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New Show, In Partnership with Susan B. Anthony List, Helps Viewers Create a Culture of Life Contact: Michelle Johnson, 205-795-5769 IRONDALE, Ala., Jan. 17, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- EWTN Global ... discuss

The MSM: once political watchdogs, now Democrats’ attack dogs “The shortest honeymoon on record is officially over. Normally, newly elected presidents enjoy a wave of goodwill that allows them ... discuss

Ignoring Chicago’s problems, an aloof ideologue to the last It’s appropriate that Barack Obama gave his “farewell address” in his political hometown. Against this backdrop of pervasive ... discuss

Betsy DeVosby Bill Donohue : The Senate is expected to hold hearings next week on Betsy DeVos, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education. As soon as he announced his choice on ... discuss

‘The First Day Of The New Congress Set In Motion The Republican Majority's Promise To Repeal … Obamacare’“Republican U.S. Senator Mike Enzi introduced on Tuesday a resolution allowing for th ... discuss

Legacy of the Great Obama. Part One.   By Dr. Phil Taverna   I am positively certain that if we could look in the minds of Obama, Michelle and Jarrett we would all have to admit, that Obama was ... discuss

Obama’s “farewell address” is just words: he’s not going anywhere On January 10th, Mr. Obama will make his “farewell address” in Chicago. Like January 20th—when Donald Tr ... discuss

Michael F. Haverluck ( President Barack Obama’s legacy of running up the tab for taxpayers during his family’s exorbitant and frequent vacations is projected to reach an excess of ... discuss

Sometimes it only takes a picture to tell the story — and today I have two powerful photos that remind us of what God can do in your community. But first, if you’re ready to bring 40 Days ... discuss

Editorial Cartoon by Dave Granlund (2010)by Tom Fitton: For a couple that has spent eight years apologizing for their country, the Obamas have nevertheless managed to enjoy its taxpayer-provided bo ... discuss

An anti-women narrative masks liberal sour grapes  “But scientists? Record-breaking athletes? Leaders? Does. Not. Compute. Still! In 2016. From the lab to the Olympic podium to the Oval Office, Ame ... discuss

... discuss

If you are Planned Parenthood and your all-time, all-time favorite pro-abortion presidential candidate loses to a pro-lifer running for office for the first time, there must be a reason. Or, put it an ... discuss

Donald Trump has not even been sworn into office yet, but already Democrats are considering potential candidates to challenge him in 2020. On Tuesday, The Hill published a list of its top 15 possible ... discuss

Unchanging progressive elites get “kicked” by the electorate “There’s no education in the second kick of a mule.” – Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Senate Majority Leader President-elect D ... discuss

President Obama made the following remarks in a recent NPR interview: “I’ve had to live through controversies like the notion that I was trying to kill Christmas. Right? Well, where’d that come ... discuss

Michelle’s pouty face is fully justified: Trump will void her hubby’s presidency “Anyone who puts faith in a politician to make his or her life better is worshipping a false god. … ... discuss

As if the presidential election cycle wasn’t divisive enough, the protests and rioting following the results last month have been saddening to watch. Politics was inescapable this year and it permea ... discuss

If you don’t think they’re pushing her for 2020, you haven’t been paying attention… VIDEO BELOW Via Newsbusters: In what amounted to a fawning farewell love letter to the Obamas Monday night, ... discuss

For a political body, such as the Texas state legislature, cobbling together an informational booklet about the safety of abortion is a huge challenge. The authors are trying to balance the opinions o ... discuss

  After eight years of her husband’s failed policies at home and abroad, Michelle Obama went on Oprah this week to complain that Americans have lost hope. Michelle Obama says Americans lost ... discuss

The Dreadful Thanksgiving Surprise, 1986Eighteen year old Michelle Madden, a freshman at Mobile College, sought a safe and legal abortion from O.B. Evans at Family Planning Medical Center of Mobile, ... discuss

One of Many at California ClinicMichelle ThamesEighteen-year-old Michelle Thames suffered a seizure during her abortion at Her Medical Clinic on November 17, 1987. She died later that day. Her ... discuss

As The Interim reported in early May, the National Policy Committee of the Conservative Party of Canada took it upon themselves, in a closed door meeting and under the influence of Conservative MP Mi ... discuss

On the other hand, if you give one of these simple, childlike believers a hard time, bullying or taking advantage of their simple trust, you’ll soon wish you hadn’t. You’d be better off dropped ... discuss

(This is the third part in a three-part series responding to an article by Rachel Held Evans, which you can read here. This series is a joint effort between Seth Gruber and Clinton Wilcox. For part on ... discuss

Please follow these guidelines. 1. Essays should be submitted between December 18th, 2016 and January 21st, 2017. Essays must be postmarked by January 21st, 2017. 2. Essays may be submitted to: Michel ... discuss

Echo Zoe Radio kicks off the 9th year of the podcast with guest Michelle Lesley. Michelle is an author and blogger at, and joins us this episode to talk about Women’s Ministr ... discuss

We can all agree that POTUS is a skilled wordsmith. He and his speech writers are adept at parsing words. Listening to the recent speech from the Oval Office.  A particular wording caught ... discuss

My goal last year was to read 60 books, and I surpassed that.  So, this year my goal is 65.There were some great movies at the end of last year, based on amazing books.  American Sniper and ... discuss

WHAT IS THIS BLOG TOUR?Catholic Sistas is pleased to announce The Official Catholic Through The Year Blog Tour! This blog tour is intended to spread the word about this budget friendly downloadab ... discuss

This post is dedicated to the Curriculum Sale Blog Hop which is sponsored by Shower of Roses.  Click here to view the original post which includes other items for sale on other blogs.Thanks to Sh ... discuss

(Updated: The Crimes Against Pregnant Women is a bill that already passed) Below is a tweet from NARAL ColoradoTo your average prolife observer (including myself) this tweet from a NARAL affiliate com ... discuss

In light of this week's horrific story out of Longmont, Colorado, "The mother-to-be who allegedly had her unborn baby ripped from her by a woman she had just met on Craiglist told nurses as she arrive ... discuss

Just when you think it can't get more intrusive; the last several years there have been stories about lap ... discuss

I had the chance to meet Pascale Dery at the Cavendish Mall a few weeks ago. I am very impressed. she will be an excellent Conservative Candidate for TMR. She is a well known journalist. She is f ... discuss

You probably haven't heard about the tragic slaying of 19 year old college student Brendan Tevlin on American soil by a radical Jihadist terrorist seeking revenge for Muslim deaths in the Middle East. ... discuss

Glenn Reynolds says something so incisive about lefty movements: “I’m beginning to think that most lefty movements are just about broken people trying to manipulate the rest of us so they can ... discuss

by Michelle Kaufman, New Zealand Correspondent AUCKLAND, New Zealand, June 10, 2014 ( - Crisis pregnancy centres, sidewalk counsellors, pro-life doctors, and midwives are targeted in ... discuss

by Michelle Kaufman, New Zealand Correspondent WELLINGTON, New Zealand, June 9, 2014 ( – New Zealand’s Green Party has released a controversial policy stating their aim to ... discuss

by Michelle Kaufman, New Zealand Correspondent AUCKLAND, New Zealand, June 6, 2014 (  Residents in Auckland, New Zealand are questioning their council’s decision to subsidi ... discuss

by Michelle Kaufman, New Zealand Correspondent AUCKLAND, New Zealand, May 22, 2014 (  The desire of a New Zealand bishop to use the new documentary about homosexuality and the Ca ... discuss

by Susan Michelle Tyrell May 19, 2014 (Live Action News) - Proving that journalistic objectivity is a thing of the past, the Washington Post and MSNBC have demonstrated ignorance and irresponsibility ... discuss

Ann and Phelim Media posted an announcement 8 hours ago Dear SupporterThis morning we broke $300,000 and the contributions keep coming!We wouldn't have reached that without you. We are most ... discuss

Imagine that....stop coddling the kids and let them be kids, let them learn and learn to respect one another without the adults interfering in their natural ability to play and get along. Sure adult s ... discuss

by Michelle Kaufman, New Zealand Correspondent WELLINGTON, New Zealand, October 15, 2013 ( – In a newly released report, a coroner in Wellington, New Zealand has urged politicia ... discuss

by Sarah Terzo August 24, 2013 (LiveActionNews) - A woman who makes corsets for fetishists and those who practice bondage has come up with a novel way of making money for Planned Parenthood. Michelle ... discuss

After a long blogging sabbatical, Life of the Party is back and is issuing a clarion call:  BE the Life of the Party!  The Life of the Repbublican Party. After 40 years of legalized abortion and 5 ... discuss

It's been 66 years since D-Day, 1944, which marked the beginning of the liberation of Europe.The battle for freedom is ongoing. We find inspiration in the bravery of those who fought that day, and we ... discuss

by Susan Michelle Tyrrell As long as I have been working in the pro-life movement, I have been praying for President Obama. Clearly he needs a heart change on the issue of abortion, but what disturbs ... discuss

Dear Snohomish Co. Precinct Committee Officer, My name is Michelle McIntyre and I am officially announcing that I am a candidate to represent Snohomish County as your State Committeewoman to the Wa ... discuss

by Jill Stanek Thanks to pro-lifers Michelle Wolven and Catherine Davis, a small group of us have been on this story for weeks. While they were digging through online records of Georgia abortion clini ... discuss

by Susan Michelle Tyrrell October 26, 2012 ( - Hey, America, do you know what you’re funding when your taxes go to “women’s health” via Planned Parenthood? You think I’m going ... discuss

by Susan Michelle Tyrrell Planned Parenthood of North Texas, er, uh, Greater Texas, wants you to know it’s got plenty of money and plenty of funding, so you can probably put your money into actual h ... discuss

So, you’re bored, the NFL doesn’t kick off till tomorrow night, nothing good is out on DVD, so, you tune into the Democratic National Abortionfest Convention. What are the top 5 things to ... discuss

by Susan Michelle Tyrrell Last week ended with a ruling from a federal appeals court that should be a wake-up call to how far we are falling in our nation.  If you recall, we’ve written much in ... discuss

by Susan Michelle Tyrrell Editor’s note: Susan lives in Kansas City and is the editor of the pro-life blog at In addition to her pro-life work, she works with the International H ... discuss

by Susan Michelle Tyrrell August 22, 2012 ( - My mouth dropped open, gaping in shock, as I sat in the prayer room readying myself to pray for the orphans and fatherless and then saw the ... discuss

First we had the gift registry, attempting to raise cash. That went over like a fart during a wedding ceremony. He’s tried to raise money off his birthday parties, Michelle’s, you name it. ... discuss

by Jill Stanek Our faith journey isn’t just about showing up on Sunday for a good sermon and good music and a good meal. It’s about what we do Monday through Saturday as well, especially in those ... discuss

by Susan Michelle Tyrrell June 6, 2012 ( - There are many on the “religious left” who have decided that religion is nice, God is good, but the culture is more important. Therefore, ... discuss

by Susan Michelle Tyrrell June 4, 2012 ( - A question I often pose to students as we study literature that takes place during the Holocaust is whether or not every Nazi soldier was a ki ... discuss

by Susan Michelle May 23, 2012 ( - As election talk increases and pro-lifers debate their best strategies, an article this weekend reminds me of an assertion that many may see as contro ... discuss

By Sharon Sebastian — Neither Michelle nor Barack Obama truly embraced religion as “church was not their thing,” says Barack Obama’s former pastor for 20 years. Acc ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston It is perfectly natural for a wife to be proud of her husband in those situations where such praise is warranted. In Michelle Obama’s case, well, we can certainly agree th ... discuss

by Susan Michelle April 30, 2012 ( - Recently I bought a new (used) car. On Friday I went to the courthouse to register Mercy (the car). Mercy is a bit fancier than her predecessor, Gra ... discuss

A slip of the tongue, or a preview of what’s to come? Will Obama’s Greek Temple be upgraded to Mount Olympus? (Politico) First lady Michelle Obama hit the campaign trail in Nashville on T ... discuss

by Susan Michelle April 16, 2012 ( - Despite the fact that sarcasm takes little genius, it’s often hailed as a pinnacle of humor. But unlike satire, which displays genuine wit, plain ... discuss

by Ben Johnson VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA, March 29, 2012, ( – She may have 19 children, but TLC reality star Michelle Duggar does not believe the world is overpopulated. The fecund m ... discuss

by Patrick B. Craine BOWMANVILLE, Ontario, March 16, 2012 ( – A self-proclaimed ‘lesbian’ whose two children attend a Catholic school near Peterborough is demanding that the Pet ... discuss

I usually avoid back to back posts on our Failure In Chief, but, Michele Bachmann makes some good points in between going a bit overboard (The Hill) Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.) suggested Tuesday ... discuss

I had always liked Huckabee and was disappointed after he dropped out. And it took some time to find one to fill that void of a true social conservative candidate to vote for. I understand that he i ... discuss

by Susan Michelle February 15, 2012 ( - One thing we learned from the Komen/Planned Parenthood fiasco is that it may be easier to say no to the mob than Planned Parenthood. We saw it ag ... discuss

From Canada Free Press:During the last presidential election, Catholics voted by a margin of 55-45% for the most pro-death President in history. Of course, he started out by covering up the crucifix a ... discuss

by Susan Michelle January 17, 2012 ( - Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has been facing some criticism in the media about an event that highlights the perversion of the a ... discuss

by Susan Michelle Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. January 16, 2012 ( - Today as our nation honors a man heralded as a champion of civi ... discuss

We don't need another career politician in the White House. Our nation is in an economic hole. A big hole. And the hole was dug by career politicians buying and selling votes, Republicans and Democrat ... discuss

by Jill Stanek In their role as First Lady, Rosalynn Carter spotlighted mental illness as her cause du jour, Nancy Reagan picked “Just Say No” to drugs, Laura Bush promoted childhood literacy, and ... discuss

by Susan Michelle January 3, 2011 ( - When is covering up incest and rape acceptable? If you’re the DC Abortion Fund (DCAF), the answer seems to be when someone needs money for an abo ... discuss

by Jill Stanek Jubilee Shalom, such a beautiful name given by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to their tiny miscarried daughter. Yesterday the Duggars held a private memorial service for Jubilee, who doct ... discuss

Once again, I'm privileged to have my good friend, Amy Gerwing, contribute to my blog!  Amy is a wife, a mother, a conservative, and an inspiring woman.  Thank you, Amy.  Your thoughts, ... discuss

by Kathleen Gilbert December 13, 2011 ( - Reality TV stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have named the child who they recently lost to a miscarriage - Jubilee Shalom. The Duggars, whos ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston Presidente Obama es muy importante. He must be. He travels like a South American Dictator instead of a president of a democratic nation. Sacrifice is so for the little people, ... discuss

by John-Henry Westen How shameless can you get?! Here is the self-professed Catholic politician Nancy Pelosi trying to bait Republican Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann on homosexuality using t ... discuss

by Greg Quinlan July 14, 2011 ( - Why have gay activists instigated media attention over ex-gays and the husband of Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann? Apparently, Mr. Bachmann, ... discuss

Well, with all the press surrounding Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman these days, I think it's pretty appropriate to discuss why I don't think a woman should be the President of the United States. &nb ... discuss

She’s a nice lady Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is getting more creative, and apparently more aggressive, in her political attacks against President Barack Obama. On Satur ... discuss

Another day, another article taking shots at Michelle Bachmann. These stories are not meant to influence liberals: we already know where they stand, and they would vote for Stalin if he was running on ... discuss

Because we need to have at least one candidate who represents the TEA Party and conservatives. Well, we have one already in Herman Cain, but, he won’t drive liberals crazy like Michelle Bachmann ... discuss

Via Hot Air and Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin’s site, we find the latest buffoonery from DNC chair Debs WS, who fails to notice that illegal immigrants are, you know, already committing a crime ... discuss

I had intended to take a shot at the lead story over at The Politico regarding “Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann Size Each Other Up,” but this wacky opinion piece by one of the GOP intellige ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston Brandon K. Thorp, a gay activist from the alternative weekly Broward-Palm Beach New Times newspaper, is only the latest left-winger to launch into a verbal assault on Lt. Col. A ... discuss

I met a lot of cool people in seminary, but one of the coolest was definitely Chris Morgan. We had a lot of fun getting to know him, his wife Michelle, and their kids while we lived in St. Louis. I wa ... discuss

The web log sphere, at least the sane denizens of it, are promoting a "Buy Danish!" campaign to show our support of Denmark and its stance for free speech. If you wonder what the free speech issue is, ... discuss

I read today on Michelle Malkin's blog about how students across Maryland are taught about the Thanksgiving holiday with a prohibition against thanking God. "We teach about Thanksgiving from a purely ... discuss

I'm not sure if its going to be for today's show, or tomorrow's. I'll be talking about the Alberto Gonzalez resignation. I'll update as I know more. Check out Michelle's blog here. mg width='1' h ... discuss

From Michelle MalkinReuters reports on despicable acts by United Nations peacekeepers in the Congo:"The United Nations is investigating about 150 allegations of sexual abuse by U.N. civilian staff and ... discuss

This time ... for real! Right now on Fox News ... the Egyptian VP has announced that Mubarak has in fact stepped down (this time for sure?), and in Tahir square, the protesters are chanting ... "th ... discuss

From Michelle Malkin:The House is currently debating the GOP proposal to de-fund Planned Parenthood.Abortion radicals are raging mad.Raging mad that Republicans are exposing the abortion predators wit ... discuss

From Fletcher's Blog:People always want to know if the pictures work. Here’s a message left on our website:Yesterday I went to the March for Life 2011 in Washington DC. I live abou ... discuss

by Father John Flynn, LCROME, JAN. 30, 2011 ( Surrogacy and celebrities burst into the news again recently with the announcement that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a new baby daughter ... discuss

Michelle Malkin recently wrote a compelling letter to David Letterman about his hypocritical comments and his poor excuses following the backlash of his insults to Palin's daughter. First, let me conf ... discuss

Michelle Malkin identifies the growing threat of mandatory direct participation in the grisly child killing business called Abortion. ... discuss

Welcome to the first weekly presentation of the JRHOO Captain Louis Renault Award. For those of you scratching your head going, "The what?" I will give you a little background. In the movie, Casablanc ... discuss

I was thrilled to be invited to a briefing hosted by the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus to celebrate Mother’s Day by honoring the work of pregnancy centers across the nation. As an adoptee, mother of ... discuss

HOW DISGUSTING and you preface it with the comment below. Hell no he didn't, he had to cover his tracks and make sure she could never speak or write or communicate that it is Michael Schiavo who put h ... discuss

Michelle Malkin reminds us that 25 years ago today Mumia Abu-Jamal, an Islam convert, shot and killed a Philadelphia police officer in cold blood and was subsequently convicted and sentenced to death. ... discuss

Report from Charlotte Esau, executive director of Kansas Republican Assembly:Two bills had hearings in House Fed & State this past week, HB 2615 & HB 2736. The first would make it abundantly clear wha ... discuss

The 5th annual Blogs for Life Conference will be this Friday from 8:30 to 11:30a EST, hosted by Family Research Council. You can still register to attend in person. Or make ... discuss

As we take the time to mourn the terrible tragedy that occurred today on the campus of Virginia Tech , brace yourself for the countless TV pundits now flooding the airwaves and cable news programs wit ... discuss

West Virginia's very own Don Surber of the Charleston Daily Mail has a few thoughts on New Media v. Old Media and the roll of blogs and bloggers in keeping the MSM straight:I have got a great boss who ... discuss

I see at various sites across the web...Michelle Malkin...World Net Daily...Drudge...that Kid Rock will most likely not be performing at the Bush daughters' inaugural concert. While I do appreciate h ... discuss

I remember my senior prom (won't say how long ago) when girls were moving out of hoop skirts to a "sexier" look. Many of us went with shorter lengths...I mean tea length...not short by today's standar ... discuss

Dearest Ones, Six women heard the gentle pleadings for the life of their unborn child as sidewalk counselors offered help and resources to them. The whole area was covered in prayer as two prayer warr ... discuss

Michelle Malkin writes about the latest coming out of the office of one of the many White House czars:This week, President Obama's health care overlord, Nancy DeParle, launched a taxpayer-funded initi ... discuss

(Newsbusters)It is not often that the women on “The View” are silenced by their own guest, but Michelle Malkin did exactly that when she appeared on the show August 2. Malkin’s new book, “Cult ... discuss

This story premiered on Hannity’s America last night. It involves Michelle Obama being at the center of a controversy when she worked in a Chicago hospital that is being accused of turning away ... discuss

Say, Michelle Ma Belle, did you catch this one? U.S. President Barack Obama (C) and France's President Nicolas Sarkozy (R) take their places with junior G8 delegates for a family photo at the G8 sum ... discuss

Recession, what recession? The Daily News has the story on the Obama’s extravagant lifestyle… Michelle Obama showed off her more expensive taste in fashion by carrying a $5,950 VBH black ... discuss

Take it with a grain of salt cuz it is the Enquirer, but they did get the scoop on Edwards’ affair right! Michelle Obama - cracking under the pressure of being First Lady - is drinking way mor ... discuss

After all, it's time to stop smoking now, so cough up yours. Apparently, the "O" needs some more smokes. Never mind that he smoked then (all sorts of stuff) and smokes now ... like a chimney. Do a ... discuss

It really is that bad. I mean, really. Look at Michelle. I heard via People, Newsweek, the View and such that she was the happiest, sweetest, bestest first lady ever. What gives? I don't know. Maybe ... discuss

Well, the Central Walk is just a few hours from starting their third week of walking! It is crazy to think about how time is flying! I think it is safe to say that most of us thought the first week of ... discuss

Imprimis, which in Latin means "in the first place," is Hillsdale's national speech digest. It publishes presentations delivered at the College's many seminar and lecture programs. Begun in 1972 (the ... discuss

Welcome to the new post-racial era! Up yours whitey...amen? Well, at least it brought a smile to Obama's face. Teh funny is at Ace's! The Anchoress has a roundup of reactions. Michelle Malkin too ... discuss

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 17, 2008 07:36 AM While Republican strategists and Beltway blowhards convene VIP retreats and meetings and save-the-party parties, the road to GOP ... discuss

Feel the change! Its happening! President-elect Barack Obama is naming his longtime friend and supporter Valerie Jarrett to be his White House senior adviser. Jarrett, who hired Michelle Obama for ... discuss

Michelle Obama in 2004Opposing government confiscation of income is "selfish" ... discuss

API/Fox News deal: Sean Hannity show and Greta Van Susteren’s show “On the Record” to air the Michelle Obama tape in less than 24 hours. A note from Radarsite: Could it be possible that this ... discuss

Is this so surprising considering the thug of a man Senator Coleman is running against - Al Franken?  He’s the fourth Republican in Minnesota that has had his house vandalized - joining Michel ... discuss

Cross-posted by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook African Press International (API) has announced that Pennsylvania attorney, Philip Berg will represent API against expected lawsuits from Barack and Miche ... discuss

Cross-posted by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook African Press International recently claimed that Michelle Obama telephoned them and made various statements...statement that definitely caught America's a ... discuss

Earlier we reported on a story from the African Press that claimed she she went off on a rant about "white racists", and among other things mentioned a questionable quote about her husband's citizensh ... discuss

The African Press International got under Michelle Obama's skin and she came out swinging - bribing, actually. She offered API an invite to the inauguration, in exchange for a "good" story about her h ... discuss

'Memba this? In an interview with Glamour magazine, Michelle Obama reveals that her husband, Barack, is so “snore-y and stinky” when he wakes up in the morning that their daughters won’t crawl i ... discuss

To follow up on the earlier post, McCain Is A Pro-Life Zealot, now we get this (via Michelle Malkin thru Jill Stanek) Newly obtained documents prove that in 2003, Barack Obama, as chairman of an IL st ... discuss

Conservative Grapevine has links galore....check em out! Hot Air: 7 Year old schools Michelle Obama The Voice In My Head: Obama's New Logo Open Secrets: Obama Takes More Money from Major Oil Companies ... discuss

WASHINGTON, July 11, 2008 ( - On Wednesday Representatives Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) and Chris Smith (R-NJ) organized a special order on the floor of the U.S. House of Repres ... discuss

Think Vince Foster and the host of others who mysteriously died after witnessing the Clintons' corrupt hearts and lack of morals in Arkansas and Washington, D.C. Bottom line: Michelle Obama will not l ... discuss

I have three pre-teen daughters, ages 4, 6 and 9. They are blessed with the best teacher in the world, their own mother. As homeschooled kids, they are blossoming. The oldest two are already reading " ... discuss

image thanks to Michelle Malkin. Wow! I go out on one Friday night and the gaffe of the election season takes place! Here is the transcript via Huffington Post...they also have the audio in Obama's ... discuss

Michelle Malkin has all the information you need, and how you can help. Here is a quick summary of whats going on by Five Feet of Fury, one of the blogs being sued: Richard “The Boy Named Sue” ... discuss

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman SANTIAGO, April 3, 2008 ( - In a decision that has rocked the pro-abortion regime of Michelle Bachelet, the Chilean Supreme Court has struck down a governm ... discuss

The British government is stepping up its campaign to raise public awareness of the issue of forced marriages, but schools in areas where the practice is believed to be prevalent refuse to go along.&n ... discuss

VILLANOVA, PA, March 14, 2008 ( - In another example of a Catholic university hosting a pro-abortion political figure, Michelle Obama spoke before 2,500 people at a political rally fo ... discuss What celebs would look like if they moved to Oklahoma Ace: Woman stuck to toilet after sitting on it for 2 this real? Michelle Malkin: Glowbama! Gribbit: Time for McCain to Un ... discuss

Update: Eliot Spitzer basically just admitted he has failed obligations to his family, etc. Very short statement that confirms and apologizes. Michelle Malkin reports he is expected to resign, thoug ... discuss

Senator McCain does not hold the First Amendment in high regard. Our first clue was McCain Feingold. How could anybody who claims to cherish the Constitution support, let alone attach his name to suc ... discuss

By John Connolly LONDON, February 4, 2008 ( - Doctors who treated a London woman for cancer said on Monday that her life was saved by her unborn twins, whose kicking dislodged the tum ... discuss

Update: Michelle thinks this is the end for Huckabee. I hope so. With 82% of precincts reporting, most everyone is calling it for McCain. The good news is that Lobo lost his bet to me. I won't be ... discuss

Michelle has a great roundup, and says that overall it was dull. Kinda glad I missed it. So, bottom line. Who won? Bryan Preston says Fred Thompson scored points, but that Mitt Romney won. Frank ... discuss

A Michelle points out, the MSM lovefest is over. AP digs up this statement about AIDS of his on a questionare from 1992. Mike Huckabee once advocated isolating AIDS patients from the general public, ... discuss

Via Michelle MalkinThe sole voice of reason and sanity ...... Thuy Pham-Remmele, an immigrant from Vietnam, who said she would resign from the city council if it voted to recommend impeachment."I have ... discuss

I was shocked today when I saw on Michelle Malkin's blog that Kid Rock would be performing at an inaugural concert hosted by the Bush daughters. Now, I don't pretend to have listened to much of this ... discuss

ok, I've been tagged by Rhett's Mommy. It seems I'm suppose to list my 5 favorite things about feminism...1. PURSES! I can own as many purses as I want!2. PREGNANCY, as much as it stinks sometimes. It ... discuss

The Political Teen has morphed into a new blog with a focus "dedicated to exposing the liberal bias in the Main Stream Media."Coverage of liberal bias also includes the blogosphere and other political ... discuss

As last reported on NewsBusters, the AP has been under fire for a November '06 report that 6 Iraqi Sunnis were burned alive in sectarian violence a claim that was never adequately proven and is hotly ... discuss

Michelle Malkin is the latest to wonder why Canadian police are trying to downplay the obvious connection among the 12 adults and 5 “youths” arrested last weekend on charges of plotting te ... discuss

This ironic picture of a "protest" by Hispanic High School students, shows all too clearly the flaws of our policy regarding our Southern border and immigration. Michelle Malkin covers the story. ... discuss

Abdul Rahman was apparently the first person arrested and put on trial for apostasy in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban, but already he is not the last. The international furor over Mr Rah ... discuss

In what may be an attempt to avoid a potentially disastrous international outrage, Afghan prosecutors suggested that Abdul Rahman, the man charged with the capital crime of "apostasy" from Islam, may ... discuss

Following up on yesterday’s post, here’s a collection of links to news media covering the case of Abdul Rahman, the Afghan man facing the death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity.Ca ... discuss

Abolish The EOIR!By Juan Mann There is a dangerous misconception lurking in America’s growing public consciousness about immigration law enforcement. From the man on the street to the halls of ... discuss

Islamist organsations in several countries are threatening reprisals against Europeans over the twelve cartoons originally published last 30 September in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Alleged ... discuss

Wesley J. Smith and Michelle Malkin are both reporting that Gov. Romney is appointing a panel to look into the case of 11-year-old Haleigh Poutre. Romney explained his reasoning by saying:Romney said ... discuss

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin The text of President Bush’s proclamation can be found here. A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America Our Nation was founded on the belief that ever ... discuss

The ACLU filed a lawsuit today to bring an end to the NSA program targeting terrorist phone calls. They were joined by organizations such as Greenpeace and CAIR. Part of the reason for their lawsui ... discuss

Always in a rush to score points against their favorite antichrist, the New York Times put up the following photo and caption on their website: Of course anyone who does not harbor a virulent hatre ... discuss

*Application to Join Al-QaedaIt asks for your hobbies. Not a joke. Check out Jose Padilla’s application produced by the prosecution yesterday and partially reproduced at Michelle Malkin’s site. Re ... discuss

As vitally important as the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court is, I'm not making it a priority to watch any of the actual proceedings. Why? Because they will make absolutely z ... discuss

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin The ABA gives Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito its highest rating. The vote was unanimous, with one recusal. With the showdown set to go in less than a week, opposition g ... discuss

Another law passed to limit abortions, this time in the state of Missouri, has been blocked by a federal judge. The point of the law was to limit the number of abortions in the state by requiring do ... discuss




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