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 Supposedly “vegetative” man responds to Hitchcock Thriller  By Dave Andrusko Alfred HitchcockFor those follow NRL News Today, the name Adrian Owen will probably ring a bell. ... discuss

Wednesday of the Twenty-Fourth Week in Ordinary Time(Click here for readings) By BENEDICT AUGUSTINE “When I was a child, I used to talk as a child,think as a child, reason as a child;when I ... discuss

Allegations that Hillary Clinton allies may have tried to shield the former secretary of State in the wake of the Benghazi terror attack are coming to the forefront ahead of the first public hearing ... discuss

 Woman withdraws lawsuit against abortion clinic for “failed” abortion By Dave Andrusko Ariel Knights, who did not want to be photographed, and her Attorney James J. Gutbrod. (Mik ... discuss

Time for Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah to send in the fighters to help stop ISIS! ~ Editor, ARRA News by Claude Salhani: For the terrorist group known as the Islamic State, Syria and Iraq were a good ... discuss

Look at the trauma this one busybody woman caused these children. What happened? The usual. A busybody saw that rarest of sights—a child playing outside without a security detail—and wanted to tea ... discuss

As I stated a few blog posts ago, I've been re-reading the Anne of Green Gables series with my good friend (and rock star editor/only person to have read part of the novel sequel), Kiera. We're c ... discuss

Cameron is a seminary student at the Master’s Seminary in the greater Los Angeles area. He also works at Grace to You, the media ministry of pastor John MacArthur. Cameron has a blog called  ... discuss

South Wind Women’s Center has hired two out-of-state abortionists that hail from two abortion chains with histories of abortion abuses. They join two other abortionists at South Wind who also have t ... discuss

(LiveActionNews) — I generally try to space out my Amanda Marcotte posts better than this, honest. But come on, after seeing this tapestry of sheer madness, how could I pass it by? Opening w ... discuss

NARAL is not happy that crowdfunding website GoFundMe has taken down a woman’s attempt to crowdfund her abortion and is prohibiting future attempts for people to use its service to raise money t ... discuss

Americans remember the shocking story of Ariel Castro. The Cleveland kidnapper not only subjected women to sexual slavery in his home for years, but he assaulted them to the point of causing abortions ... discuss

Gengis Kan by John Nantz, Townhall:“One day in the pavilion at Karakorum he [Genghis Kahn] asked an officer of the Mongol guard what, in all the world, could bring the greatest happiness.‘The open ... discuss

In January 2013, a little girl named Isabella Hope was born in Pensacola, Florida. Hope was born six weeks premature and delivered by caesarean section. She spent 23 days in the Neonatal Intensive Car ... discuss

People in this tour group of parents and prospective students were trying not to look at the GAP display, but eventually, they couldn’t help but see. (Click to enlarge.) by Mick Hunt Fall is com ... discuss

Wednesday of the Twenty-Third Week in Ordinary Time(Click here for readings)By Benedict Augustine“Rejoice and leap for joy on that day!Behold, your reward will be great in heaven.”Without ... discuss

I had a coerced abortion. Dave Reardon of the Elliot Institute speaks of women feeling aborted before they ever walk into a clinic. I know I felt that way.  My family the people I thought loved ... discuss

 “Forget me not”…please?  By Dave Andrusko Today was a special occasion for us: Emma, our first grandchild, was off to preschool for the very first time. Lisa and I accompan ... discuss

After hearing the sentence — which by the way I think is a little light — I got curious and looked up the cost of an abortion. According to Planned Parenthood, it costs about $300 to $950 to termi ... discuss

Just recently I encountered a piece by Daniel Pipes in which he took a somewhat dismissive attitude toward the ISIS / ISIL phenomenon as another of those groups that often appear in the Middle East, b ... discuss

On Monday Kansas Judge Patrick Thompson sentenced Desirah N. Overturf to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years in connection with the death by starvation of her three-month-old son. Ove ... discuss

. . . Not that we'd expect one from this bunch.What 'stinkin' strategy? by Herman Cain: The Obama administration and the Democrats are still trying to "walk back" the president’s statement that "we ... discuss

Never, never will we desist till we … extinguish every trace of this bloody traffic, of which our posterity, looking back to the history of these enlightened times will scarce believe that it ha ... discuss

Lucretia enrolled in the Eclectic's first term in 1850.  She planned to become a teacher.  Lucretia sang in the glee club and helped start a group called the Ladies' Literary Society.For the ... discuss

In the spring of 2014, the conservative firebrand, Steve Deace, published a book entitled Rules for Patriots. Deace is a take no prisoners kind of guy. He is well-known in the conservative circuit, b ... discuss

Did you know Assyria was the world's first empire?It was located in what is today Syria and Iraq.It was mentioned by name in the Book of Genesis, chapter 1, verse 14:"And the name of the third rive ... discuss

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Sep 5, 2014 / 09:04 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- A religious sister from Texas who has been serving the people of Papua New Guinea since 1986 will soon complete a website to ra ... discuss

by Charles Schott, eGOP News: Some pundits have speculated about whether former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg might be interested in running for President in 2016? It is hard to assess the likeliho ... discuss

Boston, Mass., Sep 5, 2014 / 04:17 pm (CNA).- A new website launched by the Boston Globe seeks to have a wide appeal in covering “all things Catholic,” focusing on reporting about the Chur ... discuss

In my three years at Cardinal Ritter High School, I was able to work with a lot of amazing young people!  I walked away from Ritter most days being completely inspired by the perseverance, holine ... discuss

A pro-life group will honor Meriam Ibrahim, a Christian woman whose faith resulted in a Sudanese court almost putting her to death. The young woman was condemned to be executed while she was pregnant ... discuss

This is a long and thoughtful read, not just about Ferguson, but about poverty, racism, the court system, the financial incentives courts and police have for adding charge after charge, fine after fin ... discuss

Via Hot Air: [...] On Thursday morning, White House Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken said that the Obama administration is seeking to combat the Islamic State threat, as it executes one ... discuss

YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE RISING COST OF LIVING, SO LONG AS YOU DON’T EAT Yes indeed, America’s golfer-in-chief has recently left his cycling & fund-raising vacation at his Martha’s Vi ... discuss

by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: Younger generations can be forgiven if all they know of war is what they have learned in school or seen dramatized on film and television. For most Americans, t ... discuss

Pentecost 12, Proper 17a, (August 31, 2014) Holy Cross Lutheran Church Rev. Todd A. Peperkorn (Matthew 16:21–28) Suff ... discuss

It was the summer of 2011. We were visiting friends in North Carolina one weekend for a lovely wedding on the beach. Our strong-willed, opinionated and hyper-inquisitive children, a boy and two girls, ... discuss

Earlier this summer, Emily Letts made national news after she filmed her own abortion and posted the video on YouTube. Hailed as “brave,” “pioneering,” and “trailblazing,” by the pro-abor ... discuss

It was the summer of 2011. We were visiting friends in North Carolina one weekend for a lovely wedding on the beach. Our strong-willed, opinionated and hyper-inquisitive children, a boy and two girls, ... discuss

As August comes to a close, my posts about August 2009 also come to a close. It has been good for me to look back on all God has done...On this date five years ago, August 31st, 2009, I had an appoint ... discuss

1 September, Old Testament Joshua, the son of Nun, was first mentioned in Exodus 17:8-16. The Lord chose him through Moses to fight the Amalakites, whom he defeated in a brilliant military victory. Ac ... discuss

Mental hospital where Dora livedMy wife, LaRee, never knew her maternal grandmother: Her name was Dora and she suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. Dora was institutionalized in a mental ho ... discuss

by Newt Gingrich: Instead of criticizing President Barack Obama's lack of an effective national security policy as the terrorist threat of the Islamic State grows in Syria and Iraq, it might be help ... discuss

  Embryonic stem cell research: Setting the record straight   Laura Peredo   shareWith ... discuss

  Texas pro-life law faces setback in ongoing legal battle  Becky Yeh  shareIn a sweeping, ... discuss

John Bunyan had very little schooling. He followed his father in the tinker's trade, and he served in the parliamentary army from1644 to 1647. Bunyan married in 1649 and lived in Elstow until 1655, wh ... discuss

 Planned Parenthood Raising Money for Big Push in Fall Elections By Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., NRL Director of Education & Research Wendy Davis and Planned Parenthood president ... discuss

By Patrick J. BuchananSen. Rand Paul raises an interesting question:When has Hillary Clinton ever been right on foreign policy?The valkyrie of the Democratic Party says she urged President Obama to d ... discuss

The saint of the day is St. Jeanne Jugan (1792 – 1879) , also known as Sister Mary of the Cross. During the 19th century, she founded the Little Sisters of the Poor with the goal of imitating Christ ... discuss

Toon by William Warren Within a month, we’ll mark one year since the highly-touted federal Obamacare website opening, which quickly became a debacle. Later this fall, a new open enrollment period w ... discuss

also known as Ruan, Ronan, and Ruadan, was a brother of Tudwal of Treguier.Tradition says he was educated in Britain - probably Wales - but that he later accompanied St. Breaca on her return from Irel ... discuss

Wendy Davis and Planned Parenthood president Cecile RichardsFaced with clinic closings and legislative defeats, Planned Parenthood’s political arm (Planned Parenthood Action Fund) is in the process ... discuss

Faced with clinic closings and legislative defeats, Planned Parenthood’s political arm (Planned Parenthood Action Fund) is in the process of spending $16 million in this fall’s races. To gin up co ... discuss

by Phil Kerpen, Contributing Author: I recently published two stories about outspoken, committed socialists: one, an active member of the Industrial Workers of the World running for U.S. Senate and t ... discuss

In January, Rosdeep Adekoya beat her 3-year-old son to death and then buried his body in the woods.   Now, the citizens of Edinburgh are upset because Adekoya was not tried for murder. Instead, she ... discuss

By BASHIR ADIGUN ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Nigerian Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu says two more Ebola cases exist in the countr ... discuss

Mark Litke hyped the “population explosion – what some are calling a crisis” in the Philippines on Sunday’s PBS NewsHour Weekend, and played up how poor “families in AsiaR ... discuss

Today the Church remembers the "restless heart" named Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis, aka Augustine, a Roman citizen of north Africa, or what is now modern-day Algeria, who eventually was made Bishop ... discuss

Folks around Midlothian, Texas are raising a ruckus after the school district boarded up a pair of dedication plaques at two local elementary schools. “Because of the plaque’s questionable consti ... discuss

Aurelius Augustinus, Augustine of Hippo, or Saint Augustine (November 13, 354 – August 28, 430) was one of the most important figures in the development of Western Christianity, there considered to ... discuss

A judge is keeping charges in place for an Indiana woman who allegedly took abortion pills to give herself a late-term abortion. Purvi Patel was arrested last July after she took abortion pills to end ... discuss

Dr. Bill Smith, Editor:  Get your favorite refreshment and digest read this "meat and potatoes" digest by Nelson Heltberg.  It is indeed time for the establishment of a "Proper Foreign Polic ... discuss

Today, August 27, is the feast of St. Monica, patron saint of mothers and married women. She is a saint I admire so much for her tenacity, patience, and perseverance in prayer for the conversion of he ... discuss

A new investigation has been launched into the health of 17 teenagers born in the United States under a now-banned practice of creating three-parent embryos. The teens were born under a controversial ... discuss

This article was written by Paul Russell, the director of HOPE Australia, and published on August 26, on the HOPE Australia blog.Paul RussellBy Paul RussellThe recent news of the suspension of Philip ... discuss

James Madison warned in Federalist 58 that, beyond certain sensible limits, the larger the assembly of lawmakers, the more passion would rule over reason, and a small group of oligarchs would be the r ... discuss

This article is taken from the website of The Saturday Paper and was first published under the title of ‘Living with Dignity’. Dr Shakira Hussein is a post doctoral research fellow at the ... discuss

The country is reeling – especially within the political realm – over the gross abuse of power demonstrated in the indictment of popular Texas Governor Rick Perry. The whole scenario is so ... discuss

by Newt Gingrich: Traveling in Europe this week, I had a chance to see the world through the eyes of the London Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail. The view from Britain was startlingly ... discuss

  The headline at WND proclaimed: Mitt Romney: Obama worse than I expected. The article is a stub, which links to the full piece at The Washington Times.   The fact that Romney did not expect t ... discuss

After 30 Years Late-Term Abortion Clinic Stops Surgical Abortions Killing Babies Once again proving you don’t need an abortion ban to stop abortions, a pro-life law in Ohio has successfully stopp ... discuss

What used to be called the pro-choice movement is morphing into an agenda that is enthusiastically and unabashedly, pro-abortion. Why? As I explain in my First Things biweekly column: Mendacity has it ... discuss

It is near impossible to step back and digest facts from afar when the/a situation has been turned into an inferno within hours, but it surely wouldn't hurt anything to try! You don't know what happe ... discuss

She was born Isabella, or "Belle" as she was commonly called. As a slave in America in the late 1700s and early 1800s, she didn't have a last name. Just Belle. Her slave master only spoke to her an ... discuss

The following is an updated version of an article by Amy Sobie & David C. Reardon, Ph.D., that was originally published in The Post-Abortion Review, 8(1), Jan.-March 2000. Copyright 2000, 2010 E ... discuss

Orlando, Fla., Aug 22, 2014 / 02:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Actor Gary Sinise's respect and admiration for military men and women goes far beyond his role as Lieutenant Dan in the popular 1994 film, R ... discuss

by Phil Kerpen, Contributing Author: Democratic U.S. Senator John Walsh brazenly plagiarized nearly the entire thesis that got him an unearned master’s degree. When this fact came to light, he w ... discuss

This pro-abort article raises an interesting question about whether counter-protests are useful at abortion clinics.Some years ago, the local abortion supporters used to counter-protest 40 Days for Li ... discuss

by Bill Smith, Editor: A "Sam Adams" source inside the U.S. Senate shared with the ARRA News service a new Polling report released by Kellyanne Conway, President & CEO of The Polling Company, inc. ... discuss

     Just a reminder to usually use "blind carbon copy" when sending emails.  Normally, emails sent to a group of people doesn't require each recipient to see a list of all ... discuss

Once again proving you don’t need an abortion ban to stop abortions, a pro-life law in Ohio has successfully closed down a late-term abortion clinic that couldn’t comply with the health an ... discuss

--There are only a couple men that I've been in love with politically, and Paul Ryan is one of them.--Back in 2010 I wrote a post entitled, I Heart Paul McRyan, I had this to say:Yes, I had to take a ... discuss

Died 20 August AD 1153 ernard of Clairvaux, a leader in Christian Europe in the first half of the 11th century A.D., is honored in his native France and around the world. Born into a noble Burgundian ... discuss

Flavia Iulia Helena Augusta, also known as Saint Helena, Saint Helen, Helena Augusta or Helena of Constantinople (ca. 250 – ca. 330) she was married to the Roman general Constantius Chlorus, who bec ... discuss

Most of us agree we should stand by our friends, and that we should keep our promises. However, the U.S. has a decidedly mixed record in doing this. I will look at that record, but the reason to reall ... discuss

This article was written by Dr Shakira Hussein, a post doctoral research fellow at the University of Melbourne. It was published on August 16 by The Saturday Paper and republished by HOPE Australia.Li ... discuss

Transhumanism is selfish, all about me-me, I-I. It’s goal is immortality for those currently alive, and the right to radically remake themselves and their progeny in their own image. Zoltan Istvan, ... discuss

Also saved in OneNote We used to call my dear friend, mentor and colleague, Dr. Jack Willke, the father of the pro-life movement. These days, as he nears 90 years old, we call him the grandfather of ... discuss

This week Planned Parenthood launched a series of web ad attacks claiming that candidate for Texas Governor Greg Abbot refused to give rape victims justice. They made this claim to trash Abbott and to ... discuss

With apologies in advance. You have been warned. There are two legionnaires in the desert, and they've been separated from their unit and are lost. They've been wandering for several days withou ... discuss

by Aaron Blake, Sean Sullivan and Chris Cillizza, The Fix, The Washington Post: The scene is set. With primary season nearing an end, we know who the nominees will be in almost all of the races that ... discuss

There is an interesting psychological phenomenon that was identified in 1972 called "Groupthink". Wikipedia [HERE] gives us the definition:Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within ... discuss

17 August AD 1637 Born 17 October 1582, Johann Gerhard, a Lutheran theologian in the tradition of Martin Luther (1483-1546) and Martin Chemnitz (1522-86), was the most influential 17th Century dogmat ... discuss

Our faith teaches that "children are the supreme gift of marriage and contribute to the welfare of their parents." (Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI, no. 9) In the consideration of having children, husba ... discuss

A troubling passage in Evangelii GaudiumAndrew Bieszad, a scholar on Islam, seems to believe Pope Francis is teaching error — or, at least, opiniones intolerata — about the “Ishmaelites”:For I ... discuss

15 August, New Testament The honor paid to Saint Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus Christ our Lord, God, and Savior goes back to the earliest days of the Church. Indeed, it goes back farther: Even befo ... discuss

At that time, Jesus spoke unto His disciplessaying: “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grainof wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remainsalone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. Whoeverlo ... discuss

Many times, the Church paints an image of Jesus that is effeminate, weak, defeated, and docile; begging to be received by sinners.  Yet Scripture paints a different picture. It shows a God who is ... discuss

Social and political philosophies have tremendous impact on one's world view. One's role in society (should individuality or community have priority), the belief of the purpose of government (to prote ... discuss

10 August AD 258 A river, a gulf, and a seaway are named in his honor. A number of Christian congregations and almost anyone known as "Larry" likewise owe their names to this martyr of the ancient Ch ... discuss

Credit: this picture does not tear you apart inside, then you are made of stone.  The events in Iraq are beyond my comprehension.  I feel that we should all be ... discuss

Just finished watching Obama's televised address regarding America's response to developments in Iraq.In all honesty, and for the first time in my memory, Obama actually sounded like a confident, comm ... discuss

There are so many things I do not understand. In the final analysis, perhaps it does not matter. The only thing that ultimately counts at the conclusion of my life is whether I loved Christ and obeyed ... discuss

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is by far the best looking 90-year-old I’ve ever seen. He just celebrated his 90th birthday on August 1st. He was born in 1924. The 90-year-old monarch of Saudi Ara ... discuss

 Labrador finds abandoned baby on side of road, umbilical cord still attached By Dave Andrusko 24 Hour News 8’s Henry Erb speaks to Jeff Kopp, who along with his dog Bobby found a ne ... discuss

Uh, about that video clip of a public speech in which Barack Obama insists that "ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs." You know, the clip that is going the rounds o ... discuss Watson and Daniel Bates, "The baby born on a prison floor to ... discuss

Well everyone, As with all good things that come to an end, Socon or Bust is hanging up the boots, so to speak. But it’s not as dramatic as it sounds so don’t worry! We are simply merging ... discuss

When I became involved with the Entering Canaan post abortion ministry, it was not long before I recognized many similarities between the way the older women discussed their emotional traumas and my ... discuss

Dr Tom Rogers, immediate past national vice-chairman of SPUC, wrote to me today as follows:In case you haven’t heard it before (it first appeared in 2011) just thought I’d share with you this very ... discuss

A single Global Hawk UAV can provide complete coverage over islands contested by China and Japan. Japan is rapidly building its UAV capabilities in an effort to boost its surveillance activity of Chin ... discuss

A young Naval Officer was in a terrible car accident, but due to the heroics of the hospital staff the only permanent injury was the loss of one ear. Since he wasn't physically impaired he remained in ... discuss

Ken Blackwell by Ken Blackwell, Contributing Author: Connecticut’s liberal Sen. Richard Blumenthal wants no one to have to worry about aborting unborn children late in pregnancy, very late. He favo ... discuss

was born Her Grand Ducal Highness Princess Elisabeth Alexandra Louise Alice of Hesse and by Rhine on 1 November 1864. She was the second child of Grand Duke Ludwig IV of Hesse and by Rhine and British ... discuss

This is a spoiler alert for those of you who haven't read the novel. You can stop reading and just go listen to the playlist if you'd like right about... now.I've been asked if the short playlist Lina ... discuss

e="background: white; margin-bottom: .0001pt; margin: 0in;">Thanks goes to Michael Snyder for the post. See original post here.  The number of SWAT team raids in the United States every year is n ... discuss

Dear Dad,I can't believe you've been gone exactly 5 years today. It seems like just yesterday that I was sneaking into the hospital to see you. I haven't forgotten what you looked like, even without t ... discuss

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — My daughter was six days old when we found out she has cystic fibrosis. The pulmonologist sent specific instructions asking us to stay away from Google until ou ... discuss

If we are to pinpoint the moment of beginning of personhood that has the best scientific grounding, out of all the moments that are candidates, that will certainly be the beginning of the single-cell ... discuss

Clinton Wilcox of Life Training Institute was kind enough to read the semi-final draft of this post and provide a brief but insightful critique. This does not mean that he necessarily endorses any of ... discuss

There is a really interesting editorial in the Opinion Section of the New York Times.  It is an intensely personal piece written by a woman who had an abortion 20 years ago.  She had become ... discuss

Text:  Matthew 11:25-30Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.Are you tired?  Are you worn out?  Are you like an ox who is tired from the ... discuss

I have no great specific wish to be controversial.  It seems, however, that God in His infinite and perfect wisdom has seen fit to give me thoughts and talents befitting little else.  So, by ... discuss

Book Details: • Author: Marvin Jones • Publisher: Christian Focus (2014) • Format: paperback • Page Count: 176 • ISBN#: 9781781913024 • List Price: $11.99 • Rating: Recommended Bl ... discuss

Friars from St. Francis of Assisi Church, ManhattanI have already done a short post on the Vortex episode in which Michael Voris describes what he saw and experienced at the St. Francis of Assisi "Pre ... discuss

The following is the text of the sermon given at the "Pre-Pride Mass" on June 28 2014 at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Manhattan:Reading of the Holy Gospel according to John (21:15-19)When they had ... discuss

Credit:  theconservativetreehouse.comIn their ongoing attempt to save Holy Innocents Church in Manhattan from being closed, some of those who attend there have given interviews to and cooperated ... discuss

This is Gay Pride Weekend in many cities across the US and the granddaddy of them all is right here in New York City. This is where it all started at Stonewall in 1969, and the Gay community is out i ... discuss

Yesterday it was my birthday. I hung one more year on the line... Paul SimonSo maybe on my birthday I ought to have been out celebrating, or doing something a little special, but instead I stayed hom ... discuss

Isn't the whole point of religion to teach us morals and to love and care for each other no matter what age, gender, sexual preference, religion or race we are?The question was one among many comments ... discuss

Supreme Court ruling 24 years ago opened the door to similar lifesaving measuresThe following is a news release issued on June 24, 2014.MINNEAPOLIS—Teen abortions in Minnesota have declined dramatic ... discuss

Summer Leisure Reading: Some of these are the sorts of books I categorize under my Kindle as ‘Mama Reads.’ Because these are titlest that are free due to being in the public domain, they a ... discuss

Thursday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time(click here for readings)By Benedict Augustine“Jesus said to his disciples:'In praying, do not babble like the pagans,who think that they will be he ... discuss

Rape in Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood ‘Gets Even’By Raymond Ibrahim, June 17, 2014 (hat tip Inexion)Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers recently went on a sexual assault and rape spree in Egypt as a w ... discuss

The Southern Baptist Convention meeting last week in Baltimore was, in itself, a lesson in Baptist polity. The organizational structure of the Convention is directly drawn from Baptist principles, and ... discuss

Last week I was offered a job by a priest and I ended up doing something I never thought I'd do: I declined it. The girl who wants to eventually get her Masters in Theology... who loves going to adora ... discuss

Holy Innocents Church, NYC, threatened with closureThere is now an update to the situation with Father Justin Wylie who gave a very controversial sermon at Holy Innocents Church in Manhattan. As Pat A ... discuss

by Eric Metaxas June 12, 2014 (BreakPoint) - Imagine you’re a woman in Sudan. Your Muslim father abandoned the family home when you were young. Your Christian mother raised you. Eventually you m ... discuss

In 2008, I was just starting out with a podcast here at Echo Zoe, and four episodes in I interviewed my friend and the Associate Pastor of our church, Ryan Habbena. Our church, collectively speaking, ... discuss

In October of 1956 my grandfather Des Nichols, a life-long resident of Rockton himself, attended an auction at the homestead of a Rockton pioneer family, the old Clizbe place at the corner of Clizbe A ... discuss

L ast week, I wrote about some opinions that liberals and conservatives have concerning Pope Francis. It's not a liberal or conservative issue. The papacy is a gift from God Himself. We should appre ... discuss

Southern Baptists will be heading for Baltimore in just a few days, and the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention is to be held in a city that has not hosted the convention since 1940. Thi ... discuss

Meriam Ibrahim Was Forced to Give Birth to Baby Maya While in Chains The first pictures have emerged today of Meriam Ibrahim’s newborn baby named Maya. The pregnant Christian woman gave birth in ... discuss

Justin Edwards has recently written a set of articles against us (and Russell Hunter in particular), claiming that "our teaching is deceptive" and that by it we put "the Body of Christ in imminent dan ... discuss

G. K. Chesterton once wisely remarked that “there is a great deal of difference between an eager man who wants to read a book and a tired man who wants a book to read.” It may be true that ... discuss

The "blues card", aka the "stress card".(Source: me ask all the military veterans that stumble onto this post: Do you remember the stories about the Navy’s “stress cards”?I read ... discuss

The Man Who Would Be King by Rudyard Kipling DHM: Well written. For readers who like to think and don’t mind a glimpse at the dark side of human nature. Okay, this is more than a glimpse, but i ... discuss

Hard to sugarcoat what for me was a launching disaster.On the 16th, flash floods, heavy rain and cold winds ushered in what, at best, can be described as an anemic OAS turn-out on the Washington Mall. ... discuss

Over the course of the re-ignition of abolition in America, some defections were expected, some betrayals anticipated. When abolitionists first came on the scene with a Gospel-centered worldview an ... discuss

Do abolitionists put God in a box? Tony Miano seems to think so. In a recent blog article, Miano takes issue with a flowchart diagram recently shared from the AHA Facebook page. This is not the fir ... discuss

Mark Bavis loved hockey. He started skating at the tender age of 4 and started shooting goals shortly after. His identical twin brother Mike also enjoyed the game and the two practiced and played to ... discuss

Let's say that you are walking one day and you find me on the side of the road.  There I am, in a huge muddy pit, just sloshing around in the dirt.Although it initially looks like I may be strugg ... discuss

Yahoo Bans Ads From Pregnancy Centers After Lobbying From “Pro-Choice” NARAL Yahoo is following the lead of Google and has reportedly banned ads from pro-life pregnancy centers that offer women ... discuss

Satanic Temple's proposed statue of Satan ... which is actuallybased on a picture of Baphomet, which is probably a 12th-century corruption of Mohammed. So much for research.The devil’s finest trick ... discuss

Margaret SangerAs discussed over at the Margaret Sanger Blog today, it is time for some creative folks to make a movie about the life of Margaret Sanger.  A historical novel could also be great.& ... discuss

From the invaluable New Liturgical Movement: Mark Daniel Kirby, prior of Silverstream Priory, recently ... discuss

     I would like to start off by saying that things have been going really good lately. I have been doing a lot of planning for my pro-life group at school. I had been working on a pro ... discuss

Here is an article by the AP, highlighting some of the recent comments by Pope Francis, and taking them out of context.The first thing taken out of context are the two words quoted in the headline: PO ... discuss

Kermit GosnellThe story of how 38-year-old Dana Haynes nearly lost her life is taken from the Grand Jury Report on Dr. Kermit Gosnell.Dana went to Gosnell for an abortion in November of 2006. She was ... discuss

It's been two weeks since my last part in this series. The month of April was incredibly busy for me but now I'm back with a new installment in this series. Here are the links to the introduction to t ... discuss

Most people could be forgiven for thinking that small businesses can just go to a bank with an idea, and the bank will loan them money. There’s more to the story. Most, if not all banks today lo ... discuss

he King James Version of the Bible is the most widely known and respected English translation of the Bible in the world today. It has been spread around the entire globe, and withstood the test of ti ... discuss

Many of us will eventually reach a point in our lives where birthdays become less of an occasion for celebration, and more of a reminder that we are aging. The sadness or fear that this reminder evoke ... discuss

Discourtesy of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reasonand Science.New Atheists have a tendency to ask questions about Scripture and Christian belief they intend to be purely rhetorical but which rev ... discuss

Everyone relax.  I’m here. See?  I knew how worried you were. The last month has been an adventure, but a good one.  With Vision Forum closed, Perry’s job of 10 years came to an end. ... discuss

I woke up Thursday morning with plans.  It was a bright sunny morning, and the first thing on my agenda after breakfast was to pick up my sister’s three young children for the day so that she c ... discuss

I had a tough time sleeping when I was a kid. I wasn't afraid of the dark, but I did not like the quiet of night. My issues were more than being a light sleeper, one easily disturbed. No, I found it h ... discuss

The Bureau of Land Management’s imperious siege of the Bundy Ranch in Nevada compels me to re-publish this post. I ask readers to carefully research this issue and to decide for yourselves whether o ... discuss

Lent 3a, (March 23, 2014) Holy Cross Lutheran Church Rev. Todd A. Peperkorn (John 4:5–26) TITLE: “At the Well” Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen. Ou ... discuss

KISSIMMEE, Florida ( – Almost 200 Osceola physicians, pastors and community leaders packed a 3-1/2 hour open microphone forum at Kissimmee City Commission meeting on Tuesday ... discuss

So here it comes, the hard socialist left and their dirty tactics to attack Christendom by forcing a lawsuit in federal court, that opens the door for them too all flock too the apostate liberal churc ... discuss

My response to Amanda Marcotte, one of the most vile feminists I've read in awhile on her column The Real Debate Isn’t About “Life” But About What We Expect Of Women, where she compares hav ... discuss

by Gianna JessenDecember 6, 2005 Note: The following is based on an interview 28 year-old Gianna Jessen gave to the Independent, a newspaper in the UK ... discuss

      In a recent piece for RH Reality Check, their Senior Legal Analyst Jessica Mason Pieklo argues that prolife business owners are trying to undermine settled science by claimin ... discuss

A federal committee held two days of hearings this week on a procedure called mitochondrial transfer which is accomplished by mixing the genes of two women with the goal of increasing the birth of hea ... discuss

The early part of the 20th century was a dynamic time in the U.S., and one of the major changes for the country was the introduction of number of eugenics programs.  The goal of these programs wa ... discuss

What they can't win in the courts, the Progressives will attempt to win by regulation or Executive Orders.Benghazi, IRS, AP, NSA, compelling the registration (and seizing) of guns, Common Core, i ... discuss

Just a quick fix if you happen to be using Mimo with Giganews, which by the way, is the BEST Usenet provider in the known universe. I ran into a problem where Mimo wouldn’t start. The splash scr ... discuss

The Planned Parenthood in Flagstaff, Arizona has resumed providing RU-486 abortions.  They found a physician would prescribe the pills but is apparently only available one day a week which might ... discuss

Euthanasia is a culture which knows no boundaries.  Once begun, it spreads like cancer to include additional diseases, conditions and even age groups.  The latest domino to fall is action in Belgium ... discuss

Do you feel scared when you start something new? Does the learning process feel foreign? Logically we know this awkward feeling is normal, but that doesn’t dismiss insecurity or fear. So how do ... discuss

CNN) -- A brain-dead pregnant woman lies on a hospital bed. Doctors want to keep her on life support until they can deliver her baby. An anguished husband waits.At first glance, the case of Robyn Bens ... discuss

Imagine that....stop coddling the kids and let them be kids, let them learn and learn to respect one another without the adults interfering in their natural ability to play and get along. Sure adult s ... discuss

by Tom Toth: Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Kim Il-Sung, Brezhnev, and beyond.The history of Communism — a bloody tale of forced collectivism, religious persecution, and mass-murdered dissenters — predictab ... discuss

The GOP health plan proposal "makes sense from the financial standpoint" as an alternative to Obamacare, a law that will eventually run the county into bankruptcy, Sen. Orrin Hatch said Thursday. Orig ... discuss

From the Associated PressA priest friend of mine used the occasion of legendary folk singer, Pete Seeger's, recent passing to tie him to the "100 million victims of the communism he advocated."In resp ... discuss

Here we go again, socialist celebrities are making use of their bully-pulpits, to insult not only the majority of God-Fearing Americans, but most of all they are offending the Most High God, Yahweh, w ... discuss

In the course of my learning the Gen-X alternative rock catechism, perhaps it was when I was reading an issue of Spin magazine sometime in the 80s, I was told that the release of The Velvet Undergro ... discuss

Hello, First Thoughtsters! One of the things I’ll be carrying over from my blogging for Postmodern Conservative, now that it’s been incorporated into First Thoughts, is “Carl&rsqu ... discuss

When you spend time with God, you get to know His ways as well as His Word (assuming you are reading His Word). More than that, you develop sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. You eventually get to know H ... discuss

When Kathy DiFiore escaped from an abusive marriage, she had the clothes on her back, her purse — and God. “He was always beside me,” she says. Kathy was homeless for a while. After things event ... discuss

Leonard Sweet There are two schools of thought concerning Christian denominational structure. One is that denominational boundaries are necessary in order to ensure solid orthodoxy. In other words, ou ... discuss

In a horrific story out of Spain, a mother hid a knife in a diaper and eventually used it to kill her disabled 10-month-old son, who was at a local hospital being treated for a brain condition. The ch ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston An OfficeMax stationary store in suburban Chicago has courted controversy and raised questions of consumer privacy by sending a direct mail flyer to the home of a man whose daug ... discuss

Ever heard the theory about the probability of a monkey at a typewriter eventually producing a Shakespeare play through sheer chance, given an infinite amount of time? Sometimes it seems like we’ ... discuss

Many believers today try to manufacture and produce the heavenly joy and experiential wisdom by earthy carnal means, but the end results of these is the eventually collapse and shipwreck of the child ... discuss

Jonas, a child with Down's syndrome, 'visibly regressed' and eventually died after he was handed over to foster carers. Christopher Booker reports on the case     Original PostingR ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston Northern elites love to look down their noses and sneer at southerners whom they consider loutish hayseeds who are just plain stupid. But as many in the north have dismissed the ... discuss

Nations are not eternal. They are born, and they will all eventually die. Even in my own lifetime, I’ve watched wars and revolutions redraw the maps of Europe and Africa a few times. Countries like ... discuss

The abortion industry is targeting schoolchildren more frequently with sex education than ever before — something not surprising given that studies show sex education campaigns lead to young wom ... discuss

It always starts innocently enough; campaign signs start to pop up in lawns throughout the neighborhood, folks collecting petition signatures start haunting the entrances to stores around town, and lo ... discuss




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