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Answered by Legionary of Christ Father Edward McNamara, professor of liturgy and dean of theology at the Regina Apostolorum university. Q: I seemed to have learned in the seminaries I attended in S ... discuss

"When you feel the assaults of passion and anger, then is the time to be silent as Jesus was silent in the midst of His ignominies and sufferings" (St. Paul of the Cross)Double (1955 Calendar): April ... discuss

NOT!Look here.Are they deacons? This actually how EMHCs of a parish in Singapore are identified.  They wear a special sash worn much like how DEACONS were their stoles.And they have an ARMY ... discuss

Vatican City, Apr 27, 2015 / 03:38 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- In a previously unpublished 2012 lecture, Pope Francis explains the inner sense of the ‘theology of the people,' emphasizing that popular ... discuss

Salt Lake City, Utah, Apr 27, 2015 / 11:56 am (CNA/EWTN News).- On Monday, Pope Francis appointed Bishop John Wester, who has led the Diocese of Salt Lake City since 2007 and is known for speaking out ... discuss

In this charming video, a Greek Catholic priest in Valletta, Malta, venerates St. Vincent Ferrer on his feast day.The saint responds with a blessing. ... discuss

Pope Francis Excommunicates Australian Priest Who Advocated For Gay Marriage And Female Clergy div> ... discuss

By Jimmy Akin | Recently I heard a priest describe something that happened to him in the early days of his priesthood. From his age, I’m guessing this would have been the mid-1970s. He s ... discuss

Apr 24 - Homily: Faithful Priest and Martyr Fr Elias on life of St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen, a Franciscan priest and Martyr who evangelized the Calvinists in Switzerland. Fidelis means faithful and ... discuss

Pope Francis has appointed Father Edward Malesic, 54, as bishop of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, and accepted the resignation of Bishop Lawrence Brandt, 76, from pastoral governance of that diocese. Fath ... discuss

(NOTE: the text below is probably the best version.  I made a few slight slight tweaks to it after filming last night.  Nothing major.  Hope it helps) “A hired man, who is no ... discuss

Hillary Clinton: ‘Religious beliefs’ against abortion ‘have to be changed’Not gonna happen. Critique transgenderism? Not allowed in OntarioIf you want free speech, you have to exercise free sp ... discuss

By SOPHIE DRUFFNER“Woman, where are they?Has no one condemned you?”She replied, “No one, sir.”Then Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you.Go, and from now on do not sin an ... discuss

Chicago, Ill., Apr 24, 2015 / 04:23 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A strong leader, yet humble. Approachable, yet not preoccupied with a desire to be liked. A high-ranking prelate and intellectual powerhouse, y ... discuss

Father John Zuhlsdorf recently did a post on his blog in which he criticized the prayers of the Ordinary Form of the Mass (HERE) . In this post, he stated his rejection of official Church teachi ... discuss

Question: "Is the teaching that ultimately all men will be saved (the apokatastasis) a heresy, or is it an acceptable theological opinion within the bounds of Orthodoxy?"Origen taught the heretical do ... discuss

The saint of the day for April 24 is St. Fidelis of Sigmarengen, model of faith and evangelization. Known as Mark Rey and the "Poor Man's Lawyer," Fidelis was born in 1577 at Sigmaringen, Prussia. His ... discuss

This Saturday, April 25th, is the Major Rogation. Traditionally, fasting and penance were required on this day, and the faithful would especially pray Litanies on this day. Rogation Days are the ... discuss

A ... discuss

Son of a pagan imperial messenger. Convert. Monk. Priest. Bishop of Anastasiopolis, Galatia. Founded monasteries. Had the gift of healing. Miracle worker. Warded off a plague of insects by prayer. Sup ... discuss

For One Priest, A Fate Worse Than Dying in Prison div> ... discuss

Vatican City, Apr 23, 2015 / 05:23 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The Vatican announced Thursday that Fr. Brendan Cahill, Vicar for Clergy in the archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, has been named bishop for the ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Apr 23, 2015 / 04:02 am (CNA).- Street artists from 10 countries around the globe gathered in Rome and put their talents to use in creating an outdoor art exhibit designed to place beauty ... discuss

... discuss

Credit:  www.slate.comI recently commented on Father John Zuhlsdorf's blog in which I pointed out that he, Father Z, was in profound disagreement with Pope Benedict XVI.  He admitted that ye ... discuss

Reading the news can be hazardous to one’s sense of hope for us as a species or as a just and vibrant culture. This past couple of weeks offered a perfect illustration of this with two stories. One ... discuss

Every San Franciscan — and every friend of freedom — should learn about Eugene Fahy, a native of Northern California who took a stand against tyrants and never backed down. ... discuss

On April 25, 2015, thousands of Americans will gather in Washington, DC for the March for Marriage. Some may ask, “Why now?” Though weakened by previous assaults, the institution of marriage is no ... discuss

By ELISE HARRIS/CNA/EWTN NEWS | VATICAN CITY — Nearly two and a half years after being the first U.S. bishop convicted of a misdemeanor in failing to report suspected child abuse by a prie ... discuss

By CNA/EWTN NEWS | WASHINGTON — There are tens of thousands of Catholic clergy in the U.S. — but there were fewer than 10 substantiated allegations of clergy sex abuse committed in t ... discuss

Vatican City, Apr 21, 2015 / 04:47 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Nearly two and a half years after being the first U.S. bishop convicted of a misdemeanor in failing to report suspected child abuse by a priest ... discuss

Washington D.C., Apr 21, 2015 / 12:01 am (CNA/EWTN News).- There are tens of thousands of Catholic clergy in the U.S. – but there were fewer than 10 substantiated allegations of clergy sex abuse ... discuss

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "// ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | Troubling News a Parish Priest Learned from Kids in the Confessional by Father Anthony Gerber of Aleteia∝ - Eight Major Studies of Identical Twins Prove Ho ... discuss

Erbil, Iraq, Apr 18, 2015 / 02:05 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- A car bomb explosion in front of the American consulate in what is considered the safest city in Iraq has left many unnerved and anxious, pr ... discuss

A Danish cleric identified as a rightwing political and cultural figure in the Denmark of the 1930s became the center of moral and intellectual resistance to the Nazi occupation of Denmark.  Kaj Munk ... discuss

John Kulikos was born in the Greek district of Epirus, in the city of Ioannina. His parents were pious, but he was orphaned at an early age, and he went to Constantinople. With the means left him by h ... discuss

While this may be a little dated, the full effect of what will come out of Archbishop Cupich in Chicago has not yet been felt.  Here is what this man did previously.From the Blog of CathCon:The s ... discuss

Vatican City, Apr 17, 2015 / 12:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Already two years into the reform process of the Roman Curia, progress might seem slow. But cardinals on the Pope's advisory council say efforts ... discuss

I am honored to be a part of the virtual blog tour for Eve's Apple by Marie Therese Kceif. This is a book that I can hardly wait to read! I enjoy reading personal spiritual memoirs and learning how Go ... discuss

Vatican City, Apr 16, 2015 / 10:10 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Since Pope Francis won’t make it to California for the canonization of its great evangelizer, he will join a celebration at Rome’s A ... discuss

By Matthew Archbold | This is an amazing story. Bill Atkinson was an exceptional athlete and ruggedly handsome young man from the Philadelphia area. He attended Catholic schools throughout his ... discuss

Question: "Where do we find any evidence that praying for the dead is a biblical? From what I have read it appears that the Bible almost says the opposite of this in Ezekiel Chapter 18. Sure, Ezekiel ... discuss

Thursday of the Second Week of Easter(Click here for readings)By FR ALFONSE NAZZAROThe one who comes from above is above all.  The one who is of the earth is earthly and speaks of earthly things. ... discuss

According to the Catholic Calendar in place in 1954, today (April 16th) was a ferial day that also was noted as the Feast of St. Benedict Joseph Labre (Mass in Some Places).  As I have poste ... discuss

By JOSEPH PRONECHEN | Father Thomas Roussel Byles was among the 2,207 passengers and crew aboard the RMS Titanic when it sank in the North Atlantic on April 15, 1912. Leaving his parish in Onga ... discuss

Alqosh, Iraq, Apr 15, 2015 / 04:31 am (Aid to the Church in Need).- “At night we often hear gunfire,” says Father Steven, a priest in Alqosh, Iraq. “But luckily we are quite a bit ... discuss

On April 15, we celebrate the feast of Blessed César de Bus, a priest, teacher, and founder of two religious congregations: the Fathers of Christian Doctrine and the Daughters of Christian Doctrine. ... discuss

In the 1800's, the Hawaiian Islands suffered a severe leprosy epidemic, which was dealt with largely by isolating lepers on the island of Molokai. They were simply dumped there and left to fend for th ... discuss

London, England, Apr 14, 2015 / 04:02 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- When the Titanic began to sink on April 15, 1912, Father Thomas Byles had two opportunities to board a lifeboat. But he forewent those oppor ... discuss

Social media-savvy priest answers challenging questions in fewer than 140 characters Contact: Kevin Wandra, 404-788-1276, SAN FRANCISCO, April 14, 2015 /Christian N ... discuss

Priest and servers, in a Good Friday procession in Popayán[J. Richard Haefer completes his guest columns about a Holy Week visit to Colombia and to the Festival of Religious Music at Po ... discuss

Divine Mercy Sunday(Click here for readings)By FR ALFONSE NAZZAROThomas, called Didymus, one of the Twelve, was not with them when Jesus came.  So the other disciples said to him, "We have seen t ... discuss

 There has been a lot of progress over the years, in understanding the impact of abortion.  I personally, will always be so grateful to the Elliot Institute for understanding exactly how ... discuss

Apostolic Traditions was written by Hippolytus who feared the church was straying from tradition and falling into heresy and false doctrine, so he wanted to record the right way to ordain leaders like ... discuss

Today is the memorial of Blessed Margaret of Castello, patron of the unwanted. In so many ways she is an model to many aspects of the pro life movement. Born blind, lame and a hunchbacked midget, her ... discuss

A Treasury of War Poetry British and American Poems of the World War 1914-1917 Reader Reviewfrom Amazon: I’m not one to generally sit down and read a book of poetry, but that’s exactly wha ... discuss

I agree with the broad premise of this writer that the Church doesn't provide much in the way of community, at least at the parish level. I have been a member of a number of parishes in my life, and t ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Apr 11, 2015 / 04:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Despite Turkey's claim of religious freedom, Christians there have faced ongoing hostility, including  government oppression and murder R ... discuss

On April 11, the Church celebrates St. Gemma Galgani, virgin, mystic, stigmatist, visionary, and victim soul. Saint Gemma is the patron saint of: pharmacists, loss of parents, those suffering wit ... discuss

(5 April 1809–11 April 1878) was the first Anglican Bishop of New Zealand. He was Bishop of New Zealand from 1841 to 1858. His diocese was then subdivided and Selwyn was Primate of New Zealand from ... discuss

Okay, if we’re all done laughing about #SalonChristianitySecrets ….The problem with clickbait headlines is that, all too often, they don’t entice you to read the story. Rather, they become the s ... discuss

While gay activists are attacking Christian bakeries and wedding planners and filing lawsuits to put them out of business because of their religious beliefs, a Catholic priest has come up with a simpl ... discuss

Georgios Aggelopoulos was born in Dimitsana, Arcadia prefecture in 1746 to poor parents. A studious child, Georgios attended school at Dimitsana before continuing his education in Athens for two years ... discuss

The year 870 was a terrible year for the Church in East Anglia. The Viking army that had arrived in 865 became a permanent army of occupation, and when they had amassed horses and supplies from the En ... discuss

Today is the feast of Saint Michael de Sanctis, also known as St. Michael of the Saints, a Spanish Discalced Trinitarian priest, the patron of cancer patients.Michael Argemir was born on September 29, ... discuss

St. Louis, Mo., Apr 9, 2015 / 03:56 pm (CNA).- Archbishop Robert J. Carlson and the Make-A-Wish Foundation helped one young boy to live his dream by experiencing, in part, what it’s like to be a ... discuss

Jerusalem, Israel, Apr 8, 2015 / 02:18 pm (Aid to the Church in Need).- Patriarch Fouad Twal of Jerusalem has praised an Israeli Supreme Court decision prohibiting the country's army from routing a se ... discuss

Ah spring book season, when the new growth of authors and publishers sprout at the mailbox, unexpectedly delighting book reviewers.I love it.I won't get a chance to read these as fast as you deserve t ... discuss

I know I'm notoriously private about my love life (friends like to joke that I'll probably be married before they find out there's even a guy in my life) but I've been inspired to write about romantic ... discuss

Last month, when I talked with Haley and Christy on the Fountains of Carrots podcast, they asked a great question about when couples convert. Haley and Daniel came in to the Church at the same time; A ... discuss

Vasily Ivanovich Belavin, the future Saint Tikhon, was born on January 19, 1865 into the family of Ioann Belavin, a rural priest of the Toropetz district of the Pskov diocese. His childhood and adoles ... discuss

Posted on Facebook on Sunday morning: Karen EdmistenYesterday at 8:23am ·Feeling so incredibly happy and humbled and blessed this morning. Beautiful Easter Vigil last night and, as always, I cri ... discuss

div> ... discuss

Archbishop of Constantinople, was born in a village called "Divine" in the province of Phrygia. His father Alexander was a soldier, and his mother Synesia was the daughter of the priest Hesychius of A ... discuss

(Another example of Luther's heresy against our Lord) The Church acted most impeccably and pastorally in putting down Luther's revolt in the fourteenth century. Let that be our reflection, that it m ... discuss

Who was the first person the Risen Christ appeared to? His Mother!No less than six doctors of the Church, including Sts. Ambrose (c. 340-97), Anselm (1033-1109), and Albert the Great (c. 1206-80) he ... discuss

The Good Looking One and I decided to go to our parish for Good Friday services rather than the Trappist Abbey we've been going to for years on Good Friday. We've been more comfortable lately at ... discuss

Son of Severianus and Theodora, people known for their piety. Brother of Saint Fulgentius of Ecija, Saint Florentina of Cartagena, and Saint Leander of Seville, who raised him after their father‘s d ... discuss

When was the last time anyone heard a sermon that condemned the evils of fornication, or adultery, or cohabitation, or divorce, or bearing children outside wedlock (let alone homosexuality)? Controlli ... discuss

To view the video click here ... discuss

Join the other Quicktakers at This Ain't the Lyceum.1. A week or so ago, Father K asked Pete and me if we would get our feet washed at the Holy Thursday mass.  We didn't even have to think about ... discuss

It was on a good Friday,     and all in the morning,They crucified our Savior,     and our heavenly King.And was not this     a woeful thing ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Apr 3, 2015 / 04:51 am (CNA).- In the hours after evening Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday, a few pilgrims in Rome make their way to the Church of Saint Praxedes, home to a frag ... discuss

Miao, India, Apr 3, 2015 / 04:29 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In the Diocese of Miao, located in India's northeasternmost state of Arunachal Pradesh, Bishop George Pallipparambil is not staying quietly in his ... discuss

The Collects for the DayALMIGHTY God, we beseech thee graciously to behold this thy family, for which our Lord Jesus Christ was contented to be betrayed, and given up into the hands of wicked men, and ... discuss

Richard de Wyche was born in 1197 at Droitwyche, the son of a prosperous yeoman farmer. He and his brother were orphaned at an early age, and an incompetent guardian wasted the inheritance. Richard wo ... discuss

Golgotha, inside the Church of the Holy SepulchreQuestion: "What should someone do during Holy Week if they have no parish nearby, and so cannot attend the services?"We should of course plan ahead, an ... discuss

For my second pro-life mission to Macau, I was joined by HLI President Father Shenan Boquet and Dr. Brian Clowes, the director of education and research. During the late winter trip, we reached almost ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Apr 2, 2015 / 04:32 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In his homily for Holy Thursday’s Chrism Mass Pope Francis talked about different ways priests can get tired, and emphasized this is not a b ... discuss

Washington D.C., Apr 2, 2015 / 07:54 am (CNA).- As Catholics around the globe prepare for the Easter Triduum, the three-day period beginning with Holy Thursday and culminating in the celebration of Ea ... discuss

Yesterday evening I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak at the church of Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane, at the invitation of the Parish Priest, Fr Alan Robinson.I spoke on the subject of "Why ... discuss

Vatican City, Apr 1, 2015 / 01:46 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis, in his General Audience address for Holy Week, said that the Christian martyrs of today, by the shedding of their blood, join with ... discuss

(June 27, 1818 – April 2, 1876) was a priest, educator and missionary of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America.Breck was born near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended high school ... discuss

 Father Z, you recently did a post on his blog entitled, "'Pause' for a moment to see Michael Voris’ new project." The subject of this post was a new project in which Michael Voris will choose ... discuss

It's Holy Week in the Philippines and it is the time "overflowing" with tradition and "traditional" liturgical abuse and weirdos.Each parish has it's own beautiful, non liturgical tradition that we Fi ... discuss

Ah, holy Jesus, how hast Thou offended, * That man to judge Thee hath in hate pretended? * By foes derided, by Thine own rejected, * O most afflicted.Holy Week at the parish of Saint John the Beloved ... discuss

or Wednesday in Holy WeekIn Western Christianity, the Wednesday before Easter is sometimes known as 'Spy Wednesday', indicating that it is the day that Judas Iscariot first conspired with the Sanhedri ... discuss

Propers for Monday before EasterThe Collect.ALMIGHTY God, whose most dear Son went not up to joy but first he suffered pain, and entered not into glory before he was crucified; Mercifully grant that w ... discuss

Was born in Siberia on August 26, 1797, and was named John Popov.While in seminary at Irkutsk, he spent so much time with Bishop Benjamin that the dean gave him the name "Veniaminov" (son of Benjamin) ... discuss

John Donne was the most outstanding of the English Metaphysical Poets and a churchman famous for his spellbinding sermons. His poetry is noted for its ingenious fusion of wit and seriousness and repre ... discuss

The Holy See commented on the appointment of Bishop Juan de la Cruz Barros Madrid as Bishop of Osorno (Chile). Many have petitioned the Vatican to reverse the appointment, because of his affiliation ... discuss

A ... discuss

Blessed Paul VI celebrating Mass in the vernacularCredit:  rorate-caeli.blogspot.comI recently did a post [HERE] in which I discussed Father Z's reaction to the "whoopdeedoo", as he referred to i ... discuss

Los Angeles, Calif., Mar 29, 2015 / 04:22 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- California missionary Father Junipero Serra’s canonization is “long overdue,” says a university professor concerned tha ... discuss

Outside my window...Tim Tonjes via Flickr licensed via cc.  I am thinking...My cousin Jerry is updating the family tree for our very large family.  (Jerry is my first cousin once remove ... discuss

-- The secular lay members of the Mystical Body of Christ have their own role to play in the history of salvation and a special dignity all our own that is different from that of priests and religious ... discuss

Prayer: The Litany of St. JosephA lot of people like to point out that St. Joseph had original sin, because in how we think about the Holy Family he stands in somewhat sharp contrast to the sinless Ev ... discuss

Brief post today:Dr. Waldstein discussing the fairness (i.e., beauty) of love shared this with us, and it is from John Paul II's Crossing the Threshold of Hope:"As a young priest I learned to love hum ... discuss

Archbishop Fulton Sheen once said, "There are not a hundred people in America who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions of people who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church."T ... discuss

Introduction It is the Time of the Passover in Jerusalem, about 30 A.D., and there were perhaps close to 2 million people in and around Jerusalem. This was the only time in His Ministry of 3 ½ years ... discuss

Havana, Cuba, Mar 28, 2015 / 04:03 pm (CNA/Europa Press).- As the fifty year economic embargo and diplomatic isolation between the U.S. and Cuba comes to a close, the thaw of their historically icy re ... discuss

(April 25, 1792 – March 29, 1866) was an English churchman and gave his name to Keble College, Oxford (1870).John Keble, born 1792, ordained Priest in 1816, tutor at Oxford from 1818 to 1823, publis ... discuss

St. Dionysius of AlexandriaFr. Ted Bobosh has written an article on a topic that comes up from time to time -- whether or not we should observe the custom of women refraining from Communion durin ... discuss

Question: "Making the sign of the cross became a practice in the 4th century. The apostles, Christ and nobody in the ancient Church practiced it, so why should we?"This question is based on a false pr ... discuss

Cardinal Nichols conducting dialogue on the Synod via the pressI am deeply disturbed by Cardinal Nichols' criticism of the 461 brave priests who signed a letter upholding the unchangeable teachings of ... discuss

All I know, as Will Rogers used to say, is what I read in the newspapers. That said? Something's whacky here.Last January, two newspapers reported that:No child was molested, nor subjected to indecent ... discuss

VIDEO: Kampen Boys Choir, The Netherlands.+    +    +“JUDICA ME, DEUS, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta: ab homine iniquo et doloso eripe me: quia ... discuss

From the Scranton Times-Tribune: Bishop Anthony M. Rysz, 90, died Friday, March 20, in Geisinger Community Medical Center emergency room after being stricken ill at home. His wife of 46 years is the f ... discuss

……………………………………………………………. Abortion is final… you never ... discuss

The façade must be maintained at all costs. You can never be allowed to see the man behind the curtain because once the light is shined on all this, it all comes tumbling down – immediately recogni ... discuss

Last week, our Franciscan Fraternity lost one of its long-time members. She had been struggling with illness for many years, was confined to a wheelchair, was on dialysis, had other health i ... discuss

While an ordinary Catholic will no doubt be familiar with genuflecting.  After all, everyone is supposed to genuflect towards to Real Presence of our Lord in the Eucharist while in the Church. &n ... discuss

Traditional Catholics will be familiar with the fact that the Feast of the Body of Christ (Corpus Christi) is kept on a separate date than the Feast of the Precious Blood.  The Feast of the Preci ... discuss

Question: "Why does the Orthodox Church teach many sacraments, and that they bestow grace, when the New Testament only speaks of two sacraments as only memorials: Communion and Baptism?"Your question ... discuss

Derek Flood has written an excellent book explaining the issues I covered in my blog series this past autumn. My series is titled "Not everything Biblical is Christian." His book is titled Disarm ... discuss

Today the Church celebrates the feast of Saint Patrick (387-493), the patron saint of Ireland. It is on the Emerald Isle that today is both a national and religious holiday. At one time, the bars woul ... discuss

St. Catherine of SienaCredit:  www.discerninghearts.comI recently did a post on traditional Catholics and the emphasis they place on external worship, citing the fact that this can be a very dang ... discuss

Date: March 8, 2015 Place: St. Joseph of Arimathea Episcopal Church Scripture: John 2:13-22 When I was in college I was president of a student organization that brought in various speakers to address ... discuss

by Jane St. Clair Kokopelli plays the music of the Sonoran desert and that is why you see him everywhere in Arizona and all over the American Southwest. He is our happiest symbol, jumping out of ever ... discuss

Without warning, we here at man with black hat went on hiatus, for reasons to be explained herein. So much has happened in the Church and in the world during this time, much of which in the former rea ... discuss

Question: "What is going on in Exodus 4:24-26?"The passage as it is found in most translations is fairly obscure. This is how it reads in the New King James Version:"And it came to pass on the way, at ... discuss

St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov)Question: "What does Ephesians 6:12 mean when it says that we struggle against evil powers in high places?"When you are trying to understand a passage, if you don't know th ... discuss

p://" alt="Quill Writing" /> My chief desire in all my writings, is to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and make Him beautiful and gl ... discuss

... discuss

Only evil minded people profit from confusion in the hearts and minds of Catholics. They're able to sneak in their wicked agendas weakening the faith and self understanding of the faithful.Michael Vor ... discuss

The Sacrifice of Isaac, by Juan de Valdes Leal (1659).First Reading: Genesis 22:1-2,9-13,15-18Responsorial: Psalm 116:10,15-19Second Reading: Romans 8:31-34Gospel: Mark 9:2-10In today’s Gospel readi ... discuss

Question: "This article was sent to me as "proof" that Lent is contrary to the scriptures: How do we respond?"The author of this article has to concede t ... discuss

Credit:  insureblog.blogspot.comTherefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the ver ... discuss

23 February AD 156 Born around AD 69, Saint Polycarp was a central figure in the early church. Said to be disciple of the holy evangelist and apostle Saint John, he provides a link between the first ... discuss

20 February AD 1620 In 1619, King Christian IV of Norway and Denmark sent the ships Enhiørningen and Lamprenen in search of the Northwest Passage to India. The crew of sixty-four Norwegians, Danes, ... discuss

Again, the lawyer letter at the centre of the controversy, in which Fr. Rosica's lawyer threatens legal action if Vox Cantoris does not take down ALL blogposts referring to him.The Ontario libel law u ... discuss

The lawyer's letter to Vox Cantoris is here.The Radical Catholic: Fr. Thomas Rosica Threatens Catholic BloggerEveryday for Life: Careful what you say about the clergy: you may get suedJonah in the Hea ... discuss

Great-Martyr CatherineQuestion: "The Hebrew Bible nowhere thought celibacy praiseworthy (St. Paul was an exception). So why does Orthodoxy teach that monastic celibacy is the greatest ideal and superi ... discuss

18 February AD 1546 Martin Luther, born on 10 November 1483, in Eisleben, Germany, initially began studies leading toward a degree in law. However, after a close encounter with death, he switched to ... discuss

Here is something interesting, that I never knew about. Kobe Bryant is Catholic, and turned to a priest in his hours of need. From a GQ story out today (Note: GQ isn’t known as the most morally ... discuss

Fresh research has just tossed a grenade into the incendiary issue of same-sex parenting. Writing in the British Journal of Education, Society & Behavioural Science, a peer-reviewed journal, Amer ... discuss

14 February A.D. 270(?) Details of ancient Christianity are sketchy since for much of the Church's early years, it was a crime to be a Christian and records were hidden or kept purposely incomplete t ... discuss

St. Gregory PalamasQuestion: "To be Orthodox, must a person hold to the distinction in God between essence and energies?"Let me first ask a slightly different question: to be Orthodox, must a person u ... discuss

The above picture is one that is sure to warm the heart of every good Catholic traditionalist. Here is a priest celebrating the Mass ad orientem. This is the way Mass should be celebrated. This is ... discuss

RORATE EXCLUSIVE: Open letter by Archbishop on the crisis in the ChurchFull text also on their site.  (they say it can be posted or linked to , so I am given the devastating contents)'It is ... discuss

Double (1955 Calendar): February 9St. Cyril, patriarch of Alexandria, was known as the Doctor of the Incarnation. He took a fearless stand against the Nestorian heretics who denied that the Second Per ... discuss

In January, Michael Voris did a Vortex episode entitled, "GET OUT!" in which he once again attacked the "homosexual and homosexual-friendly clergy" of the Catholic Church.  He, as is his usual cu ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Feb 8, 2015 / 12:01 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis traveled in the eastern outskirts of Rome on Sunday afternoon to hear confessions and say Mass at a parish known for its commitment t ... discuss

Valladolid, Spain, Feb 8, 2015 / 06:01 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Archbishop Ricardo Blazquez Perez' friends say one of his first decisions as Archbishop of Valladolid was to set aside part of his salary to ... discuss

Mary Donigan, age 22, died on February 6, 1870, at the Brooklyn home of long-time friend Mrs. Bridget Dillon. Mary had come to her home on a Monday afternoon about three weeks before her death, lookin ... discuss

UFL member and moral theologian Peter Colosi has been asked by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Office for the New Evangelization to write “Homily Ideas” once a month from November, 2014 thru Augu ... discuss

Paul Vlaar found national fame in July 2010 when he organised in the St. Victor Church in Obdam a special "Oranjemis" dedicated to the World Cup finals. This celebration was found too wordly by the ec ... discuss

Father Anthony Buś's radio interview with me today for his "Winds of Change" show, in which I discussed The Thrill of the Chaste (Catholic Edition) and My Peace I Give You, was a grace-filled experi ... discuss

13 May 2014, Leslie Fain After Alexandra G. was raped at age 13, her mother opted not to take her to a doctor or a counselor, but to an abortion clinic. “She was a child of the ’60s, vehement ... discuss

In 2014, God has blessed 40 Days for Life in many ways … in response to your prayers! We wanted to do a “top ten” list … but there were just too many great stories! So we settl ... discuss

... discuss

The Virgin Mary beseeching Christ at the Wedding of CanaQuestion: "Protestants often claim that Orthodox (and other Christians)  raise the Theotokos to the divine level of Jesus Christ by referri ... discuss

There are many ways to answer this serious accusation, that Abolish Human Abortion is a cult. First, “Abolish Human Abortion” is not a group. AHA is not an organization, neither church nor parachu ... discuss

Over the past week or so, there's one topic that I've been chatting about with some of my guy friends: the Confiteor. What is the Confiteor you may ask? It's this prayer..."I confess to almighty Godan ... discuss

A Container for Holy ChrismQuestion: "Someone has been insisting to me that the Russian Orthodox Church recognizes the validity of the Sacraments of the Roman Church. And in fact, have since at least ... discuss

The Council of the Holy Fathers (various Fathers with St. Constantine the Great, holding the Nicean Creed)Question: "How does doctrinal authority work in Orthodoxy? In a simplified form, how do I ... discuss

"In silence, we are better able to listen to and understand ourselves;ideas come to birth and acquire depth... Deeper reflection helps us to discover the links between events that at first sight see ... discuss

Question: "In the Orthodox Study Bible and in other places online, I've seen a chart comparing the Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox canon of Scripture. My question is from what canon o ... discuss

VIDEO: A 2008 performance of "March of the Kings" ("Marche Des Rois") by Nowell Sing We Clear (Tony Barrand, Fred Breunig, Andy Davis and John Roberts) at Latchis Theater, Brattleboro, Vermont.+  ... discuss

Vatican City, Jan 6, 2015 / 12:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Months after being named to replace Cardinal Raymond Burke as head of the Apostolic Signatura, Archbishop Dominique Mamberti will be among those ... discuss

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, twelve drummers drumming ...”The reformed Roman calendar honors Saint John Nepomucene Neumann, a native of Bohemia and Redemptorist pries ... discuss

This four-day weekend after a high-octane December seems a good opportunity to regale the world with my ruminations.-- 2015 is my 20th year living in Idaho.  That is almost half my life.  Bu ... discuss

Lot and his two daughters flee the destruction of SodomQuestion: "Why did Lot offer his virgin daughters to the Sodomites? Why wasn't Lot appointed a place with the Sodomites for such a horrible offer ... discuss

An objection to abolition that is becoming slightly more common as the realisation grows that the usual pro-abortion arguments don't hold any water is derived from the so-called "test for adultery" in ... discuss

How many good things happened at local 40 Days for Life campaigns in 2014? The answer is really “too many to count!” Picking a top 10 from among more than 200 campaign reports was almost impossibl ... discuss

Today I was delighted to receive in the mail 25 copies of the Spanish-language version of my book My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints. I had ordered the copies of Mi ... discuss

This morning, I spoke during Mass in the parish church of St Theresa of the Child Jesus, in north west London, about the Extraordinary Synod on the Family in Rome last October. Interestingly, my talk ... discuss

Happy Third Day of ChristmasPatron Saints Index: Saint John the Apostle: "The only one of the Twelve not to forsake the Savior in the hour of His Passion, standing at the foot of the cross. Made guard ... discuss

Your Excellency:It has been reported that a Catholic pediatrician is suing the City of Philadelphia, alleging that she was fired for refusing to write prescriptions for "contraceptives" (cf, Philadel ... discuss

This month, this blog hit 10 years.The most popular posts to date, in reverse order are:10. Stump the Priest: Head Coverings.9.  So Gay Marriage Won't Impose Anything on the Rest of Us?8.  B ... discuss

A Sudanese girl captured and enslaved by Arab Muslim slavers in the Darfur province circa 1869 A.D.  She was forcibly converted to Islam and given the name "Bakhita" which means "lucky" in Arabic ... discuss

Note:  Christmas Eve Sermon at Zion Lutheran Church of Gwinner, ND (Service of Lessons and Carols)Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.Can you smell the hay? ... discuss

The New Martyr Evgeny RodionovQuestion: "Is it necessary for an Orthodox Christian to always wear a Cross?"The practice of wearing a cross is very ancient, and it is done for two reasons: 1). It is a ... discuss

Today the Church celebrates the optional memorial of St. John of Kanty, priest.St. John was born at Kanty, in the Diocese of Krakow, Poland in 1390 to Stanislaus and Anne who were pious country people ... discuss

An update on traditional monks at the Silverstream Priory from Catholic Ireland. Fundraising deadline looms for Silverstream prioryBy Sarah Mac Donald - 21 December, 2014Ireland’ ... discuss

I recently saw a Facebook thread on whether people receive Hoy Communion in the hand or on the tongue. As you might guess (or not) it went the way of more Facebook controversial issues...To most non-C ... discuss

 (Russian: Иоанн Кронштадтский) (October 19, 1829, Sura, Arkhangelsk–December 20, 1908, Kronstadt) was a Russian Orthodox Christian presbyter and a member of the synod of the ... discuss

Question: "When Jesus was asked how we are to pray, he gave the "Our Father" prayer, and said nothing about the "Jesus Prayer." Some Orthodox writers almost give the impression that a person will ... discuss

Overwhelmed by love – from preparing for my ordination to the Holy Priesthood, to the actual liturgy on the Commemoration of St. Nicholas, to my first Holy Mass offered on Sunday, December 7th, ... discuss

Vatican City, Dec 17, 2014 / 12:08 am (CNA/EWTN News).- As inmates are moved by a letter Pope Francis has sent to the prison of a small town in central Italy, the news broke that a man serving a life ... discuss

"Pigsty": Father Wagner complains about Diocese Gerhard Maria Wagner,the parish priest prevented from becoming Auxilliary Bishop of Linz again makes criticism of his diocese on the publication o ... discuss

Join the other Quicktakers over at "This Ain't the Lyceum" Hey before I get into the 7-quick takes, a small reminder that I have my Christmas and Advent Links stuck to the top of this blog for yo ... discuss

Blessed be the name of the Lord in both joy and sorrow.Fr. Michael Rodriguez has been persecuted for several years, primarily because of his adherence to the Latin Mass, the Mass of the ages.He is sus ... discuss

The American Catholic Almanac: Daily Reader of Patriots, Saints, Rogues, and Ordinary People Who Changed the United StatesImage Books, NYEmily Stimpson and Brian BurchBack when political correctness w ... discuss

There are those in the Orthodox Church who say that we should have nothing to do with the culture wars that have been raging in our culture since the 60's. They accuse conservative converts of trying ... discuss

By Brittany Higdon Few Christian households lack a Christmas tree at this time of year. Many people have completed their Christmas shopping, and Christmas carols blare over every store speaker. Howev ... discuss

That awful December 7th, 73 years ago, was also a Sunday.  At a stroke, the lives of millions were turned upside down and changed forever.A Japanese camera captured that stroke on the morning of ... discuss

Sometimes all I see is the pain and the questions.The pain of losing Lily and the heaviness of living the rest of my life without my first-born. And the questions of why it happened to me, to my baby. ... discuss

When I was very young, some of my classmates would leave their shoes outside the bedroom door on the night of the fifth of December, so that Saint Nicholas would leave them treats.We never did that at ... discuss

Vatican City, Dec 6, 2014 / 04:01 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Papal preacher Father Raniero Cantalamessa gave his first advent homily to Pope Francis, touching on the biblical meaning of the word peace ̵ ... discuss




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