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Ohio recently made headlines with reports that half the abortion clinics in that state have closed and several others have curtailed services, reducing abortion numbers to the lowest since 1976. “Wh ... discuss

We just ended our second war not too long ago. The Global War on Terror is officially over. I’m sure some Martini glasses clinked in DC when the bureaucrats were finally able to make the long aw ... discuss

by Ken Blackwell, Contributing Author: Speaker John Boehner recently made headlines by joining the growing chorus among conservatives on Capitol Hill calling for a “wind down” of the Export-Import ... discuss

by Kerby Anderson, Contributing Author: A new book by Johnnie Moore reminds us why we should be concerned about the possibility that agents of ISIS will strike America. The title of his book explains ... discuss

by Sarah Torre: Today marks the second anniversary of the conviction of Kermit Gosnell, the late-term abortionist who brutalized women and routinely killed living, breathing infants in his rundown Wes ... discuss

by David Brody: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) says that it’s time to “wind down” the Export-Import Bank.“This is a place the speaker [John Boehner (R-OH)] and I disagree upon,” ... discuss

by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: When I look back at the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s, I marvel at how naïve I was that the passage of major legislation was going to “solve” the ... discuss

TABLE OF CONTENTS: The Libyan Revolution and the Benghazi Affair Begins During the January 25 Revolution in Egypt Hillary Clinton’s Admission to Ordering the Toppling of Muammar Gaddafi The Ro ... discuss

Soup line during the Great Depression prior to Social Security. PREFACE: To Provide Opportunity for All and Compassion Through Altruism One of Tea Party presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s political ... discuss

In the wake of Benjamin Netanyahu’s monumental reelection in Israel, the raw stench of antisemitism wafted from the bowels of Barack Obama’s true character in a manner I never believed possible f ... discuss

Williams shocked NBC neither denies or confirms that Brian Williams was ever an employee. Via Inquisitr While Brian Williams is still on suspension from NBC Nightly News, many have speculated William ... discuss

A group of mothers of very premature babies are speaking up online at Facebook against abortion. While abortion advocates dismiss unborn children int he womb as clumps of cells or tissue blobs, the ph ... discuss

by Paul Jacob, Contributing Author: Where's the outcry among campaign finance "reformers"?Silence.In Wisconsin, laws regulating political speech, along with the clamor for stepped-up "enforcement,"hav ... discuss

by Gary Bauer, Contributing Author: I'm not predicting that Hillary Clinton will lose the Democratic nomination or the White House next year. But if she does, historians may look back and say that thi ... discuss

Thanks Jim…..what a GREAT article! Former FBI Special Agent K. Dee McCown wrote an open letter to Eric Holder. p://"> The letter is going ... discuss

Following the surprise electoral victory of Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu comes the news that a US Senate investigatory committee has launched a probe into the Obama administration's use of taxpayer-fun ... discuss

Links? Ms Warren (is probably not running). Macular degeneration and a possible cause. Bake your own energy bars, with some help. State solvency and some suggestions for the basket case states. (earl ... discuss

Most long-time C-Pol readers (and you'd have to be long-time readers, given my recent posting frequency) know I'm no fan of the Obama administration, but if this story is true in its details, I'll gi ... discuss

By Dr Kevin Fitzpatrick OBE Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition International.Spokesperson/Convener of the Not Dead Yet UK Campaign.  Kevin FitzpatrickBelgium’s leading euthanasia p ... discuss

The following commentary written by a leader of the Ohio Liberty Movement and the Portage County Tea Party was emailed to me over the weekend. Tom Zawistowski is a fervent patriot who wants ... discuss

Supreme Court Tells Kermit Gosnell No: Won’t Overturn Abortionist’s Conviction Kermit Gosnell was the gruesome abortion practitioner who was convicted on multiple counts of first-degree murder ... discuss

China brutally enforces a “one child per family” law, but often we only hear dry, faceless statistics about forced abortion in China. PRI, through on-site investigations in China, puts faces on th ... discuss

"I think it's sickening that you can actually do something like this," Tyronica Tunstall, Jimella's cousin, told the Post-Dispatch. "I hope Jimella wasn't living when the baby was cut out." While Tun ... discuss

Today on Facebook, I posted a quote -- part of a pro-life campaign for the month of March. I just placed the quote for today in my "status" on Facebook. And people from both sides (I have alot of cons ... discuss

Caught on Tape: Planned Parenthood Aids Pimp’s Underage Sex Ring Contact: Colleen O'Boyle, media@liveaction.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript ... discuss

I would like to thank Jake Earl, who created the “John” thought experiment. The probing questions of various people, but most definitively of Earl, helped me to better think things through.   ... discuss

Newsweek has a long article on Lila Rose’s and Katie Stack’s respective undercover trips into abortion clinics and pregnancy centers.  What’s really interesting to me is how Katie Stack (wh ... discuss

Abortion in the UK: a summary (April 2014)Statistics for 2012 (unless stated):Total population of the UK: 63,705,000 Total female population of the UK:32,390,000 1(of whom 26,542,000 are aged 16+)Tot ... discuss

Lila Rose, President of Live Action will be visiting the UnitedKingdom on April 13 and 14.Lila Rose is the president of Live Action, a new media non-profitdedicated to ending abortion and building a c ... discuss

Though not yet covered by the MSM, the internet is abuzz with news and extensive commentary regarding "Operation American Spring" which kicks off May 16th in DC. From conservative sites, news of the o ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - Feb. 6, 2014The Senate reconvened at 9:30 AM today and resumed consideration of S. 1845, the unemployment insurance extension bill. When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ... discuss

Rep McMorris Rodgers meets with mothers of children with Down syndrome.The Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union Address was made by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA). In it, sh ... discuss

Free Malaysia Today: "A City Parish church supervisor has called on the police to speed up their investigations and put an end on the current spate of attacks on churches in Penang. John David said th ... discuss

This surveillance scandal arises out of our national bipartisan unwillingness to face the reality of Islamic jihad. Because we all agree that Islam is a religion of peace, we can't possibly address wh ... discuss

Because who ever heard of Muslims being involved in terrorism? The very idea is preposterous! Why would anyone get the idea that counterterror surveillance was ever needed in Muslim communities? "U.S. ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston Barack Obama is a total hypocrite. His ignoring Hillary Clinton’s criminal failure in Benghazi is typical, but even worse we see his administration going crazy to attack N ... discuss

The Pennsylvania woman who called herself Jihad Jane and ateenage accomplice from Maryland provided very significant assistance to U.S. authorities in several terrorism investigations but still remain ... discuss

Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson (1871-1914)Some of the most worthwhile literature, both fiction and non-fiction, is that which leads us to other worthwhile literature.  I came upon something interesting ... discuss

I hate to be the one to say it; but this is some seriously funny stuff right here. Before, I post the story, here is the picture of the so-called terrorist: Man, if this is the best that Al-Qaeda can ... discuss

You might say that Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, was the mother of the birth control movement and the grandmother of the abortion industry. She would have embraced the first title and ... discuss

You might say that Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, was the mother of the birth control movement and the grandmother of the abortion industry. She would have embraced the first title and ... discuss

Albuquerque is in the midst of an election campaign to ban abortions at 20 weeks in the city.  The election on November 19th is the result of a petition drive that lasted a little over two weeks ... discuss

Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett,  tweeted on Monday, “FACT: Nothing in #ObamaCare forces people out of their health plans. No change is required unless insurance companies ch ... discuss

UPI: More than 7 M To LoseCurrent Heath Insurance Today in Washington, D.C. - Oct 29, 2013 The Senate reconvened at 10 AM today and began consideration of the motion to proceed to S.J. Res. 26, a ... discuss

 the Obama administration passed regulations that guaranteed people would lose their health plans.  As I’ve always said, watch the regs. The mechanism was to eviscerate so-called grandfathering of ... discuss

That was quick. Earlier today NBC Investigative journalists released a report where they claimed the Obama administration knew Americans would lose their insurance due to Obamacare back in 2010. Dr ... discuss

Let me say first upfront: I love Bill Whittle. I think he's absolutely brilliant and one of the most articulate people expressing conservative and libertarian principles. I heartily recommend the many ... discuss

A "government shutdown" is a misnomer of gigantic proportion. In July, U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) released a Congressional Research Service study that makes clear “a ‘government shutdown& ... discuss

Abdirizak Bihi tried to tell us, but no one listened, especially those in the CAIR-associated Obama administration and CAIR-associated members of Congress with closed ears to warnings of Islamic terr ... discuss

by Amy Sobie April 5, 2010 Note: Amy Sobie is the editor of The Post-Abortion Review, a quarterly publication of the Elliot Institute. The organization is a widely respected leader in r ... discuss

Police Militarization, Abuses of Power, and the Road to Impeachmentreposted from the article source: by ... discuss is proof the footage of the alleged chemical attack in Syria was fabricated, Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib, mother superior of St. J ... discuss

RH Reality Check’s Andrea Grimes wrote a piece last week deeming it a “myth” that babies survive abortions: Gosnell was, in fact, a rogue provider, and that there is no evidence of ... discuss

Watch the FEMA video excerpt below: o'manchurian candidate would have you believe that Christians are terrorists and that the Founding Fathers were assassins and terrorists!  It is insane wh ... discuss

On Wednesday, Buzzfeed published a community contribution from Personhood USA which prominently featured Live Action’s undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood. The article, titled “ ... discuss

by AF "Tony" Branco by Don Seymour: Three months after the IRS admitted it had been abusing its power and targeting Americans for their political beliefs, here is some of what the ongoing Congress ... discuss

The time is here… Transcript Time. First stages are unfolding and I’ve found myself with burning eyes from researching online. So far I’ve come up with a list (which I borrowed from ... discuss

I spent my weekend engrossed in this book. The Dead Women of Juarez is a fictional story about a very real ongoing tragedy in Juarez, Mexico.At least 400 women and girls have been raped, tortured ... discuss

My first foray out of my basement and into television was on the show Be The Church on KAZQ in Albuquerque over the last two weeks.  Pastor Mark Mullaney and his sidekick Harvey were great to wo ... discuss

If you follow this blog you've heard about Kermit Gosnell, the PA abortionist who's now serving time for murder. I think most people have the impression that Gosnell is an aberration, and that most ab ... discuss

  Killed by Planned Parenthood, we must demand justice for Tonya by Ryan Bomberger She wasn’t wearing a hoodie, but was killed in the ‘hood…P ... discuss

Albuquerque, New Mexico, is home to the late-term abortion facility, Southwestern Women's Options, which has been featured in undercover investigations by Live Action and Project Defending Life. ... discuss

Live Action's latest undercover video in their series, Inhuman, is from Southwestern Women's Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Dr. Carmen Landau commented about giving a lethal injection ... discuss Exposes America’s Late Term Abortion Industry The infanticide horror show of the Dr Kermit Gosnell trial has brought to light the barbaric realities of late-term (third trimester) ... discuss

I have been repeatedly reminded that the prolificity of my Opinerlog posts has mysteriously diminished over the past several months. No, as yet, I haven't been threatened with an IRS audit. Being a s ... discuss

Tony Perkin's FRC Washington Update: Senator Mike Lee's resolution should have been a no-brainer. Who could possibly object to a non-binding measure condemning the mass murder of newborns? Senate Demo ... discuss

By Tara Shaver Albuquerque, NM — Abortionist Kermit Gosnell is currently awaiting a verdict from the jury for a host of criminal charges and five counts of murder including the murders of ... discuss

        For those of you who haven't heard about Kermit Gosnell and his Pennsylvania "house of horrors", and many of you may not have since most main stream media have ignored the ... discuss

Recent Articles on Church History: Topics: 20130218 Council translated into actions 推行大公會議法令 20130211 Saints built up the Church 聖賢 ... discuss

If anyone wonders why a typically Red State went Blue this last election, this is only one of several investigations throughout the state of voter fraud. The woman in this video, Melowese Richardson, ... discuss

Mary, Exterminatrix of Heresies.  But since Mary is the perfect type of the Church, we can also think of this as an image of the Church defending us with Truth.Some months ago, in this space, we ... discuss

Gun Control is a really hot topic right now and I’m not sure anyone has really thought hard or honestly about the benefits and consequences of gun control.  So, let’s make the hypothetica ... discuss

When Christian students arrive on the campus of a public college or university, they discover it is not the free marketplace of ideas and tolerance as advertised.  Instead, the climate on many cam ... discuss

The Liverpool Pathway is a guideline in the UK that doctors follow to ensure that people who are nearing death receive good pain and symptom management. There have been several studies and many articl ... discuss

The following was published today at National Right to Life News Today.By Dave Andrusko and Paul StarkThe opinions expressed in the prestigious British medical publication The Lancet carry enormous we ... discuss

Even if someone tries to justify abortion by pretending an unborn baby is not a life, how can anyone possibly try to justify leaving a newborn baby who is alive and breathing, to die?   And ... discuss

by Steven Ertelt, Life News: Figures from Statistics Canada, a federal government agency, show 491 babies were born alive following botched abortions during the period from 2000-2009 and left to die ... discuss

Top stories:Savita Halappanavar death tragic but abortion doesn’t save women’s livesThe death of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland is tragic but does not justify allowing abortion, says SPUC. SPUC ... discuss

The disability rights movement in Washington State has released a document entitled: Too little too late: A call to end tolerance of abuse and neglect.Disability Rights Washington are challenging the ... discuss

ARPA Canada: The blog Run with Life has reported that, from 2000 to 2009, 491 babies have been born alive following a failed abortion procedure, and subsequently left to die. And those are only th ... discuss

Following the sad death of Savita Halappanavar and her unborn child in Galway, Ireland's Health Services Executive (HSE) has announced that Professor Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, the head of obstetrics ... discuss

By: Marion Alger Ask Marion Before the Electoral College Electors could even cast their votes to certify the presidential election of 2012, which many are trying to stop through recounts, investigatio ... discuss

November 20, 2012/Topeka, KS -- The Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Lawton Nuss announced late yesterday that the Court has fired Sarah Peterson Herr, the Appeals Court Research Attorney that twe ... discuss

My colleague, Dr. David Prentice was recently published in a scholarly journal, Tissue Science & Engineering.  This journal recently honored pioneers of the adult stem cell research community.  His ... discuss

Further to SPUC's statement and my blog on the sorrowful death of Savita Halappanar and her unborn child, Anthony McCarthy, SPUC's education and publications manager, has written a letter to The Catho ... discuss

From Pro-Life Ireland: The death of Dr Savita Halappanavar last month in University Hospital Galway was a tragedy. It is all the more shocking because essential medical treatment in pregnancy is gu ... discuss

SPUC has responded to claims that Savita Halappanavar’s death was due to a hospital's refusal to abort her unborn child by inducing labour. According to reports, Mrs Halappanavar was 17 weeks’ p ... discuss

London, 14 November 2012: The death of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland is tragic but does not justify allowing abortion, says leading pro-life group the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children ... discuss

November 13, 2012/Operation Rescue/Topeka, KS -- by Cheryl Sullenger On Thursday, the final drama in a long and complex chapter of abortion history will play out in a Kansas courtroom. On the line ... discuss

Philip NitschkeThe following article was written by Byron Kaye and published in Australia's Medical Observer under the title: Nitschke left 'high and dry' without cover.Recently Nitschke, in his newsl ... discuss

Via ARRA News Service Editorial Image by A.F. Branco Global Security Newswire - The Obama administration earlier this year received information indicating preparatory activities being carried out ... discuss

A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House by Steve Emerson and John RossomandoIPT News October 21, 2012 A year-long investigation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has found ... discuss

What DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to say to Piers Morgan last night on CNN would be hilarious if the matter wasn't so serious.Wasserman Schultz insisted that the Obama administration was not ... discuss

Obama already doesn’t answer to the mainstream press — and they’re fine with that which is why they never ask him directly challenging questions, or even simple ones like, “can ... discuss

o'impeach - 51 Facts: Obama Ineligible! + Why Congress Refuses to Investigate. [emphasis and underlining added -- rfh] 51 Bullet-Pointed Facts That Dispute Barack Obama's Identity and ... discuss

Occupy Unmasked Rest in peace, Andrew Breitbart. 1969 - 2012It may be that the o'occupy wall street's 'anti-one percenters' are harassing the wrong 'wall street'. -- rfh E=4> The 50 ... discuss

A Victory for Women’s Health and Safety in Virginia In a decisive victory for women’s health and safety, the Virginia Board of Health voted overwhelmingly on September 14 to uphold commonsense abo ... discuss

Aaron Goldstein writes at American Spectator: In my new article, I reflect on how President Obama brags about having Osama bin Laden killed while being unable to tell us why Osama had nearly 3,000 Ame ... discuss

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat Of all places, the New York Times highlights a new study which notes how abortion (especially multiple abortions) increases a woman’s risk of prete ... discuss

An abortionist in Ghana has been caught on video talking a woman into having sex with him in the middle of her abortion. He has apparently done this thousands of times. A documentary of his arrest an ... discuss

Over at Gatestone Institute, Raymond Ibrahim chronicles July's Muslim atrocities against Christians. Here's the section on forced conversions: Several reports appearing in July indicate that Chris ... discuss

Gianluigi Nuzzi, author of Vatileaks-book "His Holiness. The secret letters from the desk of Pope Benedict XVI"  is interviewed about the alleged plot against the Pope, prison cells and the m ... discuss

Immigration agency’s chief of staff resigns amid misconduct probe – Washington Times. Suzanne Barr, head of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency has resigned  following investigati ... discuss

Stratfor emails reveal secret, widespread TrapWire surveillance system ( 10 August, 2012,  Edited: 11 August, 2012  ( article sour ... discuss

The U.S. bishops’ committee tasked with enforcing church doctrine quietly adopted new procedures for investigating theologians a year ago, apparently unbeknownst to the theologians whose teachings a ... discuss

The U.S. bishops’ committee tasked with enforcing church doctrine quietly adopted new procedures for investigating theologians a year ago, apparently unbeknownst to the theologians whose teachings a ... discuss

The Susan G. Komen Foundation will undergo significant changes following the debacle in which it announced it would eliminate grants to Planned Parenthood, only to buckle under public pressure instiga ... discuss

51 Bullet-Pointed Facts That Dispute Barack Obama's Identity and Eligibility to be President of The USA! By Kevin A. Lehmann on in Politics, article source: ... discuss

Tim Skubick's recent column focused on U.S. Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra's unwillingness to answer a question about his position on funding Planned Parenthood. So after Mr. Hoekstra poised for the ... discuss

Editor’s note: This article is a revised version of one that originally appeared on The Daily Caller. Read the original article here. Despite President Obama’s lectures on “tone” and “ci ... discuss

The tragic death of 24-year old Tonya Reaves from injuries received during an abortion at a Chicago Planned Parenthood clinic underscores the need for federal and state investigations into the abortio ... discuss

The South Dakota Attorney General’s Office has completed its investigation and review into the alleged mistreatment of Vernon Traversie at Rapid City Regional Hospital. According to the investigatio ... discuss (via Baptist Press) The congressman leading an investigation of Planned Parenthood wants it to testify at a Capitol Hill hearing after the post-abortion death of one of its clients and th ... discuss

KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst "Tagespost", the German Catholic newspaper has criticized recent media policy of the Vatican towards "Vatileaks": "If the Vatican lets with the approval of ... discuss

Texas Atty General Greg Abbott Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott: Some partisans use blustery rhetoric against Texas' voter ID law. But when viewed under a courtroom microscope — under oath — ... discuss

Suspenden en Chile a legionario de Cristo SANTIAGO DE CHILE, Chile, July 25, 2012. - A Legionary priest of Irish descent was suspended today for his work in a Chilean school where he is the chapl ... discuss

The tragic death of 24-year old Tonya Reaves from injuries received during an abortion at a Chicago Planned Parenthood clinic underscores the need for federal and state investigations into the abortio ... discuss

The chairman of the U.S. House committee conducting an investigation of Planned Parenthood is now calling for a public hearing in light of the death of Tonya Reaves last week after a second-trimester ... discuss

I was reading with my two teens A Short History of Western Civilization, second Edition, by Harrison and Sullivan: published in 1966 Although there was some expansion of industrial capitalism in the a ... discuss

By: AJ Reuters: Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, left, Representative Michele Bachmann, centre, and Senator John McCain, right. When did we start using Senator John McCain’s “friend” list inste ... discuss

Rob Bluey, Heritage Investigates: Frank VanderSloot grew up a poor kid in rural Idaho. His father made $300 a month. His clothes came from the Salvation Army. Yet through determination and hard work ... discuss

By: Roger Aronoff Accuracy in Media Many in the media are condemning Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and four other congressmen who sent a letter to the State Department Deputy Inspector General, and the ... discuss

Just when you think you have seen* it all when it comes to corruption, Planned Parenthood, the Obama administration & the incestuous relationship between them & other Democratic & pro-abortion groups, ... discuss

The other day in a post I compared the relationship of Planned Parenthood & the Obama administration to the Mafia's relationship with politicians & judges. I couldn't help but think of a line from The ... discuss

The Care Quality Commission in Britain has found 14 abortion clinics on the National Health Service breaking rules and also found "irregularities" at some clinics.According to the Care Quality Commiss ... discuss

First an Indian “gestational carrier” died in childbirth. Now, we learn that a 17-year-old Indian girl is dead after predators in the IVF industry allowed her to be hyper-ovulated for mo ... discuss

The news came out Monday that former  Storm Lake & LeMars IA  Planned Parenthood clinic director Sue Thayer had filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (PPH) fo ... discuss

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat At Jezebel, one anonymous woman who describes herself as “a visible pro-choice advocate and public figure,” explains why she won’t R ... discuss

At Jezebel, one anonymous woman who describes herself as "a visible pro-choice advocate and public figure," explains why she won't "come out" about her abortion and openly wonders if efforts by pro-ch ... discuss

Panorama, un cardinale vicino a Bertone ha un figlio di 30 anni - Panorama A cardinal very close to the Vatican Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone (allegedly) has a thirty year old son. This is ... discuss

                “You’re giving the prolife movement a black eye,” a male senior citizen angrily yelled out his open car ... discuss

When I first read the headline of this story I was hoping I was reading wrong or that it was a parody. Unfortunately I was reading correctly and this was a real news story. Planned Parenthood, the nat ... discuss

Last Monday, June 18th, 2012, Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown (D-West Bloomfield) performed the shocking and undignified Vagina Monologues with leftist feminist and Monologue author Eve Ensle ... discuss

Jay Carney can't remember Brian Terry's name, the American border patrol agent killed with guns from Fast and Furious. Answering a question at today's White House press briefing, Carney says "the fami ... discuss

On Facebook, Diane of Te-Deum bloghref="">this interview between Christiane Amanpour and Sister Joan C ... discuss

On Facebook, Diane of Te-Deum bloghref="">this interview between Christiane Amanpour and Sister Joan C ... discuss

Keine Verleumdung der Piusbruderschaft: Ermittlungen gegen Burger eingestellt / Bedauern statt Freude - Neue Rottweiler Zeitung Online. Nachrichten aus der Region Rottweil. Beginning of the story ... discuss

By: Jeffrey Klein Political Buzz Examiner President Barack Obama was compelled by media and bi-partisan Congressional force majeure to take the podium for a televised White House press conference this ... discuss

A project of Live Action Sign up to see ourinvestigative videos first Gendercide: The systematic killing of girls.When it comes to sex selec ... discuss

Pat Farrell OSFBefore I get started with the main part of this post, I have to explain the title. The city of DBQ was given the nickname of little Rome many many moons ago because of all the Catholic ... discuss

Quotidiano Net Mobile - News The Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, will accompany Benedict XVI to Milan for the World Meeting of Families which kicks off this afternoon and ... discuss

in his Washington Post opinion piece today, Marc Thiessen thoroughly picks apart President Barack Obama's own private equity record and the tremendous cost incurred by the American taxpayers as a resu ... discuss

Welcome to Freedom by Rep. Chris Smith:U.S. Representative Christopher H. Smith of New Jersey, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, and Human Rights of the House Foreign Affairs ... discuss

Peace-loving Misunderstanders of Islam provide Sharia justice in Arab Spring Egypt: Islamo-Christian violence in Minya: life imprisonment for 12 Copts, eight Muslims acquitted: Cairo (AsiaNews/Agencie ... discuss

Is it unusual to see an image like this in Milwaukee County?No.A "Recall Walker" sign is planted in a front yard, along with a Peace sign garden stake.What makes this particular display noteworthy is ... discuss

Machtkampf im Vatikan – Benedikts XVI. Plan diesen zu beenden – Neuer Staatssekretär? › Katholisches Power struggle in the Vatican which Pope Benedict XVI plans to end - New Secretary of St ... discuss

May 21, 2012/Topeka, KS/Operation Rescue -- Just four days after former Kansas prosecutor Phill Kline filed a motion asking for the recusal of two biased State Supreme Court Justices who were slated ... discuss

Efforts continue to reopen Kline’s investigations into non-reporting of child sex abuse by abortion cinics Topeka, KS — Just four days after former Kansas prosecutor Phill Kline filed a mo ... discuss

Pro-Life News - May 16, 2011: Chen Guangcheng Could Get Passport to Visit U.S. in 15 Days >After a second Congressional hearing, during which he called to update members of Congress on the curr ... discuss

I thought this abstract was rather interesting, though I cannot vouch for its validity. It is an abstract of a study examining the relationship between online and offline activism in the abortion righ ... discuss

Is this Kansas City abortion mill breaking the law? There's all kinds of reasons to think so but the authorities refuse to do even the most basic and preliminary of investigations.But doesn't that scr ... discuss

The Josh Tolley show, which I gather is in MN, recently did a show about raw foods and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) going after Moms who help their friends and relations get them.- th ... discuss

There is a saying attributed to St. Gregory of Nyssa, that I used to keep up on my header: “Ideas lead to idols; only wonder leads to knowing.”I wonder about that phrase often, and contin ... discuss

< !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> cCain on Obama's 'Bin Laden Death Victory Lap:' "You Know the Thing About Heroes?  They Don't Brag." Who actually ... discuss

Breitbart’s forensic technician poisoned to death?. Michael Cormier, described as “respected forensic technician” for the LA Coroner’s office died, in his North Hollywood home, of ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - April 27, 2011: The Senate is in recess until Monday, May 7, when it will take up 3 district court nominees Yesterday, the Senate voted 68-31 to pass S. 1925, Democrats’ ... discuss

More Great News:The Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians (CSPCP) have a adopted a position statement on the Quebec Dying with Dignity report. There position is based on the results from the ... discuss

It looks like it may be. At least that is what Planned Parenthood is claiming. PP told the Huffington Post on Monday that a "string of suspicious incidents at Planned Parenthood clinics across th ... discuss

By:  Christopher Goins By:  Pete W ... discuss

An article concerning the Rasouli case that was written by Lisa Priest and published today in the Globe and Mail under the title: Vegetative Patient now able to give 'thumbs up,' fueling debate over l ... discuss

Kerk drong bij chirurgen aan op castratie homo’s :: The Roman Catholic Church in the fifties and sixties urged surgeons to castrate homosexual boys and men. This is evident from statem ... discuss

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm's office and the political hacks at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel appear unprofessional and unethical. Back in December 2011, Dan Bice and the Milwauk ... discuss

This is a very important article. I have been a strong advocate for blogging (obviously) but also the way in which the institutional Church communicates with Its Body. Cardinal Burke speaks to th ... discuss

From: kd Sent: Friday, December 09, 2011 Subject: Dastardly NY Times and Carl Levin 'Most disgraceful episode in media-military relations since Vietnam'...article source: ... discuss

Russia's Interior Ministry says that an investigation into the 2006 murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya will be resolved very soon, as \"some positive changes have been achieved in the investi ... discuss

By Kelleigh Nelson April 6, 2012 THE CULTURE OF DEATH To cure the genocide of real weapons of war in other lands, and yet sustain the medic ... discuss

If only Paul Bucher had become Wisconsin's Attorney General instead of J.B. Van Hollen, so many things would be different. Paul Bucher, former Waukesha County DA, knows how John Doe investigations sho ... discuss

Fr. Cedric Prakash, director of the "Prashant" Center for Human Rights, Justice and Peace, complains of procedural errors in investigations: witnesses not listened to and telephone calls not put on re ... discuss

Le cardinal Danneels "n'a rien à ajouter" - Cardinal Godfried Danneels has nothing to add to the answers he gave to the Commission of Inquiry on sexual abuse was his reaction Wednesday, s ... discuss

U.N. demands reparations for Trayvon article source:   Florida Civil Rights Grou ... discuss

Caught on tape, did he really not know the truth, or was he just too lazy to find out. Or did he know the truth and just out and out lie? While speaking to the White House Forum on Women and the Econo ... discuss

Media Trackers, doing the job the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and other local media fail to do, reveals that at least 43 CURRENT Milwaukee County DA employees signed petitions to recall Governor Scott ... discuss

At least that is what they are trying to claim.When it comes to Planned Parenthood & money, PP has made it clear that they are out to make all the money they can while promoting an immoral lifestyle o ... discuss

Evans Law of Inadequate Paranoia: "No matter how bad you think something is, when you look into it, it's always worse." -- M. Stanton Evans, author "Black Listed by History, The Untold ... discuss

Interview just published in the Austrian newspaper, Der Standard- more to follow.  As if we were crucifying cats.  Martha Heizer: "I have many friends who have now told me that the ... discuss

If anyone still doubts that Planned Parenthood owns Obama as well as Sibelius & others in his administration then this video Obama made for Planned Parenthood should put those doubts to rest:Obama par ... discuss

Some people arrange flowers, and Pharmer arranges videos. Obama forgets that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms. Mammograms are not a money maker, and Planned Parenthood does not offer th ... discuss

Shocking discovery with ‘cannibal’ doctor. Abortionist Krishna Rajanna became legend among abortion opponents, for his disgusting practices and the nasty conditions of his clinic. One of his emplo ... discuss

March 27, 2012/Overland Park, Kansas -- On a tip from a local woman, the Kansas City Star has recovered over 1,000 abortion medical records from 2001-2002 that were illegally dumped in a public recy ... discuss

by Hilary White, Rome Correspondent LONDON, March 26, 2012 ( – While the Daily Telegraph has revealed that many of the UK’s freestanding abortion facilities are breaking the law - ... discuss

Will Obama speak up and stop all of this or will he continue saying that Trayvon Martin looks like a son of his if he had one and will he continue asking for an investigation. Will he immediately spea ... discuss

The Good:Catholic hospital obeys Church teaching on sterilizationsAs the debate over religious freedom in health care continues to rage, a California hospital has voluntarily taken steps to bring itse ... discuss

(NaturalNews) "We told ya so" just doesn't quite cut it anymore. As the American sheeple slept, selfishly refusing to take a stand against tyranny, the Obama administration has been plotting what c ... discuss

The Landmark Legal Foundation is calling for an investigation of the 29 Wisconsin judges who signed petitions for the recall of Governor Scott Walker.Twenty-nine circuit court judges in Wisconsin were ... discuss

By Sarah Ryan Implemented in 1979, China’s One Child Policy does just what its name would suggest: forcibly limit couples to have only one child. The policy was enacted in response to China’s purp ... discuss

So Easy A Caveman ... I Mean A Congressman Can Do It! "I Represent the 57th State of Obama If I can use the site, you can too!" Oversight and Reform : The House Committee on Oversight and Government ... discuss

"In spite of the time difference of about 100 years, the Russian Empire had fallen, and the United States is in the process of fall due to the similar causes:  the negligence and failur ... discuss

< !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%"> Obama Fanatic Threatens to Kill Sheriff Joe  ... discuss

I ended Part I by saying that the “warm, fuzzy feeling” most people associate with love is a good and necessary component for marriage but that it isn’t sufficient cause for marriage.  I ... discuss

Sarah Teather, UK govt ministerTop stories:GMC suspends doctor filmed agreeing to abort foetus because it was baby girl A doctor filmed agreeing to sex-selective abortion has been suspended by t ... discuss

Vegan Vagina has a moral dilemma about undercover operations: So, here is my struggle...I want factory farms to be exposed for their cruelty (not only to animals, but also workers) more than anyone. ... discuss

The office of Governor Rick Perry responds to the Obama Administration announcement that the federal government will defund the Woman's Health Program because Planned Parenthood wouldn't get any of it ... discuss

Two local atheist rappers have decided to make a song about the recent Personhood Act in Oklahoma, which we've been discussing at some length here.I encourage you to watch the video and listen to the ... discuss

There’s video from a local news station at this link, but it’s not embeddable. Basically this 24 year old won the lottery for $1 million, bought a new house, a new car and then kept using ... discuss

Last year, Rep. Cliff Stearns, (R-Fla.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on oversight and investigations, said he was starting what would become a congressional investigation of ... discuss

Click here to view the embedded video. The AP adds: Federal regulators are ramping up their oversight of the Marcellus with dual investigations in the northeastern and southwestern corners of Pennsylv ... discuss

by John Jalsevac Austin, TX, March 1, 2012 ( - The Texas Medical Board has levied fines of $3,000 each against abortionists Alan H. Molson and Robert E. Hanson after investigations fo ... discuss

The Texas Medical Board has levied fines of $3,000 each against two abortion practitioners, Alan H. Molson and Robert E. Hanson, after investigations of their abortion clinics found them to have viola ... discuss

Andrew Brietart Pix Via Wikepedia "How do you save the world, you want to know? Wade into the fire. Don't be afraid to engage in the culture war that we're now waging. And show no fear. I repeat, sh ... discuss

March 1, 2012/Austin, TX/Operation Rescue -- The Texas Medical Board has levied fines of $3,000 each against abortionists Alan H. Molson and Robert E. Hanson after their investigations found them to ... discuss

Contact: Troy Newman, President, 316-841-1700; Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor, 316-516-3034;; both with Operation Rescue/Pro-Life Nation  AUSTIN, Texas, March ... discuss


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