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Click here to view the embedded video.     With the release of American Sniper last week, many commentators and celebrities have emerged to trash the memory of the man profiled in the movie, ... discuss

Thanks to the Catholic supersite New Advent, you can now read an exclusive excerpt of my newly revised and updated Thrill of the Chaste (Catholic Edition). It begins:My friend Father Augustine Wetta, ... discuss

It was only about six months ago that Max Lindenman decided it was time to strike his tent, and we reluctantly let him fly away, with hopes that he would soon return. Since then Max has been freelanci ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - Tony Funderburk - Sowing Christian Joy with Rhyme and Reason Certain groups of atheists have decided they need their own “gathering day” to celebrate and be with “ ... discuss

Investment Business Daily Editorial: Second Amendment: The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, formed in the wake of the school shooting tragedy in the Connecticut town, wants restrictive gun laws that ... discuss

by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: Can anyone remember how awful the U.S. healthcare free market system was that it needed to be replaced by the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare? ... discuss

Memorial of Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop and Doctor of the ChurchBy JENNIFER BURGINJesus came with his disciples into the house. Again the crowd gathered, making it impossible for them eve ... discuss

By now, you're very familiar with the Left's oh-so-predictable attempt to use every shooting by an amoral wacko (who often had his gun illegally) to promote taking guns away from the vast majority of ... discuss

-The Cadence Group sent me a free copy of America's Suicide, if I would review it on my blog.-I confess that I generally do not read books when I suspect I will disagree with the premise.  I deci ... discuss

Friday if the Second Week in Ordinary Time(Click here for readings)By GABY HUNDZABut in fact the ministry Jesus has received is as superior to theirs as the covenant of which he is mediator is superio ... discuss

On March 3rd, The Drop Box Heart comes to U.S. theaters and shares the story of Jong-rak Lee, a pastor who decided to make it his mission to save abandoned babies left on the streets of Seoul, South K ... discuss

In a beautiful article in The Huffington Post, Deanna Smith describes how her daughter, who has Down syndrome, can’t be defined by a “list” of abnormalities. Smith writes, “When my daughter wa ... discuss

Vatican City, Jan 23, 2015 / 12:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis completed the membership of the new Vatican body with responsibility for dealing with clerical sex abuse on Wednesday,  markin ... discuss

Vatican City, Jan 22, 2015 / 05:44 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- An Italian historian has found evidence that Venerable Pius XII’s order to open the doors to Jewish refugees was delivered to two enclosed ... discuss

A 19-year-old Chicago woman, Jessica Cruz, was arrested after she strangled her son to death and then dumped his body in a trash can after giving birth at a local retail store. As LifeNews previously ... discuss

I've gotten some questions regarding the Will and Series. Mostly "is Will based on *insert guy's name*?" or "Was *insert chapter* hard to write?" So, for Valentine's Day, I've decided to answer as man ... discuss

Tammra McCauley via FlickrPope Francis has been quoted all over the news this week regarding birth control, cesareans and breeding like bunnies!  I know that a lot of his comments were taken ... discuss

Forgive me dear readers; it has been nearly eight months since I have written… So, today felt like a good day to put virtual pen to virtual paper.  As thousands begin the trek to Washington, ... discuss

On May 26th,1963, Toni DiPina was abandoned by her parents in St. Louis, Missouri. According to the Daily Mail, she was nine-months old and left at a vacant lot among rusting cars and old appliances. ... discuss

Vulnerable, innocent Terence Jeffrey: President Obama’s disrespect for motherhood has manifested itself in policies ranging from support for same-sex marriage to defense of a form of abort ... discuss

On Saturday, my husband Joe and I attended the Northwest Families March for Life in Palatine, Illinois, along with over a thousand other pro-lifers. Joe and I were scheduled to speak at the outdoor po ... discuss

Image: The Atlanta Journal – Constitution By Marissa Poulson, Senior Web Writer Are Christians only accepted in the workplace if they stay silent about their faith? Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kel ... discuss

The Shanghi List has reported that a 44-year-old pregnant woman has aborted her baby because her 13-year-old threatened to commit suicide. Last year, Xiao and her husband decided that they wanted to h ... discuss

2015 State of the Unionby Patrick L. Booth, Contributing Author: Having been asked by people whether or not I’ll listen to Obama’s address, I state an unequivocal NO. It’d be a waste of time. ... discuss

Panama City, Panama, Jan 20, 2015 / 04:33 pm (CNA).- Among the new cardinals Pope Francis will create in the February consistory is Bishop Jose Luis Lacunza Maestrojuan of the Diocese of David, Panama ... discuss

A teenage mother in England has given birth to a little girl after her former boyfriend hired hitmen in an attempt to kill their unborn child. The 19-year-old has left her former boyfriend off the bir ... discuss

On Jan. 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade and its companion case, Doe v. Bolton. The Court ruled that abortion must be permitted for any reason before fetal viability—and that it ... discuss

This is a slightly revised and updated article I first wrote and posted in 2004 at this time.March for Life 2010 ascending Capitol Hill on the way to the Supreme CourtThursday, January 22, will mark t ... discuss

Republicans in Butte County, South Dakota decided it was time people who called themselves “Republicans” actually put their money where their mouth is, and show a little loyalty to the Sou ... discuss

Saturday of the First Week in Ordinary Time(Click here for readings)By GABY HUNDZAFor the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than a double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and sp ... discuss

In 2007, Dimitri and Varvara Artamkin found they were expecting quintuplet girls after a course of fertility treatments. They were very excited, but their excitement was short lived because doctors in ... discuss

Aboard the papal plane, Jan 19, 2015 / 03:20 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Speaking to journalists aboard the Jan. 19 flight from Manila to Rome concluding his Asian pilgrimage, Pope Francis discussed what he ... discuss

Here at LifeNews, we report almost each and every week on cases of parents who make a courageous decision not to have an abortion when doctors suggest aborting one or more babies to supposedly save th ... discuss

New information has surfaced today of a Florida-based abortion practitioner who recently lost his medical license. He is responsible for killing babies in abortions and injuring women — and for ... discuss

Vatican City, Jan 19, 2015 / 12:10 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis has revealed that he hopes to make extensive voyages to Africa and Latin America in the next two years. “The plan is to go t ... discuss

The Affordable Care Act is a lie Author’s Note: I am deeply grateful to Rachel Alexander and Steve Laib of The Intellectual Conservative for their willingness to carry this series of excerpts from m ... discuss

A friend of mine wrote the article below and I think she pegs it. In the world of virtual reality, everyone can create his own avatar. An old person can become young, a male can become female or vice- ... discuss

  God spoke to her while on a run, and now she runs to save lives  Nancy Flanders   The idea came to Heidi Boos on a day just like a ... discuss

TweetBy Justina Van MarenHe was a short man, I was just as tall if not taller than he was. He was strolling down the sidewalk, his hands stuffed into the pockets of his black coat. And then he saw us ... discuss

Think beer-can chicken is silly? Even if you think it’s absurd to cook a whole chicken upright, balanced on its legs and a can of beer, you have to admit that there’s a certain logic to t ... discuss

The vintage books below are titles I discovered by looking at the literature selections in turn of the century magazines and in a ‘yearbook’ of notable happenings of 1901 and 2. All the l ... discuss

by Marc Barnes | Washington, DC | | 1/16/13 1:34 PMOpinion The injustice of abortion is the free choice of a woman who sees it working towards her good. This has lead to the common call f ... discuss

She's completely off base in some things! I finished the 32nd book in the series, Treachery in Death, yesterday and decided to go back and re-read from the beginning (yes, even I have my guilty pleasu ... discuss

It’s never easy for pro-lifers, but it’s particularly frustrating when one of our own plays into the enemy’s hands. Or maybe supposedly pro-life Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellm ... discuss

(LiveActionNews) — When Martin Pistorius was 12 years old, he became very ill. After two years of illness, spending most of his time sleeping, he became so sick that he lost his ability to move. ... discuss

In November 2014, 29-year-old Brittany Maynard received national attention when she legally committed suicide with a fatal dose of phenobarbital. After suffering from severe headaches, Brittany Maynar ... discuss

In January 2010, People staff writer, Steve Helling, visited Haiti after a devastating earthquake hit killing thousands and leaving many children abandoned. During his time there, Helling worked at a ... discuss

    Yes, we love free books. We hope you do, too.   Books are free at the time I found the links and pasted them here. This changes sometimes, so be sure to note the price before you a ... discuss

Panjim, India, Jan 15, 2015 / 05:02 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Bells pealed out at Catholic churches and chapels throughout the Archdiocese of Goa on Wednesday, calling the faithful to prayer and thanksgivi ... discuss

Does God forgive women who have abortions? Kristan Gray knows the answer and she will be sharing it with thousands of pro-life people at Iowa Right to Life’s Midwest March for Life on Saturday. ... discuss

By: Sher Zieve Gulag Bound How many times have we heard some politically correct (aka politically corrupt) “journalist” from any and all of our ObamaMedia tell us that the “extremist” attacks ... discuss

Katrina Cliffe and her husband John lost one baby to miscarriage and thought they would never be able to have children again. After they conceived another child, they were terribly afraid they would l ... discuss

When I went to see the midwife at 36 weeks of pregnancy, I did not expect to find myself leaving in the back of an ambulance. My BP [blood pressure] was 200/115 and there were 4 pluses of protein in m ... discuss

Breast cancer during pregnancy is very rare, occurring in only one in every 3,000 pregnant women. That’s why when Ottawa mother, Jillian O’Conner, felt a lump in her breast while nursing her 1-yea ... discuss

Los Angeles, Calif., Jan 15, 2015 / 08:00 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Less than a week before the 42 anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, which legalized abortion in the United States, Los Angeles will host its firs ... discuss

After St. Brigid, St. Ita, who was named Deirdre, is the most famous woman saint in Ireland. Her birth of noble Christian parents, Kennfoelad, a Déisí tribe chieftain and Necta his princess wife, is ... discuss

One of the problems with in vitro fertilization is that unused or unwanted embryos are often discarded or destroyed. Unfortunately in 2011, a study in the journal of the American Society for Reproduct ... discuss

Given the volume of condemnation following the massacres in Paris I had decided against making any comment other than short condolences on Twitter and Facebook in which I quoted Winston Churchill: “ ... discuss

Before Simon’s arrival my husband, Scott, and I lost six children through miscarriage. With each loss the sting of pain was greater. After we lost our daughter Faith in September 2008, we rid our ho ... discuss

by Ron Paul: After the tragic shooting at a provocative magazine in Paris last week, I pointed out that given the foreign policy positions of France we must consider blowback as a factor. Those who d ... discuss

Palestinians salute Hamasby Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: The news of the day is former President Jimmy Carter who placed the blame for the Paris jihadist massacre on—you guessed it—Israel. Th ... discuss

An old woman grabs me by the hands. She’s a pastor’s wife, passing through our church for a Sunday, stationed herself in the very back of the sanctuary for the whole of the service and shanghaied ... discuss

 Paralyzed, unable to speak, and dismissed as a “vegetable,” Martin Pistorius could hear everything, eventually “awoke” from locked-in syndromeBy Dave Andrusko Martin Pistori ... discuss

Colombo, Sri Lanka, Jan 13, 2015 / 02:04 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis decided to forego a scheduled meeting with the bishops of Sri Lanka Jan. 13 after delays in arriving at the apostolic nunciat ... discuss

Colombo, Sri Lanka, Jan 13, 2015 / 02:49 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In all, there were 40 elephants that the Sri Lankan authorities decided to include in Pope Francis’ welcome ceremony upon his first ... discuss

-I have never watched, The Celebrity Apprentice before, but when I found out that Brandi Glanville was going to be on, I decided to watch it.-I then found out that other fun celebrities were on as wel ... discuss

by Elizabeth Slattery: Today the Supreme Court will be back in full swing, hearing oral arguments in a number of important cases. In addition to a case dealing with discrimination against Muslims and ... discuss

In 2009, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra became famous after staring in MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and choosing adoption over abortion. As LifeNews previously reported, at a pro-life event in I ... discuss

"We are Charlie"How not to be indignant at the murder committed in cold blood? The attack that killed 12 people in the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo fills us with horror. As a result of a newspap ... discuss

A little baby boy is alive today thanks to his mother’s instinct to not take his life in an abortion even though doctors said he had a large tumor growing on his chest. Angel Gomez is now 4-week ... discuss

by Kelli Clever baby announcements are one of my favorite things to watch. I love the raw emotion and excitement captured in the moment of realization that a new life has come into being. This wife d ... discuss

Wow, pro-aborts really, really want the baby to die “We’re pro-choice, not pro-abortion,” abortion defenders endlessly insist. They assure us that a dead baby is not the objective ... discuss

The Keystone XL pipeline is all about energy, jobs, economic growth, and national security’WASHINGTON, D.C. – In the Weekly Republican Address, Sen. John Hoeven of North Dakota makes the case for ... discuss

On December 11th, Robert Nordlander, a household name to anyone who habitually read the opinion pages in the Appleton Post-Crescent, passed away after a lingering illness. was also once a columnist in ... discuss

No, not him again. Mitt Romney forcefully declared his interest in a third presidential run to a room full of powerful Republican donors Friday, disrupting the fluid 2016 GOP field as would-be rival ... discuss

Join the other Quicktakers at This Ain't the Lyceum.1.  We started back to school this week a little bit at a time.  Since we didn't have co-op I was able to start everyone with math and som ... discuss

by Gary Bauer, Contributing Author: Paris Siege Ends Two hostage crises in Paris were resolved today. Cherif and Said Kouachi, the two jihadists responsible for Wednesday's slaughter at Charlie Hebdo, ... discuss

Text:  Matthew 25:14-30 Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.In today’s Gospel reading we encounter another parable from Jesus.  In this parable, ... discuss

IAt my last doctor's appointment (on the 26th), I was told not to exercise because I was underweight. My metabolism is apparently really fast so I burn calories easier than I can put them on. No, don' ... discuss

Abandoned newborn survives two hours of exposure in extremely cold weather By Dave Andrusko Vickie Zeigler is the neighbor who took in the baby and ca ... discuss

The Facebook page: Pray for Otto is requesting prayer for a tiny little baby boy, born three months early. Otto Wilhite was born 3 months early on December 16th, 2014 to parents Erin and Dave Wilhite. ... discuss

Jefferson County deputies told WBRC that a newborn baby girl is in good condition after her 15-year-old mother left her outside a neighbor’s home in extremely cold weather for two hours. The girl ha ... discuss

I spent my final work day of 2014 doing some long-overdue filing—and decided to share links to some of the articles that earned from me the coveted (?) designation of “KEEP.” These a ... discuss

A 20-year-old new York man who killed and set on fire a 14-year-old girl who refused his demand to have an abortion has been convicted for his crimes and is headed to prison for 29 years to life. Chri ... discuss

by Kerby Anderson, Point of View: A case involving a church sign is headed to the Supreme Court. While that might seem like a trivial case, it illustrates what may become a major battleground between ... discuss

Pastor John Collins Awarded New ICM Minister Award -- 2015 ICM Faith, Family & Country Minister Contact: Pastor John Collins, 307-331-6538, NASHVILLE, Jan. 8, 2015 /Christian News ... discuss

by Ralph Benko, Contributing Author: One, and only one, candidate, Barack Obama, caught the X-factor and improbably got himself nominated and elected, and re-elected, president. Another improbable ca ... discuss

In Federalist 78, Alexander Hamilton famously claimed that the judiciary would be the "least dangerous" branch of the federal government.  In our latest essay, we consider how Progressivism ha ... discuss

In the dense rain-forests of Ecuador, on the Pacific side of the Andes Mountains, lives a tribe of Indians who call themselves the Huaorani ("people" in their language, Huao), but whose neighbors have ... discuss

The above picture is one that is sure to warm the heart of every good Catholic traditionalist. Here is a priest celebrating the Mass ad orientem. This is the way Mass should be celebrated. This is ... discuss

As NRL News Today reported in December, a three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments this morning on another challenge to a different aspect of Texas’ omnibu ... discuss

Dan Steffensby Dan Steffens, Opinion Editorial: Low oil prices today may be setting the world up for an oil shortage as early as 2016. Today we have just 2% more crude oil supply than demand and the ... discuss

Recently, abortion proponents decided if you can’t beat, join ‘em, and began urging their people to counter post-abortive stories of regret with post-abortive stories of relief.They launched the 1 ... discuss

Recently, abortion proponents decided if you can’t beat, join ‘em, and began urging their people to counter post-abortive stories of regret with post-abortive stories of relief. They lau ... discuss

According to the Daily Mail, an Italian mother who was declared brain-dead in October has given birth to a baby boy nine weeks after doctors agreed to keep her on a life support machine to save the ch ... discuss

One, and only one, candidate, Barack Obama, caught the X-factor and improbably got himself nominated and elected, and re-elected, president.  Another improbable candidate could catch it again. What ... discuss

This is heavy on breads, eggs, and cheese because those are easy to spread when you don’t know how many people you’re having for dinner. The wedding is Saturday. People should start arrivi ... discuss

Decided to repost this from last January in this the new year...a reminder probably more for me than anyone.   It is so easy to get pulled into the business of the pro life movement. Especially ... discuss

By Alex SchadenbergExecutive Director - Euthanasia Prevention CoalitionIn 2014 there were many great articles opposing euthanasia and assisted suicide. Here are some of the key articles published from ... discuss

Of today's two deaths from the Cemetery of Choice, I have far more information on the criminal abortion death.The legal abortion death was Loretta Morton. She was 16 years old when she underwent ... discuss

Light reading, lighter still on the pocket book. Affiliate links, if you buy something else while you’re at Amazon (they don’t pay out for free, and why should they?) Thanks for the suppo ... discuss

(Chinese name: 艾偉德, pinyin: (February 24, 1902–January 3, 1970) was the Christian missionary to China whose story was told in the book The Small Woman by Alan Burgess, published in ... discuss

As we begin the year 2015 here in Louisiana, we look forward with hope in the knowledge of last year’s successes and understanding the ongoing challenges for the pro-life community. As a Black w ... discuss

In 2013, 650 babies died under Holland’s assisted suicide law because their parents or doctors deemed their suffering too difficult to bear. Thankfully, according to Breitbart News, these statistics ... discuss

By Alex SchadenbergInternational Chair - Euthanasia Prevention CoalitionMortier's mother died by euthanasia in BelgiumTom Mortier, a chemistry professor, who lost his depressed mother, Godelieva De Tr ... discuss

Back in 2012, Kate Douse gave birth to extremely premature twins at only 23 weeks of pregnancy.  Kate thought there was no hope for her girls, knowing that normally babies are not considered medical ... discuss

Charles L. Bosk, a writer and researcher, spent time in a pediatric hospital where doctors and nurses took care of disabled and/or premature babies. Sometimes, when disabled babies were born (despite ... discuss

While most people in the world on Wednesday bid farewell to 2014 and welcomed 2015, Islamic terrorists sent out their own brand of New Year greetings in the only way they know: killing the innocent ... discuss

Yes, we love free books. We hope you do, too. Books are free at the time I found the links and pasted them here. This changes sometimes, so be sure to note the price before you add it to your cart. S ... discuss

One of the reasons the family is in such a mess can be laid at the feet of wimpy Catholics who simply would rather pay respect to human feelings than honor God's laws. Some people fear the wrath of th ... discuss

Shawn Carney, Campaign Director:  In 2014, God has blessed 40 Days for Life in many ways … in response to your prayers! We wanted to do a “top ten” list … but there were just too many gre ... discuss

In April, Sanne Kamphorst arrived at Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital weighing a tiny 1Ib 14 oz. She was delivered 15 weeks early via emergency Cesarean section after her mother, Marloes, had an ... discuss

Cheap Gas Is Like A $60 Billion Tax CutWashington Examiner Editorial: In June 2014, a barrel of oil cost $115. Currently, it goes for about $60. The historic plunge continued Monday as Saudi Arabia ma ... discuss

It had the makings of a great and inspirational movie until the final scene. Two fearless Scottish midwives take on the government bureaucracy of the National Health Service and the powerful hospital ... discuss

This article is written by William Peace and published on his Bad Cripple blog on December 30, 2014.Dr William PeaceBill Peace with studentsI find the notion that one has the right to die impossible t ... discuss

As I was looking back at this past year, I noticed that I did a lot of things (I packed more in a single year than I had in the past 6 years combined) because I made an unofficial resolution to be bra ... discuss

The uncle of Brittany Maynard, the terminally ill cancer patient who committed suicide in November, has spoken out about his niece’s decision. In an interview with ABC News, Holmes admitted that he ... discuss

A Pasteboard Crown A Story of the New York Stage It’s charmingly written, this story of a diminished upper class family whose delightful daughters seek to revive the family fortunes by turning t ... discuss

The following is a chapter from a book by Elisabeth Elliot that richly blessed and encouraged me, so I wanted to pass it along, as I'm sure it will impact others with similar experiences as well..."If ... discuss

In previous articles, LifeNews has covered stories of babies who’ve survived after their mothers were declared “brain dead.” One such story involved a mother who was only eight weeks pregnant wh ... discuss

by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: You don’t have to be a soldier or diplomat to ask whether President Obama’s withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan on December 31 is a good idea or not. Con ... discuss

How many good things happened at local 40 Days for Life campaigns in 2014? The answer is really “too many to count!” Picking a top 10 from among more than 200 campaign reports was almost impossibl ... discuss

Jill Duggar, daughter of Bob and Michelle Duggar from the reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, celebrated Christmas with her family and shared with the world that she and her husband, Derrick are thank ... discuss

 So Many Empty Chairs By Joleigh Little, Region Coordinator and Teens for Life Director, Wisconsin Right to Life Editor’s note. We are rapidly approaching the 42nd anniversary of th ... discuss

Ugh. – Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), the House majority whip, acknowledged Monday that he spoke at a gathering hosted by white-supremacist leaders while serving as a state representative in 2002 ... discuss

In October, terminally ill cancer patient, Brittany Maynard, became the face of the assisted suicide movement in our country. Brittany had stage IV glioblastoma multiforme, which is the most deadly fo ... discuss

(LiveActionNews) — Charles L. Bosk, a writer and researcher, spent time in a pediatric hospital where doctors and nurses took care of disabled and/or premature babies. Sometimes, when disabled b ... discuss

  Playing God in God’s name: ThinkProgress hails pro-abortion religious leaders  Calvin Freiburger  Pro-aborts periodically take time ... discuss

The journey of a thousand miles starts with putting on your shoes. A long time ago I read an account by a homeschooling mom who had decided to improve her reading.  She picked up a book of Shakespear ... discuss

Newsweek magazine decided to greet the start of 2015 with a massive cover story on the Bible. For decades now, major newsmagazines have tended to feature cover articles timed for Christmas and Easter, ... discuss

Geraint Wyn Davies as Prospero/Scott Suchman photo, shamelessly pinched from here.As director Ethan McSweeny's staging of The Tempest has just been extended at the Shakespeare Theater, I thought I'd p ... discuss

  The end of human rights?Murray Vasser According to a recent report by Reuters, a court in Argentina has ruled that Sandra, an orangutan living in a Buenos Ai ... discuss

Christmas holds additional meaning for one family who is rejoicing after the birth of a miracle baby. A family in Florida is celebrating a miracle after a woman in a coma suddenly woke up to give birt ... discuss

Here’s a question: how can you tell when you are reading “news” from the Huffington Post?  Answer:  When both views on a highly controversial topic are NOT given…meaning, only the liberal vi ... discuss

    Katha PollittEditor’s note. There have been a half-dozen stories reported on a new book by pro-abortion militant Katha Pollitt, “PRO—Reclaiming Abortion Rights.” T ... discuss

The High Court in Ireland issued a ruling today allowing a hospital to shut off life support for a pregnant mom, which would claim the life of her 18-week-old unborn baby. The mother is in her twentie ... discuss

An attorney for an unborn baby in Ireland told judges in the Irish High Court today that they should keep a brain-dead pregnant woman alive in order to protect her unborn baby’s right to life. T ... discuss

(LiveActionNews) — Married with no plan of having children, Inga Wismer was very much pro-choice when she found out she was pregnant. Her husband, who was adamant about not having children, told ... discuss

When Pro-Life Action League national director Joe Scheidler arrived December 20 at the Albany Medical/Surgical Center abortion clinic with 30 pro-lifers for the last stop on the League’s “Empty Ma ... discuss

Jason by Justus Miles Forman, about whom Wikipedia has this interesting entry: His only play, The Hyphen, appeared in 1915 but did not receive the success Forman expected. The Hyphen was a topical dra ... discuss

There are four women from the Cemetery of Choice whose abortions ended their lives on this date. I have very little information on the two criminal abortion deaths:On December 21, 1915, 34-year-old An ... discuss

  In the wake of the continued drumbeat over “racism” as supposedly evidenced by recent incidents, including the Ferguson, MO shooting of Michael Brown is a marked failure in the so-called m ... discuss is a unique acting studio in Hollywood dedicated to developing actors' whole being to bring out their God-given talent in ways that honor God and humanit ... discuss

by Jim Hoft With The Gateway Pundit on Friday, December 19, 2014 Barack Obama told reporters today that Sony should not have canceled “The Interview” and that they should have called him. VIDEO B ... discuss

Our acceptance of abortion has led to other deadly evils, like assisted suicide, euthanasia and infanticide. In a country that accepts the killing of unborn children as a social norm, we cannot preten ... discuss

On December 3, a new pro-life bill was filed in the Missouri legislature by pro-life Representative Rick Brattin. The bill states, “’No abortion shall be performed or induced unless and until ... discuss

Hanukkah Latkes We like to go crazy around the holidays and use every excuse we can find to praise the Lord. Hanukkah gives us eight extra days of celebration and more chances to sit around the table ... discuss

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom today rejected the right to conscience claims of Mary Doogan and Connie Wood. Doogan and Wood are midwives who “are practicing Roman Catholics who believ ... discuss

You read the blog post title correctly: I have failed at preparing during this Advent season. As my penance, I will tell you how I have failed and what I plan to do to make up for it.I actually did pr ... discuss

Oh Dear Lord in Heaven. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! Like many of you, our family was blessed with the opportunity to gather together over the recent Thanksgiving holiday.    Columba and I a ... discuss

I did a BIG List of Lunch Ideas Post a year or so ago – right before we began our journey to live a more “paleo-ish” lifestyle and ditch inflammatory grains and disease-and-obesity- ... discuss

The following news release was issued on Dec. 15, 2014.ST. PAUL — More than 65,000 unborn babies have been killed in Minnesota with taxpayer funds since a Dec. 15, 1995, Minnesota Supreme Court ruli ... discuss

Timed for a Christmas season release, director Ridley Scott’s intended blockbuster, Moses: Gods and Kings hit the big screens this past weekend. On its opening weekend the movie shot to the top ... discuss

...but Moses supposes erroneously.  That's a line from a song in a movie I wish I had seen instead of "Exodus: Gods and Kings" today. Since everyone else seems to be reviewing it I thought I woul ... discuss

In our last episode yours truly suggested that Republican Party “leadership” might be set to betray the electorate and cave in to pressure from the left and the media, which would lead to essentia ... discuss

Join the other Quicktakers over at "This Ain't the Lyceum" Hey before I get into the 7-quick takes, a small reminder that I have my Christmas and Advent Links stuck to the top of this blog for yo ... discuss

Woman Has Abortion at 28 Weeks Because Baby Would H ... discuss

 Supreme Court turns down convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell’s Appeal By Dave Andrusko When convicted abortionist Kermit Gosnell was sentenced in May 2013 on three counts of first d ... discuss

 UCSF Study Finds, then Downplays, Significant Abortion Complication Rates By Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., NRL Director of Education & Research Editor’s note. NRL News Today ran a p ... discuss

Here is a good analysis by Chris Chmielenski of of the whys, whats, and wherefores that went into the passage of the CRap-filled CRiminal-Amnestying  CRomnibus Bill. ... discuss

There was a strange story in the Nashville news yesterday regarding a routine traffic stop made by a police officer for a license tag violation. The car was driven by two Muslim men with Saudi driver' ... discuss

There's one topic I've seen come up a lot this week: how grown up Millennials are going to deal with their aging parents. Many of us are already in our mid-late 20s into early 30s and we're starting t ... discuss

O Mother, how pure you are, you are untouched by sin;yours was the privilege to carry God within you.Divine OfficeIf you wanted to be a great baseball player, what would you need? First and foremost, ... discuss

I originally posted this in 2005 and have updated it a couple of times. I like to present it every December 7th as the story is as poignant as ever, especially with our troops still in theater in Af ... discuss

Do you ever get that feeling like you don’t have much to offer? Like what you have to give or the talents you have aren’t enough to make any difference? Do feel like, as just one person out s ... discuss

 Elections have consequences—See actions of pro-abortion Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe By Dave Andrusko Pro-abortion Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffeThere are few words more telling ... discuss

-My most recent research project was on the FLDS.  I read 8 books about them and watched movies and documentaries.-Now, I'm studying the Civil Rights Movement.  Recently, I watched the serie ... discuss

WASHINGTON, D.C. (12-03-14) – As the Supreme Court hears oral arguments today in Young v. UPS, “the need for society to respect a woman’s choice for LIFE will be front and center,&# ... discuss

[Getty Images] Attending a conservative conference, even after a losing political season, encourages people. Liberals even when winning, mope. Conservatives, when losing, drink and have a good time ... discuss

This is nothing much, but if anyone just looked at our facebook page and the comments and topics we discuss. They would be amazed by how many birhtmothers feel. I just posted some2010 11/1  Birt ... discuss

&amplt;p&ampgt;&ampamp;amp;lt;p&ampamp;amp;gt;Your browser does not support iframes.&ampamp;amp;lt;/p&ampamp;amp;gt;&amplt;/p&ampgt; Television companies are going full-out ... discuss

If you have been following our series, I first wrote about the 10 Steps to Start Catholic Homeschooling and then on Goal Setting in the Catholic Homeschool, now we are going to discuss the differ ... discuss

I've always wanted to create covers for the children's composition books.  We love composition books, I always buy them when they are $.50 a piece and love how sturdy they are.  The ones tha ... discuss

Yeah!!! It is about time. I have been watching for awhile and was waiting for a lawsuit to come forth and here it is. I am glad that they decided to hold ABC accountable for their&n ... discuss

In the end, the Republican Party (as the bearer of today's political conservatism) is basically where I thought it was five years ago (pre-Tea Party, pre-Obama), struggling with a bit of an identity c ... discuss

The traditional end of the Christmas season has come and gone with the Feast of the Epiphany yesterday. Upon reflecting on the season of Advent and Christmas, one of my favorite moments of this past s ... discuss

It's been 2 1/2 years since I started this blog. I originally started it as a way to reach out to the teens in my youth group outside of our weekly meetings. With 9,600 visits and 13,500 page views, m ... discuss

Will Our Passion Turn Back To Apathy After The Election? One of the most positive things I have seen from this election is passion. There seems to be something about this election, more than any ... discuss

They, Too, Are America - A Commentary by Bryan Kemper Langston Hughes wrote a poem entitled, \"I, Too\" in which he dreamed of a day when African Americans would not be shunned. This simple poem ... discuss

Valentine's Day, Sex and ChastityWith Valentine's Day around the corner, I decided to republish something we put out last year as it is so appropriate for this time of year. Chastity so key to the pro ... discuss

An Abortionist Was Aborted YesterdayYesterday morning, abortionist George Tiller was aborted as he walked into his church. Someone decided to take the law into their own hands and abort him for what h ... discuss

"I think it's sickening that you can actually do something like this," Tyronica Tunstall, Jimella's cousin, told the Post-Dispatch. "I hope Jimella wasn't living when the baby was cut out." While Tun ... discuss

Different regulatory approaches to surrogacy in the US can result in legal tangles, according to a report in The New York Times Magazine. The "lax atmosphere" of surrogacy regulation "means that it is ... discuss

December 13, 2011 ( - There are a lot of negative stereotypes about the pro-life movement. I could easily write a list of 20 or more. These five, though, are the ones I personally encou ... discuss

I've seen those pictures of pregnant women painting their big bellies to look like basketballs or pumpkins or what-have-you, but that's just not me.  I find it mildly repulsive.  I find it i ... discuss

Nadine the 'Pig Whisperer' Love this story of pigs having fun in crystal clear water in the Bahamas.Underwater photographer Eric Cheng stumbled across the unusual residents during a diving expedition ... discuss

"WE ARE WHAT WE CHOOSE" By founder Jeff BezosFrom News at Princeton - 2010 Baccalaureate remarks"We are What We Choose"Remarks by Jeff Bezos, as delivered to the Class of 2010BaccalaureateM ... discuss

Tom Tancredo is clearly the best candidate for Governor of Colorado, but some of my very conservative, less conservative, and generally Republican friends have gotten stuck on some misinformation whic ... discuss

by Ed Hanks Time was, you couldn't get elected as a Republican in Colorado if you didn't have the "three exceptions." Candidates would be coached to say, "I'm opposed to abortion except in cases of ra ... discuss

Two pages from my Bible in Ephesians.From reading the title of this blog post, you are probably thinking that my math is all screwy, because how can 600 + 1900 (2500) be the completion of the Bible ... discuss

UPDATE: I'm still working on re-posting the articles from my series on Arminianism vs Reformed theology, but I have decided to edit them as I proceed, so the process of reposting will likely take long ... discuss

There's been a lot of press and discussion lately about the United States as a "post-Christian" nation.President Obama's phrase, "we are no longer just a Christian nation", spoken during a keynote add ... discuss

With all the controversy over the new translation of the Mass, something's been bothering me for a while. I have a confession to make. . . I don't actually know the definition of ineffable. Ineffable ... discuss

I made an appeal last year for Lauren Richardson's life ( Well, the Alliance Defense Fund took up her case, and here is t ... discuss

Dear AT&T Wireless people: As seems to be standard practice for companies these days, you do not provide an obvious or easy method to give direct feedback on your products and services. So, after rumm ... discuss

What, you ask? Why write about this now? That was in January; the big thing in the last week, even the last two days, is health care mis-reform. True. I can only claim that this is on my mind, and has ... discuss

Did President Obama not have any civil engineers on his staff? Or anywhere in his administration? It would appear not. All those "shovel-ready jobs" he talked about were public works projects. Well, t ... discuss

It was bad enough for the White House to disinvite a pastor from praying at President Obama’s inauguration because he expressed orthodox Christian views in a sermon delivered almost 20 years ago. Bu ... discuss

As I sit and type this morning, and do a little mental stretching, I contemplate this Advent and season of gift giving.  What makes a gift truly sincere, truly meaningful and truly in the spirit ... discuss

Twenty years.  It truly doesn't seem possible that I just wrote that.  I don't feel nearly old enough to remember anything that happened 20 years ago.  But indeed, I remember so vividly ... discuss

Understanding the will of God can be difficult.   What am I typing?  It is not only daunting, but at times simply maddening.  It can include excitement at the prospect of His plans ... discuss




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