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Juba, South Sudan, Oct 29, 2014 / 08:02 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The bishops in South Sudan are calling for an immediate end to violence in their country, saying  it should be replaced with “di ... discuss

By VICTOR GAETAN | KIEV, Ukraine — High expectations for change in Ukraine resulted in early parliamentary elections held on Sunday that solidify pro-European forces. What remains in ques ... discuss

By the time I had published my second book in 2007, I had already become weary of the relentless attacks on the notion of God from certain scientists, and an ‘intellectual’ clique of atheists and ... discuss

For naïve followers, the notion that capital punishment is unfair is an uncritically accepted faith based on logical fallacies, unwarranted assumptions and insupportable assertions. For knowing leade ... discuss

Kristi Porter, 678-600-8115, ATLANTA, Oct. 27, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Volunteering in ministry is a special thing. A volunteer gives their time and energy to help out ... discuss

Susan B. Anthony List: The New Yorker's in-depth profile on SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser brings you the pro-life and pro-choice movements like you've never seen before.Author Kelefa Sann ... discuss

All recent polling data confirms that over 70% of the people believe that Obama and Democrats are leading the nation in the wrong direction, many of them believing that they are leading the country ri ... discuss

Vatican City, Oct 25, 2014 / 07:30 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Director of the Vatican Museums Antonio Paolucci has rejected rumors that they are now renting the Sistine Chapel, adding that beauty is always ... discuss

Join Jen and the other Quicktakers over at the Conversion Diary.1.  Last Saturday was Noah's last race for the season.  It was the first time anyone in our family has ever run in a cross cou ... discuss

I read with slight bemusement Ed Morrissey’s piece on ISIS,  which is another name of Al-Qaeda, which you can click here to read; supposedly having chemical weapons in Iraq. I also read how ho ... discuss

Providence, R.I., Oct 24, 2014 / 01:55 pm (CNA).- In an election where all political candidates hold problematic positions, Catholic voters may choose “the lesser of two evils,” cast a pro ... discuss

Do assisted suicide supporters really expect doctors and nurses to be able to assist the suicide of one patient, then go on to care for a similar patient who wants to live, without this having an effe ... discuss

Today is the feast of St. Anthony Mary Claret -- a favorite saint that my husband introduced me to about twenty years ago when he gave a teaching on this incredible man of God. I don't think I have ev ... discuss

Cairo, Egypt, Oct 23, 2014 / 08:26 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- While problems still exist, Christians in Egypt feel “much safer” under the presidency of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, a former military of ... discuss

National Right to Life President Carol TobiasAre you ready?? Are you as excited as I am to learn the results of the elections just around the corner?? Will Harry Reid be able to maintain his grip on a ... discuss

U. S. District Court Judge Juan M. Pérez-Giménez issued a ruling on October 21 upholding Puerto Rico’s law defining marriage: “Marriage is a civil institution that emanates f ... discuss

So . . . you're adopting a child from The Philippines who will be more than three years old when he comes home?Let me share some wisdom with you that I pray will make the transition easier for all of ... discuss

(New York Times Magazine) — One weekend in February, in the kitschy, barnlike house he shares with his mother and grandmother in the San Fernando Valley, Flynn McGarry was preparing an eight-course ... discuss

My Battle Against HitlerI've ordered the book and eagerly await its arrival. After reading Alice Von Hildebrand's biography, Soul of a Lion, which briefly addressed the Nazis' attempts to assassinate ... discuss

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — 6:00 P.M. EST, November 10, 2011 — Signs of hope in Austin: In exchange for Suspension of A Pending Civil Rights Action Against it, the City of Austin Offers to Suspend Enf ... discuss

Family Research Council: Houston Mayor Annise Parker has been on quite a fishing expedition -- but it's her power that needs to be reeled in. Americans everywhere are appalled by the lesbian leader ... discuss

by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: As this is being written, Rasmussen Reports says that 48% of likely voters approve of President Obama’s performance in office while 50% disapproved. Other polls ... discuss

It was back about 15 or 20 years ago, more or less, that Devvy Kidd was making headlines along with one Joe Banister in challenging the federal income tax. The matter interested me because I was prac ... discuss

“To unite with the Church is to take one’s place among the followers of the Master. It is a public act. It is a confession of Christ before men. It is not a profession of superior saintlin ... discuss

Vatican City, Oct 18, 2014 / 02:49 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis met with Vietnamese prime minister Nguyen Tan Dung Saturday morning, which is a move seen as a important step in strengthening ties ... discuss

Guest post by Dr. Robert Owens America was founded upon the principles of Natural Law. The Progressives led us into the realms of Legal Positivism. The vast government apparatus they have construct ... discuss

Recent events have brought to mind a scene from one of my favorite movies of all time.The Shoes of the Fisherman is a 1968 American film drama, based on the 1963 novel of the same name by the Australi ... discuss

 Open letter to Justin Trudeau – honoring conscience rights Editor’s note. Justin Trudeau us the head of the Liberal Party and the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Thi ... discuss

Whether you seek its definition as an adjective or noun, you will find in any reputable dictionary two identifying components of the term evil: morally reprehensible and causing immense harm. The prob ... discuss

Obviously, the Obama administration is making terrible decisions when it comes to the public health.Obama doesn't seem to grasp the deadly seriousness of the Ebola situation.Ron Johnson does get it.Fr ... discuss

The third child of Don Alonso Sanchez de Cepeda by his second wife, Doña Beatriz Davila y Ahumada, who died when the saint was in her fourteenth year, Teresa was brought up by her saintly father, a l ... discuss

As I wrote yesterday, there is a big picture that is being missed in the news from the Synod in Rome. Fr. Robert Barron helps provide more perspective on the situation:Having Patience for the Sausage- ... discuss

Last week, I got involved in a discussion about wedding cakes!As KATU first reported, Sweet Cakes Bakery owner Aaron Klein admitted he denied a lesbian bride-to-be service after she visited his shop o ... discuss

HA HA HA HA HA HAThat's not me.I'm just quoting.Read on!A reminder about what real apologetic work is all about.***MANDALUYONG City, Oct. 14, 2014—A Catholic priest discussed the need for apologist ... discuss

Vatican City, Oct 13, 2014 / 12:18 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The approach to irregular unions must start from positive aspects, and stable couples should be accompanied in a development toward the sacramen ... discuss

Housekeeping and Disclosures: Unless otherwise noted, books are free or marked down as listed at time of posting, but this can change without notice. Doublecheck. If you click a link and it doesn’t ... discuss

The most common statement about today’s elections is that “elections don’t matter!” Yet, never has there been a moment in history when it was more critical for every AMERICAN to vote very care ... discuss

Housekeeping and Disclosures: Unless otherwise noted, books are free or marked down as listed at time of posting, but this can change without notice. Doublecheck. If you click a link and it doesn’t ... discuss

Editorial Cartoon by William Warrenby Robert Romano: It was 1932 all over again. The economy had collapsed right before the 2008 election, and, as a result, Democrats swept to commanding majorities in ... discuss

American Thinker Check out this excellent op-ed piece by Bruce Walker that explains the danger of letting lawyers run our country.  Excerpts: … When politicians as lawyers begin to view some A ... discuss

HONG KONG (The New York Times) — The slight teenager with heavy rectangular glasses and a bowl cut stood above the ocean of protesters who had engulfed downtown Hong Kong. His deep voice was drowne ... discuss

After the 2010 election, Kansas was considered a solid “Red” state since no Democrat held an elected statewide office.  However, recent polls indicate that Democrat candidates are leading ... discuss

We're entering the kitchen sink phase of the election campaign, when it seems that no charge or claim is too low or disreputable for desperate candidates. As we've made our way through The Federalist ... discuss

Vatican City, Oct 7, 2014 / 03:02 pm (CNA).- The opening report for the bishops' synod on the family touched on the process of annulments, noting that reform is being asked by many who often misunders ... discuss

By Mitchell Kalpakgian, Ph.D. Beautiful, romantic love stories abound in literature from folktales like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to the happy marriages in Louisa May Alcott’s books like Little ... discuss

Jeremy Ryan, aka Segway Boy, is a Leftist known for his extremism as a career protester in Wisconsin. He champions Democrat causes in a very ugly way.For example: Jeremy Ryan 'Segway Boy' and Gwyn Gue ... discuss

Vatican City, Oct 6, 2014 / 05:34 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The family is not an outdated model, and Catholics should defend it from the sins that call into question and often destroy the traditional famil ... discuss

I’m a lesbian birthmother out of rape — now there’s something you don’t hear every day! I’ve lived a life many cannot fathom.  First, I was born with a serious genetic c ... discuss

By: Denise Simon Gulag Bound The North Atlantic Treaty Prologue: The Parties to this Treaty reaffirm their faith in the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and their desire to ... discuss

  Housekeeping and disclosures:   Books are free or marked down as listed at time of listing, but this can change without notice. Doublecheck. If you click a link and it doesn’t finish lo ... discuss

Egyptian president Abdel El-Sisi If you want to bomb ISIS (Islamic State In Syria aka IS, aka ISIL) from the air, go for it and if you want to put troops on the ground, knock yourselves out.  It migh ... discuss

  From: bb Sent: Friday, March 07, 2014 Subject: Saul Alinsky Here is something chilling for you to read... Alinsky, the subject of Hillary Clinton's (H16) college thesis. ... discuss

Bill Smith, Editor, ARRA News Service : A Rasmussen Reports statewide survey details that Tom Cotton has taken a strong lead in the U.S. Senate race.Republican challenger Tom Cotton has pulled to ... discuss

by Jean M. HeimannToday is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, a saint I have admired for many years due to his great humility, love of God and his fellow man, and love of poverty, in imitation of Chr ... discuss

Does anyone else find it a bit insane that this guy gets charged under the terrorism act, but Alton Nolen who actually beheaded Mrs. Hufford and stabbed Traci Jordan has, according to this same news a ... discuss

A new book is coming to rally and inspire the Tea Party and the conservative/liberty movement! How To Train Your Politician: Intentional Voting as a Path to Tea Party and Constitutional VictoryThe Es ... discuss

(H/T border cop) "QUIT BASHING  OBAMA" by COL. ROBERT  F. CUNNINGHAM and PATRICK RISHOR, 'The Gilmer Mirror'Quit trashing Obama's accomplishments.  He has done more than any other Presi ... discuss

Over the last few years the divergence between what the government promises and what it delivers, between what it says is happening or will happen and what actually is happening and does happen, betw ... discuss

 Court Petition to Declare Jahi McMath Alive! By Wesley J. Smith Jahi McMathAccording to the State of California, Jahi McMath has been dead since December 9, 2013, when she went into ... discuss

...I also believe it is entirely rational to fear the possibility of a major Ebola outbreak, of a threat to the president and his family, of jihadists crossing the border, of a large-scale Europe ... discuss

Hong Kong, China, Oct 2, 2014 / 12:56 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The archbishop of Hong Kong has urged a peaceful solution to current pro-democracy protests happening there, encouraging both sides to refrai ... discuss

According to the State of California, JahiMcMath has been dead since December 9, 2013, when she went into cardiac arrest after catastrophic side effects from throat surgery. Oakland Children’s Hospi ... discuss

The Hong Kong Tea Party?The courageous people peacefully protesting against their tyrannical overlords in Hong Kong, which now is part of mainland Red China, started me thinking. Are American Tea Pa ... discuss

Vatican City, Oct 1, 2014 / 10:52 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis and Vatican officials are due to meet this week with the nuncios to seven Middle Eastern nations to discuss responses to the Islamic ... discuss

Vatican City, Sep 30, 2014 / 12:09 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The Holy See has rejected the United Nations' Committee on the Rights of the Child's call for changes to canon law, and has formally criticized ... discuss

 Abortion in Elections: It’s not about us – it’s about the 3,000 babies who will die by abortion today By Karen Cross, National Right to Life Political Director Editor’s note. ... discuss

Below is an e-mail from the CP. There is some backstory here. I don’t remember the details, but a Ron Paul Republican was elected Chairman in Alaska and then was undermined by the party apparatu ... discuss

I’m going to say something some may find shocking.It’s not about you.Nope. And it’s definitely not about me. It’s about the nearly 3,000 unborn children who will die a brutal death by abortion ... discuss

This past weekend I wrote a blog post for a U.S. Congressblog the lawmakers and policy professional, ( ... discuss

This has been a strange September. Normally I don't get the blues this early - they tend to wait until winter enshrouds us. But the other morning I was so down I wondered what would happen if I just q ... discuss

SPUC has expressed its deep regret at the news of the death of Dr Ian Paisley and extended its condolences to Lady Paisley and their family. Liam Gibson, SPUC's Northern Ireland development officer, ... discuss

Credit:  www.christinemonohan.netSometimes I think that almost all Catholic blogs are written by just one person because they all sound exactly the same. No one ever seems to have an original th ... discuss

By Michael Johns               “He was tortured, beaten to death, strangled and then set on fire,” Laura Wilkerson said earlie ... discuss

Three Bills died at the same time. There was a $100 Bill, a $20 Bill and a $1 Bill.They arrived at the Pearly Gates and St. Peter looked at them and asked what happened.The $100 Bill explained that th ... discuss

Sermon notes & Background research for Proper 13 A 2014, the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost Scripture: Romans 9:1-5 The Wandering Jew by Gustav Dore. A Medieval legend about a Jew who taunted Chri ... discuss

Not that I’m really eleven on my own, anyway, it’s more like six now.  Eight still live here, true, but they have jobs and licenses and college and they pretty much buy their own stuff, a ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - July 21, 2014The House was not in session today. Thy are scheduled to reconvene tomorrow at 12:00 PM on Tuesday, July 22, 2014.The Senate will reconvene at 2 PM today and ... discuss

was born Her Grand Ducal Highness Princess Elisabeth Alexandra Louise Alice of Hesse and by Rhine on 1 November 1864. She was the second child of Grand Duke Ludwig IV of Hesse and by Rhine and British ... discuss

Baghdad, Iraq, Jul 14, 2014 / 04:01 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Two Iraqi archbishops are seeking “faith and hope” in Iraq, while bewailing the continuing exodus of Christians from the country am ... discuss

(This post, first published August 1, 2013, is an explanation of why there should be no termination without representation.) The unborn babies of the world today, November 15, 2013, are living their l ... discuss

Clinton Wilcox of Life Training Institute was kind enough to read the semi-final draft of this post and provide a brief but insightful critique. This does not mean that he necessarily endorses any of ... discuss

The Psychology of Pleasure by Nathaniel Branden I have been thinking a lot lately about true happiness. These two videos about the psychology of pleasure present some interesting food for thought. I ... discuss

Ladies and gentlemen; it is my conviction that we stand at the dawn of the golden age of pancakes.Humanity stands at the ready, plate and fork in hand, anticipating the challenges of a more glorious b ... discuss

Before we start popping champagne corks let’s realize this ruling only applies to privately held companies. Any charitable or nonprofit organization objecting to the contraception/abortion provision ... discuss

Summer Leisure Reading: Some of these are the sorts of books I categorize under my Kindle as ‘Mama Reads.’ Because these are titlest that are free due to being in the public domain, they a ... discuss

Sometimes the connections below will seem a bit, um, whimsical, random, and loose.  Like loose tea leaves.  Or maybe more like what you’d find at a jumble sale where the books were sorted by a ... discuss

(I just ran across an old college paper from years ago. Figured I kept it to put it to use, right? So, here it is.)   “While news is important, news interpretation is far more important” – ... discuss

by Thaddeus Baklinski CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI, May 27, 2014 ( – As the abortion debate in Canada continues to broaden thanks to the leaders of the federal opposition parties trying t ... discuss

My friend and fellow organizer for the Fabulous Blue Tent parties is running to be an Ontario MPP for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. I strongly endorse him. He is an amazing person. H ... discuss

John Shore is a sometime author, Huff-n-Puff blogger, and former "rabid anti-Christian" who claims to have become a Christian after hearing a cartoon voice in a rarely used supply closet at work.No, I ... discuss

Mark Bavis loved hockey. He started skating at the tender age of 4 and started shooting goals shortly after. His identical twin brother Mike also enjoyed the game and the two practiced and played to ... discuss

"Does the HHS Mandate Include Abortifacients?"In a 4/3/14 fact sheet, the USCCB's Secretariat of Pro Life Activities rhetorically asks, "Does the HHS mandate include abortifacients?"  Acknow ... discuss

Seven months ago, my family and I moved to South Carolina. Tomorrow night, my son plays his first game of Surfside Beach Youth Baseball, and my daughter plays her first game of Surfside Beach Youth S ... discuss

Seven months ago, my family and I moved to South Carolina. Tomorrow night, my son plays his first game of Surfside Beach Youth Baseball, and my daughter plays her first game of Surfside Beach Youth S ... discuss

Image courtesy Mail&Guardian Once again, it is the moron silly season here in South Africa. Which means that we are in election season. Parties ... discuss

--1--The podcast is back! It's now scheduled for Friday mornings, 7 a.m. Eastern, 6 a.m. Central, and that-had-better-not-be-the-radio a.m. Pacific.This Friday's show was on evil, marriage, and other ... discuss

by Tom Toth: Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Kim Il-Sung, Brezhnev, and beyond.The history of Communism — a bloody tale of forced collectivism, religious persecution, and mass-murdered dissenters — predictab ... discuss

Catholic Culture: "Under the amended concordat, which was signed by the apostolic nuncio and Malta’s foreign minister on January 27, 'parties will be able to continue an action for the nullity of a ... discuss

This essay was originally published in Christian Democracy Magazine and is based on an earlier blog post of mine. It is standard fare to depict the more economically progressive of the two partie ... discuss

The president of the Bishops' Conference denies rumors that the Church has "softened" its opposition to the controversial law. But calls for dialogue with the parties and "respect" towards those who n ... discuss

Here are the Tech Talk highlights from last week. Why I Love Facebook Book Launches Lisa Hess is a big fan of Facebook book launch parties. See if she doesn’t talk you into trying one out for yo ... discuss

Daily Times: "The participants of a panel discussion with provincial leadership of political parties stressed the need of implementing constitutional and international guarantees protecting the rights ... discuss

Michael Barone at National Review: "The result of the Court’s superseding of this process has been that abortion has become a national political issue. Initially, the abortion issue split both parti ... discuss

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has condemned threats against UN personnel in South Sudan and demanded all parties to the conflict to respect United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)sanctit ... discuss

(RNS) Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho is hosting "Celebrate Roe" parties throughout the region to commemorate "reproductive justice.” It's a tradition started by Mary Wissin ... discuss

Today marks the 41 anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade, which made abortion on demand the law of the land in all 50 states. Over 55 million lives have been ended during th ... discuss

France24: "French lawmakers voted late on Tuesday to amend the country’s abortion law to make it easier for women to terminate a pregnancy if she chooses to, despite opposition from the country’s ... discuss

EuroNews: "Most of the European Parliament’s political groups are demanding the Spanish government abandon plans for more-restrictive abortion laws. However, Parliament’s centre-right European Peo ... discuss

Gen. Paul Vallely of Stand Up America US, who is also helping to spearhead "Operation American Spring" beginning May 16th in DC, has suggested that to counter Obama's imperious overreaching that Congr ... discuss

Associated Press: "The new document would ban political parties based on religion, give women equal rights and protect the status of minority Christians. It also gives the military special powers to n ... discuss

A federal judge in Philadelphia has preliminarily rejected a $765 million settlement of NFL concussion claims, fearing the sum may not be enough to cover injured players.U.S. District Judge Anita Brod ... discuss

The March Hare with Alice, the Dormouse,and the Hatter from Alice’s Adventuresin Wonderland (Photo credit: Wikipedia) by Ralph Benko, Contributing Author: One year ago, between the re-election ... discuss

Even before Spain’s Socialist government declared abortion a women’s “right” in 2010, Spain had become known as the abortion capital of Europe. Although abortions are supposedly allowed only ... discuss

Amid national unrest, Bangladesh's leading prelate said that he fears the rise of "militant and radical Islamism." The nation's leading opposition party and its allied Islamist parties ... Original Po ... discuss

The well-known American evangelical minister set to visit the city for the Conference of Christian prayer scheduled for mid-January. But parties and movements demand he be denied a visa: He "is coming ... discuss

Little Sister with a patient. (Source: Becket Fund.)Barack Obama will not make the history books on the strength of his ability to compromise. At best, the Obama Administration’s “compromises” a ... discuss

With the New Year come new laws.  If you live in Colorado you can now light up a doobie without fear of (local) arrest. For everyone a new IRS rule will treat automatic tips added to large parties as ... discuss

Amid rising violence in Iraq, the head of the Chaldean Catholic Church appealed for calm. "From a national, religious and moral prospective, we appeal to all parties in the nation, in ... Original Pos ... discuss

For most people who don't have the lucky hangover-resistant genes, drinking at parties and celebrations comes with an inevitable hangover the next day. Original PostingRead more →The post 7 ways ... discuss

2 days left in 2013. WOW! Where has the time gone? More importantly, what did you learn in this year? For me, from the very start - the first weekend of 2013, in fact - it has been an incredible year ... discuss

One of the 6-year-olds was so sweet his teacher said he should have come to school wrapped in a bow. Another loved princess tea parties, Justin Bieber, and trips to New York. Still another, who rode h ... discuss

In both Calvinist and Lutheran circles, as the church goes through its liturgical menstrual cycle, various charges of antinomianism flow forth. In some circles this flow continues for 12  years. ... discuss

I am getting sick of all the so-called "conservative" Catholics and their dimwitted supporters in the comboxes lambasting Pope Francis for what he said in his recent Apostolic Exhortation.If any of th ... discuss

In a flailing attempt to kept abortion as a standard part of tax-subsidized insurance plans in Michigan, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan President Lori Lamerand has a Huffington Post editoria ... discuss

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) Europe is supporting a petition to the Belgian government demanding that they reject the bill to extend euthanasia to children with disabilities.Link to the p ... discuss

FROM THE PASTORDecember 1, 2013by Fr. George W. Rutler Recently I read something I had written about Advent in an essay rather a while ago, and in it I pointed out that this holy season every year i ... discuss

Mother With Multiple Sclerosis Loses Her Health Coverage Due to Obamacare Please pray for Whitney Johnson. We shared her story on the Sean Hannity show on Friday and have been promoting her story nat ... discuss

I was born in Kerala, India, but I have now lived in Canada for 50 years. I still have many familial and even economic ties to the land of my birth. I somewhat despair of Indian politics. There will b ... discuss

I attended a speech given by HM PM Stephen Harper at the Montreal Board of Trade last Friday. The subject was the newly signed Canada EU free trade agreement. It was great to see HM PM Brian Mulroney ... discuss

All the cool kids these days are talking about the idea of “life as story.” This was the theme of Donald Miller’s 2011 book A Million Miles In A Thousand Years: How I Learned To Liv ... discuss

No matter what may be reported in the secular press, the pontificate of Pope Francis is NOT deviating from what the Church always proclaimed about marriage, as reiterated in Pope Pius XI's Casti Conn ... discuss

The next general elections in South Africa is in 2014. As usual, the elections machinery goes into overdrive and the elections trickery gets under way. However, I am not sure if the following is jus ... discuss

As per Pope Francis' Lumen Fidei (6/29/13):"52. In Abraham’s journey towards the future city, the Letter to the Hebrews mentions the blessing which was passed on from fathers to sons (cf. Heb 11:2 ... discuss

I am deeply saddened to hear of the death of Senator Finley. He was an amazing man. He was always very kind to me. He used to [undeservedly] say I was Canada's best blogger. I last saw him at the ... discuss

Book Details:   • Authors: Joel R. Beeke and William Boekestein   • Category: Devotional   • Book Publisher: Reformation Heritage (2013) ... discuss

A new Amárach opinion poll has revealed that a clear majority of people are opposed to abortion as a response to a suicide threat. The poll, commissioned by the Pro Life Campaign, asked respondents t ... discuss

 Life-and-death issues deserve a free vote – Pro Life Campaign “Travesty for the Taoiseach to demonise the pro-life community as a whole by focussing on the unacceptable behaviour of a t ... discuss

“Completely misleading for Sinn Féin leader to claim X Case legislation is necessary to save women’s lives”, says Dr Cullen“Abortion is not a treatment for suicidal feelings”Deputy Pea ... discuss

“Political leaders completely underestimating strength and resolve of the pro-life movement,” says Simons The Pro Life Campaign said the Government’s proposed legislation on abortion publis ... discuss

Thousands attend 'Vigil for Life' Thousands of people have attended a rally in Dublin city centre to highlight opposition to the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill.Organisers say it was the larg ... discuss

Have you ever done something that seemed so small and simple at the outset but,  as it was happening, your heart told you it wasactually something monumental?That just happened to me with one of ... discuss

Sure, both the Democrats and the Republicans have shown (by their actions, not their words) that they have little interest in the constitutional limits on federal power, but there is a significant dif ... discuss

Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of the United Nations. However, I believe this to be a noble thing to do. The video: The transcript: via Via Democracy Now! (H/T to Crooks and Liars) AMY GOODMAN: B ... discuss

Please note that this happened at a publicly funded institute of higher learning: ... discuss

In his quarter century of annual addresses to the Roman Rota, I believe that Pope John Paul II showed growing dis-ease about possible misuse of marriage tribunals, triggering the Vatican's 2005 Dign ... discuss

In his quarter century of annual addresses to the Roman Rota, I believe that Pope John Paul II showed growing dis-ease about possible misuse of marriage tribunals, triggering the Vatican's 2005 Dign ... discuss

Interesting on several fronts… “The United States has the least competitive elections in the rich world; the lowest participation by voters; the most infrequent turnover in its legislature ... discuss Does the debt ceiling debate seem familiar? It should. From the Carter administration to the Obama administration the debt ceiling has been raised 39 times. Each time the increase w ... discuss

Obama is engaging in a Twitter assault on Republicans today.This is serious. Add your voice and tell Congress to #EndThisNow:— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) October 15, 2013 ... discuss

By squeaker According to a new Gallup poll, 81% of Americans are dissatisfied with government. We’re not talking about dissatisfaction with Obama or Congress specifically, but with government ge ... discuss

Today In Washington, D.C. - Oct 14, 2013 - Day 14 of Government Shutdown.  Senate Democrats attempt to increase spending as well as securing a unlimited continuing resolution. The Senate will r ... discuss

The third child of Don Alonso Sanchez de Cepeda by his second wife, Doña Beatriz Davila y Ahumada, who died when the saint was in her fourteenth year, Teresa was brought up by her saintly father, a l ... discuss

Then why the heck do we even dress up our kids as evil creatures on All Hallows' Eve??? *** MANILA, Philippines - Roman Catholic dioceses can start a new tradition, a “march of saints” for ... discuss

God must be serious about St. Francis' 21st admonition...The part about cracking jokes. Mind you a good sense of humor is an asset...Yet sometime it can be misunderstood.Yesterday the topic of a g ... discuss

You can’t say the Republicans aren’t trying to work out a deal. They just lack anyone to willing to compromise on Barack Obama’s radical left. How much proof does the country need to ... discuss

This might be a good sign. (Via Ace) WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans are offering to pass legislation to avert a default and end the 11-day partial government shutdown as part of a framework tha ... discuss

H/T Nick at Patriots Corner With the efforts of the truckers and the Veterans (as well as several other groups) starting today thru Sunday, it may be the last chance we get to begin straightening out ... discuss

 As Obamacare Rolls Out, Exchanges Hide Info on Abortion Coverage, Mandatory Abortion Surcharge Members of Congress introduce ‘Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act’Editor’ ... discuss

This is the 2nd of two interviews I conducted in 2005 with prominent Colorado Black Republicans.  Theron doesn't like the term "Black Republican" — he's a "Republican" just like any other — b ... discuss

Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: I have been trying to remember when there was so much anger between the Democrats and Republicans. Or maybe I should say between liberals and conservatives? Or mayb ... discuss

Facebook deleted the original post, so I'm re-posting it here...September 2013Dear Friends,It’s the middle of the night and I’m typing away somewhere over the Atlantic. My coach seat is cramped an ... discuss

Funeral Service for Bonnie Gilbert (September 21, 2013) Holy Cross Lutheran Church Rev. Todd A. Peperkorn Isaiah 25:6–9 BonnieGilbert09-21-2013 TITLE: “The Party of a Lifetime” Jack, Cheryl, Mat ... discuss

Brooke Stephanie Wells, 11, pictured right, and below at Legoland in August, 2013, is now classified as a Missing Person after her mother, Sandi Wells, allegedly abducted the child aka "Kanani" w ... discuss

This week I had a fun (well, fun for me) freelance writing assignment about having compassion when taking care of aging loved ones. Even though I may still be in my 20s, most of you lovely readers kno ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - Sept. 18, 2013 The Senate reconvened at 9:30 AM today. Following an hour of morning business, the Senate resumed consideration of S. 1392, an energy efficiency bill. Yes ... discuss

Norman Mattoon Thomas, six time Socialist candidate for POTUS, said, "The American people will ... under the name of liberalism... will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, The Democra ... discuss

By Donald Prudlo, Ph.D. Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of articles to explore the American Bishops’ Pastoral Letter, “Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan.” Read Part I her ... discuss

Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) gave the Weekly Republican address. She called on the Democratic-run Senate to pass the No Subsidies Without Verification Act, which prevents fraud ... discuss

     Aside from the fact that the 'time to retire' Senator from Arizona obviously is not been listening nor willing to listen to his own constituents.  His 'beating war drums' does ... discuss

Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: “Liberalism has become an ugly blend of sanctimony, self-interest, and social connections,” writes Fred Seigel whose credentials include being a senior fellow at ... discuss

  What is a POLST, and why should you oppose it? by Julie Grimstad August 30, 2013 ( - The POLST (Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) form ... discuss

“To the leaders present, to each and every one, I make a heartfelt appeal for them to help find ways to overcome the conflicting positions and to lay aside the futile pursuit of a military solution ... discuss

A Republican-led group of Congressmen from both political parties sent President Barack Obama a strong message about his Constitutional role Thursday, delivering a letter advising him there’s a Cons ... discuss

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration on Thursday gave American lawmakers what it called fresh evidence that Syria's government was behind a chemical weapons attack, but faced strong resista ... discuss

  Personalized pornography: the explosive growth of ‘sexting’ among teens by Jonathon van Maren ... discuss

     o'mam's American Embassies and Hanoi (swift boated) John's State Department refuse to issue visas to Christians trying to escape death in Egypt!       All ... discuss

By Fr. Brian Thomas Becket Mullady, O.P. There are a number of philosophical theories about the origin of human society. There are two extreme positions. One is the Social Contract theory dear to Hobb ... discuss

Tweetby Jonathon Van MarenThe embarrassing political troubles of the unfortunately but aptly named former Congressman Anthony Weiner has catapulted the term “sexting” into cultural consciousness o ... discuss

"The committee opted to change Article 6 to impose an outright ban on the formation of political parties based on religion or on mixing religion with politics." So while judges in U.S. courts keep str ... discuss

Expressing "great suffering and concern" for Syria and "the proliferation of massacres and atrocities", the pope calls on the parties to meet and talk to stop this "war between brothers." a as a gate ... discuss

The a-ha moment for me was the 2012 Democratic National Convention. It was just awful… id I can’t be associated structurally with that group, in terms of abortion and NARAL [Pro-Choice America ... discuss

Some have questioned whether it is appropriate to speak of a covenant of works that God had with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The actual word covenant is not used in the Genesis narratives. How ... discuss

In the 2004 election cycle, NASCAR Dads were the new Soccer Moms and the only thing that weighed more on the Presidential election than Michael Moore (pun intended) was who had the most “Gravita ... discuss

I did not agree with Ross Perot on gun control, redistribution of wealth, abortion, and some as aspects of his foreign aid; however, his fiscal and management knowledge and skills combined with his Fa ... discuss

New polling by Quinnipiac and Washington Post-ABC News and others shows a surprising number of women agree with banning abortion after 20 weeks gestation. News stories highlighting the gruesome and un ... discuss

As the Democrats have their plethora of factions, it's much easier keeping them it line. This isn't you mom and dads Democrat party but one that has been hijacked by the progressive socialist lef ... discuss

 National Review, the publication which has long served as the conservative movement's flagship, has created (through an online petition -- a petition which urges Secretary of Defense ... discuss

Abortionist Curtis Boyd: “Am I Killing? Yes, I Am. I Know That.” At age 76, Curtis Boyd, infamous late-term abortionist, has performed thousands of abortions on viable babies. Ironically, Boyd ... discuss

Ken Blackwell, Contributing Author: As news reports have been exposing new chinks in the armor of Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe on a nearly daily basis, talking heads ... discuss

According to the AP, A married couple from Los Angeles have been jailed in the Middle East on a charge of murder with intent and are being accused of starving their 8-year-old daughter to death, accor ... discuss

Newly-elected state Rep. Mike Hill of Pensacola, the lone African-American Republican in the Florida Legislature, issued a statement in response to recent comments from Jesse Jackson about Florida ... ... discuss

Western front, 1915-1916. (Source: U.S. Military Academy.) Over on The American Catholic, DarwinCatholic has posted an interesting article on an ongoing reassessment of World War I. The American ... discuss

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir sacks cabinet, including his deputy Riek Machar [1] South Sudan's ousted cabinet barred from entering ministries [2] UK Minister for Africa Mark Simmonds urges ... discuss

Brethren, Peace and Good to all of you. Those of you who keep up on things such as this – and I seldom do – know the particulars leading to the indictment of George Zimmerman for second-degree mu ... discuss

AG Won't Defend: We Deserve Better l: Attorney General Won't Defend Marriage: We, the people Deserve Better  (From the Pennsylvania Family Institute)Harrisburg, PA) - The Pennsylva ... discuss

As you can see from my family's photo, that light skinned man (his mother is Hispanic, his father is white), is my husband, and all of those light-skinned little ones (or high-yellow as my sister joke ... discuss

Last one. I'll skip remarks on the upcoming luncheon speaker, Nashua mayor Donnalee Lozeau, whose topic is "How to find balance and do it all." Puh-leeze. There's balance, and there's doing it all, an ... discuss

Let's bash some stereotypes!Stereotypes tend to stop people from thinking for themselves. When a pro-life person is portrayed in a certain stereotyped way (such as only right wing, conservative Christ ... discuss

A hand shot up from among the troops sitting on the ground. It was an eager sergeant who raised his hand and asked if he could help. In front of the troops was an enthusiastic young lady who was a vol ... discuss

I wrote a previous post on Horton's attempts to show TULIP in the church fathers. Someone recently asked me to comment on a list of patristic citations that are supposed to show the Limited ... discuss

  I'm a little late to this princess party, but this was something I took personally. I was a bit of a feisty tomboy with a princess streak growing up, and it's been interesting to watch where each ... discuss




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