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This is a story told by Heather, from Tennessee. She describes how the abortionist whistled show tunes as he did her abortion: “I already had two daughters. Neither was planned, and it never, eve ... discuss

Swedish midwife Ellinor Grimmark has decided to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights over Sweden’s hard line on conscientious objection. The Swedish Appeals Court decided earlier this month ... discuss

Praised By Both Jobs Groups And Unions, Alexander Acosta’s ‘Experiences In Both Public Service And The Private Sector Position Him Well To Be An Effective And Pragmatic Leader At The Department ... discuss

We’ve just completed largest and most exciting campaign to date since 40 Days for Life started on the British Isles. Eleven campaigns were organised in total. For the first time, we had four cam ... discuss

“I just think you’re wasting your energy. I know Jesus means a lot to you, but you need to face reality.” Those words are several months old now, and spoken by someone who really th ... discuss

During some recent pro-life outreaches at a couple of local universities, many of the people we would talk to would strongly object to the idea of the unborn being classified as living, distinct, and ... discuss

I was recently asked to speak to elementary students (6-12 years old age) at a Christian school about Life issues. I agreed but was sensitive to the young age of the children I would be addressing. I ... discuss

What motivated you to join the pro-life movement? What continues to motivate you?Knowing that children’s lives are dependent on the work of the pro-life movement gives me great motivation. If it’s ... discuss

Following a national trend, abortion numbers in Massachusetts dropped 11 percent as more babies’ lives were saved from abortion. Newly released data from the Massachusetts Department of Public H ... discuss

A breast cancer awareness organization that focuses on helping young women hired a former Planned Parenthood leader as its CEO this month. Bright Pink, which encourages early detection and prevention ... discuss

“The catechisms are excellent tools to focus like a scope of a rifle. They give us clearer insight into who we are, who God is, how we respond, and how to live life with others. Because of the m ... discuss

“Douthat adapts Pascal’s case to a more secular age by bracketing belief. For the sake of his argument, it doesn’t matter if there’s such a thing as heaven or hell. The benefits of religio ... discuss

In the wake of pro-assisted-suicide films like Me Before You and the media’s applauding of Brittany Maynard’s choice to die, Lifetime’s new euthanasia drama, Mary Kills People, is the latest sho ... discuss

Alex SchadenbergExecutive Director - Euthanasia Prevention CoalitionEzekiel EmmanuelEzekiel Emmanuel, chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania was ... discuss

In moving forward, practical and intentional actions should be considered. The PCA Book of Church Order encourages the elders of our churches to “select and appoint godly men and women” t ... discuss

Oh Blood and water which gushed forth from the heart of Jesus as a font of mercy for us, I trust in You! On this Divine Mercy Sunday the blessing of another article for the book \"A Journey to Heali ... discuss

…The resurrection IS true, which means that Jesus is alive, which means that everything he promised will happen. It’s not a myth, fairy tale, or children’s tale. Christ is risen from the dea ... discuss

. . . Ticking time bombs from Syria to North Daniel Greenfield: Democrats inherit the foreign policy crises of a thousand Republican presidential fathers, but the foreign policy crises inhe ... discuss

Sorry for the gap in between posts. Finals week begins next week so I finished the last of my lecture videos between Tuesday and yesterday. I'm going to try to do both of my finals next week as o ... discuss

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he does not see the U.S. playing a role in helping to stabilize Libya, because the U.S. has enough roles right now. Read Full Storyiv> ... discuss

President Donald Trump said Thursday that he does not see the U.S. playing a role in helping to stabilize Libya, because the U.S. has enough roles right now. ... discuss

I’ve been getting requests to buy my blog from random people on the internet, so I figured it was time to quit ignoring you in here and say something. To be honest, I have been doing my best to ... discuss

The Mexican government has added a “panic button” to its mobile application aimed at helping Mexican migrants in the U.S., while two other applications for immigrants in the U.S. without l ... discuss

(LiveActionNews) — In 2015, Danielle Janofsky learned that she had a cancerous mole. She had it removed and followed up with regular checkups. All was well until during the sixth month of her pr ... discuss

Gary Bauerby Gary Bauer, Contributing Author:  "Trump Can't Swim" -  The left-wing bias of the national media is on full display on the front page of today's Washington Post. Consider this ... discuss

It takes a special kind of arrogance to laugh about your lies helping to force millions of people out of insurance plans that they chose and having many millions more endure massive increases in healt ... discuss

Nestled at the foot of the picturesque Sandia Mountains is the beautiful southwestern city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. While Albuquerque is well known for its annual hot air balloon festival and as th ... discuss

Wow! If you didn’t believe that elections have consequences, the past few weeks should have been able to convince you otherwise. In a nine-day period, the Senate (following House action in February) ... discuss

When Texas adopted health and safety standards designed to protect women from dangerous and substandard conditions and practices in the state’s abortion clinics, the abortion industry immediately ch ... discuss

Lou Ann HerronThose insist that legalization of abortion is necessary to keep our daughters safe might want to speak to Lou Ann Herron's father, Mike Gibb, who silently wept in the courtroom ... discuss

The stress hits hard as I stare at the research paper I’m attempting to write. The research paper that was due yesterday. I stretch my tired muscles and run my fingers through my hair, attempting ... discuss

BOSTON (AP) — Mitch Moreland hit a go-ahead, two-run single in the seventh inning and drove in three runs, helping the Boston Red Sox rally to a 7-5 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday. ... discuss

... discuss

CAIRO (AP) — An Egyptian court on Sunday acquitted Aya Hijazi, a dual U.S.-Egyptian citizen, after nearly three years of detention over accusations related to running a foundation dedicated to helpi ... discuss

“For centuries, the Dutch knew just who they were: mostly blond- or red-haired, blue-eyed, white, straight-talking, Calvinist capitalists who believed in God, family, hard work, and doing the ri ... discuss

Preborn Human Feetby Rebecca Hagelin: “There’s a jar on the shelf with a little baby in it!” the girl nervously whispered.Several of us were gathered around one of the lab stations in our sev ... discuss

Psalm 22:1 is a key verse for the rejection theory. ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken Me?’ (Ps 22:1). What does it mean? Two things. First, context is clear. Look at the parallel verse: ‘wh ... discuss

WASHINGTON (AP) — A man pleaded guilty Wednesday to helping smuggle dozens of people from Pakistan and Afghanistan into the United States by way of dangerous treks through Brazil and Latin America. ... discuss

Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 404, which protects minor girls, increases parental rights and helps victims of sex trafficking, earned final approval in the Indiana Senate today by a vote of 31-10. Author ... discuss

by Star Parker: When President Trump recently met with the Congressional Black Caucus leadership, they presented him with their new report, "We Have A Lot To Lose." It's their assessment on fixing th ... discuss

Hillary Clinton will receive a consolation prize from one of her top supporters, Planned Parenthood, in May. The abortion chain announced Thursday that it chose the failed presidential candidate to re ... discuss

. . . As Secretary fo State Tillerson Heads To Moscowby Robert Romano: The morning right before President Donald Trump ordered the U.S. Navy to bomb the al Shayrat air base on April 6, his one-time ri ... discuss

GREENSBURG, Pa. (AP) — A western Pennsylvania woman will spend up to two years in jail for helping a co-worker threaten youth football officials. ... discuss

by Cliff Kincaid: The mainstream media have not challenged the claim that chemical weapons were used by Syrian and/or Russian forces. Hence, they have been forced to explain how they were used when Ob ... discuss

TRUCKEE, Calif. (AP) — Officials say a bus driver helping at the scene of a car accident in Northern California was struck and killed by a highway patrol car. ... discuss

The celebrity enthusiasm for Planned Parenthood would be inspiring if it wasn’t such a terrible organization. There are thousands of worthy charities that these rich stars could use their money ... discuss

NEW YORK (AP) — The unquenchable thirst for chatter about President Donald Trump has changed the dynamics of a fierce daytime television competition much as it has in late-night TV. ... discuss

But notice that Paul sets this in a very important, broader context. The negative 0task of putting sin to death will not be accomplished in isolation from the positive call of the Gospel to “put o ... discuss

HOUSTON (AP) — Jake Marisnick hit a tying home run off Kelvin Herrera in the ninth inning and Evan Gattis drew a bases-loaded walk from Matt Strahm in the 12th, helping the Houston Astros beat the K ... discuss

This story is worth reading.   Note that I disagree with her on gender and transgender issues that what I mostly would say to her is, “Good grief, what did you expect?  Your side brought this ... discuss

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Todd Fisher considers himself the custodian of Debbie Reynolds' and Carrie Fisher's legacies. He says it's a role he's always played, but now it's helping him process the grief of ... discuss

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The compromise by politicians on North Carolina's "bathroom bill" is helping return collegiate sporting events to the state. But big-city mayors still don't want employees trave ... discuss

How many Protestants today, that is, could (or would) insist upon their own readiness to submit their determinations about Scripture’s meaning to “the judgment of the Church.” Calvin ... discuss

The Canadian province of New Brunswick plans to begin giving abortion drugs to women free of charge through its taxpayer-funded health system. New Brunswick government leaders announced the plans Tues ... discuss

“In You, O Lord, I Take Refuge In you, Yahweh, I take refuge. Never let me be disappointed. Deliver me in your righteousness, and rescue me. Turn your ear to me, and save me. Be to me a rock of ref ... discuss

If we’re friends, then at some point, I’ve probably begun a sentence with the phrase: “I heard on NPR  . . . ” Anyways, I was listening to NPR earlier this month when they ran ... discuss

I did not have very affectionate parents. Products of their own upbringings, I actually never remember them saying they loved me, or showing any signs of outward affection. I am not sure if it was jus ... discuss

“The idea that anything needs fixing inside a transgender person is anathema to big media. Time calls transgender rights “America’s next civil rights frontier.” The New York Times has, in ... discuss

April 5th, is the optional memorial of Saint Vincent Ferrer, the 14th century Dominican priest who was instrumental in helping end the Western Schism or Papal Schism. Throughout her history, the Churc ... discuss

Dear Friends, Should Christians retreat from an increasingly hostile culture into supportive enclaves in order to be “a people set apart,” or should believers instead fearlessly engage the ... discuss

Abortion campaigners and other “women’s groups” have reacted with fury to the news that Life has been awarded a government grant for their work in helping vulnerable pregnant women. ... discuss

Even now I trust. Martha went to meet Him; but Mary sat at home. Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died. But even now I know that whatever you ask of ... discuss

One of the reasons why we sweat over getting the hard sayings of the Bible right is because we believe, like Peter, that they hold the words of eternal life. In many ways, wrestling with these hard sa ... discuss

BOSTON (AP) — David Krejci scored after a poor clearing attempt by Florida goaltender Reto Berra, lifting the Boston Bruins over the Panthers 5-2 Saturday and helping them maintain an edge for a pla ... discuss

One of Six Clustered Victims of Dr. Guy E. BrewerDr. Guy E. BrewerRuby Ford, a 26-year-old homemaker, died on April 1, 1934, 11 days after an abortion committed on March 20 "at the combination bach ... discuss

“Ben Franklin would famously grow skeptical about his father’s faith, but in many ways that faith—and its emphasis on the need for public morality and charity—would continue to mark Frankl ... discuss

  Dr. Dale Klein may be the highest-paid U.S. government employee who literally does nothing while he’s on the clock. A highly rated pain management specialist at the Southeast Missouri John J. ... discuss

Sgt. Don Nelson of the Richmond Police Department in photo posted by the RPD on Facebook.Sgt. ... discuss

The word “swanky” glares off the screen of the Washingtonian’s latest article about Planned Parenthood’s giant new abortion clinic in Washington, D.C. The word conjures images of exces ... discuss

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey's foreign minister says a Turkish banker and a Turkish businessman arrested in the United States for allegedly helping Iran evade U.S. sanctions are the target of a poli ... discuss

LONDON (AP) — The number of players competing in professional tennis events will reduce drastically following a major structural shake-up aimed at helping more competitors earn a living and improvin ... discuss

A massive flooding crisis in Peru prompted leaders of the country’s annual pro-life march to cancel the event Saturday and focus on helping the flood victims. Heavy rains caused massive flooding ... discuss

(image: ) Just in case you missed this critical point amidst appearances by Will Smith, Madonna, the Black- Eyed Peas, and the scores of other celebrities and rock ba ... discuss

I’ve been astonished by people I’ve heard who make an argument from Jeremiah 29:7 like this:They note that that word ‘welfare’ is the Hebrew word shalom, which has a wide possible range of mea ... discuss

Why it’s insane to push Christians out of the public square. ... discuss

Today's readings give us good indication of how we should act and what the signs will be that we are helping to bring to fruition God's plan.  We should bring the water flowing from the temple to ... discuss

“Your repentance should be as public as your sin (not in the sense of parading it, but in the sense of making it evident); and, if at some point you have a public platform of which people outsi ... discuss

Gun-Totin’ Left-Wingersby David Codrea:  “Protesters arrested for using pepper spray on Trump supporters during march,” CBS News reported Saturday. “The violence erupted when the mar ... discuss

If we try to improve our lives by not feeding the poor, caring for the elderly, or helping those in chains, our efforts will come to nothing.  I am not saying that we won't have bit more change i ... discuss

I never thought this would be my story. Now I find myself as part of a sisterhood I never imagined, one no one wants to be a part of. Yet here I am, and there is no going back.  A few weeks ago, I fo ... discuss

Another March 16th. Another would-be year older. Another year of Lily remaining my forever baby. Another year of cherishing her life and mothering her legacy.It's been 7 years of her name being writte ... discuss

I'm taking a break from working on my research paper on childhood stuttering (speech-language pathology students represent!) because, as I was working on the paper, I was hit with two thoughts that se ... discuss

Not too long ago, I organized a large pro-life outreach at California State University San Marcos. The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, a well known pro-life organization, brought its Genocide Awareness ... discuss

On Monday afternoon -- after I wrote the last blog post -- my toothaches (yes, it became plural) were so terrible that I asked to be squeezed in by a local dentist to get checked out in the case of an ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - The Rhyme and Reason Author - Singer - Multimedia Guy No need to go off the grid to enjoy some analog fun Have you seen, heard, or read about people who think they have to go off the ... discuss

Welcome to all new and old visitors. Your anonymity is protected here. We don't go looking for who visits or from where, but it just wrenches our hearts when people find our blog from google searches ... discuss

On 4 March 2017, I will be speaking at a medical conference in Madison, Wisconsin. Below are my speaking notes. I can be contacted at session is entitled ... discuss

Accompanying Video:  Who is God, really?One of my favorite gospel preachers A.W. Tozer said, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”We were b ... discuss

Recently I read about a family that took a stranger into their home. He has no family and is slowly dying with a terminal disease. I admired the family for their kindness and willingness to become inv ... discuss

Ever since Donald Trump came out with the term "fake media" there has been a firestorm of controversy surrounding his using of this term and his treatment of the socialist media.  It is apparent& ... discuss

"There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet tha ... discuss

2/16/17: Updated and cleaned up a bit. This was originally a series, written in 2009. I pulled it all together to have a one-stop post for most-things-Lent. Hope it's helpful -- enjoy!(Intro ... discuss

Although it might surprise you, given that I grew up with a famous apologist father, my parents asked me more questions than they gave me answers. My parents did not want me to believe something simpl ... discuss

I rerun it (almost) every year, in honor of the movie, Bill Murray, and groundhogs everywhere.I wrote this shrinklit about five years ago. Remember Shrinklits? They were witty, succinct little re ... discuss

I’ve been toying with Charlotte Mason for nearly a decade. I’ve “known” about her methods for longer than that. I have never been able to totally put myself in the Charlotte M ... discuss

When I say I am ProLife I mean I oppose abortion, but that is only a start.  I oppose abortion but I am for giving women every help they need to avoid abortion.  I would like to see a day wh ... discuss

A Barna poll finds "Less than 1 percent of senior pastors and discipleship pastors told Barna that “today’s churches are doing very well at discipling new and young believers.” Six in 10 said ... discuss

CreditLast weekend we saw millions of people around the world protesting the Donald Trump presidency, demanding that the voices of all people be heard.  Of course, these are the same people who f ... discuss

"I must repeat the need for a 'new catechumenate' in preparation for marriage....the preparation for marriage should become an integral part of all the sacramental procedure of marriage, as an anti ... discuss

(This piece has been rated "R."  No one under the age of 18 should read this. For those over 18, bear in mind that this piece will describe in detail disturbing events related to sexuality and vi ... discuss

Vatican City, Dec 22, 2016 / 05:44 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In a lengthy, in-depth speech to members of the Roman Curia Thursday, Pope Francis dug into what he said are the key guidelines of his ongoing r ... discuss

Students for Life of Illinois transforms students into life-long pro-life leaders, like Kelly. Kelly Nguyen & SFLI Campus Mentor, Anna Slater at an Aid for Women benefit.      Four years ago, Katie ... discuss

For many years now, donors and charities alike have been conditioned to value (and demand) financial efficiency. And the way we have come to define financial efficiency is by measuring program expense ... discuss

For many years now, donors and charities alike have been conditioned to value (and demand) financial efficiency. And the way we have come to define financial efficiency is by measuring program expense ... discuss

Source: WikipediaIn his interview on EWTN last night Donald Trump criticized Hillary Clinton for her high-level staff members who mocked Catholics and evangelical Christians. “She should apologize. ... discuss

In 2013, my family sold all our stuff in America to embark on a life in The Philippines, the country of my husband's birth. That life was to be  committed to serving children in orphanages who ha ... discuss

My longtime friend, Hleb Yermakou is a Belarusian Christian who serves the Lord as a translator, guide, and advisor with Encouragement International as well as pastoring a congregation in Portugal com ... discuss

By Joe Kral Samuel Adams once famously stated, “Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt. He theref ... discuss

On the eve of the 2016 Presidential election I have thought long and hard about making a public endorsement for president, I have decided to make one. As a lifelong republican I have never voted for a ... discuss

We’ve become quite used to various prochoice groups in Ireland chanting their slogan “repeal the 8th” as if it were a mantra for a new, enlightened time rather than a means to erase the basic ri ... discuss

Image Source: Mark P. Shea, I presume.If you want an example of the damage done to the Catholic Church in America by the surrounding culture’s increasing hyperpartisanship and ideological tribalism, ... discuss

On Friday before the announcement of FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Congress saying he was reinvigorating the investigation into Hillary Clinton, I offered an analysis of the possible outc ... discuss

Lifesitenews has the story of including video of Obianugu Ekeocha of Culture of Life Africa who says: “I beg you to not use the blood of the innocent to pave the path to development. You can never ... discuss

 Assisted Suicide Will be Legal in California Tomorrow, Targeting the Elderly and Disabled  Micaiah Bilger California’s new assisted suicide law takes effect on Thursday, opening the ... discuss

 Protecting unborn babies “helps make the earth a better place for everyone”By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation I have found that some of the ... discuss

Judge Dismisses Bogus Charge Against David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Parenthood ... discuss

There is an African proverb that goes, “Educate a boy and you educate a person; educate a girl and you educate a village.” The proverb could go further: “Educate a seminarian and you educat ... discuss

We All Have DreamsI have yet to meet someone who does not have at least one dream.  Each person carries within him or her a dream (or dreams) of doing something that makes a difference in that pe ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - The Voice of Rhyme and Reason for Life - Content Writer - Singer/Songwriter - Voiceover Artist in Colorado Springs  The first step to building a house is laying the foundation It&# ... discuss

One of the great joys of blogging is receiving feedback from those who read what I write. Every week or two I like to collect some of the letters to the editor that I receive and share them he ... discuss

The times are changing. Sexual morality is undergoing nothing less than a revolution as traditional morality gives way to something radically different. The former morality, based on the Chris ... discuss

In 1990, I was a single, twenty seven year old woman working with Latin American immigrants on Long Island. I was also learning Spanish, and  I thought of going to a Spanish school in Antigua GAf ... discuss

No one has seen as much poverty around the world at close range as Mother Teresa, who was declared a saint by Pope Francis. That is why she is a hero to the social justice movement. But she is ... discuss

EWTN, the Catholic network founded by the late Mother Angelica, played a crucial role in my return to the Catholic Church, as it has in the lives of countless others around the world. There is no dou ... discuss

Jesus' attitude is striking: we do not hear the words of scorn, we do not hear words of condemnation, but only words of love, of mercy, which are an invitation to conversation. "Neither do I condemn y ... discuss

“Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do.Go and learn the meaning of the words,I desire mercy, not sacrifice.I did not come to call the righteous but sinners.”Matthew 9A few we ... discuss

Cardinal - candidates in the US election campaign lacks qualityThe Honduran Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga views the election campaign in the US with much concern. He disagrees especially w ... discuss

"The first to plead his case seems right, until another comes to examine him" (Prov. 18:17).I would not be writing this, except when I made an effort to notify the RedGraceMedia team of some errors ... discuss

Image source: Friday, as I’m sure most of you know, the Vatican Press released Pope Francis’ post-synodal exhortation Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love). Predictably, everyone wh ... discuss

Amoris Laetitia Overview: We Advance Together, the Strong Helping the Weak - Pope - – Worldwide Catholic Network Sharing Faith Resources for those seeking Truth – div> ... discuss

If abortion were criminalized. Would it be called murder? Would it be treated as such? What would happen to post-abortive women? If abortion were criminalized. Why pose such a hypothetical question? ... discuss

And apparently the response in the great debate is, "I'm telling your teacher on you!"From an individual identifying him/herself as an "actual professor" (yes, I sent an e-mail for confirmation) in th ... discuss

Donald Trump gave campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton when she ran for senator of New York.  He is not pro-life, he does not oppose gay marriage, he is disrespectful and uses unnecessarily ... discuss

For those of you with hearts for the poor, the orphan and the abandoned children of the world, we want to share with you  the path of one boy, from street child to sheltered child.You may wonder ... discuss

Almost two years ago, I spent my first morning in a cancer center.  I remember dreading it, I remember thinking that there couldn't be a scarier place to sit, and now, after having spent my eight ... discuss

Time and again we have heard those on the left site their reasons for keeping guns out of the hands of legal citizens of the United States.  Gun violence is at an all-time high, but so is every o ... discuss

Among all those who get involved in discussions about moral issues, killing and violence seem to have, in general, a bad name. How many times have you heard the remark, in refutation of some view, “ ... discuss

Generations for Life is excited to bring you TeenSpeak 2016, Illinois’ largest annual pro-life teen conference! TeenSpeak 2016 will feature Josh Brahm, who has worked in the pro-life movement si ... discuss

I am beginning a new series today entitled “Recognition.”  When bad things happen and I am wronged in some way, I am very quick to take to social media or an email to customer service to ... discuss

This is from one of my church retreats... Prior to knowing Jesus as my Risen Savior, I don’t know if I had a sense, let alone understanding, what could be done through His will, and I really don ... discuss

I'm sure your mail and your email inbox are full of calls to give to charities. Many of these charities and causes they stand for are legitimate and worthy of support. Christians and other refugees ... discuss

The debate over abortion has reignited in the United States in recent weeks, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to hear a challenge to a Texas law that places new regulations upon abortion ... discuss

The Relationship Idol "And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for t ... discuss

Just a week ago, we received a new client at Mercy House.  He's a lovely boy of 11 years. We fed him on the street several times and he was always polite, appreciative and pretty shy. His name is ... discuss

This pro-choice woman set up this campaign, but she isn't too young to remember that the real truth about pro-choice folks is the exact reverse of what she believes is true. She writes about her frien ... discuss

I need to share some straight talk with my blogosphere friends today about a dreamy statement I made many years ago. A statement that copious numbers of Believers and just plain old do-gooders make.&n ... discuss

Super Fun Eagan Senior Portraits ~ Ben V Outing with Ben   Here we are in September in the middle of senior portrait season. This year is a particularly hot and heavy season partially because we ... discuss

This article is my response to Halle Levine's piece at Yahoo news. If I knew my daughter had Down syndrome I would have aborted her; all women should have that right. [if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 ... discuss

6 Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? 7 Is it ... discuss

One for the category of - You just can't make this stuff up! GoFundMe is a "Crowdfunding" (personal fundraising) website where everyday people try to help those in need. A few examples: We The Peo ... discuss

My scoutmaster, Don Powell, passed away today. I re-post this in his honor. Thank you, Don. Thank you for helping so many boys become men.   I spent much of my youth in the Boy Scouts.  Simply p ... discuss

Christina participating in swimming at our local pool. The closing ceremonies of the Special Olympics in Los Angeles was marked by joyful celebration. There is certainly a lot to celebrate since ... discuss

Eagan Senior Portraits Joe Bosshardt Sr Portrait Session I love shooting senior portraits! Why you ask? Well first off, I am been watching many of these young adults that I get to photograph for years ... discuss

Everyone strives to be healthy and one of the ways in which people strive to achieve this is through weight loss. Being overweight or obese has many health problem attributed to it, including heart di ... discuss

Cross posted at Jill Stanek.comby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and KelliA parting note from Susie:I have co-authored the Blog Buzz (formerly called Proliferations) for five years. Ti ... discuss

“Thank you for helping me to become a much more independent person. I have a much better sense of self. I know who I am; I know what I believe. This experience has gone so much more beyond just prov ... discuss

Amy Bjornson Actress Portfolio Photography Session Amy contacted me about 6 months ago to help her work on her acting/model portfolio headshots and assorted images.  She has some great ideas of who s ... discuss

This is too much.  On June 12th, the Washington Post published a self-defeating piece by Jill Filipovic which used the examples of a politician who lost by 26%, a movie that flopped despite inord ... discuss

By Dave Andrusko, National Right to Life News -- The headline reporting on a Gallup poll is accurate as far as it goes but incomplete- "U.S. Support for Euthanasia Hinges on How It's Described: Suppo ... discuss

So, you're adopting from The Philippines. You've waited, been matched, paid fees, waited for documents, waited for clearances and waited a little more for good measure.  And then, all of a sudden ... discuss

Chrissy shopping in our local drugstore. My 13 year old daughter Chrissy with Down syndrome has a support person to help her reshape her behaviors so that she can get along better in everyday situatio ... discuss

If words matter–and you’ll find that I am very quick to contend that they do–then we ought to be careful with the language we speak. For some, this point might seem like something a ... discuss

Christina, age 13, helping make her own lunchThe discussion of pre natal testing and abortion as usual is a very emotional one. I decided to wade in. Here the original post. The blogger at For Elisium ... discuss

Are the Good Friday Improperia, also known as the reproaches, anti-Semitic? They have been controversial, particularly since Vatican II and Nostra Aetate. Some Jewish commentators resent them, saying ... discuss

  DARKNESS It was Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 6:30pm.  Our Everett 40 Days for Life prayer had just started. I crossed the driveway to view the Planned Parenthood parking lot.  ... discuss

Today is World Down syndrome Day. Its purpose is to "raise awareness of what Down syndrome is, what it means to have Down syndrome, and how people with Down syndrome play a vital role in our lives and ... discuss

Is a California Planned Parenthood employee shipping pounds of pot?  That what it sounds like to me.This week a Planned Parenthood in California received a package with their address as the retur ... discuss

Wisdom - Chapter 3But the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and no torment will ever touch them.In the eyes of the foolish they seemed to have died, and their departure was thou ... discuss

A couple of weeks ago, as I was hauling children and carrying out the mundaneness of life, my husband sent a text message. It read, "What are you passionate about? What makes you want to get up in t ... discuss

So I noticed that I So I noticed that I had not posted in a while. In fact I had not posted since before Christmas. There were many reasons. The most obvious was that I just had hip replacement surger ... discuss

Starting today, we’re going to start telling stories and helping to solve problems in Aviation. This is both a personal and professional change for me and I could use your help. You like airplan ... discuss

I recently began working with the Johnson County Hospice. When first asked to apply, I considered some of the ethical and religious underpinnings of hospice care. I didn’t want to get into somethin ... discuss

I went to visit an old friend today. As I made the long drive to his house I started counting up the years and realized I have known him for almost 50 years. To my sadness and regret I have allowed to ... discuss

Most of you readers are aware of the fact that, back in 2006, our family welcomed a child into our home from a disrupted adoption.    I detailed the events surrounding that decision and ... discuss

Ok I know. This is a bit off the wall and a bit out of the way. But I'm helping out a friend here with a new website for her hearing aid business here in Cuenca Ecuador. They are a hardworking family ... discuss

From over at the Margaret Sanger blog a great piece on the valuable niche the Stanek Report now fills:   If You Like Drudge, You Will Love the Stanek ReportA powerful pro-life internet prese ... discuss

I originally posted this in 2005 and have updated it a couple of times. I like to present it every December 7th as the story is as poignant as ever, especially with our troops still in theater in Af ... discuss

A powerful pro-life internet presence has evolved over the years in response to the repulsive pro-abortion news coverage we have come to expect from the left-wing, mainstream media.As we outline below ... discuss

Good morning, blog friends and blogsphere! I have a simple request, well 3 actually. I know this is long but PLEASE read this to the bottom so that you understand what this means to me. One of my dear ... discuss

Many conservatives, Tea Party folks and Christians have mixed feelings about the GOP takeover of the US Senate yesterday. Not that it happened - it's progress in a certain way, and it's great that it' ... discuss

Halloween has become kind of a secular "holiday." Do we know its origin? It comes from a pagan feast of the Celtic people. It was called Samhain, the god of the dead. On October 31 and November 1, ... discuss

A great report from Adam Peters at concerning Senator Mary Landrieu her connections to the incredibly racist Planned Parenthood :  Planned Parenthood is tar ... discuss

I agonized over whether to blog this or not.  I considered the privacy of our family. The confidentiality of my son. The acquaintances who may have elevated our family too much and will be crushe ... discuss

Back in the heyday of the British Empire, a man from one of the colonies addressed a London audience."Please do not do any more good in my country," he said. "We have suffered too much already fro ... discuss

With the new school year right around the corner, we’ve recently heard from a number of students across the country who are looking for help in getting pro-life clubs started at their high schoo ... discuss

By Jane St. Clair A while ago I made a common sense argument that there is ... discuss

After the Newtown school shooting, many celebrities put together a PSA calling for more gun control. Their "Demand a Plan" campaign urges you, the American people, to demand our government do somethin ... discuss

Social and political philosophies have tremendous impact on one's world view. One's role in society (should individuality or community have priority), the belief of the purpose of government (to prote ... discuss

I have a dilemma. It has come unexpectedly although should have been anticipated from the inception of our residential care ministry tostreet children here, in The Philippines.I am a mother. It's my c ... discuss

by John-Henry Westen LONDON, June 11, 2014 ( - Pro-life campaigners have drawn attention to a draft document produced by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales th ... discuss

by Sarah Terzo May 23, 2014 (Live Action News) - In the book Abortion: a Positive Decision, pro-choice author Patricia Launneborg paints a rosy picture of abortion. She quotes a number of abortion cli ... discuss

You can now reach this blog via! Hurray! My deepest most profound thanks to my friend Daniel for helping me with the domain registry. ... discuss

I’m so sorry for disappearing. We’ve had so much going on lately that blogging never quite makes it to the top of my to-do list. Perry has been job hunting, networking, and doing some temp ... discuss

Some well renowned filmmakers are making an appeal to make a film about Kermit Gosnell.You can donate towards the cause here: Kermit Gosnell is ... discuss

Some of the most impressive Catholic resources that I have come across have been published by Ascension Press.The study programs, books and other resources are faith formation materials for Catholic p ... discuss

I feel very strongly that this message is for someone, or maybe many someones out there today. This comes from a YouTube video from the phenomenal Trent Shelton, but I have transferred from video to t ... discuss

I originally posted this in 2005 and have updated it a couple of times. I like to present it every December 7th as the story is as poignant as ever, especially with our troops still in theater in Afgh ... discuss

        "This adoption is irrevocable." With those words the judge pounded his desk and declared to the world that we were now the legal parents of a girl we had taken into our hea ... discuss

I'd like to introduce some changes I think you'll (Hopefully!) like. The first is our change to a new web-site- Newly designed and optimized for mobile. Try it on your smartphone. It actually looks a ... discuss

What went wrong?  Why did we lose in Albuquerque's election to ban late-term abortions after 20 weeks? What went right?     Five months ago when the petition was introduced in Albu ... discuss

Have a few extra hours in your week? Looking for something to do that will add more meaning and purpose to your life? We have many ways to use your unique talents and special skills through voluntee ... discuss




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