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  Other ideas: Print, color if desired: paste to thin cardboard.  Cut into four squares and use as a puzzle. laminate, play ‘find the…’ with your younger children (or donR ... discuss

I miss the Arkansas leaves this time of year. Texas trees never know what to wear in Autumn. We are lucky to get a couple of weeks at Thanksgiving with reds and yellows; unless you count the few yard ... discuss

From Vir Speluncae Catholicus:There once was this gal name o' MaggieWas listed on the Ku Klux Klan tallyHer thoughts on the needTo eradicate "weeds"Was echoed at the Nuremberg Rally 2007 was ... discuss

Ms. Margaret and the KlanBy Carrie TomkoThere once was a woman named Margaret,Who made Negro babies her target.She longed to see less of them,Courted the death of them,Sanger, this woman named Margare ... discuss

Someone found our blog by typing that phrase into Google. This is more of what that person found. This really got me."Poem From A Father Regretting Abortion, To My Little Baby My ex girlfriend decided ... discuss

George Bilgere, oh, how I love you. For lines like this:a woman who has always dreamed of becomingthe kind of woman the man I've always dreamed of becoming has always dreamed of meeting.That's fr ... discuss

 Photo: 6, 600 Maryland students made a living flag at Fort McHenry National Monument--I'm sure I have heard The Star Spangled Banner played hundreds, if not thousands of times, yet, I still tear ... discuss

Saint Jerome visited by angels by Bartolomeo CavarozziI just realized it is St. Jerome's feast day. Like many, I have a fondness for this crochety, language specialist and translator, who was a spirit ... discuss

(photo credit: I have come to love the poetry of Mark Strand and poems like "The Continuous Life" are the reason.Lately I find myself spilling the spoiler of a poem's en ... discuss

It’s always a tragedy when a woman has an abortion. But it’s even more tragic when a woman knows that abortion results in the death of another human being and has the abortion anyway. Last ... discuss

Guest post by Charlotte Ostermann 50,000,000! When we reached that abortion toll, I woke up, in a way, to the horror of this ongoing holocaust. I wished then, before Internet, email, and computers in ... discuss

 “Artist” performs the story of her abortion: “I think She was a She” By Dave Andrusko Leyla JosephineSo…how far can the logic of “I am not ashamed of my abortion” go? NR ... discuss

Saving Dr. Brantly: The Inside Story of a Medical MiracleGetReligion tells us that another miracle, aside from that reported on Matt Lauer's NBC special about Dr. Brantly's recovery from Ebola, is tha ... discuss

Question: "I would like to know your view of the paranormal. Should Christians be involved in it, like ghost hunting, reading books about ghosts, UFO's and the paranormal in general?"If you read the w ... discuss

(Photo courtesy of Jan-Willem Geertsma, available at Free Images.)A Portrait of the Reader with a Bowl of Cerealby Billy CollinsEvery morning I sit across from youat the same small tabl ... discuss

Our very old, well worn, beloved piano. Just yesterday, I remarked to Ramona how lovely it was to hear her playing the piano again. She loves to play, but we all get either busy or lazy in the su ... discuss

Credit: of us read "Catcher In The Rye" by JD Salinger at some point in our adolescence. I think I was 16 when I read it. It has become a classic American novel. It has m ... discuss

I am reposting an amazing documentary called Choosing Thomas that chronicles a couple that chose life, however brief it may be for their son, Thomas,  who was born with Trisomy 18. He lived 5 day ... discuss

One of the aims of ISIS is eradicating Western sins and vices, except, of course, for a select few that they themselves like to do.(I know they're not a laughing matter, but the poem popped out as I t ... discuss

A ... discuss

The Man Who Would Be King by Rudyard Kipling DHM: Well written. For readers who like to think and don’t mind a glimpse at the dark side of human nature. Okay, this is more than a glimpse, but i ... discuss

I found this poem in the preface of a genealogy book written in 1907, by W.H. Miller, Richmond, Kentucky. I believe the poem was written by the author's wife, Katherine Oldham Miller (K.O.M.)Atoms mas ... discuss

While imprisoned by the Nazis at Tegel military prison, and shortly after learning of the last failed attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler, Dietrich Bonhoeffer penned a short poem for his friend, Eberh ... discuss

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was no ... discuss

Yes, it's that time of year again. Christmastide is approaching it's festive conclusion, punctuated by the Twelfth Night revelry. And, of course, that means that it's time, once again, for my traditio ... discuss

Here is a treat for you: a recording from the BBC of T.S.Eliot reading his poem, The Journey of the Magi.  This was one of the first of Eliot’s poems I encountered, and I have loved it since. ... discuss

HOMEI need to take a little time for research this week; our next topic, which will appear in the next two weeks, will be dissociation: how it relates to abortion and how it correlates to chronic illn ... discuss

The Saint of the Day for December 17 is St. Olympias. Born sometime between 360-365, this pious, charitable, and wealthy disciple of St. John Chrysostom came from an illustrious family in Constantinop ... discuss

Advent He will come, He will come. I can trust that He will come. He will come like a tiny child Silently slipping  into the open spaces in my heart. Slowly the corners of my mouth will turn up My e ... discuss

... discuss

FROM THE PASTORDecember 1, 2013by Fr. George W. Rutler Recently I read something I had written about Advent in an essay rather a while ago, and in it I pointed out that this holy season every year i ... discuss

Ellen Bass writes so deftly of human fragility.We are neither on the eve nor the other side of a daughter's a wedding here, but still ... I can feel the stuff of this poem down to my bones.After Our D ... discuss

from Jill Stanek.comby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and KelliWe welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email Susie@jillstanek.c ... discuss

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email At Priests for ... discuss

CAPTURE YOUR GRIEF 2013 Photography Project for October-Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness MonthDay 22: WordsOctober 22, 2013 ♥Day 22. Words: Share your favorite quote, poem, song ly ... discuss

foundationlife.netA class at Georgetown University’s law school scheduled for next semester will have students working with a pro-abortion rights advocacy organization, taught by that organizatio ... discuss

I am the Flagby Ruth Apperson RousI am the flag of the United States of America.I was born on June 14, 1777, in Philadelphia.There the Continental Congress adopted my stars and stripes as the national ... discuss

Lord Byron has written a timeless poem about a beautiful woman. If you read it carefully, most of this woman's beauty is spiritual, "The smiles that win the tints that glow, But tell of days ... discuss

MAY MY HEART NOW ENCLOSE YOUR HEART Come dwell in my humble heart, my Love Tonight may I enclose yours in mine So that our repose turns humanly divine I long to be your romantic lover to hear each you ... discuss

As LifeNews reported yesterday, late-term abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell defending his actions killing unborn children in abortions after viability and taking their lives moments after their pur ... discuss

A Boston school has come under some fire for marking the 12th anniversary of 9/11 with a controversial commemoration involving — or rather not involving — the Pledge of Allegiance. On Wedn ... discuss

Stunningly, I haven't posted a Wilbur poem for a year. I used to (without realizing I was doing it) choose "The Writer" every few months.Now I realize.I am quite deliberately re-posting the poem becau ... discuss

One of my favorite poets, Seamus Heaney, passed away this morning. He was just 74.When people ask me my favorite "serious" poets, Heaney was always one of the first I mentioned (Robert Frost always be ... discuss

Here are a few Kindle deals. First, two great ones from Baker: Scripture Alone by James White ($3.99); What Is Reformed Theology? by R.C. Sproul ($3.99). Also, did you know all 11 of R.C. Sp ... discuss

So a Catholic thinker who once helmed the wonderful periodical "First Things" has come out in favor of same-sex marriage. No big surprise, then, that the New York Times would trumpet this story t ... discuss

"Said the robin to the sparrow,'I should really like to know,Why these anxious human beings Rush about and worry so.'"Said the sparrow to the robin,'Friend I think that it must be,That they have no He ... discuss

Midsummerby Robert Fitzgerald The adolescent night, breath of the town, Porchswings and whispers, maple leaves unseen Deploying moonlight quieter than a man dead After the locust’s song. These ... discuss

ys, Literary, Moral and Philosophical by Benjamin Rush: A Defense of the Use of the Bible as a Schoolbook Addressed to the Rev. Jeremy Belknap, of Boston” (Part Two of Five) VI. The interesting eve ... discuss

Beyond The Best E-marketing StrategyThis Book Contains The Whole Steps Of The Best E-marketing Strategy ,all Secrets Tips With A Full Explanation Of Each Step case Study To Make You Understand Steps ... discuss

"Scots Wha Hae" is a poem written by Robert Burns that is supposed to approximate the speech Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, delivered to his troops prior to leading them into battle against the Engl ... discuss

I received this story from Ann over at As They Rise Up It is a beautiful story she shares in hopes that others don't make the same mistake she made.  I was young when I got married, onl ... discuss

I found this poem I wrote on my facebook notes...Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 11:46am One Stone: A Lament for the LostOne stone stands differentOne word, one dateBoth birth and death togetherNo dash ... discuss

by Diane Steinbach Making Whole is a bi-monthly art therapy column focused on art to heal. Not long ago I read about an artist that would create small canvas paintings, beautiful creations rea ... discuss

When an old man died in the geriatric ward of a nursing home in country New South Wales, Australia, it was believed that he had nothing left of any value. Later when the nurses were going through his& ... discuss

The Margaret Sanger autobiography informs that "I accepted an invitation to talk to the women's branch of the Ku Klux Klan...I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated cr ... discuss

A hand shot up from among the troops sitting on the ground. It was an eager sergeant who raised his hand and asked if he could help. In front of the troops was an enthusiastic young lady who was a vol ... discuss

Sad is the timeWhen the age of innocence is pastAnd the eyes of the childWho looked upon the birdand the flowerwith wonder and pleasureAnd who put a tiny finger into the waterto watch a rippleform and ... discuss

The helpless live in silenceRelying on your choiceSo stand with them in courageAnd bravely be their voice.Design by Josiah Jost; poem by Lisa Jost. Available at ... discuss

A ... discuss

A poem I wrote to highlight the difference between Jesus and false religion. This is not an attack upon Christians, so please don’t take this as offensive, i… Post Footer automatically gen ... discuss

Lyrics:On Raglan Road of an autumn dayI saw her first and knewThat her dark hair would weave a snareThat I might one day rueI saw the danger and I passedAlong the enchanted wayAnd said let grief be a ... discuss

="MsoNormal">My heart has been like an open wound since last night....not just for me and my family and our sphere of relationships, but burdened for all those grieving the world over..  Though ... discuss

I am the Flagby Ruth Apperson RousI am the flag of the United States of America.I was born on June 14, 1777, in Philadelphia.There the Continental Congress adopted my stars and stripes as the national ... discuss

I used to write poems all the time. It's something the Lord gave me to do while He endured me through some of the darkest and most violent times in my life. While there were many external forces w ... discuss

NORAD Tracks Santa + Family Fun Activities ( Chinese | Deutsch | English | Español | Français | Italiano | Japanese Português ) tian ... discuss

The Commemoration of Nicholas of Myra While many Christians give presents sometime during early winter, many avoid gift-giving on Christmas. Some wait until Epiphany on 6 January, since this day celeb ... discuss

I’ve been at this blogging thing for ten years now and have been at the daily blogging thing for almost as long. This means that I’ve got an extensive backlist of articles from years gone ... discuss

Leona’s 2012 Advent and New Year’s Letter I have chosen one of my recent posts (see below) from my blog, THE REST OF THE WAY, for this Seasonal Greeting. ... discuss

Handed to me in PrestonI spoke at a public meeting in Preston this week about a new local abortion clinic. Whilst I was there I received a beautiful gift.My talk centered on the recent opening of a Ma ... discuss

The following is Part 7 of an open letter to Colonel Vaughn Doner and a critique of his 2012 book, Christian Jihad: Neo-Fundamentalists and the Polarization of America. Throughout the series, I addre ... discuss

"I’m participating in the Spend-Less Holidays: Saving While Savoring the Season Blog Carnival, hosted by The Frugal Fil-Am and Dainty Mom. We’ll be sharing our tips on how to spend less this holid ... discuss

The Influence of the Chief Tecumseh Poem You may recall sometime back we had posted about the Chief Tecumseh poem that we had become aware of from the Act of Valor movie.  Well we just recently recei ... discuss

According to Toni Morrison (on Oprah) the true test of maternal love is when your eyes light up when your child enters the room. As the mother of seven, I doubt very much that my eyes lit up every tim ... discuss

Joy Beyond the Sorrow - Joy Beyond the Sorrow, the new album from Indelible Grace is available to order and download today. I’ve been listening to it for a few days now and can say that it’ ... discuss

I just read Meg Meeker's book, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know.The book is full of great and valuable suggestions; the main takeaway points all have to do wi ... discuss

“In the early Christian icons,” my priest explained. “You can tell the Christians from the non-Christians by the technology they’re using. The non-Christians are reading from o ... discuss

French military cemetery at Douaumont (via Wikimedia). I’ve already passed along this story on The ImpracticalCatholic.  But there’s another topic it fits, and “waste not, want not”: ... discuss

Two 'high rank' officers aren't listed.  o'incompetent dismissed them compounding his feckless coverup of his Benghazi, Libya debacle.  His disgraceful 'vote saving'&nb ... discuss

One of my true heroes passed away over the weekend. Here's his story from my upcoming book Where Do We Find Such Men?James A. “Jake” Blanchfield attended to his regular duties as Circulation Manag ... discuss

What happened to my mother's heart so many years ago That miscarried the body of my child that died and wouldn't grow A heart once filled with love and joy then turned to dreadful fear The hopes and ... discuss

©2012 Battling BARE Broken by battle Wounded by war My love is forever To you this I swore I will quiet your silent screams Help heal your shattered soul Until once again, my love You are ... discuss

Explaining the title of the LectureFor the lecture’s title I have used a phrase which appears in T.S.Eliot’s Four Quartets – the second of which is called East Coker.  East Coker is a villa ... discuss

If you feel an impulse to do this, I say go for it! Many people get their start in the publishing world with Chicken Soup books! And as much as people aspire to writing books - honestly, a story can ... discuss

It used to be the case that American school children would learn a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier, Barbara Fritchie, that memorialized a brave 90-year old lady of Frederick, Maryland, who legendarily ... discuss

Questions the TDSB Is Not Answering - As his church deals with having to leave the public school they rent, Julian is asking questions that the school board is not answering.Calvary Love - Here&# ... discuss

OK, been busy. Links? What does it mean to be American. The conceit that this is unique is, well, probably not unique. Recall the book I mentioned a few weeks ago … Mr Snyder’s Reconstru ... discuss

Atticus sent this one to me yesterday. Not only is the poem about wine (the poet and his wife are, after all, the authors of A Guide to North Carolina's Wineries), it's about late nights and marriage. ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | Former Playboy Playmate Prays the Rosary “Every Night” With Her Kids by Steve Skojec of the Catholic Vote website – Big ☧ulpit Poem: “The Kiss ... discuss

By TITO EDWARDS | Former Playboy Playmate Prays the Rosary “Every Night” With Her Kids by Steve Skojec of the Catholic Vote website – Big ☧ulpit Poem: “The Kiss ... discuss

John Flavel was one of the great Puritan preachers and authors. Much of Flavel’s ministry was toward sailors, so he often relied on nautical metaphors and terminology. In An Honest, Well Experie ... discuss

In a way it is fitting that I learned about Neil Armstrong's death while dropping off one of the Troglotykes (#2) at college. In addition to my father, there was no greater influence and ins ... discuss

Once again, this August 20 I want to share the story of why Tripp and I call Joshua - our first child - the Cornerstone of our family. Here is an excerpt from Dirty Dancing at the Prom and Other Cha ... discuss

The Painterhighlighted the tree topswith sunlightI went out in the evening to walk the dog. The sun was low in the sky, and the particular angle it was at led to golden light coloring the upper parts ... discuss

This is what we did, roughly, with my oldest two girls when studying America’s Civil War. I wrote this up at the time. I started to update it, but my tenses got confused, so I stopped, probably ... discuss

We now return to our regular man with black hat programming. Taylor Mali performs his Spoken Word poem, “An Open Letter to the Staff Copywriter of the Federal Aviation Administration” in the NYC-U ... discuss

Can’t sleep? Suzanne Slonczewski-Simonovich’s new book “Forty Poems for Restless Nights” is available to see you through. As she says, Słodkie sny ~ Dobra noc/Sweet dreams ~ ... discuss

Can’t sleep? Suzanne Slonczewski-Simonovich’s new book “Forty Poems for Restless Nights” is available to see you through. As she says, Słodkie sny ~ Dobra noc/Sweet dreams ~ ... discuss

At the conclusion of the magnificent London Olympics, we can think of no more appropriate hymn this Sunday morning than the great British anthem, "Jerusalem," performed here by cadets of the Un ... discuss

Today I returned to the Pike Place Market for a closer look.The Pike Place Fish Market was first opened in 1930, and has become a legend both within and without the market. This notoriety happened aft ... discuss

Yeats was born in Ireland in 1865 to Anglo-Irish parents. He wrote of his childhood in at least two books, one called Four Years and the other titled Reveries Over Childhood and Youth. He was not, he ... discuss

I read this in an anthology. I thought it was rather intriguing. Rough My parents kept me from children who were rough and who threw words like stones and who wore torn clothes. Their thighs showed ... discuss

Rudyard Kipling Astonishing poem by Rudyard Kipling, published in 1919.  How did he know about the Obamacrats?  I guess it goes to show that our struggles against evil and idiocy are nothing new. A ... discuss

This morning I saw a Facebook post from my good friend StacyTrasancos: Judging from the scene in my kitchen this morning, you’d never believe I used to dress in smart business clothes, mar ... discuss

An exhibition of Churchilliana in New York has reminded Americans why they took the great man to their hearts – and kept him there  Touch of genius: Winston Churchill's words had a profou ... discuss

There are a number of brethren currently going through what has been called by some, "The Dark Night of the Soul."  I wanted to share some words of encouragement from the saints for those going t ... discuss

The Song of Joan of Arc is an epic poem written and finished on July 31, 1429, by Christine de Pisan who was a highly regarded poet who lived in France during the same time as Joan of Arc.  This ... discuss

I'm very blessed to have a very possible future daughter-in-law who's graced our family with visits on several occasions and who consistently brings out the best in those about her - including but no ... discuss

Did you have a tough day at the office? Well, who cares, because I know I did.What does a man do when he's had one of those days? Simple. He writes a form of Japanese poem known as a haiku. They consi ... discuss

Reader Alanna Boudreau shared with me her version of Pied Beauty -- a poem I love -- set to music that she composed. Alanna has a lovely, haunting voice and I find that I can't get this out of my ... discuss

I am reading The Technological Society and Propaganda by Jacques Ellul I had to get Propaganda on interlibrary loan and I can’t renew it, and of course, it came before I finished TTS.  Who Am I ... discuss

I have posted about Richard Wilbur, oh, about 111 times. But not for awhile. So, today, perhaps my favorite poem in the world about writing. And daughters.The Writerby Richard WilburIn her room a ... discuss

by G. K. Chesterton A book has at one time come under my notice called ‘Terra Firma: the Earth not a Planet.’ The author was a Mr. D. Wardlaw Scott, and he quoted very seriously the opinio ... discuss

I must say that I have never been so interested in so many truly classic books as right now. My interest has been piqued by various bloggers and podcasters whose discussions are so interesting that I ... discuss

Found myself crying at the exquisiteness of this. If you think you don't like classical music, here's a taste that will make you hungry for more: HT/Mary Jane Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 - his las ... discuss

On July 17, 1429, Joan of Arc fulfilled her primary mission to have Charles VII crowned and anointed as  King of all France. Joan had predicted that she would lead Charles to his crowing in Reims ... discuss

Bret Stephens in Commentary: The world as we would wish it to be is not a world in which Syria is bleeding, the Chinese are increasing the rate of annual military spending by a double-digit percentage ... discuss

While John Newton will always be known as the man who wrote “Amazing Grace,” that is just one of hundreds of hymns he penned. Another beautiful and powerful hymn of comfort and assurance i ... discuss

Do you even have to ask? After today's post, the only choice for Poetry Friday is Robert Frost.I chose this one because the older I get -- the longer I am married, a mother, a teacher, a writer, ... discuss

Whether tapping away at McNamara’s Blog or writing a feature for his column, “In Ages Past”, Pat McNamara is always worth reading. His short, engaging historical pieces on — mo ... discuss

From American Thinker By Paul Kengor Barack Hussein Obama and Communist Mentor Frank Marshall Davis It's interesting that not only does Barack Obama need continued vetting, but so do his biogr ... discuss

This series of lessons is loosely based on Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘If”.   Here’s the first stanza: If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs, and blam ... discuss

Brutally Honest has a humorous post on hate crime. He found some satanists claiming it's a hate crime that someone stole their "vote Satan" yard sign. I'm not sure those particular satanists are clear ... discuss

tyle="color: #000000;">Before I was a singer songwriter or ebook writer or website content writer…I wrote poems…a lot of ‘em. This is a scanned poem from an old white notebook of p ... discuss

At least not very well. Not today.Given that we were recently in Florida, and given that Wallace Stevens has always been one of Atticus's favorite poets, and given that it is Poetry Friday, Atticus su ... discuss

I have been wanting to make a shadow box with Lily's things for a long time, but didn't know how to go about it. I didn't know where I could get an affordable one and I didn't exactly know what I had ... discuss

It seems that the number of books, articles, sermons and devotionals which extol the “balanced” Christian life are endless.  That’s too bad for, despite their good intentions, they are base ... discuss

So begins the poem by Emma Lazarus that reads on a plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty. The lady with the torch welcomes all those who would come to her shores.That is to say, by the approved ... discuss

I have to say, I think the machine deserves a few words. A eulogy or a poem, some sort of tribute is due.   There ought to be some sort of service for the service rendered by a machine that has been ... discuss

I have little use for alice walker. Neither does my friend Barbara Kay.This great champion of Palestinian children, it seems, had no great love for her own child. Rebecca writes: “I came very low do ... discuss

Hat Tip: Jay Elliott ... discuss

Dee has a new pink travel purse…and she’s pretty proud of it! I found it in with the scrapbooking supplies at Big Lots for  around $8 and re-purposed it to be an on-the-g ... discuss

HLI President Father Shenan J. Boquet was a featured speaker at the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally held on June 8, 2012 on Capitol Hill. Video and a transcript of the speech follow. See pictur ... discuss

An allegory of our times under o'puppet.   We can escape Nov. 6th. -- rfh'The Ventriloquist' starring Kevin Spaceywatch on Youtube: video sour ... discuss

The Saint of the Day for June 9 is St. Ephrem.Ephrem was of Syrian descent and son of a citizen of Nisibis. While yet a young man be betook himself to the holy bishop James, by whom he was baptized, a ... discuss

Grace to You - The June issue of Tabletalk magazine has an interview with John MacArthur. I think the most interesting bit comes at the end where he discusses his friendship with R.C. Sproul.That ... discuss

FROM THE PASTORMay 27, 2012by Fr. George W. Rutler The term “Red Letter Day” goes back to 325 AD when the First Council of Nicaea decreed that great feasts be marked in red on the calendar. Pent ... discuss

“If we forget what we did, we will forget who we are.” Those were the words of President Ronald Reagan in his Farewell Address to the American people in 1989.  They are especially poignant words, ... discuss

 Oh so proud to live in a pro life state. Yes, Tennessee is pro life and we are proud to claim  these beautiful families as Tennesseans.The first family in the news recently is Chris, Lacy ... discuss

This month I opt for haiku in W&Q, hosted by Shredded Cheddar:Word: LavalierQuestion: Beer, wine, or the hard stuff? tStyles DefLockedState="false" LatentStyleCount="156"> < ![endif]--> Active ... discuss

Most people are familiar with the old adage that says "the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world." Originally the refrain of a poem honoring motherhood, today this phrase is per ... discuss

Facebook has been known for banning pro life pics  of aborted babies.   They have also  been known to relax their standards on other social issues.  Millington, TN mom fights ... discuss

Together, we brought to a close a significant chapter of our shared experience.  I quickly asked God for the strength to get through it.  A story from the pro-life book God Moments III:  ... discuss

I mean it. You are not invisible! Someone sees you... (Ive written so much over the years. This is a copy and paste sorta job and I hope it makes sense. I mean every word. Love, Brooke (birth mo ... discuss

I want to share something I wrote six years ago I remembered today because so many here and at Facebook responded to the "Forgive Yourself" advice from the Reflections of Motherhood video. I want to ... discuss

I know you still remember On that April Day When you gave birth to me and had to walk away I know it is not because You did not care for me You only wanted what was best And that is how it ... discuss

I just found this in my old notes. Thought I’d post it because I’ll probably never randomly find it again in all my mess of papers. It is not good or anything, it’s just what I remember wri ... discuss

From Dr. John Guzlowski Dr. Mary Ann Miller, Associate Professor of English, Caldwell College, Caldwell, NJ, is calling for submissions of poems for a proposed anthology of contemporary American poems ... discuss

From Dr. John Guzlowski Dr. Mary Ann Miller, Associate Professor of English, Caldwell College, Caldwell, NJ, is calling for submissions of poems for a proposed anthology of contemporary American poems ... discuss

This is my once-monthly post on the Puritan John Owen. In this series of posts I am sharing some of what John Owen says about putting sin to death, or what he calls mortification. I have bee ... discuss

I look about me, sick and faint of soul;The dwelling of God's glory is my goal.But, though I look about so constantly,No answer comes, none turns to rescue me.Yet, as I wander through the grassy dale, ... discuss

I reported here a few weeks ago that the NYT’s Dear Abby-type column, “The Ethicist,” was holding an essay contest to descsribe why eating meat is ethical–judged by Peter Singe ... discuss

HEIGHTWhen I was young I felt so smallAnd frightened, for the world was tall.And even grasses seemed to meA forest of immensity,Until I learned that I could growA glance would leave them far below.Sp ... discuss

How do we know whether we really have faith? Certainly not when things are going well. It's challenges and tragedies that give us the opportunity to demonstrate the depth of our faith and trust in God ... discuss

from Jill Stanek.comby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email Susie@jillstanek. ... discuss

I usually get my Poetry Friday post done on Thursday night or Friday morning but this week my entire routine was off. We were out late-ish night and didn't have our usual Friday activities and that al ... discuss

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email Wesley J. Smit ... discuss

I was recently sent a wonderful pro-life video. The film depicts the thoughts of a baby who is aware that they are about to be killed in their mother's womb. The poem 'Interview with an unborn child', ... discuss

(One of those messy, half-baked sort of posts - this comes from an old piece of paper that I'd like to toss):Docility/ Openness to Friendly Criticism (includes taking your ideas lightly)The Virtue of ... discuss

was a soldier and martyr who suffered around 303 at Lydda (Diospolis) in Palestine. The earliest surviving record of him is a church inscription in Syria, dated about 346. Commemorations of him are nu ... discuss

Another W&Q Poem sponsored by Shredded Cheddar.W: CaesuraQ:  What's happened to the rest of the chocolates?What is that spot I see staring from the wall?‘Tis still quite fresh it seems so sudde ... discuss

I went to see this movie last night with five women, on a rare girls' night out.  I actually cannot remember the last movie I saw in theaters, but I certainly will not forget this one!  The ... discuss

Who Has Seen the Wind? By Christina Rossetti Who has seen the wind? Neither I nor you: But when the leaves hang trembling, The wind is passing th ... discuss

Good morning. A discussion of modern heresy. An interesting observation, all theological heresies recapitulate as ecclesiastical errors. That is, errors of “what is God” recapitulate ... discuss

Israel has banned German Nobel literature laureate Gunter Grass from visiting the country because of a critical poem he published last week. ... discuss

Someone dear to me shared this poem with me to reflect on this Holy Week.  I read, and read, and re-read it last evening before the beautiful Easter Vigil. I allowed the words of this poem, ... discuss

This is the Old English and Middle English term for the triumphant descent of Christ into hell (or Hades) between the time of His Crucifixion and His Resurrection, when, according to Christian b ... discuss

Lily's second birthday has already come and gone...I can hardly believe it. It's already and only been two years. March is a bittersweet month. I was somewhat sad for it to end, just because it's her ... discuss

It was on a     maundy Thursday,         and all in the morning,They planted     a crown of thorns    &nb ... discuss

I don’t know why I even try to write.  Some smart-aleck kid like Marc Barnes shows up, slams out a witty, whimsical and insightful piece like “Christopher Hitchens and Groaning During Sex” ... discuss

1 April AD 1582?By most accounts, almost nothing stood out about young Fere. Indeed, the birth of this seventh son of one Septum Fillus is lost completely to history. Only apocryphal accounts remain, ... discuss

History of the devotion to Our Lady's Saturday by Dom Louis Gougaud. (In haste, will do some small corrections later) WHY WAS SATURDAY DEDICATED TO OUR LADY? LITURGISTS, theologians, po ... discuss

I am thrilled to hear that victim, Trayvon Martin went down fighting. He fought back against this BULLY who followed and preyed upon him like some rabid animal going after prey. I dedicate this poem b ... discuss

  Love this poem, and its so true. It's a good reminder that I think we too often need. WAY too often I find myself in this place. But God, through His Word (and music), brings me back to Him, an ... discuss

"St. Joseph and the Child Jesus" © John Collier Grateful thanks for permission to use the image from The artist comments on his work: Joseph dressed as a carpenter with the ... discuss

A gift for you my friends, one of my most favorite prayers and painting of St. Joseph!  Happy Feast day! If you are struggling financially or without a job for you or your husband, please see my ... discuss

was born about 390, in southwest Britain, somewhere between the Severn and the Clyde rivers, son of a deacon and grandson of a priest. When about sixteen years old, he was kidnapped by Irish pirates a ... discuss

Human Life International recently received the following open letter (translated) written by the Catholic Archbishop of Veszprém, Gyula Márfi, in response to professor David Baer of Texas Lutheran U ... discuss

Purchase Prints – Tecumseh Poem – Act of Valor Movie After the movie “Act of Valor” came out, a friend of mine talked to me about how powerful the Chief Tecumseh poem was at the end of ... discuss

March 8 is recognized worldwide as International Women’s Day (IWD), but on, the intentional elimination of millions of women through sex-selection abortion is hardly recog ... discuss

Oliver Wendell Holmes, who wrote a poem about the USS Constitution, was father to Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., was born MARCH 8, 1841. A graduate of Harvard, he fought in the Civil War, edited the Amer ... discuss

 The Four Moms are:  Connie, at Smockity Frocks Kim at Life in a Shoe Kimberly at Raising Olives And me!! Let me say first that I do believe writing is a craft, and like all crafts, s ... discuss

Since the 4 of us are bloggers, you might think this part was easy.  We’re natural writers, right?  So writing must come easily to our children as well. Can you feel the sarcasm dripping like ... discuss

The Abortion Gang has come out with another round of poorly thought out rhetoric. It misses the central point in the abortion/abolition debate so badly that one wonders what the author (Kaitlyn) was t ... discuss

"Listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere...Hang a lantern aloft in the belfry arch...One if by land, two if by sea..." These lines are from the poem, Paul Revere's R ... discuss

I saw the movie Act of Valor last night.  it is a great movie and I would encourage all to see it.  It is a powerful film. Act of Valor Trailer   “for all those who have been down range, ... discuss

I love William Blake. Some say he was crazy, but isn't that what they always say about visionaries?There have been four deaths in our family in the past few months. One had lived a very long life, one ... discuss

"Remember, Man, that you are dust, and to dust you shall return." Such are the familiar words of the ceremony, as the priest or deacon traces the ashes on the faithfuls' foreheads.  Memento, hom ... discuss

Last week we moved like sunlight on ripples of water - flickers of light, moving and changing. Hardly a moment of stillness. We visited grandma's house, had a family of 7 stay with us for a few da ... discuss

Once again, relatives and friends gifted me with books this Christmas. The kind of gifts I always appreciate.Some of the books are ones I've indicated in not always subtle ways that I want. This year, ... discuss

This is just the beginning of the story He's writing for me...this chapter is ending, but it marks the beginning of what He holds for me next. All the glory goes to God and God alone! I may not k ... discuss

Amid all the school work - and the sickness that now has me on antibiotics - I did manage to squeeze in some good reading.First up was Exiles, by Ron Hansen, and interesting account of Fr. Gerard Manl ... discuss

All my wrong choices caught up with me in a way I couldn't escape, though I tried. February 6, 2009.Before that week, I never knew such pain was imaginable. The deepest parts of me were shaking, ... discuss

Originally written and posted in 2011. Missing my sweet Valentine today.GOODBYE LILY KATHERINEIn my daughter's wombGrew her gift from above.We readied a roomFor her wee one to love.On our merry way re ... discuss

I ran across this moving poem on Facebook recently, and had to share it with you. With Rev. Hatchell's permission, I present you with a poem written by a father who deeply regrets the abortion of his ... discuss

Tomorrow my beautiful daughter turns ten years old. She is such a perfect soul, a gift from God that I treasure at every moment. I'll never forget the first time I held her in my arms. She was so quie ... discuss

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Many are familiar with the beginning of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s famous poem, but there is a lesser known line which relates perfectly to the cur ... discuss

The Saint of the Day for February 21 is St. Peter Damian.St. Peter Damian must be numbered among the greatest of the Church's reformers in the Middle Ages, yes, even among the truly extraordinary pers ... discuss

On \"Persian Letters,\" we've previously reported about the artistic skills possessed by the head of Iran's Basij force, Mohammad Reza Naghdi, who, along with cracking down on opposition activ ... discuss

... fast falls     the eventide;The darkness     deepens;     Lord with me     abide.When other      ... discuss

The following is Part 2 of the article entitled ""Paradigm Shift" by A.B. Chenoa.Paradigm Shift – Part 2In determining to understand a couple of things, the Lord led me. In a paradigm shift, there ... discuss

Try to remember the kind of September ...The Old Age of Nostalgiaby Mark Strand Those hours given over to basking in the glow of an imaginedfuture, of being carried away in streams of promise by a lov ... discuss




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