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YOUTH DIRECTOR Youth Ministry, FT EmployeeChrist the King Catholic Church (Daphne, AL)Christ the King Catholic Church, a growing parish of over 1850 families in Daphne, AL, seeks a dynamic and creativ ... discuss

This was our schedule for a bit when my youngest two children were doing year 2 of AmblesideOnline. AO’s booklist has changed here and there, so it’s probably not an accurate reflection of ... discuss

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments yesterday in the case of King v. Burwell—a challenge to an IRS rule under Obamacare that provides the payment of premium subsidies to individuals enrolled in t ... discuss

Piran’s family origins are obscure; tradition says he came from Ireland. Spent his youth in south Wales where he founded a church in Cardiff. Received religious schooling at the monastery of Saint C ... discuss

by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: On Wednesday, March 4, the Supreme Court will hear the King v. Burwell case. It is likely to deliver a death blow to ObamaCare when the decision is announced in a ... discuss

In the United Kingdom, a new pre-pregnancy blood test is set to go on the market that will screen couples for thousands of genetic flaws that they could pass on to their unborn baby. After the testing ... discuss

(Yes, it’s been a while since I blogged here. I’ve been busy with my podcast “Consider This”. However, I just had to come out of blogging semi-retirement to comment on this.) B ... discuss

Editorial Cartoon by AF BrancoToday in Washington, D.C. - March 4, 2015The Senate reconvened at 9:30 AM today and resumed consideration of S.J. Res. 8, a resolution of disapproval under the Congressio ... discuss

Vaccines shed, and you can infect others with the disease you were immunized against.   More here. NYPD is “Quietly” Planning Response for Mumbai-Style IS Attack on NYC Former 0-Care supp ... discuss

Tributes are pouring in for Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C, who led Notre Dame University as its president for 35 years before retiring in 1986. President Barack Obama, who received an honorary degree ... discuss

9]> < ![endif]--> loat: right; margin-left: 5px; margin-right: 5px;" src="" alt="" height="137" width="147" />Israel’s Prime Minister, ... discuss

The saint of the day for March 4 is St. Casimir of Poland, a prince whose life of service to God has made him a patron saint of Poland, Lithuania, and young people. He is also the patron saint of bach ... discuss

By:  Penny Starr Rep. Steve King: We'd 'Be Better off Without' ... discuss

“Biography is one of the most pleasing and useful forms of learning history. The life of a statesman like Wolsey, Pitt or Peel, of a reformer like Cobden or Bright, is a history of the great eve ... discuss

The Adventures of Fleetfoot and Her Fawns     The Green Forest Fairy Book by Loretta Ellen Brady. “Miss Brady is a trained story teller, and presents in this book eleven original ta ... discuss

Contact: Leslie Palma, 347-286-7277 WASHINGTON, March 2, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is released by Dr. Alveda King: Israel faces annihilation from Iran, a sponsor of terrorism that i ... discuss

  Obama bows to former Saudi King Abdullah. NEVER HAS AN AMERICAN PRESDENT BOWED TO ANYONE……PapaMikeT Obama has even lost the Saudis. In a recent editorial in the Saudi Daily Al-Jazi ... discuss

President Obama speaks during a town hallmeeting on immigration, by Telemundo and MSNBC, at Florida International UniversityIBD Editorial: Rule Of Law: First, the president issues unlawful execut ... discuss

Contact: Leslie Palma, 347-286-7277 WASHINGTON, March 2, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is released by Dr. Alveda King: Israel faces annihilation from Iran, a sponsor of terrorism that i ... discuss

By:  Penny Starr Rep. Peter King: Conservatives in Congress 'A ... discuss

Fatal Shooting of Cleveland Boy Tamir Rice Was Caused by His Own Actions: City Here are some of the actions they are defending- it’s not just the shooting that is at issue here, it’s thei ... discuss

By E. Ray Clendenen President Obama is famous for repeating some variation of the phrase, “Let me be clear.” There has been some discussion of what he means by this. Some suggest it ... discuss

By Joshua Tijerina, VP of Digital Communications @JoshuaADF So, I’ve been following the social media around our case involving Kelvin Cochran, the former Fire Chief of Atlanta who was fired for sel ... discuss

It is well to teach the some principles of sound logic, but we also should teach children not to lean too confidently unto their own understanding. because the function of reason is to give logica ... discuss

A ... discuss

Thursday of the First Week of Lent(Click here for readings) By SOPHIE DRUFFNER "And now, come to help me, an orphan.  Put in my mouth persuasive words in the presence of the lion and tu ... discuss

Around 400 A.D., a 16 year old of Roman heritage was kidnapped and sold into slavery.  Though he escaped six years later, a love for the people of his captive land was planted in his heart.  ... discuss

is perhaps best known for not being Archbishop of York. He was elected and duly installed, but various persons raised objections, and rather than cause division in the Church he withdrew in favor of t ... discuss

Join the other Quicktakers at This Ain't the Lyceum.Seal for the State of Ohio on display at the State house in Columbus, Ohio1.  Last week, my family had an opportunity to go with the co-op to v ... discuss

Here are today’s Kindle deals: Hints for Parents by Gardiner Springs ($3.19); Does God Exist? by William Lane Craig ($0.99); Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? by William Lane Craig ($1. ... discuss

“That the Bible is God’s word and book I prove thus:  All things that have been, and are, in the world, and the manner of their being, are described in the first book of Moses on the crea ... discuss

By: Arlen Williams Gulag Bound This morning, Andrea Shea King conducted a brief (half-hour) and for the only major media -informed, very revelatory interview with retired Admiral James A. Lyons. It co ... discuss

In part 1 of this series I set out an exposition of Genesis 10-11. In part 2, we will look at the question of ethnic and racial diversity through the lens of biblical theology. Now let’s conside ... discuss

We’ve learned that an ambulance called last week to a seedy Pensacola, Florida, abortion clinic owned by disgraced New Jersey abortionist Steven Chase Brigham, was responding to help an abortion ... discuss

By TRENT BEATTIE | On Oct. 29, the Kansas City Royals lost the deciding game of the World Series to the San Francisco Giants by only one run. While Royals’ fans were deeply disappointed at ... discuss

The Sacred Lance and Nails of Our Lord Jesus ChristFriday after the First Sunday of LentMass Said in Some Places Introit: Ps. xxi: 17-18 et 15They have pierced my hands and my feet: they have numbered ... discuss

by Kerby Anderson, View Points: Do our rights come from man or do they come from God? In a contentious interview with Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, CNN host Chris Cuomo told the judge th ... discuss

(3 April 1593 – 1 March 1633) was a Anglo-Welsh Priest, Poet, Orator and Churchman.Being born into an artistic and wealthy family, he received a good education which led to his holding prominent pos ... discuss

“My words shall utter the uprightness of my heart: and that which my lips know they shall speak sincerely.”  ERV (Read these scriptures and more at  Psalm 45: ... discuss

By the end of Day Two, the material in the universe had not changed from the beginning of Day Two. The universe was still composed of hydrogen, helium and traces of beryllium and lithium. And there we ... discuss

Click here to subscribe to the Social Conservative Review Theologian David Wells has written of “the extraordinary bombardment … that goes on every day from a thousand different sources ... discuss

Cardinal participants in a conclave are forbidden to lobby for "candidates." However, it appears that there was, indeed, a "team Bergolio" working for the election of Pope Francis. A biography of the ... discuss

Constructing an Obamacare [state] exchange is like flying an airplane while building it.”Conduit for Action:Reuters Reports:“The Supreme Court is due to hear opening arguments in the case known as ... discuss

(also Æthelbert, Aethelberht, Aethelbert, or Ethelbert) (c. 560 – February 24, 616) was King of Kent from about 580 or 590 until his death. In his Ecclesiastical History of the English People, the ... discuss

A ... discuss

Dems Claim To Be ‘Concerned About The Constitutional Separation Of Powers,’ But When The Chips Are Down They Back A President Who Is Blatantly ‘Ignoring The Law’Dem Rhetoric: ‘Frankly Am ... discuss

The truth of Scripture is meant not only to be studied—it’s meant also to be sung. What the people of God believe shapes the way we worship, and how we worship shapes how we practice ... discuss

At Cambridge University, researchers claim that creating babies with two fathers or two mothers could become a reality by using the skin from two adults of the same sex. But the pro-life movement has ... discuss

We are witnesses today to a massive culture shift. Things we used to hold sacred are now subject to mockery; evils we would never even have dreamed of are now regarded as normal and beautiful. ... discuss

America has its fair share of conflict and strife. From the Internet to cable news, Americans are bombarded with caustic clashes between opposing ideologies, and the debate over abortion is no excepti ... discuss

We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. – Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, 1939 As the founder of America’s largest abortion chain, Margaret ... discuss

The key to understanding the account of Day Two in Genesis is the word in verse 6 that has been translated as “the firmament.” Again, for ease of reference, here is the full account of Day Two. Re ... discuss

By:  Patrick Goodenough ... discuss

23 February AD 156 Born around AD 69, Saint Polycarp was a central figure in the early church. Said to be disciple of the holy evangelist and apostle Saint John, he provides a link between the first ... discuss

Polycarp is one of my favorite saints because he is such a good example of a complete life in Christ. I love the fact that he was a student of St. John the beloved apostle. My third son Noah chose St. ... discuss

It should go without saying that the most sacred duty of our elected representatives is to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Only on the Left would any American think otherwise. ... discuss

It is amusing to say the least to read Hillary’s book Hard Choices. She must have thought she could be like Obama and write a book for blacks and get the black vote. Hillary thought she could wr ... discuss

Dear candidate for president of the United States: Congratulations on your decision to pursue a career as leader of the free world. The following exam, while in no way comprehensive, is intended to as ... discuss

Our Constitution has become a suicide pact. That’s the view of Thomas Jefferson, expressed in an 1819 letter to jurist Spencer Roane, when he said “If this opinion be sound, then indeed is our con ... discuss

Standard Podcast [ 10.76 MB ] Play NowPlay in Popup | Download Ribbon Placement: Liturgy of the Hours Vol. II: Ordinary: 1064 Psalter: Monday, Week I, 1115 Common of One Martyr: 2038 Common o ... discuss

Standard Podcast [ 11.46 MB ] Play NowPlay in Popup | Download Ribbon Placement: Liturgy of the Hours Vol. II: Ordinary: 1049 Psalter: Monday, Week I, 1106 Common of One Martyr: 2024 (reading ... discuss

Standard Podcast [ 11.92 MB ] Play NowPlay in Popup | Download Ribbon Placement: Liturgy of the Hours Vol. II: Ordinary: 1045 Psalter: Monday, Week I, 1102 Proper of Seasons: 94 (first readin ... discuss

 by Michael Barone Reckless disregard. It's a phrase in legal writing that means "gross negligence without concern for danger to others." And it's a phrase that characterizes much of the attitude t ... discuss

A monk in a monastery in France, he was invited to go to England by King Alfred the Great and to assist in the restoration of the Christian faith in the wake of the severe and destructive invasions by ... discuss

The film “Selma,” portraying the historic march for voting rights from Selma to Montgomery, AL in 1965, is a gut-wrenching experience that brings the viewer into the vehemence of the prejudice a ... discuss

Black caucus members walking out on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu violate the principles of freedom of our nation, for which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought. They also betray the unique relation ... discuss

There are many, many passages that condemn the abuse of alcohol, that condemn drunkenness.  That these things are wrong, there is no debate. If it violates your conscience, by all means, do not drink ... discuss

February 21st is the feast of St. Peter Damian, Doctor of the Church, reformer of the Church--and writer of hymns. Although his feast is not often celebrated in most parishes, when  ... discuss

This reliquary contains the Crown of Thorns of our Lord as recovered by King St. Louis IX.The Friday after Ash Wednesday in the Traditional Missal before 1955 has a "Mass in Some Places" that may be s ... discuss

αμαθεστατε και κακε, αφες τον παλαιον, μη μεταποιει ...(Fool and knave, can't you leave the old reading alone and not alter it!) — The complaint of a scribe ... discuss

20 February AD 1620 In 1619, King Christian IV of Norway and Denmark sent the ships Enhiørningen and Lamprenen in search of the Northwest Passage to India. The crew of sixty-four Norwegians, Danes, ... discuss

was a hermit and miracle worker. Born at Compton Martin, near Bristol, England, he became a priest and was excessively materialistic and worldly. After meeting with a beggar, he underwent a personal c ... discuss

By Mitchell Kalpakgian, Ph.D. “What about the soul? Will the soundness of a soul consist in disorder or rather in a certain order and proportion?”—Socrates, Gorgias Psychological studies and soc ... discuss

by Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison, Contributing Authors: Stung by criticism that he has no strategy for confronting ISIS, President Obama told his hastily convened “summit on violent extremism” t ... discuss

A Freedom of Information act has yielded troubling information about a medical emergency that took place at the Akron Women’s Medical Group in Akron, Ohio, on February 7, 2015. The recording has bee ... discuss

It was a great pleasure to witness the decisions by the King of Jordan and President of Egypt to enter the fight against the scourge attempting to take over the Middle-East in the name of an “Islami ... discuss

  From: rapa Sent: Monday, February 09, 2015 Subject: JAPAN & MUSLIMS.. I don't know how much of the enclosed is true but it is interesting reading.  Just thought you might like to ... discuss

The Lenten Season Begins The entire Christian life celebrates Christ's victorious Resurrection on Easter morning. However, from Christianity's earliest days, the actual Paschal season has received spe ... discuss

It’s Black History Month 2015. This is a time of remembering the many great contributions of African Americans in the history of our great nation. We have experienced many advances made possible fro ... discuss

Painful though the process may prove to be, I ask God for the transformation I need to become closer to the person He created me to be.Let's begin with the collect for today.Grant, O Lord, that we may ... discuss

(November 10, 1483–February 18, 1546) was a German monk, theologian, and church reformer.Luther's theology challenged the authority of the papacy by holding that the Bible is the sole source of reli ... discuss

(c. 605-18 February, 675) also known as Saint Colmán was Bishop of Lindisfarne from 661 until 664.Spiritual student and disciple of Saint Columba. Monk at Iona.He defended Celtic church practices aga ... discuss

Today in the pre-1955 Traditional Catholic Missal is the Mass in Some Places (pro aliquibus locis) of The Flight Into Egypt.  In honor of this day, I share the following prayers and meditations i ... discuss

(also Mesrob, Mashtotz, Armenian: Մեսրոպ Մաշտոց) (361 or 362, Hatsik, in Taron - February 17, 440, Echmiadzin) was an Armenian monk, theologian and linguist. He is best known for having in ... discuss

was an Irish monk, trained at Iona in Scotland, who Succeeded Saint Aidan as governor of the Church in Northumbria and became Bishop of Lindisfarne from 651 until 661. Originally from Ireland, he foun ... discuss

Leaders of national and local pro-life groups gathered in historic Selma, Alabama, on February 11, 2015, to call for a full investigation into an abortion facility, Central Alabama Women’s Clinic, t ... discuss

Pope Francis met with King Tupou VI of Tonga today at the Vatican. The Tongan monarch, who was accompanied by his wife, Queen Nanasipau,u Tuku,aho, was in Rome for the consistory this weekend. Among ... discuss

We should be clear at the outset what we will be doing in this analysis. We will not simply be substituting God for those things science cannot yet explain, although it is remarkable that Genesis does ... discuss

The saint of the day for February 16 is St. Gilbert (1083-1189), founder of the Gilbertine order, which consisted of a double monastery of canons regular and nuns.Gilbert was born at Sempringham, near ... discuss

by Terence Jeffrey: President Barack Obama, who has acted unilaterally on everything from making war in Libya to granting work permits to illegal aliens in the United States, now wants a war authoriza ... discuss

Part 1 is here.Part 2 is here.When I talk about teaching subjects in non-traditional ways, what I mean is that most of our curriculum is talking.A recent example is the read-aloud Ramona and I just fi ... discuss

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton I warned everyone that despite the posturing by the Jordanians and Obama, that ISIS is not on the defensive… they aren’t on the run either. They are advancing a ... discuss

This extraordinary Eucharistic hymn, by the great St. Thomas Aquinas, is a fan favourite among the faithful. This version regretably leaves out the second verse. The recording is from the CD illumin ... discuss

This gem from John Nolte came across my Twitter feed the other day: “Met Brian Williams once in DC. Starting to wonder about that story he told me about saving all those hostages at Nakotami Plaza. ... discuss

I once met a woman who was born and raised in Iran and lived under the Shah, and later, under Ayatollah Khomeini.  I remember how she spoke passionately, in her broken English, about just how terribl ... discuss

From Alveda King’s blog at comes her reflection on being a participant in 2015’s March for Life in Washington: …As I was sitting in front of the Supreme Court that ... discuss

Proverbs 16:13 (Pt. 3)  Thought/Prayer:  Speak Love Before the King.  To Proverbs 16:13 (Pt. 2)  Thought/Prayer:  Righteous Lips . . . Really?  Proverbs 16:13   T ... discuss

“Righteous lips are the delight of kings. They value one who speaks the truth.”  WEB Read these scriptures and more at  The value of truth cannot be overes ... discuss

Valentine’s Day and its interesting history. St. Valentine lost his life to save lovers from the tyranny of the king. Click here to view the embedded video. ... discuss

Mr. President: It's a No-brainer: SIGN the bill!Today in Washington. D.C. - Feb 13, 2015This morning, House Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader McConnell signed S. 1, the bill authorizing the c ... discuss

Wow! The Man-made Global Warming Hoax is a Hoax. Who saw this coming except anyone investing five minutes examining the scientific evidence from both sides? Or anyone remembering this is the same crow ... discuss

I thought about rereading something this year but feel that I want something new. Something that I can just read a little at a time and soak up and reflect upon. Somehow Romano Guardini has come to my ... discuss

News broke this week that former Obama political strategist David Axelrod has published a book in which he admits that, as Time magazine put it, “Barack Obama misled Americans for his own politi ... discuss

Eormenhilde, Hermynhild) (d. c.700), queen of Mercia, abbess of Ely. She was the daughter of Erconbert, king of Kent, and of his wife *Sexburga, who was sister of *Etheldreda. Ermengild married Wulfhe ... discuss

“Obedience must be in and through Christ. Not our obedience, but Christ’s merits procure acceptance. In every part of worship we must present Christ to God in the arms of our faith. Unless we ... discuss

President's Day - February 16, 2015by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: I won’t be around to see it, but I have little doubt that future historians and others will conclude that President Barack Hu ... discuss Pro-Life News Report, Tuesday, February 10, 2015For pro-life news updated throughout the day, visit Top Stories:• Amazing Photos Document Newborn Bab ... discuss

by Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison: The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has taken Dr. Ben Carson’s name off their “list” of extremists. Isn’t that charitable? The idea that SPLC gets to sit ... discuss

“Righteous lips are the delight of kings. They value one who speaks the truth.”  WEB Read these scriptures and more at  Let’s consider those righteous lip ... discuss

DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT FOR SCHOOLS Fundraising, FT EmployeeIndependence Mission Schools (King of Prussia, PA)Reporting to the Chief Development Officer, the Director of Development for Schools is res ... discuss

Operation Rescue has received an audio file through a Freedom of Information Act request containing a bizarre 911 call placed by a Planned Parenthood abortionist in Salem, Oregon, who appears to have ... discuss

  John Jalsevac "Angels fly because they take themselves lightly." - G.K. Chesterton Even the co-stars of the movie think 50 Shades of Grey is awful (and maybe even a bit like Hitler) 50 sha ... discuss

It's a month in which we are presenting "When Swing Was King" in our regular 11 senior living centers but also in three other places: two church audiences and a special trip into northwest Iowa to do ... discuss

1. Make a homemade Valentine for your loved one. Be sure to mention on your card some specific ways they are special to you, i.e., "You always laugh at my corny jokes" or "You always compliment me on ... discuss

The above picture is one that is sure to warm the heart of every good Catholic traditionalist. Here is a priest celebrating the Mass ad orientem. This is the way Mass should be celebrated. This is ... discuss

Credit: world is completely upside down and backwards, and it is so hard to know what or whom to trust. Evil is growing every day. Here in the United Sta ... discuss

Abortion Activists Hurl Racial Insults at Martin Luther King Jr’s Pro-Life Niece  Alveda King is the niece of late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and she is also actively pro-lif ... discuss

Besides its arm's length defense of the 3/5 Compromise, there is probably no argument in The Federalist less likely to resonate with a contemporary audience than Alexander Hamilton's case against addi ... discuss

Alveda King is the niece of late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and she is also actively pro-life. The younger King was at the March for Life in Washington D.C. in January for pro-life eve ... discuss

Eugene Robinson, no social conservative, is a columnist for the Washington Post.  In his op-ed in today’s paper, he offers a thoughtful critique of President Obama’s National Day of P ... discuss

DISCLAIMER:  I am in no way questioning the validity of the Second Coming of Christ.  Jesus is returning to Earth to set up His eternal kingdom.  I am just debating the timeline and det ... discuss

Last month I had an opportunity to speak on Issues, Etc. on the most recent article that I wrote for Modern Reformation Magazine.  The topic of conversation was over: "Jesus - Prophet, Priest, an ... discuss

Babbitt I found this depressing, but you’re supposed to. It’s also funny if you like biting satire (I do). Reader Review: Sinclair Lewis’ 1922 novel/expose highlights the shallowness ... discuss

Washington D.C., Feb 10, 2015 / 04:01 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Just weeks after Pope Francis announced his intention to canonize missionary Father Junipero Serra during his upcoming visit to the states, a ... discuss

Euripedes, a play-writer in ancient Greece, was no stranger to the human heart. He knew how it works, and he knew humanity well. And this shows in one of his most famous plays, Medea. Medea killed he ... discuss

by Phil Kerpen, Contributing Author: The full-court press is on from every organ of enlightened liberal opinion: the Supreme Court must not decide this term’s big Obamacare case, King v. Burwell, on ... discuss

Text:  Mark 1:29-39Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.The Season of Epiphany will be ending next week with a big, bright bang of glory, as we hear about Je ... discuss

Thanks Jim   Dear World, How are you? You don’t have to answer. I know. I’ve been reading the news. It’s awful. And I know you’re looking to where the world has looked for the better pa ... discuss

The Bible is a book. It may be called a collection of books compiled into one majestic volume. As a book it is designed to be read. In this respect it is like all other books. But in importan ... discuss

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton After last week’s barbaric execution of a Jordanian pilot who was burned alive, the King of Jordan is vowing shock and awe against ISIS. I believe he will give it eve ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - Tony Funderburk - Life and Love have Rhyme and Reason - You were created on purpose - I write and sing about that Have you ever felt like you’ve been denied what you deserve? ... discuss

The following is excerpted from The world’s great sermons, Volume 08 Talmage to Knox Little, free at Amazon and at Gutenberg. “Phillips Brooks was born at Boston, Mass., in 1835, graduated ... discuss

Then the king will say to those on his right, “Come, my Father has blessed you! Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world. I was hungry, and you gave me something to ea ... discuss

... discuss

In the biographies of the saints called the Acta Sanctorum which were preserved at the Abbey of Fécamp in Normandy it is said that he was born about 681 A.D., either in Devon or Cornwall, or more pro ... discuss

As a counterpunch to left-wing science fiction writer China Miéville’s list of Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels for socialists, Samuel Goldman of the American Conservative penned “10 Sci Fi and Fantasy Work ... discuss

Abortion Shockwaves: February will provide an opportunity, early in this effort, to focus on a population devastated by abortion loss. African-American women constitute only about 13 percent of the ... discuss

How many innocent people need to be killed before President Obama and his administration take the ISIS threat seriously?The latest ISIS casualty was Jordanian pilot Lieutenant Kasasbeh, who was burned ... discuss

by NRA-ILA: On Wednesday, the Library of Congress made the Rosa Parks Collection available to researchers. The compilation includes 2,500 photos and 7,500 manuscripts pertaining to the civil rights ... discuss

Getting Things Done with 100+ Instant Productivity Hacks! Includes Over 100 Productivity Tips to Help You Get Things Done Easier and Faster! And overcome procrastination with powerful habits! In this ... discuss

By Peter Jesserer Smith | King Abdullah II of Jordan, Pope Francis, and President Barack Obama each had messages for Thursday’s National Prayer Breakfast, all of which conveyed that the tr ... discuss

Dear _________,Thanks for your note and for your interest in serving senior citizens and others who tend to be marginalized by our culture. Claire and I would certainly find time to talk to your frien ... discuss

Vatican City, Feb 6, 2015 / 07:55 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In his homily on Friday Pope Francis said that he is moved whenever he thinks of the many Christians killed for their faith, and encouraged faith ... discuss

63 years ago we mourned the death of Our Sovereign Lord HIM King George VI. It was a day if great sadness, but it also marked the continuity of the Crown. On that day His eldest daughter Princess Eliz ... discuss

DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT Fundraising, FT EmployeeIndependence Mission Schools (King of Prussia, PA)THE INSTITUTION Independence Mission Schools (IMS) is a network of 15 Catholic elementary schools thro ... discuss

by Genevieve Wood: The headline in one Washington newspaper read: “Senate Dems block legislation reversing immigration actions.”That’s one way to see it.A more accurate headline would have been: ... discuss

Charlotte Mason Education in the younger years. Most people who have heard anything about Charlotte Mason and science know that nature study is largely the focus in the early years- and this is defini ... discuss

Good for HM King Abdullah his response to the barbarians of Isis was completely appropriate. The barbarians burned a Jordanian pilot alive? The barbarians seem to only understand violence. And indeed ... discuss

I am in the enjoyable position of receiving copies of most of the latest and greatest Christian books, and with a new year comes a whole new batch of books that qualify as notable. Here are a ... discuss

  Y’know . . . I don’t mind admitting when I’ve screwed up or made a bad decision or said something before I had all the facts. Some people can’t bring themselves to admit they’re wr- ... discuss

by Gary Bauer, Contributing Author: Obama's Really Bad Deal - U.S. and Iranian diplomats may be on the verge of a breakthrough in talks over Iran's nuclear program. According to the Associated Press, ... discuss

The Twenty-six Martyrs of Japan (日本二十六聖人, Nihon Nijūroku Seijin?) refers to a group of Christians who were executed by crucifixion on February 5, 1597 at Nagasaki.On August 15, 1549, Fr ... discuss

Amman, Jordan, Feb 4, 2015 / 05:01 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Christians in Jordan have responded to the Islamic State's gruesome execution of a captured Jordanian pilot with sorrow, calling for prayer and ... discuss

A new PBS documentary glowingly features euthanasia in Belgium, including one performed on video by Dr. Marc Van Hoey, one of the leading advocates of assisted suicide in Belgium. ProWomanProLife feat ... discuss

The mythical phoenix was often co-opted by ancient Christian artists and writers as symbol of Christ.Brethren: Peace be with you.Today I want to share with a thought, a borrowed thought, regarding the ... discuss

Representative Issa, I have and do strongly support your efforts on behalf of we the citizenry; however, you and Congress, in the vernacular and being blunt but in all respect to your positions as a R ... discuss

The House of Representative today voted for legislation to completely repeal Obamacare, which pro-life advocates oppose because it funds abortions and rations health care. The House voted 239-186 for ... discuss

Ex:  Congressional Gold Medalhonoring Dr. Martin LutherKing & Coretta Scott Kingby Ralph Benko, Contributing Author : What possibly could bring together Rep. Gene Green (D-TX), Rep. Sheila Jacks ... discuss

Here are a few new Kindle deals: The Pastor’s Family by Brian Croft ($1.99); Doxology and Theology by Matt Boswell ($0.99); HCSB Harmony of the Gospels ($2.99); The Dark Side o ... discuss

Anskar (in Latin, Ansgarius) was a monk of Saxon family, born in 801 (the year after the crowning of Charlemagne). In 826, when King Harald of Denmark asked Charlemagne's successors for missionaries, ... discuss

During WWII, Raoul Wallenberg saved many thousands of Hungarian Jews from falling into the hands of Nazis.  He did this by using his position as a Swedish diplomat to establish safe houses in Bud ... discuss

Christ the King and Redeemer Lutheran Churches, Racine, WIMark 1:21-28“Fides Qua and Fides Quae”There are some handy Latin phrases that every good Lutheran pastor and theologian needs to know, and ... discuss

Recently, I was thinking of the damage done to the black community by the abortion industry. The holiday honoring Martin Luther King as well as the anniversary of Roe v Wade & Doe v Bolton f ... discuss

Edward F. Hills is best known for his 1956 book The King James Version Defended: A Christian View of the New Testament Manuscripts (Christian Research Press). Assessments of Hills’ legacy are of ... discuss

Zach Noble, ‘Assistant Editor’ at The Blaze has noted the Democrats thanking Sarah Palin for some things she said during her Freedom Summit Speech in Iowa. Zach went on to to quote what he ... discuss

Compared to all other cities in the United States, Chicago has more Tridentine Latin Masses each Sunday than anywhere else.  In fact, Chicago serves as an important base for the Institute of Chri ... discuss

A very important goal of our “When King Was Swing” ministry in nursing homes and other senior centers is to develop quality, ongoing friendships with residents, residents’ families, and staff. & ... discuss

Text: Mark 1:14-20Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.It’s coming.  It is drawing near.  It is invading.What is coming, drawing near, and invading? I ... discuss

On January 25, 1891, 23-year-old Minnie Deering died at Schaeffer's Hotel in Chicago, evidently due to the effects of carbolic acid mistakenly administered to her by a saloon keeper named Joseph Hoffm ... discuss

From the Funeral Sermon on Henry VII.FORASMUCH as this honourable audience now is here assembled to prosecute the funeral observances and ceremonies about this most noble prince late our king and sove ... discuss

  “The Negro cannot win if he is willing to sacrifice the future of his children for personal and immediate comfort and safety.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. President Obama, in his St ... discuss

NEW YORK, NY — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is ducking questions about the humanity of the unborn again. While discussing her opposition to two abortion-related bills in the House of Repre ... discuss

The Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schönborn is fighting for the preservation of the King Abdullah Centre, based in Vienna, that is financed by Saudi Arabia,   It is not at all clear what activ ... discuss

Americans by the millions are still tuning in to watch Downton Abbey — now in its fifth season — eager to enjoy the continuation of the saga of the Earl and Countess of Grantham and thei ... discuss

... discuss

Brethren: Peace be with you!Today I'm inclined to share St. Francis of Assisi's prayer in praise of God given to Brother Leo. Please, pray and meditate it. Make it your own!You are holy, Lord, the onl ... discuss

Gloria Dei Lutheran ChurchChicago, ILJanuary 18th, 2014Epiphany 2John 1:43-51The Epiphany Season gives us a chance to delve deep into the revelation of who Jesus Christ really is. This Christmas, we ... discuss

For information on today's feast, besides these Proper Prayers, please click here.INTROIT Behold, the Lord, the Ruler, is come. He has dominion over all, and in His hand is power and might. Ps. 71:2. ... discuss

  Friends, I just had a quick trip to Baltimore where I spoke Wednesday night for the local chapter of Legatus, which, as you may know, is an organization of Catholic business professionals seeki ... discuss

So, what do we find? Consider the hypothetical … Innocence and loss. Snow. Yikes! Where accuracy is king. Your administration, restricting liberty every which way it can. Of income and nation. ... discuss

This reflection is taken from my book, Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day, which is available for purchase at: “In him we live and move and have our being̶ ... discuss

Kathy Schiffer reports about that guy "Touré," scheduled to speak at The University That Pretends To Be Catholic…on the day said University pretends to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. ... discuss

Do you remember this one: “The cosmos is all there ever is, ever was, and ever will be?” (I could not find it exact) This was what Carl Sagan started out his series on the universe with ov ... discuss

The CollectO GOD, who by the leading of a star didst manifest thy only-begotten Son to the Gentiles; Mercifully grant that we, who know thee now by faith, may after this life have the fruition of thy ... discuss

The newest volume of "When Swing Was King" made its debut yesterday at Life Care Center and we're on again today at Immanuel Courtyard as we swing and sway into our regular monthly schedule for 2015. ... discuss

Question: "In the Orthodox Study Bible and in other places online, I've seen a chart comparing the Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox canon of Scripture. My question is from what canon o ... discuss

n the Winter of My Discontent The bitterness of winter has nestled in. It has filled the crevices of my soul in such a way as to render barrenness the only hope and future. Cold emptiness drifts acro ... discuss

  WASHINGTON, D.C. — A new initiative of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign will be announced at a press conference Thursday, Jan. 8 at 1 p.m. in the Murrow Room at the National Press C ... discuss

VIDEO: A 2008 performance of "March of the Kings" ("Marche Des Rois") by Nowell Sing We Clear (Tony Barrand, Fred Breunig, Andy Davis and John Roberts) at Latchis Theater, Brattleboro, Vermont.+  ... discuss

Adoration of the Kings by Gerard de LaresseAlong the way, the wise men encountered many difficulties. Once they reached Jerusalem, they went to the palace of the king, for they thought it ob ... discuss

Joy, health, love and peaceBe all here in this placeBy your leave we will singConcerning our King.Our King is well dressedIn silks of the bestIn ribbons so rareNo King can compare.We have traveled man ... discuss

Grace Lutheran Church, Racine, WIJanuary 4th, 2015Epiphany (Observed)Matthew 2:1-12Grace and peace to you...Today we observe Epiphany, and read from Matthew's Gospel concerning the visit of the Wise M ... discuss

Lot and his two daughters flee the destruction of SodomQuestion: "Why did Lot offer his virgin daughters to the Sodomites? Why wasn't Lot appointed a place with the Sodomites for such a horrible offer ... discuss

“On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, nine ladies dancing ...”The traditional Roman calendar associates this day with the Holy Name of Jesus -- that is, unless on a Sunday that ... discuss

Poem Depot: Aisles of Smiles written and drawn by Douglas FlorianThe Beekeeper's Apprentice: or, On the Segregation of the Queen by Laurie KingThe Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel HawthorneThe Good Friday ... discuss

Another year, another retrospective, and thanks to Wikipedia for refreshing my recollection:January1: Marijuana stores open in Colorado.3: A deadly winter storm hits the northeastern United States.9: ... discuss

A ... discuss

Credit:  www.pinterest.comI had an interesting run in with a Catholic blogger recently. The blogger is Paul Anthony Melanson and he has a blog entitled, "La Salette Journey." He wrote a post crit ... discuss

I've noticed that before a colossal spiritual event in history, a slaughter of innocent children occurs. Satan seems to know something is about to happen and strikes out at the most innocent of G ... discuss

“On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, five gold rings ...”The fifth day's gift of gold rings (or "golden rings" in some versions) refers not to gold jewelry, but to a characteri ... discuss

“You’re beginning something pretty important, and it will be forever.”On this day in 1954, actor Denzel Washington, professional wrestler Lanny Poffo, and magazine editor and morning news anchor ... discuss




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