taylor | First Things div> ... discuss

People use lists to remember things. They do come in handy, don't they? So handy, that even a book can be simply an elaboration of a list, as in the Stephen R Covey classic, The 7 Habits of Highly Eff ... discuss

Little Aurora is lucky to be here. But her birth made it clear that an unborn baby is a human being before birth who deserves protection and who can be subject to tragic injures in the womb that affec ... discuss

This is an outrage!!! Seriously, surely The Walking Dead deserves a nomination for best dramatic series. And surely David Morrissey (a Brit) deserves a best supporting actor nomination for his portray ... discuss

I started this blog almost eight years ago as an extension of my pro-life apostolate. It was 2006 and Missouri was in the midst of a heated battle over human cloning, so I already had a special focus ... discuss

Robert Harrold shared a link via RedFlag News.NEW YORK TIMES PROFILE SCRUBS VALERIE JARRETT'S RADICAL TIESwww.redflagnews.comAP (WND) -- A New York Times profile of Valerie Jarrett ... discuss

I started this post years ago, when I first started blogging.  I have spent a lot of time studying the different U.S. Presidents.  I thought it would be fun to do my own ranking of them.I've ... discuss

  Despite the Democrats attempts to put Obamacare on the back burner, they just can’t make it happen. Now the White House and Senate Democrats are bracing for a “September surprise” — r ... discuss

by Taylor Lewis - The very idea of marriage being between just a man and woman is offensive to radical leftists because it holds male and female as distinct creatures. For egalitarian libertines, that ... discuss

A short time ago I shared some resources meant to help parents as they prepare to have “The Talk” with their children. But even after looking at those resources I had some questions I want ... discuss

Will It Ever End? Today in Washington, D.C. - July 7, 2014The Senate will reconvene at 2 PM today. At 5:30, the Senate will vote on confirmation of the nomination of Cheryl Krause to be U.S. Circuit ... discuss

Fermented Foods: How to Ferment Vegetables the Easy Way * Types Of Fermented Foods * Easy Steps to Make Fermented Vegetables at Home * What is Lacto-Fermentation * Getting Started – Equipment * ... discuss

From The Center for Vision & Values, Grove City CollegeBy Paul G. KengorOn June 28, 1914, a Bosnian-Serb student named Gavrilo Princip killed Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, the duche ... discuss

Isn't the whole point of religion to teach us morals and to love and care for each other no matter what age, gender, sexual preference, religion or race we are?The question was one among many comments ... discuss

G. K. Chesterton once wisely remarked that “there is a great deal of difference between an eager man who wants to read a book and a tired man who wants a book to read.” It may be true that ... discuss

by Andrew Smith, LifeSiteNews Australian correspondent ADELAIDE, Australia, May 23, 2014 ( - As the South Australian Parliament resumed sitting following the March election, Labor MP ... discuss

Text: John 10:1-10In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.This idea of a shepherd and sheep is such a great image for us to think about.  Sheep tend to be fair ... discuss

So about a year ago I started bookmarking stories that I happened to notice about "weapons" and schools. This is not something where I went out and looked for them, so I'm sure this is not an exhausti ... discuss

When I was in Baltimore last November I caught up with fellow theologian and blogger Randal Rauser. Randal is professor of Theology at Taylor Seminary in Edmonton Canada. Randal and I have had some s ... discuss

The early part of the 20th century was a dynamic time in the U.S., and one of the major changes for the country was the introduction of number of eugenics programs.  The goal of these programs wa ... discuss

NPR reports that a Swiss company is one of several firms offering the bereaved the chance to transform their loved ones’ ashen remains into diamonds as postmortem keepsakes. In three months ... discuss

For seventeen-year-old, Mariah Mundi (Aneurin Barnard), there is magic, adventure, and evil to conquer in The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box by RLJ Entertainment. The film is directed by Jonat ... discuss

Material Faith Barbara Brown Taylor, Other Over Our Dead Bodies Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, Dissent The New Paideia Felipe De Brigard, 3:AM Fisking Stiehm’s Bigotry Elizabeth Scalia, Patheos Ext ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | Daily Bodily Penances: Examples & Tips by Taylor Marshall, PhD - Religious Vocations: The Call – Jean M. Heimann, Catholic Fire A Stay-At-Home-Mom’ ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | Recommended Books for 2014: 12 Catholic, 4 Secular by Taylor Marshall, PhD – Significant Others – Beverly Stevens, Regina Magazine Facing Relativism, S ... discuss

I just finished listening to the 2nd Sunday of Advent message from Pastor Brian Zahnd in St. Joseph Missouri. He was not speaking about the shortage of men in church. But what he spoke on got me think ... discuss

Last week, Operation Save America held another States of Refuge event in Jackson, to educate about the infinite value of human beings, made in God's image, and to press for the closure of Mississippi' ... discuss

Governor Walker Joe Bast Add caption James Taylor       Dr Willie Soon I am a great admirer of Gov Scott Walker. He has taken his state from deficit to surplus and success ... discuss

saraserves00:02:59The Red Sox honor the Boston Marathon victims as James Taylor sings "America the Beautiful" during the seventh-inning stretch. Original PostingRead more →The post Boston Marath ... discuss

One of the changes that was happening in biology at the time this blog was started was the realization that the importance of the gene had been somewhat overemphasized in the previous decades; in addi ... discuss

This post is a bit of a photo dump…sorry about that. At least it's a pretty photo dump. :)What follows is our early October outing to see the fall foliage. We took the long way, the road less travel ... discuss

I recently wrote the article Psychology: Why Islam creates monsters. In it, I explain how Muslim terrorists are created by combining mind-numbing recitations of the Quran, including its many orders to ... discuss

When Big Labor isn't happy, the Democrats aren't happy.ObamaCare presents a problem.From the Wall Street Journal:The leaders of three major U.S. unions, including the highly influential Teamsters, hav ... discuss

There are lots of new Kindle deals today including: The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler ($3.99); Gospel Deeps by Jared Wilson ($2.99); Rhythms of Grace by Mike Cosper ($2.99) ... discuss

THE MAN FROM ISSACHAR An Address Delivered in the City of Washington, D.C. upon the inauguration of Russell D. Moore as President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern B ... discuss

School is upon us. With two now in high school, I am beyond swamped. Senior pictures, registration, try outs...oh my!To focus on the coming year and get a good start, I will be taking a couple we ... discuss

I don’t remember the “Hags On The View” or Sharpton or Jessie Jackson or “Tingles” Mathews on MSNBC or really for that matter any freaking Liberal saying one word about t ... discuss

LOL AT TAYLOR SWIFT SHADING HARRY STYLES— ⚓ PAULIE FENTY ⚓ (@Trendeh) August 26, 2013 We don’t know what exactly Taylor Swift said when ex-boyfriend Harry Styles of One Directi ... discuss

Back in May I wrote a piece for LifeNews on H.R. 2164, Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2012. This proposed legislation would ban all somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) in humans. The point I w ... discuss

[M]y partner and I began to discuss various scenarios. Adoption sounded good. After all, we barely knew each other’s family. rrived at Planned Parenthood for our appointment, we were quickly sized u ... discuss

Brethren, Peace and Good to all of you. Aaron Taylor has written a good article on First Things which I urge you to read. The article is titled Francis and Benedict on Gay Priests. Here’s an excerp ... discuss

Three Union leaders, James P. Hoffa, (Teamsters), D. Taylor, (UNITE-HERE) and Joseph Hansen of UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers), wrote a letter to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid regarding m ... discuss

by Rev. Paul Stallsworth July 18, 2013 (NRLC) - Ms. Julie Taylor works in the office of Children, Youth and Family Advocacy of the United Methodist Women, and Ms. Amee Paparella is the new Director an ... discuss

Sye Ten Bruggencate left his factory job a few years ago in Dorchester, Ontario to go full time into the ministry of apologetics. He bagan as an evidentiary apologist, but was soon won over to the pr ... discuss

Governor Walker Joe Bast Add caption James Taylor       Dr Willie Soon I am a great admirer of Gov Scott Walker. He has taken his state from deficit to surplus and success ... discuss

I started this blog to share the joy of raising a child with Down syndrome, but sometimes my heart isn't joyful.  The tragic realities of those who cannot love people with Down syndrome often hau ... discuss

I received the following email today.  Please consider forwarding the following message to your representative.  There is a link at the bottom that will allow you to compose your message eas ... discuss

by Jane St Clair Author of Walk Me to Midnight   The Trevor Project is a non-profit organization that benefits gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth. Its mission is to prevent suicide am ... discuss

PRO-LIFE QUOTE OF THE DAY:"The fact is an unborn girl has the most eggs than she will ever have in her life. A 20 week-old female fetus has 7 million immature eggs. In her book The Clone Age, Lori B. ... discuss

2013 ACM Awards Winners: Entertainer of the Year Jason Aldean Luke Bryan — WINNER Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton Taylor Swift Male Vocalist of the Year Jason … Post Footer automatically generat ... discuss

I love this man. I want to be like him. He started preaching and pastoring when he was 34, two years younger than I am now. In his most difficult years of ministry, in the mid/late-90's, when p ... discuss

1. Responding to an H+ article by Belinda Silbert, Wesley Smith comments on how Transhumanists Want to Be Gods: Transhumanism is a collective of (mostly) naked materialists who hope science and techn ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Mar 1, 2013 / 05:02 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Students at the University of Dallas who are spending this semester in Rome had a special opportunity to show their love and support for Pope Emer ... discuss

I promise these things will be more faith focused once Lent begins.1) I'm sure you've all heard about the letter Archbishop Gomez sent out to the Los Angeles Archdiocese regarding Cardinal Mahony and ... discuss

Next time someone asks you why you want the right to keep and bear arms, keep this story in your thoughts. Mother and her 12 year old son, viciously gang raped, sodomized and beaten in horrific h ... discuss

By Rebecca Taylor | In October of 2012, scientists in Oregon announced they had created a dozen human embryos with the genetic material from two women and one man. While these embryos never mad ... discuss

Tonight was Scout Night at the Tulsa 66ers professional basketball team. The 66ers play in the NBA's D-League and are the Oklahoma City Thunder's developmental team. The Boy Scouts Color Guard carri ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | My Initial Doubts about the Latin Mass by Dr. Taylor Marshall of the Canterbury Tales blog - Big Pulpit Ten Easy Ways to Prevent Liturgical Abuse – Katy Holland, Fide ... discuss

This is an excellent piece, as I see these objections from atheists and secularists constantly. Marshall, who writes the popular blog Canterbury Tales, synthesizes an excellent response and convincing ... discuss

e mso 9]> 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false < ![endif]-->Styles DefLockedState="false" LatentStyleCount="276"> < ![endif]--> Samuel Taylor was a prot ... discuss

The following is Part 7 of an open letter to Colonel Vaughn Doner and a critique of his 2012 book, Christian Jihad: Neo-Fundamentalists and the Polarization of America. Throughout the series, I addre ... discuss

Like everyone else in the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese, I was in Johnstown, Pennsylvania earlier this week for the consecration and enthronement of our new Bishop, His Grace, Bishop Greg ... discuss

Several years ago there was a lot of buzz on the internet about Rob Bell’s new book titled, Love Wins.  The conversation in the blogosphere was heightened though when Justin Taylor re ... discuss

I think I would have been better off watching Liz and Dick instead of the Packers. At least that Lindsay Lohan train wreck is supposed to be amusing, albeit unintentionally. In his review, THR's Tim G ... discuss

By Barack Obama's own admission, Valarie Jarrett is consulted on every important political decision he makes, and this trust extends even to Jarrett's handling of delicate issues such as whether Iran, ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | How We Can Build the New Culture and the New Civilization by Dr. Taylor Marshall of the Canterbury Tales blog – Big Pulpit Sacred Catholic Music can Change Politics ... discuss

The following article was written by Derek Meidema and published by IMF Canada on November 8, 2012 under the title: Elder abuse: It’s happening all around us: And it’s one more reason not to legal ... discuss

Original video can be found here. ... discuss

Two 'high rank' officers aren't listed.  o'incompetent dismissed them compounding his feckless coverup of his Benghazi, Libya debacle.  His disgraceful 'vote saving'&nb ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | How to Spring a Soul from Purgatory in Four Steps by Dr. Taylor Marshall of the Canterbury Tales blog – Big Pulpit An Election Appraisal – Ben, Two Catholic Men ... discuss

Justice Lynn SmithJustice Lynn Smith, who announced her retirement in August, has now ordered the federal and provincial governments to pay the BC Civil Liberties Association 1 Million dollars for the ... discuss

Texas Woman Forced To Cover Up ‘Vote The Bible’ Shirt In Order To Cast Ballot « CBS Houston. Democrats everywhere appear to be acknowledging that their party is distinctly dissociated from Bible ... discuss

Obama better not cheat lest there be hell to pay.  Just sayin'.Obama's Endorsements from the Military: 5General Wesley Clark, USA, (Ret)General Colin Powell, USA (Ret)Major General Paul Eaton, US ... discuss

Editing video is hard! Since Rebecca Taylor and I had such a good time chatting with each other last month, we decided to try it again (and we’re hoping to make it a regular thing). Introducing ... discuss

Romney’s trusted running mate, Paul Ryan, is one of a few people who hold the key to American and world economic vitality. by Ralph Benko, Contributing Author: The Wall Street Journal, upon the r ... discuss

People who take suicide advice from Philip Nitschke, (Australia's Dr. Death) need to read this article that was written by Jared Taylor and published in The Monitor under the title: Las Vegas man sent ... discuss

The lawyers for the Government of Canada have submitted their reasons for appealing the decision by Justice Smith in BC.On June 15, Justice Smith decided in the Carter case that Canada's assisted suic ... discuss

The following article was written by Naomi Lakritz and published in the Calgary Herald, under the title: Tracy Latimer's death was not assisted suicide.Lakritz is completely correct, Tracy Latimer was ... discuss

…and I like Ryan, basically, but can’t get with the Pro-Life deal. ~ John Taylor of Duran Duran commenting on his Twitter feed his impression of the Vice Presidential debate, via Twitchy ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | How Stigmata of St. Francis Differed from that of Padre Pio – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales A Myth that Needs Killin' by Mark Shea of the Catholic and Enjoyin ... discuss

Shannon Macfarlane Sproul - Shannon Macfarlane Sproul, daughter of Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. and granddaughter of Dr. R.C. Sproul, went to be with the Lord on Wednesday. She was fifteen years old. Do k ... discuss

After reading a copy of "The Good Pope: The Making of a Saint and the Remaking of a Church" by Greg Tobin, I think that a new subtitle would be more appropriate.  Perhaps that new title should ... discuss

Some of this might make our SoCal 'red diaper baby' jealous! -- rfh   DDING-BOTTOM: 0px; BORDER-RIGHT-WIDTH: 0px; MARGIN: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; OUTLINE-WIDTH: 0px; PADDING-RIGHT: 0 ... discuss

The Christian Heritage Party of Canada issued a position paper outlining its support for various incremental measures to restrict abortion to offer guidance in what it seems as the best ways to limit ... discuss

“Kaplan also points out that the pay of those at the top of other highly-paid occupations has grown dramatically as well, like lawyers, athletes, and hedge fund managers. Here’s a figure s ... discuss

Democratic Platform “Opposes Any Effort” to Limit Abortions Democrats at the 2012 Democratic National Convention are set to approve a platform today that is unambiguously pro-abortion and oppo ... discuss

On Friday's Late Night, Jimmy Fallon portrayed James Taylor performing at the Democratic National Convention. The lyrics for "Fire and Rain" were reworked to encourage people to vote for Obama.I've se ... discuss

Re posting this from April 2011 when someone expressed interest in this story. I made me go back and reread it. Wow, very compelling....and the author was so honest and brave in sharing this stor ... discuss

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.comTwo Patheos bloggers are talking seriously about women and sex today, both from very different perspectives, both worth reading.At Rebecca Hamilton’s blog Publi ... discuss

Poor Zoe didn't know how much of an abortion fest the DNC is.It really is sickening how rabid pro-aborts can be about their right to kill babies. Bryan Kemper tells us the story:want you to meet my fr ... discuss

Christian Tribalism - Thabiti: “Dare anyone deny that Christians are among the most tribal of peoples in the world?  I’m not thinking of the way Christians may legitimately disti ... discuss

I want you to meet my friend and fellow abortion abolitionist, 11-year-old Zoe Griffin. In a world when grown adults ignore, deny or just don’t care about the abortion holocaust that has claimed ... discuss

The New Zealand news service - SunLive - published an article today that was written by Corrie Taylor under the title - Doctor: euthanasia not the answer. The article represents an interview with the ... discuss

Hon Rob NicholsonThe following letter was received today from the Honourable Rob Nicholson announcing that the government  of Canada intends to appeal the decision by Madam Justice Prowse. O ... discuss

The Porn Gateways - Here’s a helpful word for those who struggle with pornography: “While taking a deeper look into the heart of the sin, I noticed that people were battling their sins (of ... discuss

 "We Believe in America" Is Convention's Closing Theme Thursday's Program Will Focus Spotlight on Romney Tampa, Fla. - The 2012 Republican National Convention will close with the theme, "We ... discuss

Justin Taylor recently revived Mark Dever’s 2007 series of articles titled “Where’d All These New Calvinists Come From?” This was a ten-part series that looked to the rise of N ... discuss

Congressman Todd Akin “How do you answer the rape question?”  We get it all the time.  Our answer?  “Very carefully.” Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin set off a firestorm last week with ... discuss

From my quote journal.Arches have been interpreted symbolically as being like hands clasped in prayer, or arms thrown up in worship of God. A happy syymbolic meaning relates to marriage. Couples are u ... discuss

Well, it seems summer has about wound down.  Tomorrow we embark on a new year...a new journey...and we are excited!  Last year after some nudging from Howard, we decided to try homeschooling ... discuss

Guess what I did last night?  Do you remember this guy?  This is what he looks like now.  Aged pretty well, didn't he?  That's like 30 years right there! How about this g ... discuss

Lynyrd Skynyrd and Gov. Mike Huckabee Tampa, Fla. - Besides the serious business of nominating the next president and vice president of the United States, there will also be plenty of quality ent ... discuss

No H8! Also on Thursday, the FBI and a spokesman for Akin said the U.S. Capitol Police and FBI were investigating rape threats against Akin and those close to him. "There have been threats of rap ... discuss

A new book is making some serious theological waves. Kingdom through Covenant: A Biblical-Theological Understanding of the Covenant by Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum advocates a view termed “p ... discuss

TOPEKA, Kan., Aug. 20, 2012 /Christian Newswire -- New documents obtained by Operation Rescue through Kansas Open Records Act requests prove that records crucial to the criminal prosecution of Compr ... discuss

"I’ve been asked if I have any regrets. Well, I do. The deficit is one." ~ Ronald Reagan’s farewell address. U.S. Vice Presidential Candidate U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) by Ralph Benko, Contribu ... discuss

Much has been made over the recent inflammatory comments made Pat Robertson, founder and president of the 700 Club, regarding international adoption. If you have somehow been in hypersleep and missed ... discuss

We now return to our regular man with black hat programming. Taylor Mali performs his Spoken Word poem, “An Open Letter to the Staff Copywriter of the Federal Aviation Administration” in the NYC-U ... discuss

This week’s Free Stuff Friday is all about Bible study for small groups and individuals. This week’s sponsor, The Good Book Company is offering 5 of you a chance to win a collection of all ... discuss

Tweet This PostOn Facebook you get to read all sorts of interesting stuff. Peoples’ passions come alive as if they’re standing on a stage and you’re their private audience. It’s their moment ... discuss

The following article was written by Deborah Gyapong and published in the Canadian Catholic News under the title: Assisted Suicide exemption creates "exemption to murder." The bracketed word was ... discuss

(1613 - 13 August 1667) was a clergyman in the Church of England who achieved fame as an author during The Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell. He is sometimes known as the "Shakespeare of Divines" for hi ... discuss

by John-Henry Westen VANCOUVER, August 10, 2012 ( - In a ruling today, Justice Jo-Ann Prowse of the BC Court of Appeals - the highest court in the province, ruled to permit ALS patien ... discuss

I had to share this blogpost I found because reading it made me very annoyed.Here is where my problem lies:"... the media here in Australia began to pus the "female athlete as warrier" idea in the pro ... discuss

by John-Henry Westen VANCOUVER, August 10, 2012 ( - In a ruling today, Justice Jo-Ann Prowse of the BC Court of Appeals - the highest court in the province, ruled to permit ALS patien ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | Why Does the New Testament use the Word Elder for Priests? – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales Book Review: After Miscarriage – Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur, C ... discuss

For Immediate ReleaseThe Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) is troubled that the constitutional exemption granted to Gloria Taylor, to die by euthanasia or assisted suicide, was not stayed by the B ... discuss

This is too good not to share here. Thanks to Taylor Marshall of Fisher More College for this insight. He runs a fine blog, Canterbury Tales, and this is an excellent post. (Hat tip to Michael Barb ... discuss

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source: Department of Christian DefenseP.O. Box 2128, Winnetka, California 91396818-377-5272 ( L. Dalcour, Woodla ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | What Guys Need to Know about Women – Marge Fenelon, Catholic Lane How a Catholic Emperor Banned the Olympic Games – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales The ... discuss

The Courage To Put Away Our Cameras - I give this article a big thumbs up. “The degree to which we are able to be present in the moment, psychologists say, is one of the chief indicators of ment ... discuss

The Courage To Put Away Our Cameras - I give this article a big thumbs up. “The degree to which we are able to be present in the moment, psychologists say, is one of the chief indicators of ment ... discuss

Patients from the U.S. have to go to other countries for autologous stem cell treatments  (using the patient’s own cells) because of FDA regulations. No, it’s not because of any restricti ... discuss

Blogging is funny. Sometimes you just happen upon a story that seems interesting to you that you'd like to share. This morning I was looking at my statcounter and found a large number of hits from peo ... discuss

From left to right: John Eliot (1604-1690), David Brainerd (1718-1747), William Carey (1761-1834), David Livingstone (1813-1873) and Hudson Taylor (1832-1905) were respectively the forefathers of ... discuss

Astounded, I had to take a seat when I read the latest from Rebecca Taylor. Taylor, a clinical laboratory specialist in molecular biology at a Catholic hospital, wrote about the horrendous results o ... discuss

By Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel, Kevin Theriot On June 28, 2012, a federal appeals court rejected a radical atheist organization’s attempt halt a public school’s program that accomm ... discuss

Rebecca Taylor The Singularity Hub reports that recently the International Committee Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technologies estimates 5 million children have been born using IVF since 1978. W ... discuss

Yesterday I shared the first part of my recent interview with Dr. R.C. Sproul. We discussed his new book, his teaching style, his view on Creation, how he determines where to place boundaries in coope ... discuss

This is the original version of the article by Rhonda Wiebe that was printed in the Winnipeg Free Press on July 21, 2012, under a different title. I have used the original title Rhonda Wiebe had chose ... discuss

Planned Parenthood Strategist to Head DNC Platform CommitteeA paid Planned Parenthood strategist will head the Democratic National Committee’s platform committee when party leaders gather later t ... discuss

This week’s Free Stuff Fridays is all about a great series of books called Christian Heroes Then And Now which is produced by YWAM. There are now 30 books in the series and their subjects includ ... discuss

Charles Spurgeon, reflecting on 2 Timothy 4:13 (where Paul said to Timothy: “When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, also the books, and above all the parchments”): We do ... discuss

Obama Administration Calls Pro-Lifers Terrorists Again Once again, the Obama administration has called “terrorists” the majority of Americans who support the pro-life view on abortion. A Janu ... discuss

On June 15, British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Lynn Smith said that the Criminal Code prohibitions on euthanasia and assisted suicide were unconstitutional, finding that they “unjustifiably infr ... discuss

Culver's is doing a great thing tomorrow, July 18th.On Wednesday, July 18, participating greater Milwaukee area Culver's restaurants will donate a percent of their daily sales to support "Field of Hon ... discuss

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) applauds the decision by Justice Minister, Hon Rob Nicholson, who today announced the appeal of the decision by Justice Lynn Smith in the Carter decision ... discuss

Both Nancy Pelosi and Lawrence O’Donnell have stated that Romney was manipulating the NAACP to his own benefit by telling them that he would repeal Obamacare. Only Democrats are allowed to say & ... discuss

Millard Fillmore became the 13th President, JULY 10, 1850, when President Zachary Taylor died unexpectedly. President Millard Fillmore stated: "A great man has fallen among us and a whole country is c ... discuss

Contact: Joni Sullivan Baker, 513-939-3935 CINCINNATI, July 9, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- After 146 years, Christian Standard magazine, believed to be the nation's oldest Protestant weekly in cont ... discuss

  "The progressive way [to solve an issue] is to equate the problem with the person, then get rid of the person and call it good. Crisis pregnancy? Don’t support adoption to a loving fami ... discuss

Christian Complicity in Crimes Against Humanity:Jubilee Church’s willingness to weather withering persecution and stand by Andrew Stephenson and Abort67 is all the more remarkable when viewed agains ... discuss

Click here to subscribe to The Social Conservative Review. Dear Friends: Last week’s Supreme Court decision on President Obama’s health care plan has been the subject of much commentary a ... discuss

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands w ... discuss

This is the link to the video featuring Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition explaining why Hon. Rob Nicholson, Canada's Justice Minister, must appeal the decisi ... discuss

A ... discuss

Andy Griffith, "Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry," has passed away.From TMZ:Andy Griffith, an icon of TV, has died ... this according to Andy's close friend, former UNC President Bill Friday. Griffith, ... discuss

Yes.  I am braving the outdoors with the Taylor clan for a week and then am headed to help my father-in-law, a recent widower, move into his new place.  This means I won't be posting fo ... discuss

Canada’s Assisted Suicide Ban Struck Down in Court The British Columbia Supreme Court has issued an opinion declaring the law in Canada against assisted suicides unconstitutional. Justice Lynn S ... discuss

While the country continues to processes yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling and what it all means, Rebecca Taylor reminds us of another court battle we should keep and eye on: The ACLU and the As ... discuss

The following article was written by author and political commentator Claire Hoy and published in the Caledon Citizen on June 28. Its neither progress nor civility.Claire HoyBy Claire HoyRules, a ... discuss

There is always a hot market for books on marriage, even among men. Every husband is aware of his inadequacies and every husband is genuinely eager to find solutions, especially if the solutions are s ... discuss

Dial 1-800/AIDSNYC Every Monday and Wednesday morning hours, promptly at twelve a. meters., I just leave behind my personal daily life and turn into to volunteering being an AIDS Hotline psychologist ... discuss

Thanks for the kicks. ... discuss

By Licia Corbella - Calgary Herald - June 22, 2012The following column by Licia Corbella that was published in the Calgary Herald on June 22, 2012 under the title: The Slippery Slope of Euthanasia.“ ... discuss

Dr. Will JohnstonBy Dr Will Johnston, Chair of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition - BCThis article was originally published in the Huffington Post on June 22, 2012We live or die by the health of the ... discuss

The following is a letter by Dr. Joseph Askin was published in the National Post on June 18.Re: It’s Not Suicide, June 18. It is tragic that people with terminal illnesses, like Glori ... discuss

The following is an open letter that Kate Kelly sent to her Member of Parliament (MP). I decided to remove the name of the MP. Kate published an article on the death of her mother. The article titled: ... discuss

Rebecca RichmondBy Rebecca Richmond - June 21, 2012ALS often comes up when euthanasia and assisted suicide are discussed. The disease seems to be the poster child for the ‘right to die’ movement, ... discuss

Ralph Benko by Ralph Benko, Contributing Author: Our presidential candidates squared off in Ohio last week, each merrily indicting the policies of the other.  Both speeches lacked one crucial ... discuss

My friend Dr Will Johnston on the decision in BC. I agree that it was the wrong decision , as I have previously said. Will Johnston: The wrong decision on assisted suicide Will Johnston, National ... discuss

By Margaret DoreOn June 15, 2012, Justice Lynn Smith of the BC Supreme Court issued an opinion purporting to legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia in Canada.[1] As discussed below, the legal effect ... discuss

I'm travelling with a couple other pastors from Iowa, on my way down to this year's Southern Baptist Convention in New Orleans. I'm excited about the trip for several reasons: I'm excited to spend t ... discuss

We knew this was coming, because the fix was in: The BC Supreme Court has ruled that the law against assisted suicide is unconstitutional.  From the CBC story: In her judgment, Smith speaks directly ... discuss

I'd like to know what constitution they're reading.VANCOUVER - A B.C. Supreme Court has ruled the laws banning doctor-assisted suicide are unconstitutional.B.C. Supreme Court Justice Lynn Smith decla ... discuss

Photo courtesy of shutterstock.comIt’s one of my favorite solemnities and one of my favorite litanies — let’s pray it together with my podcast!:*after each invocation, respond with ... discuss

When I set up the post category hierarchy originally (see the Categories box over there?), I put Mormonism under Christianity because, while it may be considered to have many serious errors according ... discuss

... discuss

Ralph Benko by Ralph Benko, Contributing Author: The 2012 presidential election is shaping up to include an argument over opportunity versus equality. The American economy has been stagnant for a ... discuss

Contact: Mark Edward Taylor, 619-599-6998, GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., May 31, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- The 2012 presidential campaign will come down to which candidate has ... discuss

I am a hands on reader. I like to underline and star passages that interest me, makes notes in the margins, keep lists of other books and events referenced in the book I am reading, and then pursue t ... discuss

This post was originally part of a Carnival of Homeschooling. I decided to pull out the History of Home Education in America part and make it a post of its own.  I’m not a scholar, and this is ... discuss

Speech is a dying talent.  It is an art-form that is surviving on a respirator, being forced by a select few to breathe life into itself.  Hardly any people nowadays treasure it in all of it ... discuss

Congratulations are in order to the College of St. Thomas More in Fort Worth, Texas, on its name change to the College of Saints John Fisher and Thomas More.  Like JP Catholic, Franciscan Univers ... discuss

The Pro-Life Action League and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society are pleased to announce that the next Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally will take place on Friday, June 8, in cities and towns across ... discuss

On May 10 the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus were honorary co-hosts of a wordy briefing entitled, “African Americans’ Attitudes on Abortion, Contraception, ... discuss

On May 10 the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus were honorary co-hosts of a wordy briefing entitled, “African Americans’ Attitudes on Abortion, Contraception, ... discuss

Alasadair MacIntyre in his book Whose Justice Whose Rationality demonstrates using ancient political divisions to illustrate how, when meta-ethical differences between groups arise conversation betwe ... discuss

Contact: LaTonya Taylor, Director of Media Relations, Wheaton College, 630-752-5714 WHEATON, Ill., May 11, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Wheaton College President Dr. Philip Ryken is one of several d ... discuss

Justin Taylor recently posted a video clip from the 2012 Ligonier Conference. The clip was a portion of a panel discussion on how Christians should understand the age of the earth. The full discussio ... discuss

A formosura está a morrer. Por mim, defino-a como uma com­binação equilibrada, e mutuamente enriquecedora, de beleza e inocência. Noutros tempos, quase todas as mulheres bonitas gostavam d ... discuss




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