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I know it’s not something many are willing to believe. Even for those who generously support the work of Alliance Defending Freedom, who’ve heard our many warnings through the years about the thr ... discuss

Vatican City, Oct 21, 2014 / 12:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Father Francesco di Felice worked at the Secretariat of State during the pontificate of Bl. Paul VI, and recently recounted the story behind the ... discuss

The American Catholic Council and their clique are always busy-busy, like termites, undermining the faith. Their latest exploit? A Catholic Tipping Point Tour featuring dissenting Irish priest, Tony F ... discuss

On Sunday, October 12, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins appeared on Fox News Sunday to debate the redefinition of marriage with Ted Olson, a prominent Republican attorney and advocate of ... discuss

Yup, as Cardinal Fox said, the damage is "irredeemable....The message has gone out and it is not a true message."The perception is out there now. Was it disseminated deliberately? No one will say who ... discuss

By Emily Conley, Social Content Editor Actually, Houston, we have several problems: The city of Houston passed a law that would allow members of the opposite sex to use each other’s restrooms, in t ... discuss

I'm a little taken aback by people I admire acting like the Relatio's problems are no big deal because the document has no authority and changes nothing in Church doctrine. Well, orthodox Catholi ... discuss

City of Houston Uses Nazi-Era Tactics Against Pastors     If Christian pastors across the United States don ... discuss

When it comes to illegal surveillance, it looks like the NSA has some competition. In a story that's making Texans' heads spin, the Houston P.C. police -- the same Council that passed an LGBT ordinan ... discuss

We can no longer remain silent. We must stand together – because one day – the government might come for your pastor. This is a GAY mayor and if you didn’t know, THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE ... discuss

“The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor ... discuss

Washington, D.C. — American Commitment, a national advocacy organization, is launching an online ad campaign aimed at thanking Senator Pat Roberts for his steadfast defense of free speech. Presiden ... discuss

9]> < ![endif]--> margin-right: 5px;" src="" alt="" height="137" width="147" />It’s puzzling.  When Israel builds homes on their ... discuss

In the Diocese of Novaliches, this LITURGICAL DISSENT continues; ang MISA NG BAYANANG PILIPINO.Jeff Velasco admits that the MBP has not received any recognitio, but at the same time says tha ... discuss

Infographic World has put together this informative piece on ISIS and ISIL. Click image to enlarge: As for how much confidence I have in Barack Obama's ability to lead us in this fight against ISIS ... discuss

When caught being grotesquely inaccurate about things he alleges Bush said, Neil DeGrass Tyson’s first response was to huff and puff and demand that we just believe him because he said so and he ... discuss has a poll out that basically says that the majority of Republicans consider themselves to be “hawks” when it comes to foreign policy. Which is why I do not consider myself a Re ... discuss

Did your eyes read that right?Yes, that is true.Watch this shocking video.And did my eyes read this right?A Dominican priest openly supports and promotes homosexual lifestyle.And I thought someone sai ... discuss

The blog has a hyperlink linking this blog.In it, the blog noticed that despite not getting the approval of the Holy See, some bishops (notably our dear Cardinal Tagle) and our "expert - world class" ... discuss

By: Benjamin Weingarten The Blaze Recently we noted that there was little if any dissent when it came to the efficacy of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal policies as portrayed in Ken Burns’ ... discuss

By Mitchell Kalpakgian, Ph.D. “Already as a university student in Padua, you made a rule for yourself never to avoid or curtail a conversation with anyone, no matter how unlikable and boring; to be ... discuss

Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, Sep 26, 2014 / 03:44 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Bishop Rogelio Livieres Plano has accepted in obedience Pope Francis’ decision to remove him from governance of the Ciudad de ... discuss

By Mark Shea | The teachings of the Faith are not optional, though many Catholics erroneously believe that one can dissent from particular teachings of the Church that one happens to find unsati ... discuss

Call to Action is thrilled with Bishop Cupich's appointment to Chicago where their national office is based!Now if you don't know about the dissidents at Call to Action, you have been deprived of many ... discuss

A troubling passage in Evangelii GaudiumAndrew Bieszad, a scholar on Islam, seems to believe Pope Francis is teaching error — or, at least, opiniones intolerata — about the “Ishmaelites”:For I ... discuss

I'm quoting extensively here but, it's so true:Now with Pope Francis the cafeteria Catholics are the conservatives. They splutter and fume at Pope Francis. He’s the pope, but they disagree with him ... discuss

Justice Sotomayer asserts: “Courts are still supreme”by Dr. Tom Askew, Presidential Prayer Team: In the latest of what is certain to be a series of Supreme Court tests of the Religious Freedom Res ... discuss

Today’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case represents a huge win for religious liberty in America, and the 5-4 decision will now stand as a landmark case that will reshape the religious liberty de ... discuss

"In 1999, the conference approved the Philippine Supplement to the Roman Sacramentary containing the particular liturgical calendar and Masses for the country. As a sign of inculturation the conferenc ... discuss

by Thaddeus Baklinski OTTAWA, May 20, 2014 ( – Following backlash from both sides of the abortion debate regarding his statement that there is no room for pro-lifers in the Libe ... discuss

 Brethren, Peace and Good to all of you.Mr. Michael O'Loughlin wrote an article published in Foreign Policy (FP) magazine, titled, Francis's Papal Bull, in which he decried the Ugandan and Nigeri ... discuss

John Zmirak writes a provocative article on the clique of us orthodox Catholics.John writes that in today's Church, only about five per cent of Catholics are genuinely orthodox, but that causes proble ... discuss

Rep McMorris Rodgers meets with mothers of children with Down syndrome.The Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union Address was made by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA). In it, sh ... discuss

Baptist Press: "Amid months-long protests that recently turned violent in Ukraine, observers are warning that hastily-imposed anti-dissent laws inadvertently threaten religious liberty and the future ... discuss

Ed Whelan at National Review: "Without recorded dissent, the Supreme Court has enjoined the federal government from enforcing the HHS mandate against the Little Sisters of the Poor and their co-plaint ... discuss

MESA, Ariz. – A school board in Arizona has voted unanimously to reinstate prayers at public meetings after voting just two months ago to replace the invocations with a moment of silence. The fi ... discuss

In response to my post on Catholic dissent, Ross Douthat reminds us that all men are fallen: I’m strongly sympathetic to Schmitz’s point about the dangers of officially upholding orthodoxy while m ... discuss

Material Faith Barbara Brown Taylor, Other Over Our Dead Bodies Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, Dissent The New Paideia Felipe De Brigard, 3:AM Fisking Stiehm’s Bigotry Elizabeth Scalia, Patheos Ext ... discuss

Reuters: Spain's ruling People's Party (PP) sought on Wednesday to stem dissent within its ranks over a law that will make it harder for a woman to get an abortion, saying it would seek consensus over ... discuss

In 1984, George Orwell's classic work of dystopian fiction, the reader sees the inside of a fictional totalitarian government. The functions of its propaganda department, the ironically named Ministr ... discuss

Priestly ordinations are on the rise in the US, having reached a 20-year high. That’s certainly good news. But here’s the kicker: dioceses with more faithful and outspoken bishops fare muc ... discuss

The Pro Life Campaign's Deputy Chairperson Cora Sherlock has accused the Government of behaving in an "autocratic and heavy-handed" way over its decision to expel Denis Naughten TD from the Oireachtas ... discuss

Dennis Prager at Townhall - The President Who Has Done the Most Damage I have been broadcasting for 31 years and writing for longer than that. I do not recall ever saying on radio or in print that a p ... discuss

Silencing dissent by SWATing messengers of truth ... discuss

The United Methodist Church’s highest court issued three rulings this weekend that do not change church policy toward gays and lesbians but allow bishops to accept resolutions expressing dissent fro ... discuss

America Magazine ran an opinion piece on clericalism from a young monk who thinks his fellow young priests are too clericalist. That engendered some impassioned responses, which you can find linked at ... discuss

by Hilary White ROME, September 24, 2013 ( Italy’s “anti-homophobia” bill, that was passed in the Chamber of Deputies last week, is reminiscent of the methods used b ... discuss

by Hilary White ROME, September 24, 2013 ( Italy’s “anti-homophobia” bill, that was passed in the Chamber of Deputies last week, is reminiscent of the methods used b ... discuss

Tony Perkins' FRC Washington Update: If you want to engage in free speech, prepare to be taxed! That's the message from the IRS, where new documents are showing just how deep the roots of ideologica ... discuss

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer   “I do not come here to lose my freedom; I beg you-get out of Seven/50. Do Not Destroy Our Freedom,” a political refugee from Romania pleaded with the ... discuss

In her address to the assembly, LCWR president Sister Florence Deacon, OSF presented reflections on what it means to be a faithful woman of the church as a framework for a way forward in LCWR’s rela ... discuss

South Bend, Ind., Aug 24, 2013 / 06:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Despite a shift in tone, virtually no progress has been made toward the Vatican's goals for the reform of the Leadership Conference of Women ... discuss

Nothing says dissent quite  like a nun supporting the  killing of babies.The Kansas-based National Catholic Reporter (NCR), the U.S.’s most notorious dissenting Catholic newspapers, has be ... discuss

by Johanna Dasteel MILWAUKEE, WI, July 26, 2013 ( – A group identifying as Catholic has plans to host a conference November 1-3 during which the speakers are scheduled to delive ... discuss

I can't wait until Archbishop Cordileone sees a copy of that letter  :) The good Archbishop just so happens to be on the USCCB Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage :)I hope ... discuss

Fighting in South Sudan cuts off 100,000 people from aid South Sudan army says it and UN unable to protect civilians in Jonglei Fighting in South Sudan forces thousands into bush South Sudan f ... discuss

Okay, the Zimmerman trial is over but the furor continues. See the stories here, here, and here for a taste of whats going on.Our self-styled masters are happily watching while the hoi-poli get their ... discuss

“ This has been brewing for a couple of days, so it’s gonna be a long one: You can’t tell me you were surprised by the Supreme Court’s decision in Windsor v. United States. I saw it comin ... discuss

On June 11, 1963, a Buddhist monk named Thích Quang Duc was among the procession of approximately 350 monks and nuns who surrounded the intersection at Phan Dinh Phung Boulevard and Le Van Duyet Stre ... discuss

Several topics and observations today. Something for everyone, I hope. Copy and forward as you wish.Tenacity and patience have thus far kept a few important bills going. I expect that both the partial ... discuss

Former PE teacher Carla Hale It would be easier for everyone if, like Rainbow Sash, we all wore some form of distinctive clothing to signify to the Catholic Church leadership what sins we were ... discuss

In January of this year, an African-American man living out his life in a Maryland nursing home succumbed to Alzheimer's disease. Because he was not a sports hero or a member of America's b ... discuss

It's January, 2013. Dr. Johnny Hunter, a Black man, is quoted on Twitter criticizing the association between the NAACP and Planned Parenthood because of that organization's racist and euge ... discuss

The other day my 10 year-old son asked me who Pope Benedict was and why it was a big deal he was retiring. After admonishing myself about not talking to my children about this, we discussed the ideals ... discuss

This is no spoof ... it's real. They are practicing in downtown Miami, supposedly to "test their gear and training for 'over seas'". Given the fact that the Obama administration reportedly wants ... discuss

FROM THE PASTORJanuary 27, 2013by Fr. George W. Rutler The Geneva Convention’s classification of military chaplains as noncombatants has traditionally been interpreted in the United States to mean ... discuss

After all they didn't listen to his predecessor, Bishop Charles Helmsing in 1968 when he issued a condemnation & told them to stop using Catholic in their title.But that isn't stopping Bishop Robert F ... discuss

Conservatives have plenty of reason to mope in the fiscal gloom these days, maybe even enough to indulge in a bit of dark humor. That brings us to the Colorado political junkie joke of the week, the f ... discuss

Well, Rome has finally let the other foot drop on the neck of the Social Justice.  Here is the excellent coverage from LSN. Let’s pick out some of the juicy parts and chow down: “The Church ... discuss

LifeSiteNews has the latest drama from Development and Peace. I've said this before. I'll say it again. I wish we could get a bunch of Catholics involved in this story and have a frank discussion. ... discuss

The Leadership Council of Women Religious was awarded the Herbert Haag Prize for 2013 for Freedom in the Church. The fact that these heritical habitless hussies have won it should come to no surprize ... discuss

Today, abolitionists converged upon the ground outside a gathering of one of the most pro-abortion "church"es in the state of Oklahoma to make known our presence, our dissent, and the law of Almighty ... discuss

So, as Socon or Bust readers know, Fr. Tom Rosica has responded to Michael Voris’s rather compelling and revealing video exposé on Fr. Rosica’s interview with Gregory Baum. You’ll ... discuss

From William McGurn in the Wall Street Journal: The result for our politics is an extraordinary campaign, in the 10 days since Paul Ryan became the Republican candidate for vice president, by those on ... discuss

Lately I’ve been challenged to think through the position that many of the AHA leaders have taken in this election to vote for neither Obama or Romney and some even to abstain from the election all ... discuss

Fr. Tom Reese was on his soapbox again spouting heresy to an enthusiastic crowd of equally heretical Catholics who attend Holy Trinity in Georgetown. That's the church notorious for its clown Mass (li ... discuss

Protesters greet the Nuns on the Bus to challenge their agenda to re-elect the most pro-abortion president in history!It was no surprise to me to see that the Nuns on the Bus were launching their "Vir ... discuss

from Jill Stanek.comby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN and Kelli We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email Susie@jillstanek.c ... discuss

article source:  (5Sep12)689 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama The National Review Online, September 10, 2012; Volu ... discuss

This morning, I had the horrible pleasure of stumbling upon this article from the Toronto Star. I have skipped a few of the beginning paragraphs, because i want to get down to the brass tacks of this. ... discuss

Holy smokes.  Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse in the Canadian Church, disappoint abounds.  Fresh off his star appearance at the Den of Dissent conference here in Ottawa, Gregory ... discuss

Thanks to the local lamestream media for naming me “Chump of the Week!” Read here what they claim I said. Then scroll down to the actual text of what I originally wrote by email. Chum ... discuss

The following is an article written by lawyer, Margaret Dore and published on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 on the Montanans Against Assisted Suicide and for Living with Dignity website. The article p ... discuss

You know, this is a pretty good speech. It would be more effective if there were a single policy which actually backed any of the rhetoric up, but the talk show hosts during the afternoon commute I he ... discuss

Picture this lecture: Ladies and gentlemen, it is an exquisite joy and honour to make a presentation before such an illustrious gathering of minds. It is so very important for geniuses like us — ... discuss

In the recent debate surrounding John Derbyshire’s firing from National Review for speaking the politically incorrect truth, many commenters noticed what had been apparent to some people for a l ... discuss

An English diocese has cancelled a lecture by a theologian who has taken a public stand in favor of legal recognition of same-sex marriage. The Diocese of Clifton announced that a scheduled lecture by ... discuss

Here’s a timeline of key events from that day Here are some far less significant events: We had a friend whose husband’s base was shut down so tightly it took him five hours to clear secur ... discuss

  Brothers and Sisters: Peace be with you. I now continue this thread on Twelve Similarities Between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches by focusing on apostolic succession per sé, a belief h ... discuss

from falsely said:“Paul Ryan claims his budget reflects ... discuss

Towards the end of September, each parish will have a special collection for the “needs of the Church in Canada”. Despite the fancy name, this is merely the annual tax of the Canadian Conf ... discuss

Well, given Fr. Rosica’s grand eulogization of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, S.J., much is now explained about Fr. Rosica’s worldview.  The deceased Cardinal was a mentor (of sorts) to ... discuss

UPDATE 10:01 PM: The following states' Rules Committee delegates have both signed onto the Minority Report: Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Virginia ... discuss

Usually behind-the-scenes activities are the most interesting (and controversial) at a political convention. This year is no different with a monumental power grab by Republican insiders. Romney wants ... discuss

Law professor John Inazu writes in USA Today that when it comes to the Obama contraception mandate, “The legal challenges implicate an interest that all of us — Catholics and evangelicals, rel ... discuss

Politico reports today, “A liberal non-profit group linked to Harry Reid is launching what it says will be a long-term multimillion-dollar advertising campaign targeting the conservative Koch br ... discuss

T by Chris Dickson, F.L.A.I am appalled by the naivete of our Church being duped into anti-Christian communism. Liberation theology is a threat to free society by its undermining of the Church and ... discuss

Fox News reports a gunman was stopped by a courageous security guard at the Family Research Council’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. According to the report, the gunman admitted he was motivat ... discuss

… is more government surveillance, says Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Why? Because the country is crawling with people like Wade Michael Page: Perhaps it’s finally time for N ... discuss

was born in Sankt Radegund, Upper Austria, a small village between Salzburg and Braunau am Inn. He was the illegitimate child of Rosalia Huber, a chambermaid, and Franz Bachmeier, a farmer.[1] He was ... discuss

Today's The Detroit News had an article about the Leadership Council of Women Religious' ongoing rebellion againt the Vatican as well as their vows entitled  Mich. nuns ready for showdown wi ... discuss

By Patrick J. Buchanan Two weeks ago, Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A, an Atlanta company famous for its juicy chicken sandwiches, appeared on "The Ken Coleman Show" to air his biblical belief ... discuss

In his must-read piece today at The American Spectator titled Obama's Coercive Secular State, George Neumayr discusses the overlap of socialism and radical secularism in Barack Obama's political philo ... discuss

related: Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day A Public Event · By Mike Huckabee article source: http: ... discuss

Further details to follow. Suggestions on speakers most welcome. It’s high time that dissent and error are crushed. Let’s get the ball rolling.   ... discuss

Bishop De Roo, one of the Den of Dissent speakers, gives us a taste of the kind of liturgy we might expect. Never mind the three Jesus mega puppets in the background @ 6:00.  Whatever was behind the ... discuss

I’m going to send in the Petition in the next couple of weeks.  By the way, we’re over 500 signatures! That’s surely more people than will be at this Conference.  Great job everyo ... discuss

Wow! Bishop Cordileone has been in my thoughts and prayers since he was sent to shepherd the Oakland pasture. But now he's been sent to the ecclesial and cultural front lines, both of which converge ... discuss

An associate from the other side of the country who asked to be anonymous has also noticed the destruction of the Church from within. Imagine how this betrayal wounded the heart of Christ when he suff ... discuss

Another one for the “Dissent will not be tolerated!” file. The BSA reaffirmed their policy barring openly homosexual members and leaders. Predictably, the PC Thought Police are having a ... discuss

More from the dissent will not be tolerated file. Her tweet was admittedly tasteless and incredibly stupid, but it does not warrant a ban from the Olympics for which she has worked so long and hard. ... discuss

Good. Bernardin first, now Plourde and the Gang of Five. Call them out. So all of this ‘hush-hush’ garbage can be a thing of the past. We did not arrive at the place we are today because o ... discuss

Top story:SPUC welcomes new Catholic archbishop of GlasgowSPUC has welcomed the appointment of Bishop Philip Tartaglia as the new Catholic archbishop of Glasgow. John Smeaton, SPUC’s chief execut ... discuss

The PC Gestapo’s attack on Chick-fil-A, an excellent Christian company, continues. Dissent will not be tolerated. Who knew Kermit and Miss Piggy were libs? Next time I’m trying to decide w ... discuss

Good.  It’s about time.  Let the you-know-what-hit-the-fan.  I’m tired of the Catholic Church playing the whore to the secular progressives.  It’s time for us to recover our dign ... discuss

Brethren: Peace and Good to all of you. This blog post is a broader commentary to the this MSNBC headline: Is liberal Christianity signing its own death warrant? which I invite you to read. I have ... discuss

They never met a democratic pro-abort they didn't worship. Obama and Sebelius are icons of their liberal religion. But oh how they wax eloquent in going after Mitt Romney for acts against life. What h ... discuss

When the subject of Mitt Romney and the presidential race comes up, there are so many different opinions from pro-lifers: "I will not vote for Romney because he really is a liberal.  L ... discuss

…As for other Catholics coming on board with Cardinal Collins, it remains to be seen whether the average Catholic in the pew will show meaningful support. Over the last two years, the Ontario bi ... discuss

Found this via LifeNews.comAs if President Barack Obama hasn’t done enough to sour his re-election prospects with Catholic voters due to the egregious mandate requiring them to pay for abortion-caus ... discuss

An interview with George Obama, who lives in a hut in Kenya "like something out of 'Slumdog Millionaire'" is featured in the upcoming movie "2016: Obama's America." From The Hollywood Reporter& ... discuss

Sr. Margaret Farley and Dissent | First Things mg width='1' height='1' src='' alt='' /> ... discuss

the US descent into socialism. This weekend, I am thousands of miles from home in a remote and isolated part of the world with erratic communications and lack of basic services. No, not Washington, ... discuss

Given that the Obama administration is asking the Supreme Court to settle the legal fight over DOMA, a law that denies federal benefits to 'married' gay couples ... and we all now know how much Chief ... discuss

I’ve decided to extend the petition for another month.  Keep spreading the word, everyone. I will chill no liberal before it’s time. ... discuss

Continuing on our little Inquisition at Socon or Bust about the endless dissent in the Catholic Church here in Canada, I’d like to bring to the attention of our readers this little gem which a ... discuss

Having reserved the right to revise and extend my remarks once I'd had more time to read and ponder National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, I do somewhat revise my opinion expressed b ... discuss

Chief Justice John Roberts was a man on a mission. He altered his original course to strike down ObamaCare's individual mandate as unconstitutional and became determined to save it.Jan Crawford, CBS N ... discuss

Brethren, Peace and good to all of you. I just wanted to offer brief comments on this extract 'Moral schism' worries Catholics, published in the The Columbus Dispatch: “There’s a moral schism ... discuss

Do it, Holy Father. We’re soooooooo with you. Throw those candles down.   ... discuss

Well! That was an invigorating and enjoyable 24-hour news cycle, wasn’t it? The hysterics; the swearing and f’bombing; the renewed exposure of “real media” as ranting and incom ... discuss

Today, the United States Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  In an opinion authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, the Court held that the “individual mandate”—the provision th ... discuss

The National Catholic Bioethics Center is deeply disappointed to learn that virtually the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) remains standing in the wake of the June 28, 2012 U. S ... discuss

Perhaps it's because I've been away a'prayin' for a week but I don't feel very shaken by SCOTUS' upholding Obamacare. I'm too tired and have too much practical re-entry to take care of to actually rea ... discuss

Dred Scott Roe v. Wade Obama Care Proof positive that although the Supreme Court is the final authority on constitutionality in the land - they are not infallible and in fact sometimes (often tim ... discuss

As most people know by now, the Supreme Court issued its ruling on ObamaCare this morning. & in doing so, came to that conclusion in what seems to be the most convoluted bit of logic I have seen in a ... discuss

Transcript: As you might imagine, I disagree with the Supreme Court's decision and I agree with the dissent. d not do on its last day in session, I will do on my first day if elected president of ... discuss

Having just sped through Scalia’s dissent, a legal friend of mine observes that it is somewhat unusual. It reads like a majority opinion. Ninety-five percent of it is devoid of any criticism of ... discuss

I am amusedly watching the reactions of the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare — where yesterday’s “extremist activist court” is suddenly a model of humility and judicial restraint  ... discuss

... discuss

Tomorrow is the big day in which we learn whether the U.S. Government now rules rather than governs us.  If Obamacare is upheld, what remains of the old order of limited government will be swept awa ... discuss

John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter, in an exclusive interview, quizzed Cardinal William Levada of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith about what would happen if the LCWR remains i ... discuss

Ooooh.  I got some traction in the mainstream Catholic Press about my little Crusade to get the Vatican to ditch the Theologian Kings of Vatican III. Check out this article written by Deborah Gyapong ... discuss

Two thumbs up for Bishop Salvatore Cordileone who asked the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry (CALGM) to sign an "oath of personal integrity" to the Catholic faith. An article in the N ... discuss

Folks, I’m going to be sending in the petition to the Nuncio at the end of June. So far, we’ve collected 162 signatures.  Would like to see a cool 200.  That’s not a bad number con ... discuss

As an illustration of my post yesterday ("Living in a World Gone Mad," most specifically, the observations it contained about our sadly misnamed justice system), I submit this item I ran across a coup ... discuss

Today, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell spoke today at the American Enterprise Institute on the growing threats to our First Amendment rights. Rather than editing or filtering his comments, hi ... discuss

Another important point in this article is that the Vatican has been quite transparent and forthright with the LCWR, despite what liberal Catholic--and I don't know why Church officials continue to si ... discuss

If you live out in the country you know what a nuisance ground hogs and moles can be. If you live anywhere in the south you know all about termites and watch out for signs your home might be infested. ... discuss

Pat Farrell OSFBefore I get started with the main part of this post, I have to explain the title. The city of DBQ was given the nickname of little Rome many many moons ago because of all the Catholic ... discuss

Calls assessment "unsubstantiated" and "the result of a flawed process that lacked transparency". Brethren, Peace and Good to you. Yesterday, the board of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious ... discuss

McGuinty is setting new records of defiance in imposing his gay agenda on Catholic schools. Reacting to criticism from Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto, McGuinty insisted the publicly-funded Catholi ... discuss

From Crisis Magazine By M. D. Aeschliman On a June evening in 1979 I was having a drink on a small balcony outside a sixth-floor apartment in downtown Warsaw with a very civilized, elderly Polish i ... discuss

From: Washington Times247  Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2012  Subject: Beware typing 'pork'; Big Brother's watching posse Beware typing 'pork'; Big Brother's watching By: Daniel Miller, The D ... discuss

From: Washington Times247  Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2012  Subject: Beware typing 'pork'; Big Brother's watching posse Beware typing 'pork'; Big Brother's watching By: Daniel Miller, The Dai ... discuss

British TV Network Makes Contact with Chen Guangcheng‘s Relatives in China By Michael Ireland Senior International Correspondent, ASSIST News Service LONDON, UK (ANS) -- Britain's ... discuss

If you were only watching the nightly news on ABC, NBC, or CBS this week you might not know that 43 Catholic institutions – including major archdioceses, dioceses, universities, & publishing house ... discuss

Got an email from someone asking me to respond to this rant by Maureen Dowd, about the horrible, rotten, no-good, very bad, “un-catholic” Church.Dowd has demonstrated that she really doesn ... discuss

1992 was a year of disappointing setbacks for pro-life Americans. When most observers thought the Supreme Court was on the verge of overruling its 1973 decisions in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, a ... discuss

< !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> lass="medium bold">This could have been produced today describing the "State of o'bamanation" that we are being forced ... discuss

The Catholic Sistas posted one of my articles today. They are a group of young (mostly) Catholic moms on fire with the faith. Visit their website to get a glimpse of real Catholic women today instead ... discuss

Küng vergleicht Katholische Kirche mit totalitären Systemen | Politik - Frankfurter Neue Presse - Frankfurt: Küng compares Catholic Church with totalitarian systems.The theologian and papal c ... discuss

From Georgetown Professor: Sebelius Is a “Great Inspiration” for G ... discuss

The prophet Isaiah reminds us that you should never forget “the rock from which you are hewn.”And in the Book of Deuteronomy we are told to “remember the days of old; consider the generations lo ... discuss

The video below is so dishonest it's breathtaking and can only be seen as a shot across the bow of Vatican authority. Fr. James Martin is a prime example of the lying Jesuit of which, unhappily, there ... discuss

Might Catholic higher education have a sunrise coming upon its very black night?This is big news for Catholic higher education.  The Pope called for a return to fidelity in 2008 during his visit ... discuss

I generally don't like to call out fellow believers, but someone should when they publicly lead others into scandal.  John L. Allen, Jr., is a master at making himself appear objective and unbias ... discuss

In my post on how the euthanasia movement robs other people of autonomy in the name of their own, a genial atheist engaged me in the combox. Thanks for stopping by, Reasonable Gentleman. I hope you co ... discuss

I feel a refreshing wind coming to Ottawa. Maybe I’ll have Voris back in September, just in time for the Vatican III conference.  Hey, maybe we can  have our own conference with faithful the ... discuss

posted on Youtube by MrChrisMcPhail2  June 19, 2010     Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day, but a series of oppressions, begun at a dist ... discuss

Michael Voris is coming to Ottawa.  I’m bringing him here to feed the sheep who have been forced-fed garbage for decades.  Social “justice”, false ecumenical propaganda, tepid te ... discuss

Have you been following the fight for Religious Liberty over at Vanderbilt University? Vanderbilt Catholic, now Vandy Catholic, will not comply with the new university policy. Good for them! Now the ... discuss

Brethren, the following is my reply to an article published in the Huffington Point, titled, The Subversion of Vatican II, by Brother Louis DeThomasis, FSC. Well, Brother Louis, "yes and no". First l ... discuss

Most Rev. Pedro López Quintana Apostolic Nuncio to Canada, Apostolic Nunciature 724 Manor Ave. Ottawa, ON  K1M 0E3  cc. Most Rev. Terrence Prendergast By e-mail: apostolic.nunciature @ Y ... discuss

  Vatican III and the Theologian Kings (Sign the Petition) Star-Studded Cast of Dissenters To Herald “Hermeneutic of Rupture” @ St. Paul’s University CCCB: Inviting Dissent ... discuss

Action Life’s Hike for Life:  Sat. Apr.28  Michael Voris in Ottawa:  Thur. May 24 Dissent @ St. Paul’s U - Stay tuned for more activity Action Life Dinner with Brian Lilley: Sat. No ... discuss

Apart from the Resurrection, which stands alone, the two big Catholic stories so far this month are the hint that the break-away Traditionalist group the Society of St. Pius X might be reconciled with ... discuss

In an April 12 vote of eight in favor and only two in dissent, the Supreme Federal Tribunal of Brazil made legal the abortion of unborn babies diagnosed during pregnancy with anencephaly, drawing stat ... discuss

In Russia’s southern city, the former mayoral candidate continues his hunger strike against the alleged fraud that led to the victory of his rival, a member of United Russia, Putin’s party. Hunger ... discuss

by Adam Cassandra April 18, 2012 ( - In an April 12 vote of eight in favor and only two in dissent, the Supreme Federal Tribunal of Brazil made legal the abortion of unborn babies di ... discuss

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) is calling for reform of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), the association of radical nuns who promote dissent in the Church. In ... discuss

Back in 2008 the Vatican finally said "BASTA!!!!!!" to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) & their promotion of heresy over authentic Catholic teaching. Today, the  Vatican’s Co ... discuss

Brethren: Peace and Good to all.This is significant. According to the Catholic News Agency:Washington D.C., Apr 18, 2012 / 01:19 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The Vatican called for reform amid a doctrinal “ ... discuss

From: Chuck Baldwin  Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2012 Subject: The Man Who Should Be President The Man Who Should Be President By Chuck Baldwin, Thursday, April 12, 2012 article source: http://chuc ... discuss

Governor Scott Walker’s campaign spokeswoman Ciara Matthews finds herself on the receiving end of misogyny by feminists and leftist press. Her crime?  She waited tables at Hooters while going ... discuss

In an April 12 vote of eight in favor and only two in dissent, the Supreme Federal Tribunal of Brazil made legal the abortion of unborn babies diagnosed during pregnancy with anencephaly, drawing stat ... discuss

In recent years, Pope Benedict XVI has emphasized the need to interpret the documents of the Second Vatican Council in light of the Church’s Tradition.   This emphasis has been necessary bec ... discuss

Brethren, Peace and Good to all of you in Jesus Christ, Our Risen Lord.These news courtesy of Vatican Insider:Peter Paul Kaspar, chaplain of the Academy and the artists of Linz and one of the leaders ... discuss

In what was thought to be the aftermath of the Zimmerman-Trayvon episode, there was a solid, if perhaps, premature, column from Matt Parrot, which noted: Even if White Americans did want to feel guilt ... discuss

On Monday, 9 April, Catholic Action for Faith and Family announced that they would be airing a 30 minute interview filmed at the Vatican with Cardinal Raymond Burke this week on EWTN. The program ... discuss

Confraternity of Catholic Clergy Say NO to Colleagues in Austria and YES to Pope in Rome - Christian Newswire HARRISBURG, Penn., April 6, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Five hundred priests and deaco ... discuss

…“I have to say to the bishops: ‘You’re not allowed to do that anymore,’” said Murray, an open homosexual who serves as McGuinty’s Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, ac ... discuss

From Colin at The Theology of Dad: But let me point this out: if you don't want to end up with an openly homosexual person on the parish council, here's how you prevent that. First, get rid of peo ... discuss

Just as Soviet Russia considered all dissent to be mental illness, her natural children, the Progressives, seek to eliminate any need to discuss actuall issues and ideas by marginalizing those who dis ... discuss

Canon lawyer Ed Peters thinks George Neumayr is making a bad situation worse with regard to his criticism of Cardinal Wuerl over the prelate's handling of Fr. Marcel Guarnizo refusing Communion to les ... discuss

by Peter Baklinski TORONTO, Ontario, March 27, 2012 ( – Yesterday’s decision by the Ontario Court of Appeal that found provisions in the law to be unconstitutional that prohibited ... discuss

In response to a frequent question we have been recieving in comments and messages on the AHA facebook community page, I wanted to share the answer I give people when they ask whether our “group is ... discuss

Driven by intolerance, their goal is to skillfully and cleverly use fear, hate, and intimidation to propagandize the media and shape news coverage, they closely coordinate with the White House, and ev ... discuss

by Hilary White, Rome Correspondent ROME, March 22, 2012 ( - The boast of Tony Blair that he supports homosexual “marriage” in open defiance of Catholic teaching, has emba ... discuss

Historian John Lukacs is one of America’s treasures. He has written extensively on our history and, especially, the history of World War II. As an émigré from Hungary, he brings a unique perspecti ... discuss

…real Catholic educational resources.  Here’s a good place to start. Don’t let the bureaucrats do it. ‘Cause this is what you get: Fisher’s group plans on handing out pa ... discuss




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