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Today in Washington, D.C. - July 30, 2014The House reconvened at 10 AM.The House will may consider the following today:H. Con. Res. 107 — "Denouncing the use of civilians as human shields by Hamas ... discuss

 Another deeply deceptive pro-abortion bill introduced, this time in Pennsylvania By Maria Gallagher, Legislative/PAC Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation The abortion industry a ... discuss

In the buildup to the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, and even more so in its aftermath, prominent news outlets have been aggressively spreading falsehoods about key aspects of the case. B ... discuss

The abortion industry and its allies are lobbing another legislative weapon in their War on Women. The weapon of choice, in this case, is a deceptively named Pennsylvania bill called the “Patient Tr ... discuss

Christ in the House of Mary and Martha, Jan Vermeervia WikipediaToday is Saint Martha's feast day and I still have not written anything I like better about her than this piece, which I present again.I ... discuss

Denver, CO (LiveActionNews) — In the wake of new evidence provided by a former Planned Parenthood manager detailing the abortion giant’s disturbing annual quotas, Texas congressmen expressed ou ... discuss

I have been on Naomi Ragen's email list for several years. No. I am not Jewish. Yes, absolutely I support Israel and Naomi's writings are sensitive, passionate, informative, fair. The below came i ... discuss

One solemn guard proceeded on the well-trodden 21-step march in front of the tomb. The clock was striking three o’clock, and the sound reverberated off the surrounding marble as silence fell. A ... discuss

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.  A shocking crime was committed on the unscrupulous initiative of few individuals, with the blessing of more, and amid the passive acquiescence ... discuss

This blew my mind.A fetus is not supposed to survive two tubal pregnancy past 12 weeks.In this study, a tubal pregnancy of 14 weeks, and one-- incredibly-- of 26 weeks-- were documented. By the time t ... discuss

Etsy Selling Success: Cash In On Your Creations is a perfect opportunity for those interested in selling crafts online, but lack technical knowledge. By spending less time on creating and mai ... discuss

Does anyone remember the name Bowe Bergdahl these days? Only a few weeks back, Bergdahl’s name rocketed to the front page of every major newspaper as a result of his release from five years of “ca ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - July 25, 2014The House reconvened at 10 AM. As of this article the House has taken up and passed:H.R. 4935 (237-173)— "To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to mak ... discuss

by Kelli At Live Action, Ingrid Heimark spells out the reasoning behind the real “war on women” being waged by pro-abortion, population control-advocating eugenicists. Saynsumthn’s ... discuss

This week, President Obama made an executive order demanding that only organizations who agree with the administration’s view of sexuality are eligible to receive government contracts, refusing the ... discuss

by David Harsanyi: So Barack Obama is again using one of the most contemptible phrases in American politics — “economic patriotism.”There are many credible reasons to despise this rhetorical c ... discuss

• Couples are flocking to Thailand, the last place in Asia where sex-selective IVF is available. • The Medical Board of Australia has suspended the medical registration of Dr Philip Nitschke, aka: ... discuss

Toon by William Warren Today in Washington, D.C. - July 24, 2014 The House reconvened at 10 AM today. The will be considering the following bills today:H.R. 4984 — "To amend the loan counseling ... discuss

Ann Furedi of BPASMorning-after pill should be handed out in maternity wards – BPAS [Telegraph, 23 July] Book now for SPUC's national conference, 5-7 SeptemberSPUC's national conference takes place ... discuss

 Abandoned newborn now doing well, foster parents seek to adopt “Baby Carlos” By Dave Andrusko Baby Carlos was discovered in a dumpster four months ago. Photo credit: Ricky Ramirez ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - July 23, 2014The House reconvened today at 10 AM. The House will consider today:H.R. 3136 — "To establish a demonstration program for competency-based education."H.R. 4 ... discuss

A final decision may soon be made in finding a home for Baby Carlos Guzman, abandoned by his mother last February, but whose image “made the hearts of Houstonians melt,” according to local televis ... discuss

My best friend and his wife (my wife’s best friend) grew up in and worship in the Church of Christ tradition, a Christian denomination popular in the Southern U.S., with roots in the Second Grea ... discuss

SPUC is looking to recruit a Personal Secretary to the Chief Executive (myself) based at our London HQ. The post is part-time (15-25 hours per week, negotiable). Salary details available on request. ... discuss

On July 23, the Church celebrates the feast of St. Bridget (Birgitta) of Sweden, who was a widow and Third Order Franciscan (1303 – 1373). She is one of the most prominent women of the Christian Mid ... discuss

Today, Life Dynamics Inc., a national pro-life organization, has released their second report exposing how the abortion industry covers for child sexual predators. This new report, entitled, “The Co ... discuss

From The Center for Vision & Values, Grove City CollegeBy Dr. Paul G. Kengor Editor’s note: A longer version of this article first appeared at The American Spectator.This generation has its KAL ... discuss

This is not the post I intended for today, but it is the post that is necessary. I am failing in being like Christ. For 17 months now my husband’s elderly parents have lived in our house. These ... discuss

WordPress reminded me that I have been blogging for 7 years now. So I thought I’d toss out a post about why I started OneMom way back then. (Original post date July 8, 2007) The main purpose for ... discuss

Mostly just sharing some pictures today. Last week Hannah picked out a kite at a kite store in Mackinaw City, and the next day we went to the Lake Michigan shore near our house to take it for a spin. ... discuss

This is one of those recurring social debates and issues that seem to pop up quite frequently in one form or another. As a male it’s a bit of a delicate topic to openly muse about. But rarely ha ... discuss

I know this is long, but I feel this needed to be said...As many of you know, I run a blog called The Catholic Breadbox, in which I publish quotes culled from the great writers and big names of the Ch ... discuss

A baby graveyard is being built in New Orleans, and it’s quite an expensive one too. Who’s building it? None other than Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion business in America. The fa ... discuss

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin SloanMy rating: 3 of 5 stars“[...] We keep a record for every member, and for every customer who might yet become a member, in order to track their work." H ... discuss

Senate Defeats Democrats’ Bill to “Overturn” Supreme Court Decision Protecting Hobby Lobby Senate Democrats today lost their bid to approve legislation to “overturn” the Supreme Court’s ... discuss

Contact: Rev. Patrick Mahoney, 540-538-4741 WASHINGTON, July 16, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Justina Pelletier, who was recently returned home after being taken unjustly from her family in Connectic ... discuss

Contact: Dr. Pat McEwen, Operation Save America, 321-431-3962 NEW ORLEANS, July 17, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian pro-life leaders from across the nation will be gathering in New Orleans th ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - July 17, 2014The House reconvened at 9:00 AM today and moved immediately to consider taking up H.R. 4719 — "To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to permanently e ... discuss

Pro-lifers rejoiced last summer, and with good reason, when Texas passed laws to stop abortions on pain-capable babies and impose some common sense safety standards on Texas abortion clinics. But clai ... discuss

Contact: Dr. Pat McEwen, Operation Save America, 321-431-3962 NEW ORLEANS, July 17, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian pro-life leaders from across the nation will be gathering in New Orleans th ... discuss

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — It’s no secret that Planned Parenthood preys on children. By getting their hooks into our kids early, they ensure a lifetime of faithful customers who will co ... discuss

An international, award-winning musical group that has gained recognition from some of the world's most famous singers has shared with ZENIT details often not discussed in interviews. The Italian t ... discuss

You just can’t make this up. All this means there’s going to be literally MILLIONS of taxpayers next April 15 2015 who’s hard drives are also going to CRASH, and just what the hell c ... discuss

Contact: Rev. Patrick Mahoney, 540-538-4741WASHINGTON, July 16, 2014 / / -- Justina Pelletier, who was recently returned home after being taken unjustly from her family in ... discuss

Denver, CO (LiveActionNews) — A new investigative video produced by Live Action shows a Planned Parenthood staffer coaching a 15-year-old girl on how to view pornography, visit sex shops, and experi ... discuss

 “Would my name have been the same?” “Would I even be here?” “Did my parents want me? These are just a few of the haunting questions asked by many siblings of aborted babies, questions ... discuss

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From the Seton Newsletter. Our Lady of Mount Carmel We celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel on July 16th, the date of Our Lady's appearance to St. Simon Stock. The celebration of this feast ... discuss

--I have always been interested in true crime and serial killers in specific.  I blame my Mother for this, since she has the same fascination.  It must be passed on from Mother to daughter b ... discuss

Americans United for Life Board Member details health risks of abortion for mothers and their unborn children in Senate Judiciary Hearing WASHINGTON, D.C. (07-15-14) – The benignly named ... discuss

After Nigeria was eliminated from the world cup the Nigerian captain personally offered to refund all the expenses of international fans that traveled to Brazil. He said he just needs their bank de ... discuss

The Pro Life Movement has shown great success for the Pro Choice Movement because the Pro Life Movement is a deliberate extension of the Pro Choice Movement. They have made abortion stronger by pushin ... discuss

This week, I’m joining up with other Catholic bloggers at RAnn’s place for Sunday Snippets where we share our posts from the previous week and answer a weekly question.Question of the Week:   ... discuss

Not writing this blog obviously. It’s been a whirlwind lately. Everybody says that there are a lot of administrative tasks involved in launching a non-profit, and they’re right. Thanks for ... discuss

e="background: white; margin-bottom: .0001pt; margin: 0in;">Thanks goes to Michael Snyder for the post. See original post here.  The number of SWAT team raids in the United States every year is n ... discuss

This convicted child predator/pedophile had attacked an 8 year old child in the past. The church KNEW….were AWARE that this freak was attacking people’s children; yet, they hired this tric ... discuss

If you’ve paid much attention the last couple of weeks, you already know Hillary Clinton’s been through an awfully rough patch of water for someone who (somehow) had heretofore been designated as ... discuss

A baby has been born in Alaska after a very rare circumstance in which her brain-dead mother was kept alive for three months so she could be born. As LifeNews has previously reported, in a case out of ... discuss

 Hillary Clinton’s awful month and the mantra of “safe, legal and rare” abortions By Dave Andrusko Hillary ClintonIf you’ve paid much attention the last couple of weeks, you al ... discuss

The Caves of Steel by Isaac AsimovMy rating: 5 of 5 starsLike most people on the over-populated Earth, New York City police detective Elijah Baley has little love for either the arrogant Spacers or th ... discuss

(This post first appeared on Leaven for the Loaf April 25, 2013.) A bit of an online war has erupted among people I consider Pro-Life Friendlies in Texas over a pending bill there. Details of the bill ... discuss

by Steve Greenberg (VenturaCountyStar blog) Today in Washington, D.C. - July 8, 2014The Senate reconvened at 10 AM today. Following an hour of morning business, the Senate resumed post-cloture consid ... discuss

This Tulsa “pastor” was arrested and charged with molesting someone’s child. GO HERE for details I’m just sick to the stomach. These “men of god” are dangerous and ... discuss

Here's the initial story: Virginia, no matter what he hears "in the box" a priest CANNOT divulge it. That's th ... discuss

Hat Tip: BB Ted Cruz: Unaccompanied minors being sexually assaulted by cartels a DIRECT consequence of Obama’s lawlessness Will immigration crisis become Obama’s ‘Katrina moment’? ... discuss

[NOTICE: The following essay contains a plethora of minutiae associated with the details of official Catholic worship, which the reader might find to be too arcane for their taste, unless one is into ... discuss

A short time ago I shared some resources meant to help parents as they prepare to have “The Talk” with their children. But even after looking at those resources I had some questions I want ... discuss

The Institute for Works of Religion – colloquially known as the ‘Vatican Bank’ – has said it has laid the groundwork to make it an “outstanding service provider” in ... discuss

The abortion industry did its best to pitch the movie Obvious Child as an “unapologetic” but “hilarious” romantic comedy about abortion, even as the director and star eschewe ... discuss

Lord Falconer has reintroduced his Assisted Dying bill, which aims at helping terminally-ill people to commit suicide. This is the same bill that he introduced last session as a 'dry run'. It is due ... discuss

Every time Edward Snowden opens his mouth, US National Security is degraded even further. The NSA is back in the spotlight.  Barton Gellman, Julie Tate and Ashkan Soltani have an article in The Washi ... discuss

Wrong Trayvon Martin Photo On Facebook The neo-Nazis over at Stormfront were the first to start passing off this photo of one, “Trayvon Martin,” in an attempt to show that the now deceased Tra ... discuss

In a fallacy that appeals to the heart, the arguer uses emotional appeals rather than logical reasons to persuade the listener. The fallacy can appeal to various emotions including pride, pity, fear, ... discuss

This is to hide who is getting pay-off trips… Via IJR: A member of Congress used to have to specifically report the details if they traveled on someone else’s dime. As of last week, that rule was ... discuss

  2.51: Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs: 144 circles, hexagons, triangles, squares, and other unexpected shapes 1.99 for What Matters in Jane Austen? Which important Austen characters never sp ... discuss

VERY sorry to hear that Shirley Caesar has lost her husband. She was truly blessed to have had him: PRESS HERE for details. ... discuss

First, I want to wish all my fellow Americans a Happy Independence Day. Be safe and have fun during your celebrations.Today is the feast day of my favorite soon-to-be saint, Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati. ... discuss

1.99 for The Face in the Frost John Bellairs. Shiver of joy. He also wrote The House With a Clock In Its Walls (Lewis Barnavelt) Free: The United States Constitution Still relevant today. 94 pages of ... discuss

By: Trevor Loudon New Zeal Firstly: American Citizen’s 2014 NATIONAL SECURITY BRIEFING, Corona How Safe Are We Really? Speakers: Former FBI agent John Guandalo, former INS official Mike Cutler, Hon. ... discuss

Pro-abortion pastors from different Christian denominations distributed condoms outside a Hobby Lobby store to protest this week’s Supreme Court decision giving it and other companies the abilit ... discuss

Book Details: • Author: Marvin Jones • Publisher: Christian Focus (2014) • Format: paperback • Page Count: 176 • ISBN#: 9781781913024 • List Price: $11.99 • Rating: Recommended Bl ... discuss

Abortion clinics may be closing down around the state of Texas thanks to a pro-life law banning abortions on pain-capable babies after 20 weeks of pregnancy and a requirement that abortion practitione ... discuss

I'm pretty sure y'all know by now who this man isSweet hubbyHe's an awesome husband.A great father to many:And a child of God who gently guides and leads his children down that narrow path, daily.He's ... discuss

I was minding my own business when a huge and creepy looking beetle of indeterminate species scuttled by about 3 feet away from me.I think it was at least 3 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide and a good i ... discuss

Seth Lipsky, the editor of the storied New York Sun (a brand distinguished by the long residency of Henry Hazlitt), recently, in the Wall Street Journal, brought to wider attention certain remarkabl ... discuss

Wednesday of the thirteenth week in ordinary (click here for readings)By BENEDICT AUGUSTINE“The swineherds ran away,and when they came to the town they reported everything,including ... discuss

There were already over a million homeless children in the United States as of last October. And we are being asked (forced) to welcome more. Monday: Tuesday: 140 illegal immigrants were bused t ... discuss

Justice Alito has just read the majority opinion, which holds (as reported by Amy Howe at SCOTUSblog), "The government has failed to show that the mandate is the least restrictive means of advancing i ... discuss

Trigger warning for those who have experienced sexual trauma. This story is very disturbing… New investigations reveal much more about serial rapist Jimmy Savile’s crimes than were previously ... discuss

Staten Island, NY – Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life and a plaintiff in Priests for Life’s lawsuit challenging the HHS mandate, issued the following statement on the Supreme ... discuss

U.S. Supreme Court Decision Overturns Obamacare HHS Mandate Contact: Tom Ciesielka, TC Public Relations, 312-422-1333, CHICAGO, June 30, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Stand Up for Relig ... discuss

I usually leave it to the attorneys to post on legal decisions, but this one seems big, so I want to get it out there. The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Spe ... discuss

The Supreme Court has ruled on behalf of Hobby Lobby against ObamaCare mandating them to pay for at least four drugs they deem abortive which would violate their religious freedoms! According to exper ... discuss

Mabel had her spay surgery yesterday. She’s doing well. So far we haven’t needed the cone of shame. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2014ass="dprv" style="li ... discuss

Despite my best efforts to encourage my daughter and to let her know she is loved and appreciated no matter what, she is apparently growing frustrated with her challenges. Last night before bed I remi ... discuss

In the last week, a blog post by a Michigan mom has received a great deal of attention because of a sign at a Sparrow Health System doctor’s office and an interaction with office staff regarding ... discuss

As my sweet girl is 12 now, we are moving away from the full-package homeschool curriculum and tailoring her program not just to her needs, but to her interests. Those of you that have been around awh ... discuss

The tidying up and furniture rearranging took a few days, but I finally have ready with a new look and a new commitment on my part to write more often (at least once a week) and to write mo ... discuss

Isn't the whole point of religion to teach us morals and to love and care for each other no matter what age, gender, sexual preference, religion or race we are?The question was one among many comments ... discuss

Woo. Tomorrow US/Germany FIFA, eh? Getting close to Japanese bushido (goal in life is a good death) or Christian thoughts (that you will not perfect your life without (a) God’s intervention a ... discuss

At the beginning of lawn mowing season, I was not looking forward to doing that job myself. Oh, I needed the exercise, and that part is good for me. What I wasn’t looking forward to was the time ... discuss

Summer Leisure Reading: Some of these are the sorts of books I categorize under my Kindle as ‘Mama Reads.’ Because these are titlest that are free due to being in the public domain, they a ... discuss

I once had an interesting discussion after being asked by a non-Christian friend about fortune telling. I told him that I could get a higher percentage of predictions picking weekly winners in the NFL ... discuss

Commentary Roundup posts are a series of short reviews or overviews of Bible commentaries. I’m working my way through a variety of commentaries, new and old, and hope to highlight helpful resour ... discuss

Arthur and his knights of the round table, are phantoms from a long gone era. Their story is a myth, and they are warriors only in imaginative retellings of their deeds. But the story told in Edwin: H ... discuss

Brethren, Peace be with you!The Most Reverend Salvatore Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco, has responded to the requests by Bay Area politicians and other leaders demand that he does not attend ... discuss

In the introduction, I described the beginnings of my views on eschatology, including my background as a Pre-Tribulationalist and my conversion to the Pre-Wrath view of the Rapture of the church. In p ... discuss

Sunday night I stayed up late trying to sync my iPhone. If you know how disobedient iTunes can be, and how long it takes you to back up purchases on your iPhone when you haven’t done it, (like, ... discuss

awstats and google analytics employ different approaches to track website traffic. Users of AWStats and Google Analytics are often surprised by the discrepancy or difference between the two website t ... discuss

Book Details:   • Author: Paul E. Miller   • Category: Christian Living   • Book Publisher: Crossway (2014)   • Page ... discuss

Mr. Harold Camping died in Dec. of 2013 at the ripe old age of 92.  He had his 15 minutes of fame and more.  He gained incredible notoriety with his prediction that the world would come to a ... discuss

1 thing that is absolutely certain about Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (PPH) is that they lie &/or obfuscate things to make them look like they are providing much needed services rather that bei ... discuss

The latest Muslim rationalisations for the 1,400 year-old war between Islam and all that is non-Islamic involve the so-called “occupations” of Muslim countries; as well as the military actions (in ... discuss

A chapter from my book, Where Do We Find Such Men? in remembrance of those who served on June 6, 1944. Brig. Gen. Allen Kimball is given the most important assignment of his life, and arguably the mo ... discuss

Over at First Things, this article describes one Christian's perspective on homosexuality and marriage. The author quotes Elizabeth Anscombe’s essay "Contraception and Chastity": "If contracept ... discuss

Are you looking for a way to connect with other pro-life college students this summer? Do you enjoy kayaking and camping? Then come join us for our SFLI Kayak/Canoe Trip and Camping Trip! Students fr ... discuss

Yep. It appears that God is re-planting us in another area for the next leg of the race, and while we will miss the Bay Area after after so many years, we are excited about the opportunities ... discuss

There is a huge sale going on for Fine Art Prints by Wayne Moran. You can find more details here. The post Huge Sale on Wayne Moran Prints ... discuss

Justin Edwards has recently written a set of articles against us (and Russell Hunter in particular), claiming that "our teaching is deceptive" and that by it we put "the Body of Christ in imminent dan ... discuss

G. K. Chesterton once wisely remarked that “there is a great deal of difference between an eager man who wants to read a book and a tired man who wants a book to read.” It may be true that ... discuss received an urgent request from to sign a petition to Sudan to spare the life  of Chris ... discuss

The Man Who Would Be King by Rudyard Kipling DHM: Well written. For readers who like to think and don’t mind a glimpse at the dark side of human nature. Okay, this is more than a glimpse, but i ... discuss

Image credit: Armatix GmbHDon't mean to go off too far on this topic, but it seems to be in the news. Everyone form Mark Shea to my dentist has been telling me that "just make everyone shut up and buy ... discuss

Do abolitionists put God in a box? Tony Miano seems to think so. In a recent blog article, Miano takes issue with a flowchart diagram recently shared from the AHA Facebook page. This is not the fir ... discuss

from Jill by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and KelliWe welcome your suggestions for additions to our Top Blogs (see tab on right side of home page)! Email Susie@jillstanek ... discuss

Anyone who has seen the bickering between the group that includes those who really like BAMH (Babies Are Murdered Here) and Gospel Spam and, on the other side, abolitionists from AHA (Abolish Human ... discuss

How U.S. Amb. Chris Stevens May Have Been Linked to Jihadist Rebels in Syria (And It Involves Weapons)as originally posted on "The Blaze" by Guest on 19Oct12article source: ... discuss

Russia introduces abortion advertising ban thanks to some good counsel given by Vladimir PutinThis is welcome news in a world in need of good tidings. Good Counsel Network in Ireland have learned toda ... discuss

From the "180" Movie website,  an amazing story demonstrating the power films have to educate and change minds.  If we want to change laws so that all innocent human life is protected, ... discuss

OK, you gotta love this idea we stumbled across at kickstarter.  The movie's name is Five Blocks Away.  It is being produced by a Catholic Parish.  And they are hoping to release it in ... discuss

     I have actually been very busy the past few weeks so I had procrastinated on getting the paperwork for the Pro-Life club at school. The paperwork is very simple and basic but there ... discuss

          These past few weeks have been absolutely busy and crazy. I'm actually surprised that I am able to find enough time to do pro-life things. Despite the craziness I am ... discuss

After the trial of abortionist/serial murderer Kermit Gosnell was over, the judge lifted a gag order and for the first time allowed investigators to speak of what they found there.The Grand Jury's rep ... discuss

Mark Shea is on a rant about guns. I read his recent post the single most important thing about our gun culture and as is sometimes the case, Mr. Shea is demonizing anyone who isn't a Mark Shea m ... discuss

Credit:  www.etsy.comIn the past few days there has been a story circulating around the Internet that Pope Francis called a divorced-and-remarried Argentinian woman to let her know that she could ... discuss

Today would be The Old Man’s 60th 62nd birthday. He had a habit of forgetting details and making them up on the go, including his own age.  Since sometime around his fiftieth birthday, he star ... discuss

I don’t usually do the Throwback Thing, but I stumbled across an old photo and I am trying to get back into a habit of blogging, just a little.  So here ya go.  It’s my grandparentsR ... discuss

My family and I are in need of prayer. We are going through a very difficult time and,  though it is personal and I won't be sharing details on the blog, I am reaching out to this little communi ... discuss

So about a year ago I started bookmarking stories that I happened to notice about "weapons" and schools. This is not something where I went out and looked for them, so I'm sure this is not an exhausti ... discuss

I chose It’s a God Thing with a purpose in mind.  It was during a recent season of my life in which I was asking the Lord to open my eyes to the big miracles that He still performs even today. ... discuss

Part I concerned itself with the basic case for Sunday worship against those communions which argue that we ought to worship on Saturdays, that Sabbath worship is mandated by “God's law” (i.e., th ... discuss

My new migraine book is out under my pen name so I'd like to share my story about how I used to suffer from migraines. I used to have terrible migraines. I had them almost every day. They we ... discuss

The following news release was issued on March 19, 2014.ST. PAUL — The Minnesota Supreme Court has overturned the state's longstanding prohibition against encouraging and advising a person to commit ... discuss

I haven’t been writing for a while, probably the longest stretch of non-writing I’ve had in the last few years.  I just haven’t been able to; just the simple act of putting pen to paper or ... discuss

Dear Friends, Family, Readers, Loved Ones, Donors to Our Mission and Curious Bystanders,If you have been a friend, cyber or otherwise, for any length of time, you know that our family made an enormous ... discuss

March for Life by robert543The March for Life is happening in Birmingham this March for the third year running. Please attend! All the details are provided on the flyer above. The event is from 12.30 ... discuss

--1-- The Podcast Is UpI swear I'm going to have to stop talking about the occult. Blogtalk Radio and Facebook are starting to SPAM me with how-tos for Satanism. Next week will be about putting your g ... discuss

For those who are interested, the Evangelical Theological Society has put recordings of all the papers presented in Baltimore online for a price of $4 each. My 2 presentations are available here. The ... discuss

Husband of pregnant woman wants her off life supportBy Elizabeth Landau, CNNupdated 4:11 PM EST, Tue December 24, 2013(CNN) -- Erick Munoz wants to see his wife's wish fulfilled this holiday season, b ... discuss

Go Bananas! There may be more of us non-Bananas, but there is no larger grouping of any particular shape.A study of more than 6,000 women conducted at North Carolina State University in 2005 reve ... discuss

Over the last few years the connections between the abortion industry, especially Planned Parenthood & the Girl Scouts have been coming out. The GSUSA has tried to distance themselves by saying "No, G ... discuss

Last week, the new Abort73 web store made its debut—the first step in a site-wide overhaul. Though most of the initial changes are related to aesthetics, there are some structural changes worth ... discuss

Last week, the new Abort73 web store made its debut—the first step in a site-wide overhaul. Though most of the initial changes are related to aesthetics, there are some structural changes worth ... discuss

This article was written by Wesley Smith and published on his blog on February 8. Wesley SmithBy Wesley J. SmithI have long ago given up on the media fairly–or even accurately–reporting on th ... discuss

Back To The Future!Cartoon by Mike Keefe Posted 6 yrs Ago Gary Bauer, Contributing Author: House Immigration Principles Hold on to your hats, folks. House Republican leaders released their i ... discuss

'We almost lost our lives': Woman possessed by demons in 'portal to hell' house that terrified even the police chief reveals new details of her family's terrifying ordeal Lato ... discuss

KCBD: "'No one deserves to be silenced simply for having a viewpoint that school officials don't favor. When a school creates an opportunity for community advertising, it cannot single out religious m ... discuss

What a beautiful day out in the country! For those of you that haven't been keeping up, we left the city life we led in Florida, and now live out in the a whole other state!  A sta ... discuss

President Barack Obama will lay out his agenda for 2014 on Tuesday night in front of millions across the United States who are expressing increasing concern about his abilities to tackle the economy, ... discuss

President Barack Obama will lay out his agenda for 2014 on Tuesday night in front of millions across the United States who are expressing increasing concern about his abilities to tackle the economy, ... discuss

The Wild Goose CaseBack in March of 2013 Tony Massey and myself, Jo Scott, were accused of "following" Christa Pryor, the wife of Jim Pryor, Planned Parenthood's head security guard.  With me at ... discuss

Copper Pointe Church in Albuquerque will be offering the post-abortive Bible-based study Surrendering the Secret beginning Wednesday, February 5th at 6:30 PM.  The free series of classes will las ... discuss

Does it matter that Wendy Davis doctored her personal story to make herself more sympathetic? Mudslinging always makes politics unpleasant, and it might seem that the tawdry details of Davis’ person ... discuss

George Zimmerman is releasing a new piece of artwork, this one portraying the special prosecutor who charged him with second-degree murder.Robert Zimmerman Jr. posted his brother's new painting Wednes ... discuss

An Illinois student was enjoying a sunny afternoon outing with her sister. Within seconds this carefree scene turned to one of unimaginable tragedy. The New York Daily News reports the details of the ... discuss

Details: President Obama will meet with Pope Francis on March 27, capping a European trip that will take him to the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy.“The President looks forward to dis ... discuss

A simple note which said, “This is for you, Gwen.”   A simple note which pierced my heart and brought tears, for I immediately knew who Gwen is. The note arrived on a contribution to Wisconsin R ... discuss

In an interview with The Dallas Morning News, Texas gubernatorial candidate and pro-choice activist Wendy Davis admitted that some of the facts she has presented of her biography were "loose" on the d ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston If you are like many folks, you’ll have missed the beginning of the controversy over comments about homosexuality made by Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson and you’ll ... discuss

Oral sex, anal sex, “grinding”–these are some of the activities a Kansas middle school listed on a poster as part of a “health” education program for 11-13 year old kids. ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston Aides of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign are reported to have kept a detailed list of enemy Democrats they felt betrayed Hillary by backing Barack Obama durin ... discuss

A federal judge in Philadelphia has preliminarily rejected a $765 million settlement of NFL concussion claims, fearing the sum may not be enough to cover injured players.U.S. District Judge Anita Brod ... discuss

There are some who still believe that abortion is not used as birth control. That it is reserved for the difficult cases. I was made aware of another abortion in my circle of friends/acquaintances rec ... discuss

If a Republican administration had acted this irresponsibly, the media would be all over this. However, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are getting a pass for what amounts to incredibly massive incom ... discuss

The Baptism of the Lord (Theophanylcon) This is a small idea, but one that was reinforced at Mass today during the Homily. The priest said that he often has as least one person during his Marriage pre ... discuss

How fitting that our Midwest has just undergone the Arctic Blast of the decade and this post is all about ice cubes.  Ok, well for anyone who reads regularly, we all know my style - it's never TH ... discuss

Grisly details have emerged of the slaying of California priest, Rev. Eric Freed, who also taught religious courses at Humboldt State University, a local college. Officials say Freed was beaten to dea ... discuss

Heritage Foundation (includes video): A Conspiracy Against Obamacare details how legal bloggers at the Volokh Conspiracy engaged in a spirited, erudite, and accessible discussion of the legal issues i ... discuss

ext week the Chicago Archdiocese will release the names and details of 30 priests involved in sexual misconduct, and the information will grace the bulletins for thousands of Catholics this weekend. T ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston A man who escaped the attack of a robber is now being charged with murder for killing the robber during the struggle. A tow truck driver in Washington D.C. was in his truck lot ... discuss

During a talk I gave this fall on the psalms, I confessed: I am, in fact, just like King David. Though I acknowledged that many major details of our lives (gender, epoch, occupation, sling-shot skills ... discuss

Cleveland, Ohio – Operation Rescue has just obtained a 911 recording of an emergency call placed from the Cleveland Surgi-Center last September that details horrific abortion complications suffered ... discuss

Operation Rescue has just obtained a 911 recording of an emergency call placed from the Cleveland Surgi-Center last September that details horrific abortion complications suffered by a woman who was s ... discuss

There are so many wonderful details in the Epiphany story: the call of the Gentiles, the nations, and their enthusiastic response, the significance of the star they see, and the gifts they bring, the ... discuss

The devil is in the details -- and nowhere is this cliché truer than with weight loss programs. It's the small decisions that add up to change, and that's a good thing. The 10 countable steps that fo ... discuss

This feast day, of January 1, is a very complex tapestry, both culturally in liturgically. Perhaps we can use the second reading by St. Paul to the Galatians as a way to weave through some of the many ... discuss

The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) has asked us to held spread the word on their mission trip and, hopefully, to help raise funds towards its success. Please see details below and click here ... discuss

If anyone had told me five years ago that I would be celebrating my 2014 New Year's Eve at my own house in The Philippines, I would have told him he was crazy AND that's it's not nice to give false ho ... discuss

I've heard it said that the most vehement critics of Catholicism are former Catholics. Makes sense I guess, if you're small minded enough to believe whatever the slights you've suffered at the hands o ... discuss

Image courtesy of FatherhoodAs Christian parents our greatest mission on earth is to raise children to love God and His gospel in Christ Jesus. We are to present the gospel to them, and to pray ... discuss

That is like asking, “How much are your $3 ice-creams?” If you read your Bible in a year, that is how long it will take! If you are planning to read your Bible through in 2014, then there are a lo ... discuss

In some ways I've completely underestimated the effect the Christmas season can have on me.  Perhaps that's not totally true.  Perhaps, this year, this "far" along in my journey a more likel ... discuss

Book Details:   • Author: Kevin DeYoung   • Category: General Christian Interest   • Book Publisher: Crossway (2013)   •& ... discuss

  New Mexico groups promote same-sex “marriage” as a benefit to kids, ignoring the evidence by Kir ... discuss

    Planned Parenthood breast exams decrease 34% after raising millions from Komen controversy by Kelsey Hazard ... discuss

   James Dobson launches lawsuit against HHS Obamacare mandate by John Jalsevac    Dec. 13, 201 ... discuss

o'who?  Things that make you go hmmm. Lorretta Fuddy was killed after a small plane with nine people aboard crashed into the water off the Hawaiian island of Molokai.(hmm.wav) &nb ... discuss

  A moral revolution at warp speed—now, it’s wedding cakes by Albert Mohler ... discuss

   Obama administration may add taxpayer-funded sex-change operations to ObamaCare, Medicare, Medicaid ... discuss

Not surprisingly, Christian pro-life champion James Dobson continues the good fight.Dobson v. Sebelius is the lawsuit filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado. It makes the comm ... discuss

Planned Parenthood's annual report is out and it appears that once again the organization's evil empire has proven to be the Monster of the Beltway. The gargantuan abortion provider and salacious sex ... discuss




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