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Vatican City, Jul 3, 2015 / 06:26 am (CNA/EWTN News).- With a sister who is a Doctor of the Church and parents set to be canonized in October, Leonia Martin could be the fourth member of her family de ... discuss

Los Angeles, Calif., Jul 3, 2015 / 12:42 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- An effort to remove the statue of Bl. Junipero Serra from the U.S. Capitol has been set aside for the time being. A statue of Franciscan ... discuss

Question: "Why does the Orthodox Church not have a Bishop of Rome?"There is no official answer to this question that I am aware of, but I think there are two reasons for this. Up until relatively rece ... discuss

My dear CMAA sisters and brothers at the 25th Colloquium,Eight years ago I sat in some auditorium at Catholic University in D.C. and listened to Professor William Mahrt lay forth the the blueprint for ... discuss

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A prison that Pope Francis plans to visit during his U.S. trip houses a former church official jailed for his handling of priest sexual-abuse complaints. ... discuss

By James Gottry, Esq. Marketing Director, Legal Services Over the weekend, Time posted an opinion editorial by Mark Oppenheimer, the New York Times’ religion writer that leaves no doubt as to the a ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Jul 2, 2015 / 06:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Beginning in the spring of 2016, Rome's Pontifical Gregorian University will begin offering an intensive one-semester diploma program on the safeg ... discuss

On July 2, we comemorate St. Bernardino Realino, "the Apostle of Leece",  who was known for his great charity and kindness to the people of that city.Bernardino was born in 1530 in Capri, Italy, ... discuss

Litany of the Most Precious Blood:Lord, have mercy on us.Christ, have mercy on us.Lord, have mercy on us.Christ, hear us.Christ, graciously hear us.God, the Father of Heaven, have mercy on us.God the ... discuss

I remember being outside the Supreme Court the day the Webster decision came down July 3, 1989. I met a young man that day who was about to enter the seminary. He is now a priest in the Archdiocese of ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Jul 1, 2015 / 04:03 am (CNA).- More than 10 years ago, Joseph Prever found himself scouring the internet for anything that might help him: he was gay, Catholic, and confused. Resources we ... discuss

Trani, Italy, Jul 1, 2015 / 12:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The life of Father Salvatore Mellone, who died on Monday, was moving to thousands of people. He was to have at least two more years of seminary w ... discuss

On July 1, we honor Blessed Junipero Serra, a Franciscan priest and missionary, who converted thousands of native Americans.Miguel Jose Serra was born on the island of Majorca (Spain), on November 24, ... discuss

By Denise Hunnell, M.D. There is no doubt that the Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage will reverberate through our culture and increase the assaults on Christians and religious liberty. ... discuss

First of all, he never preaches anything but the truth. He preaches the word of God in its fullness. He never undermines the doctrine of the Church or promotes heresy and dissent. He prays the liturgy ... discuss

This is not a scene from a movie.This actually happened.It was a masquerade ball for their parish priest who will be re-assigned to another parish.This happened in Sampaloc, Manila.A holy place, dedic ... discuss

If a Catholic priest's Facebook account has this for it's profile picture, it is safe to say that he is for LGBT equality rights no?Maybe he just loves ministering to the homosexual community....What ... discuss

(pronounced ear-a-NAY-us) was probably born around 125. As a young man in Smyrna (near Ephesus, in what is now western Turkey) he heard the preaching of Polycarp, who as a young man had heard the prea ... discuss

We are nearing the end of a 3.5 year series through Exodus on Sunday evenings, and yesterday we were in Exodus 38.  Moses had already received the blueprints from God on the mountain, but in the lat ... discuss

SAINT-PRIEST, France (AP) — Police wearing masks escorted the man accused of beheading a businessman to the suspect's home in southeastern France on Sunday to try to find his passport to determine i ... discuss

Vatican City, Jun 27, 2015 / 10:42 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis formally approved on Saturday the decrees necessary for Blesseds Louis and Zelie Martin – known for being the parents of St. ... discuss

Been doing some research for a project I am working on weekends and came across this article from The Divine Mercy Publication in 2007...a great reminder of the amazing mercy of God!.... 'More Gra ... discuss

So much has happened since I last updated you on my life and apostolate! I returned June 12 from my three-week European speaking tour, and my heart is full of gratitude as I look back upon the wonderf ... discuss

Let us all remember there is a difference. Regarding civil vs. church recognized marriage, there is a difference between the two. A vast difference in which the mainstream media has not taken the time ... discuss

Question: "Should an Orthodox Christian make donations to the Salvation Army?"You could certainly do a lot worse with your money than to give to the Salvation Army.Many are unaware that the Salvation ... discuss

A Theological Commission of the Congregation of the Causes of Saints has recognized the martyrdom of Fr. Stanley Rother, a priest from Oklahoma. According to the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, the ... discuss

Omaha, Neb., Jun 26, 2015 / 03:01 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In the state that’s home to the College World Series, a new kind of series came to town on Father’s Day. Priests from two of Nebrask ... discuss

Sacramento, Calif., Jun 25, 2015 / 02:37 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- A statue of Franciscan missionary and saint-to-be Father Junipero Serra has stood in the U.S. Capitol since 1931, but its future may depen ... discuss

By Dan Burke | As I was making my way to the Catholic Church, I was deeply blessed by an encounter with a 17th century priest who taught me, through his writings, how to overcome aridity in pray ... discuss

Solemnity of the nativity of St. John the Baptist(Click here for readings)By Benedict AugustineJohn heralded his coming by proclaiming a baptism of repentanceto all the people of Israel;and as John wa ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | The ‘Third Rail’ of the Priestly Abuse Scandal: The Role of Homosexuality by Phil Lawler of Catholic Culture - Big Pulpit The Bible and the Eucharist - Carl E. Ols ... discuss

Chicago, Ill., Jun 24, 2015 / 04:32 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- With so many interpretations being presented for Pope Francis’ new encyclical, Fr. Robert Barron says only one theologian can give us the ... discuss

By CNA/EWTN NEWS | OMAHA, Neb. — The case for the sainthood of Servant of God Father Edward Flanagan, the priest who founded Nebraska’s famous Boys Town community for orphans and oth ... discuss

The Mystery of Being a Priest : Community in Mission div> ... discuss

“Spiritual Pride preys on everything that it can ingest. It even feeds on making a good examination of conscience and contrition that come from noticing our faults. The beast of spiritual pride can ... discuss

The Beast of Our Spiritual Pride “Spiritual Pride preys on everything that it can ingest. It even feeds on making a good examination of conscience and contrition that come from noticing our faults. ... discuss

24 June, New Testament This day celebrates the birth of a son to the elderly and previously childless couple Elizabeth and Zechariah the priest. On the eighth day, his parents had him circumcised acc ... discuss

Omaha, Neb., Jun 23, 2015 / 04:58 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The case for the sainthood of Servant of God Edward Flanagan, the priest who founded Nebraska’s famous Boys Town community for orphans and ... discuss

Praying is crucial for the success of this mission to Turkey (at the Blessed Sacrament at the Basilica of St. Anthony of Padua). I have long desired to visit Turkey, a nation straddling the border bet ... discuss

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Irish officials and religious leaders on Sunday thanked San Francisco Bay Area Catholics and others for the support and care given to the families of six young people killed whe ... discuss

The Collect.GRANT, we beseech thee, O Lord, that we thy family may ever walk in the way of salvation: that following the teachings of thy holy forerunner, Saint John; we may attain in safety unto him ... discuss

Turin, Italy, Jun 23, 2015 / 04:03 am (Aid to the Church in Need).- Pope Francis is a Jesuit, but he has Salesian roots. A Salesian priest was the matchmaker for Pope Francis' parents and baptized th ... discuss

Today, June 23, we honor St. Joseph Cafasso, an Italian priest who was a social reformer in Turin during the 19th century. He is the patron of prison chaplains, captives, and prisoners.He was born on ... discuss

Contact: Fr. Kevin Pius Manion, 512-773-5447 LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Andrea Ambrosi, expert in sainthood causes, will be attending the 'opening session' of the inquiry ... discuss

St. Alban was born in the third century in Roman Britain, and was martyred around 304. According to the English Christian historian, the Venerable Bede, Alban was a pagan, and a soldier in the Roman A ... discuss

To my dad, Raymond Schneider, who was such a model of strength to his family. I thought he could do anything, fix anything, and knew everything. I especially thank you and Mom for giving me brothers a ... discuss

Question: "If someone dies without repentance, is it possible for such a person to repent after death?"Scripture, as explained by the Fathers of the Church, states that this is not possible.Psalm 6:5 ... discuss

Ribbon Placement: Liturgy of the Hours Vol. III: Ordinary: 668 Proper of Seasons: 388 Psalter: Sunday, Week IV, 1137 Christian Prayer: Ordinary: 694 Proper of Seasons: 616 Psalter: Sunday, Week IV, 93 ... discuss

was born into a Sikh family in the village of Rampur (Punjab state) in northern India. Sikhism, founded about 1500 AD, is a religion that teaches belief in one God and rejects the caste system; it had ... discuss

Contact: Fr. Kevin Pius Manion, 512-773-5447 LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Andrea Ambrosi, expert in sainthood causes, will be attending the 'opening session' of the inquiry ... discuss

Contact: Rev. Kevin Pius Manion, 512-773-5447 LOS ANGELES, June 18, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Dr. Andrea Ambrosi, an expert in sainthood causes, will attend the opening session of the inquiry by t ... discuss

Video: What a Catholic Priest Does Every Day - Aleteia div> ... discuss

“7-month pregnant gang rape survivor denied a late-term abortion by the Gujurat high court in India.”  With those kinds of news stories, we regularly see organizations like Amnesty Intern ... discuss

Cardinals George Pell and Raymond BurkeCardinals George Pell and Cardinal Raymond Burke are among two of the most well known and influential cardinals in the Catholic Church.  Cardinal Pell, form ... discuss

Beirut, Lebanon, Jun 17, 2015 / 12:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The leaders of four branches of Islam in Lebanon gathered earlier this month to issue a joint statement in the face of sectarianism and the r ... discuss

As a student in my third year at Christ the King Major Seminary in the Archdiocese of Nyeri, I am grateful for the training and inspiration I have received from Human Life International Kenya. When I ... discuss

Pope Francis has appointed Fr. Wieslaw Spiewak, C.R., as bishop of Hamilton, Bermuda. Wieslaw Spiewak was born in Krakow, Poland, in 1963 and was ordained a priest in 1990.  He holds a mast ... discuss

Encountering Truth: Meeting God in the Everyday by Pope FrancisMy rating: 5 of 5 starsA promise that comforts, a request for generosity, a mission to fulfill. This is how Jesus makes himself present i ... discuss

This happened during a summer youth camp of the youth ministry of the "Missionaries of God's Love" priest currently serving in the Diocese of Novaliches.That whole global warming hoax is getting up on ... discuss

Monday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time(Click here for readings)By KATIE GROSSJesus said to his disciples:“You have heard that it was said,An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.But I sa ... discuss

I read an article in The Wanderer this morning about St. John the Baptist and the dance that cost him his head. So glad I saw it before reading about Archbishop Nienstedt's resignation which I found v ... discuss

I am honored to be able to publish here the text of a letter from a priest who shall remain anonymous, writing to Catholics about the resignation of His Excellency Robert Finn. It says it as well as i ... discuss

Credit:  salesianity.blogspot.comIn the first part of this post [HERE], I wrote about the crisis in the Catholic Church here in the West in which so many have left the Church in the last 50 years ... discuss

All things green and new. And all the trees of the field shall know that I, the LORD, bring low the high tree, lift high the lowly tree, wither up the green tree, and make the withered tree bloom. As ... discuss

Credit:  www.thelocal.deWhen I was growing up in the 50's and 60's, Catholic churches were packed every week for Sunday Mass. There were 5 to 6 Masses or more, and the pews were filled for all of ... discuss

By Jean M. HeimannSt. Anthony of Padua is a Doctor of the Church, a Franciscan priest called the "Hammer of the Heretics", the "Wonder-Worker", and the "Living Ark of the Covenant." Countless conversi ... discuss

Vatican City, Jun 12, 2015 / 11:44 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis said today that he is planning to travel to Africa in November, specifically to the Central African Republic, Uganda, and possibly ... discuss

Pope Francis has appointed Monsignor Victor C. Ocampo as bishop of Gumaca, Philippines. The 63-year-old was ordained a priest in 1977. The Diocese of Gumaca has a population just over 1 million ... discuss

Washington D.C., Jun 12, 2015 / 05:11 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The global Catholic population is growing – so quickly, in fact, that priest and parish numbers cannot keep up, says a new study on tre ... discuss

(Ndolo Family Blog) At first, I hadn’t planned on sharing Celeste’s story. At least not publicly.  As the days have gone on, though, my heart has changed.  As we’ve traveled the hard road of ... discuss

Father Peter West has spent over 25 years defending the right to life of the most vulnerable members of society – those at the very beginning and end of life.  Even before his ordination 24 years a ... discuss

By PETER JESSERER SMITH | WASHINGTON — The world hungers for heroes: men and women who give the last full measure of their lives in service to others. Now, the Church has recognized a hero ... discuss

Icon of St. John Chrysostom, with St. Paul the Apostle guiding him in his interpretation of his writings.Question: Did the Fathers teach Sola Scriptura?Protestant apologists in recent years ... discuss

After the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s office denied a request from a leading pro-life Catholic priest to give the babies abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell killed in brutal infanticides, his o ... discuss

Contact: Marion Mulhall, 212-231-8265 MEDIA ADVISORY, June 10, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- The entire Catholic world recently looked towards Central America when the beatification of Archbishop Ósc ... discuss

Vatican City, Jun 10, 2015 / 02:01 am (CNA/EWTN News).- During his visit to the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts last week, Pope Francis was updated on the office's important work, which is fo ... discuss

June 9, 2015 marks the 75th anniversary of Fr. Emil Joseph Kapaun's ordination as a Catholic Priest. The ordination took place in 75 years ago in St. John's Chapel located on the Newman University cam ... discuss

By Jean M. HeimannOn June 10, we honor Blessed John Dominici (1350 - 1420), a Dominican priest, renowned theologian and preacher, and reformer. He is wonderful example of a man who was determined to l ... discuss

In 1549, under the reign of Edward VI, successor to Henry VIII, the primary language of public worship in England and other areas ruled by Edward was changed from Latin to English, and the first Book ... discuss

(translated from Polish)On the National Thanksgiving Day, which was established in late 18th Century to commemorate Poland's patriotic struggle for independence, thousands of the inhabitants of Wars ... discuss

Father Frank Pavone (CNS) The number of abortions has gone down by 12 per cent since 2010 An American priest has attributed a drop in the abortion rate to the ‘implosion’ of the abortion ... discuss

Posts from our fathers continue....   Theresa, who has been a good friend to me and so many others, asked me to write about what I am experiencing in my journey of healing after my abortion. Her ... discuss

By Denise Hunnell, M.D. Recently, I was blessed to spend time in Alaska with all of my children and grandchildren together for the first time in nearly two years. It was a joyous reunion and well wort ... discuss

Okay, so right off the bat let me explain that I don't receive the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ in my hand. But this isn't at all an argument about that. There are many, many people ... discuss

By JOSEPH PRONECHEN | EASTON, Mass. — On April 21, just weeks before the 23rd anniversary of the death of Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton on June 3, the canonization cause for the Hol ... discuss

Many years ago there was a priest in Spain—we’ll call him Father Rafael—who, after a long time of faithfully serving... The post A Foretaste of Heaven appeared first on Catholic Jour ... discuss

Berlin, Germany, Jun 8, 2015 / 01:37 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The Vatican confirmed on Monday, June 8 that Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Heiner Koch of Dresden-Meissen as Archbishop of Berlin. As Arc ... discuss

My chalice, refurbished by my parents 6 years ago From the "Blessing of a Chalice and Paten by a Bishop":"O Lord our God, be pleased to bless  this chalice (these chalices), made by you ... discuss

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Jun 7, 2015 / 06:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Elevated to the rank of cardinal in February, Ethiopian Archbishop Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel of Addis Ababa has brought the richne ... discuss

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jun 6, 2015 / 11:57 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Moved by the testimony of two priests and a religious sister who endured atrocities during the Bosnian War, Pope Francis on S ... discuss

Here is a Vatican Radio translation of the address Pope Francis gave today off the cuff during his meeting in Sarajevo with priests and religious. He said he decided to speak from the heart  ... discuss

"Eternal Father, I offer you the most precious blood of your divine son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today for all the holy souls in purgatory, for sinners everywhere, fo ... discuss

Here is a Vatican translation of the address Pope Francis had prepared to give today in Sarajevo at a meeting with priests, religious and seminarians. After hearing a testimony from a priest, a male ... discuss

Many Catholics have been following this story. Summary: June 1st, during a segment on French CBC radio about Cardinal Burke, the host read an email from Fr. Andre Samson in which he said Cardinal Burk ... discuss

Minneapolis, Minn., Jun 5, 2015 / 05:35 pm (CNA).- The Minneapolis-St. Paul archdiocese has pledged cooperation amid charges of mishandling allegations against a former priest of sexual misconduct inv ... discuss

Question: "Why does Orthodoxy teach that one must have perfect Nicene Christology in order to be saved, when the earliest Hebrew Christians did not have the Christology as articulated by the Councils ... discuss

Catholic Archdiocese in Minnesota Charged Over Sex Abuse by Priest - div> ... discuss

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Criminal charges were filed against the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis on Friday for its handling of a priest who molested children, with a prosecutor ... discuss

(Latin: Bonifacius; German: Bonifatius; c. 672 – June 5, 754), the Apostle of the Germans, born Winfrid or Wynfrith at Crediton in the kingdom of Wessex (now in Devon, England), was a missionary who ... discuss

Dear Catholic World: Why do YOU Remain a Catholic? I don't choose to "remain" Catholic, as if I contemplated going somewhere else. I choose to be Catholic because being Catholic makes me happy.I am Ca ... discuss

Ribbon Placement: Liturgy of the Hours Vol. III: Ordinary: 651 Proper of Seasons: 314 Psalter: Saturday, Week I, 807 Christian Prayer: Does not contain Office of Readings. Office of Readings for Satur ... discuss

Since becoming Catholic I have become delighted in seeing how many Catholics in history were involved in science, especially priests. Wikipedia’s List of Catholic scientists is a good start. Sti ... discuss

Vatican City, Jun 4, 2015 / 11:34 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In his latest act of papal charity, Pope Francis has donated funds for two busloads of homeless and sick pilgrims to visit the Shroud of Turin. T ... discuss

Father Thomas Rosica, English language assistant to the Holy See Press Office, offered today some clarification and context for Pope Francis' upcoming encyclical, as the Vatican announced its Jun ... discuss

Contact: Mike Virgintino, Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, 914-941-7636 ext 2219 MARYKNOLL, N.Y., June 4, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Maryknoll's Father Joseph Thaler continues to help the people of ... discuss

The saint of the day for June 4th is St. Francis Caracciolo, (1563-1608), confessor, and founder of the Minor Clerks Regular. He is the patron saint of Naples, Italy as well as the patron of chefs.He ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | Ireland’s Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Vote by Donald R. McClarey, JD, of The American Catholic - Big Pulpit It’s Condescending to Tell Me I Need to be a Priest ... discuss

Born Vladimir Nikolsky, was born on August 1, 1870, the son of a deacon of the church the village of Povodnevo, Myshkin uyezd, Yaroslavl diocese.In 1891 he finished his studies at the Yaroslavl semina ... discuss

Today I sat on a panel for RFRA that was put on by the ACLU.  It was respectful and tolerant and pleasant enough.  I figured it wouldn't be "home turf" for a Catholic priest but the panelist ... discuss

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN At Live Action News, Sarah Terzo refutes the outrageous claims of pro-abortion Methodist minister John M. Swomley, who argues that preborn children a ... discuss

By Patrick J. BuchananThe culture war against Christianity is picking up speed.Last week came word Saint Louis University will remove a heroic-sized statue of Fr. Pierre-Jean De Smet S.J. from the fr ... discuss

A Nigerian Catholic priest has been killed in an attempted robbery. Father Goodwill Onyeka of the Diocese of Oyo, along with his younger brother, Onyeka Obi, died the evening of ... discuss

ADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR - PRIEST PLACEMENT BOARD Clerical/Administrative, FT EmployeeArchdiocese of Chicago (Chicago, IL)Job description The Administrative Coordinator will be responsible for the ... discuss

So, these 2 Catholic priests and 3 seminarians are “biking for Priestly vocations.” They’re doing a a 29-day,1,400-mile bike pilgrimage from Saint Augustine, Florida to Rockville Cen ... discuss

Son of Coemlog and Coemell, Leinster nobility. Baptized by Saint Cronan of Roscrea, and educated by Saint Petroc of Cornwall from age seven. Lived with monks from age 12. Studied for the priesthood in ... discuss

Why have I noticed a couple of parishes and dioceses "hiring" former seminarians who end up throwing their weight around as if the position of, whatever they claim it to be, as a birthright?Take these ... discuss

I've been asked what I did for my golden birthday (30 on the 30th) by a couple of people so -- in order to save time -- I thought I'd blog about it so I can just link everyone to a single place. :)My ... discuss

HLI’s Emil Hagamu conducted pro-life training recently in Namibia. Traveling the 450 miles north from Namibia’s capital Windhoek to Rundu, one notices a country with vast blocks of land uninha ... discuss

As I have been watching the attacks on people of faith by the government and proponents of same sex so-called marriage, I was suddenly reminded of what happened in England under King Henry VIII.The su ... discuss

A few weeks ago I wrote about a cyber encounter with Father John Zuhlsdorf, which you can read HERE. As you will see from the post, Father Zuhlsdorf wrote a post in which he stated his disagreement w ... discuss

A visiting priest friend was over for dinner the other evening, and related his experience visiting a family when he was stationed in ... actually, I don't recall where. Slovenia? Slovakia? Maybe even ... discuss

Today, May 28, is the feast of St. Bernard of Montjoux, patron saint of mountain climbers and skiers.We know nothing of his early life, other than the fact that he was most likely born of nobility in ... discuss

San Salvador, El Salvador, May 23, 2015 / 11:21 am (CNA).- The beloved Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero was beatified El Salvador this weekend amid both celebration and what one critic calls skewed med ... discuss

If you want to set off a debate amongst Catholics without referring to the "pelvic issues", try talking about whether dogs go to heaven.Fr. Chris has a few thoughts on the inordinate love of pets that ... discuss

This report is contributed by Marta Petrosillo of Aid to the Church in Need: Almost two years since the abduction in Raqqa, Syria, of Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, jihadists grabbed a monk from th ... discuss

Question: "What does the Orthodox Church say about tattoos?"There is no canon, at least to my knowledge that teaches Christians should not get a tattoo. However, we do find the following in the Law of ... discuss

This is my opening argument in a debate between "abolitionist" John Reasnor and myself, regarding the resolution Incrementalism is incompatible with Scripture (abolitionist is in quotation marks ... discuss

Is Islam a Religion of War or Peace? Both – and Muslims Must Decide Its Direction, Priest Says | Daily News | div> ... discuss

May 20 is the feast of St. Bernardine of Siena, a Franciscan priest and missionary, who popularized the devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus. He is known as “the Apostle of Italy” for his effor ... discuss

By Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro Joe Kral’s article, The End of the Texas Impasse: The Moral Case for HB 3074, published on April 6 in the Truth & Charity Forum, offers some useful contributions to the ... discuss

After writing about my vocation confusion and fear, I got a number of great, supportive messages (some on here, mostly on Twitter and Facebook). The word "brave" was used quite a bit but I don't think ... discuss

The commemoration of Florence Nightingale is controversial. On the one hand, she doubted or question many of the central articles of the Creed. On the other hand, she believed in God and devoted her l ... discuss

Upon reading this essay my first impulse was to blog about what an idiot how wrong in his thinking the author was.Oh, my sweet aspergillium, are you being funny? ironic?Why I Left the Catholic Church ... discuss

  Pope Francis has appointed Monsignor Patrick McKinney, 61, as the bishop of Nottingham, England. Patrick McKinney was born in Birmingham, England, in 1954 and was ordained a priest in 197 ... discuss

Nottingham, England, May 15, 2015 / 02:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- On the news of his being appointed the Bishop of Nottingham by Pope Francis, Monsignor Patrick McKinney said that in his nearly four deca ... discuss

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend a Mass in the Extraordinary Form recently.Generally, although one is offered in my diocese every weekend, the distance and timing, and my own S ... discuss

In China, a newborn was buried alive and left to die by his parents because he has a cleft lip. However, miraculously, the boy survived even though he was alone underground for eight days. The parents ... discuss

By Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro In contemporary society, we are faced with the challenge of how we can establish again a Culture of Life, one that would integrally respect life from biological conceptio ... discuss

David Bentley Hart has done a lot of good work in response to the "new atheists," and he is described as an "Orthodox theologian and philosopher," but having read his recent comments in defense of uni ... discuss

The Fortieth Day of Easter, New Testament Lection †  Psalm 110 (1-year Lectionary) or Psalm 47 (3-year)†  2 Kings 2:5-15 (1-year) or Acts 1:1-11 (3-year)† &n ... discuss

Father Opio of HLI Uganda trains pro-life coordinators. “Recognize the propaganda!” This is the message directed to Ugandan pro-life coordinators by Father Jonathan Opio, country director for HLI ... discuss

Brethren, Peace be with you.I've been praying the Liturgy of the Hours (LOH) - Morning and Evening prayers, mostly - constantly since 2002. I have said it before and say again, the LOH form the "booke ... discuss

Summarizing a major life event – one involving virtually three weeks of walking over 500 kilometers on the Camino in Santiago de Compostela to the tomb of the Apostle James – is not easy. Word ... discuss

 Postabortion woman would urge others to choose life Send to KindleA woman who had an abortion talks about the aftermath in the magazine A ... discuss

Apparently Planned Parenthood loves moms and celebrated them this past Mother’s Day by promoting abortion. In a few Mother’s Day “cards”, Planned Parenthood shared the stories of women who’v ... discuss

Last month we observed on April 25th the annual Major Rogation Day. I have previously posted on the Rogation Days & Ember Days as they occur throughout the year. We are now beginning the Min ... discuss

The Role of Church and State in Executing Vengeance Against Blasphemy, Idolatry and Witchcraft One of the main points of any system of covenantal theology should be the idea of “covenantal shift. ... discuss

Credit:  www. spreadshirt.comI use to be a political junkie. I listened constantly to talk radio and watched political talk shows every night. The aim of all this political talk was and still is ... discuss

There is a story of a priest who, on one Sunday, began to preach on the topic of love. Using... The post A Love Like No Other appeared first on Catholic Journal. ... discuss

Our Patroness It all began in 1990. Theresa was attending a Rosary Congress weekend in Massachusetts with the youth group from her parish and one of the parish priests.  They were blessed to hav ... discuss

was born about 1342, and when she was thirty years old, she became gravely ill and was expected to die. Then, on the seventh day, the medical crisis passed, and she had a series of fifteen visions, or ... discuss

“Let no man despise your youth; but be an example to those who believe, in word, in your way of life, in love, in spirit, in faith, and in purity.” (WEB) (Read these scriptures and more at http:// ... discuss

Philly priest uses fiction to break Catholic Church's 'wall of silence' — NewsWorks div> ... discuss

Question: "I have heard conflicting interpretations about the woman with an issue of blood. On the one hand, I have heard it said that by touching the hem of Christ's garment, she was showing her obed ... discuss

Dear JohnboyIt's been awhile since the last letter. It's funny that it has taken me this long to write about the most straightforward example from the mouth of Jesus in the gospels that not everything ... discuss

In 2016, women who’ve had abortions and doctors that have performed them will be able to receive pardons from Pope Francis. In the Catholic Church, abortion can result in automatic excommunication a ... discuss

Pope Francis has named Passionist Father Emery Kibal Mansong'loo as bishop of the Diocese of Kole, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The 45-year-old bishop-elect fills a position that had been vac ... discuss

Rome, Italy, May 6, 2015 / 12:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- After reading a letter while visiting Rome’s North American Seminary detailing the death of two young girls in a house fire, Pope Francis bl ... discuss

A dear priest who served the Diocese of Arlington well and faithfully died this afternoon. Below is the email I received from a fellow parishioner this evening. Father was a kind and dear soul. In Dec ... discuss

Cardinal Nichols meets homosexual group QUEST, March 2015The Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Cardinal Nichols, is scheduled to celebrate Mass for “LGBT Catholics Westminster” at the Church of t ... discuss

Rome, Italy, May 3, 2015 / 05:02 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Experts in California history, archeology and the life of Bl. Junipero Serra have praised him as a passionate missionary with a vision that extend ... discuss

Brethren, Peace be with you.Back in 2011 I wrote Do We Need to Use a Different Word for Marriage in the Church? and, Should Catholic Clergy Cease Signing Civil “Marriage” Licenses? I say Aye! ... discuss

Today, May 2, is the memorial of St. Athanasius, bishop and doctor of the Church.St. Athanasius (295 - 373) was the Church's greatest hero in the battle against Arianism (a heresy that denied Christ's ... discuss

Athanasius of Alexandria (Greek: Αθανάσιος) (also spelled "Athanasios") (ca. 293 – May 2, 373) was a Christian bishop, the Bishop of Alexandria, in the fourth century. He is revered as a sa ... discuss

The attack on Archbishop Cordileone for daring to uphold Catholic teaching in his schools and for supporting Fr. Joseph Illo's decision to use only altar boys continues. What's the archbishop's latest ... discuss

Vatican City, Apr 30, 2015 / 05:45 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Next month the Vatican will invite Rome's poor and homeless to a concert intended to raise money for Pope Francis’ charities, which last y ... discuss

Question: What do we mean by the "nous," how is it distinct from the soul, and are the Orthodox the only ones who speak about the "nous"?This question is complicated by the fact that the word "nous" ( ... discuss

How a priest chose to look like for a procession in his own parish.How appropriate.Can you name who this priest is? ... discuss

NOT!Look here.Are they deacons? This actually how EMHCs of a parish in Singapore are identified.  They wear a special sash worn much like how DEACONS were their stoles.And they have an ARMY ... discuss

Pope Francis Excommunicates Australian Priest Who Advocated For Gay Marriage And Female Clergy div> ... discuss

Father John Zuhlsdorf recently did a post on his blog in which he criticized the prayers of the Ordinary Form of the Mass (HERE) . In this post, he stated his rejection of official Church teachi ... discuss

Question: "Is the teaching that ultimately all men will be saved (the apokatastasis) a heresy, or is it an acceptable theological opinion within the bounds of Orthodoxy?"Origen taught the heretical do ... discuss

This Saturday, April 25th, is the Major Rogation. Traditionally, fasting and penance were required on this day, and the faithful would especially pray Litanies on this day. Rogation Days are the ... discuss

Vatican City, Apr 23, 2015 / 05:23 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The Vatican announced Thursday that Fr. Brendan Cahill, Vicar for Clergy in the archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, has been named bishop for the ... discuss

Credit:  www.slate.comI recently commented on Father John Zuhlsdorf's blog in which I pointed out that he, Father Z, was in profound disagreement with Pope Benedict XVI.  He admitted that ye ... discuss

Every San Franciscan — and every friend of freedom — should learn about Eugene Fahy, a native of Northern California who took a stand against tyrants and never backed down. ... discuss

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "// ... discuss

Question: "Where do we find any evidence that praying for the dead is a biblical? From what I have read it appears that the Bible almost says the opposite of this in Ezekiel Chapter 18. Sure, Ezekiel ... discuss

Apostolic Traditions was written by Hippolytus who feared the church was straying from tradition and falling into heresy and false doctrine, so he wanted to record the right way to ordain leaders like ... discuss

I agree with the broad premise of this writer that the Church doesn't provide much in the way of community, at least at the parish level. I have been a member of a number of parishes in my life, and t ... discuss

Okay, if we’re all done laughing about #SalonChristianitySecrets ….The problem with clickbait headlines is that, all too often, they don’t entice you to read the story. Rather, they become the s ... discuss

I know I'm notoriously private about my love life (friends like to joke that I'll probably be married before they find out there's even a guy in my life) but I've been inspired to write about romantic ... discuss

Last month, when I talked with Haley and Christy on the Fountains of Carrots podcast, they asked a great question about when couples convert. Haley and Daniel came in to the Church at the same time; A ... discuss

Posted on Facebook on Sunday morning: Karen EdmistenYesterday at 8:23am ·Feeling so incredibly happy and humbled and blessed this morning. Beautiful Easter Vigil last night and, as always, I cri ... discuss

Who was the first person the Risen Christ appeared to? His Mother!No less than six doctors of the Church, including Sts. Ambrose (c. 340-97), Anselm (1033-1109), and Albert the Great (c. 1206-80) he ... discuss

The Good Looking One and I decided to go to our parish for Good Friday services rather than the Trappist Abbey we've been going to for years on Good Friday. We've been more comfortable lately at ... discuss

It was on a good Friday,     and all in the morning,They crucified our Savior,     and our heavenly King.And was not this     a woeful thing ... discuss

Golgotha, inside the Church of the Holy SepulchreQuestion: "What should someone do during Holy Week if they have no parish nearby, and so cannot attend the services?"We should of course plan ahead, an ... discuss

 Father Z, you recently did a post on his blog entitled, "'Pause' for a moment to see Michael Voris’ new project." The subject of this post was a new project in which Michael Voris will choose ... discuss

It's Holy Week in the Philippines and it is the time "overflowing" with tradition and "traditional" liturgical abuse and weirdos.Each parish has it's own beautiful, non liturgical tradition that we Fi ... discuss

Ah, holy Jesus, how hast Thou offended, * That man to judge Thee hath in hate pretended? * By foes derided, by Thine own rejected, * O most afflicted.Holy Week at the parish of Saint John the Beloved ... discuss

Blessed Paul VI celebrating Mass in the vernacularCredit:  rorate-caeli.blogspot.comI recently did a post [HERE] in which I discussed Father Z's reaction to the "whoopdeedoo", as he referred to i ... discuss

-- The secular lay members of the Mystical Body of Christ have their own role to play in the history of salvation and a special dignity all our own that is different from that of priests and religious ... discuss

Prayer: The Litany of St. JosephA lot of people like to point out that St. Joseph had original sin, because in how we think about the Holy Family he stands in somewhat sharp contrast to the sinless Ev ... discuss

Brief post today:Dr. Waldstein discussing the fairness (i.e., beauty) of love shared this with us, and it is from John Paul II's Crossing the Threshold of Hope:"As a young priest I learned to love hum ... discuss

Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said, "There are not a hundred people in America who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions of people who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church."T ... discuss

St. Dionysius of AlexandriaFr. Ted Bobosh has written an article on a topic that comes up from time to time -- whether or not we should observe the custom of women refraining from Communion durin ... discuss

Question: "Making the sign of the cross became a practice in the 4th century. The apostles, Christ and nobody in the ancient Church practiced it, so why should we?"This question is based on a false pr ... discuss

All I know, as Will Rogers used to say, is what I read in the newspapers. That said? Something's whacky here.Last January, two newspapers reported that:No child was molested, nor subjected to indecent ... discuss

VIDEO: Kampen Boys Choir, The Netherlands.+    +    +“JUDICA ME, DEUS, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta: ab homine iniquo et doloso eripe me: quia ... discuss

From the Scranton Times-Tribune: Bishop Anthony M. Rysz, 90, died Friday, March 20, in Geisinger Community Medical Center emergency room after being stricken ill at home. His wife of 46 years is the f ... discuss




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