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Rebecca Taylor’s latest at the Register focuses on “three parent ivf”, which I’ve talked about many, many times here and an emerging new technique that allows scientists to  ... discuss

DIRECTOR OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Religious Education, FT EmployeeSt. Patrick Church (Brighton, MI)Director of Religious Education Accountability: Reports to the Pastor Supervisory Responsibility: Sup ... discuss

In the United Kingdom, Ellen Brown was asked by her mom, Jenny Dias, and stepdad Tony to act as surrogates so they could have a baby. In 1990, Jenny split from Ellen’s dad and met Tony two years lat ... discuss

 SOURCE HERE Harry Reid lied then and lies now. You cannot trust anything that comes out of the foul, dirty mouth of Harry Reid. He lied about birthright citizenship, when it served his purposes. Cl ... discuss

Here are today’s Kindle deals: Not Just a Soup Kitchen by David Apple ($4.99); Sex, God, and the Single Life by Hafeez Baoku ($4.99); The Complete Spurgeon Sermons on Exodus ($ ... discuss

Today’s Kindle deals: Jesus Unmasked by Todd Friel ($4.49); Beat God to the Punch by Eric Mason ($2.99); Understanding World Religions by George Braswell ($0.99); Ordinary by Tony M ... discuss

A Poster In Israelby Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: President Obama made no secret of his displeasure that Benjamin Netanyahu was reelected to be Israel’s Prime Minister. Only David Ben Gurion, I ... discuss

Summer of Hope (Serendipity Series Book 1) Blurb: After her twin brother’s death, sixteen-year-old Callie shuts down. Forced to go to her family’s summer beach house, she resolves to erase the pai ... discuss

In science fiction movies, it seems like it is easy to edit the genetics of a living organism. In reality, it is very, very difficult. A new technique in genetic engineering is creating quite a b ... discuss

By Wesley Smith - published on his blog on December 27, 2014The Hippocratic Oath is one of the last remaining impediments to the complete deprofessionalization of medicine.Doctors don’t take it much ... discuss

An excellent piece by Beth Daley from the New England Center for Investigative Reporting called \"Overused and Misunderstood\" is a must read. It is about the new non-invasive prenatal screening ... discuss

-My most recent research project was on the FLDS.  I read 8 books about them and watched movies and documentaries.-Now, I'm studying the Civil Rights Movement.  Recently, I watched the serie ... discuss

The bill to ban partial birth abortions in Arkansas passed the house this afternoon by an overwhelming majority vote of 84 to 6. Thank you to these 84 Representatives, Republican and Democrat alike, w ... discuss

Here is the complete tally on the final vote last night in favor of establishing socialized medicine in this country.  RI’s Langevin and Kennedy, of course, both voted with the slim majority. ... discuss

Text:  Mark 11:1-10Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.Over the last several weeks we have been hearing scripture passages that point us forward to the seco ... discuss

(This was a Facebook post that just kept on growing.)   Yes, the heavens declare the glory of God! We can predict the movements of the heavenly bodies down to the day and hour for years to come ... discuss

I am very much a Whovian. I'm actually a fan of many science fiction shows, especially Star Trek. And as a side note, I don't consider Doctor Who to be science fiction. I consider it science fantasy. ... discuss

Here are today’s Kindle deals: Shame Interrupted by Ed Welch (free); The Heresy of Orthodoxy by Andreas Kostenberger ($1.99); New from GLH Publishing is According to Promise by Char ... discuss

Tuesday of Pentecost 10, (August 19, 2014) Holy Cross Lutheran Church Rocklin, California Rev. Todd A. Peperkorn John 11:20–27 TITLE: “Looking to Jesus” Friends and family of Bob, especially Glo ... discuss

I like to keep an eye out for good deals on Kindle books. As an avid reader, and one who is slowly transitioning to electronic books, I find it hard to resist a great deal. These deals tend to ... discuss

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — My daughter was six days old when we found out she has cystic fibrosis. The pulmonologist sent specific instructions asking us to stay away from Google until ou ... discuss

by Martin Fitzgerald June 13, 2014 (MercatorNet) - How dull our lives would be without Richard Dawkins! Like grit in an oyster, the author of The Selfish Gene and The God Delusion and Britain’s ... discuss

The 21st human chromosome is the smallest of all our chromosomes. It contains only a few hundred genes and is only 1% of our total DNA. As most people know, an extra chromosome 21 causes Down Syn ... discuss

A Catholic Sister presented the Church's teaching on same-sex attraction (SSA) at a Catholic High School and received negative feedback for touching on this controversial topic (as was described in th ... discuss

From the always informative Doug Ross Blog:, THAT MAKES SENSE: Nancy Pelosi to Accept Award Named After KKK A ... discuss

It is more than five years since the Vatican's magnificent instruction on human life at its origins, calling all of us to courageously defend human life:Dignitas Personae proclaims human dignity, from ... discuss

A federal committee held two days of hearings this week on a procedure called mitochondrial transfer which is accomplished by mixing the genes of two women with the goal of increasing the birth of hea ... discuss

The early part of the 20th century was a dynamic time in the U.S., and one of the major changes for the country was the introduction of number of eugenics programs.  The goal of these programs wa ... discuss

Can pro-lifers learn something from vegetarians—perhaps a means of swaying public opinion? According to the results of a recent NPR Intelligence Squared Debate, the answer seems to be a resoundi ... discuss

by John-Henry Westen GROVE CITY, PA, February 10, 2005 ( - A study to be published in the March 2005 issue of the journal Human Genetics, and available online now, undermines the comm ... discuss

When a man is willing to sacrifice his own comfort and prestige for a cause, it speaks volumes about his character. Gene Schaerr, an experienced U.S. Supreme Court advocate, left the prestigious law f ... discuss

Deseret News: "Gene Schaerr, hired by the state to help defend Utah's Amendment 3, was accused Wednesday of taking the job 'to impose a certain religious viewpoint,' but Attorney General Sean Reyes sa ... discuss

My “Way of Beauty” Robert Royal, Catholic Thing In the City We Trust Noah J. Toly, Books & Culture There’s a Gene for That Pankaj Mehta, Jacobin Religion as Magic Peter Berger, A ... discuss

The Salt Lake Tribune: "The Utah Attorney General’s Office has hired Gene C. Schaerr to lead a team of attorneys in the state’s defense of its constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriag ... discuss

A small, preliminary study using gene therapy to treat a rare form of blindness is promising and could trigger similar efforts for other causes of vision loss, British doctors say. Original PostingRea ... discuss

NEW YORK CITY, NY --- The Episcopal Church's COO, Bishop Stacy Sauls announced this week that Katharine Jefferts Schori, the church's Presiding Bishop, had "abolished sin" after we ... discuss

Texts:  Isaiah 7:10-17; Matthew 1:18-25Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.Several years ago a movie titled, “Cast Away” was released.  The movie s ... discuss

Razib Khan has a recent post at The Unz Review entitled “Why Inbreeding is Bad“, which links to a shocking Australian case of multigenerational first-degree incest, where many of the child ... discuss

Within educational research, a number of longitudinal studies have demonstrated superior academic, motivational and well-being outcomes for children who had attended child-initiated, play-based pre-sc ... discuss

Call me an alarmist, but a new gene splitting, repairing, and reattaching technique has been developed. Now it is possible to take an early embryo, test one of its cells for genetic disorders, cut out ... discuss

Obama Admin Had Attorneys During Shutdown Push HHS Abortion Mandate The state of politics in the 21st century has led most Americans to expect both sides of the aisle to use the government shutdow ... discuss

One of the changes that was happening in biology at the time this blog was started was the realization that the importance of the gene had been somewhat overemphasized in the previous decades; in addi ... discuss

foundationlife.netQuest Diagnostics Inc on Tuesday became the largest U.S. company to start offering gene-based tests for inherited forms of breast cancer since the U.S. Supreme Court ended Myriad Gen ... discuss

This year scientists announced a major breakthrough and a possible gene therapy for Down Syndrome. In cells taken from a person with Downs, they were able to silence the extra 21st chromosome. Th ... discuss

Gene Sperling, President Barack Obama's top economic adviser, plans to leave in January and will be replaced by Jeffrey Zients, who has twice served as White House acting budget director, a White Hous ... discuss

Women Sell Positive Pregnancy Tests on Craigslist A new kind of ad is making its way to popular advertising web site Craigslist: women selling positive pregnancy tests. The women selling the tests ... discuss

Here are a few new Kindle deals to start the day: Willing to Believe by R.C. Sproul ($3.99); The Gospel-Driven Life by Michael Horton ($3.99); Crossway has their “A Student’ ... discuss

This is big news in the stem cell arena. Scientists from China have reprogrammed adult mouse cells to a pluripotent state with a few chemicals. Previously, researchers used genes inserted into th ... discuss

After what was billed as an amazing breakthrough, a harbinger of hope, researchers at University of Massachusetts managed to 'turn off'' the third copy of the 21st chromosome in a petri dish, many par ... discuss

Two recent news stories signal hope for the treatment of HIV infection with adult stem cells. The first is a story about two men who had stem cell transplants for blood cancers and are now off an ... discuss

“An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.” G.K. ChestertonRecently, the Department of Health (DoH) in the UK released the statistics of t ... discuss

There is growing advocacy among the intelligentsia that denies free will--one of the morally relevant traits in our natures that make us exceptional--claiming instead that our behavior is predete ... discuss

This series started from a lectionary reading last week, Psalm 68. I can't track with David ascribing to God this invitation, Psalm 68:21 Surely God will crush the heads of his enemies, the hairy cro ... discuss

From Executive Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett comes The Bible — an epic 10-part miniseries retelling stories from the Scriptures for a whole new gene… Post Footer automatically generat ... discuss

"Follow the Money" and Follow RomeIn our defense of conscience protections, it often seems that we neglect to point out that medicine which is consistent with Catholic ethics happens to be health care ... discuss

The following ran in the November/December 2012 issue of MCCL News.Jan. 22, 2013, marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, the U.S. Supreme Court decisions that legalized abortion ... discuss

In my opinion, the USCCB's Ethical and Religious Directives, 5th ed (2009) could have done a superior job of incorporating the truth so beautifully explained by the Vatican, in its ... discuss

Today is the last Sunday in our series on Vocation.  The word ‘vocation’ means, ‘calling.’  We have been called by God to be citizens, we have been called to our places of work, and ... discuss

Text:  Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. Now as the c ... discuss

Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;"> For the last two weeks we have been discussing the idea of Vocation.  As you can recall, the word ‘vocation’ means, calling.  Furthermore, we have ... discuss

Scientists from the University of Washington have been able to remove the extra chromosome 21 in cells taken from a person with Down Syndrome. In a gene therapy process that targets only the extr ... discuss

I've been contemplating on writing this post for the longest time now. I had to wait for hubby's go-signal to actually do so. You see, there's something I/we haven't been telling you all.But just now, ... discuss

Text: Romans 13:1-7                               ... discuss

bottom: .0001pt; margin-bottom: 0in;">I have been so very blessed this past year by God.  In fact, did you know that God healed my back this past year?  It is true, I have had some rea ... discuss

Editing video is hard! Since Rebecca Taylor and I had such a good time chatting with each other last month, we decided to try it again (and we’re hoping to make it a regular thing). Introducing ... discuss

Budget Issues Steven T. Dennis reported yesterday at Roll Call Online that, “The Des Moines Register today released a previously off-the-record interview with President Barack Obama in which he gave ... discuss

Following President Obama’s claim Monday that the defense sequester is “not something that I've proposed” and Obama Chief of Staff Jack Lew trying to claim it was the idea of Republicans in ... discuss

The Church warned us if we separated procreation from the physical act of love between a husband and wife, children would become commodities, man-made objects to be ordered from a menu to satisfy ... discuss

Barack Obama’s motorcade passes one of the CBR truth trucks in Madison, Wisconsin. CBR staged a real coup last week by “truthing” both Presidential candidates, Pres. Obama in Wiscons ... discuss

Here I go jumping into the fray. I told myself I would never do it, and here I go. I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked about autism and vaccines, especially vaccines made with cell ... discuss

On enhancing our offspring: \"Biotechnology is one of a suite of new intimate technologies which are well on the way to empowering people to enhance themselves and their progeny by giving them s ... discuss

There is a pervasive misconception that prenatal genetic testing along with abortion \"cures\" or \"treats\" genetic disease. Since a child is not born with a genetic disease, somehow the disease ... discuss

The HHS mandate associated with the Affordable Care Act nullifies the legal protection of Catholic health care providers to practice in a manner consistent with Catholic teaching on medical ... discuss

Epigenetics is a game changer. What is epigenetics? It is a field of study that looks at how and why genes are turned on and off. Scientists are discovering that our genetics are not simply deter ... discuss

Continuing with Bringers of the Light from last time:10. BotL contends:God cannot be used to justify your arguments unless you either a) prove conclusively without a shadow of a doubt that God existsO ... discuss

With a new month are plenty of new Kindle deals. Here are a few worth checking out: Church Planter by Darren Patrick ($3.99), God at Work by Gene Veith ($4.99), Rescuing Ambition by Dave Harvey ($3.99 ... discuss

‘Which one was conceived in rape?’ Business owners who beat back Obamacare punished by city Aging celeb hopes hurricane kills GOP convention goers European court nixes Italy embryo ... discuss

Ladder theology is the idea that mankind ascends to God through his/her own will, emotions and intellect in order to draw closer to God.  Ladder theology accepts the idea that mankind has fallen ... discuss

If you have TCM, check out some of the Gene Kelly movies they're running today to celebrate his 100th birthday. And in case you didn't see it yet, I have a little tribute of my own over here. ... discuss

A while back I introduced Creative Minority readers to gene patents. In the 1980s, the United States Patent and Trademark Office started issuing patents for naturally occurring genes. Since then ... discuss

Gene Weingarten is a humor columnist, and often a very humorous one indeed. However, despite his own expressed desire to have fun with the topic, I found his comments about religion in this weekend's ... discuss

It has been coming for some time, but the top voices in bioethics–by which I mean those who inhabit the top floors of the ivory tower–are almost all blatant eugenicists.  That sure is fro ... discuss

  From: jrp Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2012 Subject: (no subject) This is amazing!!! These pictures were taken during the Southern California fires. It is the last picture that is so awesom ... discuss

Parents everywhere want the best for their children. We spend money on swimming lessons, piano lessons, tutors, private coaches and the latest gadgets so that they will have an edge over the othe ... discuss

Tweet This PostOn Facebook you get to read all sorts of interesting stuff. Peoples’ passions come alive as if they’re standing on a stage and you’re their private audience. It’s their moment ... discuss

After a well-received start at the Rehabilitation Center of Omaha last week, we tweaked the latest volume of "When Swing Was King" a bit for the next day's presentation at Life Care Center. By the tim ... discuss

We don’t know what factors lead to a propensity for homosexuality.  (Frankly, I don’t think any “one” thing, but that’s an unexpert opinion.) But some believe we will di ... discuss

Soon genetic carriers for several genetic conditions will be in the same quandary which those who parent a child with Down syndrome find themselves according to this article in Bioedge.  Par ... discuss

From The Center for Vision and Values, Grove City College By Paul G. Kengor Try to define progressivism. In fact, ask progressives to try to define progressivism. All we really know is ... discuss

More evidence that the fertility industry is engaged in human experimentation.  For years pro-lifers like myself have been screaming that fertility doctors have been experimenting on women a ... discuss

When being gay was having a good time, a dollar was worth a dollar, we felt comfortable, and the future looked good. -- rfh  ( more music nastalgia ) From: jrp Sent: Friday, Ju ... discuss

The following article was an article that I wrote several years ago and it was most recently featured on Gene Edward Veith's blog, "Cranach," and posted to Brothers of John the Steadfast.  The ar ... discuss

Sam and his sister Syndey. As you know, I never ask for funds on this blog, but recently I ran across Sari's situation and my heart was broken. I felt called to do something to help her. &nb ... discuss

Many, including myself, hoped that the priest sex abuse scandals would put a halt to the "queering of the Church" a homosexual goal. But such does not seem to be the case. Here's one example from a f ... discuss

One of the pleasures of childhood was being able to  spend  a week with my grandmas.  Nana lived at the beach, I loved visiting her; mostly because I spent my day at the beach and she j ... discuss

Click here to subscribe to The Social Conservative Review. Dear Friends, As the father of two Boy Scouts, I was grateful for this week’s announcement by the Boy Scouts of America that they woul ... discuss

The Telegraph has an interesting article out about how mating in the future will be based on compatibility of genetic codes. From, “DNA Testing ‘Will Screen Out Lovers’:” Coupl ... discuss

Part 1 is here.Today I'm taking a look at this question:"What did you think high school would look like for your oldest and how that has become a reality?"I'm not sure I had any idea what high school ... discuss

When Christianity Became Cool - Gene Veith: “The 1970s was a time of hippies, free love, psychedelic drugs, and cultural revolution.  But it was also a time of major religious revival, with ... discuss

While the country continues to processes yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling and what it all means, Rebecca Taylor reminds us of another court battle we should keep and eye on: The ACLU and the As ... discuss

While the country breathlessly waits for the Supreme Court to decide on Obamacare, there is another court battle to keep an eye on.  While this battle is not as critical as the one on our he ... discuss

The previous post in this series is here. So, in yet another attempt to account for the fact, discussed previously here and here, that we see no evidence yet of alien life (let alone intelligent alien ... discuss

An abstract of a British paper: The gay gene was first identified in 1993 as a correlation between the genetic marker Xq28 and gay male sexuality. The results of this original study were never repli ... discuss

If you weren't convinced that the Occupy Wall Street folks were up to no good, consider this: They're demonstrating for sexual slavery. Gene Edward Veith explains on his blog. Veith quotes and links ... discuss

On the first day of summer I want to admit that I really don't like summer. In fact, it's my least favorite season. I don't like the hot weather (it can get up to over 128 degrees in my part of L.A. d ... discuss

WASHINGTON, June 18, 2012/Standard Newswire -- The 16,000-member Christian Medical Association (CMA) has filed official comments opposing as "unlawful, unprecedented, unwise and un-American" a U.S. ... discuss

Search and Destroy.  Cleaning the gene pool via abortion.  It is a recurring theme discussed openly in news articles and journals.   Here is the latest ugly installment. New research published in & ... discuss

The Masculine Mandate - Richard Phillips’ excellent The Masculine Mandate, has been marked down to $0.99 in Kindle format. “Beginning in Genesis, Phillips shows that God commissioned ... discuss

Science at Issue in Debate on Morning-After Pill – < --- LOL Pharmer is immensely amused by the NYT Political Science article purporting that Plan B, levonorgestrel (a progestin  ... discuss

Christianity, Unplugged - “In the twenty-first century, being alone and withdrawing mean much more than being the only person in the room. They mea n being unplugged. In our appreciation for the ... discuss

Modern Parables is a Bible study series that uses short films to teach the parables of Jesus. The idea behind it all was to use film to recapture or recreate the kinds of emotions that Jesus ... discuss

Video: Planned Parenthood Encourages Woman to Get Sex-Selection Abortion The investigative pro-life group Live Action, which has released videos exposing the abuses at the Planned Parenthood abort ... discuss

Your Congress, my congress, and our president simply reaffirmed the fact that abortion is not at all a "pro-woman" issue. But we knew that already, didn't we?"The right to choose [to kill my child]" h ... discuss

Big news on the tomato front: They have more genes than human beings! From the NYT story: The tomato, whose genome has just now been decoded, turns out to be one well-endowed vegetable, possessin ... discuss

Aniridia is a genetic condition where those that have the genetic mutation are born without all or part of the iris, the part of the eye that controls how much light enters the eye through the pu ... discuss

The quest for male birth control, other than of the latex kind, has moved a step closer with the discovery of a gene involved in sperm production.  From The Independent story: A contraceptive pill f ... discuss

Poster, Felton, thought the topic of selective abortion & the “gay gene” was worthy of a thread.  Cross posting from my blog: Our Man in Amsterdam Peter Thiel: billionaire, gay, Christian ... discuss

NRCC:  Democrats have seen their ability to win federal elections in Arkansas continuously erode in recent years, and 2012 is shaping up to be the year the state becomes solid red. Marion Ber ... discuss

This article was published by the Charlotte Lozier Institute on May 21, 2012. Link to the article.By Gene Tarne/CLI Senior Advisor As required by law, the Public Health Department of the Oregon Health ... discuss

The Pro-Life Action League and Citizens for a Pro-Life Society are pleased to announce that the next Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally will take place on Friday, June 8, in cities and towns across ... discuss

The early teen years are a time when charming misinformation is passed on from kid to kid with the solemn, easy assurance of time-tested wisdom.  “Schnauzer” is a dirty word in German.&nb ... discuss

For good or bad, until recently, the main source of information (studies, policy, polls, & statistics) about the abortion industry that was out there was that provided by the Guttmac ... discuss

I have to confess that I am a bit disheartened.  I find that my fellow Catholics are having trouble really connecting with the >Church's teaching regarding genetic engineering.  Some ve ... discuss

The central principle of Transhumanism rejects any natural or divine limits and adheres to the technological imperative, a belief that says "What can be done should be done. ~ Dr. Lawrence Terlizzese ... discuss

It's madness time at Catholic colleges and universities around the country and many institutions have filled the graduation cup of celebration with hemlock served from their poisonous podiums. Let's t ... discuss

A Cross of Centuries: Twenty-five Imaginative Tales About the Christ by Michael G. BishopMy rating: 3 of 5 starsI picked this up dirt cheap after Scott Danielson told me that Jesse Willis brought it t ... discuss

More and more I am seeing the assertion that transhumanism and Christianity are not only compatible, but that Christians can and should be transhumanist.  Transhumanists know that to bring a ... discuss

Labor Unions Demand The Pipeline ‘Congressional Democrats Are Joining Republicans In Backing The Project,’‘Would Support A Highway Bill With A Keystone Pipeline Provision’ “President ... discuss

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you know that I despise genetic determinism.  What exactly is genetic determinism?  It is the unfortunate belief that we are no ... discuss

By Kelleigh Nelson April 6, 2012 THE CULTURE OF DEATH To cure the genocide of real weapons of war in other lands, and yet sustain the medic ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten wants us all to know that he’s “fallen in love” with a racist, sexist, female that presents “awkward truths tha ... discuss

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disease caused by mutations in a gene called the CFTR gene. If a person has a mutation in both copies of their CFTR gene (one mutation inherited from their fathe ... discuss

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disease caused by mutations in a gene called the CFTR gene. If a person has a mutation in both copies of their CFTR gene (one mutation inherited from their father, on ... discuss

Donald Driver received his best scores so far on Dancing With the Stars.I can't say if it was his best performance. I wasn't really watching him dance. I was sort of distracted by his costume. My atte ... discuss

Dr. Dianne Irving It has been a decade since Dr. Dianne Irving's article "The Bioethics Mess" appeared in the online publication LifeIssues. Her warnings are more poignant today than when they we ... discuss

Autism Linked to Family Inherited Gene Mutations - ABC News Fathers side role. ... discuss

Jim Mullen by Jim Mullen, Contributing Author: Poor, poor, liberals feel so put upon and unappreciated. Their brilliance seems so clear and real to them and Conservatives are obviously dim-witted cr ... discuss

via As a diabetic, I want to post any new information about cures and control of this deadly disease that took my wife's father's life and my mom's too. Both were on insulin sh ... discuss

“Mock [believers], ridicule them in public, don’t fall for the convention that we’re far too polite to talk about religion,” Richard Dawkins exhorted an estimated 10,000 atheists near the end ... discuss

Thus reads a new meme that is both pro-abortion and usually leftist in its origin and presuppositions. It can be seen on T-shirts, Facebook statuses, tweets, and signs held up at anti-Personhood ralli ... discuss

For 30 years, the U.S. Patent Office has been issuing patents for naturally occurring genes.  About a fourth of our genes are patented by companies who are looking to make a profit off of a ... discuss

Below is my Top 10 List of the most influential books that I have read over the last 10 year.  (FYI: I did not include the Bible or the Lutheran Confessional Writings in the list, for those are ' ... discuss

A patent is allowed if something is a human invention.  Naturally occurring elements and entities should therefore, not be patentable.  And now, the Supreme Court has overturned a lower court case  ... discuss

From J.J. Jackson: “You’ll Never Get the Right Answers from Asking the Wrong Questions” at Liberty Reborn From SARTRE: “Industrial Wind” at BATR From Chuck Baldwin” ... discuss

Young America’s Foundation has released the 2012 update of their popular “Top Conservative Colleges” list.   The organization points out that this is not an exhaustive list of conser ... discuss

I haven't read the following book from Paul Tripp so I cannot affirm it.  However, the video above is phenomenal.  I have often shared with struggling married couples that the life of a ... discuss

The subtitle of my book, A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy, is The Human Cost of the Animal Rights Movement.  Case in point: Airlines are foolishly acceding to PETA’s pressure not to transport m ... discuss

Tracy LatimerTaking Mercy is an edition of the 16 x 9 shown on Global TV in Canada concerning a mother, Annette Corriveau, who wants her children with disabilities to be killed by euthanasia. The show ... discuss

Today I’ve got another batch of books that I didn’t review. Life is such that there are lots of great books that I just cannot find the time to read and many other books I’m simply n ... discuss

I have written before that the two movements that I think are very pernicious are radical environmentalism and ass="serendipity_imageComment_txt">Should we engineer human eyes to be like cat eyes ... discuss

I have revised my piece on genetic determinism slightly for the Creative Minority Report.  There always seems to be a lively discussion over there.  Visit if you haven't read it before ... discuss

I have heard that some of the Christians who addressed the Omaha City Council the other night (testifying against the proposal to grant special protection on the basis of sexual orientation, gender e ... discuss

I love discovering new music. But, perhaps even more, I love new music from my favorite artists. Today, Denton’s Doug Burr drops a new 7″ and digital 4-song EP. Several years ago, when I ... discuss

Wanna' Protect Your Conscience? Then You Need LB 461.A Problem of Priorities?Will the Supreme Court Rid Us of ObamaCare?Sorry, Lady Gaga. There's No Gay Gene. ... discuss

Lady Gaga' song, "Born This Way," accepts (and, of course, accelerates further) the popular myth that a person's sexual orientation is DNA-determined. This myth is responsible, as much as anything, fo ... discuss

Jennifer sent me the following awe-inspiring address delivered by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput at the Cardinal O'Connor Conference on Life January 22, 2012 Washington, D.C.It's mostly about Down synd ... discuss

I just read a blog post by Gene Edward Veith about a new report in the Journal for Medical Ethics titled, "After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?"I had a difficult time believing what I was r ... discuss

On March 2, 1906, Lola Madison, a stenographer from Salt Lake City, Utah, died from an abortion at Passavant Hospital in Chicago. She was 28 years old. In her dying declaration, Lola named notorious a ... discuss

PERSONHOOD LANGUAGE - 2008-2011Dianne N. Irving, M.A., Ph.D. Copyright October 2, 2011 Reproduced with Permission With "personhood" bills and amendments exploding around the world in warp speed, pe ... discuss

Anyone who has wondered how slavery, the Holocaust, human sacrifice, or the killing of newborns in ancient Greece and Rome could have happened, look no further than this article from The Journal of Me ... discuss

A ... discuss

A couple in Texas is suing a sperm bank in New England because their child has cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is a devastating disease that is caused by mutations in the CFTR gene. People with cysti ... discuss

Gene Johnson ... discuss

A couple in Texas is suing a sperm bank in New England because their child has cystic fibrosis.  Cystic fibrosis is a devastating disease that is caused by mutations in the CFTR gene.  ... discuss

Over at Barron’s, Gene Epstein puts together a list of Presidential contenders and assigned them a rating as follows: For my first variable, I took the percentage increase in real consumer spend ... discuss

The transhumanist will always insist that transhumanism is about healing.  It is simply about eliminating suffering and so fear of the transhumanism movement is irrational and unfounded. ... discuss

P.S.  For Netflix members:  Netflix has a (free) 'watch instantly' "Bonhoeffer" video documentary.  You can watch a 9m22s excerpt of the movie on Youtube here: http://www ... discuss

The 3-genetic parent embryo is back in the news.  This time it is Australia that wants to attempt to genetically engineer a human embryo to have 3 genetic parents.  Why would scientists ... discuss

... discuss

Despite His Rhetoric About An ‘All Of The Above Strategy’ For Energy, President Obama Rejected The Keystone XL PipelinePRESIDENT OBAMA: “This country needs an all-out, all-of-the-above strat ... discuss

Six Things President Obama Has Mentioned In Previous State Of The Union Speeches That He Probably Won’t Repeat Tonight A Reference To This Pledge 2009 SPEECH: “Yesterday, I held a fiscal summ ... discuss

Fred Barnes aptly notes that Barack Obama's rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline to bring more Canadian oil to the United States is enormously revealing. Not only did Obama choose to side with the en ... discuss

This week’s topic is frighteningly broad, and leaves me with 2 options: I can pick one aspect and beat it to death or I can skim over everything, trying to cover too much at once and leaving yo ... discuss

This week’s topic is frighteningly broad, and leaves me with 2 options: I can pick one aspect and beat it to death or I can skim over everything, trying to cover too much at once and leaving yo ... discuss

We learn this in a The Hill article which suggests that liberals and leftists will not particularly like the Presidents proposed budget. Fortunately, the Democrat led Senate will never bother to pass ... discuss

Tebow Time - I appreciate Nathan Busenitz’s thoughts about Tim Tebow and all the fuss surrounding him these days. “But as believers, what are we supposed to think about the cultural phenom ... discuss

Reflecting on 2011, I began thinking of the 5 events in biotechnology that were the greatest threats to the sanctity of human life. True to my mission though, I couldn't just talk about what is ... discuss

LifeSiteNews (out of Canada) is a remarkable source of pro-life news, the following being one from the top ten stories of 2011. They have also, simultaneously, published the top ten Culture of Life St ... discuss

Darwin’s theory that we humans gradually evolved from some accidental form of life appearing long, long ago in some prehistoric “soup” is well known and accepted as gospel truth by m ... discuss

Now we have yet another subjective SD GOP purity scorecard (pdf alert) and this time I'm apparently only 50% committed to the principles of life and liberty (that's down from 60% on the ... discuss

From: kd Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 Subject: John Pilger: Obama, The Son of Africa, Claims a Continent's Crown JewelsThis is an interesting piece.  If obama really gave a darn for the United ... discuss

Reports of the blogosphere’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Another year has come and (just about) gone and the blogosphere continues to be an integral means of communication, and this de ... discuss

A metro-area abortion doctor and his office manager are under arrest, accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent Medicaid payments. A spokesperson for Georgia's Attorney Gene ... discuss

The moral conscience of health care providers is under attack.  Increasingly they are being forced to provide medical services that go against their moral beliefs.  Wesley J. Smith has ... discuss

The moral conscience of health care providers is under attack.  Increasingly they are being forced to provide medical services that go against their moral beliefs.  Wesley J. Smith has ... discuss

Susan Tyrrell (who blogs at Bound4Life's "Moral Outcry") is pointing out to the pro-life community that rumors about the Susan G. Komen Foundation deciding to prohibit money given to the nation's lead ... discuss

I have heard countless times that parents that undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) must love their children so very much to go through such an expensive and invasive process to have children. ... discuss

Democrats Support The Keystone XL Pipeline, Dismiss President Obama’s Rejection Threats As ‘A Negotiating Technique’ HOUSE DEM: ‘I Commend The Speaker For Including The Construction Of The ... discuss

The NYT had a front page story today about the price still being paid for eugenic sterilizations, that in North Carolina’s case, extended into the 1970s!  Making NC’s program even more fr ... discuss

Mostly from the HG, with a note or two inserted by yours truly: Friday: met with an endocrine some real answers and (Lord willing), have a real treatment plan that does *not* involve sur ... discuss

Hillary Clinton Secretary of State is lecturing leaders of other countries on how to treat gays declaring “gay rights are human rights”."A memo from the Obama administration directs US government ... discuss

The New York Post recently ran an article with the headline “The end of Down syndrome”. In it, reporter Mayrav Saar tells readers that “a new, simple way to detect Down syndrome in a fetus means ... discuss

Democrats Argue That The Pipeline ‘Cannot Afford Further Delays,’ Say It’s ‘Critical That This Country Move Forward With This Project’ DEMS: ‘Mr. President, America Needs The Keystone ... discuss

Chronic pain is a major problem for many and some pain does not respond to traditional pain medications or some people cannot tolerate the side effects.  The culture of death has their solut ... discuss

Chronic pain is a major problem for many and some pain does not respond to traditional pain medications or some people cannot tolerate the side effects. The culture of death has their solution for tho ... discuss

La primera (y única) vez que hemos hablado en este blog de la conocida marca de refrescos PEPSI fue en agosto de 2010, a propósito de la financiación que esa multinacional da a la agenda gay (cf. " ... discuss

Contact: Gene Strickland, President, Evangelism International, 757-409-0348 CHESAPEAKE, Va., Nov. 28, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Gene Strickland, the head of Evangelism International, recently tra ... discuss

Paul Ezra Rhoades is going to be put to death for the 1987 murders of two people. He was convicted in 1988, 22 years ago. And Rhoades is not the longest serving death row inmate. That “honorR ... discuss

In genetics, being Jewish is not a religious preference but an ethnicity.  Clinical genetics labs won't ask you if you are Christian, Muslim, or Hindu, but they will surely ask you if you ar ... discuss

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat Lynda Williams, another former Gosnell employee has pleaded guilty to third-degree murder: Her victims were Karnamaya Mongar, 41, an abortion patient who ... discuss

Lynda Williams, another former Gosnell employee has pled guilty to third-degree murder. Her victims were Karnamaya Mongar, 41, an abortion patient who died during a November 2009 drug overdose prescr ... discuss




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