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If this is not “your” issue, I respect that. Then please don’t make pronouncements about what is or is not domestic violence out of ignorance. This is a life and death matter, and yo ... discuss

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is announcing the designation of two new National Marine Sanctuaries — the first chosen in 15 years — as part of President Barack Obama's efforts to protect the ... discuss

Click here to subscribe to the Social Conservative Review The First World War began a little more than 101 years ago.  It shattered a generation and its cost in lives and treasure remains stunni ... discuss

A Short History Lesson This email has been circulating around the interweb and needs to get even more circulation. Comments by me in italics. A short history lesson: REMEMBER In 732 AD the Muslim Army ... discuss

By Patrick J. BuchananPope Francis’s four-day visit to the United States was by any measure a personal and political triumph.'The crowds were immense, and coverage of the Holy Father on television ... discuss

HONOLULU (AP) — Environmentalists on Friday asked a federal judge to stop the National Marine Fisheries Service from allowing Hawaii-based fishermen to attribute some of the bigeye tuna they catch t ... discuss

WASHINGTON (AP) — Marine Gen. Robert Neller, a commander who served in Iraq's western province during one of the most violent periods of the war, has taken over as commandant of the Marine Corps. ... discuss

Political correctness has invaded my alma mater. I was disappointed to receive an email from our hometown pastor last week, informing me that the assistant football coach at my high school alma mater ... discuss

by Jim Kouri: The upper-echelon members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are disappointing many Americans, including law enforcement and intelligence officers by refusing to comply on Mond ... discuss

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — It has been the year of the whale on Long Island Sound, where fishermen and other boaters have reveled in the return of the marine mammals after an apparent two decade-long hi ... discuss

  September 22, 2015 I’m supposed to defend a president who calls members of my party terrorists? WTF So what do you think about the members of the LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party getti ... discuss

Note: This is the third in a three part series addressing the Long Arm of the EPA's Overreach and how it affects the day-to-day operations of American businesses. Whether it’s EPA’s water rul ... discuss

Will Dems Back Their Calls To The Iranian Regime To 'Immediately Release All Americans Who Are In Jail'?Senate Dem To Iran: 'Immediately Release All Americans Who Are In Jail'The Senate voted unanimou ... discuss

Prisoners Raise ‘Legitimate And Serious Concerns About This Deal’SEN. KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND (D-NY): “There are legitimate and serious concerns about this deal. For example... Hostages remain in ... discuss

  by Shoebat Foundation on September 13, 2015 Under the new Marine Corps policy for military facilities in U.S., Marines will NOT be allowed to be armed but will have to “shelter in place.” I ... discuss

HONOLULU (AP) — The Navy agreed to limit its use of sonar and other training that inadvertently harms whales, dolphins and other marine mammals off Hawaii and California in a settlement with environ ... discuss

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Undersea ravines deeper than the Grand Canyon, submerged mountains rising thousands of feet from the ocean floor and forests of kelp and coral would become the first marine n ... discuss

“I am relieved the Navy sided with me,” Modder said in a statement released by Liberty Institute, which represented him. “I have served honorably for 20 years in diverse units in the Marine Corp ... discuss

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Six Marines were listed in critical condition Friday, a day after the 7-ton truck carrying them rolled over during routine training at Camp Pendleton, killing one Marine and injurin ... discuss

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. (AP) — One Marine was killed and 18 others injured Thursday in a single-vehicle rollover crash during routine training at Camp Pendleton Marine Base. ... discuss

CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. (AP) — 1 Marine dead, 18 injured in vehicle rollover during training at California base. ... discuss

Editorial Cartoon by AF "Tony" BrancoBy setting off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, theIran nuclear deal may be making war more likely, not less. . . . As Iranian Leaders Continue To Attack ... discuss

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD, Praying In Jesus Name: The U.S. Navy Chaplain who was nearly fired for quoting the Bible during private counseling has been exonerated by an official invest ... discuss

‘U.S. Military Deaths In Iraq And Afghanistan Were Directly Linked To Iran’PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: “Do we think that with the sanctions coming down, that Iran will have some additional resourc ... discuss

By now more than 600,000 people have seen this video - Chattanooga Marine Veteran's Direct Address to Mr. Obama. I followed the Marine Veteran's links and found his We The People Facebook page. Thei ... discuss

Oh! Wait! This man, Timothy White, is not a drug lord! He is Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White of the United States Navy! Allen West - "...this story has me dog fighting mad and seriously pissed off." As r ... discuss

Every good Catholic boy and girl remembers the parable of the two men praying in the temple, the Pharisee and the "Publican" (a title given to a tax collector in the ancient Roman Empire, and an objec ... discuss

It was a dark, stormy, night. The Marine was on his first assignment, and it was guard duty.A General stepped out taking his dog for a walk. The nervous young Private snapped to attention, made a perf ... discuss

It's Memorial Day, so I thought I'd honor our fallen protectors with a military joke.A large group of ISIS fighters in Iraq are moving down a road when they hear a voice call from behind a sand dune: ... discuss

We just ended our second war not too long ago. The Global War on Terror is officially over. I’m sure some Martini glasses clinked in DC when the bureaucrats were finally able to make the long aw ... discuss

by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: “Eliminating the terrorists of today with force will not guarantee protection from the terrorists of tomorrow. We have to transform the environments that give b ... discuss

e="line-height: normal; margin: 0in 0in 10pt;"> I’m very selective as to the movies I watch and especially those that I pay to see in a movie theater. I saw American Sniper last evening upon th ... discuss

Let's get down to the root of the problem:The Shoe Bomber was a MuslimThe Beltway Snipers were MuslimsThe Fort Hood Shooter was a MuslimThe underwear Bomber was a MuslimThe U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Mu ... discuss

by Allen West: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, if you’re a detainee. Come on everyone, sing along!In yet another violation of the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 ... discuss

Most of these titles are set in the time of or are about George III of England, or the American Revolutionary War. Most of them I found in the children’s magazine St. Nicholas, Volume 41, Part 1 ... discuss

That awful December 7th, 73 years ago, was also a Sunday.  At a stroke, the lives of millions were turned upside down and changed forever.A Japanese camera captured that stroke on the morning of ... discuss

Today commemorates the 236th anniversary of the adoption of the Star Spangled Banner (aka the Stars and Stripes) by the Second Continental Congress as the national flag of the United States. In recogn ... discuss

A ... discuss

... discuss

I've been of the opinion that prior to January of 2017 our Fearless Leader will find a reason to impose martial law, suspend the results of any Presidential election recently held and crack down on al ... discuss

e="background: white; margin-bottom: .0001pt; margin: 0in;">Thanks goes to Michael Snyder for the post. See original post here.  The number of SWAT team raids in the United States every year is n ... discuss

A few months ago, Katrina Fernandez posted a list written by one of HuffPo’s “limitless supply of young narcissists”, Vanessa Elizabeth, under the title “23 Things to Do Instead of Getting Mar ... discuss

Speaking on condition of anonymity we were told of a simple plan that is guaranteed to get the desired result! Until such time as Tahmooressi is released, they have to a man/woman agreed they will no ... discuss

BIKERS TO THE RESCUE: Bikers Go To Mexico to Free Marine From: Doug Giles  Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2014 Subject: BIKERS TO THE RESCUE: Bikers Go To Mexico to Free Marine http://youtu.b ... discuss

o'he-who-needs-a-pair - BIKERS TO THE RESCUE: Bikers Go To Mexico to Free Marine on Jun 11, 2014Reporters Patrick Henningsen and Pete Santilli met up with 3 patri ... discuss

H/T Cry and Howl - From Sstorm0730's Blog Dear Mr. Obama husband, wife, sibling or child of a U.S. Military Veteran who sat (forgotten and neglected) on a waiting list with the Veteran's Administrati ... discuss

From The Indepedent:Google have continued their recent run of doodles celebrating eminent female scientists with an image to mark the 107th anniversary of the birth of Rachel Carson.Carson, who was bo ... discuss

G. K. Chesterton once wisely remarked that “there is a great deal of difference between an eager man who wants to read a book and a tired man who wants a book to read.” It may be true that ... discuss

How we remember our heroes is different, and personal, and important for each of us. There are those who help us thru the terrible, trying times, and who help us thru the healing as our loved ones ... discuss

The nation of Armenia may move to restrict sex selection abortions. The head of RA National Assembly Standing Committee on Healthcare, Maternity and Childhood Affairs Ara Babloyan held a worksho ... discuss

The Turkish Influence – ALARMING REPORT: Turkish Ship Bound For Libya Smuggling Massive Arms…Original Source Agency: here from: http://th ... discuss

 The now infamous backlog of claims reached a point of national embarrassment last year when a series of biting monologues from comedian Jon Stewart finally elevated the problem to the Presiden ... discuss

NRA News Special Report, Ginny Simone Reporting: One commercial you won't see during the 2014 Super Bowl is an ad by gun manufacturer Daniel Defense. The spot, about a Marine Corps veteran who return ... discuss

The body of a Marine who committed suicide in Greece and returned home to Pennsylvania mysteriously missing his heart threatens to embroil President Obama's choice to head the State Department's intel ... discuss

Staff Sgt. James Sides, of the U.S. Marine Corps, recently became the first recipient of a new prosthetic arm that utilizes implanted electrodes to control movement – allowing him to intuitively mov ... discuss

Al-Qaida's flag flying over Fallujah, Iraq, represents a "political squandering of military victories," says Rep. Duncan Hunter, a former Marine who served in Fallujah. Original PostingRead more ͛ ... discuss

WASHINGTON – The Marine Corps has decided to delay its pull-up requirement for women after more than half of female recruits failed the test that would have furthered their goal to serve in comb ... discuss

A former Marine who received an "undesirable discharge" in 1956 for being gay has had his dying wish come true — he now holds an honorable discharge. Original PostingRead more →The post Former ... discuss

Hall of Fame broadcaster Jerry Coleman, a former second baseman for the New York Yankees who interrupted his pro career to fly as a Marine Corps pilot in World War II and Korea, died Sunday after a br ... discuss

Hall of Fame broadcaster Jerry Coleman, a former second baseman for the New York Yankees who interrupted his pro career to fly as a Marine Corps pilot in World War II and Korea, died Sunday after a br ... discuss

A TV show, “…titled ‘Boot Camp my Pre-Teen’…[showed] a former Marine trying to shape up seemingly incorrigible boys.” One particular episode had a young boy who, ... discuss

Someone please clone this police officer! Police Officer Arrested for Standing Up for The First Amendment Speaks Out Ericson Harrell, 15 year veteran of the Florida Police Department and a former mar ... discuss

From the Huffington Post: "A waitress in New Jersey who previously served in the Marines received an offensive note from a family who denied her a tip because of her "gay lifestyle." Now, she is ... discuss

Happy 238th Birthday United States Marine CorpsFormal commemoration of the birthday of the Marine Corps was begun on November 10th, 1921. That date was chosen because it was the date that the Second C ... discuss

By ADELAIDE MENA/CNA/EWTN NEWS | WASHINGTON — As tens of thousands of runners crossed the finish line in the Oct. 27 Marine Corps Marathon, 24 participants completed the race having rais ... discuss

Washington D.C., Oct 29, 2013 / 04:09 am (CNA/EWTN News).- As tens of thousands of runners crossed the finish line in the Oct. 27 Marine Corps Marathon, 24 participants completed the race having raise ... discuss

"People who abort their babies with Down syndrome do it not because they can’t raise a child with special needs; they do it because they don’t want to. They don’t want the inconvenience; they do ... discuss

foundationlife.netAn off-duty US Marine of Mexican descent was kidnapped last month along with his father and an uncle in crime-ridden northeastern Mexico, a local official told AFP late Thursday.R ... discuss

Last week our 17 year old  managed to step on a chewed and dried up piece of animal skull out in the yard that slid about half an inch into her foot- lengthwise, just under the skin. It was deep enou ... discuss

By VAwebteam at en.wikipedia [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0 , from Wikimedia CommonsLook at the intricacy of this jug. Simply amazing and just in case you, like me, didn't realize just how much is conveye ... discuss

What a disgusting POS. WASHINGTON — President Obama called Sunday for a “transformation” of the nation’s gun laws, saying last week’s deadly shooting at the Washington Navy Yard echoes too ... discuss

It’s a sad day when patriotism is threatened by anti-American, arbitrary neighborhood rules. This is exactly how Georgia veteran Captain Jim Lowe feels having learned that he lost his fight to f ... discuss

A combat veteran is quitting his retirement community in protest after he was refused permission to fly his Marine Corps colors. Capt. Jim Lowe tells the Atlanta Fox affiliate that he and his wife ha ... discuss

by bikerbillnh | During testimony at the Concord City Council public hearing regarding the acquisition of a ManBearPig– er, I mean BearCat, the “Homeland Security” g ... discuss

The Marines are opening infantry training to women. We've gotten to the point where there is no telling anyone anything, you just have to shut up and let people be stupid and reap consequences (more ... discuss

“I was surprised at her beauty and intelligence, and believe it or not, her esprit de corps. Like any other Marine, she was enjoying a bottle of beer with her comrades. She was constantly the ce ... discuss

alegator2100:01:55After a long deployment, this Marine father gives his daughter a surprise that she will never forget. Just when she least expected it, she was given the opportunity to jump into her ... discuss

The time is here… Transcript Time. First stages are unfolding and I’ve found myself with burning eyes from researching online. So far I’ve come up with a list (which I borrowed from ... discuss

Interview with an oceanographer- fascinating reading.   Attempted mass shooting at the Family Research Council two weeks ago, in retaliation for their ‘anti-gay’ stance.  Shooter got ... discuss

Most home inspections begin in the basement and crawl spaces of a home because that is where the majority of problems occur. This is where the majority of structural components, major plumbing and ele ... discuss

Today commemorates the 236th anniversary of the adoption of the Star Spangled Banner (aka the Stars and Stripes) by the Second Continental Congress as the national flag of the United States. In recogn ... discuss

Little Brother:  "My pen pal this year has so much in common with me! He wants to be a Marine or a soccer player, and I want to be in the Army or a soccer player."Me:  "The Army? Not the Air ... discuss

From: Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2013 Subject: If You Are Going To Take A Stand, You Must Take It Now! by Chuck Baldwin, February 7, 2013 If You Are Going To Take ... discuss

Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum: In a newsworthy act of political cowardice, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta ran through the Pentagon’s exit door as he announced he is striking down the 1994 Comb ... discuss

FROM THE PASTORJanuary 27, 2013by Fr. George W. Rutler The Geneva Convention’s classification of military chaplains as noncombatants has traditionally been interpreted in the United States to mean ... discuss

Robert Heron Bork died last Wednesday morning at the age of 85, of complications from heart disease. Judge Bork was one of the preeminent jurists of our time, holding to the interpretation of the Cons ... discuss

GINGPAC: Leftist President Barack Hussein Obama has just insulted every American soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine who ever served in Vietnam. He’s picked Massachusetts Senator John Kerry to he ... discuss

FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Locations and Executive Orders article source:   There over 800 prison camps in the United States, ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - Dec. 14, 2012: Both the Senate and House were not in session today. On Monday, the House is scheduled to reconvene at noon and the Senate at 2 PM. Click here to review act ... discuss

Turns out he’s quite the leftist and Military hater: Scott Olsen is the Marine Corps veteran critically injured at Occupy Oakland Tuesday night, during a confrontation between the protesters and ... discuss

You remember the posting that I wrote about the man who was hurt at the Oakland protest? Well, it turns out, that he is a leftist and Military hater, he also happens to be a rabid antisemitic twit; so ... discuss

This woman blames her ruined marriage on an overbearing mom who forced her to practice eight hours daily on the violin.She got married to get away from her stage mom.  At 17, I received a proposa ... discuss

Obama is always yapping about spreading the wealth around. His class warfare rhetoric obviously appeals to the people who voted to reelect him. They bought into his demonization of the rich and succes ... discuss

Yest at the same time Obama is giving millions to Muslim regimes on green energy projects. Obama is firing 20,000 Marines at the same time he is blowing hundreds of millions on green energy ... discuss

Manta Rays, Rebecca Pilkington-Vincett, shamelessly pinched from here. I'm no fan of Descartes, but we could sure use some clear and distinct ideas. As opposed to this example of fuzzy thinking: ... discuss

In a scandalous story with more twists and turns than the road to Hana, we see a married CIA director who resigned after an affair with his Harvard-educated biographer, discovered because of her haras ... discuss

IF this is true, then there just might need to be some recounting via a court order ... could this be a gamechanger? Tbe Duffel Blog reports:[...] Sources confirmed today that hundreds of thousands ... discuss

One of my true heroes passed away over the weekend. Here's his story from my upcoming book Where Do We Find Such Men?James A. “Jake” Blanchfield attended to his regular duties as Circulation Manag ... discuss

From The American Spectator By Paul G. Kengor Question: How is Benghazi different from Watergate and Iran-Contra? The obvious answer: the media. Liberal journalists turned Watergate and Iran- ... discuss

Dear Mr. Obama, Amb. Stevens would have loved a horse or a bayonette or a Marine with either one.Sincerely, mom of 2/Marines #debate— Karen Braun (@SpunkyBraun) October 23, 2012Karen nails it. ... discuss

The snippy, arrogant, condescending, petulant, peevish Obama showed up at the final presidential debate.In other words, it was the Obama we've come to know these past four years - these long, painful ... discuss

So, after our last cold snap (the first one of the year!), we had about a day and a half of nice weather. Yesterday, I think it actually hit 70 degrees, which is wonderful for Vermont in October. To ... discuss

We pro-lifers often say a politician who doesn’t seek to protect human life at its earliest stages cannot be trusted to care about and protect life at later stages. Last night CNN’s Ander ... discuss

Tom Logan lost his 22-year-old son, USMC Cpl. Joseph D. Logan, in Afghanistan.It's the worst news a parent can receive, that one's child is dead.My heart breaks for the Logan family and all the others ... discuss

Almost never is a new hotel built with the potential to change the actual country’s tourist or real estate market, even so the considerable luxury properties potential from the Sahl Hasheesh sug ... discuss

Once upon a time if Cape Codders wanted a grand lobster feast these people merely strolled right down to the the shoreline, waded in as well as plucked all they can carry with the armload. With fact, ... discuss

by Ben Johnson BERKELEY, September 19, 2012, ( – A former Marine’s views about the sanctity of marriage have cost him a job as superintendent of schools in Berkeley, Californi ... discuss

Libyans drag the dead body of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens from the embassy after he was murdered. Photo via Al- Ahram Today in Washington, D.C. - Sept. 12, 2012: U.S. Ambassador Christopher ... discuss

The death of our Ambassador and several of our diplomatic staff in Benghazi as well as our timid response both to that outrage as well as to the violent attack on our Cairo embassy is symptomatic of a ... discuss

On the morning of 9/11/01 I was an inpatient at our VA hospital in Florida. Just after the first tower was hit the receptionist in the clinic that I was in at the time received a phone call from her h ... discuss

From my Inbox this morning:WHY DID MR. ROGERS WEAR A SWEATER?Captain Kangaroo passed away on January 23, 2004 at age 76,which is odd, because he always looked to be 76. (DOB: 6/27/27). His death remi ... discuss

It's another Monday morning, but without the usual blogospheric roundup from Pajamas Media, we present another of their contributors, Bill Whittle, in a video from this time last year, where he defend ... discuss

o'bamastapo is 'putting the boot on the throat' of free speech.  Speaking from the pulpit might become dangerous...unless you're an imam.  Maybe a Muslim quote from the Koran wou ... discuss

Democrats host radical Muslims at CharlotteEvent led by imam who urged overthrow of 'filthy' U.S. governmentPublished: 08/24/2012 at 8:59 PM by Jack Minor Jack Mi ... discuss

          In totalitarian countries like the old Soviet Union the authorities would arrest someone and they simply vanished.  Often they were killed, but sometimes they w ... discuss

Tweetby Jonathon Van MarenThe July 2012 issue of the Reader’s Digest featured an interesting article, especially for someone who spends a substantial amount of time every week debating the concept o ... discuss

 "We Believe in America" Is Convention's Closing Theme Thursday's Program Will Focus Spotlight on Romney Tampa, Fla. - The 2012 Republican National Convention will close with the theme, "We ... discuss

Tax-dodging zillionaire crony ‘FREAKING’ socialist Warren Buffett’s GEICO, which fired Marine Gunny ( Full Metal Jacket ) for criticizing the DIMocrats Messiah, Hussein Obama! Here ... discuss

< !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> al> Circuit Court Orders [decorated Marine veteran] Brandon Raub Released, Dismisses Case Against Marine Arrested, Detained ... discuss

Former Marine Brandon J. Raub, who served tours as a combat engineer in Iraq and Afghanistan, never wrote anything threatening to kill anyone. Instead, Raub, who's apparently a 9/11 truther, made "lib ... discuss

Big brother is watching (Fox News) A former Marine involuntarily detained for psychiatric evaluation for posting strident anti-government messages on Facebook has received an outpouring of support fro ... discuss

From Charisma News Bishop E. W. Jackson Bishop E.W. Jackson is making a war cry: “Let God’s people go!” Jackson, a Marine Corps veteran, graduate of Harvard Law School and adjunct pr ... discuss

Google Earth: Anomalies Found Google Ocean:, Great Lakes, anomalies, underwater terrain...)artic ... discuss

War was declared on the United States of America on September 11, 2001 - 3990 days, 12 hours, 37 minutes and 24 seconds ago.> =1 face="Monotype Corsiva">  "It is a principle incorporate ... discuss

The Obama administration has attacked free speech, gun rights, and religious freedom.  It has  has failed to protect our borders, deemed it not important to deport illegals, participated ... discuss

My friend found me on campus after his first political science class. He told me his professor began the first day saying, “There is nothing in the world I hate more than young, white, Republican, ... discuss

In a recent Washington Post article, George Will reveals a horrific story of federal power run amok. A hapless marine biologist, Nancy Black, is being relentlessly hounded by the feds. Her crime? Wel ... discuss

Harry Reid is a picture of insanity. But don't focus on this guy or you will miss what is really important. Reid is an Obama distraction toy. Harry, show us your medical records! Today in Washingt ... discuss

The Obama Administration Is Trying To Hide Jobs Impact Of Defense Cuts Obama Admin ‘Slapped’ Businesses, Call Layoff Notices ‘Inappropriate’ “The Obama administration slapped at defens ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - August 31, 2012 Today the House will convene at 2PM for legislative business. Votes are postponed until 6:30 PM. Bill to be considered under suspension of the rules: H ... discuss

I am keeping an eye on the Ecocide Movement–which would criminalize large scale resource development as the “5th crime against peace”–worried that I seem to be the only one who ... discuss

Debris from Pacific volcanic eruptions contributes to the formation of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, according to a study by Queensland University of Technology geologist Scott Bryan. Dr. Bry ... discuss

Good morning. So, the Obama campaign thinks Bain Capital is horrible, right? Meditiations on the fall of (western) Rome. The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting and sportsmanship. It really is abou ... discuss

by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman July 21, 2012 ( - America’s compulsive feminist impulse has pushed women into ever-more unconventional roles, but if Marine Captain Katie Patronio ha ... discuss

From: kd Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2012  Subject: Obama's America 2016I have already made my thoughts on this clear.  Please watch....KDOscar-winning producer to take on Obama's 'imperial ... discuss

There are a few pretty wonderful download games for Htc N73, and you may locate them online on the variety of web sites for players. Should you be into getting the kind of enjoyable that you not have ... discuss

By: Jeffrey Klein Political Buzz Examiner What did founder and ex-Marine Bob Parsons get for his make-or-break decision to spend nearly their entire annual advertising budget of $3 million ... discuss

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Purchase at In The Twilight War: The Secret History of America’s Thirty-Year Conflict with Iran, written by former Marine Lt. Col. David Crist, many of my susp ... discuss

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on pop-star Madonna’s latest anti-Catholic stunt:If Madonna disagrees with the Church or the Pope, she should do so without making things up.Madonna i ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston Now that Congress passed and the President signed the highway bill, Buzzfeed has jumped in to decry the loss of as many as 10,000 jobs in the U.S. overseas shipping sector. Natu ... discuss

Thanks for that Newsflash, NOAA. Why, then, did the agency responsible for addressing coastal issues such as climate change and marine commerce feel the need to make a public declaration on the lack ... discuss

A very good article. What it boils down to: women do not have the stamina to perform in combat. They may be able to perform in combat for a while, but eventually the strain catches up with them. Lowe ... discuss

I had too many books in my hands from the new book shelf at my local library. Since I only get them for two weeks, I needed to make hard choices. I'm happy I kept Hell in the Pacific: A Marine Rifle ... discuss

Not only did he get jail time but he lost all 20 years of military service. All because of one silver plated AK-47. Eric Holder gives guns to Mexicans that kill Americas and he gets Executive Pr ... discuss

From The Hill: A subset of the Marine Corps band struck up one of Mitt Romney's walkout songs while President Obama was greeting visitors at the White House Independence Day celebration. pool re ... discuss

  From: waldo Sent: Wednesday, July 04, 2012 Subject: Bye-Bye Blackbird.. We saw her at the Smithsonian by Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia.  She is one heck of a Lady! -- AT@H&K ... discuss

1 read more ... discuss

Pro-Life Groups Disappointed by Ruling Upholding Obamacare Leading pro-life organizations are very disappointed by today’s Supreme Court decision upholding the Obamacare law allowing abortion fu ... discuss

Think about it. Military in harms way have plenty of reason to pray. As they say, there are no atheists in a foxhole. And don't you think it might actually be a comfort to a marine grunt or a navy sai ... discuss

Bill Whittle hits all the high points and thoroughly debunks the liberal meme that "'Fast and Furious' was just like Wide Receiver, so it started with Bush." First and foremost, Fast and Furious was ... discuss

The United States Military recently revoked approval for B&H Publishing, a division of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention to use military logos on their four versions ... discuss

  From: ConservativeActionAlerts Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2012Subject: Pentagon Bans Bibles from Military Exchange Stores. Guess who? Urgent Petition! Defend Military Chaplains.  Dema ... discuss

SeaWorld has generously offered FREE passes to preschoolers this year for Florida residents, so we got one for Dee, and upgraded the rest of our homeschoolers’ Busch Gardens p ... discuss

From The Center for Vision and Values, Grove City College By Paul Kengor  When we open our newspapers on Father’s Day, we expect to find something nice about dads—often heroic dads. ... discuss

We have several cone snail shells, collected when we lived on an island in the China Sea. I’m sharing this video with the Little Boys later today: More here. This website helps with shell clas ... discuss

Today commemorates the 235th anniversary of the adoption of the Star Spangled Banner (aka the Stars and Stripes) by the Second Continental Congress as the national flag of the United States. In recogn ... discuss

  From: rapa Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 Subject: Memorial Day @ Vietnam Memorial (Sad!!!) This should make your blood boil.  IN GOD WE TRUST. On Memor ... discuss

Y'all may recall that I was reeling last week and aiming to misbehave. My misbehaving was to not stay silent, pray, and fast. With more to come as I considered things.There is no doubt that we have pl ... discuss

I have a problem when the law is selectively enforced. For months, I've seen anti-Scott Walker forces occupying overpasses on Milwaukee freeways, the "light brigades."I was happy to hear that Scott Wa ... discuss

Biden Spends $1 Million Annually for Weekend TripsRonald Kessler reporting from Washington, D.C. — Last June, President Obama appointed Vice President Joe Biden to root out wasteful government s ... discuss

In an update to my previous article about the arrest of Dave Willoughby, the Marine veteran, for peacefully protesting union thuggery in Wisconsin, it seems the story now is that he "created danger to ... discuss

Hat Tip: BB The Jawa Report ... discuss

Thanks to Marla for sending me information on this camp - which three Curtis boys are signed up for!!! Sounds like a great opportunity - let me know if your kids will be there too!The 2012 Dare to P ... discuss

'tis afoot. -- rfh From: Godfather Politics  Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012  Subject: Is This the Civil War Obama's Looking For? Barcoding Babies? posted on Godfather Politics on May 29 ... discuss

If you are outfitting your own boat challenging required marine electronics you need, you will want to be sure that you includebattery charger er on the set of must-haves. Simply because marine electr ... discuss

Memorial Day, remembering our fallen heroes who have served our great country, is, if properly observed, a somber day. For a few moments this morning, I read a little bit about Memorial Day, found a q ... discuss

Yes. It exists."Each Marine is required to read the Commandant's choice "First to Fight" by LtGen (Ret) V. Krulak. Each Marine shall also read a minimum of one book per grade per year." (ALMAR 027/11 ... discuss

My friend and pro-life colleague Dick Wilson proudly served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1956 through 1962 and has been a firm and enthusiastic supporter of the Corps ever since. One of the ways he h ... discuss

Peace and Quiet video source: (2m3s) Uploaded by TriggerTheVote on Feb 8, 2012 NRA's 2012 Trigger the Vote campaign launches today! To kick off the campai ... discuss

I apologize to all true American Heroes for having placed o'one'n done's name together with Theirs on the same blog entry but it is germane. -- rfh reference: Harrold's Sa.12May12 blog en ... discuss

While Staff Sgt. Jeremy Cooney was serving in Afghanistan, his son, Michael, accomplished something that was said couldn't be done.Michael gave his dad a very special surprise when he came home after ... discuss

Word is out that Best Buy is a "Platinum Sponsor" of the Hamas-linked CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood (they are indeed one and the same with identical ideology), and a former U.S. Marine who used to c ... discuss

Dearest readers, I’m afraid my writing/blogging has taken a backseat lately to moving preparations (moving back to Florida next week!!!). Besides all the packing on top of trying to keep up with ... discuss

By Patrick J. Buchanan How Europe's crisis resolves itself as yet remains unknown. But with Sunday's returns from France and Greece, the mega-trends on the Old Continent are unmistakable. And for the ... discuss

Did you know that o'who? was older than 18 before he ever set foot on the Continental U.S. -- kd From: bharb  Sent: Monday, May 07, 2012 Subject: Who killed Bin Laden?  Here's a Marine's ... discuss

For the past month, my children have been leading me on a merry chase.  I've been so busy living my life that I've had little time to write about it,  And some political hot topics have had ... discuss

The United Nations today highlighted the importance of investing in initiatives that seek to tackle overfishing and protect marine biodiversity, as well as inform consumers of the benefits of buying s ... discuss

From: baja Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 Subject: Gun control history lesson article source: Negroes with guns by Ann Coulter, 04/18/2012 Liberal ... discuss

When I posted "In Stunning Act of Delayed Retribution, First Black President Enslaves All Americans" back in 2009, I was kidding. A little joke about the massive debt thrown on our backs by the first ... discuss

By Patrick J. Buchanan With the number of Secret Service members and agents caught up in the partying-with-prostitutes scandal in Cartagena now at a dozen, and six already gone, how much wider and d ... discuss

By:  Edwin Mora Marine General: Special Forces Will be in Afgh ... discuss

By:  Edwin Mora read more ... discuss

Most Rev. John McIntyreAuxiliary Bishop of PhiladelphiaSister Marie Cecilia IrwinSisters of St. Francis of PhiladelphiaMonsignor John MarinePastor of St Bede the VenerableGregory T. Wozniak, President ... discuss

I must say I have not been a great fan of Sarkozy of late, but socialist Hollande would be a disaster for France. It is interesting that Marine Lepen got even more votes than her father. Holland ... discuss

From The TelegraphBy Daniel Hannan There was never any doubt that a socialist would win the first round of the French election. This is because, with one partial exception, all ten candidates favoure ... discuss

Leftest Sacrifice to their Earth Day God Political Cartoon by William Warren By Rebekah Rast: Earth Day is every day under the Obama administration — with an overgrown U.S. Forest Service and an ... discuss

I heard this amazing man speak at our party convention prior to the last local election. He was electrifying - I mean in the Martin Luther King oratorical manner. He is running for Senate in Virgin ... discuss

From Becky: Uploaded by bubblevision on Oct 4, 2011 Underwater footage shot whilst scuba diving in the Fiji islands and Tonga. Featuring colorful coral reefs, huge schools of tropical fish, shark ... discuss

It is Good Friday for the Eastern Church (hence me). East and West are one week off this year. Evidence of a horrible maths education. Uncountable? No. The set of English words is actually finite, w ... discuss

Women, interested in firearms… in California? Yes! On March 24th the Women on Target event, held at an outdoor shooting range in southern California drew 100+ women for 100 slots. The event was ... discuss

Misleading Facebook Photo of the Day: Tea Party Marine Sgt. Gary Stein Here’s the latest misleading Facebook photo circulating around. I guess the idea being propagated here with this photo, is ... discuss

... discuss

By:  Edwin Mora read more ... discuss

Denis Boyles answers Heather Mac Donald's rhetorical question of "Why Manipulate the Tragedy of Trayvon Martin?" with a rather astute perspective that 'cuts right to the quick' of the matter (emphasis ... discuss

By Patrick J. Buchanan As an act of pure evil it was difficult to match.After dragging the 8-year-old by her hair across a schoolyard, the killer put a 9 mm pistol to the girl's head and pulled the t ... discuss

"I guess I just don't trust this White House nor its occupants so such as this makes me nervous. I find it hard to believe this was necessary thinking most if not all these subjects are already covere ... discuss

…it’s not like it use to be. What der ya think?  I give the Americans 10-20 years before it falls apart, if Obama wins. ... discuss

Two quick questions come to mind: Why is the Pentagon covering for Islamic jihadists? ... and what role is the Obama administration and its Secretary of Defense playing in these cover-ups? After al ... discuss

ROBERT BURNS ... discuss

Tempers flared over a desecrated American flag flying outside Democratic Party headquarters in Lake County, Florida. Instead of the white stars on blue background, the Democratic Party's version of th ... discuss

Year After Oil Spill, Obama Energy Policy Endangers Economy Alison Meyer on The Scribe: As gas prices continue to climb, approaching a nationwide average of nearly $4, lawmakers in Washington turne ... discuss




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