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. . . and the secret to beating the Daniel Greenfield: Imagine if the majority of Jews had voted for President Trump while only 13% had voted for Hillary.You don’t have to imagine too hard. ... discuss

Except for the Franciscan quotations, I have been posting little of late. Being at a new school with a new curriculum means lots of reading and lesson planning, and I find myself with little time or m ... discuss

An anonymous Planned Parenthood worker called in to a Christian radio show asking if God could ever forgive her for working in an abortion facility. The radio show host, Dr. Michael Brown, assured her ... discuss

ROGER KIMBALL: WHY TRUMP’S UN SPEECH WAS A TRIUMPH. uesday confirmed yet again why he is the most robust president since Ronald Reagan. Following up on his brilliant speeches before a joint session ... discuss

“It was meant to be something positive…” ... discuss

AUSTIN, TX – While abortion clinics were soliciting donations so they could provide free abortions for victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, former abortion workers were compiling baby reg ... discuss

Evie Lastra West spent her teen years living a rough life as a gang member and drug addict. She went through two teenage pregnancies and almost aborted her second child. But while making an adoption p ... discuss

by NRA-ILA: Last week, the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Federal Lands held a hearing on the Sportsmen's Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act, which had been introduced on Sept. ... discuss

YOU CAN TELL HE’S DONE A GOOD JOB BY HOW LITTLE THE PRESS IS TALKING ABOUT IT: Faced with Harvey and Irma devastation, Trump finds his footing. ith few high notes for the Trump administration is en ... discuss

There is a conference in Rome celebrating the tenth anniversary of Summorum Pontificum from September 14 to September 17. On February 11, 2017, the group which organized this pilgrimage, Coetus Inter ... discuss

Saul Alinsky, the father of community organizing whose writings and tactics influenced political parties - he taught methods to demonizing foes, destroying them on a personal level, and taking ad ... discuss

In a recent sermon, I addressed the problem of Christians in our time who seem to have rather large gaps in their understanding of Christian morality -- particularly with regard to the question of ent ... discuss

When Luther advised, “Sin boldly,” what did he mean? Luther saw that many who take Christian life seriously might tend to despair, because as Christians we become more acutely aware of how we rebe ... discuss

Jonathan Swan writes at Axios that all the top White House staffers, plus all the news Donald Trump consumes, are encouraging the president to cave to Democrats on DACA amnesty. ... discuss

Abaddon's Gate by James S.A. CoreyFor generations, the solar system -- Mars, the Moon, the Asteroid Belt -- was humanity's great frontier. Until now. A massive alien gate has appeared that may lead to ... discuss

The anti-Trump House Speaker: a smiling, do-nothing empty suit In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. In other words, due to one’s high status that person can claim anything without ... discuss

(Faithwire) — Iceland is on a mission to “eradicate” Down syndrome by aborting virtually all who are diagnosed in utero with the genetic disorder, but it’s not the only nation where such ... discuss

CBR’s GAP display at UGA. Used with permission. In 2004 an arrogant pro-life high school student attended a pro-life outreach at the University of Georgia. When he learned that the Center for Bi ... discuss

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is out with her new book, What Happened, a postmortem on her (second) failed presidential run. In behavior that is often thought of as typical for politic ... discuss

A popular online dating site now allows users to find a match based on their support of the abortion business Planned Parenthood. OkCupid introduced an #IStandWithPP badge recently so users can identi ... discuss

by Paul Jacob, Contributing Author: “Voter surveys have found the GOP-controlled Congress,” I wrote last weekend at Townhall, “to be more popular among self-described Democrats than self-descri ... discuss

September 13 on ABC’s The View, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made her first talk show appearance since the election ten months ago, to promote her recently released memoir, What Hap ... discuss

The broadcast network evening newscasts remain as hostile as ever towards President Trump and his agenda, although the networks appear to be easing up on their obsessive wall-to-wall coverage of the a ... discuss

The Young Women’s Christian Association has a long history of partnering with the abortion chain Planned Parenthood. This week in Nebraska, the two groups worked together to present a workshop a ... discuss

Since 1945, the Lasker Awards have been granted by the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation to recognize “the contributions of scientists, physicians, and public servants who have made major advance ... discuss

A teenager with Down syndrome put German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the spot Monday when she asked about the country’s discriminatory abortion laws. Natalie Dedreux, 18, of Cologne, Germany, pa ... discuss

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "// ... discuss

by Kerby Anderson, Contributing Author: Even a devastating hurricane can provide some positive lessons. News outlets and commentators have been pointing to so many great “feel good” stories of pe ... discuss

I’ve recommended this course a few times, and I have to recommend it again: Customs of the World: Using Cultural Intelligence to Adapt, Wherever You Are Written by: The Great Courses , David Liv ... discuss

Abortionist Raegan McDonald-Mosley said her devout Christian parents inspired her to pursue her career as the chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood. The abortion chain leader spoke with Self thi ... discuss

AFTER DECLINING IN NINE of the previous 10 years, abortion numbers in Minnesota rose slightly to 9,953 last year, according to the state’s 2016 Abortion Report. The annual total fell the previous ye ... discuss

Occassionally the Good Counsel Network team will be keen to plug something very positive on their blog posting page. This week we found an interesting article written by Life Site News. The article wa ... discuss

... ... discuss

by Marianna Orlandi, Ph.D., C-Fam: The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has promoted a report that endorses sex-change procedures and abortion for youth with ... discuss

This isn’t a great poll number for the press. Gallup reports that “Just over a third of Americans (37%) in 2017 say news organizations generally get the facts straight, unchanged from the last ... discuss

Doctors managed to save two unborn babies’ lives after their mother died of heart failure when she was 32-weeks pregnant. Kelly Forrest, 36, of Hull, England, had a family history of heart troub ... discuss

Kent Online is reporting that a premature baby died at Medway Maritime Hospital after her mother tried to abort her. Born alive The nineteen year old woman arrived at hospital with a trauma related in ... discuss

“Lord, please give me clarity and show me what I am supposed to do.” This seems to be my go-to prayer lately. Sometimes I think “Okay, I understand what is happening now,” and then BOOM! Somet ... discuss

Matthew 16:21-28“What Kind of Christ?”Last Sunday we heard of Peter's bright, shining moment.  Jesus asks, “who do you say that I am?” and Peter, speaking for the disciples, speaks what w ... discuss

As Christians, we have been given a very specific job to do on this earth:  proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God and bring people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ so that they can be c ... discuss

“When you bring someone to church, it is a big deal. The invitation was not random. The person’s agreement to come was not random. Most likely, there have been months of conversations and time ... discuss

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) with President Trumpby Kerby Anderson, Contributing Author: Even if it won’t pass anytime in the future, we need to give credit to Senators David Purdue and Tom Cotton for dr ... discuss

What do you get when you put an actress who jokes about abortion in the same room as an abortionist who says he’s never killed a baby? Cheers, laughter and attacks on pro-life Christians. Or that ... discuss

After Texas defunded Planned Parenthood in 2011, The Heidi Group, led by long time pro-life activist Carol Everett, planned to establish a network of pro-life medical clinics in the Lone Star State.  ... discuss

Dear Friends, In times of great crisis, it’s easy to feel like we are powerless, with no control over the direction of our lives. For the victims of the flooding in Houston and the surrounding ... discuss

Join us for the 2017 National Euthanasia Symposium. It is an opportunity for us to learn from each other and network with like-minded people. It is happening this year on Saturday, October 28 fro ... discuss

by Melissa Ohden: If you’ve ever wondered what goes through an abortion survivor’s head on their birthday, I’ll give you a sneak peek into mine on my 40th birthday.12:33 am: I’m woken up by ou ... discuss

In her latest desperate cry for attention, abortion enthusiast and former comedienne Lizz Winstead carried out a textbook definition of what the Left commonly decries as a grave sin: “cultural a ... discuss

  It is expedient to define the term “nationalism” before delving into a discussion of the aforementioned caption. Nationalism is a multifaceted social, political or religious configuration ... discuss

Earlier this month, CBS News shocked the world with its report claiming that Iceland was on the verge of “eradicating” Down syndrome. Upon a closer look, it is clear that Iceland is not eliminatin ... discuss

Ministry is not for the faint-of-heart.  Occasionally I run across someone who talks about ministry as a good modern career choice and I have to explain the difference between a calling and a choice ... discuss

If you’ve ever wondered what goes through an abortion survivor’s head on their birthday, I’ll give you a sneak peek into mine on my 40th birthday. 12:33 am: I’m woken up by our 3-year-old. I g ... discuss

Frighteningly typical. Professor’s, faculty, and students alike have been completely overrun with, not simple liberal ideology, but radical, routine demonstrations blatantly undermining American ... discuss

The abortion chain Planned Parenthood did not get the answers it hoped to a dating question it asked yesterday on Twitter. Looking for positive responses from its supporters, Planned Parenthood instea ... discuss

While Americans watched in shock as a CBS News report detailed the near-100 percent abortion rate for unborn babies with Down syndrome in Iceland, people in Iceland were celebrating at an annual diver ... discuss

Yesterday Right to Life of Michigan visited three pregnancy centers located in Detroit to award them a total of $8,970 in grants. The grants represent a step towards increasing the prolife movement ... discuss

FROM THE PASTORFebruary 23, 2014by Fr. George W. Rutler Dante's thought was so greatly shaped by Aristotle that he called him “The Philosopher” rather as it is customary to call Saint Paul “Th ... discuss

Siobhan McFarlane and her husband expected to see their unborn child for the first time when they went to the hospital for their 12-week ultrasound appointment. Instead, the Scottish family received t ... discuss

A New Zealand mother seeking an abortion learned that her unborn baby was still alive months after being told that her baby did not have a heartbeat, a health commission investigation revealed this we ... discuss

I was recently informed of a pro-choice document which claimed to "counter anti-choice" rhetoric.Lets dissect this crap and prove that it does not so much "counter anti-choice rhetoric" as it does "pr ... discuss

President Donald Trump took a lot of flak this summer for making deep cuts to a sex education program backed by pro-abortion President Barack Obama. But research indicates that the Teen Pregnancy Prev ... discuss

A Windsor Ontario man, who was expected to die, returned home last week, after living through three months of treatment including weeks in Coma. CBC news reported: A 64-year-old Windsor man who fought ... discuss

This book is a devotional, meant to cover 90 days. The author, Randy Alcorn, has included devotions for 90 days. Each devotion is titled, followed by a quote from Alcorn. Each chapter gives the reade ... discuss

The Truth About Jim Crowby Ken Blackwell, Contributing Author: Who would have guessed that the proper response to white supremacists marching in Charlottesville was to encourage election fraud? At l ... discuss

Alex SchadenbergExecutive Director - Euthanasia Prevention CoalitionDon BrunelleA Windsor Ontario man, who was expected to die, returned home last week, after living through three months of treatment ... discuss

A New Zealand university student body voted this week to reject a pro-life club on campus. Aukland City Harbour News reports pro-abortion students have been trying to abolish the pro-life club ever si ... discuss

“Those who listened and believed will have my everlasting gratitude and love. The first person I shared with was not a minister, but a friend who by the grace of God had walked this journey befo ... discuss

  Did you see the CBS news segment on Iceland “eliminating” Down Syndrome? The sad truth of the matter is that Iceland is not preventing or eradicating anything but rather terminatin ... discuss

Reading John Ensor’s article on the abortion doc who may be re-evaluating his thinking on why he is in the life-ending business (it’s a great read—check it out) reminded me of a moment when I ca ... discuss

Note: The philosophical concepts discussed have been greatly summarized. Jesus Christ, the only Son of the Father, the Divine Logos, is the embodiment of truth, beauty and goodness. Aristotle's insigh ... discuss

For self-serving political ends, Democrats divide Given the range of human behavior and perception, it’s a social and romantic myth that “opposites attract.” In fact, it’s likely a sub ... discuss

This writer along with millions of fellow citizens felt a great sense of relief when President Trump, on Monday, August 21, told us “[W]e will no longer use American military might to construct demo ... discuss

by James V. Schall, SJ: In today's world, when the topic of the defects of university teaching and curricula comes up, the most well-known alternative put forward is the “great books programs.” I ... discuss

“You will show me the path of life. In your presence is fullness of joy. In your right hand there are pleasures forevermore. A Prayer by David.”  (WEB)  (Read this scripture and more at ... discuss

On a regular basis, people write me to ask what I'd say/write to someone they know who is facing an unintended pregnancy and is considering abortion. I thought it'd be a good idea to share my heart in ... discuss

A Pennsylvania school board voted Wednesday against a measure to put a Planned Parenthood-run facility inside Reading High School. WFMZ News 69 reports the Reading School Board voted 5 to 4 against th ... discuss

Mindfulness can be an immensely beneficial practice in many regards. IF you’re new to meditation and mindfulness practice, you may be curious about why meditation is useful. Sometimes knowing th ... discuss

Before I start: happy feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary! I love focusing on this (Mama Mary being crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth) when doing the Glorious mysteries and I will do thi ... discuss

Down syndrome has been a hot topic in the media recently, and for a very disturbing reason. The media has been enthusiastically promoting the idea of completely eradicating people with Down syndrome f ... discuss

This is a Christian novel in the Amish genre. Ruth Reid, the author, begins this book with a glossary of terms that may be unfamiliar to readers. She spreads all her material across 43 chapters. Each ... discuss

There has been a recent headline from CBS regarding the "disappearance" of Down's Syndrome within Iceland has been making the rounds on social media as of late, and has provoked much ju ... discuss

Gov. Mike Huckabee by Gov. Mike Huckabee I’m not going to recount everything that happened Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia, because the details are being updated constantly. We do know that th ... discuss

As some of you (who are following me on Twitter) know, I decided to take a break from that social media website earlier this week. It's not the first time I've done it and it'll most likely not be the ... discuss

This book is a mixture of sociology, Christianity, and politics. Samuel Rodriguez and Dr. Robert Crosby are the authors of this book. They combine these genres in this book as it address issues confr ... discuss

30 July AD 1540 Remembered as a disciple of Martin Luther, Robert Barnes is considered to be among the first Lutheran martyrs. Born in 1495, he became the prior of the Augustinian monastery at Cambri ... discuss

The attainment of social justice has been a utopian goal throughout history. While God created all equal, there is no society in the world where this actually exists in a pure form.  There have a ... discuss

This book brands itself as illuminating words of Jesus. It is actually a devotion. The author, Countryman, starts his book with a short Introduction. Then he launches into his first verse. It is fo ... discuss

Photo © Melissa (Emmy) CeciliaA couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I haven't found a good, solid community that I felt a part of. I've tried pushing myself outside of my comfort levels, allowing m ... discuss

Dismissed Chief of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the FaithCardinal Müller steps outCardinal Müller makes his displeasure known: in Rome there is a "hypocritical papal devotion" and "cour ... discuss

Any traditionalist reading the title of this post will definitely accuse me of losing my mind. Traditionalists feel that Summorum Pontificum - which opened up the Traditional Latin Mass to the entire ... discuss

This is a work of fiction in the Christian genre. Colleen Coble has written numerous suspense novels. She is a USA TODAY bestselling author. And she is also a RITA finalist best known for her writing ... discuss

In every Christian’s heart there is a warm spot reserved for the land of Israel. Who wouldn’t want to visit the land where so many biblical stories unfolded — the place where most o ... discuss

As I have written in earlier posts, I have come to the point of pretty much ignoring the Catholic blogosphere. This is despite the fact that many Catholic bloggers don't identify themselves only as C ... discuss

Eric Metaxas did the BreakPoint commentary on June 7 regarding Planned Parenthood and its ties to abortion. BreakPoint has generously allowed me to share it here on our blog. Click here for the origin ... discuss

I come from a deeply rooted Catholic family that follows the religious rules without question. So, in theory, I have always been pro-life without giving the subject much thought. The first discussion ... discuss

SHATTERED is an in-depth analysis of the stunning defeat of the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign. And how and why it went wrong. Jonathan Allen is one of the authors. He is an award-winning reporter an ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - The Rhyme and Reason Author Singer Songwriter What does it mean to have an effective prayer life? Are your prayers effective? Do you even know? Is there any way to know? What evidenc ... discuss

David McCullough once told of Teddy Roosevelt during his time in the Dakota Territory and before his arrival on the world scene. Two thieves who had been on something of a crime spree in the territory ... discuss

First Lady Melania Trump, just before meeting Pope Francis.(Photo credit: Gregorio Borgia, AP)I’ve felt some pity for Melania Trump for some time now. It’s hard not to.In the ShadowFor one thing, ... discuss

We are very fortunate here to see what most birth moms may never see. Many of you may have accomplished this ( I know) but we don't hear about it that often. One of us  "recovered" and gone on to ... discuss

This is a Christ-centered work of non-fiction. The subject is the Humanity of the Person of Christ, the Son of God. The author, Trent Sheppard, is a pastor. He helps to pastor an urban house church, ... discuss

While we are distracted by the events of the day: a missile launch, a political statement, or a foreign visit, there are a couple of more important decisions that have been made that will define the c ... discuss

We've closed the door (and the math book) on another school year and I'm emitting happy sighs.When her sisters started college, Ramona and I had adjustments to make in our newly-one-person schoolhouse ... discuss

This is just one of John MacArthurs's many books. For many years, he has written many books, all focused on teaching God's Word. He is a conference speaker. Since 1969, MacArthur has served as Pasto ... discuss

Getting Jesus Wrong may be one of the best titles I’ve seen in a while, and the book comes close to living up to its provocative name. The author is not well known, but his message deserves to ... discuss

What motivated you to join the pro-life movement? What continues to motivate you?Seeing a photo of a completed abortion. The truth was undeniable, and it was indelibly burned into my mind. My continue ... discuss

The Shepherd or the Thief?Smack dab in the midst of this Easter season, like every year, we come upon “Good Shepherd Sunday”.  Today we hear from Jesus, who takes this grand scriptural metaph ... discuss

This is a memoir about the author's life-changing experience. This book begins with a Forward, written by his co-writer, Paul J. Pastor. He follows with his own Introduction about why he has writt ... discuss

“Did he or didn’t he? Did he step out of bounds or not?”  In the world of sports, such questions are settled with instant replay. The referees look at the video monitor and think a ... discuss

Mega-kudos to the folks at Operation Rescue for the amazing research they've been doing into the death of Cree Erwin-Sheppard last Independence Day Weekend. Finally we are able to compare the redacted ... discuss

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine as long used by herbs and acupuncture as part of its practice. Are you considering trying first acupuncture for the first time? If you are, then you are likely want ... discuss

This book is a work of investigative journalism. Kean begins this book with an Introduction about the purpose of this book. She spreads her content in four parts over 26 chapters. Contributing autho ... discuss

Author’s note: I am writing this as the director of The Forerunner and president of Personhood Florida Education. Nevertheless, this is not an “official” statement from any Personhood group. ... discuss

By Michael JohnsOn February 14, 2017, I spoke to the Cornell Political Union at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York on the promise of Donald Trump’s Presidency. My speech foll ... discuss

My first exposure to last month's Women's March came via Facebook of course. The Rockford Art Deli, a custom T-shirt shop in the town I formerly called home, had produced a special shirt to co ... discuss

My first exposure to last month's Women's March came via Facebook of course. The Rockford Art Deli, a custom T-shirt shop in the town I formerly called home, had produced a special shirt to co ... discuss

This is a memoir by a a former Cabinet member of faith, whom former Pres. Obama had appointed to his administration. Michael Wear begins his book with a Prelude, telling the story of his first days ... discuss

I admit it. I have been MIA in the blogging world for the past six months. Mea culpa. There is a good reason. I am working in a neurobiology lab at the local university. We are researching ways ... discuss

Today I was looking up Blessings and Benedictions in the New Testament, and came across this nice list.  We often hear these words in the liturgy, but don't know exactly the source.  This si ... discuss

One of the common themes of Planned Parenthood's rhetoric is that pro-lifers don't really care about babies. They claim that the "radical right/Christians" are crazy, violent fanatics bent on taking a ... discuss

Image source: reading John C. Médaille’s Toward a Truly Free Market: A Distributist Perspective on the Role of Government, Taxes, Healthcare, Deficits, and More (Wilmington ... discuss

Vatican City, Dec 21, 2016 / 08:34 am (CNA/EWTN News).- After the recent unauthorized ordination of bishops in China, which falls just ahead of a major meeting for Chinese Catholic representatives, th ... discuss

Vatican City, Dec 22, 2016 / 05:44 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In a lengthy, in-depth speech to members of the Roman Curia Thursday, Pope Francis dug into what he said are the key guidelines of his ongoing r ... discuss

Dear Cody,I’ve seen the message you left for “People Older Than Me” on behalf of “People Younger Than Me”, which has had over 331,000 views at this writing [11/19/16]. For the benefit of eve ... discuss

(Source: Pearls Before Swine, April 13, 2016)As the popular internet meme went, the thing that frightened us most about Election 2016 was that one of the two major candidates would win.  And sure ... discuss

Image shamelessly pinched from the internet; Kyriosity takes credit in comments. There isn't any defense. The danger of any comment on the video of Donald Trump's lewd comments is that it will ap ... discuss

Here's a wonderful essay by the late U.S. Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick that is supremely relevant to our times, and yet I can't find it online. Someone sent a scan of it to me. It was written in the ... discuss

The following are thoughts based on a discussion with a friend who quite suddenly changed his viewpoint from self-described "conservative" to self-described "libertarian." The proximate cause for ... discuss

I am blessed with three healthy children, but one of them was (incorrectly) diagnosed with down syndrome. We declined to abort him (of course) and are so glad he is part of our life. In our case it wa ... discuss

This book is not one you want to blast through in a few weeks like I did. I really like Franciscan friar Richard Rohr and have been receiving his daily emails for about a year now. I have only read on ... discuss

This wasn't about the Senate.  It wasn't about politics.  God didn't endorse candidates.  He wanted me to trust Him, to rely on Him, to lean on Him.  He didn't want me to believe H ... discuss

Sometimes movie spoilers are a welcome thing. Several months ago I saw a trailer for the movie Me Before You and got a little excited. A modern romance featuring a disabled main character. It looked s ... discuss

Miss Luther is the Yalie caught on tape screaming at Dr. Christakis for offenses that did not appear to be worthy of the vitrol that she yelled at him.She is/was apparently as senior [has probably gra ... discuss

I’m going to Celebrate the 8th to distribute sunflower seeds for "Sunflowers for Life", which is a new initiative set up to encourage pro-life advocates everywhere to grow sunflowers as a public wit ... discuss

For the second time in 6 months, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has upheld a complaint against the Ray D’Arcy Show on RTE Radio 1 for their treatment of the abortion issue.  As the ... discuss

To listen to some abortion advocates over the past few days, you would be forgiven for thinking that we were dealing with a court with full jurisdiction and authority over Ireland. This is not the cas ... discuss

Sig Sauer MCX, similar to rifle used at Pulse massacre.(Image source: the wake of the horrific massacre in Orlando, people are once again demanding we “do something ... discuss

Colin Kaepernick. (Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images.)“Mansplaining”, originally defined as the tendency of men to explain the frickin’ obvious to women in a patronizing tone, lost its unique vi ... discuss

The following news release was issued today, July 1, 2016.ST. PAUL — Abortion numbers have dropped in eight of the last nine years in Minnesota to their lowest level since 1974, confirming the succe ... discuss

The following is a follow-up to today's earlier news release.ST. PAUL — Planned Parenthood continues to defy state and national trends of declining abortion numbers by managing to perform more abort ... discuss

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. Pro-life voters should consider the stakes and seek to prioritize issues accordingly.Abortion is not like other political matters. The abortion issue is about whet ... discuss

 Comedian booed on talk show after claiming on talk show after claiming abortion is “cool” Calvin Freiburger The Keepers of the Official Abortion Narrative hold that absolutely nobod ... discuss

 Perinatal Hospice: When an Ultrasound Leads to Heartache instead of HappinessBy Tracy Winsor Editor’s note. This is Part Two of a series on Perinatal Hospice which appears on the w ... discuss

 No matter how disguised, abortion is not “care”By Carol Tobias, President Last week the Los Angeles Times did a story on the so-called “abortion desert,” a term used to descri ... discuss

We All Have DreamsI have yet to meet someone who does not have at least one dream.  Each person carries within him or her a dream (or dreams) of doing something that makes a difference in that pe ... discuss

The times are changing. Sexual morality is undergoing nothing less than a revolution as traditional morality gives way to something radically different. The former morality, based on the Chris ... discuss

Today’s Kindle deals include three from Christian Focus: A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Sin by Iain D. Campbell, A Christian’s Pocket Guide to Suffering by Brian Cosby, and A Clearing ... discuss

There is an abundance of scholarly work reporting on the various harmful correlates of pornography, which include (but are not limited to):Sexual aggression, according to a 2015 meta-analysis publishe ... discuss

The amount of response from the revelation of the true source of and meaning behind badselfeater has been encouraging and, one might even say, well beyond what some of us were expecting, and may God ... discuss

Some people say that the Gospel is a message which only about peace, goodwill, grace, and happiness.  They argue that when you are witnessing to someone, you shouldn’t mention hell or talk abo ... discuss

Running Through My Head Today:Weird. I'm not sure that I have a song running through my head this morning.Grateful For:Gus and Ria at Mirror Lake in YosemiteHomeschooling.  No, it's not perfect. ... discuss

Even when it looks like He doesn’t.  The past week has given new meaning to  the words, “he shook my world.” And not in a positive way. With several earthquakes in excess o ... discuss

There are two parts - maybe two sections or clauses - to the Personhood anti-abortion strategy. The first is simple, easily grasped, and is understood and supported by the vast majority of pro-life ac ... discuss

Is it a phenomenon, or is there something diabolical in play here.  Many Americans have chosen to support candidates that are way less than conservative and have records where they either cannot ... discuss

 The Pro Life Campaign has said the Labour Party’s election proposal on abortion amounts to abortion on demand and does nothing to empower women. The PLC’s Deputy Chairperson Cora Sherlock wa ... discuss

The Pro Life Campaign has criticised the Minister for Children, James Reilly, over remarks he made in a Sunday newspaper, calling for repeal of the 8th Amendment.Commenting on the interview, ... discuss

“Awesome!”  “Amazing!”  “I loved it!” These are just some of the comments that sum up the reaction of the 100 teens and adults who attended our TeenSpeak 2016 conference on January 30 in ... discuss

Courtesy of Roamin' Catholics. As the mother of a young lady of 13 who has Down syndrome, I am accustomed to seeing how God's ways are far above our ways. Many times we have stood in awe at what Our L ... discuss

"Abortion can’t really turn back the clock. It can’t push the rewind button on life and make it so that she was never pregnant. It can make it easy for everyone around the woman to forget the preg ... discuss

Among all those who get involved in discussions about moral issues, killing and violence seem to have, in general, a bad name. How many times have you heard the remark, in refutation of some view, “ ... discuss

I am beginning a new series today entitled “Recognition.”  When bad things happen and I am wronged in some way, I am very quick to take to social media or an email to customer service to ... discuss

In the past few years, 4D ultrasound has emerged and it clearly shows the the reality of the life and humanity of the unborn child. It is been proved that when moms are shown ultrasounds of their bab ... discuss

I'm linking up again with Ginny's Yarn Along this week. I've got a screaming headache, but I'm determined to get a post up on this poor neglected blog. So, I'm going to keep this real short. I've cast ... discuss

"A sacrifice to be real must cost, must hurt, and must empty ourselves. Give yourself fully to God. He will use you to accomplish great things on the condition that you believe much more in his love t ... discuss

So after all the meshugas on the right over the past few years, the Republicans could wind up with two new leaders going into this election, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. That’s a pretty excellent o ... discuss

Full Length of Inside Out in HD VideoNow you can enjoy Inside Out in HD quality with duration 94 Min and was released on 2015-06-19 and MPAA rating is 1017.Original Title : Inside OutMovie title in yo ... discuss

By: Dan Moyle Lead generation is a topic many people know nothing about. Whether you are a novice or a pro at it, the fact is that there is always something new to learn. In order to do so, be sure to ... discuss

Super Fun Eagan Senior Portraits ~ Ben V Outing with Ben   Here we are in September in the middle of senior portrait season. This year is a particularly hot and heavy season partially because we ... discuss

For behold the sovereign the Lord of hosts shall take away from Jerusalem, and from Juda the valiant and the strong, the whole strength of bread, and the whole strength of water.  The strong man, ... discuss

Amy Bjornson Actress Portfolio Photography Session Amy contacted me about 6 months ago to help her work on her acting/model portfolio headshots and assorted images.  She has some great ideas of who s ... discuss

 The more I learn about Marco Rubio, the more I get excited about him and his chances to not only win the Republican primary, but to win the presidency in 2016.Some articles that I have found rec ... discuss

The Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank is a taxpayer paid fund with the ostensible purpose to give the federal executive power to improve the trading prospects of selected US companie ... discuss

Note: A review copy of this movie was sent in exchange for a review. It releases today, and you can look for a local showing here.  It isn’t often I’m sent a movie to review that I get ex ... discuss

Progress – Jan. 22 Pro-Life Issue - Ed Mohs’ faith journeyJan. 7, 2009  By John Wolcott A child of rape, Ed Mohs’ strong pro-life stance has been a part of his deepest beliefs s ... discuss

Yes, the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary shown above is that of a 8-1/2 to 9 month pregnant Mary. I admit that is an image of Mary we rarely see. In fact for most people the only image of Mary pregn ... discuss

Brothers and Sisters: Peace be with you.Frequently, Internet atheistic aces challenge me to provide evidence and/or proof for the existence of God. Almost all the time the proof they demand is, on its ... discuss

A student at Harvard shares her abortion experience in the Harvard Crimson.I headed to the clinic a week later with just a book, a water bottle, my Harvard ID, and a locket containing a picture of my ... discuss

Brethren, Peace be with you. This, according to geologist Dr. Aryeh Shimron claims he has "virtually unequivocal evidence" that could solve the mystery of Christ's remains. It ... discuss

So, I started working part time in order to offset the financial pressures that we feel from time to time.  (I suppose even my blog title is all wrong now...) Anyhoo, it's an interesting dynamic ... discuss

A Challenge to the Media...     Do you have the courage to fully investigate the long-standing abortion debate and issues? Divisive it is!  So often, news articles and stories ... discuss

Okay. This time will DEFINITELY be my last post here. But just had to acknowledge one last thing on my almost blogiversary.Two days from today, Saturday, 7 March, will be the 10th anniversary of this ... discuss

The image above is a stack of life books.  We are making one for every child in our center. These books are full of pictures of our Mercy House kids, their housemates, staff, friends from school ... discuss

from Jill by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and KelliWesley J. Smith examines a New York Times article which celebrates “a woman who waxes ecstatically about choosing ... discuss

Cross Posted at Live Action WasillsJacob Wasill was nine when he shared his adoption story with his class. He was stunned and hurt when the response of one of his classmates was…”Hmmm, ... discuss

Recently, I was thinking of the damage done to the black community by the abortion industry. The holiday honoring Martin Luther King as well as the anniversary of Roe v Wade & Doe v Bolton f ... discuss

 from Jill Stanek.comby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and KelliLive Action News reports on a perfect example of twisted pro-abortion logic from The Abortion Resource Handbook, in ... discuss

Most of you readers are aware of the fact that, back in 2006, our family welcomed a child into our home from a disrupted adoption.    I detailed the events surrounding that decision and ... discuss

So why have we haven't had any followup attacks by the Muslims in the last 13 years? Just wondering. Seriously, I take with a huge grain of salt any information coming out of DC via the MSM. We have a ... discuss

Mars Hill Church began as a small gathering in Mark Driscoll’s home in 1996 and soon became one of the fastest-growing churches in the country. But the church that was praised just last year as one ... discuss

Good morning, blog friends and blogsphere! I have a simple request, well 3 actually. I know this is long but PLEASE read this to the bottom so that you understand what this means to me. One of my dear ... discuss

She's brought the "right to die" argument onto the front burner for many folks. Paradoxically, by refusing to kill herself as originally planned she has become an asset for those of us who oppose suic ... discuss

Great post over at Margaret Sanger Blog linking to powerful Arina Grossu story on Margaret Sanger.  If you have a blog or site, consider linking to this Washington Times story:Arina Gro ... discuss

Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories, Volume I by Arthur Conan Doyle My rating: 3 of 5 starsThat this collection of detective stories is classic fiction is beyond question. Nevertheless, n ... discuss

After seeing the movie The Giver, I wanted to shout to all the world how important this movie could be to a generation who has grown up with visual images and a certain infatuation with technology. At ... discuss

Random ReflectionsDateline: Saturday April 19, 2014 and the afternoon is slipping away.  The morning work in the backyard is a memory and the short visit with one of the grandfathers was a pleasa ... discuss

by LifeSiteNews staff DUBLAND, Ireland, May 28, 2014 ( - Sixty-five percent of the 200 pro-life candidates identified by the Life Institute for Election 2014 went on to win seats in t ... discuss

by John-Henry Westen TORONTO, May 26, 2014 ( – The office of Toronto Cardinal Thomas Collins has been inundated with positive reaction to the Cardinal’s letter confronting ... discuss

by Sarah Terzo May 23, 2014 (Live Action News) - In the book Abortion: a Positive Decision, pro-choice author Patricia Launneborg paints a rosy picture of abortion. She quotes a number of abortion cli ... discuss

Last summer, Carl E. Olson at Catholic World Report, exposed the horrendous state of Catholic high school summer reading lists by highlighting one particularly smutty and ludicrously vulgar novel assi ... discuss

     I would like to start off by saying that things have been going really good lately. I have been doing a lot of planning for my pro-life group at school. I had been working on a pro ... discuss

There is a video making the rounds of a young woman who filmed her abortion so that people can see there is such a thing as a "positive abortion experience." I am not going to repost it because it is ... discuss




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