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Photo slide show of famous protests, riots, marches: I didn’t notice the Chicago ’68 protests there. These are just screen shots of images from the 1968 Chicago protests. Click to enlarge: ... discuss

Time once again for our usual midweek feature.Remember two weeks ago when we showed those Finnish hillbillies going Appalachian on heavy metal? How could you forget a thing like that? Well, they're no ... discuss

Washington D.C., Aug 20, 2014 / 12:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The new dystopian movie “The Giver” has drawn praise for its deep thematic content on the value of human life, suffering, free wi ... discuss

 Polk County District Judge Jeffrey Farrell upheld the ban on telemed abortions (webcam abortions) that the Iowa Board of Medicine imposed last year. It was imposed based on FDA protocol for the ... discuss

“As for us who are strong, our duty is to bear with the weaknesses of those who are not strong, and not seek our own pleasure.” WNT (Read these scriptures and more at It ... discuss


From Renew AmericaBy Stephen StoneIn his well-reasoned book in support of the movement to impeach and remove Barack Obama titled Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama's Impeachmen ... discuss

Contact: Teri Elgersma, Alpha Omega Academy, 800-682-7391 ROCK RAPIDS, Iowa, Aug. 19, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Alpha Omega Academy, an online distance learning program for grades K-12, congratul ... discuss

I couldn’t help but recall Beryl Otieno Ngoje’s story as I watched the movie The Giver, based on the Newbery Medal winning book by Lois Lowry. The particular scene that jumped out at me was t ... discuss

Am I the only one who notices how the Administration's allies (MSM) exerted themselves to keep Ferguson on the front burner until the last few days? Plus how this story came out shortly after it was n ... discuss

A sacrilegious television show on the Cinemax cable television channel is coming under fire from Catholics today because it features a nun performing an abortion. The Knick is a television drama serie ... discuss

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana ( – I was in New Orleans for a week in July with Operation Save America (OSA). It was a fitting follow-up to the OSA Regional event held in Kissimmee, ... discuss

Aboard the papal plane, Aug 18, 2014 / 04:30 pm (CNA).- Speaking to journalists aboard the Aug. 18 plane flight back to Italy from South Korea, Pope Francis said he supports international intervention ... discuss

(LiveActionNews) — I recently interviewed Donna, who struggles with feelings of loss, sadness, and guilt over an abortion her mother had before she was born.  Her testimony is raw and honest, a ... discuss

Marie tells her story: To anyone who is pregnant, young or older and not sure what to do, I urge you and beg you to read my true story. Maybe you’re not pregnant and just reading this. Feel free to ... discuss

The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip has reignited debates about moral culpability, civilian casualties, and the actual history of the relationship between Israelis and Pales ... discuss

Robin Williams, the brilliantly talented comedian and actor, was found dead in his California home on August 11, the victim of an apparent suicide. News coverage of his death reviewed his eclectic car ... discuss

The FYB and JennyAnyDots took a train ride to New York.  They were visiting friends and helping out with a project or two.  The friends, a young married couple, are expecting their second baby soon. ... discuss

  Culture News Sister of aborted baby describes her strugglesI recently interviewed Donna, who struggles with feelings of loss, sadness, and guilt over an abortion her mother had before s ... discuss

There is an interesting psychological phenomenon that was identified in 1972 called "Groupthink". Wikipedia [HERE] gives us the definition:Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within ... discuss

Text:  Matthew 15:21-28Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.She was a dog.  Worse than a mere lap dog, but one of those yippy dogs that circles yo ... discuss

I can well remember back in fourth grade when I was introduced to the music of Tom Lehrer, the mathematician and musical satirist whose album This Was the Year That Was became very popular about that ... discuss

Editorial Cartoon by AF "Tony" Branco PL Booth, Contributing Author: It makes no rational sense. Even as Gaza was blowing up all around it, Hamas fired rocket after rocket in the general direction of ... discuss

As Long As He Can Steer You From The TruthThe following video is making its rounds on the Internet as testimony of a Muslim's conversion to Christianity. Integral to this man's conversion was informat ... discuss

To view the video click here. ... discuss

I read somewhere that your earliest memories communicate something about how you see yourself.  I think the idea was that you choose the memories that reinforce what you think about yourself and your ... discuss

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — Mollie Thomas was born and raised in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Her parents are a loving couple, who grew her up in the Christian faith. From the yo ... discuss

Mt 18:15-20 The Meaning of Church(Click here for readings)“If he refuses to listen to them, tell the Church.If he refuses to listen even to the Church,then treat him as you would a Gentile ... discuss

Jerusalem, Israel, Aug 13, 2014 / 02:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Despite the stresses of alternating violence and ceasefires between Hamas and Israel, Franciscans in the Holy Land are committed to helping ... discuss

Steven Seagal, who has spoken out before in defense of Russia and Putin, played a gig in Crimea recently that was allegedly pro-separatist. …Seagal played a weekend concert in the Black Sea peni ... discuss

by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: “A greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country: assalaamu alaykum”The speaker had what one might imagine, given his background, a better insight ... discuss

by Bethany Monk, Citizen Link: Pro-lifers in Madison, Wis., will once again be able to exercise their free-speech rights — without restrictions. City officials voted this week to rescind an ordin ... discuss

  Join Jen and the other Quicktakers over at the Conversion Diary.1.  Sticks and stones and all of that, but no one can say my kids have a problem with "socialization."This summer my younges ... discuss

By Don DeMarco, Ph. D.  Garage sales can be very personal experiences. Oftentimes, in addition to goods being sold, there are stories to be told. And so it was, on a recent Saturday morning when I ar ... discuss

Contact: Paul Sybert, 831-238-4753,  MONTEREY, Calif., Aug. 7, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Paul Sybert wrote this song about Jesus the Christ, His life and crucifixion and resurre ... discuss

Each year when August rolls around yet again, I reflect on August 2009. I will be sharing posts this month about that time that the Lord intervened in my heart and life and fought for me, rescued me, ... discuss

Ants have played havoc with my belief that anything is interesting when known. Having come prepared to loathe crawling things and stayed to admire them, I came full of copybook reverence for the ant a ... discuss

Last month, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), responsible for enforcing federal laws related to workplace discrimination, issued new enforcement guidance on pregnancy discrimination ... discuss

--Hell on Wheels is my new, favorite show!--It takes place during the aftermath of the Civil War.  So, it has a historical aspect to it and there is a hot guy with a gun, played by Anson Mount.&n ... discuss

This is a parody of “I’m Sexy and I Know It.” IT cracks me up for a number of reasons. We aren’t farmers, but my younger two kids have grown up squarely in farm country. Ev ... discuss

 Haleigh’s new life after State wanted her dead By Wesley J. Smith Haleigh played on the front lawn with her adoptive father, Keith Arnett, and brother, Jacob. The Arnetts first to ... discuss

Judge Myron Thompson issued a 172-page opinion this morning ruling that the Alabama law that requires abortionists to maintain local hospital privileges in unconstitutional. Thompson said that the rul ... discuss

* “Is Barack Obama Plotting a Coup?” (John Hinderaker, PowerLine)* “The Evil Sentimentality of the Pro-Hamas Left” (David French, NRO)* “The Obama Endgame Emerges” (Douglas Herz, American ... discuss

I had the opportunity for a round-table interview which, as it turns out, only consisted of me and Methodist pastor Kenny Dickson speaking with John Michael McDonagh about his new film Calvary (m ... discuss

From a 1921 magazine on teaching Kindergarten and first grade. We played a chicken and fox game when I was a child. The ‘eggs’ secretly chose their color and whispered it to the mother. T ... discuss

In my previous column, I lay out exactly why the future of the Republican Party will be determined this November on the single issue of impeachment. In short, congressional Republicans have played dea ... discuss

I'm not blogging much this week because we are hosting two little girls from New York City through the Fresh Air Fund. What fun! They had never cooked hot dogs and s'mores over a bonfire! They loved i ... discuss

 ‘By passing this bipartisan measure, we send a message to Hamas that its terrorist tactics and its attempts to terrorize Israel’s populace will not succeed.’WASHINGTON, D.C – The Sen ... discuss

Sioux Falls, S.D., Aug 1, 2014 / 04:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- If you have seen an artistic Facebook cover photo with a saint and a powerful quote, there's a good chance it came from Cassie Pease. The ... discuss

Several months ago I posted some thoughts inspired by a little research on the history of English (primarily, though not intentionally) church architecture. I was interested in looking at the way chil ... discuss

by Bethany Monk: A federal appeals court today ruled in favor of the more than 230,000 Americans who asked it to protect plans to display a 17-foot cross memorial at Ground Zero.Created by two interse ... discuss

Excerpt from an article in the 1919 edition of a magazine for ‘the kindergartener,’ as at the time the kindergarten was a progressive social and political movement as much as it was an edu ... discuss

New York, NY (LifeNews/CFAM) — As the issue of sexual violence has risen at the UN, the matter of the children born of that violence has fallen precipitously. Forgetting Children Born of War shows h ... discuss

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media The usually astute Jake Tapper of CNN aired a story on Tuesday about “global exasperation” with Vladimir Putin over Ukraine. The consensus was that Putin is in ... discuss

The Left has quietly colonized the retreats that average Americans beat into the “safe zone” of sports. Sometimes its agenda leaks out. Probably because I parse words for a living, I pick up on ... discuss

These six tactics not only helped me navigate a 90-minute debate with three Mormons when I didn’t know anything about Mormonism, they can also help you have better conversations with pro-choice peop ... discuss

--It used to be that summertime was the time to watch re-runs.  Yet, in recent years, cable stations and the major networks now air new shows during the summer.Gang Related on FOX--This is probab ... discuss

This would be my weekly after therapy clearing the brain stuff, but it’s not because my therapist was a no-show for the second week in a row.  That would make a really hilarious scene in a blac ... discuss

The abortion drug is responsible for the deaths of dozens of women worldwide, including several in the United States alone, and it has injured at least 1,100 women in the United States alone as of 200 ... discuss

SPECIES: The Virgin (Sexus Nontilnuptials) PREDATOR: The Media (Sexus Perpetual Obsessicus) METHOD OF ATTACK: Exploitation and Extinction Peer through a leafy curtain deep in the Amazon and you mi ... discuss

After a hiatus of nine months, President Obama has nominated Rabbi David Saperstein to be the next U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, an office within our State Department. ... discuss

THSC 2014 Encouragement by Chocolate I had all these words floating around in my mind over the past few days… words that tried to somehow grasp at buttoning up the experience of THSC and present ... discuss

Bits and pieces. Bits and pieces. People. People important to you, people unimportant to you cross your life, touch it with love and carelessness and move on. There are people who leave you and you b ... discuss

Saving Grace, possibly one of the most humiliating free recommends I have ever let slip past me.  The basic story (not a spoiler, this part is pretty much in the description of the book) is that a to ... discuss

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jul 28, 2014 / 04:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- After nearly two years of preparation, Father José Almy Gomes, 40, almost wasn’t ready for Pope Francis’ World Youth ... discuss

Al Qaeda on the march by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: In the July 24 edition of The Wall Street Journal there was a commentary, “Wanted: Converts to Judaism” by the chancellor of the Jewi ... discuss

Johann Sebastian Bach, widely regarded as the greatest of all composers of music for Christian worship, was born in 1685 in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany, into a family of distinguished musicians. In 1 ... discuss

  Join Jen and the other Quicktakers over at the Conversion Diary.1.  I was the wedding facilitator for my very first ever wedding  in the extraordinary form.  I spent a good part ... discuss

Did you know Budweiser played this commercial ( it’s hard to see, but the first four horses were on bended knee while their heads were bowed ) once and then NEVER showed it again. The company is ... discuss

by Kelli A new HBO documentary examines South Korea’s gaming culture in light of a couple who starved their child due to a gaming addiction. From Plenty has been made of South Korea ... discuss

After finally being able to leave Sudan, the woman who was sentenced to die for her Christian faith when she was pregnant visited Pope Francis today. “Pope Francis was very tender with her, her husb ... discuss

In the coming week, we commemorate the centennial of the outbreak of the First World War, referred to in its day as “The World War” or even “The Great War.” It was supposed to be "the war to e ... discuss

Believe me when I tell you that attempting to reply to Justin Edwards' hit pieces about abolitionism has been a trying affair, but we nevertheless find ourselves at the end, as today we will answer ... discuss

Dr. Thomas Sowell By Thomas Sowell, Commentary, GOPUSA:: In a recent confrontation between protesters against the illegal flood of unaccompanied children into the United States and counter-protests b ... discuss

The OC Weekly has reported that a woman who was under arrest was taken for late term abortion at the Family Planning Associates Medical Group (FPA) abortion clinic in Long Beach. Following her visit t ... discuss

Brethren, Peace be with you.For professional and personal reasons I've always cultivated an interest and a studied curiosity about foreign events, their drivers, and their meanings. The recent shootin ... discuss

I Used to Be Pro-Choice, Pro-Choice to the Core, Th ... discuss

Every morning, the faithfulness of the sun touches our eyelids. Unfortunately, the faithfulness of the alarm clock also reaches our ears. We slowly rise from the pillow, sneak out from under the sheet ... discuss

So one of the objections to this whole farce is the "catch and release" scenario that many claim gets played out, i.e. an illegal is brought in, processed and given a date to appear. Then he/she is re ... discuss

An Israeli soldier gives the “Victory” sign while sitting in his tank. I often wonder how they used gas masks in the Six-Day War when their beards would have prevented a good seal with the ... discuss

My wife left me twenty-four years ago today, and it is hardly an endorsement of the phenomenon to submit that it was one of the best things that ever happened to me -- eventually. That being said ...Y ... discuss

Buried in a story about Derek Jeter’s last all-star appearance in his last professional baseball season (A New Act In Jeter's Last Season, Before Dwindling All-Star Audience), is some intriguing ins ... discuss

By Patrick J. BuchananBook Excerpt from The Greatest Comeback  via Rare.UsA conservative since I can remember, I had been a backer of Barry Goldwater from the day Richard Nixon conceded in ... discuss

If we are to pinpoint the moment of beginning of personhood that has the best scientific grounding, out of all the moments that are candidates, that will certainly be the beginning of the single-cell ... discuss

Clinton Wilcox of Life Training Institute was kind enough to read the semi-final draft of this post and provide a brief but insightful critique. This does not mean that he necessarily endorses any of ... discuss

One thing is for certain: we all find ourselves, either consciously or unconsciously, immersed in an ocean of turbulent societal anxiety. This is not the turmoil and anxiety caused by any one particul ... discuss

Will played his fourth baseball game of the year tonight. Will started out on defense as catcher. He likes playing the position but only when it's not too hot out. Fortunately, the coach rotates ... discuss

Will started out his fifth game of the season playing second base. The next inning, Will played pitcher which is just a defensive position since the opposing team's coach pitches to the batter. W ... discuss

Will's team played their sixth baseball game of the season tonight. Will had to miss the game because it is Holy Thursday and we all attended mass in the evening together. His team lost 4-14 without h ... discuss

Will played well this evening in his seventh game of the season. In his first at bat, Will whacked the ball hard but it was right to a fielder who thew him out at first. This almost looks like a ... discuss

Conservatives waged war against these animals who murdered women for public spectacle. Liberals are letting them take over Iraq and Syria.  And not shockingly, they’re killing Christians wherev ... discuss

A couple of days ago, my son told me that his father-in-law was looking up genealogy and came across an obituary from seven months ago featuring his (my son’s) biological grandmother on my ex ex ... discuss

Before reading, please read our initial reply to Justin Edwards, then our response to part 1 of his series about Abolish Human Abortion and the Church Repent project.Edwards continues his unhelpful cr ... discuss

There's been a lot of press and discussion lately about the United States as a "post-Christian" nation.President Obama's phrase, "we are no longer just a Christian nation", spoken during a keynote add ... discuss

ideo. My friend Jim recorded me over at his house last Saturday while I sang and played an original tune, New Day. I've been meaning to record my songs and put them up on YouTube since...well, since ... discuss

It's been a long time since I've posted on my blog. My wife was in the hospital twice last year and it has been a difficult ever since. She's dealing with severe physical and emotional symptoms. To ... discuss

TweetBy Stephanie GrayRecently NewsTalk 1010 held a radio program in which the host described the theme as follows: “We’re talking about whether graphic photos of dismembered fetuses should be ban ... discuss

Phil Kerpen by Phil Kerpen, Contributing Author: When President Obama announced an unprecedented effort by the EPA to strong-arm states into adopting cap-and-trade, he made the announcement not b ... discuss

So now "Queen Pelosi" sees fit to lecture an archbishop on how to behave? Seriously, this woman has an ego the size of the moon. Here's the link: ... discuss

Speaking on condition of anonymity we were told of a simple plan that is guaranteed to get the desired result! Until such time as Tahmooressi is released, they have to a man/woman agreed they will no ... discuss

14 June, Old Testament After the prophet Elijah defeated the priests of Baal and then fled Jezebel's wrath, The Lord came to him on Mount Horeb. He told him to anoint new kings of Syria and Israel. He ... discuss

Unbelievable! It is actually a solid month since I have posted on this blog. Anyone just happening upon a blog titled “Musing at 90″ might well think that the old lady has kicked the bucke ... discuss

It has been an important hallmark of the conservative movement during its 50 year run to point to the steady decline of Western Civilization; to a broad disrespect for the rule of law in general, and ... discuss

(I just ran across an old college paper from years ago. Figured I kept it to put it to use, right? So, here it is.)   “While news is important, news interpretation is far more important” – ... discuss

From The Indepedent:Google have continued their recent run of doodles celebrating eminent female scientists with an image to mark the 107th anniversary of the birth of Rachel Carson.Carson, who was bo ... discuss

Drew played his fourth soccer game of the season today. The game was special because Aunt Donelda got to see it as she was in town for Landon's birthday. Drew had a great header back at the goal ... discuss

By Mike Ciandella and Katie Yoder, MRC: They say the key to successful investing is diversification. But Berkshire Hathaway Chairman & CEO Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor known as the &nbs ... discuss

Mark Bavis loved hockey. He started skating at the tender age of 4 and started shooting goals shortly after. His identical twin brother Mike also enjoyed the game and the two practiced and played to ... discuss

With last week’s release of the new Abort 73 (Huskies) T-shirts and tank-tops—so named for the UCONN jerseys they were inspired by—it’s a good time to revisit the underlying p ... discuss

With last week’s release of the new Abort 73 (Huskies) T-shirts and tank-tops—so named for the UCONN jerseys they were inspired by—it’s a good time to revisit the underlying p ... discuss

Saddest story of the day...this happened Thursday in Richmond, VA but breaks my heart. May Marty Cobb rest in peace with the angels for his act of heroism. May the slimeball that did this to him and r ... discuss

We had quite a weekend our here in Southern California over the LA Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling’s private conversation with his mistress in which she goaded him into an incoherent racis ... discuss

***Spoilers Alert!*** The Sopranos: The Next GenerationImage source: & Daisy Movie Downplays Assisted SuicideIn all of the vi'lence dis ... discuss

In today's edition: Reader's Digest Christianity, revisiting the great Dungeons and Dragons scare, confessions of a Christian film critic, the aggregation of marginal gains, and more.************Expos ... discuss

.: Chocolate Brownies with Mocha Frosting :.This is how we celebrated yesterday's Solemnity of the Incarnation.  Not really sure how something so dark and un-blue and un-white could symbolic ... discuss

Right around the first of the year we were sitting around a table at a Chinese restaurant and Gary says “This is not the most technologically advanced bunch. They need some vision and you’re the & ... discuss

My new migraine book is out under my pen name so I'd like to share my story about how I used to suffer from migraines. I used to have terrible migraines. I had them almost every day. They we ... discuss

I haven’t been writing for a while, probably the longest stretch of non-writing I’ve had in the last few years.  I just haven’t been able to; just the simple act of putting pen to paper or ... discuss

\"I need an Easter play for just two kids!\" That is the request that was put to me by a Sunday School teacher at our church one year. I am called on sometimes to write Christmas or Easter plays for ... discuss

"And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold." Matthew 24:12It's one of greatest blessings and curses we have as humans: The ability to be shocked.On the one hand, there ... discuss

There’s kind of a time warp in Facebook Land. On any given day, this strange phenomenon can cough up posts, videos and memes originally uploaded as long as seven or eight years ago. In Fac ... discuss

CNN) -- A brain-dead pregnant woman lies on a hospital bed. Doctors want to keep her on life support until they can deliver her baby. An anguished husband waits.At first glance, the case of Robyn Bens ... discuss

  Editor’s note. I apologize for posting this late. I just ran across this excellent commentary written by Dr. Peter Saunders who is a former general surgeon and is CEO of Christian Medical Fel ... discuss

The Wild Goose CaseBack in March of 2013 Tony Massey and myself, Jo Scott, were accused of "following" Christa Pryor, the wife of Jim Pryor, Planned Parenthood's head security guard.  With me at ... discuss

How Can You Ever Trust News Media Again? This week, the Media Research Center uncovered a stunning ethical breach in NBC News' coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting. The often-playe ... discuss

Converted and Converting Posted by Dr. Scott Hahn on 01.22.14 |Our patron, St. Paul, isn’t any ordinary saint. He’s a singularity. He’s unique. ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston Mike Huckabee did not say a single thing that was outrageous during his remarks to an RNC winter meeting on January 23. But that won’t stop the Old Media complex from lyin ... discuss

Can an abortion experience play a role in a man’s descent into criminal activity? The answer is yes, according to inmates at a maximum correctional facility in Florida. The Diocese of Palm Beach has ... discuss

Tuesday’s New Day on CNN followed the lead of Reuters in giving ideologically-tinged reporting about Pope Francis’s latest condemnation of abortion. Kate Bolduan hyped the “blunt wor ... discuss

I'm proud of my daughter, but I can't deny that she stopped us in our religiously disinterested, bleeding-heart liberal tracksFor decades, god and religion have played no part in my life. I ... discuss

Kirk Cameron Mike Seaver has come a log way since “Growing Pains.” Actor Kirk Cameron, who played the heartthrob Seaver in the 1980s sitcom, has since starred in the film “Fireproof, ... discuss

Today’s Gospel: Mark 1:21-28 When I was a little girl, well before the invention of laptops, iPhones, FaceBook, Angry Birds, or Candy Crush Saga, we played games where kids actually interacted. ... discuss

A graduate student who researched the reading levels of 183 UNC-Chapel Hill athletes who played football or basketball from 2004 to 2012 found that 60 percent read between fourth- and eighth-grade l ... discuss

Cardinal Newman Society: Authors Kevin Theriot and Jeremy Tedesco are senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which has played a key role in court battles to halt the HHS mandat ... discuss

Every now and again, popular television gets something right. And when it does, it deserves applause. I’m writing of the latest episode of Downton Abbey, which saw Lady Edith Crawley (played by Laur ... discuss

Archbishop Dieudonné Nzapalainga, the Central African Republic's leading prelate, has played a key role in the distribution of food to a crowd of over 100,000 people who have fled their ... Original ... discuss

Every now and again, popular television gets something right. And when it does, it deserves applause. I’m writing of the latest episode of Downton Abbey, which saw Lady Edith Crawley (played by Laur ... discuss

This one reminded me of World War I, when the Allied and German soldiers came out of the trenches, exchanged gifts, and played soccer during the Christmas truce. It was so kind and thoughtful of this ... discuss

Fifteen months after the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, the narrative of the attack continues to be shaped, and reshaped, by politicians a ... discuss

13 year old Jahi is the focus of another case where the "experts" have decided and again weighed in on "Life unworthy of life".  "Before Auschwitz and the other death camps, the Nazis had establi ... discuss

If You’re A Singer Songwriter With Road Experience… …then you’ve probably got Road Stories Here’s one of mine… Well, this is sort of like 3 in one. After a long, ... discuss

As a musician I do a lot of performing during the holiday season. Many churches put on various Christmas cantatas, concerts with choir and orchestra, dramatic presentations, etc. and there are numerou ... discuss

I am getting sick of all the so-called "conservative" Catholics and their dimwitted supporters in the comboxes lambasting Pope Francis for what he said in his recent Apostolic Exhortation.If any of th ... discuss

One interesting fact, Joe was born in the same hospital as me, 97th General, in Frankfurt, Germany, in June of the year I graduated from high school, 1979. While I was working at Domino̵ ... discuss

I attended a speech given by HM PM Stephen Harper at the Montreal Board of Trade last Friday. The subject was the newly signed Canada EU free trade agreement. It was great to see HM PM Brian Mulroney ... discuss

I have done several posts about Michael Voris and how I feel he has crossed the line. I find him to be more and more dangerous to the Catholic faithful. I know that is a very heavy accusation, but I ... discuss

     She said she couldn't face changing the sheets for the first three months after her husband  died.  She was clinging to him the only way she could thru the faint smell of ... discuss

28 October, New Testament On the various New Testament lists of the Twelve Apostles (Matthew 10:2-4; Mark 3:16-19; Luke 6:14-16; Acts 1:13), the tenth and eleventh places are occupied by Simon the Zea ... discuss

I always loved the surprise of this performance. Lou Reed is gone, at age 71. RIP Simcha has more. So does Frank Weathers, who notes that Reed played for JPII. ... discuss

Our next Christian philanthropist, William Colgate, founded a company that has placed a well-known product in many of our homes even today—Colgate toothpaste. Born in Kent, England in 1783 to Rober ... discuss

~October's Party~by George CooperOctober gave a party;The leaves by hundreds came-The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,And leaves of every name.The Sunshine spread a carpet,And everything was grand, M ... discuss

When I was a freshman at Thomas Aquinas College, I had a very lowly work study job, or at least it felt like it. I came with pretty strong secretarial skills, so they put me in the "Development Office ... discuss

     High School functions under a fairly rigid caste system; Rule 1) Seniors have nothing to do with freshman unless it's the quarterback of the football team flirting or dating the pr ... discuss

What a find!  ”In 2011 maestro Raimond Pauls is celebrating his 75th Birthday. Fragments of the anniversary concert, held at the Arena “Riga”"   Watch to the end for two enchanting ... discuss

         "But we have this treasure in earthen vessels  to show that this all-surpassing power is from GOD and not from US"  2 Cor. 4:7 I can't r ... discuss

foundationlife.netBaseball great Bobby Valentine, who played for and managed the New York Mets, says colleges woo athletes with a dubious bill of goods.… Read the restThe post Bobby Valentine: C ... discuss

Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: Here are some of the links on the Friday, October 11 Drudge Report: THROW THE BUMS OUT! Poll suggests disgust with Obama, Congress could bring big changes in 201 ... discuss

This might be a good sign. (Via Ace) WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans are offering to pass legislation to avert a default and end the 11-day partial government shutdown as part of a framework tha ... discuss

Jay Leno really bashed the Republicans in his monologue on Thursday. Maybe it was because Chris Matthews was his guest and Leno decided to play to MSNBC fans. If that's the case, that's not too bright ... discuss

1. The coach never came to visit me. 2. Every time I went, they asked me for money. 3. The people sitting in my row didn’t seem very friendly. 4. The seats were very hard. 5. The referees made a dec ... discuss

John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the UN and a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute aptly nails Barack Obama's current folly with Iran for what it indeed is - he's being played for ... discuss

Shasta recently tossed The Equuschick a copy of American Soldier with instructions to “Read it!” The Equuschick is not sure of his precise intentions when he tossed it to her and she wasn ... discuss

Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: I have been trying to remember when there was so much anger between the Democrats and Republicans. Or maybe I should say between liberals and conservatives? Or mayb ... discuss

Media Release - Boston, MA (PRWEB) September 24, 2013John KellyNot Dead Yet has hired John Kelly as regional director for advocacy in the New England states. Kelly is also director of Second ... discuss

* "Obamacare Will Increase Health Spending By $7,450 For A Typical Family of Four" (Chris Conover, Forbes)* "One man's ObamaCare nightmare" (Jim Angle, Fox News)* "Lower Health Insurance Premiums to C ... discuss

Media Release - Boston, MA (PRWEB) September 24, 2013John KellyNot Dead Yet has hired John Kelly as regional director for advocacy in the New England states. Kelly is also director of Second ... discuss

   In 7th grade for my Christmas present, my Dad and Mom got me a backboard, a hoop and a basketball.  Dad attached the backboard and hoop to the garage  on Christmas Day and I beg ... discuss

American Life League: This week, the battle against the culture of death was, once again, played out with an increased emphasis on abortions and abortion providers. The latter case was exemplified ... discuss

by Amy Sobie April 5, 2010 Note: Amy Sobie is the editor of The Post-Abortion Review, a quarterly publication of the Elliot Institute. The organization is a widely respected leader in r ... discuss

yabbadabbadoo00:08:19These 4 men put their dreams of music on hold to serve our country in the Marines. While they were deployed they played music together to keep spirits high...and realized that God ... discuss

Today, September 17, is the memorial of St. Robert Bellarmine, Italian cardinal and theologian. One of the great saints of the Jesuit order, St. Robert has also been declared a Doctor of the Church an ... discuss

Mere months after the subprime mortgage market brought down Lehman Brothers in 2008, Richard S. Fuld Jr., the bank’s former chairman and CEO, referred to himself as "the most hated man in America.". ... discuss

INDIANOLA, Iowa (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden, speaking to a decidedly anti-war audience in Iowa on Sunday, played down the Obama administration’s pledge to use military force to rid Syria o ... discuss

by Ron Paul: Opposing infringement on parental control of education and promoting alternatives to government-run schools is a vital task for the liberty movement. When government usurps a parent’s ... discuss

Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: “Liberalism has become an ugly blend of sanctimony, self-interest, and social connections,” writes Fred Seigel whose credentials include being a senior fellow at ... discuss

  Christians may be barred from office, city employment, or contracts under new San Antonio LGBT law by Kirsten Andersen SAN ANTONIO, TX, Septembe ... discuss

Not shown: a real, honest-to-goodness altar rail. What’s wrong with the word radical? On the surface, nothing; to say someone is a radical X is to say he favors fundamental or thoroughgoing chan ... discuss

Coronation Street is set to feature a controversial storyline tackling the “right to die” issue involving a character who is terminally ill, reports Christian Concern for our Nation. The soap’s ... discuss

Lifted from my Facebook feed: "The Pope and Golf" The Pope met with his Cardinals to discuss a proposal from Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of Israel. "Your Holiness," said one of his Cardinals, ... discuss

Manhunt 2 was an incredible cerebral thriller and one of the best written games I’ve played… it was also perhaps the most violent video game I ever experienced… even after it was cen ... discuss

Jane Fonda is advised to go easy on the politics by the actor who played Ronald Reagan in The Iron Lady.    … Read the restThe post Jane Fonda proves a controversial Nancy Re ... discuss

 Monstar: This is adorable,with a touch of whimsy, (although the ending was anti-climactic). Monstar is supposed to be French for ‘my star.’ It’s kind of fluffy- a high school dram ... discuss

Gary Bauer, Contributing Author: Yesterday we commented on the brutal murder of Christopher Lane, a young college student in Oklahoma, and how his death is being treated by the media compared to the ... discuss

This article was written by Wesley Smith and published on August 24, 2013 on his blog.Wesley SmithBy Wesley SmithI have long known of the tragedy that struck vocal assisted suicide advocate Margaret P ... discuss

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to interview Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth Darcy, Pride and Prejudice) via e-mail while she was performing The Philadelphia Story on stage in London. The original a ... discuss

In the 2004 election cycle, NASCAR Dads were the new Soccer Moms and the only thing that weighed more on the Presidential election than Michael Moore (pun intended) was who had the most “Gravita ... discuss

A recent report from the Arizona Department of Health Services revealed a 7.4% drop in the abortion rate from 2011-2012. Compared to national figures that show a flat abortion rate, this decreas ... discuss

William P. Clark, Ronald Reagan's closest advisor, passed away yesterday. It's quite possible that you've never heard of Judge Clark, but he just so happens to be one of the chief architects of Reagan ... discuss

I posted a few things about “Breaking Bad” last week. I haven’t seen “Breaking Bad,” but I have watched, and loved, the FX series “Justified.” It’s hard ... discuss

A few nights ago I dreamed I was on Facebook and having trouble with it.  I have no idea what the trouble was but as I was waking up I somehow decided I would stay off Facebook for a month.  Once I ... discuss

First Way's 40th Anniversary Celebration Fundraiser, this past Sunday afternoon, was a wonderful experience for over 160 guests who attended. The music was beautiful. A string trio opened and was foll ... discuss

According to the AP, A married couple from Los Angeles have been jailed in the Middle East on a charge of murder with intent and are being accused of starving their 8-year-old daughter to death, accor ... discuss

When the creep slapping women during abortions accuses you of dysfunction, you are in pretty bad shape. ~ Kirsten Powers, responding to remarks made by former Planned Parenthood of Delaware abortioni ... discuss

I recently saw a video that reminded me of the coldness and heartlessness of the culture of death that we live in. The subject matter and the way it was presented chilled me to the bone and left me ... discuss

The Barque of Peter, remodelled.The modern world, which denies personal guilt and admits only social crimes, which has no place for personal repentance but only public reforms, has divorced Christ fro ... discuss

Kirsten Powers's story of conversion to Christianity has been much in the news lately. Thanks to Eric Metaxas for sharing this Examiner article about the roles that he and Tim Keller played in Powers' ... discuss

This is a true story told from the point of view of my daughter Christina when she was eight. She is 11 now.It was a creepy place, that Haunted Mini Golf. The walls were black, fluorescent ghosts floa ... discuss

Okay, the Zimmerman trial is over but the furor continues. See the stories here, here, and here for a taste of whats going on.Our self-styled masters are happily watching while the hoi-poli get their ... discuss

This morning, I awoke with a particular song on my heart, so I wanted to post it here.  When this song is sung in our church, there is such reverence for the Lord.  There is not a lot of lou ... discuss

A blogger named Frank Turk has recently taken it upon himself to examine and expose the faults of Abolish Human Abortion. While we welcome Biblical correction to our ideas and approaches, the hatchet ... discuss

I wear this Crucifix every day. It's as much a part of my everyday wear as is my underwear and my outer clothing.Today I realized it's not a "holy" thing to do but rather a responsibility.A small thin ... discuss




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