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Barbara Kay:Watching the news with relatives one night, they take in a report about a 50-year old woman, whose two sons had died – one from cancer, one by suicide. Grieving, the woman asked her psyc ... discuss

The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission discussed controversial changes to the oversight of troubled home-schooled children Tuesday in its draft recommendations on mental health. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy crea ... discuss

Text:  Matthew 18:21-35Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.So how many times are you to forgive someone that sins against you?  You know wha ... discuss

19 year old Brendan Tevlin from New Jersey was a "just kill" as were three more from Seattle - Leroy Henderson and a gay couple, Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young. So says their murderer Ali M ... discuss

Pro-Life Congressman, Cory Gardner, has been under attack for his views on abortion and his so-called opposition for birth control. Today, Planned Parenthood released their first television advertisem ... discuss

Oh, this is very interesting… Family Values? Riiiiight. Hell hath no fury like a Palin family visit:  Just when I was about to give up on them, the Gods of gossip came visiting this week, and ... discuss

Imagine if Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, and the rest of your favorite characters from the Peter Pan stories were actually actors in an apocalyptic end-of-time saga between God and Satan. Soun ... discuss

Credit: of us read "Catcher In The Rye" by JD Salinger at some point in our adolescence. I think I was 16 when I read it. It has become a classic American novel. It has m ... discuss

Washington D.C., Sep 3, 2014 / 05:07 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- A poster campaign distributed at 25 colleges and universities in the U.S. and Mexico calls students to question the predominance of 'hookups' ... discuss

Yes, that’s right — ordered to undergo an “Emergency Mental Evaluation” for a fictional novel. In Maryland… The Atlantic reports: From the Dept. of Insane and Dangerous O ... discuss

It was the summer of 2011. We were visiting friends in North Carolina one weekend for a lovely wedding on the beach. Our strong-willed, opinionated and hyper-inquisitive children, a boy and two girls, ... discuss

At that time, Jesus spoke unto His disciplessaying: “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grainof wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remainsalone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. Whoeverlo ... discuss

Taxpayers on Hook for Sex-Selective Abortions Covered through State Insurance FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Dan Wilson Shirley & Banister Public Affairs 703-739-5920/800-536-5920 media@liveaction ... discuss

  The truths not so hidden between the line ... discuss

Illegal immigration! It seems that in this day and age that the border between the United States and Mexico is just a swinging door!  Anyone can just come and go as they please!  If you have ... discuss

SMALL LIFELESS, DEAD CHILDREN Found "Washed Up Along Riverbank" of Rio Grande A Fox News exclusive reported this morning by Jana Winter inexplicably buried the lede. at several dead children have b ... discuss

Clinton Wilcox of Life Training Institute was kind enough to read the semi-final draft of this post and provide a brief but insightful critique. This does not mean that he necessarily endorses any of ... discuss

When an interviewer passes over a child admitting that there was a drill on the day of the Sandy Hook shooting you have to ask yourself why. He completely ignores what the child has said and carries o ... discuss

The Gateway Drug – Eternal Security In the following video Christopher Hitchens offers some compelling reasons for not subscribing to Christianity. When you add in the idea of “eternal security” ... discuss

Obama is checking what the backlash will be if he unilaterally grants amnesty to practically 11 million illegals notwithstanding the popular opposition & the jobless conditions in the USA.&n ... discuss

by Jonathon van Maren Almost two years ago, when North America was shocked by the brutality of the child-massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I wrote a column detailing the actions of many modern ... discuss

by Robert A. Vega May 28, 2014 ( - The cover of TIME magazine released on May 15, depicting a university pennant with the lone word “Rape” on it, marks a new height in pub ... discuss

As I am sure you already know; some deranged nut job named Elliot Rodger opened fire in a neighborhood out in Isla Vista, California near UCSB. Well, the blame game is starting; in fact, one of the ... discuss

Most people could be forgiven for thinking that small businesses can just go to a bank with an idea, and the bank will loan them money. There’s more to the story. Most, if not all banks today lo ... discuss

New York will have 1 million more felons tomorrow than it had yesterday.What happened? Did busloads of criminals arrive from all over the country? There are "only" 2.5 million felons in the entire cou ... discuss

Tony Miano recently wrote an article titled "Abortion Abolition is Not the Gospel". As far as that goes, we agree with Miano: abolition is not the Gospel. We have said the same thing ourselves on num ... discuss

There’s kind of a time warp in Facebook Land. On any given day, this strange phenomenon can cough up posts, videos and memes originally uploaded as long as seven or eight years ago. In Fac ... discuss

by Daniel Horowitz, Madison Project: In a sane world, President Obama and the Democrats would be on the hook for requesting yet another debt ceiling increase after already racking up record high amou ... discuss

How many times have you heard that abortion should be safe and legal? It is one of the most common misconceptions in the abortion debate. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it safe. Last A ... discuss

The “Healing the 21st Century” conference/retreat, to be held February 15, 2014, in Carlsbad, Calif., is a means for those negatively affected by divorce, contraception, abortion, donor conception ... discuss

Our current atmosphere of reproductive anarchy can sometimes come at an unexpected cost. In Kansas, a man donated his sperm so a lesbian couple could have a child. Now, he’s on the hook for child su ... discuss

Our current atmosphere of reproductive anarchy can sometimes come at an unexpected cost. In Kansas, a man donated his sperm so a lesbian couple could have a child. Now, he's on the hook for child supp ... discuss

You’re up on the screaming headlines Thursday: Justin Bieber arrested, caught DUI drag-racing. Now, wipe that smirk off your face. Let’s talk about why we paid attention to him at all. He had a li ... discuss

The father of gunman Adam Lanza has told a Connecticut committee studying the Sandy Hook school massacre that he's willing to turn over some of his son's medical records, the Hartford Courant reported ... discuss

by John Jalsevac Today's blog posts: Slapped with $36,000 fine, judge willing to let abortion clinic pay $77 to get off the hook - John Jansen Department of Health officials attempt to bring in nu ... discuss

Deranged killer Adam Lanza went on a bizarre rant during a phone call to a radio station a year before the Sandy Hook school massacre in what is viewed as a warning that he was about to explode. Origi ... discuss

Students aren’t the only ones taking part in the college hook-up culture. When the country’s literature faculty converge for their annual national Modern Language Association conference, ... discuss

From our archives:Danny Westneat, staff columnist at the Seattle Times, has taken the most honest look yet at what led to the tragedy in Washington State, saying:"Maybe it's therapeutic to blame Arkan ... discuss

Some schools no longer want to serve as polling places since the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. A presidential commission is hearing from election officials who are worr ... discuss

For about two months out of each year, the telephone at Joy Junction, New Mexico’s largest emergency homeless shelter, rings almost off the hook with calls from happy sounding voices offering food, ... discuss

Newtown, Conn., Dec 14, 2013 / 08:58 am (CNA/EWTN News).- One year after the murder of 20 school children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., the local Catholic bishop sa ... discuss

One of the 6-year-olds was so sweet his teacher said he should have come to school wrapped in a bow. Another loved princess tea parties, Justin Bieber, and trips to New York. Still another, who rode h ... discuss

Obama, Merkel, and UrkelOBAMA: In conclusion, I didn't know we spied so that means I'm off the hook, suckas. Obama outta here. ... discuss

Once again, Sunday Mass featured a visiting priest who evidently thinks it's All About Him. Today's narcissism took the form of constantly interrupting the Mass -- even the Canon -- in order to insert ... discuss

 Developments in new technologies occur more and more rapidly each day.  New devices and advancements in the area of communications are astounding. There are many pluses to this, such as f ... discuss

I was once a loyal follower of Michael Voris. At that time I saw the Catholic Church as being in a state of chaos.  It seemed that many Catholics were hardly even aware or caring about the teachi ... discuss

There are just some things children should never see. Unfortunately for those who attend Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton, Ct. they now have not only seen them but will have them burned in the ... discuss

By Sr. Hanna Klaus, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. NARAL Pro-Choice America hosted a fundraiser September 18 entitled “Men for Choice.” The purpose of the event was to make sure that any coital act, which had t ... discuss

“Gosnell’s Babies”: a preview of what promises to be a stomach-turning profile of abortionist and convicted murderer ... discuss

Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: I spent the better part of my life during the Cold War that began at the end of World War Two in 1945 and did not end until the collapse of the Soviet Union in Decemb ... discuss

Miley (ugh!) CyrusI have to say that I was actually somewhat heartened by the response to the vulgar, obscene display by Miley Cyrus at the Video Music Awards a couple of weeks ago. Most people were r ... discuss

Manhunt 2 was an incredible cerebral thriller and one of the best written games I’ve played… it was also perhaps the most violent video game I ever experienced… even after it was cen ... discuss

< !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> UND: wheat; font-color: navy">     Not to be crass about it; butt (pun intended), this sounds like  ... discuss

...So $140 million is the cost of 3.3 miles of light rail in the city of Detroit, which by April was already well on its way to bankruptcy. In fairness, the project will mostly be privately funded. Bu ... discuss

Controversy is stirring over a professing Christian website that provides a venue for married couples to hook up with other partners to find “free love.” The term swinger is defined as  ... discuss

Antoinette Tuff looked at the face of death at the Atlanta school where she is a secretary. The young man was full of hate and without hope. He was also armed with an AK-47 and other weapons. He wante ... discuss

The nice thing is, David Deavel has some good things to say about distributism … in a previous post. However, Deavel’s understanding of distributism stops at about 1927. Specifically, Deavel ... discuss

In the wake of a rising tide of pro-life sentiments and sensibilities in America, the utter bankruptcy of thepro-abortion position is being revealed, especially in its more militant forms. The pro- ... discuss

I love the National Catholic Register, for the most part, but in this case I think the amazingly talented Sue Ellen might've missed the boat…just a tad. Not even a tad: a scintilla, if that.In her a ... discuss

Father Smolinski enters the santuary, followed by Very Rev. Joseph Krusienski, who installed him as Pastor of Saint John’s. (Eugene Kulas / June 22, 2013)Father Henry Smolinski, formerly adminis ... discuss

By Caitlin Bootsma Thank goodness for the sexual revolution, right? Now women can be free—unfettered by the standards of morality and religion—and truly own their own sexuality. This is the underl ... discuss

Okay, the Zimmerman trial is over but the furor continues. See the stories here, here, and here for a taste of whats going on.Our self-styled masters are happily watching while the hoi-poli get their ... discuss

The following conversation took place on a private Facebook wall belonging to "Kim". A faithful brother named Don, who lives in the same area as Frank Turk, got involved and, as you will see, invite ... discuss

Over the weekend, the media was their usual disgraceful, blatantly biased selves regarding Wendy Davis and abortion restrictions in Texas.  Ross Douthat has the list of  questions ABC News a ... discuss

First I would like to start off by wishing everyone a Happy and blessed New Year!  The flu has now passed through my house, and my bronchitis is gone, so I can now get back to work!  So, whe ... discuss

by Jane St. Clair Author of Walk Me to Midnight I wrote “Thirty Logical Reasons to Vote No on Assisted Suicide” when the issue was on the ballot in Washington state.  It’s now on th ... discuss and abortion.html 12/19/2012     President Obama spoke at the inter-faith vigil December 16 following the recent tragic shooting.&nb ... discuss

Below is from is wrong about the center of the Bible part 2. I thought I would log this down as some interesting facts about most all versions of the Protestant Christian Bible. First ... discuss

How many times have you heard that abortion should be safe and legal? It is one of the most common misconceptions in the abortion debate. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it safe. Last A ... discuss

Rolley Haggard has written four articles about what the churches and Christians should do to end abortion.  The following articles appeared in BreakPoint: Excerpts: We Could End Abortion 'O ... discuss

The closing arguments are being made in the grisly murder trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. The case leads us to wonder, how has “reproductive care” come to this – the murder of newborn infan ... discuss

The Blaze: Recent Gun Control Articles at: GUN CONTROL? GE CAPITAL QUIETLY CUTS OFF LENDING TO GUN SHOPSApr. 24, 2013 3:45pm Jason Howerton  ... discuss

Anna Pukas writes at the UK Express what American newspapers are hesitant to admit, in an article entitled, "BARACK OBAMA: THE WEAKEST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY?": INEFFECTUAL, invisible, unable to hon ... discuss

From J.D. Mullane at About the media coverage: Several local news outlets were there, scattered about the mostly empty courtroom. The Philadelphia Inquirer had a reporter there. NBC ... discuss

The most horrific murder trial of the 21st Century involving the defining bioethical issue of our age is going on in Philadelphia, and the media - particularly the left-leaning media - are not coverin ... discuss

...the accused is an abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, and the murders he is charged with are one of his patients and several of the babies who were born alive before being aborted.It's a gruesome story, b ... discuss

It has become trendy for even many conservatives to argue that the government should either get out of the "marriage business" entirely, or else to argue that gay "marriage" won't hurt us, and so we s ... discuss

SermonLent 5Immanuel Lutheran Church, West Plains, MOLuke 20:9-19“Crazy Bad Tenants. Crazy Good Lord.”Preparing for our move overseas, we've sold our home, and for the last few months we ... discuss

Christopher Dorner, (alleged) murderer of three people, wants the world to understand him. He has heroes. Killer Dorner is clearly an avowed Leftist.From his "manifesto":Off the record, I love your ne ... discuss

"What'cha Gonna Do When They Come for You?" (Bob Marley) and  "They're coming to take me away" (Napoleon XIV)  I've heard that Citibank has similar policies.  I asked a Well ... discuss

Parents of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School appeared before a subcommittee of the Connecticut Legislature on Monday to speak about gun control. While some used the platform to promot ... discuss

January 22, 2013 marked the 40th anniversary of perhaps the most egregious death sentence ever handed over by any court in history. The sentence is even more horrible because it was unborn children be ... discuss

Note from the Editor: The views expressed are solely that of the author. This is not an endorsement of the television show Girls. Lena Dunham is an evil genius. I’ve watched her Girls series with a ... discuss

My response“They said we’d never make it. They’ve been trying to put limits on us on you, on me. . .” he says thumping his hands together for emphasis, “on US!”That gorgeous, well-dressed ... discuss

Washington D.C., Jan 23, 2013 / 12:03 am (CNA).- Bishop Stephen Blaire of Stockton, Calif. and leaders of several major Catholic organizations urged a better response to the “crisis” of gu ... discuss

I’m guessing the fools at TWC have no idea what a semi-automatic weapon is. Think about how many action movies, TV shows and video game commercials they just flushed down the toilet. (M ... discuss

The producers at Blackstone Films have turned Barack Obama's 'selectively emotional' speech (if he really cared about the lives of children he wouldn't be so obsessed with abortion) about protecting A ... discuss

On December 14th, twenty-six people died during the Sandy Hook shooting.  We can all agree that we want to make sure something like this never happens again.  The disagreement is over what ... discuss

  From: Garlin Gilchrist II, Civic Action  Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2013 Subject: The NRA has no clothes Are we finally ready to take on the National Rifle Associat ... discuss

PHOTO BY AP PHOTO/BRISTOL HERALD COURIER, EARL NEIKIRKIn a September 2003 photo, Sullivan Co. Sheriff Dept. officer Carolyn Gudger is the school resource officer and is shown outside Sullivan Central ... discuss

PHOTO BY AP PHOTO/BRISTOL HERALD COURIER, EARL NEIKIRKIn a September 2003 photo, Sullivan Co. Sheriff Dept. officer Carolyn Gudger is the school resource officer and is shown outside Sullivan Central ... discuss

In a time and place where it is considered old-fashioned and primitive, Hugh Hefner’s recent engagement tell us something about this special institution we call marriage. Hef (as his friends cal ... discuss

Source: Alright this is the scariest shit I've seen thus far regarding the Sandy H ... discuss

An appropriate time to reflect upon the millions of children murdered by abortion Dear Mr President, Some have questioned the sincerity of the tears you shed when speaking to the press about the terr ... discuss

Less than two weeks after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting left 20 children and six staff members dead, the pastor of the parish where eight of the children were members reflected on the mean ... discuss

CHILDREN OF SANDY HOOK MEETING JESUS   I found this on Friday and wanted to post it but knew weekends are “dead zones” for many blogs. But I am doing it anyway and will post it mid-w ... discuss

Maybe all the conservatives who see neocon FOX News as the be and and end all should reconsider. An honest account of media misinformation after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy has to take i ... discuss

As a parent of two young sons, I'd rather send my chlidren where there is armed security along with strict rules for allowing entry to the premises. If the president's children, celebrity children and ... discuss

How long after release of the news of the tragedy in Newtown did it take the Usual Suspects to start arguing about gun control?  Was it more than thirty-six hours?  Had the names of any o ... discuss

Mom says 'I am Adam Lanza's mother,' details life with terrifying sonArticle source:     In the post-Newtown ... discuss

Would anything have really stopped Adam Lanza, and if so, what? That's the only question we should be asking and answering for ourselves now. I am a parent. Of a grown 20-something young man. Who pla ... discuss

Thank you, Mama Erika, for our logo! :)"I’m co-hosting the Keeping Christ in Christmas Blog Carnival, with Raising (& Teaching) Little Saints, Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families.&n ... discuss

"I’m co-hosting in the Keeping Christ in Christmas Blog Carnival, along with Tina from Truly Rich Mom and Monica from Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families. We'll be sharing different way ... discuss

The innocent little ones of Newtown worshiping at the cribThis email was forwarded to me by a friend. While you are writing your Christmas cards, how about including one for the priests and paris ... discuss

by Susan Michelle Tyrrell As long as I have been working in the pro-life movement, I have been praying for President Obama. Clearly he needs a heart change on the issue of abortion, but what disturbs ... discuss

A ... discuss

It's a horrible thing when someone loses it and it costs innocent people their lives, especially little kids, but when we consider how many innocent children die every year from abortions, this massac ... discuss

... discuss

So a few changes were made around here last month. I canceled my subscription to the Washington Post. One of the reasons I read it everyday was so that I could get a liberal leaning perspective that ... discuss

Via Matt over at Conservative Hideout 2.0:In last night's speech to honor the dead in the Sandy Hook shooting, President Obama quoted the Bible as follows ... Jesus said, "Let the little children c ... discuss

Tim SweetmanAs we wake up this Monday morning, we begin a week where parents will begin burying their six and seven year olds. This should not be so. It is, I think, a grave strike in the face of all ... discuss

"Gun-Free Zone."  Sounds like a safe place?  My kids go to school in one.  I went Christmas shopping in one the other day.  I went to go see a movie at one a few weeks ago.  W ... discuss

"I watched a child fight for his life in his mother's womb. I watched him curl up his body in an attempt to protect himself from the abortion instrument. I watched him attempt to move away and try to ... discuss

I don't have a lot of words to share with you right now.Our children returned home last Saturday after spending almost the whole week at my parents' house.Before they did, news broke out early Saturda ... discuss

As more information and pictures come out about the identities of Friday's massacre, we are left with pieces of the lives of such beautiful children and courageous is so sad to see so many ... discuss

"That innocent blood be not shed in thy land, which the LORD thy God giveth thee for an inheritance, and so blood be upon thee." Deuteronomy 19:10 Congress singing "God Bless America" in the U.S. ... discuss

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo is expressing embarrassment at just how much the press got wrong, yesterday, as they rushed to tell us anything they could about the terrible slaughter at Sandy Ho ... discuss

Yesterday in China, a deranged man with a knife stabbed 22 kindergarten children. Today's crime in Newton, Conneticut is not a copy cat crime, since it occurred before the event in Conneticut, but an ... discuss

Written by Max Lucado today, after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary. Dear Jesus, It's a good thing you were born at night. This world sure seems dark. I have a good eye for silver linings. But t ... discuss

School shootings are what brought about the gun bans in other countries, and this might be the formula that  Obama is following.   Deaths of the youngest kids might be just the ticket for Obama to ... discuss

Horror.From AP:A shooting at a Connecticut elementary school Friday left 27 people dead, including 18 children, an official said.The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation ... discuss

There is great hope for the future with a new breed of young priests like Fr. Montz who are not afraid to confront evil with boldness and charity. It is, in fact, an act of charity to stick out your f ... discuss

The following is Part 6 of an open letter to Colonel Vaughn Doner and a critique of his 2012 book, Christian Jihad: Neo-Fundamentalists and the Polarization of America. Throughout the series, I addre ... discuss

The results of the 2012 elections for the three biggest non-major parties (Libertarian, Green and Constitution) clearly show the LP is strongest of three as of right now. And that’s not just bec ... discuss

Planned Parenthood expands reach with federal sex ed money in Virginia Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia has received government funding that enables it to expand its systematic sexualiz ... discuss

Chris Matthews' comment about being "so glad" Hurricane Sandy hit the week before the presidential election was shockingly insensitive. Even for Matthews, someone who constantly says terribly unfair a ... discuss

By Paul G. Kengor Timing is everything in politics. For four years, I angered conservatives by insisting Barack Obama would get reelected. I figured that an electorate willing to elect a man ... discuss

If you have a Facebook account, you may have had the following experience. Someone “tags” you in a discussion that turns into a controversy and a list of comments from people you have ... discuss

This piece was compiled by Michael, June 7, 2012:The following are 70 facts that Barack Obama does not want you to see....$3.59 - When Barack Obama entered the White House, the average price of a gal ... discuss

OMB Director Jeffrey Zients Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) named Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Jeffrey Zients its October 2012 Porker of the Month for promising to pay th ... discuss

Overnight Fishing Trips Create Treasured Family Memories Family fishing trips create cherished memories, get the kids away from their video games, and give lessons in living, whether kids learn by vis ... discuss

The Forerunners of Christ with Saints and Martyrs (about 1423-24), Fra Angelico, via WikipediaTherefore, another one of those times that turned out to be historical, as far as my own soul is concerned ... discuss

by John-Henry Westen Barack, we’re just not that into you In last-ditch effort to hook-up with female voters, President Barack Obama has released a new campaign ad most women are finding a definite ... discuss

Hat Tip: BB Read more at The Blaze… ... discuss

via Country singer Johnny Lee's 1980 hit not only reached number one on the Billboard charts, but its unforgettable refrain dominated pop culture references for so ... discuss

“Tokyo Authorities Club” can be a four-piece Canadian indie rock band from Newmarket, Ontario. Tokyo , japan Police Club were shaped in 2005 plus they are Sawzag Monks (Vocals as well as B ... discuss

If the vice-presidential debate illustrated anything in spades, it was Democrat Joe Biden's monumental, egotistical rudeness. He was contemptuous of his opponent, interrupted every few seconds when Pa ... discuss

“Tokyo Authorities Club” can be a four-piece Canadian indie rock band from Newmarket, Ontario. Tokyo , japan Police Club were shaped in 2005 plus they are Sawzag Monks (Vocals as well as B ... discuss

  Is that not the sweetest, little face? If you're not sure who this is, and trust me I'd love to claim her if I could, this is my beautiful soon-to-be niece, Isabella Yong Mei.Isabella ... discuss

 Four moms (one of us a grandmama, two of us now Mamas-in-law) of a still growing brood (three of us, anyway) of nearly 40 kids combined (so far), write about topics related to parenting, mothering, ... discuss

Obama and the consensus media would have us believe that the recent violence in the Middle East — that led to the tragic deaths of the US ambassador to Libya and three other Americans — ... discuss

So today I came across an article detailing how tracking chips will be used in a Texas school district to better monitor the whereabouts of the little darlings who should be in class. Here it is: http ... discuss

Book Details:   • Author: Anonymous   • Category: Christian Living   • Publisher: Broadman & Holman (2012)   •  ... discuss

The new Socialist government in France has carried out one of their pre-election promises: full reimbursement of the costs of abortion as part of their national health care system. It is estimated thi ... discuss

It was with some amusement that I read "Will Science Someday Rule Out the Possibility of God?" My amusement turned to dismay. Not because the article is right, but because it has it all wrong, and som ... discuss

[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE yles DefLockedState="false" DefUnhideWhenUsed="true ... discuss

Once upon a time if Cape Codders wanted a grand lobster feast these people merely strolled right down to the the shoreline, waded in as well as plucked all they can carry with the armload. With fact, ... discuss

It was a year ago that Americans learned that Solyndra, a solar panel manufacturer in California that was awarded a $535 million loan guarantee from the Obama administration, was going bankrupt. In ... discuss

Without question, Obama's most notable "accomplishment" of his presidency is the debt he has amassed.Today, the U.S. debt clock hit $16 trillion. Compare that to the end of 2008, just days before Pres ... discuss

All through history there have been the few who have benefitted at the expense of the many and the rich who have benefitted at the expense of the poor. Sometimes the progressive have benefitted at the ... discuss

In the post below, one of the links embedded with in the text takes you to a piece by Leah Libresco, wherein she lets loose a bluebird’s yawp about Hanna Rosin’s celebration of the hook-up ... discuss

Spike Lee is not about to give up filmmaking but – at least for a moment or two – he sounded a bit like an expert on the challenges facing the church as he promoted his new movie “Red Hook [...] ... discuss

The Facebook page known as Pro Choice Oklahoma has attempted a rebuttal to one of our most useful articles, which itself refutes the common pro-abortion argument that "nobody is justified in using a w ... discuss

Imprimis Free Subscription - Imprimis Archives From: Hillsdale College  Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2012 Subject: July/August Imprimis: Economic Lessons from American History July/ ... discuss

Yesterday I began a short series on the holiness of God and the existence of hell. In a day when hell is under attack, I want to show that any question of the existence of hell is not at heart a discu ... discuss

Today, August 13th, is the optional memorial of Sts. Pontian, pope and martyr, and Hippoytus, priest and martyr.St. Pontian (Pontianus) was a victim of the persecution of Alexander Severus, who direct ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - August 1, 2012: The House convened today. Yesterday, the voted on the following bills, HR 3803 failed to pass (220 - 154) two-thirds required — DC Pain-Capable Unborn C ... discuss

There had been some talk among Abortioneers in the past about dating and relationships, and how an anti-choice position would be a dealbreaker among potential mates. n led to the imagining of a pro-ch ... discuss

The last time we studied the Medieval Times, my kids were in the very beginning of Elementary. Those days were so precious. I look back on them and shake my head at how fast these ‘studentsR ... discuss

Weight loss can be something wanted by a lot of, nevertheless reached by few. This occurs not just for with the deficit of total facts but, also due to solutions, products and solutions and courses th ... discuss

The Olympics are finally here! I love watching the Olympics — especially swimming, a sport I used to compete in years and years…and years ago. That is why I really wish that I could unread ... discuss

I have a lot of old cassettes. A lot. They fill a large drawer.Beatles. Dylan. John Michael Talbot. The Traveling Wilburys, Neil Young, Pete Seeger, The Kinks, The Urban Squirrels.And more.I pretty mu ... discuss

A reading list:   "Marx's theory of alienation" "Das Kapital" "The C ... discuss

In 1979 two learners at Battle each other School decided to switch the obsolete Bulletins Table System made use of by the school for area ads. Each college students, Jeff Truscott and John Ellis, with ... discuss

Forgiveness, I’ve found, is not for sissies.  I guess it does come easier to some than others.  My husband is a very easy forgiver.  I am not.  I’ve been known to hold a grudge ... discuss

Obama Administration Calls Pro-Lifers Terrorists Again Once again, the Obama administration has called “terrorists” the majority of Americans who support the pro-life view on abortion. A Janu ... discuss

On 1 and  2 July, a team of SPUC supporters climbed Britain’s three highest peaks – Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike – in order to raise funds for the Glasgow midwives’ appeal ... discuss

Andy Griffith, "Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry," has passed away.From TMZ:Andy Griffith, an icon of TV, has died ... this according to Andy's close friend, former UNC President Bill Friday. Griffith, ... discuss

By: Jeffrey Klein Political Buzz Examiner As President Barack Obama spends most of the week traveling up and down the east coast on endless campaign fund-raising charrettes, the intensity and invasive ... discuss

From Aliens in This World comes the reminder that the government's job is not to be everyone's nanny, via Germany. In her usually pithy language, which is one of the joys of reading that blog...(read ... discuss

related: /FONT> ... discuss

Phyllis Schlafly by Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum: One of the ways to cut the big-spending binge engaged in by the federal government is to terminate the racket of college loans. It’s counterpr ... discuss

Taxpayers on Hook for Sex-Selective Abortions Covered through State Insurance FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Dan Wilson Shirley & Banister Public Affairs 703-739-5920/800-536-5920 media@liveaction ... discuss

Taxpayers on Hook for Sex-Selective Abortions Covered through State Insurance FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Dan Wilson Shirley & Banister Public Affairs 703-739-5920/800-536-5920 media@liveaction ... discuss

Yes, you read that right, canibalism!It seems like Vorarephilia (or vore for short) is becoming the in thing. Vorarephilia is  a sexual fetish & paraphilia where arousal occurs from the ... discuss

In New York democrats are getting ready to appoint a former Black Panther and hater of Jews to fill the slot currently taken by Edolphus Towns.Wana bet the Jews vote for him? New York City counci ... discuss

It will be interesting to see what kind of support this brutha receives from fellow party thugs in the White House and at the DNC. From The Weekly StandardBy Michael Warren New York City councilman Ch ... discuss

Women on Contraceptive Pill Should Pay $1,500 a Year More Tax – Forbes. Forbes contributor Tim Worstall has proposed that women who use birth control pills should be taxed similarly to other ind ... discuss

related: From: Washington Times247  Sent: Thursday, June 07, 2012 Subject: Proof: Obama joined socialist party in 1996 Obama joi ... discuss

What a great idea. As a young male student busy with classes, sports, and glee club, you just don’t have time to figure out who to date any more. The line at the clinic reduces confusion. Conve ... discuss

The top section of today’s LATEXTRA section of the dead-tree edition of the Los Angeles Times, above the fold, features the story of Maria Gomez, an illegal immigrant that has managed to graduat ... discuss

Apathy about abortion is disguised in ways that makes many feel comfortable about not doing a thing about it.  This apathy is often prevalent in those who frankly should know better.  I've h ... discuss

In the sixties the liberal left wing of the Democratic Party taught us that if we’re not getting along with our spouse we should get divorced rather than to suffer or hurt the kids by having the ... discuss

in his Washington Post opinion piece today, Marc Thiessen thoroughly picks apart President Barack Obama's own private equity record and the tremendous cost incurred by the American taxpayers as a resu ... discuss

Conservatives have been programmed to cushion any criticism of big-government policy with the cloying, irritating disclaimer that liberals and Democrats mean well, but their ideas are just not practic ... discuss

As a pastor I feel the burden to "grow the church."  Yes, I know that the pastor doesn't build the church, but I still feel the pressure.  As a result of this burden, I used to find myself g ... discuss

From time to time, I get notes from moms asking questions about "daily operations" in a family like ours. I have many friends with larger families than mine. Many friends who run their homes like wel ... discuss

I want to share something I wrote six years ago I remembered today because so many here and at Facebook responded to the "Forgive Yourself" advice from the Reflections of Motherhood video. I want to ... discuss

This Lent, God took me through a deeper and more remorseful place regarding my treatment of my own mother. For the first time I saw myself as much more the bad guy than she was. No matter the kind o ... discuss

Eric Holder's On The List Today in Washington, D.C. - May 9, 2012: Quick Spotlight: Eric Holder is still Attorney General. It is amazing that his actions and/ or those of his department have not r ... discuss

End the Export-Import Bank Today in Washington, D.C. - May 8, 2012: The Senate reconvened and resumed consideration of the motion to proceed to S. 2343, a bill dealing with federal student loan i ... discuss

Reference prior post: Unions Support Keystone XL Pipeline; Conservatives Oppose Corporate Welfare (Ex-Im Bank) which detailed info and prior articles on the pending legislation to re-authorize the Ex ... discuss

On May 7, 1905, Mrs. Hannah Calhoun died in Peoria, Illinois, from fever and blood poisoning attributed to an abortion.At first, Dr. J. W. Parker and his assistant, Dr. John Peattie, were held in the ... discuss

Alison Meyer, The Foundry: House leaders have reportedly struck a deal to vote on reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank next week despite strident opposition from conservatives. Heritage’s B ... discuss

If you would like market your enterprise on Fb, then decide on really should be creating a page. Learning how to manufacture a Facebook or myspace page for enterprise purposes is a sensible way to com ... discuss

Chen Guangcheng: Obama Admin Abandoned Me, Wants to Leave China Following early reports that the United States and China struck a deal for Chen to reportedly stay in China, the forced abortion oppon ... discuss

Steve Deace asks: Will evangelicals 'lower God's standard' by voting for Mitt? From WorldNetDailyBy Steve Deace  Steve Deace The other day I had a newspaper reporter contact me for my take on ... discuss

A pair of boxer shorts with a very large fish hook protruding from the fly area draws young peoples attention to the ad on the website of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia. It sports the c ... discuss

Phyllis Schlafly and Dr. Bill Smith (ARRA News Service) Discuss Threats To America! Photo by Julie McKinney (NC) by Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum: Increasing public disapproval of Barack Obama is ba ... discuss

Your either someone who takes, or someone who makes. Your someone who is a drain on society because your lazy, or your someone who work's hard and innovates. You either make a negative impact on socie ... discuss

Tithing and saving can be a challenge for anyone with any size household and even with any size income.  I think it’s an American tradition to spend more than you earn, and even with the best ... discuss




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