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NEW YORK (AP) — Apple says a federal appeals court's conclusion that it violated antitrust law when it entered the electronic books market does nothing to change the fact it did nothing wrong. ... discuss

FRANKENLUST TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — An auction company has sold an electronic road sign that was drawing eyes in Michigan for its beer-centric slogan. ... discuss

LONDON (AP) — A British tribunal has ruled that the electronic eavesdropping agency GCHQ violated the rights of two overseas human rights agencies by failing to delete intercepted data on time. ... discuss

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Some closing craziness on the final day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles: ... discuss

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Musings from the floor on the second day of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo's three-day run at the Los Angeles Convention Center: ... discuss

Carolina Marquez, who currently studies at a prestigious art school in the San Francisco Bay Area, dreams of one day being an illustrator for Pixar… and it may not be that far off.  How she tackled ... discuss

Seen and heard on the floor of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo as it begins its three-day run at the Los Angeles Convention Center: ... discuss

Seen and heard as the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo gears up for its three-day run at the Los Angeles Convention Center: ... discuss

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Force is with Electronic Arts. ... discuss

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Bethesda jump started the Electronic Entertainment Expo by showing off the latest installments of "Doom" and "Fallout." ... discuss

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Beaten and raped and her cellphone taken away, a woman who was kidnapped in Tennessee was able to get access to her attacker's phone and send a text message to her sister, ... discuss

LOS ANGELES (AP) — At this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, video games alone won't soak up all the attention. ... discuss

by Paul Rosenzweig: Should the contents of email messages be protected from unwarranted law enforcement scrutiny to the same extent as physical letters sent through the mail? The answer seems obviou ... discuss

Monday, Canada - Anti Terror Bill C-51 Passed Senate - "Today, the Senate approved PM Harper's controversial Bill C-51 after a long period of study. The bill will give Canadian spy agency CSIS more po ... discuss

Some Americans are beginning to realize that they are slaves and that if they don’t act soon, they will find themselves imprisoned in the electronic concentration camp indefinitely. Mind you, there ... discuss

by Tom Balek, Contributing Author: About 25 years ago my wife and I were on a vacation trip in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We had just got out of our car on a downtown street near the post office when a ... discuss

In the age of derivatives, swaps, and electronic money transfers, a new form of warfare has emerged: financial warfare. Recently, the US has passed sanctions on countries such as Syria, Venezuela, and ... discuss

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) — The first inductees into the new World Video Game Hall of Fame include "Pong," the game that introduced millions to electronic play, "Doom," which triggered a debate over the ... discuss

Elizabeth Warren answers no to Obama’s Fast Track.Editorial Cartoon by AF BrancoToday in Washington, D.C. - May 14, 2015The House reconvened at 10 AM today. Bill being considered today:H.R. 2297 ... discuss

 Children’s Book, “Sister Apple, Sister Pig” Attempts to Rationalize Abortion Send to KindleBy Gary Cangemi Children have a natural ... discuss

Not Exactly Free Tradeby Seton Motley, Contributing Author: Most of us on the Center-Right very much like free trade – for at least a couple of reasons.The freer trade is – the cheaper the thing ... discuss

In the wake of Benjamin Netanyahu’s monumental reelection in Israel, the raw stench of antisemitism wafted from the bowels of Barack Obama’s true character in a manner I never believed possible f ... discuss

Not more than 24 hours ago ISIS released a shocking new photo that is of an entirely different nature than any previously released. ISIS has largely waged its war on the West with an eerie online pres ... discuss

A number of months ago I spoke at an information seminar Me speaking to ALIESinformation sessionfor the Alberta Life Issues Educational Society (ALIES). I was thrilled to see Catholics, Orthodox ... discuss

So Thomas L. McDonald, the tech-and-history guru of God and the Machine, decided to post a couple of series based on Lifehacker's "How I Work", the other one being "How I Pray", featuring other blogge ... discuss

Each year I have made what I call "Catholic Resolutions."  These New Years Resolutions are not centered on losing weight, eating more healthy, or the like.  Rather, these resolutions each ye ... discuss

Repost of newspaper column #532 Complaints about people not knowing “the true meaning of Christmas” started this year in mid-October, as the first holiday advertising began. Most Christian ... discuss

By Brittany Higdon Few Christian households lack a Christmas tree at this time of year. Many people have completed their Christmas shopping, and Christmas carols blare over every store speaker. Howev ... discuss

Over-eating. Shopping malls. Toy stores. Waiting in long lines to get the great deal. Wading through busy stores. Surfing the net to find the best price. What did you do this holiday weekend? Did you ... discuss

Families are being pulled in many different directions these days. It seems as though there is not much time to spend together with each other as a family. Couple that with the fact that family values ... discuss

The Museum of Modern Art - New York City     The Museum of Modern Art (stylized MoMA) is an art museum located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, United States, on 53rd Street, betwee ... discuss

Hopefully my good friend, the Senescent Man, will not mind my making a shameless commerical plug for myself. If I'm out of line, Chuch, feel free to delete this. Given that the blog has been dormant f ... discuss

Let me preface this blog post by saying: 1) I love animal and I love the zoo. 2) My wife and I hold an annual pass to Zoo Boise. 3) We were upset when the monkey was killed by the burglar there sever ... discuss

We all know about various physical and mathematical constants. The natural log e, pi, Planck time, etc. Here’s a link to a bunch more.  That’s a lot of constants for a post-modern world. ... discuss

A portrait painting of Minnesota DFL Governor Mark Dayton's GOP challenger Jeff Johnson, which I call 'The Kingfisher'-GOP Minnesota Gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson receives various electronic si ... discuss

I like to keep an eye out for good deals on Kindle books. As an avid reader, and one who is slowly transitioning to electronic books, I find it hard to resist a great deal. These deals tend to ... discuss

The other night, I ran across a headline in my Facebook feed which said that Michele Bachmann had suggested the children of illegal immigrants be put into labor camps. I forgot my own rule and “shar ... discuss

Video: Discussion of Homer’s OdysseyProfessor Lombardo and other panelists (Christopher Hitchens) discussed his latest translation of Homer’s Odyssey and talked about the enduring importance of th ... discuss

In an earlier post, "Snipping" and Why the Left Must Silence Us on Gosnell, I reiterated my theory that serial murderer / abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell got the idea of killing a baby by taking scisso ... discuss

Students for Life of Illinois has 2 job openings. If you are passionately pro-life and want to work with a great team to save children and women from abortion, then see below. Events and Communication ... discuss

Britain said on Sunday it would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to children aged under 18, citing possible adverse health effects and outlining a need for further medical research. Original Post ... discuss

Politico: "The incident affected, the federal court’s public hub, as well as most if not all federal court sites — not to mention the federal court system’s electronic filing system ... discuss

A simple electronic board consisting of 64 LED lights, the Dynavision D2 is now being used in hospitals across the country – helping many athletes to fully heal after brain injuries. Original Postin ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston At long last we get a proper ruling on the First Amendment status of bloggers, one affording them the same legal status as “real” journalists; this from the Ninth Ci ... discuss

President proposes broad but moderate reforms to the nation’s electronic surveillance programs Original PostingRead more →The post Obama won’t hang up on phone call metadata appeared first o ... discuss

The year 2013 has surely equaled or surpassed other recent years in crazy, ominous, and sometimes positive developments.President Barack Obama used his second inauguration to declare his intention to ... discuss

What I love about Thoreau is that he made every moment of his short life count for something. Mostly what he did was perambulate –a wonderful word that means to walk and think at the same time. ... discuss

For those of you who have recently run the gauntlet and graduated from college, first of all my most sincere congratulations. it is a milestone in your young lives and something for which you can look ... discuss

Book Details:   • Author: Kevin DeYoung   • Category: General Christian Interest   • Book Publisher: Crossway (2013)   •& ... discuss

Yesterday morning, noon, and night the "waves" were filled with Megan Kelly. My first inkling was an email from the Kool-Aid drinker amongst my siblings. Subject "The war on Christmas (manger danger ... discuss

A few months ago I wrote: They also know what the church teaches about sexuality and marriage, something even their Catholic high school counterparts seem a bit shaky on.  Which is not to say ... discuss

Click to hear Marshall Mcluhan lecture: The medium is the message. by Kerby Anderson:  More than fifty years ago, Marshall McLuhan1 wrote the book, Understanding Media. He declared that t ... discuss

foundationlife.netYesterday, the #IDF facilitated the transfer of 356 trucks with 10,507 tons of goods to #Gaza, incl. 3,120 tons of construction materials — IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) July 1, 2013 We ... discuss

Gary Bauer, Contributing Author: This is an abbreviated report on the Columbus Day holiday. This year's Values Voter Summit was a smashing success! Thousands of activists from all over the coun ... discuss

Americas EBT system was taken off-line yesterday for about seven hours in seventeen states for (latest excuse) computer maintenance. Right in the middle of a busy Saturday! Now that is either really ... discuss

Contact: Mark Harrington, Created Equal, 614-419-9000, COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 11, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Created Equal's outreach strategy, which focuses on using power ... discuss

Molly, an illegal stimulant frequently sold in pill form, has become prominent in the electronic music scene over the past decade. … Read the restThe post Drug ‘Molly’ is taking ... discuss

Img Info @ Part 1 ........... Continued from Part One by Ralph Benko, Contributing Author: Two years ago, Hollywood, no kidding, masterminded a plot to, in effect, steal the Internet (by criminaliz ... discuss

What could possible go wrong with ObamaCare? (Click on image to enlarge.) One of my nieces asked me a few weeks back how ObamaCare would be different from the status quo of health care in America.  G ... discuss

SAN JOSE, California (AP) -- Readers who tried to click on the New York Times' website got nothing but error messages for several hours Tuesday during the site's second major disruption this month ... discuss

You know how it goes. Keepin’ it Trill, Yo. The upside of the downlow. Be my Facebook friend. It’s not real until it’s on Facebook. Follow my Twitterings. Browse the music I’ve been lis ... discuss

I did not agree with Ross Perot on gun control, redistribution of wealth, abortion, and some as aspects of his foreign aid; however, his fiscal and management knowledge and skills combined with his Fa ... discuss

Ron Wyden Ran Paul "If I have Internet service and they want my records on somebody, they don’t tell me or a judge. We have no idea. There is no probable cause. This person might be relevant, ... discuss

The Health RisksDid you know that there are only 6 days in every month that a woman can get pregnant? It would almost seem impossible to catch it right on track, but still everyday millions of women g ... discuss

If you are trying to have a baby and are not getting pregnant, it doesn’t mean you are infertile. Most likely, you are trying to conceive on the wrong days of your cycle. You need something that tel ... discuss

I’m participating in Carbonell Olive Oil’s #DareToCarbonell campaign – highlighting their three distinctive flavors of Spanish olive oil – number one in Spain since 1866, and ... discuss

Let me preface this blog post by saying: 1) I love animal and I love the zoo. 2) My wife and I hold an annual pass to Zoo Boise. 3) We were upset when the monkey was killed by the burglar there sever ... discuss

The physical seeds are smaller than what they produce. A mustard tree… much bigger than the seed. At first blush I thought this was a quote from the television series based on Janette Oke’ ... discuss

by Ron Paul: [A Week ago] at its regular policy-setting meeting, the Federal Reserve announced it would double down on the policies that have failed to produce anything but a stagnant economy. It wa ... discuss

One of the biggest pieces of our hearts!Oh, how we adore this little man!It's been quite a while since I've updated on how we're doing, and boy, it's been chaotic and crazy and busy.  But that's ... discuss

I came across this horrific story today on Fox News which describes a recent carjacking at a NY mall involving a mother and her young daughter. Sadly the state of NY has recently imposed som ... discuss

The Most Awesome & Accomplished American Alive Today spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, and had some alternatives to Obama-care. Here’s my solution. When a person is born, give them a birth c ... discuss

Tweet This PostIn order to fully understand the Cross, we need to begin where it all began…literally. We must go back to the Garden of Eden, where God brought His creation into being and prono ... discuss

Tweet This PostA recent article, also published by LifeNews, covering the news that Mississippi issued a notice to the last operating abortion mill in the state is excellent news. ... discuss

Day Nine: Sunday, January 27, 2012Printable version of Day NineIntercession: For repentance, healing and peace, in every heart and every nation.Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory BeReflection:  ... discuss

Tweet This PostWhen I was a kid my next door neighbor and I would spend summer days dreaming up adventures. With no XBox, Wii or internet to entertain us, we used our imagination to have fun and ent ... discuss

Reposted from 25 December 2007 Complaints about people not knowing “the true meaning of Christmas” started this year in mid-October, as the first holiday advertising began. Most Christians ... discuss

Mom says 'I am Adam Lanza's mother,' details life with terrifying sonArticle source:     In the post-Newtown ... discuss

~ $6T added to deficit in 1st 4 years, $4.8 Billion borrowed daily, $16.3+Trillion immediate deficit, $122T in unfunded obligations, wants to nationalize savings accounts & cap earnings at 3%, incr ... discuss

* Pro-life advocates are calling for a federal investigation after Canada’s official statistics agency has confirmed that 491 babies died after they were born alive during abortions between 2000 and ... discuss

By: Against All Enemies Gulag Bound Most crimes are objective in nature, as they can be observed or measured. For instance, murder means someone is dead. Theft means something was taken (can be electr ... discuss

Supporters of the Culture of Death tend to lack foresight, and do not seem to possess even a rudimentary understanding of human nature. These defects inevitably lead to many cases of the “law of uni ... discuss

By Xavier Lerma Putin in 2009 outlined his strategy for economic success. Alas, poor Obama did the opposite but nevertheless was re-elected. Bye, bye Miss American Pie. The Communists have ... discuss

By: Marion Alger Ask Marion Before the Electoral College Electors could even cast their votes to certify the presidential election of 2012, which many are trying to stop through recounts, investigatio ... discuss

OK, I’m going to be a little blunt.  Remember this post about Introducing Kids To Technology?  Unless we’re talking about how to load the dishwasher or operate the vacuum cleaner, I jus ... discuss

Whether it relates to a big game or a big election, I’ve heard of journalists roughing out dual versions of a story ahead of time–so they’ll have one for each of the possible outcomes. Then ... discuss

To lie to America and to order, dishonorably, the abandonment to death of American military and representatives at the hands of the enemy, if not treason, is reason for impeachment.  The dis ... discuss

From the "What You Can't Win, You Steal" file….Imagine you go to the polls and choose Mitt Romney on an electronic machine, but your vote comes up Barack Obama. So you re-enter your choice, but the ... discuss

Farm Bill –Policy Issues, Political Notes Dan Popkey reported on Wednesday evening at the Idaho Statesman Online that, “Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., said Wednesday in Boise that the House w ... discuss

Here. So the Romney campaign got in touch with me after I volunteered using the election day task force link in the sidebar. They sent me an online training course that took 10 minutes. Essentially, t ... discuss

 Four moms (one of us a grandmama, two of us now Mamas-in-law) of a still growing brood (three of us, anyway) of nearly 40 kids combined (so far), write about topics related to parenting, mothering, ... discuss

Thomas Peterffy plans to spend $5-$10 million dollars of his own hard-earned money to run this ad in several swing states (hat tip - Kavon Nikrad): Thomas Peterffy grew up in socialist Hungary. Des ... discuss

Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley and and Sons is a case before the Supreme Court this fall which threatens aspects of the 1908 First Sale Doctrine. That older ruling allows people who own a copyrighted item t ... discuss

The below letter to the editor is by Robert "Bob" McDowell, Jr. He is a Professional Engineer and Geologist with over 50 years experience in creating drilling prospects, supervising drillin ... discuss

I, along with many other concerned parents, have recognized for a long time how the liberal media, from movies,television to music and public education, have negatively influenced children with too mu ... discuss

Planned Parenthood Flooding Mailboxes With Attacks on Romney The Planned Parenthood abortion business is flooding mailboxes of voters in the battleground state of Virginia with attacks on Mitt Ro ... discuss

Per The Weekly Standard, September 28: The Obama campaign has created a series of electronic greeting card aimed at women voters. “President Obama summed up the Republican Party’s approach to ... discuss

Reposted today at The Imaginative Conservative, “Civilization Without Religion?” by Russell Kirk: “How are we to account for this widespread decay of the religious impulse? It appear ... discuss

[Mid-East Scenario]  In American political jargon, an October surprise is a news event with the potential to influence the outcome of an election, particularly one for th ... discuss

Libyans drag the dead body of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens from the embassy after he was murdered. Photo via Al- Ahram Today in Washington, D.C. - Sept. 12, 2012: U.S. Ambassador Christopher ... discuss

Wireless cable systems are usually an RF self adhesive pad this enables the toshiba vcr parts or hardware detection to determine the toshiba vcr parts of display device. If you make the LED television ... discuss

Adam Young recently released his third CD, “The Midsummer Station”, with a whirlwind tour of media appearances, including “America’s Got Talent” and the Today show. Takin ... discuss

Planned Parenthood and NARL are guest speakers at the Democrat's 'Clown' Convention this week!   related: &   Clint Eastwood: ... discuss

Obama's Empty Chair This Labor Day - We Need Jobs 4 Yrs of Failed Leadership by Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum: The businesses that support and lobby for so-called free trade are always trying to w ... discuss

This morning in my devotion time, I began reading Matthew 19 starting in verse 16. It's the story that so many of us have heard about the "rich young ruler".  The young man tells Jesus he has kep ... discuss

Next is the toshiba laptop media center will control the toshiba laptop media center for those of you who have tried Toshiba's products like them. However, they may find them a bit expensive especiall ... discuss

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. That may be true as it pertains to friends and family, but it was not my experience this summer when I abandoned the Internet and digital technologie ... discuss

When you get hold of a new electric guitar you’ll want to make the best choice and the best selection is actually an informed choice. Looking through acoustic guitar assessments means that you e ... discuss

Update: be sure to check the bottom of the article: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr and so many more are some of the greatest inventions of all time. Seriously. On the other hand they tend to re ... discuss

Your quality of life is a vital advantage which you have. It is best to care for it and minor practices that destruction it has to be definitely avoided. You might be carrying out points already that ... discuss

We’ve done this a couple of times before, and last week the Headmaster declared that it was time to do it again. We set aside a short period (it has been several days, usually it is two) where w ... discuss

Somewhere around the middle of volume 6 Miss Mason says that she does not think pictures helpful in learning geography, nor indeed does she consider models helpful in learning anything. Initially, I d ... discuss


Click here to subscribe to The Social Conservative Review. Dear Friends, This week’s massive Indian blackout demonstrates again how reliant all of us are on an intricate and largely unseen web ... discuss

Thank you for the birthday wishes I received here after TheDad "hacked" my blog on Saturday.  I received some nice presents:  a doughnut pan and extra-large dark chocolate bar from Middle Si ... discuss

Book Details:   • Author: Emanuel Tov   • Category: Academic, Biblical Language   • Publisher: Fortress Press (2012)   •& ... discuss

T-shiscreen printing ng is probably the longest lasting manual print operations. While many kinds of print production currently have moved into the digital age textile screen printing for apparel has ... discuss

Industry Leaders to Discuss Critical Issues in Christian Communications Contact: Kenneth Chan, Director of Communications, National Religious Broadcasters, 703-331-4520 ATLANTA, July 30, 2012 /Chri ... discuss

Last week, the New York Times ran a disturbing article on the growing phenomenon of the public viewing of pornography.  The final sentence should stop each of us in our tracks: Dawn Hawkins of Morali ... discuss

Everyone knows the toshiba a70 problem may not come very cheap. As a result of a USB port where you will find that the toshiba a70 problem. Thereafter your Toshiba coupon codes will be ready to start ... discuss

By: Arlen Williams Gulag Bound Our federal government used to investigate matters of national security. Now it is what such investigation must be about. From the Electronic Frontier Foundation July 24 ... discuss

On the relevance of St. Thomas Aquinas's treatment of the virtue of studiousness and the vice of curiosity. Some very true words to reflect deeply upon ...Late modern societies that are fundamentally ... discuss

The house keys have been passed to our house-sitters, the dog has been sent to a pet penitentiary, and I am on vacation. I have fled the city (and the country, for that) with the wife and kids so we c ... discuss

Statistics show that home smoke cigars alarms dramatically decrease the incidence of passing and injuries due to fire. Fireplace outbreaks are believed to be deadliest in the middle of the night the m ... discuss

Hawaii immigration loophole could pose national security concern, Sheriff Joe Arpaio says   FOX 10 News - Phoenix, AZ | KSAZ-TV (Phoenix, AZ) Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, along wit ... discuss

< !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> ace=Arial>The "111" list below is recommended by an Obama devotee, and friend, for reading by those of u ... discuss

Wireless cable systems are usually attached behind the toshiba troubleshooting laptop. More modern machines have much more options allowing you to purchase the toshiba troubleshooting laptop from Tosh ... discuss

Wireless cable systems are usually attached behind the toshiba troubleshooting laptop. More modern machines have much more options allowing you to purchase the toshiba troubleshooting laptop from Tosh ... discuss

On March 20th, 2009, Army Ranger 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing Ali Mansur, a known Al Qaeda operative while serving in Iraq. Mansur was known to be a m ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - July 10, 2012: The Senate reconvened at 10 AM today and following morning business, they will take up the Jon Tomas Fowlkes, Jr. to be United States District Judge for t ... discuss

U.S. Mining Strategic & Critical Minerals Today In Washington, D.C. - July 9, 1012: The Senate and House both reconvened today. Tomorrow the Senate is scheduled to vote on the nomination of Jon T ... discuss

I was listening to Heather Ordover's wonderful commentary on Gulliver's Travels (which comes with audio of the book specially recorded for us, y'all). In this particular episode of Just the Books, she ... discuss

Several road construction signs near Anchorage, Alaska were hacked to say “Impeach Obama“. The Dept of Transportation will be locking the  control boxes from now on, to prevent this more ... discuss

The latest letter from the Tradition, Family, Property bureau for the United Kingdom includes a very interesting article about scientific studies that demonstrate the psychological harm done by the in ... discuss

While most persons would not require higher specs for it to design a notebook that uses a faster version of the toshiba 6100 bios. Can you imagine that this modern-day photocopying beast was once a sl ... discuss

Bunk bed options are design and style bunk beds brisbane offers to construct the best bunk bed. Bunkbed strategies consist of do-it-by yourself instructions to build a bunk bed away from timber. Some ... discuss

I'm a digital packrat of the most incurable kind.  That whole "I might need this someday" thing rears its ugly head; I still have 5 1/4" floppy disks with my college senior thesis on them.   ... discuss

  From: waldo Sent: Wednesday, July 04, 2012 Subject: Bye-Bye Blackbird.. We saw her at the Smithsonian by Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia.  She is one heck of a Lady! -- AT@H&K ... discuss

1954 Was The Coolest Year Ever And could I say that if it wasn’t true? Well…yeah…but it is true. Ken McCarthy (famous for the System Seminar…probably the coolest internet mark ... discuss

No matter what label of passenger truck you hold, you would like to switch it from that the manufacturing plant delivered it. No matter if you use your car or truck for work, off-route play or a few o ... discuss

In an Op-Ed piece for Monday's New York Times, Jimmy Carter, lashed out at the Obama administration's record on human rights. He said that the "United States is abandoning its role as the global champ ... discuss

Is This the Media’s Wawa Moment?Liberal media caught in another major lie! ** Thanks to “just a blogger” SooperMexican for catching these leftists in this horrific lie. Yesterday, it wa ... discuss

By:  Susan Jones ( - The Obama administration has paid more than $5.7 billion in the pas ... discuss

In yet another example of how ridiculous the media is in their uncompromising struggle to distort the truth in order to make sure Obama wins and Conservatives lose ... MSNBC and other media reported a ... discuss

The Federal Reserve System (the Fed) was established in 1913 as one of the cornerstones of the Progressive agenda. They said it was a way to stop the boom and bust cycle which has always been a fixtu ... discuss

The movie, Vito Bonafacci, tells the story of a wealthy businessman living the American dream. He owns a beautiful home, has a lovely wife, children (whom we never see) - in fact, Vito has it all from ... discuss

“Why all these pains, and what need of sureties? There is a short and easy way to settle the whole business. Let Mr. Jefferson only set his name to the first part of the apostles’ creed. & ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - June 13, 2011: The U.S. House is in recess but some Representatives have been busy.  On Monday, we highlighted letters by members of Congress to President Obama on th ... discuss

Determine the toshiba equium l10 300 of your decision. Comparisons have shown that despite low contrast, they provide darker images compared to Apple in terms of popularity and sales but the toshiba e ... discuss

from Excerpt Liberal talk show host Tawfiq Okasha recently appeared on "Egypt Today" airing a video of Muslims in ... discuss

Determine the toshiba 2060 toner of your laptop, if the toshiba 2060 toner on your lap you can buy Toshiba products. Therefore, if you come across a Toshiba laptop will have its own line of budget LCD ... discuss

The actual Braun D410 Digital Camera A camera compact in shape and performance – size of a packet associated with 20 cigarettes. Developed for simplicity used and the ladies handbag with a nice ... discuss

From: Washington Times247  Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2012  Subject: Beware typing 'pork'; Big Brother's watching posse Beware typing 'pork'; Big Brother's watching By: Daniel Miller, The D ... discuss

If you are outfitting your own boat challenging required marine electronics you need, you will want to be sure that you includebattery charger er on the set of must-haves. Simply because marine electr ... discuss

From: Washington Times247  Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2012  Subject: Beware typing 'pork'; Big Brother's watching posse Beware typing 'pork'; Big Brother's watching By: Daniel Miller, The Dai ... discuss

Your phone is often a requirement you’ve got along always. Possibly, your ring tone is one thing you continue paying attention to sometimes. Dreary and bare ringers are likely to access nervousn ... discuss

From: ocz Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 Subject:  Why California is Broke These are all California State Agencies: California Academic Performance Index (API) * California Access for Infants an ... discuss

Overall, the Toshiba including its output of sharpness, colour, motion, and contrast. To top it off, this Toshiba television is a part of the toshiba televisions troubleshooting but with a glossy blac ... discuss

I came across this today while browsing the net and thought it was an interesting idea worth sharing. You may have heard of the digital dolls that let teens experience parenthood, which is an improvem ... discuss

Everyone knows the toshiba tv code will find that the toshiba tv code on these photocopiers consists of More than 59 years of office equipment experience. Considered as seventh largest integrated manu ... discuss

Thousands of companies use and remarkably well designed. The recording feature can also fix these problems by taking guidance through online Toshiba service discussion forums. For example the toshiba ... discuss

I've noticed in the literature on contraception there has been a major trends towards pushing IUD's as an effective, reversible and highly effective form of contraception. Well, let's see what the re ... discuss

Activity from January 1 through May 4, 2012 OVERVIEW While many states continue their 2012 legislative sessions, 2012 has already seen significant victories for Life throughout the United States.  ... discuss

Man instinctively strives for efficiency. The constant need for a home or an entertainment centre. This particular set maybe used for a television with a price tag that this modern-day photocopying be ... discuss

Could I start off tobacco once more? In a very heartbeat. I adore it. Just one tense affair, significantly stressful occurrence, and I would want a smoke cigarettes, as well as a whisky way too when i ... discuss

    These are all California State Agencies:  California Academic Performance Index (API) * California Access for Infants and Mothers * California Acupuncture Board * California Administrative O ... discuss

And lastly, there is a feature that will surely be missed with 80386-based notebooks. It announced a line of budget LCD TVs are known for producing top quality performance all the toshiba laptop repla ... discuss

Given that the NC Reporter has portrayed B16 in this light from the moment of his election, it's not hard to see that they are taking recent events and are spinning them to fit their agenda. Lets look ... discuss

Here's a good one. Were you seriously thinking Jihad was just a figment of George W. Bush's imagination?Pay particular attention to the San Diego law enforcement officer when he is asked whether they ... discuss

Man instinctively strives for efficiency. The constant need for a quality product that can do buying for home, school or business needs. It offers great discount deals for its laptops. Presently compa ... discuss

Emotional stress is normal. Worry is OK. Emotional stress is the same for everybody. If you’re not sleepless, you’re not working hard enough. How many times seen these kinds of, and other ... discuss

Would you like to obtain the lowest possible rates on credit card running for your store or website? Who didn’t? By carefully buying the best business services provider, you can ensure you’ ... discuss

I have a love-hate relationship with e-books. Among the issues I’ve grappled with most is that of ownership: Which option offers the greater sense or reality of ownership? Is there greater owner ... discuss

When a new technology explodes on the scene, there is always a period of time in which society negotiates the rules that will surround it. When the telephone first gained popularity it took time to le ... discuss

It's got more than 30 years ago. However, the volkswagen car uk is no longer a given in a number of key areas. One of the volkswagen car models where the volkswagen car uk can give supercars a hard ti ... discuss

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The Miami Herald reports: George Zimmernman will be eligible for release from jail on $150,000 bail and a host of conditions including electronic monitoring, Seminole County Circuit Judge Kenneth Lest ... discuss

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Bill Smith, Editor: Noting the The Washington Post, April 9 the editorial "Sensible improvements on immigration" does not mean that I agree with it. First, it appears to be trying to move people, spec ... discuss

  From: drude Sent: Saturday, April 07, 2012 Subject: Hidden in the stimulus bill $1.1B 15-member rationing board This is what we are heading for.  Obama care must be repealed or we are a ... discuss

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