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"Can I get the loyalty card discount?" he asked the kid at the register, "I had one like ten years ago, but I don't know where it is anymore." He went in on in gravelly voice from decades of smoking.T ... discuss

Throughout the world in the SSPX's seminaries, a total of 45 seminarians have taken the cassock, or clerical habit, during the 2015-2016 academic year. We offer some news and images of this important ... discuss

Vatican City, Feb 7, 2016 / 08:37 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The plight of Syrian civilians involved in the nation's ongoing conflict was at the heart of Pope Francis' appeal to the international community ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Feb 6, 2016 / 12:00 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Rome is abuzz this week with the arrival of Padre Pio’s body for the Jubilee of Mercy. But many are likely scratching their heads at the arr ... discuss

1870: A Fatal Abortifacient from an Unknown SourceA Coroner's Inquest was held regarding the February 6, 1870 death of 22-year-old Mary Donigan. Mary died at the Brooklyn home of Mrs. Bridget Dil ... discuss

Vatican City, Feb 6, 2016 / 04:57 am (CNA/EWTN News).- On Saturday Pope Francis said that St. Padre Pio is a key example of someone who has given their entire life in the service of God’s mercy, ... discuss

Regarding the Eucharist, St. John Chrysostom wrote: “When you behold the Lord sacrificed and prostrate, and the priest standing over... The post Are You Not Immediately Transported to Heaven? ap ... discuss

This is a huge list to be sure. But it has some of the most thought provoking books I know which can both entertain and inspire. It ranges from science fiction to mystery to Uncle Tom's Cabin. I ran t ... discuss

By CNA/EWTN NEWS | LOS ANGELES — For months, Erwin Mena donned vestments, called himself “Padre” and convinced Southern-California Catholics that he was a priest, police say. ... discuss

Washington D.C., Feb 5, 2016 / 03:06 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Pius XII's secret support for the attempted overthrow of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler is the subject of a new book that draws on wartime do ... discuss

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A federal judge will hear evidence on a claim that federal prosecutors wrongly withheld evidence in the case of a Pennsylvania priest convicted of having sex with poor street child ... discuss

The Twenty-six Martyrs of Japan (日本二十六聖人, Nihon Nijūroku Seijin?) refers to a group of Christians who were executed by crucifixion on February 5, 1597 at Nagasaki.On August 15, 1549, Fr ... discuss

A repentant and confessing Christian has much to remind themselves of when they fall into sin. We need the comfort of the gospel and its strong encouragements. We need reminders to quite our souls wit ... discuss

Los Angeles, Calif., Feb 4, 2016 / 04:39 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- For months, Erwin Mena donned vestments, called himself “Padre,” and convinced Southern California Catholics that he was a pri ... discuss

It's a genuine privilege to be part of Our Sunday Visitor's blog tour for a new book from my friend, María Ruiz Scaperlanda. Here she is:Don't you want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with ... discuss

Once upon a time, a 16 year-old Emmy went to see The Princess Diaries on the big screen. Though she never dreamed about being a princess (no, she grew up a tomboy and dreamed about playing soccer), sh ... discuss

The Coen canon reaches a crescendo — or rather a warped inversion of one — in "Hail, Caesar!" when the brothers assemble a quartet of religious leaders from various faiths before Josh Brolin's 195 ... discuss

Here I am today, two and a half years after my abortion, and I know that I have been changed. Through God’s mercy and forgiveness, I have begun to heal in ways that I never thought were possible. I ... discuss

On February 3, we commemorate St. Blaise, a physician and Bishop of Sebaste, Armenia in the 4th century. He lived in a cave on Mount Argeus and was a healer of men and animals. Legend tells us that si ... discuss

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A man who allegedly posed as a priest and officiated at Masses, funerals, confessions, and at least one marriage was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of selling thousands of dollars ... discuss

DIRECTOR OF YOUTH MINISTRY AND EVANGELIZATION Youth Ministry, FT EmployeeOur Lady of the Valley Catholic Church (Windsor, CO)A vibrant, growing parish with a young, zealous Priest is seeking a full-ti ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Feb 2, 2016 / 03:30 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- As Pope Francis' year dedicated to consecrated life comes to a close, one nun shared her thoughts on the how her religious garb serves as a “ ... discuss

By Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble | When I was little I used to "play Mass" with my brother. He would be the priest and I would put a couch arm cover on my head and pretend I was a nun and help him ... discuss

Contact: Dick & Diane Baumbach, Worldwide Marriage Encounter, 321-544-3440, SINGAPORE, Feb. 2, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- The World Council of Worldwide Marriage Enco ... discuss

“What we need most in the midst of grief is God Himself. He will meet us, give us Himself, fill the void left by our loved ones, warm our hearts, lift our burdens, and draw us into the sweet bal ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | Nineveh, U.S.A.: Chaldean Catholics Flourish in American Southwest by Joyce Coronel of One Magazine - Big Pulpit Orthodox Priest Complains of Harassment on Chri ... discuss

... discuss

A few days ago I was driving around and listening, as I usually do, to sports talk radio.  (I love Catholic radio, and listen to it as well, but there's only so many times you can listen to a pri ... discuss

St. John Vianney heard confessions as a parish priest almost all day long.  Sometimes he'd hear confessions for 14 hours a day.We might be tempted to think that St. John Vianney didn't have much ... discuss

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A Polish court has ruled that a 6-year-old boy is the only heir of a prominent priest, who was his father. ... discuss

I will never forget it. It had not been that long since I had returned to church and was truly learning about my faith for the first time. Confused, and as I like to describe it “searching in the d ... discuss

It was a great day in Washington, D.C., and you can’t always say that. The federal government shut down due to the storm, and tens of thousands of pro-lifers braved the same storm to stand for life. ... discuss

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A federal judge has delayed next week's sentencing for a priest convicted of having sex with poor street children during missionary trips to Honduras. ... discuss

From The American ConservativeBy Rod Dreher Not The Onion:Nearly 500 years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of a German church, beginning the Protestant Reformation that led mi ... discuss

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland's conservative, pro-Catholic government says it plans to help finance a college founded by a controversial priest who also runs Radio Maryja, a station that has been rep ... discuss

This article is the opinion of Charlie Lewis.BCardinal von Galen fought the Nazi euthanasia program.y Charlie LewisOur religious leaders are missing something. I might dare to say they are failin ... discuss

January 28 is the feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas, a 13th century Dominican priest, philosopher, and theologian. As a Doctor of the Church, he has been given the title "Angelic Doctor" and is the patron ... discuss

... discuss

Saint Thomas Aquinas, Priest, Doctor ... discuss

Celine Dion and family1) Planned Parenthood would have happily aborted Celine Dion, the 14th child in her family. Good thing her mom went to see a priest instead of the local PP affiliate.How abortion ... discuss

By CNA/EWTN NEWS | VATICAN CITY — Father Engelmar Unzeitig, a young priest with Czech roots serving in Germany and Austria, was arrested by the Nazis on April 21, 1941. His crime? Pr ... discuss

John was called "Chrysostom" ("Golden Mouth") because of his eloquence. He was a priest of Antioch, and an outstanding preacher. (Audiences were warned not to carry large sums of money when they went ... discuss

In the world of celebrity authors, speakers, and pastors, we have pledged our allegiance to people we do not even know. Much of the time we seem willing to follow them without hesitation. This leaders ... discuss

Golgotha (inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher)Question: "I have heard it argued that the phrase in the Liturgy "A mercy of peace, a sacrifice of praise" is both nonsensical and a corruption of an ... discuss

Fr. John Gallagher from the Diocese of Palm Beach ... discuss

By Thomas L. McDonald | A story is told in the Life of St. Gotthard of a priest in the 12th century named Folcward who met a poor women with a dying child. He urged the woman to make a vow ... discuss

Vatican City, Jan 26, 2016 / 06:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Fr. Engelmar Unzeitig, a young priest with Czech roots serving in Germany and Austria, was arrested by the Nazis on April 21, 1941. His crime? ... discuss

“If what we find in Leviticus has passed away, then it is determined that there must be no more relevance for the believer today. While Leviticus may appear to be irrelevant upon a surface readi ... discuss

“Friends, consider this glorious news. We have a priest who put on true humanity. We have a priest who encountered the best Lucifer could throw at him. We have a priest who could not be swayed. ... discuss

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Bruno/Aleteia Dear fellow Pro-Lifer, The past few days have been such an exciting time in the pro-life movement! In spite of the weather on the East Coast, the March for Life wa ... discuss

Courtesy of Roamin' Catholics. As the mother of a young lady of 13 who has Down syndrome, I am accustomed to seeing how God's ways are far above our ways. Many times we have stood in awe at what Our L ... discuss

Friday was the 43rd annual March for Life, and drew hundreds of thousands of people from across the country to march through Washington, D.C. to protest abortion. Due to the massive blizzard that stru ... discuss

By Christine Rousselle Friday was the 43rd annual March for Life, and drew hundreds of thousands of people from across the country to march through Washington, D.C. to protest abortion. Due to the m ... discuss

The Feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul is a feast celebrated during the liturgical year on January 25, recounting the Conversion of Saul of Tarsus, who after a record of brutalizing and persecuting ... discuss

The societal losses were also emphasized. One man said, “Of course I agree with those who write that it wasn’t just the reactor that exploded, but an entire system of values. But this explanation ... discuss

“You may ask, how does a man guilty of such a sin become a priest,” Father Stephen said. “But a core mission of the Church has always been to extend the mercy of Jesus, and that mercy was exte ... discuss

Merrimack, N.H., Jan 23, 2016 / 04:52 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- French spiritual writer Father Jacques Philippe says there is only one thing that can end violence. “We must pray for the conversion o ... discuss

I love to read Dymphna's blog, especially her random thoughts posts. Today she offered random thoughts while she watches the snow. This one was especially on target:"In parishes around the world, Holy ... discuss

When the U.S. Supreme Court justices handed down the infamous abortion decision Roe v. Wade 43 years ago, few realized the impact it would have on millions of lives. The devastating effects of Roe are ... discuss

By Micaiah Bilger When the U.S. Supreme Court justices handed down the infamous abortion decision Roe v. Wade 43 years ago, few realized the impact it would have on millions of lives. The devastatin ... discuss

Father Walter Joseph Ciszek, S.J. (1904-1984) was a heroic Polish-American Jesuit priest who volunteered to clandestinely enter the Soviet Union to serve the spiritual needs of the Russian people. F ... discuss

Mosul, Iraq, Jan 22, 2016 / 12:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- St. Elijah's Monastery in Mosul dated back to the sixth century, making it the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq. Muslims and Christians alike h ... discuss

Question: "How do we understand Psalm 87[88]:7 ["Against me is Thine anger made strong, and all Thy billows hast Thou brought upon me"] that we do in the Six Psalms of Matins? This Psalm is about Chri ... discuss

Santander, Spain, Jan 21, 2016 / 06:04 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A video that shares the testimonies of people who have personally suffered the persecution of Christians in the Middle East is calling on th ... discuss

A member of the church told VOL that the inaction and complicity of Bishop White leading to the resignation of Fr. Erdman was a betrayal of trust of the Episcopal Church. The Church seemed to foster a ... discuss

What started out as a “last throw of the dice” to save the Anglican Communion has succeeded–at least for now. One would think there would be some thanksgiving, but instead there is l ... discuss

Son of Athelstan and Wulfgeva, he was known as a pious youth. Studied at the monasteries of Evesham and Petersborough. When Wulfstan was grown, but still a young man, his parents joined separate monas ... discuss

If you feel tired or just too formal, why not sit it out for the Mass?Here's from a newest member of the GULP:(Kapanata Community 6th Local House Chapter and Community Mass...Special thanks to _______ ... discuss

... discuss

At least 10 years of seminary formation.One decade!That is how long a man spends inside the seminary before he is ordained to the priesthood.You might be surprised to know that in all those years that ... discuss

Washington D.C., Jan 18, 2016 / 01:39 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Martin Luther King Day is a time to promote racial harmony in America and honor the slain civil rights leader who was “inspired by the ... discuss

Yesterday, I preached from Romans 13:8-14 on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.  The overall goal of the sermon was to point to the abnormality of the culture of death that’s sadly become a normal ... discuss

 This novena starts January 18 and ends January 26. Feast Day: January 28 "Overcome evil with good."Taken from St. Paul the Apostle, this was the personal motto of a Marian priest when ... discuss

Question: "In Deuteronomy 28:66-67, Moses talks about fearing the day and night. What all is going on there? I know verse 66 is quoted in the hymns for the Exaltation as Christ our Life hanging before ... discuss

Washington D.C., Jan 14, 2016 / 03:25 am (CNA).- A prominent proposal by GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump would ban Muslim immigrants from entering the U.S. and would monitor mosques in the ... discuss

“Sure, there have been certain seasons of life when men and women have been under control, but only one man kept it together each and every day. Jesus Christ was this man. From the Gospels, we s ... discuss

Is the March for Life a waste of time? It seems like every year some people ask the question, even as around half a million folks take over the National Mall of Washington, D.C., and dozens of other m ... discuss

Today’s Kindle deals include The Christian Writer’s Market Guide ($4.99); The Most Misused Verses in the Bible by Eric Bargerhuff ($1.99); Perspectives on the Extent of the Atoneme ... discuss

Christian refugees are mistreated in initial reception facilities in Germany by Muslims, such as incidents reported by the head of the Russian monastery of St. George in Götschendorf and a member of ... discuss

“There is no religious father, ecclesiastical institution, spiritual discipline, inspirational book, or magic pill that will fix what ails you. Every man, every day, in every place, breaks God ... discuss

By Fr. Basil Cole, O.P. Recently, the Congregation for Consecrated Life, and Societies of Apostolic Life produced a document entitled Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church. A bro ... discuss

Have you experienced a \"Prayerful Remembrance\" Service yet? If not think about bringing it to you church. Here are a couple of comments from the service that took place in Brighton, Michigan this pa ... discuss

“Obamacare’s punishing life-ending mandates represent the abortion industry’s move from ‘choice’ to coercion, and AUL won’t give up the fight to protect Americans&# ... discuss

Not according to an Italian priest who sent a letter to Sandro Magister at Chiesa. Some of its contents are heartbreaking to say the least. Is a "penitent" who reflects no sorrow for sin and has no fi ... discuss

I found this quote from Chesterton today on a link from a blog I often visit. It set me to thinking about my own Mass experiences.My husband and I go almost every day. I doubt if we miss Mass more tha ... discuss

A US Marine enters the Catholic Church confessional booth in Hendersonville, NC. He tells the priest, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. Last night, I beat the ever-living crap out of a flag ... discuss

Thank you One Peter Five:So…I wish you could understand that just because you have a high tolerance for your kids’ rowdy behavior (and let’s face it: all normal kids are going to want to be rowd ... discuss

Question: "In 1 Corinthians 11:10, when St Paul talks about women wearing head coverings "because of the angels," what does he mean by that? I have my ideas but I don't wanna trust my ideas." We ... discuss

Sorry folks, my blogging partner and I have been away for a while. But this caught my attention today at the Silverstream Priory Blog Vultus Christi : On the need for more Irish canonisationsAn Initia ... discuss

VIDEO: A 2008 performance of "March of the Kings" ("Marche Des Rois") by Nowell Sing We Clear (Tony Barrand, Fred Breunig, Andy Davis and John Roberts) at Latchis Theater, Brattleboro, Vermont.+  ... discuss

6 January, New Testament The Epiphany season begins today, with the Feast of the Epiphany. This day celebrates the Wise Men bringing their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the Christ Child. ... discuss

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, twelve drummers drumming ...”It is ironic that the last day of Christmastide should be anti-clamatic, if only for the day itself. The hig ... discuss

An Iconoclast removing an icon of ChristQuestion: "Isn't the fact that there were controversies over icons well into the 9th century proof that the early Church did not venerate icons?"There were inde ... discuss

1 Samuel 16:1-13 David is anointed as kingPhilippians 2:1-11 “Every knee shall bow”Matthew 2:1-12 “Where is he that is born king?”So far in this Advent Season we've seen Christ as our prophet ... discuss

I recently gave a lecture at the St. Herman's youth conference in Albany, New York on the subject of Answering Atheists. At Archbishop Gabriel's request, I first spoke briefly about how I became Ortho ... discuss

The usual answer to this question is that it was adjusted, like many Church feast days, to coincide with the pagan feast days, this one being the winter solstice. This is a convenient explanation, bu ... discuss

by Rev. Dr. George C. Papademetriou – I am making the following brief statement as a committed Orthodox Christian and as a priest of the Church. I share with you my personal reflections on the a ... discuss

THE ECONOMIC WALL OF THE EU LABELING MOVE   ICEJ Press Statement Brussels, December 2, 2015   On Wednesday, December 2, 2015, the International Christian Embas ... discuss

Christ our Priest Exodus 19:1-8 “A royal priesthood”Hebrews 9:11-22 “Christ appeared as a high priest...”John 17:1-26 Jesus' High Priestly PrayerSo far we've seen Christ as our Prophet ... discuss

The Manila Archdiocese has officially opened the process for the beatification and canonization of a U.S. Jesuit priest credited with building up the presence of the Knights of Columbus in t ... discuss

Question: "Now that the Christmas season has begun — in our secular society called the “holiday season” — there are parties held at workplaces. But we are fasting, and the celebration of the L ... discuss

When I first started blogging, my daughters were 3, 9, and 12, so when I wrote about Advent (as I did in the No-Panic Advent series), I was writing about creating traditions with children. Ten years l ... discuss

ROME, December 8, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Howling, grunting, and roaring animals, along with images of overcrowded city centers, depictions of pollution, and negative portrayals of industrialization, ... discuss

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "// ... discuss

Question: "Often in Protestant circles and Bible studies one will reference 1 John 5:13, “These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you hav ... discuss

I'm okay. I'm alive. I'm (relatively) healthy. I'm still way behind on coursework, especially with everything that's happened lately... but I think I can finish everything (final paper, quizzes, and f ... discuss

Christ our ProphetMicah 5:1-5a “You, oh, Bethlehem”2 Peter 1:16-21 “The prophetic word more fully confirmed”Luke 13:31-35 “Oh Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets”This Advent Season we med ... discuss

Lot and his family fleeing SodomQuestion: "Doesn't Ezekiel 16:49 make it clear that the sin of Sodom was inhospitality rather than homosexuality?"Actually, no, it doesn't. Here is what Ezekiel 16 ... discuss

Image source: thecatsdiary.comSo you’ve completed the RCIA program, been confirmed (possibly baptized, if you weren’t before), and have even got your first rosary, bottle of Holy Water, and collec ... discuss

SourceIt seems hardly a day goes by that the Catholic blogosphere is not in an uproar over some statement or action by someone whom they feel is threatening to destroy the Church. The offender is more ... discuss

Question: "I heard you mention a way to memorize the psalms with singing, and I wondered if you elaborate on that?"Singing is a very effective tool for memorization and instruction in general. I have ... discuss

This post is in response is to Jayne, a traditionalist who has commented that I am not being fair to traditionalists by painting them all with the same brush.  We have gone back and forth on a pr ... discuss

The Daughters of St. PhilipQuestion: "What does St Paul mean when he says "Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under o ... discuss

This post is in reply to Laramie Hirsch, who has written a post on his blog, "The Hirsch Files" in response to this blog. Laramie's post is entitled, "St. Catherine of Siena Does NOT Warn Traditionali ... discuss

Question: "What were the sources of doctrine for the Israelites in the Old Testament? Was it Tradition, or Scripture?"We are told by St. Paul that God,"at sundry times and in diverse manners spake in ... discuss

SourceThe Catholic blogosphere and internet have been awash with weeping and and wailing and gnashing of teeth over the Synod on the Family. As far as many in the Catholic blogosphere are concerned, ... discuss

Question: "Does the Orthodox Church believe Christians are gods in an embryo form? I am troubled by this notion, because it is a fundamental concept of Spiritualism."We believe that there is only one ... discuss

When priests and nuns teach you to show "mercy and compassion" which has become code for "tolerating the sin of the person", then tell teach them the "truth in charity".Don't be like other priests who ... discuss

Or what every baptized and CONFIRMED Catholics MUST do.We have forgotten the grace the Sacrament of Confirmation confects upon our soul!So when a priest forces you to commit a sin, CALL HIM OUT!When a ... discuss

St. Athanasius the GreatQuestion: “Why do the Orthodox use the title "The Great" for some saints (e.g., Anthony the Great), when it is used of pagan and Jewish leaders (e.g., Pompey the Great, Herod ... discuss

Voice of the Family offers below a selection of news and analysis of the first week of the Ordinary Synod on the Family. Voice of the Family is an initiative of Catholic laity from 26 pro-life, pro-fa ... discuss

Cover of New York PostI recently received a comment from a Catholic who asked that I list some positive accomplishments of Pope Francis. It's kind of a surprising request as the majority of Catholics ... discuss

TweetBy Maaike RosendalLast week, nine students and an instructor at a Community College in Oregon were brutally murdered and many others injured by a man who asked them to state their religion. Survi ... discuss

A fight scene from "Deadwood"SourceI recently heard a priest describe the Catholic blogosphere as the Wild West where anything goes. Anyone who has watched "Deadwood" on HBO has a good idea of just h ... discuss

Sts. Cosmas and Damian: physicians and martyrs.Going to the hospital for, if not a life-threatening, at least a life-inconveniencing procedure under general anesthesia causes one to pause and meditate ... discuss

One of many charts from the premillennialist book "Dispensational Truth"Question: "Why do the Orthodox adhere to Amillennialism, when it is so obvious that Satan is alive and active now and not confin ... discuss

Pawn Sacrifice is a new biographical film about U.S. Chess Grandmaster and World Champion Bobby Fischer.  He rose to fame in the late 1960s and dramatically won the World Chess Champion ... discuss

This pro-choice woman set up this campaign, but she isn't too young to remember that the real truth about pro-choice folks is the exact reverse of what she believes is true. She writes about her frien ... discuss

As I previously reported, Father John Zuhlsdorf - whom many view as a great Catholic priest and Internet evangelizer - has tried very hard to ban me from his ministry, going so far as to block my home ... discuss

St. PaulQuestion: "Why do the Orthodox use the allegorical method of Bible interpretation, when there is no evidence of it being used prior to the year 190 A.D.?"The premise of the question is false, ... discuss

There was once a Synod of Bishops that recommended to the pope something about Gregorian chant...The pope came out with an Apostolic Exhortation and in it he said:"Finally, while respecting various st ... discuss

Gavin Ortlund posts a great interview today over at The Gospel Coalition. He interviews Graeme Goldsworthy on how the preacher should use biblical theology when preaching in the Old Testament. I enco ... discuss

Bishop Bode about his expectations for the family Synod in Rome"Openly discuss various Positions"The Osnabrück Bishop Franz-Josef Bode takes part in early October in the World Synod of Bishops in Rom ... discuss

U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Michael W. PendergrassFourteen years ago today, I overheard a coworker down the hall from my office telling someone else about planes hitting the World Trade ... discuss

Question: "The Bible says that homosexuality is an abomination (Leviticus 18:22), but it also says that eating shrimp is an abomination (Leviticus 11:9-12), so why do Christians east shrimp, but oppos ... discuss

This, I’m sure, will be a pretty controversial piece.  As always, the intent of this author is not to be controversial , but where conviction on a matter of biblical truth strikes, I am compell ... discuss

Kim DavisMany Christians who are opposed to the legalization of same sex marriage are looking to Kim Davis - the Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk who refused to give marriage licenses to same sex couples ... discuss

Obviously, he doesn't care what he wears to a very important event like the The Sacrifice of Calvary.Or maybe he does. This priest must be thinking that the barong is THE right vestment for the Mass. ... discuss

I have written many, many times on this blog about Michael Voris and the danger he poses to Catholics.  He has told Catholics that they should stop financially supporting their parishes and dioce ... discuss

Photo credit: Giampiero Sposito/Reuters.Welcome to another edition of What Did the Pope Really Say? Today’s confusion is over Pope Francis’ recent letter to the President of the Pontifical Council ... discuss

Is the debate on same-sex "marriage" encouraging a lot of clerics these days to finally come out of the closet?Hmmm....Let's take a look at this piece of the Union of Catholic Asian News Editor Fr. Wi ... discuss

"A Belgian priest, Fr. Gabriel Ringlet, has suggested that a “celebration” should mark the moment of death for Roman catholics who choose euthanasia.He also promotes the “spiritual accompaniment ... discuss

I recently did a post in which I talked about the heavy cross borne by those who are especially gifted and talented.  As Christians, it is a constant struggle for the "above average" to remember ... discuss

In the Scriptural readings for this Sunday in the Catholic calendar, there is a great discussion about the law. However, rather than comment on the obvious admonitions presented in the gospel,  I ... discuss

Question: "Do the Orthodox believe in the Atonement?"The concept of atonement is found throughout Scripture, and so of course we Orthodox do believe in it. There was in fact a feast in the Old Testame ... discuss

Question: "I was wondering about the Sign of the Cross. What is its significance? Why is it performed when it is? When is it preformed besides after a prayer?"Making the Sign of the Cross is perhaps t ... discuss

Question: "Is it proper for a parish to have altar girls?"This is clearly contrary to the Tradition of the Church, and is an unfortunate example of creeping modernism that it is tolerated in parishes ... discuss

My latest post at Covenant, on secrets and judgement. Johnny Cash gets in there too: In March, Michael Cover wrote about James Runcie’s Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death. I have not read the ... discuss

Five videos released by the Center for Medical Progress showing planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of fetal body parts have unleashed a firestorm that shows no sign of abating. Indeed T ... discuss

SourceThe subject of my last post was the danger of taking pride in our own abilities and talents [HERE].  I pointed out the example of the great archangel, Lucifer, who at one time was the pinna ... discuss

As #PPSellsBabyParts gains traction, and drags out into events such as #WomenBetrayed, the outrage has been palpable.Pro-life groups have decried the dehumanization of babies, saying things like:Color ... discuss

Pope Francis hearing a confession.(Image source: Catholic doctrines surrounding the Sacrament of Reconciliation (aka Confession, aka Penance) present a challenge to many Protestants, ... discuss

Cardinals George Pell and Raymond BurkeCardinals George Pell and Cardinal Raymond Burke are among two of the most well known and influential cardinals in the Catholic Church.  Cardinal Pell, form ... discuss

Credit:  salesianity.blogspot.comIn the first part of this post [HERE], I wrote about the crisis in the Catholic Church here in the West in which so many have left the Church in the last 50 years ... discuss

Credit:  www.thelocal.deWhen I was growing up in the 50's and 60's, Catholic churches were packed every week for Sunday Mass. There were 5 to 6 Masses or more, and the pews were filled for all of ... discuss

Okay, so right off the bat let me explain that I don't receive the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ in my hand. But this isn't at all an argument about that. There are many, many people ... discuss

Brethren, Peace be with you.I've been praying the Liturgy of the Hours (LOH) - Morning and Evening prayers, mostly - constantly since 2002. I have said it before and say again, the LOH form the "booke ... discuss

Brethren, Peace be with you.Back in 2011 I wrote Do We Need to Use a Different Word for Marriage in the Church? and, Should Catholic Clergy Cease Signing Civil “Marriage” Licenses? I say Aye! ... discuss

Apostolic Traditions was written by Hippolytus who feared the church was straying from tradition and falling into heresy and false doctrine, so he wanted to record the right way to ordain leaders like ... discuss

Okay, if we’re all done laughing about #SalonChristianitySecrets ….The problem with clickbait headlines is that, all too often, they don’t entice you to read the story. Rather, they become the s ... discuss

-- The secular lay members of the Mystical Body of Christ have their own role to play in the history of salvation and a special dignity all our own that is different from that of priests and religious ... discuss

Prayer: The Litany of St. JosephA lot of people like to point out that St. Joseph had original sin, because in how we think about the Holy Family he stands in somewhat sharp contrast to the sinless Ev ... discuss

Brief post today:Dr. Waldstein discussing the fairness (i.e., beauty) of love shared this with us, and it is from John Paul II's Crossing the Threshold of Hope:"As a young priest I learned to love hum ... discuss

All I know, as Will Rogers used to say, is what I read in the newspapers. That said? Something's whacky here.Last January, two newspapers reported that:No child was molested, nor subjected to indecent ... discuss

……………………………………………………………. Abortion is final… you never ... discuss

The Sacrifice of Isaac, by Juan de Valdes Leal (1659).First Reading: Genesis 22:1-2,9-13,15-18Responsorial: Psalm 116:10,15-19Second Reading: Romans 8:31-34Gospel: Mark 9:2-10In today’s Gospel readi ... discuss

Here is something interesting, that I never knew about. Kobe Bryant is Catholic, and turned to a priest in his hours of need. From a GQ story out today (Note: GQ isn’t known as the most morally ... discuss

This four-day weekend after a high-octane December seems a good opportunity to regale the world with my ruminations.-- 2015 is my 20th year living in Idaho.  That is almost half my life.  Bu ... discuss

An update on traditional monks at the Silverstream Priory from Catholic Ireland. Fundraising deadline looms for Silverstream prioryBy Sarah Mac Donald - 21 December, 2014Ireland’ ... discuss

The American Catholic Almanac: Daily Reader of Patriots, Saints, Rogues, and Ordinary People Who Changed the United StatesImage Books, NYEmily Stimpson and Brian BurchBack when political correctness w ... discuss

That awful December 7th, 73 years ago, was also a Sunday.  At a stroke, the lives of millions were turned upside down and changed forever.A Japanese camera captured that stroke on the morning of ... discuss

We need more men like this.  (And more Cardinal Burkes.)  Do not lose hope.  Stay close to the Lord.  And support those who are doing good.  The article below concerning the S ... discuss

Dan Burke has a great review in the National Catholic Register on EWTN's upcoming documentary, Miles Christi: Soldiers of Christ in America.  Set you VCR (or whatever you set these days) and don' ... discuss

"Man is not perfectly happy, so long as something remains for him to desire and seek." ~ Saint Thomas AquinasThomas Aquinas knew what it meant to be happy. He knew that it meant to no longer be s ... discuss

 We reflected on the sacred seal of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Penance) last week. The Church is so strict about the secrecy required in this sacrament because of the critical importance ... discuss

Two months ago the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that a priest in a particular case should break the seal of confession. The priest was ordered to testify if a certain individual went to confession to ... discuss

 Polk County District Judge Jeffrey Farrell upheld the ban on telemed abortions (webcam abortions) that the Iowa Board of Medicine imposed last year. It was imposed based on FDA protocol for the ... discuss

Richard Bennett originally comes from Ireland. He was trained by Jesuits in his early years, and received eight years of theological instruction and preparation for the priesthood with the Dominican ... discuss

Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis My rating: 5 of 5 stars No accident that Imitation of Christ is, second to the Bible, the most beloved book in Christendom. Filled with sound doctrine and ti ... discuss

Battlefield Mass: Korean WarWhen I saw For Greater Glory a couple of years ago, I was struck by the scenes showing the Cristeros at worship in their desert hideaways.  The priest at the alta ... discuss

The Bible’s Big StoryWithout a firm grasp on the Bible’s Big Story, its grand meta-narrative, our understanding of the smaller stories and even the Gospel is hindered. Moreover, given how fast ... discuss

[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE yles DefLockedState="false" DefUnhideWhenUsed="true ... discuss

Y ears ago, Corpus Christi or The Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ was commemorated on the Thursday after Pentecost Sunday. In order to encourage more of the faithful to reflect on this gre ... discuss

by John-Henry Westen PHOENIX, AZ, June 12, 2014 ( – According to a communiqué of the Diocese of Phoenix, 29-year-old Father Kenneth Walker, a priest of the Priestly Frate ... discuss

by The Editors This past Friday, LifeSiteNews (LSN) published an article reporting on a recent meeting between Pope Francis and Italian priest Fr. (Don) Michele de Paolis. During that encounter, ... discuss

by Hilary White, Rome Correspondent ROME, May 16, 2014 ( – Pope Francis raised eyebrows earlier this month by concelebrating Mass with and kissing the hand of a leading homosexu ... discuss

FROM THE PASTORMay 4, 2014 by Fr. George W. Rutler In all the accounts of the Resurrection, there is surprise. If it had been expected, future generations might have said it was an hallucination. Th ... discuss

“At least in your final hours, you once again enjoyed the Church’smercies in preparing your soul.” from book Maid of Heaven Thursday is traditionally the day during Holy Week of Easter ... discuss

FROM THE PASTORMarch 30, 2014by Fr. George W. Rutler The Belgian priest and physicist, Monsignor Georges Lemaître died in 1966 after receiving news that his theory of the birth of the universe—wh ... discuss

I've been writing this blog for almost three years now.  I did not set out with a plan of any kind when I began writing.  It just seemed like it would be an okay place for me to talk about m ... discuss

Perhaps, just perhaps, it is time for a clarification of this phrase, “Who am I to judge?”  Perhaps, just perhaps, the official explainer, Fr. Lombardi, should tell  the world what ... discuss

Perhaps, just perhaps, it is time for a clarification of this phrase, “Who am I to judge?”  Perhaps, just perhaps, the official explainer, Fr. Lombardi, should tell  the world what ... discuss

FROM THE PASTORMarch 2, 2014by Fr. George W. Rutler Joseph Stalin was responsible for the deaths of around 20 million men, women and children by massacres, torture, starvation and execution. Figures ... discuss

Since the Register won't carry it, I will (and Pat also has it at Creative Minority Report):Pope Francis and the SSPX: An OpportunityBy PATRICK ARCHBOLDBy now, many of you have probably seen the Tony ... discuss

by Hilary White LASALLE, February 10, 2005 ( - Fr. John Walsh, the “Parochial Administrator” (parish priest) of St. Jean de Brebeuf parish in LaSalle Quebec, told MacLean& ... discuss

“Our sins separate us from God (Is. 59:2). We have no way of remedying the situation. But Christ has opened for his people the way into the very presence of God. This does not mean an occasional acc ... discuss

by Monsignor Robert Hugh BensonI 1st heard of this book after Papa Francesco  mentioned this book in 18 November 2013 homily at his daily Mass. The Pope says that Benson speaks in the book of the ... discuss

The Baptism of the Lord (Theophanylcon) This is a small idea, but one that was reinforced at Mass today during the Homily. The priest said that he often has as least one person during his Marriage pre ... discuss

Me, Gramma and my sister DaleI've joked a bit over the years about my neglected childhood, how Jay got special treatment because he was the oldest, Dale was the only girl, Tim was the youngest, and th ... discuss

It has been shown already that historically, Jesus did indeed exist; hence, He had to have been born. We know that He existed. Simple historical fact. However, the coming of Jesus, Immanuel, God with ... discuss

The Saint of the Day for December 14 is St. John of the Cross. Juan de Yepes was the Castilian son of a poor silk weaver of Fontiberos, Toledo, Spain and was born in 1542. His father was of noble birt ... discuss




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