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Although Canada's Supreme Court unanimously struck down Morally corrupt Supreme Court decisionthe nation's laws against assisted suicide, ordinary people must reject their corrupt cynicism and be ... discuss

Hillary Clinton: ‘Religious beliefs’ against abortion ‘have to be changed’Not gonna happen. Critique transgenderism? Not allowed in OntarioIf you want free speech, you have to exercise free sp ... discuss

by Caroline B. Glick: In testimony last week before the House committee in charge of State Department funding, US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power acknowledged that the Obama administration inten ... discuss

Vatican City, Apr 24, 2015 / 11:00 am (CNA).- Pope Francis met April 17 with Laurent Stefanini, the openly gay foreign service officer named by France to be ambassador to the Vatican. News of the pri ... discuss

In response to the University of Maryland's decision to cancel a screening of the hugely popular movie "American Sniper" because the school's Muslim Students Association objected, calling it Islamopho ... discuss

Emmanuel Jesus Rangel-Hernandez by Judicial Watch: In the latest scandal to rock President Obama’s controversial executive amnesty initiative, a known gang member charged with murder and drug- ... discuss

by Nelson Hultberg, Contributing Author: Our government bankers print money today like loons in an asylum spew absurdity. Glib media shills lure us every night into a disgraceful indolence. And our c ... discuss

During debate yesterday in Florida over a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking an abortion Rep. Jimmie Smith made what might seem like a simple statement on the surface but underneath was packed w ... discuss

by Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN, and Kelli Saynsumthn’s Blog writes of another 911 call from an abortion clinic – this time in Bakersfield, California. The abortionist on dut ... discuss

In Michigan, a 12-year-old cancer survivor has been expelled from school after allegedly missing too many classes. The institution, St. Joseph Middle School, sent Rose McGrath and her family a letter ... discuss

By Alex SchadenbergExecutive Director - Euthanasia Prevention CoalitionThe Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) responded to the Supreme Court of Canada assisted suicide decision with a letter w ... discuss

One of the key issues regularly raised in the debate over redefining marriage to include same-sex couples has to do with the well-being of children. Defenders of the historical and natural definition ... discuss

Hillary Clinton made it clear that, if she is elected president of the United States, she will push unlimited abortion on demand. In her first speech as a presidential candidate, Clinton said too many ... discuss

On April 21, the University of Southern California (USC) removed banners of 11-week old unborn babies only a few hours after Students for Life placed them on campus. The banners featured quotes from M ... discuss

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Father John Zuhlsdorf recently did a post on his blog in which he criticized the prayers of the Ordinary Form of the Mass (HERE) . In this post, he stated his rejection of official Church teachi ... discuss

by Gary Bauer, Contributing Author: I'm not predicting that Hillary Clinton will lose the Democratic nomination or the White House next year. But if she does, historians may look back and say that thi ... discuss

Jennifer PopikBy Jennifer Popik, JD, Robert Powell Center for Medical EthicsIn a record push, Compassion and Choices or C&C (formerly the Hemlock Society) has introduced bills in nearly half of U.S. s ... discuss

Loretta Lynch New Attorney GeneralToday in Washington, D.C. - April 23, 2015The House reconvened today at 9 AM EDT.  The are expected to address only one bill before recessing this afternoon unti ... discuss

Ten Republicans today joined Senate Democrats to approve the nomination of pro-abortion Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch. The Senate has had Lynch’s nomination pending for weeks but it has bee ... discuss

Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to consider whether the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services can withhold from public documents information about ... discuss

A newborn baby diagnosed with a life-limiting condition has become Britain’s youngest-ever organ donor. The parents of Baby Teddy Houlston were given a diagnosis of anencephaly 12 weeks into their p ... discuss

A few years ago, John Dixon of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association was asked what he thought of attempts to prevent the distribution of pro-life flyers in a Chilliwack, B.C. neighbourhood. Dixon poin ... discuss

 Supreme Court of Canada’s Assisted Dying Decision: A New Social Disorder Send to KindleBy Jean Echlin RN, BScN, MScN Jean EchlinAfter 3 ... discuss

by Phyllis Schlafly: Nineteen of the about two dozen people who may seek the Republican presidential nomination trooped to Nashua, N.H., last weekend hoping to impress that state’s primary voters an ... discuss

WASHINGTON, D.C. (04-21-15)/AUL -- Care Net and Americans United for Life joined the Colorado State Legislature today in praising the work of pregnancy care centers in a special resolution recognizi ... discuss

Randy Alcorn, the author of Why ProLife? recently received an e-mail from a young woman, Mayra, who told him about becoming a Christian and her adoption after being touched by his book. Alcorn’s ... discuss

Charles and David Kochby Ken McIntyre: Tycoon philanthropists Charles and David Koch may endorse a conservative Republican candidate for president before the party’s nominating convention, but an ... discuss

Barely five days after The New York Times ran a major news article on the firing of Atlanta’s fire chief for his views on homosexuality, a major Times opinion writer declared that religious libe ... discuss

In the beginning was the Word. Christians rightly cherish the declaration that our Savior, the crucified and resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, is first known as the Word — the one whom the Father h ... discuss

The vast high-velocity moral revolution that is reshaping modern cultures at warp speed is leaving almost no aspect of the culture untouched and untransformed. The advocates of same-sex marriage and t ... discuss

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or in a coma for the last 9 months, you are aware of the Ferguson Missouri incident which involved the shooting of an unarmed teen, Michael Brown, by police of ... discuss

We already knew that children with Down syndrome are spectacular. But one Utah dad is using his photography skills to drive home the message that there is no limit to what people with Down syndrome ca ... discuss

A new pro-abortion bill in Oregon has pro-life advocates up in arms and urging pro-life Oregonians to contact their members of the state legislature. HB 2758, the final bill of the 2015 legislative se ... discuss

How many babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome (DS) are aborted in the United States each year? Well, we don’t know. While new data suggesting lower numbers has recently been published,[1] ... discuss

San Francisco dissenters have raised the stakes in the attack on Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone with an open letter to Pope Francis in the San Francisco Chronicle. One of their beefs is his support f ... discuss

 Hillary ClintonThe Weekly Standard’s John McCormack is a terrific reporter, who, as it happens, is speaking at this year’s National Right to Life Convention in New Orleans, Louisi ... discuss

By Austin Nimocks, Senior Legal Counsel @animocks After the uproar over religious freedom laws in Indiana and Arkansas, some states may be wondering whether Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRA) ... discuss

Steve Mosher" ... It is simply not true that more people equals more pollution ... " writes Steve Mosher and Anne Morse of the Population Research Institute (PRI) in a powerful, instructive, article A ... discuss

  This is a great piece written by a retired United Airlines Captain. (Couldn’t have been written any better!!!) From a former Navy fighter pilot and a retired UAL Captain. We Are All Flying on the ... discuss

Democrats Will Finally Stop Filibustering Bill to Help Sex Trafficking Victims to Fund Abortions After spending a month hijacking a bill to help sex trafficking victims to push its abortion-funding ... discuss

Rep. Susan Lynn photoHow sweet it is in Tennessee! Today saw landmark decisions in the state legislature when two bills were passed overwhelmingly  in the House,  having previously pass ... discuss

The Senate will vote this week or early next week on President Barack Obama’s nominee for Attorney General. When it does, senators will be voting on a nominee in Loretta Lynch who once defended ... discuss

I often come across persons who attempt to justify forced abortion, sterilization, and contraception because “We (that is, human beings) are destroying the planet”. They view people as pollution, ... discuss

WASHINGTON, D.C. (04-21-15) – As news of a compromise in the U.S. Senate broke, which will allow a vital bill designed to assist victims of human trafficking to proceed, Americans Unit ... discuss

By Alex SchadenbergExecutive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC)On February 6, the Supreme Court struck down Canada's assisted suicide law and gave parliament 12 months to bring in a new ... discuss

The struggle over what, exactly, gives human beings value was given a nod — a dismissive one  — when an April 21st decision by a New York judge granted a right to chimpanzees that had hither ... discuss

Do you think that it’s impossible to reverse an abortion? Well, praise God, think again! A young woman ten weeks pregnant walks into her local Planned Parenthood office, grieving the death of her fa ... discuss

Megan Huntsman, the Utah mother charged with six counts of first-degree felony murder in the smothering/strangling deaths of six newborn babies, today was sentenced to life in prison. Charged with six ... discuss

The American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) today filed a reply brief in support of the ACLJ’s request that the Supreme Court review our False Claims Act (FCA) case against Planned Parenthood. The ... discuss

After spending a month hijacking a bill to help sex trafficking victims to push its abortion-funding agenda, Senate Democrats finally caved and they will drop their filibuster against the bill. Their ... discuss

 A pro-abortion president’s pro-life slip of the tongue By Dave Andrusko Pro-abortion President Barack ObamaA tip of the hat to our frie ... discuss

 Parents of unborn babies with disabilities often experience great pressure to abort By Sarah Terzo Now that prenatal testing can so easi ... discuss

WASHINGTON, D.C. (04-21-15) – Care Net and Americans United for Life joined the Colorado State Legislature today in praising the work of pregnancy care centers in a special resolution ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Apr 20, 2015 / 05:02 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- As the U.S. prepares for Pope Francis' trip later this year, one Vatican official says efforts to remove the statue of Spanish missionary Blessed ... discuss

In 2014, the Washington Post reported that Republican Carly Fiorina was actively exploring the presidential bid in 2016. On NBC’s “Meet the Press” Fiorina said, “When people keep asking you ov ... discuss

A new projection has five Republicans joining Senate Democrats to approve the nomination of pro-abortion Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch. The Senate has had Lynch’s nomination pending for ... discuss

Former Senator and Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum recently spoke at an event for the Women’s Help Center in Jacksonville, Florida and reiterated his pro-life beliefs. He said, “America will ne ... discuss

Observations, not an endorsement, from two recent encounters I’ve had with a presidential candidate: I had a chance to ask Senator (and physician) Rand Paul Paul of Kentucky about the Supreme Co ... discuss

With the U.S. Supreme Court set to hear oral arguments regarding the constitutionality of state marriage laws on Tuesday, April 28th, supporters of natural marriage plan to gather in Washington, D.C. ... discuss

Alex SchadenbergBy Alex SchadenbergExecutive Director - Euthanasia Prevention CoalitionThe Hamilton Spectator reported that Herbert Dilts, who pled guilty to assisted suicide in the death of Bria ... discuss

In a recent article on, pro-abortion writer Dahlia Lithwick lamented over Kansas’ dismemberment abortion ban, which was signed law earlier this month. The legislation bans the Dilation and ... discuss

Just when you thought the abortion movement could not get more bizarre, an abortion clinic in Brooklyn, New York, is offering a simulated procedure to gay men. The Daily Caller mentions: Dr. Kristel C ... discuss

By Austin Nimocks, Senior Legal Counsel @animocks North Carolina’s Constitution seemingly provides strong protection for religion and faith. And, we have a Federal RFRA. Why is the Religious Freedo ... discuss

I find one of the trickiest matters of Christian living to be the matter of motives. I often find myself wondering why I do the things I do. Just as often, I find myself wondering why I do not ... discuss

One definition of Magical Thinking is: “merely thinking about an event in the external world can cause it to occur.” Personally, in some cases it also seems to result in the belief that me ... discuss

Third Sunday of Easter(Click here for readings)By SOPHIE DRUFFNER'Now I know, brothers, that neither you nor your leaders had any idea what you were really doing; but this was the way&# ... discuss

This is an excerpt from John Harris’s new book, Climbing Backward Out of Caves, which makes a case for the rational basis of belief in a higher being. Finally we have what is perhaps the twentieth ... discuss

I saw this on the Drudge report and found it quite interesting….: Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Israel against supplying weapons to the Ukrainian government, which is battling a Russia ... discuss

  A contestant, Sally, on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ had reached the final plateau. If she answered the next question correctly, she would win $1,000,000. If she answered incorrectly, she w ... discuss

I was in a “discussion” on social media the other day, about the whole “gay marriage” issue, which went horribly. One “Christian” was arguing that nobody has a “right” to marriage. He ... discuss

Last 36 books I read sorted in descending order by date Tim Challies just published a blog post that intrigued me. The title of his blog post (“blost”) is the same as mine, or should I say, ... discuss

By Jean Echlin RN, BScN, MScNAfter 35 years of many fearing and rejecting hospice palliative care programs that provide life and death with dignity, we now have Canadians enamored with doctor pro ... discuss

Barack Obama turned down the public funding for presidential campaigns and raked in billions of dollars (and some donations were questionable (Fictitious Donors Found in Obama Finance Records)  ̵ ... discuss

If there was ever a time to take a stand for marriage—this is it. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the issue of same-sex marriage on April 28. The Court’s decision will likely determ ... discuss

There are few bigger champions of abortion in the United States than President Barack Obama. He has promoted abortion and abortion funding at every turn as president and worked hand in hand with pro-a ... discuss

On Tuesday, officials at John Hopkins University (JHU) reversed their decision to ban a pro-life display that had appeared for decades at the school’s Spring Fair. FoxNews reports that the displ ... discuss

Justice Minister David Ford said he will ask the Northern Ireland Executive for approval to introduce legislation that legalizes killing severely disabled unborn babies in abortions. As the BBC report ... discuss

Shemeka Michelle:When I had an abortion, it was a traumatizing life experience. I felt such shame sitting in the waiting room. That shame only increased when one of the nurses assisting the proce ... discuss

by Sarah Johnson With The Gateway Pundit on Friday, April 17, 2015 US Senator David Vitter (R-LA) wrote Lynch, laying out the allegations and concerns arising from Clinton’s use of a private serve ... discuss

We have true victory in Jesus. For the love of God is this, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome, for whoever is begotten by God conquers the world. And the victory ... discuss

This is a guest post by David Martin:Of the many blunders of recent Vatican history, one that stands out is the Vatican's February 25th decision to open up the process for the beatification of Latin A ... discuss

Thursday of the Second Week of Easter(Click here for readings)By FR ALFONSE NAZZAROThe one who comes from above is above all.  The one who is of the earth is earthly and speaks of earthly things. ... discuss

Hillary: What Difference Does It Make?It will make a great difference to Americaif this Harridan* is elected Patrick L. Booth, Contributing Author: I love Arkansas! I graduated high schoo ... discuss

As many of my readers know, I worship and serve as a pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario. What my readers may not know is that my local church has been served faithfully by& ... discuss

 Democratic National Committee Chair avoids answering when she believes life begins and whether aborting a seven-pound baby is okay By D ... discuss

 Following death of patient, Illinois Abortion clinic evades fine by changing name By Dave Andrusko A three-judge panel of the Appellate ... discuss

A California committee has approved a bill that would force pregnancy centers providing women with abortion alternatives to refer women for abortions. Thousands of pregnancy centers across the nation ... discuss

(LiveActionNews) — Jennifer Karcher is a beautiful, caring 23-year-old who is alive today because her parents refused to take their doctor’s advice to abort her. I talked with Jennifer and got ... discuss

In 2014, LifeNews reported on twin baby Gammy who was abandoned by his biological parents after their surrogate refused abortion. Baby Gammy was born with Down syndrome to Thailand surrogate, Pattamar ... discuss

In 2009, 18-year-old Antonesha Ross died after an abortion at the Women’s Aid Clinic in Lincolnwood, Illinois. After her tragic death, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) placed a fine o ... discuss

The top Republican int he Senate is challenging Democrats to stop filibustering a bill to help victims of sex trafficking over their desire to force Americans to pay for abortions. Senate Democrats ha ... discuss

by Hans Johnson The left-wing online magazine Vox recently conducted a poll on the issue of abortion, finding that 39% didn’t strictly identify as pro-life or pro-choice. The final take in the a ... discuss

Fox News host Megyn Kelly has asked Debbie Wasserman Schulz when she thinks human life begins. Yesterday, CNN grilled the head of the Democratic Party about abortion and whether or not she supported a ... discuss

Catholic colleges and law schools can proudly claim 66 alumni in the U.S. House of Representatives—which amounts to 15 percent of the House, about double the Catholic share of four-year colleges in ... discuss

 Unprecedented Push by Activists to Legalize Doctor-Prescribed Suicide: A Closer Look at 4 Dangerous Myths By Jennifer Popik, JD, Robert P ... discuss

 Softening Ground for “Rational” Elder Suicide By Wesley J. Smith The assisted suicide movement is pushing society in a pro-suicide ... discuss

Hundreds of pro-life physicians are throwing their support behind the abortion pill reversal process that--to date--has saved the lives of unborn children whose mothers took the abortion pill and then ... discuss

By:  Patrick Goodenough Rubio Says Obama’s Cuba Delisting De ... discuss

Last week, the head of the Democratic Party made it clear: There should be no limits on abortion, period — and that includes no limits on abortions up tot the day of birth apparently. Democratic Nat ... discuss

It would be ironic if it wasn’t tragic: A black man speaks out to protect the most crucial civil right Americans have – the right to life – and is sued by what is regarded as the nation’s larg ... discuss

Russian air defense missile systemToday in Washington, D.C. - April 14, 2015:The House reconvened at 10 AM today.  Today the House may consider the following bills:H.R. 650 — "To amend the Trut ... discuss

On April 8, the Tennessee House Health Committee passed House Bill 0977, which would require abortion facilities to provide accurate information about the development of the baby, alternatives and res ... discuss

by JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat Senate Democrats are still opposing human trafficking legislation unless it includes abortion funding. Here’s some dreadful advice from Dear Abby to a ... discuss

Disclaimer: The following is a guest commentary from a Paleoconservative website “Breaking All the rules.” The comments and opinions expressed in this piece are not necessarily those of t ... discuss

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has signed into law a groundbreaking pro-life bill l, HB 1721, that would ban dismemberment abortions that tear babies limb from limb. Abortion practitioners would face u ... discuss

 There has been a lot of progress over the years, in understanding the impact of abortion.  I personally, will always be so grateful to the Elliot Institute for understanding exactly how ... discuss

by Kelli A while back I reluctantly attended a girls’ movie night with a few other women in their late 20s. When I arrived, I was informed we were to watch Obvious C​hild. I was less than one bee ... discuss

by Kelsey Harkness, The Daily Signal: Mary Spaulding Balch has been fighting against what she calls “dismemberment abortion” since she was 17 years old.Now, at 60, she’s breathing a sigh of reli ... discuss

By:  Patrick Goodenough State Dep’t Says Russian Decision to ... discuss

by Gaurav Agnihotri, Op-Ed: OPEC has been the most talked about international organization among investors, analysts and international political lobbies in the last few months. When OPEC speaks, the w ... discuss

Thousands of pregnancy centers across the nation are the counterbalance to the abortion industry by providing women with tangible help and real alternatives to abortion. But pregnancy centers in Calif ... discuss

Extremists are screaming about abortion again – and they’re not pro-lifers. In an April 9 piece, The New York Times Editorial Board criticized Kansas’ Senate Bill 95, or the Unborn Child ... discuss

Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign staff are dodging questions about whether she would support any limits on abortion whatsoever. Clinton’s dodging the issue of late-term abortions co ... discuss

The opening of a Planned Parenthood in El Centro, California has been delayed in opening because they didn’t pass the fire inspection.At the clinic's final inspection, the city's fire chief said the ... discuss

By Elissa Graves, Litigation Counsel @elissastarkey Pro-life pregnancy centers provide compassionate medical care, material assistance, and emotional support to women experiencing unplanned pregnanci ... discuss

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is the latest to indicate he’s seeking the Republican nomination for president and the pro-life lawmaker is jumping in the race just one day after pro-abortion Hillar ... discuss

In response to a question poised by Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul, the head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, said there should be no government restrictions ... discuss

 Hillary Clinton’s awful month and the mantra of “safe, legal and rare” abortions By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. This first ran i ... discuss

An article I wrote twenty years ago described the Internet as America’s next frontier. And for the past twenty years, it has been a wide-open, innovative, constantly changing — and yes, somewh ... discuss

by Newt Gingrich: Last month, I was honored to co-host an amazing and genuinely bipartisan summit on criminal justice reform, along with my friends Van Jones, Donna Brazile, and Pat Nolan. Nearly 600 ... discuss

Henry Payne in 2013 lampooned  Obamacare GlitchesThough President Obama and fellow liberals spend a lot of time these days trying to claim that Obamacare is a success, ordinary Americans still s ... discuss

On May 15, the life-affirming film “Where Hope Grows” will be in theaters everywhere and features actors Kris Polaha and David DeSanctis. The film follows the life of a man with Down syndrome and ... discuss

An Authentic Pastoral Approach Incorporates Mercy and Truth to Reconcile the Sinner to Christ Of all the wondrous things that can be said about God, many would agree that His greatest attribute is Hi ... discuss

The following op-ed was published on April 10, 2015, in MinnPost.In their recent Community Voices commentary ("Five anti-choice bills would especially burden low-income women," April 1), Karen Law and ... discuss

In 2010, 16-year-old basketball player Kevin Massey found out he had a deadly brain tumor and a very slim chance of survival. According to the American Brain Tumor Association, brain tumors are the le ... discuss

Should abortions be used to kill babies before birth simply because they have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome? Planned Parenthood apparently believes so and is opposing a bill in the state legislatu ... discuss

This on the heels of the State Department’s recommendation to the White House… Via WFB: President Barack Obama could be close to removing Cuba from the U.S. state sponsors of terrorism list, even ... discuss

Below are numbers for late-term stillbirth and livebirth abortions (Code P96.4 “Termination of pregnancy, affecting fetus and newborns”) from CIHI for 2013/2014. I reported on this informa ... discuss

An Authentic Pastoral Approach Incorporates Mercy and Truth to Reconcile the Sinner to Christ Reconciling Divine Mercy with the Truth by Msgr. Barreiro and Father West. Divine Mercy Sunday 2015 Of all ... discuss

In a new video from CareNet, a woman named Amy shares her story of feeling forced into an abortion after being sexual assaulted by a close friend. She said, “I felt very forced into my decision. Som ... discuss

By Alex SchadenbergExecutive Director and International Chair - Euthanasia Prevention CoalitionAmber PhillipsAn assisted suicide campaigner in California says that she is supporting the California ass ... discuss

(February 4, 1906 – April 9, 1945) was a Lutheran pastor, theologian, participant in the German Resistance movement against Nazism, and a founding member of the Confessing Church.Bonhoeffer was born ... discuss

It’s official — or will be on Sunday. Abortion activists Hillary Clinton is set to announce her bid for the Democratic party nomination for president on Sunday. Clinton is almost assured o ... discuss

From: Father Gabriel Naddaf Christian Empowerment Council In light of Passover, the feast of freedom, Father Gabriel Naddaf shares his vision and ongoing efforts as the head of the CEC to integrate Is ... discuss

by Hans von Spakovsky: In an order issued late Tuesday, federal district court Judge Andrew Hanen refused to lift the preliminary injunction he had previously issued stopping the implementation of ... discuss

by Colleen Conley, TPNN: The Department of Homeland Security will soon have to disclose why it should be allowed to shut down cellphone service in the event of a “critical emergency,” while keepin ... discuss

In the United Kingdom, Ellen Brown was asked by her mom, Jenny Dias, and stepdad Tony to act as surrogates so they could have a baby. In 1990, Jenny split from Ellen’s dad and met Tony two years lat ... discuss

Thursday in the Octave of Easter(Click here for readings)By SOPHIE DRUFFNERNow I know, brothers and sisters,that you acted out of ignorance, just as your leaders did;but God has thus brought to fulfil ... discuss

The media would be all over a Republican politician if he or she refused to support abortion – even in cases of rape and incest. But a Democrat politician supporting abortion in any situation? Not s ... discuss

In Russia, a 30-year-old man has volunteered to become the world’s first head transplant. Valery Spiridonov (pictured) has a rare genetic disordered called Werdnig-Hoffman disease, which is a s ... discuss

Fargo School District No. 1 Superintendent Dr. Jeff Schatz has received a demand letter from the Thomas More Society, a Chicago-based public interest law firm, on behalf of students Brigid O’Keefe o ... discuss

Click here to subscribe to the Social Conservative Review Recently, the news has been tough for Christians here at home and abroad. Some of what’s been taking place is simply horrific: Islamist ... discuss

There is a beautiful Eucharistic prayer in our faith that goes like this, ‘When we were sinners and could not find our way to you, you loved us more than ever.” How beautiful, that when we were l ... discuss

As baseball season begins this week, a Triple-A pitcher for the Texas Rangers organization has much to celebrate. Jon Edwards underwent surgery to remove testicular cancer in December; one day later, ... discuss

 Knights of Columbus poll finds that large majorities in support of pro-life legislation and believe abortion is morally wrong By Dave And ... discuss

Lt. Cmdr. Wes Modderby Kelsey Harkness: While the nation debates whether Christian business owners should be forced by the government to cater same-sex marriages, the military is embroiled in its own ... discuss

by Phyllis Schlafly: If you get your news primarily from entertainment shows or social media, you might think that same-sex marriage has already been recognized as a constitutional right. In fact, ... discuss

By ANTONIO ANUP GONSALVES/CNA | JERUSALEM — Patriarch Fouad Twal of Jerusalem has praised an Israeli Supreme Court decision prohibiting the country’s army from routing a security wal ... discuss

The Oklahoma state Senate has approved a groundbreaking pro-life bill, HB 1721, that would ban dismemberment abortions that tear babies limb from limb. Abortion practitioners would face up to two year ... discuss

The head of the Democratic Party made it clear today. There should be no limits on abortion, period — and that includes no limits on abortions up tot the day of birth apparently. Democratic Nati ... discuss

Jerusalem, Israel, Apr 8, 2015 / 02:18 pm (Aid to the Church in Need).- Patriarch Fouad Twal of Jerusalem has praised an Israeli Supreme Court decision prohibiting the country's army from routing a se ... discuss

Kerry reflectis on the "extensive concerns"of Henry Kissinger & George P. Shultz Today in Washington, D.C. - April 8, 2015There is a great deal of skepticism to the framework for a deal with Ira ... discuss

On April 6th, an Oklahoma state Senate committee approved House Bill 1409, which would update their current informed consent law as well as increase the 24-hour waiting period prior to abortion to 72- ... discuss

Pope Francis continued pressing pro-life themes as he has done in the years since he became the head of the Catholic Church. As news reports indicate, the pontiff said that having a baby is never a &# ... discuss

By Lorne Snyder, Marketing Campaign Coordinator Despite the good work these centers perform, many abortion businesses and their supporters try to discredit these centers by spreading lies and misinfo ... discuss

Wisconsin’s attorney general has filed the legal papers necessary to appeal a decision striking down a state law that holds abortion clinics accountable for women’s health and safety and c ... discuss

by Hans Johnson Not a season will go by for a legal/crime television drama without an episode or two touching on the life issue. Usually the pro-life side will be personified by a wild-eyed religious ... discuss

(LiveActionNews) — I have written in the past about how doctors sometimes end up fighting to save the life of one baby, while later being called upon to kill a baby of the same age in an aborti ... discuss

In Australia, a 28-year-old pregnant woman and her unborn baby died after she was diagnosed with leukemia but refused a blood transfusion that could have saved both their lives. According to the Daily ... discuss

 Told her husband had only a 10% of waking up, wife refuses to “let him die” and he is now making a recovery By Dave Andrusko Matt and ... discuss

Here are some new Kindle deals: The Lion and the Lamb by Andreas Kostenberger ($0.99); A Christ-Centered Wedding by Catherine Parks ($2.99); Brothers, We Are Not Professionals by John Pip ... discuss

#march4marriage with HLI on April 25, 2015 in D.C. “Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth; and God has placed in the human heart a des ... discuss

In early 1991, Curt Smith hired me to serve in the press office of U.S. Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN).  He was my boss for more than three years, working in harness for one of the finest men to serve in ... discuss

Last month, when I talked with Haley and Christy on the Fountains of Carrots podcast, they asked a great question about when couples convert. Haley and Daniel came in to the Church at the same time; A ... discuss

And I agree.However:A decision letter from the Division ruled in Silva’s favor. She did not discriminate against Jack because of his religious identity, but because his request included “derogator ... discuss

As it says in my previous posting, I am supporting Rand Paul in 2016. The following video explains that decision: ... discuss

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has signed an important pro-life bill to help stop Kansas’ position as a haven for late-term abortions. Brownback  signed the the Unborn Child Protection from Dism ... discuss

 Anne Lamott, abortion, and the “cat” she did not allow in her life By Dave Andrusko Editor’s note. Author Anne Lamott turns 61 this ... discuss

Gimme that heart! In 2013, 15-year-old Anthony Stokes was denied a place on the waiting list for a life-saving heart transplant at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston because, the hospit ... discuss

by Kerby Anderson: Later this month the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on whether states can define marriage as the union between one man and one woman. Court watchers expect that the court w ... discuss

Jewels Green is a post-abortive mother of three who worked in an abortion clinic before becoming pro-life. She will share her powerful story this year at the 2015 National Right to Life Convention to ... discuss

Christina, age 13, helping make her own lunchThe discussion of pre natal testing and abortion as usual is a very emotional one. I decided to wade in. Here the original post. The blogger at For Elisium ... discuss

Six years ago while on a trip home to visit my parents, I had the privilege to take a four hour drive and meet a woman who I have come to know.  I admire her for her selfless love, her act of courage ... discuss

From Dr. L. Lacroix of Planned Parenthood on why women should not see ultrasounds of their babies before their abortions: “Abortion is a hard enough thing for any woman to decide without the tortur ... discuss

On Feb. 20, pro-life pioneer Dr. John (Jack) Willke passed away peacefully at his home a the age of 89. An obstetrician who along with his wife Barbara taught human sexuality courses in the 1960s, the ... discuss

This article was published on the HOPE Australia website on April 1, 2015.To discourage or deny hope must be one of the cruelest things any one person can do to another.Paul RussellBy Paul Russell, th ... discuss

Loretta Lynch, President Barack Obama’s pro-abortion nominee to the Attorney General post, appears more likely to be confirmed thanks to the support of one of the handful of pro-abortion Republican ... discuss

TweetBy Jonathon Van MarenJustin Trudeau’s ghost-written memoir—Common Ground—is many things. It’s as excruciatingly slow as Hillary Clinton’s Living History, and contains passages as painfu ... discuss

(LiveActionNews) — Facebook says a recent Live Action News story cannot be promoted on the social media site because “the image or video thumbnail may shock or evoke a negative response from viewe ... discuss

  Facebook rejects picture of precious baby as ‘shocking’  Susan Michelle   Facebook says a recent Live Action News story cannot ... discuss

 University censors two campus pro-life groups By Dave Andrusko Outside the Dundee University Students Union are Joseph Geoghegan and Jul ... discuss

By Joe Kral Since 1999, Texas has defined artificially administered nutrition and hydration (AANH) as something that is not morally considered ordinary care. In fact, the law essentially determines th ... discuss

This blog post was first published by the Abolitionist Society of the Omaha Metro Area.Who among us, left to our own devices, will readily admit our guilt? Our standard response to guilt is to attempt ... discuss

If there is one thing that many American citizens are missing today, it is a appreciation for the constitution. Not just as a document, but as something greater that was created for a specific purpose ... discuss

The size of the federal government has exploded over the last century.  The legislative and judicial branches of government have grown to serve the increased number of states and its growing populati ... discuss

We were on February 26 subjected to the hugest of Barack Obama Administration Internet power grabs.  Where the Administration unilaterally decided to start applying 1934 landline telephone law to the ... discuss

 Sonogram laws necessary for informed consent, speak to reality of preborn Life By Texas Right to Life Jessica Farrar, a State Representa ... discuss

There is little understanding of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law. The First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law . . . prohibiting the free exercise [of religion].” Does this ... discuss

Imagine you run a shoddy abortion clinic that amasses a $36,000 fine by your state’s health department after an 18-year old patient dies. You file for bankruptcy, but your case is dismissed. Then, y ... discuss

Hailed as a “research breakthrough,” biotech company Ganogen, Inc. in Redwood City, California has recently harvested kidneys from aborted babies and transplanted them into lab rats. This new deve ... discuss

An abortion advocacy group is running television commercials attacking Republican members of the U.S. Senate who put helping sex trafficking victims ahead of abortion funding. As LifeNews reported, De ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - Christian Songs and Stories - Tony Funderburk - Christian Songs and Stories The hatred of the world is virtually palpable these days. It grows from ignorance and selfishness. It abou ... discuss

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is once again calling for his state to pass a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks and protect unborn babies from late-term abortions. Walker recently stepped up to sup ... discuss

Throughout Good Friday, pro-lifers across the country will participate in ceremonies at the nation's abortuaries.“We pray for these children who are threatened by abortion and we pray for their moth ... discuss

“Advise termination of pregnancy.” These words were written on the medical records only a few hours after my wife had been admitted to the hospital, having had four grand mal seizures with ... discuss

By Joshua Tijerina, VP of Digital Communications @JoshuaADF Just a few months ago I was watching the Super Bowl commercials—for me, perhaps, a more entertaining endeavor than the game itself. I not ... discuss

According to the National Catholic Register, more than 120,000 people in Mexico have signed a petition asking their Supreme Judicial Court to reaffirm that “abortion is not a right.” The pro-life ... discuss

Faith is a central pillar of most religions. But what does it really mean? There are those who argue that faith is not a function of evidence or proof. For want of a better description, we could call ... discuss

As I write, militants from the Islamist Al-Shabab terrorist organization are holding Christian students hostage at a university in Kenya.  They are reported to have killed about 20 people so far. ... discuss




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