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This “choice” thing with abortion is really the narrowest of one-way streets. Seven robed men decided in 1973 that a woman has a “privacy” right to “choose” to take ... discuss

Are we there yet? I tried to count the number of road trips our family has taken, but I really just can’t. I have no idea. And when I talk about road trips, I am talking about trips we have take ... discuss

Because only just last week I organized, cleaned, and tallied the contents of our two full freezers in the garage as well as the refrigerator freezer, naturally, sometime between last night and this m ... discuss

This article was originally published on August 24, 2014 on the Not Dead Yet website.Stephen DrakeBy Stephen Drake, Research Analyst with Not Dead Yet USAThe sudden emergence of suicide prevention org ... discuss

This is from a discussion on the now defunct collide-a-scape blog Michael Tobis is a warmist with some solutions to offer that I think are worse than the problem, even if I believed in AGW.   Gary e ... discuss

Through the grace of God, PRI has saved the life of an unborn child in Peru who was slated to be aborted for so-called “therapeutic” reasons. Doctors in a Peruvian hospital had decided to give a w ... discuss

Sacramento, Calif., Aug 26, 2014 / 03:02 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Amid backlash from religious liberty and education advocates, Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown's administration has ordered abortion coverage in he ... discuss

 California Forces Catholic Universities to Cover All Abortion By Wesley J. Smith Pro-Abortion California Gov. Jerry BrownI told you this was coming. Now, Jerry Brown has decided to fo ... discuss

On August 16th, Canada’s Crossroads walkers completed their three-month pilgrimage from Vancouver to Ottawa – across the entire length of the massive country. According to Crossroads website, ... discuss

  Culture News BREAKING: California to force Catholic universities to buy elective abortion insurance   Susan Michelle Tyrell  ... discuss

We’ve all heard this phrase: “You know who you are!” It’s an expression typically levied in the context of some corrective admonition, intended for some person or persons, busy about some misb ... discuss

“For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions.” – 2 Timothy 4:3 Dear false p ... discuss

Professional football Hall of Famer Steve Largent liked to tell the story of his first real visit to Washington, D.C. He had been to RFK Stadium repeatedly when his Seattle Seahawks played our Redskin ... discuss

What I am reading: I'm currently re-reading the Anne of Green Gables series by  L.M. Montgomery (I LOVE these books, no matter how old I am) with Kiera. I also decided to start reading Envoy for ... discuss

I told you this was coming. Now, Jerry Brown has decided to force two Catholic universities to cover abortion in their health insurance. From the San Francisco Chronicle story: Gov. Jerry Brown’s ad ... discuss

The following article was published by the Missoulian Newspaper on August 21, 2014.Link to the hand-out of this article that can be used in your community.Guest column by BRADLEY WILLIAMSI take except ... discuss

How convenient for the jihadist-in-chief, Hussein Obama, that the very real threat to our country, open borders, has managed to all but disappear from media and conversation. We must not let that hap ... discuss

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about one of the major problems I have with the bodily autonomy argument: that it’s totally at odds with people’s real-life experiences with abortion. In keep ... discuss

Secular Pro-Life raises the issue. In regards to the case of Melissa Ohden, they write:Unsuccessful? But the abortionist managed to "disconnect" Melissa's mother from the baby that was using her body ... discuss

By: Nelson Abdullah Conscience of a Conservative Well, the liberal news media, that so often slant and hide the facts, managed to get it half right when they described Michael Brown, the Ferguson, Mis ... discuss

From Renew AmericaBy Stephen StoneIn his well-reasoned book in support of the movement to impeach and remove Barack Obama titled Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama's Impeachmen ... discuss

JIMMY FALLON: Here's what everyone's talking about-- big trouble for Texax Gov. Rick Perry. He's been indicted on two felony charges after he threatened to veto funding for a district attorney's offic ... discuss

Nigerian Christians killed by Boko HaramSyrian victims of ISIS slaughter by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: In the last century and now this one, I have lived long enough to have been alive when th ... discuss

Progressive historians have taught four generations of Americans to regard the American founders with suspicion--as would-be oligarchs seeking to protect their own class and economic standing. As we ... discuss

Most of us agree we should stand by our friends, and that we should keep our promises. However, the U.S. has a decidedly mixed record in doing this. I will look at that record, but the reason to reall ... discuss

Over the past several election cycles, abortion has generally lost its prominent place in the national conversation. A sluggish economy, two wars, and the libertarian Tea Party phenomenon have combine ... discuss

I have been thinking about this one a lot, lately. I was thinking about it long before I read Manage Your Day-to-Day, but that book helpfully distilled it to a single sentence: “We tend to o ... discuss

Candidates gathered on State House plaza in Concord Sunday afternoon to make their pitches to pro-life voters. Here’s a selection of the speakers. Thumbs up to Women for Bob Smith, who organized ... discuss

(AD 259-275)Born in prison to parents who had been jailed because they were Christian, Mammes became an orphan when his parents were executed. After his parents' death, Mammes was raised by a rich wid ... discuss

Although pro-choicers admit over and over and over (and over and over and over) that they are losing the epic battle over abortion, they continue to be shocked and awed by pro-life prowess. I can onl ... discuss

by Ken Blackwell, Contributing Author: “Great nations need organizing principles—and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.” So said former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton ... discuss

From Patron Saint Index:Arrested with several of his brothers on 19 September 1939 following the Nazi invasion of Poland. Others at the monastery were briefly exiled, but the prisoners were released o ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Aug 14, 2014 / 12:04 am (CNA/EWTN News).- As the plight of Christians and other religious minorities intensifies under the spread of the Islamic State, Italian charities and dioceses are ... discuss

Natalie Webb, Bankrupting America: Washington continues its typical behavior of overspending and poor management. The Department of Commerce was paying its employees to watch television, Facebook, a ... discuss

Two California Catholic universities–Santa Clara and Loyola–want not to cover “elective” abortion in their health insurance policies. That won’t do! After first giving its OK, California may ... discuss

by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: “A greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country: assalaamu alaykum”The speaker had what one might imagine, given his background, a better insight ... discuss

It’s been a week or two since the last listing.  Every day I thought, “I should look up some free Kindle books,” and every day I ended up reading or watching a K-drama with that tim ... discuss

Vatican City, Aug 8, 2014 / 12:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The Catholic Church plays a fundamental role in responding to the worst outbreak of Ebola infections in history, a Holy See collaborator has expl ... discuss

In an ominous development Wednesday night, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued its highest level alert for a response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa, even as reports came in indi ... discuss

Vatican City, Aug 7, 2014 / 12:04 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The Vatican's congregation for religious has released guidelines on the management of congregations, requiring them to adapt to international fin ... discuss

From a 1921 magazine on teaching Kindergarten and first grade. We played a chicken and fox game when I was a child. The ‘eggs’ secretly chose their color and whispered it to the mother. T ... discuss

While having a lot of fun doing the latest Christ & Pop Culture podcast (in which I again got to talk about Maddie & Tae's "Girl in a Country Song"), we managed to discuss some pretty deep questions: ... discuss

Today was my last session for my PTSD and it was bittersweet. I'm going to miss my therapist because she was so encouraging and positive but I also know that I no longer need the sessions. If it hadn' ... discuss

THSC 2014 Encouragement by Chocolate I had all these words floating around in my mind over the past few days… words that tried to somehow grasp at buttoning up the experience of THSC and present ... discuss

The SA-11 Gadfly seems like the likely culprit for the destruction of Flight MH17. I posted an article very early yesterday morning about my suspicion that Ukraine shot down Malaysian Airlines flight ... discuss

UPDATE: Chicago Tea Party Leader Threatens to Shoot Blogger UPDATE Nov 23, 2009: Teabagger Catherina Wojtowicz In The News Again Do you see 1000 people? WARNING! People who are looking only for in ... discuss

Yesterday it was my birthday. I hung one more year on the line... Paul SimonSo maybe on my birthday I ought to have been out celebrating, or doing something a little special, but instead I stayed hom ... discuss

Here we go again. Another institution in this case — the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists — puts politics before ethics. So says Richard M. Doerflinger in his detailed ... discuss

Rape in Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood ‘Gets Even’By Raymond Ibrahim, June 17, 2014 (hat tip Inexion)Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers recently went on a sexual assault and rape spree in Egypt as a w ... discuss

It's 'an administration-made disaster,' says the chairman of the House Judiciary CommitteePresident Obama now concedes that it's an 'urgent humanitarian situation' and is setting aside $2 million ... discuss

by Peter Baklinski VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 6, 2014 ( – Concerned parents have managed to stall for a time what they say is an under-the-radar attempt by the Vancouver ... discuss

Question: "What does it mean to “trust the bishop”? In Orthodoxy, the bishop is the central figure in the church. The priest is the bishop’s assistant, carrying out his will, and the people are ... discuss

Field of Dreams turns twenty-five this year. I can vividly remember the first time I saw it in the theater. I cried at the end because it had managed to really touch a nerve. I had gone in having ... discuss

I failed twice in a row and I'm absolutely grateful that I did. That probably sounds weird, doesn't it? I should probably explain my mentality behind this...As most of you know, I've been back in scho ... discuss

One of the most potent intoxicants in Africa today is the canned phrase “African solutions for African problems.”   While ‘ASAP’ is an acronym that connotes a timely and efficient result, mos ... discuss

In our May 7 Star Tribune commentary we made the case against taxpayer funding of abortion in Minnesota. On May 9 the newspaper published a reply from Sarah Stoesz, president and CEO of Planned P ... discuss

article source: Syrian weapons shipment factor in ambassador’s Benghazi visit? By ... discuss

Kermit GosnellLast year, what had started as an FBI drug raid on a suspected pill mill ended when Dr. Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murder in the deaths of three of the hundreds of newborn babies he ... discuss

In today's edition: Reader's Digest Christianity, revisiting the great Dungeons and Dragons scare, confessions of a Christian film critic, the aggregation of marginal gains, and more.************Expos ... discuss

I haven’t been writing for a while, probably the longest stretch of non-writing I’ve had in the last few years.  I just haven’t been able to; just the simple act of putting pen to paper or ... discuss

Can pro-lifers learn something from vegetarians—perhaps a means of swaying public opinion? According to the results of a recent NPR Intelligence Squared Debate, the answer seems to be a resoundi ... discuss

by Tom Toth: Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Kim Il-Sung, Brezhnev, and beyond.The history of Communism — a bloody tale of forced collectivism, religious persecution, and mass-murdered dissenters — predictab ... discuss

Al Gore is coming under fire for promoting population control in Africa, saying that citizens of African nations must have their fertility “managed.” Tim Graham of Neswbusters blogged on w ... discuss

It was less than 250 words, but it has riveted a nation on the issue of life. Former White House correspondent and news veteran Brit Hume offered a commentary on the anniversary of Roe V. Wade which m ... discuss

A Call for Unity Ecce quam bonum et quam iucundum... The division of the Traditional Catholic world was a master stroke by the enemies of the 1962 Missal and of the Roman Catechism. They have managed ... discuss

A Call for Unity Ecce quam bonum et quam iucundum... The division of the Traditional Catholic world was a master stroke by the enemies of the 1962 Missal and of the Roman Catechism. They have managed ... discuss

Ecce quam bonum et quam iucundum... The division of the Traditional Catholic world was a master stroke by the enemies of the 1962 Missal and of the Roman Catechism. They have managed to sow discord be ... discuss

Four unknown men visited the home of Rev Sanjeevulu, head of the 'Friends of Hebron.' After beating beat him and stabbing him seven times, they also attacked his wife, who managed to escape. Christian ... discuss

A political strategist and civil rights activist who helped elect Ohio's first black congressman and managed Jesse Jackson's unsuccessful 1984 presidential campaign has died. Arnold Pinkney was 84.His ... discuss

We thought she had gone. I had grieved for that baby and we’d just managed to get our heads around it. Anthony and I felt like we’d made the right decision because we were having problems and we d ... discuss

Me, Gramma and my sister DaleI've joked a bit over the years about my neglected childhood, how Jay got special treatment because he was the oldest, Dale was the only girl, Tim was the youngest, and th ... discuss

While Daddy was at work today, Mama dressed up the boys in lots of layers and off they went to play in the 20 degree snow. While Drew was trying to make a snowball in the dry crystalline powder, ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - Dec. 13, 2013The Senate continued in session again all night last night as Democrats use the nuclear option to push through liberal nominees designed to rubberstamp Pres ... discuss

Oh, this is rich, really rich.  The Audio Via Real Clear Politics: The Story via Salon: After a Salon report depicting Ed Schultz’s handling of a dispute between a group of NBC workers and the n ... discuss

What kind of organization takes a devastated, bereaved mother and uses her as a human shield to protect their allies' political and financial interests?The name of the organization is NARAL Pro-Choice ... discuss

Join Jen and the other Quicktakers over at the Conversion Diary 1.Another reason to be happy to live in Ohio - the awesome Ohio State Marching Band!  This routine is incredible!   ... discuss

Actual question from MSNBC's Thomas Roberts to Rep. Blackburn: "Do you hate Obamacare more than you love your country?" In the short clip below, Roberts was so stuck on Democrat talking points that h ... discuss

 Heather Zichal Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: The news on Monday, October 7th, included a notice that Heather Zichal would be leaving her White House job as Obama’s “top adviser on env ... discuss

foundationlife.netBaseball great Bobby Valentine, who played for and managed the New York Mets, says colleges woo athletes with a dubious bill of goods.… Read the restThe post Bobby Valentine: C ... discuss

 Ma'loula, September 29, 2013Militants have destroyed the ancient Christian Church of Holy Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus in Ma'loula and have stolen or demolished its world-famous icons. A correspo ... discuss

Last week our 17 year old  managed to step on a chewed and dried up piece of animal skull out in the yard that slid about half an inch into her foot- lengthwise, just under the skin. It was deep enou ... discuss

ministry_dude00:01:51When a blind man came into the store and dropped some cash, this Dairy Queen manager did whatever he could to return it to his pocket. He had one major hurdle in doing so, but he ... discuss

Obama's Beached Whale: Obamacare Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: Obamacare—the Affordable Care Act—will not be defunded and the government will not be shut down. Obamacare is a putrefying ... discuss

Well-known atheist Richard Dawkins managed to grab himself some less than positive reactions a couple weeks ago when he gave an interview in which he dismissed the “mild pedophilia” which ... discuss

alegator2100:07:02There is something endearing about these X Factor auditions--many of the contestants face unfathomable obstacles in their lives and are given a chance to take the stage for their mom ... discuss

I've been stressing over the whole grad school situation for several weeks now. I keep going back and forth for many reasons but mostly because of fear and because I don't know what God's will for me ... discuss

Planned Parenthood loves this: It’s not normal when adult gender matches the sex ‘assigned’ at birth We’ve been so busy decrying the fact that Planned Parenthood is trying to normalize the se ... discuss

The Saint of the Day for September 6 is Blessed Thomas Tzugi.Born to nobility and educated by the Jesuits of the Arima province around 1571, Thomas entered the Jesuit order upon the completion of his ... discuss

Destiny at New Wave Feminists rages against radical feminists, the inspiration behind the BroChoice article teaching guys how to manipulate women into having an abortion: See, forty years ago you " ... discuss

So did anyone here about this from the Liberal “HAG’S” on The View or on the Liberal evening news?…….Papa Mike This one is a winner, check the tats and the beard. Someho ... discuss

First it was Atticus. Now, Anne-with-an-e has started classes, too. The rest of us are sitting back, taunting them cheering them on, and planning for the coming school year.More to come soon abou ... discuss

Our family has been on a Sherlock Holmes kick lately because of the BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. They are terribly entertaining (and at times astonishingly faithful to ... discuss

We all too often hear the argument that the Novus Ordo Mass is needed in our world to make the Mass accessible to the common man.  The Novus Ordo is seen as a bridge by some in the Traditional Co ... discuss

The nice thing is, David Deavel has some good things to say about distributism … in a previous post. However, Deavel’s understanding of distributism stops at about 1927. Specifically, Deavel ... discuss

On the feast of St. Maximilian Kolbe, known in the Catholic world for being a master at the use of the media of his day to spread the Gospel, the LA Times published a piece about JP Catholic Universit ... discuss

In the 2004 election cycle, NASCAR Dads were the new Soccer Moms and the only thing that weighed more on the Presidential election than Michael Moore (pun intended) was who had the most “Gravita ... discuss

Cardinal Kung Foundation: AsiaNews: A group of police officers from Qiaodong District, in the northern province of Hebei, have arrested and taken to an unknown location an underground priest of the di ... discuss

US issues global travel alert over Al Qaeda threat, prepares to close embassies | Fox News: The State Department issued a worldwide travel alert on Friday to U.S. citizens over an Al Qaeda terror thre ... discuss

By Alex SchadenbergInternational Chair - Euthanasia Prevention CoalitionOn July 31, 2013, the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) in Britain decided in the Nicklinson case that no exception would be crea ... discuss

“Children are dying,” says Steve Plogsted, a clinical pharmacist who chairs the drug-shortage task force of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN). “They’re not gett ... discuss have what many people would call a "rape baby." But I despise that term. He is a miracle. I almost lost him so many times because if pregnancy complic ... discuss

Modernistic liturgical pauperism For  comparison, the glory of the Katholikentag 1949 in Bochum,  which was managed only four years after the end of the war. ... discuss

After what was billed as an amazing breakthrough, a harbinger of hope, researchers at University of Massachusetts managed to 'turn off'' the third copy of the 21st chromosome in a petri dish, many par ... discuss

Students for Life: When the Texas State Senate passed HB2 on Friday night, banning abortions after 20 weeks (when pre-born children have been scientifically proven to feel pain) and instituting regula ... discuss

There are few characters as wholesome in the golden age of entertainment as the Lone Ranger.  He stood as a symbol of decency and honor in the nearly three decades the show aired over radio and telev ... discuss

--1-- It's a newborn!We received the call. Tomorrow we get to meet our newest foster baby. We don't know if he is a he or a she yet. His or her blog code name, to maintain his or her privacy, is going ... discuss

Here is a guest post by a good and brave friend of mine, Peggy Clores whose mother was a Holocaust Survivor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And so we descend further into the abyss o ... discuss

The book "Treasuring Grace" was inspired by a dream in which co -author Tracy Roberts feels that God spoke to her and directed her hand in the writing of the story. Many people feel God's special ... discuss

Late Monday afternoon, Governor Lynch vetoed House Bill 217 - the fetal homicide bill, Dominick's Law. I have blogged about this bill many times, beginning here. In response to the veto, I wrote ... discuss

Reading this story on the Baptist Press deeply saddened me.  I didn't intend to post another blog entry tonight but I felt compelled to share this.  Please join me in praying for this family ... discuss

Here are excerpts from an article by Frances Ess.I almost had a heart attack one day when I discovered my six year old son and eleven year old daughter up a tree. My first instinct was to scream at t ... discuss

N., I still remember the first day you walked into Ward 4 with madam; we had been expecting you for the prostate biopsy. It was sometime in the month of December, 2009, the 3rd month of my internship. ... discuss

Tired, sweaty and nervous, I felt a big relief when the Intern-on-call showed up in the ward. It was time to go home. I was still at her bedside; we had been there for some hours now, except for momen ... discuss

This was written in October of 1997. My dad passed on about 6 months later. ************************************************* Recently I’ve thought a great deal about my father and what he has ... discuss

There is growing advocacy among the intelligentsia that denies free will--one of the morally relevant traits in our natures that make us exceptional--claiming instead that our behavior is predete ... discuss

The Jane syndicate in Chicago was doing a thriving criminal abortion business. They were also under intense police surveillance. They knew Harvey Karman, whom they had invited to Chicago to teach them ... discuss

Saturday of the Sixth Week of Easter(Click here for readings)Jesus said to his disciples:  “Amen, amen, I say to you, whatever you ask the Father in my name he will give you.  Until no ... discuss

Again. Israel decided Sunday afternoon to close its airspace in the North to civilian air traffic following alleged Israeli air strikes on Syria in the past 48 hours. Israeli airline Arkia stated that ... discuss

I have never thought of myself as someone who brags, but I brag on Ryan to my friends a lot. I mean, there is a lot to brag about. Yesterday I got to see him win such a special award and I am just so ... discuss

One of the great Americans of our time, Constitution Party founder, Howard Phillips, passed away this past Sunday, April 21 of complications due to Alzheimer’s disease. He was 72. Howard i ... discuss

Here Ric Thorpe speaks about breaking the silence on abortion in the Churches. He notes the lack of a compassionate approach towards abortion in Churches. He mentions how a presence of fear, shame and ... discuss

FROM THE PASTORApril 21, 2013by Fr. George W. Rutler Our Risen Lord told Peter, “Feed my lambs. Tend my sheep. Feed my sheep.” (John 21:15-17) That has been the happy burden of all Peter's succe ... discuss

This just in from The New American magazine:The trial of a Philadelphia abortionist charged with murdering babies born alive began March 18, as the defense accused officials of pur ... discuss

I came across this horrific story today on Fox News which describes a recent carjacking at a NY mall involving a mother and her young daughter. Sadly the state of NY has recently imposed som ... discuss

Trouble at a Milwaukee Public School. Imagine that.This time, it was not a brawl at Bradley Tech or Bay View High School requiring a massive police reponse and resulting in multiple arrests.This MPS p ... discuss

1Goodbye Pope Benedict VIX. Thank you so much for everything. We will miss your guidance and pray for you as you pray for us.2A clap of thunder Monday morning announced the arrival of a blizzard that ... discuss

I've had a long absence, but now that my life finally seems to be less busy, I will be posting here a bit more :)As many of you are aware, I am a HUGE fan of the American organization Secular Pro-Life ... discuss

While I'm always, to some extent, working on getting things better organized in our very active and sometimes chaotic household, I've been on a pretty good roll in making new and substantial progress ... discuss

Christopher Dorner, (alleged) murderer of three people, wants the world to understand him. He has heroes. Killer Dorner is clearly an avowed Leftist.From his "manifesto":Off the record, I love your ne ... discuss

Abortion opponents march in Washington Pro-abortion rights activists, rally face-to-face against anti-abortion demonstrators as both march in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washi ... discuss

--1--A few days ago, a stained glass artist named Rachel Curling emailed me and gave permission to use this piece of stained glass beauty in order to help celebrate today's Feast of the Conversion of ... discuss

Here's the bad news about yesterday's "Keeping It Clean in 4 Easy (Enough) Steps" post: you have to build about 6 weeks of momentum before the temptation to quit stops stopping you. Oh, and here's wor ... discuss

What was the best new (to you) author you discovered last year? Jacques Ellul. I read The Technological Society and Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes What was your favorite new (to y ... discuss

Today is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which allows any woman or teenage girl to have her unborn child killed for any reason, or none, at pretty much anytime in the pregnancy (despite minor lim ... discuss

Now that the country has maxed out its credit cards, the House is preparing to do battle over the debt ceiling. If Richards's group alone is blowing a half-billion dollar hole in our debt, here's a su ... discuss

Planned Parenthood announced their grand total for 2011. Over 300,000 babies dead. So congrats to Planned Parenthood on their progress in the war on children. Taking life from a baby isn't like takin ... discuss

Mom says 'I am Adam Lanza's mother,' details life with terrifying sonArticle source:     In the post-Newtown ... discuss

From ... discuss

"As this painful week unfolds, we can let it belong not to the killer, but to victims we mourn, and admire, and keep alive in our thoughts." My heart also breaks for this woman, and all those like her ... discuss

School shootings are what brought about the gun bans in other countries, and this might be the formula that  Obama is following.   Deaths of the youngest kids might be just the ticket for Obama to ... discuss

First, a little background.In one session of a National Abortion Federation Risk Management Seminar, a participant indicated that when he pulled bowel (extracted part of a patient's bowel through a p ... discuss

by Jill Sixty years ago today the I Love Lucy episode entitled, “Lucy is Enceinte” aired. Quoting Wikipedia: Later, during the second season, Lucy was pregnant again with second child Desi ... discuss

My political opinions lean more and more to Anarchy (philosophically understood, meaning abolition of control not whiskered men with bombs) – or to 'unconstitutional' Monarchy. I would arrest anybod ... discuss

Well, Rome has finally let the other foot drop on the neck of the Social Justice.  Here is the excellent coverage from LSN. Let’s pick out some of the juicy parts and chow down: “The Church ... discuss

Well, folks, the dyke is starting to break. Some of the most senior members of the Canadian Bishops’ international development agency – Development & Peace (D&P) – have publicly accused Toronto ... discuss

Home schooling is now, more than ever, being considered as a viable alternative to traditional schooling. The reasons for which are diverse ranging from cultural/religious beliefs to economic matters. ... discuss

I predicted that Mitt Romney would win the 2012 Presidential race, so let that be a warning to you. 1.  The 2014 and 2016 elections will not be good for Democrats.  I don’t say this in a juven ... discuss

November has been a crazy month in the Bolte household. We had been given a sweet baby girl to care for temporarily on Halloween night and she was amazing and sweet and went home to the best possible ... discuss

The following is Part 6 of an open letter to Colonel Vaughn Doner and a critique of his 2012 book, Christian Jihad: Neo-Fundamentalists and the Polarization of America. Throughout the series, I addre ... discuss

Top stories:Savita Halappanavar death tragic but abortion doesn’t save women’s livesThe death of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland is tragic but does not justify allowing abortion, says SPUC. SPUC ... discuss

Tweetby Alanna GomezOne of the most remarkable stories shared in the new documentary “It’s a Girl” is that of Dr. Mitu Khurana and her daughters. Their story is shocking and distressing, exposin ... discuss

Every year, the President of the United States declares a national Day of Thanksgiving. This tradition began with our first President, George Washington, and continues to this day. Eventually, the dat ... discuss

Following the sad death of Savita Halappanavar and her unborn child in Galway, Ireland's Health Services Executive (HSE) has announced that Professor Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, the head of obstetrics ... discuss

Further to SPUC's statement and my blog on the sorrowful death of Savita Halappanar and her unborn child, Anthony McCarthy, SPUC's education and publications manager, has written a letter to The Catho ... discuss

The answer might shock you, while others will not be surprised or offended by it and consider it 'comprehensive sex education'.The Obama administration, which fully embraces the debunked Kinsey sex-ed ... discuss

I just watched a black gospel show & I have to say it’s amazing how inspirational a gospel group can be.  With all the, and I quote, “God God God God God” that they sing, you fe ... discuss

I just watched a black gospel show & I have to say it’s amazing how inspirational a gospel group can be.  With all the, and I quote, “God God God God God” that they sin ... discuss

For an organization working to eliminate a specific injustice, anniversaries are not something to celebrate. The goal is to become superfluous. The fact that our work is still necessary is indication ... discuss

A report in the Irish Examiner. A senior consultant has said he sees no evidence of confusion in medical ranks in Ireland over whether or not a woman can have an abortion if her life is at risk.D ... discuss

From Retronaut:"Devout Christian Kurt Geiler never went anywhere without his Bible – and that faith paid off in 1917 when the precious leather-bound book saved his life.In the never-ending trench ... discuss

Rex 84 Exposed During Iran Contra Should we be worried? video source: Uploaded to Youtube by MasterpieceConCen on Nov 13, 2006 FEMA plans on suspension of the US co ... discuss

From Pro-Life Ireland: The death of Dr Savita Halappanavar last month in University Hospital Galway was a tragedy. It is all the more shocking because essential medical treatment in pregnancy is gu ... discuss

The below letter to the editor is by Robert "Bob" McDowell, Jr.  He is a Professional Engineer and Geologist with over 50 years experience in creating drilling prospects, supervising d ... discuss

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within." "Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and ador ... discuss

I have been following the story of 32 year old Elisa Bauer who suffers from epilepsy, bipolar disorder & mental impairment. Her parents & legal guardians were taken to court to try & force her to ... discuss

SPUC has responded to claims that Savita Halappanavar’s death was due to a hospital's refusal to abort her unborn child by inducing labour. According to reports, Mrs Halappanavar was 17 weeks’ p ... discuss

London, 14 November 2012: The death of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland is tragic but does not justify allowing abortion, says leading pro-life group the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children ... discuss

Doctors have managed to communicate with a Canadian man, Scott Routley, thought to be in a vegetative state. He was able to tell them that he wasn't in any pain, and brain scans confirmed that he unde ... discuss

Tony Perkins, FRC Action Update: This was supposed to be the morning when Americans got up and shook off the nightmare of the last four years. Instead, they awakened to a new one: a profound drubbin ... discuss

Barack Obama has somehow managed to ‘win’ this latest election for the Presidency but he has no mandate, he was not elected by the nation’s majority despite what he claims. I write t ... discuss

Barack Obama has somehow managed to ‘win’ this latest election for the Presidency but he has no mandate, he was not elected by the nation’s majority despite what he claims. I write t ... discuss

By Paul G. Kengor Timing is everything in politics. For four years, I angered conservatives by insisting Barack Obama would get reelected. I figured that an electorate willing to elect a man ... discuss

One of my true heroes passed away over the weekend. Here's his story from my upcoming book Where Do We Find Such Men?James A. “Jake” Blanchfield attended to his regular duties as Circulation Manag ... discuss

When John McCain suspended his campaign after finally having some positive momentum post-Palin’s electrifying RNC speech, I knew it was over. It was quite possibly the dumbest political move I ... discuss

Inspired by TAC’s conservative vote symposium, CHT has decided to do a symposium of our own with a bit more of a paleo edge. Tune in tomorrow for the first installment  We hope to add others a ... discuss

This says it all: Imagine that. A presidential candidate who gives millions of dollars a year to charity does a storm relief event in Ohio, and an MSNBC anchor is disgusted by it because the Red Cross ... discuss

As the head of Greece’s largest oncology department, Dr Kostas Syrigos thought he had seen everything. But nothing prepared him for Elena, an unemployed woman whose breast cancer had been diagn ... discuss

Editor's Note: Regarding the link referenced by Gary Bauer to the attack on Rev. Billy Graham and value voter, the event took place on CNN News. The CNN commentator asks her guest if Graham's priva ... discuss

As used in the above title, "'state' of Obama's home state" refers to the accelerating economic, demographic and social decline ... and misery and ruin ... of the states that form the base of liberal ... discuss

Dateline Libya: Muslim terrorists attack the American consulate in Benghazi Libya.  Day's before they had managed to break a section of the security wall which could have easi ... discuss

On October 24, 1917, 24-year-old homemaker Stella Ahern died at her Chicago home from an abortion performed by an unknown perpetrator.Note, please, that with overall public health issues such as doct ... discuss

A friend loaned me a copy of Lutherans Against Hitler: The Untold Story by Lowell C. Green. The title made me a little suspicious that this was some kind of sensationalist revisionist history but I wa ... discuss

by J.T. Hatter - It is impossible to be the leader of any large enterprise and not alienate someone, but Barack Obama has managed to alienate virtually everyone who has had anything to do with him. Wh ... discuss

The subtitle of Savage Continent: Europe in the aftermath of World War 2 was what caught my attention on the book shelf at the public library. I've done plenty of reading on the 2nd w ... discuss

I asked my children what they thought I should say about this topic and they chuckled.  ”Introducing?  Really?  Is there that much to it?  Here’s a computer mouse.  Use it.  You̵ ... discuss

Our eldest, our son, Timothy, celebrated his sixth birthday yesterday. I cannot believe how fast time flies! It seems like only yesterday that I was at the Guido Valadares National Hospital in Timor L ... discuss

romereports has uploaded Yamanaka awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine for work with stem cells. Yamanaka awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine for work w ... discuss

The below letter to the editor is by Robert "Bob" McDowell, Jr. He is a Professional Engineer and Geologist with over 50 years experience in creating drilling prospects, supervising drillin ... discuss

Please Please respond to me or contact me! I know you must have seen all of this for years, but I have to keep trying…. am name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /> I n’t, go to the vers ... discuss

Please Please respond to me or contact me. I know you;ve seen all of these for years, but I have to keep trying.hope this video show, if it doesn’t, go to the version without the music…A n ... discuss

If you read the last update, this is a continuation and shows some of the video diaries I kept and only shared, until now, with other birth mothers. I knew it would be important to have it documented ... discuss

From the National Catholic Register:Over the past five years, a growing number of abortion workers across the country have had a change of heart and left their jobs. It's a trend that is leading other ... discuss

September 25, 2012. ( About 7 million people who've visited the Notre Dame Cathedral have enjoyed this exhibit on St. Therese of Lisieux, the French saint who is also the youngest Doct ... discuss

VIDEO: Chaim Topol as Tevye, in the 1971 motion picture Fiddler on the Roofich won three Academy Awards, and was nominated for Best Picture and Best Actor.There have been stories of people reaping a f ... discuss

From The Telegraph By Daniel Hannan Oxford this year, Cambridge next Conservatives, while often gloomy in their political outlook, tend to be warm and merry in their personality. I’ve jus ... discuss

From: thy Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 Subject: A German View on IslamWow!  Right on target   A GERMAN VIEW OF ISLAM      This is by far the best explanat ... discuss

September 20 marks the one-year anniversary of the final repeal of the law against homosexuals serving in the military. The 1993 law, usually referred to by the name of the Clinton Administration po ... discuss

Long-time blog readers know that my kids have been involved in the cross country program through our parish and CYO for the last eight years.  My shy and quiet Izzy has been it for the last six y ... discuss

On January 22, 2001, exactly 28-years after abortion was federally legalized in the United States, Rae Carruth was convicted of “using an instrument to destroy an unborn child” – his unborn ... discuss

On January 22, 2001, exactly 28-years after abortion was federally legalized in the United States, Rae Carruth was convicted of “using an instrument to destroy an unborn child” – his unborn ... discuss

Recall my post about Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando CEO Jenna Tosh  crying when pro-life activists picketed her Winter Park, Florida, home on August 18. Jenna was rewarded for her embarrassme ... discuss




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