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In case we needed another reason to be frustrated with Jonathan Gruber, America’s most infamous architect who insulted our intelligence, he also once argued that abortion has helped improve our ... discuss

Strasbourg, France, Nov 25, 2014 / 03:31 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- While Pope Francis was applauded at the European Parliament on Tuesday at his mention of children “killed even before being bornR ... discuss

By Ellen KolbI doubt that Maggie Karner rang in the new year thinking she was going to be asked to speak at a conference against assisted suicide. She probably didn’t foresee the suicide of Brittany ... discuss

Molly Corn, an abortion advocate at Vanderbilt University, wrote an article in The Vanderbilt Hustler titled “The hypocrisy of anti-abortion extremists.” In the article she said, “Abortion is ri ... discuss

Aboard the papal plane, Nov 25, 2014 / 10:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Speaking to journalists in-flight on his way back from Strasbourg, Pope Francis touched on dialogue with extremist terrorists – ... discuss

TweetBy Jonathon Van Maren“Abortion access grim in English Canada,” warns the headline of a November 20 article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The grimness being referred to here, ho ... discuss

Ever since October’s Synod on the Family issued its final relatio — which managed to pay one line of lip-service to single parents, Katrina Fernandez has been feeling all-too-keenly aware ... discuss

Over the last three weeks, MIT professor and Affordable Care Act (ACA) architect Jon Gruber has gone from being an academic, known mostly in policy circles, to the face of political dishonesty and m ... discuss

Contact: Kristy Gadson, 205-441-5556 BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Nov. 23, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- In order to bring hope and clarity in the midst of today's social upheaval and unrest, Pastor Jermaine Ga ... discuss

Pope to Europe: Get your social and spiritual house in order | Crux div> ... discuss

Brussels, Belgium, Nov 24, 2014 / 05:09 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- With elections for European Parliament having taken place in May, an auxiliary bishop of Brussels hopes that Pope Francis' Nov. 25 visit to ... discuss

BLOG EDITOR Internet/Social Media, FT EmployeeEWTN Global Catholic Television Network (Birmingham, AL)TITLE: Blog Editor REPORTS TO: Editor in Chief DEPARTMENT: National Catholic Register LOCATION: ... discuss

The pro-life community has come together to support the Duggar family in response to efforts by liberals to get TLC to cancel their show, “19 Kids and Counting.” As LifeNews reported, libe ... discuss

Published by True Dignity Vermont on November 24, 2014“You don’t see people marching in the street demanding the right to be killed by a doctor,” Attorney and Award winning Author Wesley J. Smit ... discuss

From ForbesBy Tim WorstallPope Francis has told us all that we’re really very naughty indeed to allow food to become a product like any other, a product in which people can speculate and profit. W ... discuss

“It is time to stand strong for the American people.  It is time to champion the interests of those constantly neglected on the question of immigration: the men and women and children we rep ... discuss

by Nelson Hultberg, Contributing Author: Reason flees; pygmies rule. Our intellectuals and legislators on both sides of the spectrum have abandoned all sanity regarding immigration, culture, freedo ... discuss

Yesterday’s East Coast Conference Against Assisted Suicide was a splendid event, and I’ll share more about it in upcoming posts. For this weekend’s collection of short items, though, ... discuss

"How can you trust me with a child if you can't trust me with a choice?"Asks the old pro-abort bumper sticker.In short: Trust women.Women supposedly know what's best for themselves as individuals, bet ... discuss

MATH AND SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER FOR GRADES 6-8 Education: Middle/High School, FT EmployeeCatholic Elementary School (Manhattan, NY)Catholic elementary school located in Manhattan is looking for a math ... discuss

Contact: Kristy Gadson, 205-441-5556 BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Nov. 23, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- In order to bring hope and clarity in the midst of today's social upheaval and unrest, Pastor Jermaine Ga ... discuss

Vatican City, Nov 23, 2014 / 06:01 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In his ad limina address to the bishops of Zambia on Monday, Pope Francis urged them to continue to build upon the efforts of missionaries to th ... discuss

NCRegister | Saintly Social Activists div> ... discuss

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Few First Ladies had more influence on the social and political life of early America than Dolley Payne Todd Madison.  As the wife of the fourth president of the United St ... discuss

"Church bodies in the U.S. addressing immigration would do well to avoid legislative specifics and instead offer broad principles that affirm rule of law, social order, security, human dignity, and ec ... discuss

Vatican City, Nov 22, 2014 / 04:50 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- An international conference held this week at the Vatican is looking to bring “a message of hope and joy” to persons with autism and ... discuss

That's my statue of St. Cecilia sitting on top of our record player.I like to think that I didn't choose St. Cecilia as my confirmation saint; that she chose me. While this may sound a little weird, I ... discuss

By Alex Schadenberg International Chair - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition(right side of the room)The Associated Press reported on the East Coast Conference Against Assisted Suicide today.The Asso ... discuss

The public and pundits alike, tend to read too much into the results of a particular election because society has fallen for the romantic notion that the culture can be perfected and social problems ... discuss

Treason is the most serious crime in America and it is a term I do not use lightly, though it is a term I find myself using with increasing regularity. Treason is defined in the law as – “Whoever, ... discuss

Voters have shown, yet again, that we do not like political fanatics. “Fanatic” is defined by my resident dictionary as “a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, esp. for an extrem ... discuss

Some news presented with a straight face is hilarious, or would be that, if only they were not serious. Here is a collection of recent absurdities.   1 – Turkey’s strong man flirts with ... discuss

By John M. Grondelski | Book Pick: Saints and Social Justice | SAINTS AND SOCIAL JUSTICE A Guide to Changing the World By Brandon Vogt Our Sunday Visitor, 2014 160 pages, $12.95 To ... discuss

Past articles have mentioned or referenced Sen. Mike Lee's Plan to reform Congress. The days of the 113th Congress are almost completed and the 114th Congress (January 3, 2015 to January 3, 2017) will ... discuss

by David Greenberg: The Supreme Court agreed to review the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal decisions for King v. Burwell, 759 F.3d 358 (4th Cir. 2014). The Federal District Court for the Eastern Dist ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - Nov. 21, 2014The Senate has adjourned for Thanksgiving recess. It will reconvene on Monday, December 1st, at 2 PM with votes scheduled on two ambassador nominees.Yesterd ... discuss

One week ago news outlets were reporting Dr. Ben Carson had put his hat in the ring for the U.S. presidency. Turns out they were wrong, if not premature. The world-renowned pediatric neurosurgeon told ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Nov 21, 2014 / 10:15 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The vice president of the U.S. bishops’ conference has said that charitable immigration reform must address the needs of both legal and ill ... discuss

TweetBy Justina Van MarenA couple of days ago, while I was holding my friend’s baby daughter, my mind kept straying back to Quasimodo. That’s right, Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame.Victor H ... discuss

(LiveActionNews) — “You have to do what’s best for you,” an interrogator says in a room that looks like a police station. With this opening, viewers are in for a surprise in this new pro-l ... discuss

In a video-message delivered to the Fourth Festival of Social Doctrine of the Church, Pope Francis said people, not money, create development, and, given this, we should work to respond to people ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | Dear Islam, Return Our Churches: Murder, Theft, and Denial by Tania C. Mastrapa of Crisis Magazine - Pope Paul IV and Catholic Social Thought – Thomas D. W ... discuss

Kyiv, Ukraine, Nov 21, 2014 / 04:01 am (CNA/EWTN News).- One year ago, Mustafa Nayyem, a Ukrainian journalist born in Afghanistan,  began Euromaidan from his post on Facebook: "Let us be serious. ... discuss

Christina and Daddy waiting for Mom to attend Mass in Maine this summer.Mass of Thanksgiving for the Lives of People with Special Needs on EWTN Sat Nov 22 at 8PMThe commercial brought me to tears. I h ... discuss

TweetJonathon interviewed David Bereit, National Director of 40 Days for Life. David became an outspoken pro-life advocate after Planned Parenthood announced plans to build an abortion clinic in his T ... discuss

The abstract of another pro-abortion law review article has been published on the SSRN Medical-Legal Studies ejournal. It is: “Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective: Cases and Controversies ... discuss

LICENSING SPECIALIST Social Work, FT EmployeeCatholic Charities of Southeast Michigan (Southfield, MI)Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan is looking for a full time Licensing Specialist in the Ch ... discuss

HOSPITALITY HOUSE COORDINATOR Social Work, PT EmployeeElizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless (Elizabeth, NJ)1. As Hospitality House Coordinator: Manage 3 facilities/7 units in a transitional housin ... discuss

By: Wim Grommen Every production phase or civilization or other human invention goes through a so called transformation process. Transitions are social transformation processes that cover at least one ... discuss

TweetBy Jonathon Van MarenTroy Newman starts off his new book (written with colleague Cheryl Sullenger) with a confession: “I like it—no, I love it—when abortion clinics close. When the news hit ... discuss

No one’s really sure who coined the term “social media,” but there’s a loose consensus that it came about almost 20 years ago, in and around AOL and the small but vital nexus of tech companies ... discuss

  The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party is looking for a new leader and pro-lifers who support the party are seeking one that will offer more to social conservatives than recent Tory leaders ... discuss

Brethren, peace be with you.Tonight, President Barack Obama will announce the steps he intends to follow in reforming the state of undocumented immigrants in this country, mostly fellow Hispanics in s ... discuss

... discuss

Portugal está entre os países da Europa Ocidental com maior número de menores à guarda de instituições, ou seja, com menor taxa de crianças em acolhimento familiar. Este quadro é des ... discuss

The pope is scheduled to attend a Vatican conference on autism.I'm sure my lack of invitation was an oversight. :)Simcha Fisher writes:If you have a family member with autism, or if you are on the spe ... discuss

by Melissa Quinn, Heritage Foundation: Members of the House of Representatives’ traditional conservative caucus voted this morning to make Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas, their next leader, sparking recr ... discuss

Vatican City, Nov 19, 2014 / 06:02 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Leaders from various faith traditions around the globe are backing the union of a man and woman as an inherently complimentary human reality tha ... discuss

Few issues divide people more sharply than abortion. So it is great news when recently lawmakers across the political aisle in Britain voted 181 to 1 to ban sex-selective abortion. The overwhelming su ... discuss

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Healthcare Atlanta participated in a new photo series called “From the NICU to the Moon.” The series stars preemie babies sleeping and dreaming of ... discuss

Dr. Thomas Sowellby Dr. Thomas Sowell: If anyone still has any doubt about the utter cynicism of the Obama administration, a recent agreement between the federal government and the Minneapolis Public ... discuss

A ... discuss

"Church bodies in the U.S. addressing immigration would do well to avoid legislative specifics and instead offer broad principles that affirm rule of law, social order, security, human dignity, and ec ... discuss

By:  Eric Scheiner Sheriff Makes Social Media Plea To Obama Ag ... discuss

By Alex SchadenbergExecutive Director - Euthanasia Prevention CoalitionThe National Post published an excellent article by Barbara Kay, one of Canada's most respected columnists, titled: Beware of eut ... discuss

 Why gendercide is the real ‘war on w By Reggie Littlejohn Editor’s note: This first appeared at Reggie Littlejohn, President, Women’s Rights Without FrontiersFew issues ... discuss

Ramona and I just finished reading The Twenty-One Balloons, which we both found delightful. Written and illustrated by William Pene du Bois in 1947, it won the Newbery Medal in 1948, and has endu ... discuss

This series on productivity is beginning to reach its end. But before it winds down, I have just a couple more topics to cover, and one of them is the all-important weekly review. I have writt ... discuss

Minsk, Belarus, Nov 19, 2014 / 04:08 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In Belarus, western Ukraine's neighbor to the north, the Church is doing its best to reach out to the people, even as it faces such challenges ... discuss

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Nov 19, 2014 / 12:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The family ministry office serving expatriate Catholics in the Arabian peninsula held a workshop last week to help end domest ... discuss

The Vatican-hosted international interreligious colloquium on the Complementarity of Man and Women started in Rome yesterday with an address by Pope Francis. The purpose of the conference, which ends ... discuss

I will admit, I did not know about this #GraceOfYesDay until the pre-dawn hours this morning. I've been so disconnected from Catholic social media (thanks for that, COMD program... more on that in a b ... discuss

The 2014 elections swept many formidable pro-abortion incumbents from the Senate. The last to remain standing is Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, who has voted against the pro-life position on every vote ... discuss

Christians who strive to live by the Scriptures will know that the two greatest commandments are to love the Lord with heart, soul and mind, and to love their neighbours as themselves (Mark 12:30-31). ... discuss

As a resource for all of you internet debaters out there, Secular Pro-Life is proud to introduce! Abortion activist groups are making increased use of the claim that one out of every three ... discuss

 Is it open season on Pro-Life Women? By Carol Tobias, President, National Right to Life Editor’s note. This President’s column appeared on page three of the November post-electi ... discuss

Here are today’s Kindle deals: Christian Beliefs by Wayne Grudem ($2.99); Theology in the Context of World Christianity by Timothy Tennet ($4.99); The Unquenchable Flame by Michael Reeve ... discuss

By Brittany Higdon “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). This fundamental aspect of our natu ... discuss

Vatican City, Nov 17, 2014 / 04:00 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Children have the right to be raised by a mother and a father, Pope Francis said, emphasizing that “the family is the foundation of co-exi ... discuss

CBS and NBC’s morning and evening newscasts on Saturday and Sunday ignored Pope Francis’s condemnation of abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, and in-vitro fertilization dur ... discuss

As a non-Catholic, I have followed with some interest the controversy concerning Pope Francis and his attitude toward abortion.  Although he has made clear pro-life statements all along (“E ... discuss

From the Archives:Editorial Cartoon by AF "Tony" Brancoby Ralph Benko, Contributing Author: Voters have shown, yet again, that we do not like political fanatics. “Fanatic” is defined by my residen ... discuss

Mental hospital where Dora livedMy wife, LaRee, never knew her maternal grandmother: Her name was Dora and she suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. Dora was institutionalized in a mental ho ... discuss

I read Inside the Vatican and its editor's "Moynihan Letters," but I was so put off by one of them this past week that I won't be giving quite so much credence to Moynihan's views in the future. He se ... discuss

So, this geeky shirt, made by a woman, insults women and makes them flee from studying hard sciences, because they feel “unwelcome.” Seriously, if your commitment to science can so easily ... discuss

We really have to stop pretending there are no differences between the genders beyond plumbing (social justice warriors are particular prone to this and will tell me I am confusing sex for gender).   ... discuss

TweetBy Justina Van Maren I was nervous when I first took to the streets to discuss the issue of abortion with people. I studied the arguments. I read Scott Klusendorf’s Pro-Life 101 three time ... discuss

Feminist author Margaret Atwood, on Tuesday’s Charlie Rose show, accused pro-lifers of chaining pregnant women to their beds to force them to have babies they don’t want. Invited on the PBS show t ... discuss

Cardinal Walter Kasper, a participant in the 2014 Extraordinary Synod on Family Life, calls for a reprioritization of theological virtues in his book, "Mercy: The Essence of the Gospel and the Key to ... discuss

My current TV is probably ten or more years old. I suspect it is not nearly as "smart" as the new c*** coming out. It's only purpose is to periodically watch a movie. Potentially it will last for m ... discuss

Readers of this blog will note that, of late, I have been focusing a lot in my thinking, writing and research on questions of the relationship between religion and morality. One particular frustration ... discuss

The Golden Age Cook Book Reader Review; This is a book for “bloodless diet”, i.e. vegetarian cooking. It is rather extensive in size, it has the following sections: BREADS, ROLLS, EGGS SOU ... discuss

Hummm... first it was revealed that our telephone and electronic communications were being eavesdropped upon by Federal authorities on both sides of our common border. (Thank you Edward Snowden.) &nbs ... discuss

La identificación de Latinoamérica con el catolicismo ha disminuido. Esta es la principal conclusión a la que llega el fact tank apartidista «Pew Research Center» tras haber realizado un profundo ... discuss

What you don't know about how most farmers harvest wheat:Standard wheat harvest protocol in the United States is to drench the wheat fields with Roundup several days before the combine harvesters work ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - Christian Songs for Kids and other humans I use an app on my iPhone to read the news from around the world. The app divides stories into categories like news, technology, music, phot ... discuss

We tend to have a Sunday School version of Jesus - meek and mild, never did anything to upset anyone, never said a word that ruffled anyone’s feathers, always perfectly met the social expectations o ... discuss

Dear Governor Christie, Sign the petition urging New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to veto the assisted suicide bill.I urge you to veto the assisted suicide bill A2270. Through this bill vu ... discuss

I had always liked Huckabee and was disappointed after he dropped out. And it took some time to find one to fill that void of a true social conservative candidate to vote for. I understand that he is ... discuss

If you haven’t been following the story of Cdl. Raymond L. Burke’s transfer from Cardinal Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura (the High Court of the Catholic Church, if you will) to Patron of the S ... discuss

Apostasy & Compromise in the Church In Washington, D. C., our nation's capitol, a Muslim prayer service was held at the Washington National Cathedral for the first time. The service was ... discuss

On January 3, 2015, the 114th Congress of the United States will convene for the new sessions which will run through January 3, 2017. The 2014 mid-term election was a seismic political shift in Washin ... discuss

Saturday of the Thirty-Second Week in Ordinary Time(Click here for readings)By SOPHIE DRUFFNER“Pray always without becoming weary.”Last spring I joined many prolifers in front of the ... discuss

Vatican City, Nov 15, 2014 / 07:53 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis has told a group of Catholic doctors that “playing with life” in ways like abortion and euthanasia is sinful, and he st ... discuss

Loucamente: uma exposição sobre o bem-estar da mente é a nova exposição temporária do Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciência Viva.... Desenvolvida em consórcio com os centros de ciência Heurek ... discuss

By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER WASHINGTON (AP) — A small group of Social Security judges have improperly approved disability claims for nearly 25,000 ... discuss

By: Larry Correia Monster Hunter Nation After my post about the Social Justice Warrior’s cannibal feeding frenzy, I’ve had a ... discuss

Guy Fawkes or The Gunpowder Treason Extract: More than two hundred and thirty-five years ago, or, to speak with greater precision, in 1605, at the latter end of June, it was rumoured one morning in M ... discuss

WEB DEVELOPER Internet/Social Media, FT EmployeeDynamic Catholic Institute (Hebron, KY)PURPOSE: The web developer will be responsible for building and maintaining Dynamic Catholic web sites using scri ... discuss

Baltimore, Md., Nov 14, 2014 / 10:38 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Meeting in Baltimore for their annual fall meeting, the U.S. bishops have selected their choices for delegates to next year’s Synod on t ... discuss

rth Defining: Abortion Anna Maher George Mason University Conf. 300, Section1 Professor Pamela Struss Abstract   Since the 1972 Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade the issue of abortion in America ... discuss

GLOBAL WARMING HOAX and CAP & TRADE SCAM “Global Warming” is a real misnomer. Plus, the earth has been cooling for the past twelve years, not warming. It should not even be referred to as climate ... discuss

On October 30, just five days before the mid-term elections, the McClatchy newspaper chain ran a breathless article under the headline, “Rainbow Revolution: U.S. welcoming gay marriage, changing ... discuss

BBC Children in Need is a charity of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to raise money for the support of children, including disabled children. Its main fundraising vehicle is an annual ... discuss

When one hears a story about God’s people being persecuted for their beliefs, many examples throughout history come to mind. Adolph Hitler, the German dictator, ordered the extermination of six ... discuss

“True holiness does not mean a flight from the world; rather, it lies in the effort to incarnate the Gospel in everyday life, in the family, at school and at work, and in social and political involv ... discuss

14 November AD 565 Justinian, Christian Ruler and Confessor of Christ, was emperor of the East from A.D. 527 to 565, during the time of decline of the Roman Empire. Aided by his beautiful and capable ... discuss

Brian Burch, CV: The dust is still settling from the elections last week. But we’re still digesting news. We wanted to share some more important results:Voters in Tennessee approved a pro-life measu ... discuss

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is a reference book with over 700 pages. Now, thanks to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, it is even more accessible.With this new online version, ... discuss

Denver, Colo., Nov 13, 2014 / 05:30 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- India's population control policy is under fire after at least 14 women died following botched sterilizations due to negligent medical practice ... discuss

“We just realized we wanted to be parents more than we wanted to be pregnant,” Emily Nagle said. In making the decision to continue trying to conceive or to start the adoption process, she and ... discuss

This week, the Emmy Award-winning TV show Facing Life Head-On features leaders in the National Black Pro-Life Coalition – including Dr. Alveda King of Priests for Life and Ryan Bomberger of The Radi ... discuss

Childbirth is normally a wonderful and beautiful process. But, every once in a while, it goes tragically wrong. A video a father has made showing him singing to his dying newborn baby after losing his ... discuss

Eleven women have died after undergoing laparoscopic tubectomies as part of a mass sterilization campaign in Chhattisgarh, India. Of the more than 80 women who underwent the procedure, 62 have been ho ... discuss

I dug up a handful of new Kindle deals today: The Great and Holy War by Philip Jenkins ($2.99); The Narnian by Alan Jacobs ($2.99); AfterLife by Hank Hanegraaff ($3.03); God Is a Warrior by Tr ... discuss

I recently addressed a major national conference on “The Gospel, Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage” held by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Conv ... discuss

Vatican City, Nov 13, 2014 / 12:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Cardinal Robert Sarah has stressed the link between charity and preaching the Gospel, saying that while the practical needs of the poor are impo ... discuss

by Ron Arnold: It seems incredible, but a single missing word could turn a water law into a government land grab so horrendous even a U.S. Supreme Court justice warned it would “put the property rig ... discuss

Amazon links are affiliate links. I will get somewhere between 4 and 7.5% if you buy things while you are at Amazon (not just for downloading free books, because even 100% of nothing is still nothing, ... discuss

Hat Tip: BB Obama’s gum chewing offends Chinese who take to social media to call him a ‘rapper’ and ‘idler’ ... discuss

A ... discuss

Paraplegic veteran, Sergeant Joey Johnson surprised his wife when he got out of his wheelchair for the first dance at their wedding. Sgt. Johnson served for ten months in Afghanistan and met his wife, ... discuss

  Common Core cutting into gym time: But not so fast! All classes must become standardized under the Common Core national education curriculum guidelines. And that means kids should expect a fair ... discuss

Abortion in Holland – an interview with Irene van der Wende (below right), founder of the organization (and Natalia Dueholm: Is it true that abortion is ... discuss

Here are a few new Kindle deals for you: The Moral Vision of the New Testament by Richard Hays ($2.99); Christianity’s Dangerous Idea by Alister McGrath ($2.99); Did Eve Really ... discuss

Dr. Thomas Sowellby Dr. Thomas Sowell: Just what happened last week on election day? And what is going to happen in the years ahead?The most important thing that happened last week was that the countr ... discuss

COMMUNICATIONS AND SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR Marketing/Advertising, FT EmployeeSaint Joseph College Seminary (Chicago, IL)Saint Joseph College Seminary is seeking a full time Communications and Social ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Nov 11, 2014 / 12:47 pm (CNA).- Following protests from viewers, the Italian bishops' conference-run TV station has withdrawn an invitation to a popular Italian trans-sexual and LGBT acti ... discuss

Yes, Obama Administration has changed press secretary.Are they  even aware of it?  Same Obfuscation!   KeepingAmericans from knowing programs committed onor against American citize ... discuss

 “Delight your soul with the greatest songs every written!” Saturday, December 13th:  Dinner at 6:00pm and Show at 7:15pm Holy Trinity Social Room, 2926 Beaver Ave., Des Moines, Iowa SEA ... discuss

Despite his protestations, President Obama has a theory about the results of last week's midterm elections--one that doesn't require that he do very much, if anything, different. Of course, he's not t ... discuss

 Never, Ever “Unwanted” By Joleigh Little, Wisconsin Teens for Life Director,Wisconsin Right to Life You’ve all heard it. The story about the little boy walking along the beach ... discuss

NPR gets the Understatement of the Year Award for this headline: "Combining The DNA Of Three People Raises Ethical Questions." ... discuss

The world is shocked today as news reports have surfaced of at least ten women who have died and dozens who have been injured in a mass sterilization campaign in India. Dozens of women are currently h ... discuss

Some arguments just have to be made, and made well. In the case of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, the moment for such an argument arrived last week when that court had to ru ... discuss

Volunteers Will Work Through 24-hour Shifts November 14-15 So Families in Need Can Be Served By Social Service Agencies Thanksgiving Week Contact: Rich Birch, 908-312-0003,; Ke ... discuss

Secure the Restrooms!Just when Cleveland was regaining a modicum of pride and respectability with the world’s greatest basketball player choosing to once again employ his craft in Northeastern Ohio. ... discuss

(LiveActionNews) — Ninety percent of people diagnosed with Down syndrome are never allowed to be born. This is a staggering statistic that we hear quite often. Lives struck down before they ever ... discuss

Baltimore, Md., Nov 10, 2014 / 02:10 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- In responding to crises faced by modern families, the Church must work to restore hope and confidence that the call of the Gospel can be lived ... discuss

By OMAR GUTIERREZ | Commentary on how Catholic social teaching can weigh in on the debate over increasing minimum wage. The current administration is again advocating for an increase in the fede ... discuss

TweetBy Maaike RosendalWhen the campus pro-life club at McMaster University in Hamilton asked me to speak at a public pro-life event, I didn’t expect the audience to be sympathetic to our cause. It ... discuss

County music legend Garth Brooks has a new song out that is bringing listening to tears because of the sweet and delicate way it handles the issue of abortion. Brooks appeared on Good Morning America ... discuss

PROGRAM MANAGER - PREGNANCY SUPPORT AND ADOPTION Management, FT EmployeeCatholic Charities (Portland, OR)Program Manager Pregnancy Support, Adoptions Services, Project Rachel, Between Us Full-time; Ex ... discuss

TweetBetween 20 and 25 students shouted down an anti-abortion speaker Thursday night at McMaster University, disrupting the presentation, stealing a box of books and DVDs, and chanting until the polic ... discuss

Senator Rand Paul is reportedly planning to launch his campaign for the Republican nomination for president next Spring. Paul is a pro-life senator from Kentucky who maintains a 100% pro-life voting r ... discuss

A Steaming Pile of Outrage PornImagine you’re Crash Davis. Yes, the minor-league baseball player memorably portrayed by Kevin Costner in Bull Durham. You know you’re not going to make it to the bi ... discuss

What we saw in Day Five was the start of the re-establishment of the principles of quantum physics which had been subsumed into the Classical laws in the previous Days. That statement may require some ... discuss


Volunteers Will Work Through 24-hour Shifts November 14-15 So Families in Need Can Be Served By Social Service Agencies Thanksgiving Week Contact: Rich Birch, 908-312-0003,; Ke ... discuss

I have been seeing the word "schism" used on Catholic websites and blogs many times in the last couple of weeks since the Synod, and even on secular sources.  Many conservative and traditional Ca ... discuss

            Nos últimos tempos, têm surgido alguns filmes sobre adolescentes heróis e determinados que procuram ser um pouco o contraste d ... discuss

Obama has fallen and he won’t be getting up any time soon. The big difference between President Bush and Obama is that President Bush knew what he wanted to accomplish and he got it done. Obama ... discuss

Robert Redford produced a movie about Che Guevara called “The Motorcycle Diaries.” It was based on Che’s real diaries, no doubt modified by the Cuban government, but what disappoints me greatly ... discuss

There is no more guess work needed to accurately assess the current immigration policy of the United States Federal Government, all three branches. The current policy is designed to forever alter the ... discuss

Vatican City, Nov 8, 2014 / 12:06 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- In a meeting with members of the Italian Adult Catholic Scouting Movement, Pope Francis stressed the “educative mission” of the famil ... discuss

For decades we have wrestled with feminism. Too many men and women still say they are feminists on the assumption feminism seeks equality – a prevarication drilled into our heads by feminists for 50 ... discuss

The bad news is the GOP took the Senate probably just in time to own the country's problems and elect another Dem president in 2016.The good news? Quite a bit of it!1. The GOP took the state legislatu ... discuss

It is that cyclical season of winner takes all. It is that all too familiar gladiatorial executive combat all over again. Yes, the Villa Somalia has once again turned into a roaring amphitheater. The ... discuss

TweetJonathon interviewed Mark Steyn, a Canadian-born writer and conservative political commentator who has written five books, including America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It, a New York ... discuss

by Gary Bauer, Contributing Author: Court Gets Marriage Right - A federal appeals court has finally gotten it right on marriage!Yesterday the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that states have the ... discuss

TweetBy Justina Van MarenI get to talk to lots of different people. Pro-choicers, pro-lifers, people who are angry, people who are frustrated, people who have had personal experiences with abortion. T ... discuss

Washington D.C., Nov 7, 2014 / 05:16 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Defense of marriage advocates lauded a major 2-1 decision by a federal appeals court that noted the importance of children and sexual compleme ... discuss

Friday of the Thirty-First Week in Ordinary Time(Click here for readings)By JENNIFER BURGINFor many, as I have often told you and now tell you even in tears, conduct themselves as enemies of ... discuss

New York, NY (CFAM) — The UN Secretary General told nations they must provide abortions to women raped in refugee camps in Syria, Iraq, and Sudan, even though the Security Council – his boss ... discuss

By Emily Conley, Social Content Editor It’s back! With the ERLC national conference, the Houston 5, and the Hitching Post pastors in Idaho, the 4 Stories round-up got bumped. But thanks to your pos ... discuss

By Caleb Dalton, Litigation Counsel If you get one thing out of the Sixth Circuit’s recent opinion affirming that states are not constitutionally required to fundamentally alter the meaning of marr ... discuss

This is the real “War on Women.” Iraqi News reported Nov. 3 on an ISIS document that supposedly listed the prices at which to sell Yazidi and Christian women and children abducted by the terror ... discuss

TEACHER - 3RD-8TH LANGUAGE ARTS Education: Elementary, FT EmployeeHoly Family School (Lacey, WA)Holy Family School in Lacey, WA seeks an outstanding, energetic, dedicated, collegial, talented teacher ... discuss

Senator John C. Calhoun Tired of feeling guilty and, no doubt, frightened that rate of abortion has declined in recent years, the pro-aborts are changing their message.  Abortion can no longer be con ... discuss

By Marissa Poulson, Senior Web Writer The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia heard oral arguments in the case of March for Life v. Burwell this week.  This case is one of the many abor ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Nov 7, 2014 / 02:06 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Caritas officials have urged that in facing the Ebola outbreak in west Africa, efforts should be focused on keeping Catholic clinics open because ... discuss

Mumbai, India, Nov 7, 2014 / 12:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A parish and shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima in the Archdiocese of Bombay draws thousands of pilgrims regularly, and serves the scheduled ... discuss

Madrid, Spain, Nov 6, 2014 / 08:40 pm (CNA).- A social network focused on connecting the world in prayer has launched a mobile application enabling people from across the globe to unite and track thei ... discuss

By Don DeMarco, Ph. D. In May of 1971, an article by Edward Grossman appeared in Atlantic entitled, “The Obsolescent Mother”. He predicted that the day would come when a woman’s two laparoscopy ... discuss

by CitizenLink Team: So, the leadership power in the Senate just shifted, and the conservative majority in the House just grew to historic proportions – what exactly does that really mean, particu ... discuss

By PETER JESSERER SMITH | WASHINGTON — Voters decided on a variety of issues related to Catholic social teaching on Nov. 4 that saw a number of pro-life victories, defeats on marijuana leg ... discuss

Madrid, Spain, Nov 6, 2014 / 02:49 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Upon announcing her recovery from Ebola, Spanish nurse Teresa Romero said Wednesday that she praises God for her life and holds no ill will agai ... discuss

On Hollywood Avenue in the Bronx, New York, a growing community of women religious serve an order with a charism for life. One of our own, Theresa Tolpa, who worked for Human Life International fro ... discuss

By:  Susan Jones Ernst Coming to Washington to Find 'Replaceme ... discuss

Michelle Malkin & Dr. Bill Smith, Editorby Michelle Malkin: Gird your loins, Beltway Republicans. Election Day is barely over, but the progressive left is locked and loaded for battle over President O ... discuss

In August 2013, the Planned Parenthood abortion facility once managed by Abby Johnson officially closed their doors. In 2009, Johnson resigned from her position with the abortion giant after observing ... discuss

The economy has gotten bigger, but much of that growth hasn’t reached the middle class. Indeed, the top 1 percent grabbed 95 percent of all the gains during the recovery’s first three year ... discuss

By:  Eric Scheiner Sec. of Education: Gov't Funded Preschool a ... discuss

All eyes turned to “reliably red” Kansas in October for reasons no pro-lifer wanted. Polls indicated the campaigns of both our pro-life U.S. Senator Pat Roberts and our pro-life Governor Sam Brown ... discuss

This reflection is taken from my book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at: “Social injustices stood in tension to the high ... discuss

Pope Francis' top 10 secrets to living a holy life!This one is my favorite and probably the hardest to do!Love me some lower gas prices!   Here's why that's happening.Oil prices are falling becau ... discuss

Once The United States of America is diminished, in all ways economic, geopolitical, and civilized, all the free-ride, free-love, free-everything bennies will begin to disappear, or at least stop bein ... discuss

PRESS RELEASEConservative Leaders on 2014 Elections: A Clear Conservative VictoryNovember 5, 2014Washington, D.C.Election 2014: A Conservative VictoryThe American people sent an unmistakable message t ... discuss

By Jean M. HeimannToday we commemorate Blessed Josefa Naval Girbes, a member of the Third Order Secular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Teresa of Jesus – model of charity and chastity. Josefa Na ... discuss

By Mitchell Kalpakgian, Ph.D. In his encyclical Evangelium Vitae Saint John Paul II upholds Christian teaching on the sanctity of life and condemns “the culture of death” that haunts moder ... discuss

by Phyllis Schlafly: Barack Obama has suddenly made himself the leader of a new war on women. In a Rhode Island pre-election campaign speech, he repudiated the principle of giving choices about career ... discuss




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