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John F. Kennedy in February 1961Assassinated November 22, 1963by Tom Balek, Contributing Author: Over dinner, my wife and I watched the news about President Trump's latest "Make America Great Again" r ... discuss

Kayden Slottkelooks extremely small for his age: He is seven months old and weighs about 14 pounds. But when the Alberta, Canada baby was born on Nov. 18, he weighed a little more than 1 pound, and me ... discuss

She Took the Abortion Pill But Her Baby Miraculously Survived: “God Had Other Plans” Edna Were Mon got a rare second chance. In her third year of college, the Kenyan woman found ou ... discuss

Gary Bauerby Gary Bauer, Contributing Author:   Stunning Upset - According to all the media hype, yesterday's special election in Georgia's Sixth Congressional District was supposed to ... discuss

Ten month old Charlie Gard is very sick, but he has two awesome champions–his mom, Connie, and dad, Chris, without whom he most certainly would be dead. Charlie is not only in the unenviable positio ... discuss

Edna Were Mon got a rare second chance. In her third year of college, the Kenyan woman found out she was pregnant and decided to have an abortion. Were Mon wrote a column for Standard Media recently e ... discuss

by Star Parker: Americans are justifiably frustrated regarding what is going on in Washington, D.C.But let's not forget that we elect these folks. We may have a mess, but we can at least be proud tha ... discuss

As noted before, I quit my teaching job at a prestigious Catholic school - but one that has strayed form its roots and one where some questionable decisions have been made.I had my exit interview yest ... discuss

by Seton Motley, Contributing Author: We have repeatedly written about the widespread ignorance/misinterpretation of now-President Donald Trump’s perspective on trade.Way too many people – who a ... discuss

DID YOU KNOW that the Confederate States of America was an economic powerhouse before Lincoln's lawless and needlessly ruinous slash & burn invasion?By a huge margin, Per Capita income in EVERY southe ... discuss

by Paul Jacob, Contributing Author: Just a few miles away from where I live sits the stadium of the Potomac Nationals. I’m a fan. I’d hate to see the team we call the P-Nats leave.But . . . Hasta ... discuss

Abortion: The Crime Against Humanity There are a lot of things wrong with the world. Drug and alcohol abuse are rampant, cities are becoming increasingly violent, and human on human crimes are ... discuss

It was a bittersweet first Father’s Day for Charlie Gard’s dad, Chris, and his partner Connie Yates. Yesterday they did not know whether their son’s respirator would be shut off Monday night. Bu ... discuss

by Robert Romano: White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has said the White House has not decided its plan for an upcoming vote extending the debt ceiling."We haven't sett ... discuss

It’s a rare day indeed when CNN applauds a pro-life politician, never mind a woman who refused abortion against her doctor’s advice. But that’s exactly what just happened. On Saturday, CNN aired ... discuss

This article was published in The National Post online on June 15 2017By: Dr. Ramona Coelho (London, ON), Dr. Lucas Vivas (Toronto, ON), Catherine Ferrier, MD (Montreal, QC), Ricardo Di Cecca (Bu ... discuss

Lily Kat was thought of by Kaitlin at Emerald Isle, North Carolina (one of my favorite beaches!). She said she couldn't pass up the chance to put Lily's name in the sand. I love that she wrote Lily Ka ... discuss

This is the theology of progressivism. Jesus died to better the world, to advance equality, reduce poverty, spread peace. Conservatives have their own civil religion. It is just as bad. Jesus didn’t ... discuss

If my life is eulogized, let it be in the context of God’s marvelous grace and the love that he puts in our hearts. Let it be the story of how God wove our stories together. Let it be a story of for ... discuss

We must realize that a proper appreciation of one’s guilt before God is a gift. It is a gift that leads us to the truth, but without it we are lost. Those who do not look to God, but instead attempt ... discuss

There are good things about growing older, friends. Here, too, we have a chance to be salt and light. True enough, we might not move as quickly as we used to, but we can still embrace aging with a gos ... discuss

Reblog (0) The Canaanite Woman “To us proud as we are, the response of Jesus could have closed us totally to Him. We would have been disposed to defend our honor at all costs. The Canaanite woman r ... discuss

A couple of months back, members of the Parish Council at my parish spoke at weekend Masses trying to recruit new members. In our parish, instead of an actual election or even a put-all-the-nominees'- ... discuss

Michael O’Neill, “The Miracle Hunter” had me as a guest on his radio show to talk about Our Lady of Fatima and my new book: Fatima: The Apparition That Changed The World. In case you might ... discuss

Ann Coulter signs "Adios America!" for ARRA News Service Ann Coulter: The explosion of violence against conservatives across the country is being intentionally ginned up by Democr ... discuss

. . . Latest In A Long History Of Fake NewsNot Exactly Breaking Newsby Seton Motley, Contributing Author: The New York Times is simply a ridiculous publication. And has been for decades. It is hopele ... discuss

Selleck says Reverse mortgage is ok. A gift from Reagan. Suckers beware!   By Dr. Phil Taverna   I like Tom Selleck. He can probably sell anyone anything. But lets think about this reverse mortg ... discuss

How can we expect others to be actively involved in the pro-life movement if we can barely commit ourselves to the movement? Being the President of Loyola Students for Life (LSFL) while trying to bala ... discuss

The Encouragement of PastorsSt. Barnabas, ApostleThe 10th Anniversary of Ordination forRev. James Alfred RoemkeJune 11, 2017In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.Toda ... discuss

. . . AG calls claim he worked with Russia to undermine our democracy “an appalling and detestable lie.”by Matthew Vadum: Attorney General Jeff Sessions took aim at unhinged Russian electoral col ... discuss

Cecile Richards makes almost $1 million a year as the CEO of the abortion “non-profit” Planned Parenthood. Lately, she has been touring the country to speak out for the billions of taxpayer dollar ... discuss

A California case is raising questions again about whether medical professionals sometimes hasten gravely ill patients’ deaths to increase the chance of harvesting their organs. California polic ... discuss

I hope young people got a chance to see what Sen. Sanders’ insidious philosophy leads to, as he shamefully attacked Russell T. Vought, who was nominated to be the next deputy director of the Off ... discuss

Kathleen Dynan, Contributing Author: The first nothing at the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings was that Comey in his prepared statement and in his answers said that President Trump has done not ... discuss

Dynamic statesman. Powerful warrior. Cunning spy. Courageous enough to stand up for the truth. Wise beyond his years. Mighty with God and with men. These are just a few of the ways we could describe ... discuss

The abortion pill has been around for years and has become a highly common form of abortion. Now, it appears the antidote pill has arrived, and it is already saving hundreds of babies. The abortion pi ... discuss

Solemnity of the Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi Sunday) June 18, 2017By Msgr. Bernard BourgeoisDt 8:2-3; 14b-16a; Ps 147; 1 Cor 10:16-17; Jn 6:51-58"The cup of blessing tha ... discuss

I'm excited to have a chance to discuss Seeking Jesus in Everyday Life on the Son Rise Morning Show. Son Rise Morning Show is a fast-paced morning program covering everything from current events to ca ... discuss

Paola Zacchia (1584-1659)  was a well-respected Roman medical expert. Three times he was named Proto-physician – 1638, 1658 and 1659.  He was effectively the “Surgeon-General” of the H ... discuss

Dynamic statesman. Powerful warrior. Cunning spy. Courageous enough to stand up for the truth. Wise beyond his years. Mighty with God and with men. These are just a few of the ways we could describe ... discuss

  Recently, Catholic author Leslea Wahl contacted me and asked if I would be willing to interview her and share a book giveaway on Catholic Fire. As I was not familiar with Leslie’s writing, I ... discuss

11 June, New TestamentTransferred to 12 June for Trinity Sunday "Joseph, who was also called by the apostles Barnabas (which means son of encouragement), a Levite, a native of Cyprus, sold a field th ... discuss

"Joseph, a Levite, born in Cyprus, whom the apostles called Barnabas (son of encouragement), sold a field he owned, brought the money, and turned it over to the apostles." (Acts 4:36f). This is the f ... discuss

Fired FBI Director James Comeyby Newt Gingrich: The most startling revelation from fired FBI Director James Comey’s testimony this week was his barefaced admission that he intentionally leaked deta ... discuss

by Gary Bauer, Contributing Author:   Sanders Slander -  Earlier this week, the Senate Budget Committee convened to consider the nomination of Russell Vought to be Deputy Director of ... discuss

Why?Before getting into the question of how you get teach your children to read and understand the King James Version, we should probably first discuss why you should want to do so.If you are an Engli ... discuss

When Lorelai Mosnegutu was born without arms, her mother abandoned her. Maybe she thought Lorelai would never achieve anything, or that she would be dependent on others her whole life. Maybe she thoug ... discuss

Deja Foxx, a young woman from Arizona, is being touted as the new face of the abortion chain Planned Parenthood. The teen first caught abortion activists’ attention earlier this year when she cr ... discuss

When it rains, it pours! I've got another interview airing this weekend!I got the chance to tour the local Catholic radio studio and, most importantly, talk with Dave Palmer.We talked about Seeking Je ... discuss

Understandably, the British press’ attention (at least on domestic affairs) is heavily weighted in favor of coverage of their elections. They will have a new Parliament and possibly a new Prime Mini ... discuss

A Canadian nurse is bringing smiles to the faces of worried parents who have premature babies in neo-natal intensive care. The Metro reports Stephanie Treherne cares for premature babies in the NICU a ... discuss

Ohio state lawmakers reintroduced a controversial bill Tuesday to prohibit abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable. Fox 45 Now reports the bill is sponsored by Ohio state Reps. R ... discuss

Or maybe I remember the second half of my conversation with Tony Rossi as being better because I just kept getting more and more interested myself! As I've said before, Tony is a great interviewer.If ... discuss

Abortions are common among young female athletes, Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross said in an interview this week. Richards-Ross has been sharing her own abortion story in media interviews re ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - The Rhyme and Reason Author Singer Songwriter Sharing a few therapy notes today, and… They’re not what you might imagine when you first read that headline. I wrote down s ... discuss

Mr. Trump has visited Europe. There he made an impression. The reactions provide an opportunity to use items from the “hard-to-believe” file. POTUS has found it easy to shock “Europe” by clea ... discuss

U.S. special forces entered Afghanistan in the fall of 2001and forged partnerships with Northern Alliance tribes to removethe Taliban from power. (Photo: Pool/Reuters/Newscom)by Luke Coffey: Wed ... discuss

A single mom facing an unplanned pregnancy, Katy Lambert listened as doctors suggested that she have an abortion. Doctors said her twins probably would be stillborn, and Lambert was in a difficult spo ... discuss

Iowa parents who say they would have aborted their unborn son if they had known he had cerebral palsy may sue their doctors, the state Supreme Court ruled Friday. Radio Iowa reports Pamela Plowman and ... discuss

On Sept 14-16, 2010, concerned citizens joined in  anArkansas Spending Revolt TourBig Spending Democrats were in charge.  One of thespeakers was David Crow.  Now,almost 7 year later,Rep ... discuss

A Pittsburgh pediatrician known for her research and work with children who have been abused also happens to be an abortion advocate. Dr. Rachel Berger, a physician at the Children’s Hospital of ... discuss

For eight long years, we watched as the poster boy of national socialism Barrack Obama worked to radically transform our nation into the socialist utopia he and his socialist cronies have been dreamin ... discuss

Mothering my Lily-girl looks like tidying her grave and getting new decorations for each holiday and fresh season. It looks like sharing her story at banquets and churches. It looks like creating thin ... discuss

By ‘current,’ I mean dramas I am watching now.  That may also mean dramas that are still airing, but it might just mean some ten year old drama that I am currently watching. (Okay, but al ... discuss

Alex SchadenbergExecutive Director - Euthanasia Prevention CoalitionAccording to an article by Bradford Richardson that was published in the Washington Times on May 31, 2017, a Nevada physician is rep ... discuss

For students anticipating a move from college, how might they best decide where to go, which internship to take, what grad school to apply to, what job offer to accept? Well, they actually have to mak ... discuss

God is sovereign in providence. Traditional theism insists that God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent—all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere present. Each assertion is a variant of divin ... discuss

Kathy Griffin, desperate attention-seeker.(Photo: Getty Images.)I absolutely cannot stand Scotch whiskey. People tell me that Scotch is an “acquired taste.” To which I always respond with some bew ... discuss

Meet Bethany. She’s a 14-year-old fiction writer from England with a dream of getting published someday. And she just had a terrible experience. In a discussion with three girls her age she was to ... discuss

A powerful new photo series of children born at 24 weeks or earlier, holding birth pictures of themselves, is putting a spotlight on the need to protect unborn babies at this stage of pregnancy. One ... discuss

by Tom Balek, Contributing Author: The more business-savvy people we get in government, the better. Assuming they are there to serve rather than be served.In order to succeed, or even survive in a c ... discuss

  TRAVELING WITH YOUR PET can be wonderful – a real “trip”! What better way to really connect with your furry companion than to vacation together, and you don’t even have to pack an extr ... discuss

by Kerby Anderson, Contributing Author: en days ago, President Trump delivered an important speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit. Speaking before 50 Muslim leaders, he talked about terrorism a ... discuss

Dear Friends, Self-professed atheists like Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins often say that Christianity is an absurd religion that believes in things like “talking snakes.” While it’s ... discuss

Father Lawrence Lew, OP, via Flickr, licensed cc While at Ephesus, he was impressed by the steadfastness of the Christian martyrs, and by the personality of an aged Christian man whom he met by c ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - The Rhyme and Reason Author Singer Songwriter Hmm…So only fools rush in, eh? It’s an old expression. Only fools rush in. But rush in where? Or does it matter? Yeah, I thi ... discuss

In an eleventh hour action, a three member panel of the UK Supreme Court has issued a temporary court-ordered reprieve in the case of a nine month old baby whose life support had been scheduled to be ... discuss

It is ironic, perhaps, that it was the witness of the martyrs that helped inspire the conversion of St. Justin from paganism to the Christian faith; it was because he clung to and defended that faith ... discuss

Some movie moments simply transcend time. Generation after generation of movie-goers cry during the final scenes of  “Casablanca.” Children year in and year out join the governess Maria in singin ... discuss

Amazing Photos of Baby Born Prematurely at 24 Weeks Show Unborn Baby’s Humanity A tiny baby girl born the size of an unborn baby at 18 weeks of pregnancy died Saturday though her parents and ... discuss

Belief in Christianity, unlike belief in unguided evolution, has a foundation. Its foundation is what God has said, first in his Word and also his world. With that foundation, science can be grounded. ... discuss

A tiny baby girl born the size of an unborn baby at 18 weeks of pregnancy died Saturday though her parents and doctors fought to give her a chance at life. The Mirror reports Brooklen Nicole spent mor ... discuss

I have always been attracted to this saint without too much of a specific reason other than I knew that he loved to laugh. Then I read a bit more about him and saw that was reason enough. Joy and gaie ... discuss

by Curtis Borders:  What happened in Benghazi is an aggravation, ‘a craw in our side’, with many veterans still today. It is a sad story of Americans being abandoned by their nation, and it ... discuss

by NRTL: Editor’s note. This is based on a post that appeared on the blog of SPUC–the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children and is reposted with permission.Becky Anderson refused doctors ... discuss

Abortion Impacts Everyone from Initiative 180 on Vimeo. Initiative 180, Post-Abortion Healing and Recovery A chance to turn back the clock. After the crisis is over, a quick sense of relie ... discuss

Some days it feels like the black abyss is only growing larger, enveloping me further. It feels like I’ll never climb back out, into the glorious sunlight. I often feel trapped in a hopeless ch ... discuss

Trump’s presidency moves an old subject to the top of our time’s priorities: Call it “the Russian Thing”. The topic has a history that, for America, goes back to 1917, when Russia’s experim ... discuss

Fr. Charles IrvinSenior PriestDiocese of Lansing(Click here for today’s readings)In speaking with you about Pentecost I must speak of what cannot be fully explained. All we can do is reverently gaze ... discuss

Investor's Business Daily: Growth: One of the elements of President Trump's first budget that raises the hackles on economists and financial pundits is the projection that the economy can grow at a r ... discuss

To Brandi and Michael Rogers, their daughter Emersyn is no less valuable than their other children just because she is in the womb. The Effingham, South Carolina family recently refused their doctors ... discuss

Contact: World Council of Churches, +41-79-507-6363;  GENEVE, May 23, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- A new photo contest announced by the World Council of Churches (WCC) means ... discuss

My Birthday Wish is in honor of My daughter & my Little Life Saver, Annie. Your First mom loves You sooo much! $10 raised for ... discuss

We are very fortunate here to see what most birth moms may never see. Many of you may have accomplished this ( I know) but we don't hear about it that often. One of us  "recovered" and gone on to ... discuss

I mean it. You are not invisible! Someone sees you...(Ive written so much over the years. This is a copy and paste sorta job and I hope it makes sense. I mean every word. Love, Brooke (birth mom mi ... discuss

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) – THE GENETIC WONDER THAT INVALIDATES EVOLUTIONARY THOUGHT   The DNA Molecule & the Genetic Code In 1953 James Watson (1928 – ), an American geneticist and ... discuss

Yesterday, pro-choice Democratic lawmakers introduced a bill in the Ohio House to criminalize free speech that they consider “annoying” by setting a 15-foot buffer zone around abortion fac ... discuss

In Croatia, the campaign that ended April 9 included 26 cities. One of them, Koprivnica, joined the effort just one day before campaign started! In those 26 cities, we had 4,200 people praying in fron ... discuss

Last May, one of the best times of Becky Anderson’s life turned into one of the worst when doctors informed her that she was pregnant and had cervical cancer. Doctors urged the 35-year-old from ... discuss

  Scientists and unqualified Non-Scientists alike condemn scientific, skeptical inquiry – Petitioning for criminal charges against “deniers”. Bill Nye “The Non-Science Gu ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - The Rhyme and Reason Author Singer Songwriter It’s time to give up If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time…or listening to my Rhyme and Reason Podca ... discuss

This is one of the most powerful personal reflections I’ve read in a long time. Have your tissue ready. My mother died the day she turned 55. This Sunday will be my first Mother’s Day wit ... discuss

Cc 2.0 via FlickrFoundation Scripture: Romans 8:1-13Accompanying Video: Our lives are beautiful, astonishing, powerful series of moments that end up defining who we are and what our legacy in lif ... discuss

Eric LidellQuestion: "What should parents do when their children are involved in sports that have games or practices that conflict with Saturday evening or Sunday morning services?"The answer to this ... discuss

By Maaike RosendalWith the rise of fake news and satirical sites, I’ve made it a habit to doublecheck the source to ensure the stories in my newsfeed are real. It’s exactly what I did after readin ... discuss

God has hidden beauty in every corner of the Earth, every nook and cranny is full to the brim with it. If we go upon the mountains of the Rockies or the Appalachians we will witness pieces and parts ... discuss

Sorry for the gap in between posts. Finals week begins next week so I finished the last of my lecture videos between Tuesday and yesterday. I'm going to try to do both of my finals next week as o ... discuss

Thanks to the Paradise Republican Women’s Club for inviting me to speak to the group on Saturday. You’ve got a great group of people! I’m always glad to get a chance to meet and talk to so m ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - The Rhyme and Reason Author Singer Songwriter Are you able to rejoice always? I believe most people who have ever known me for a while would tell you I’m an “up” pe ... discuss

CC 2.0 via PixabayBeauty is inescapably surrounding, yet it's so easy to ignore.  We see it everyday, the blue sky, the clouds, the night sky, and if you live in the city it's relatively obscured ... discuss

Last week there was a mass shooting in Wausau, Wisconsin that claimed the lives of four people one of them being a police officer.  A man distraught by a pending divorce came into Marathon bank a ... discuss

I recently had the pleasure of bringing college students from a liberal arts university to an important pro-life leadership conference. The event we attended was the Students for Life New England Lead ... discuss

Lent 4March 26, 2017John 9:1-41“Blind but Seeing”Many of us have trouble with our eyes. If you're around long enough you may need a pair of reading glasses. And while medical advances and the use ... discuss

"Oh no," I sighed as I looked at my mom. "I'm starting to feel sick... and the physical pains are worsening. My back and my legs are starting to hurt and cramp up.""Do you want us to stay home?" she a ... discuss

DAY 2Scott and I returned to our room and were pretty speechless.  We commented on how our birth mother truly loved this child, and maybe it would have been easier if she would have not care ... discuss

The Genocide Awareness Project returned to Tennessee Tech University. CBR brought the Genocide Awareness Project back to Tennessee Tech University (TTU) in September.  TTU was a quiet school, with a ... discuss

Author’s note: I am writing this as the director of The Forerunner and president of Personhood Florida Education. Nevertheless, this is not an “official” statement from any Personhood group. ... discuss

After our last young adult meeting last month, my friend Joe, another group member (whom I'll call E), and I were on our way to drop off E at his house. Since it was a bit of a drive, I took ... discuss

Audio:I’d like to share with you about the faith of Monica Steckbauer. I never knew her as Monica though, but as Grandma Steckbauer. So that’s what I’m going to refer to her as. Grandma Steck ... discuss

In the current state of the world right now, the “superpowers” still has the greatest impact. Superpowers usually are the larger countries that are the richest in terms of land wealth and mighties ... discuss

"Mama, I do not need power, fame and abundant moneyLove me wholeheartedly, mama, it's enough for me"Thoughts of a Troubled MotherBy: John B. JuatThis pregnancy is giving me so much stressI've made a m ... discuss

It’s been a whirlwind of activity since the inauguration, giving hope to pro-life advocates that our persevering prayers to end abortion will soon be answered. Now that a pro-life champion has been ... discuss

"Flawed Study Claiming Women Don't Regret Abortions Doesn't Settle Debate". Many thanks to our friend Theresa Bonopartis at Reclaiming Our Children blog, or this would've gotten lost in the outrage of ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - The Rhyme and Reason Author - Singer - Multimedia Guy Is there a chance you might not be a Christian? Yes. That’s the short answer. What I’m about to share with you might ... discuss

mso & !supportInlineShapes & supportFields]> < ![endif]-->v class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">Recently I challenged my friends and acquaintances, those who are skeptics, agnos ... discuss

Ever since Donald Trump came out with the term "fake media" there has been a firestorm of controversy surrounding his using of this term and his treatment of the socialist media.  It is apparent& ... discuss

We are about to enter into the holiest time of the Catholic year:  Lent.  But what makes it such a holy time? Most people view Lent as basically a time to give up something that you really l ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - The Rhyme and Reason Author - Singer - Multimedia Guy Don’t be a wayward son (or daughter) One of my favorite songs by the seventies rock band, Kansas, is Carry On Wayward Son. ... discuss

2/16/17: Updated and cleaned up a bit. This was originally a series, written in 2009. I pulled it all together to have a one-stop post for most-things-Lent. Hope it's helpful -- enjoy!(Intro ... discuss

Tony Funderburk | Rhyme and Reason Author - Singer - Multimedia Guy - Sharing the Rhyme and Reason for Life You’re Sending Signals Every Day to people already designed to receive them Have you e ... discuss

A few weeks ago, I received a call from a friend who owns a thriving local business about 20 minutes from our Gurnee office. He told me he had been invited to attend a “review party”, the ... discuss

Tony Funderburk | Author - Singer - Multimedia Guy - Sharing the Rhyme and Reason for Life Fan mail doesn’t get better than this This illustrated fan mail has everything I could ever need or w ... discuss

Tony Funderburk | Author - Singer - Multimedia Guy - Sharing the Rhyme and Reason for Life Who do you believe in? It matters so much I’m gonna sing about it. Your eternal fate all comes down to ... discuss

I admit not being a supporter of Donald J. Trump for various reasons among them his liberal and immoral past, not to mention his liberal religious upbringing, I realize that it is possible for people ... discuss

CreditLast weekend we saw millions of people around the world protesting the Donald Trump presidency, demanding that the voices of all people be heard.  Of course, these are the same people who f ... discuss

We are fortunate to live in a country in which we get to re-choose our major leaders on a rotating cycle. The up-side of this is that we get to regularly examine how we come to our political positions ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - Writing and Singing about the Rhyme and Reason for Your Life This Present Evil Age Won’t Last Forever Around 2000 years ago a very intelligent man wrote about grace. One of the ... discuss

I love year-end lists. I love to see what other people loved. 2016 was a fairly quiet year for me when it came to music. There was a lot of great music but there didn’t seem to be a single albu ... discuss

   In 7th grade for my Christmas present, my Dad and Mom got me a backboard, a hoop and a basketball.  Dad attached the backboard and hoop to the garage  on Christmas Day and I beg ... discuss

     High School functions under a fairly rigid caste system; Rule 1) Seniors have nothing to do with freshman unless it's the quarterback of the football team flirting or dating the pr ... discuss

This is my second part in a three-part series in responding to an abortion-choice advocate's article regarding why he believes "pro-choice is right." So far his defense of the abortion-choice position ... discuss

Anglosphere conceives of the abortion debate as something that primarily takes place in the twentieth century. There was virtually no debate that abortion was ever acceptable. If abortions did take pl ... discuss

"It was all a waste of time!" I said to myself in desperation. "Christina is isolating herself from the other girls, we waited all year for Camp, only to have her sideline herself, becoming obsessed w ... discuss

Last year, South Africa's High Court determined that a terminally ill patient may, with the help of a doctor, kill himself (self-murder)The following newsletter came from Philip Rosenthal of the Chris ... discuss

Tony Funderburk - The Rhyme and Reason Writer - Whimsical and logical content writer in Colorado Springs 3 Ways Your Mind is a Great Voice Changer If you’re a guy, you might have experienced the ... discuss

This is really interesting and striking information brought again to my attention, thanks to Mrs. Kathleen. It’s really important that we realize that contraception is an issue that runs as deep ... discuss

Hello Everyone! Florida Teens for Life is starting off our fall events this year with a Canoe trip at Blackwater! This will be a great time to reconnect with friends and welcome new teens to the grou ... discuss

I have wasted a good portion of my life in a futile search for someone and/or something on this earth that I could truly believe in, someone and/or something that was real and true and honest. And I h ... discuss

When the British forces surrendered to the rebels after the Revolutionary War, they took out their frustrations, not by rioting, but by instructing the fife and drum corps to play "The World Turned Up ... discuss

For much too long we have suffered the excuses of the Republican Party. The 2016 Election was a dramatic statement by the people of America that enough is enough.First in 2010 the GOP Congressional le ... discuss

I am blessed with three healthy children, but one of them was (incorrectly) diagnosed with down syndrome. We declined to abort him (of course) and are so glad he is part of our life. In our case it wa ... discuss

This is a wake up call to those voters holding their noses and voting for either Clinton or Trump to "block" the other candidate. No, I'm not going to call you names. I'm not even going to think you'r ... discuss

Last month Claire and I were blessed to participate in a reunion party involving people from the Christian Brotherhood’s early years. It was a momentous event as more than 50 of us celebrated the gr ... discuss

Aaron y Amy Vawter estaban esperando ansiosamente la llegada de su segundo paquete de alegría... pero la ecografía de rutina de las 20 semanas reveló un gran problema en el corazón del bebe: ... discuss

Before I read any commentary on the election, a few of my own thoughts.Am I happy Trump won?  I am happy Hillary lost.  My support for Trump was based not on personalities, but on issues.&nb ... discuss

By Joe Kral Samuel Adams once famously stated, “Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt. He theref ... discuss

By Adolfo Castañeda, S.T.L. and Felipe E. Vizcarrondo, M.D. In advance of the presidential election, the following is the second of three questions and answers regarding what the Catholic Church teac ... discuss

See these people? They're looking for a job.In my many years in business, people have looked to me for a job. Some I've hired, and gladly. Some I've hired..and maybe not so gladly, but I figured, let' ... discuss

Listening To:Hamilton. I am intrigued. Grateful For:Having everyone home for the summer. Though life is crazier in some ways (and everyone tends to stay up too late at night!), the interactions and sh ... discuss

By this point, many, if not most of you have heard that the NIH recently announced that it will probably lift a ban on funding for animal-human chimeras. To be clear, there are no federal laws prohibi ... discuss

If hard-core socialist and the corrupt woman of Washington D.C. get's elected, America as we know it is over with, this is NOT A JOKE! Now that the Socialist Democrats have succeeded in neutralizing c ... discuss

The 8th Amendment ensures the equal right to life and importance of all Irish citizens – both the life of the mother and the life of her baby.I have listened very carefully to the testimonies of Iri ... discuss

There are several political issues commonly wrapped in the social-justice banner that are also issues affecting life and the family. In theory, a Catholic ought to support those policies which support ... discuss

Paul Combs, Tribune.orgI am no longer concerned about the prospect of Donald Trump as President of the United States. It was never a strong likelihood, despite his sense-defying victory in the Republi ... discuss

In 2007, Tony Spencer ran against a Democratic incumbent for Commonwealth’s Attorney of Caroline County, Virginia.  Spencer won election in 2007 and again in 2011, with significant Republican suppo ... discuss

  Secular Pro-Life has published an article of mine under their paid blogging program.   Two paragraphs in the article read: Anyway, we can certainly say that Hogue’s remarks were enthusia ... discuss

  Pro-Life Groups Defeat “Pro-Life Traitor” Renee Ellmers, Who Almost Sabotaged Abortion Ban ... discuss

Guest post by Dr. Robert Owens In America today most people choose only the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media based on the charisma of the news reader, and do not tune into other news o ... discuss

In election season there are always many candidates who announce their intention to run for office. But inevitably, many of them come to realize that they stand no chance. They see the writing ... discuss

This was a banner week for letters to the editor and I had a lot of them to read through and select from. In the end, I’ve chosen ones that speak about sleepovers, the ESV, problems with mod ... discuss

Today’s Kindle deals include some good ones that rarely go on sale: Bold Reformer by David Steele, Uneclipsing the Son by Rich Holland, Expository Listening by Ken Ramey, and The Pu ... discuss

"Schönborn warns of Islamic conquest of Europe" (ORF), "Schönborn, Many Muslims want a conquest of Europe '" (OE24). The headlines can herald a departure from the current suspect "Welcoming Path". B ... discuss

According to a study cited in Quartz, "only" 8% of Democrats and 6% of Republicans reportedly answered yes to the question of whether they've ever been swayed by a political post on Facebook. However, ... discuss

I know I'm a month or so late on this, but at least I'm noting it now. Here's a secular blogger's review of the book and what follows are excerpts from another article citing it: Abortion Breaks Men ... discuss

The amount of response from the revelation of the true source of and meaning behind badselfeater has been encouraging and, one might even say, well beyond what some of us were expecting, and may God ... discuss

I've been thinking, as I'm sure most of you have, about the coming presidential election. As you are probably aware, I've been backing Ted Cruz since day one. He is the only candidate with an actual r ... discuss

Here is an email I shared with a work associate. I share it to reveal how powerfully catechesis can be both in life and in death, both in yours and others.________________[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 ... discuss

And apparently the response in the great debate is, "I'm telling your teacher on you!"From an individual identifying him/herself as an "actual professor" (yes, I sent an e-mail for confirmation) in th ... discuss

[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE yles DefLockedState="false" DefUnhideWhenUsed="true ... discuss

I’m afraid the writing is on the wall for Florida Senator Marco Rubio in this Presidential contest. He still has not won a single state, and it does not look like he is going to any time soon. H ... discuss

This is the most consequential election perhaps in the history of the nation. Yet, people are using it as a means to vent their anger and frustration at the way government is handling our affairs. Ang ... discuss

John M. Haas, Ph.D., S.T.L., K.M., PresidentNational Catholic Bioethics Center6399 Drexel RdPhiladelphia, PA 19151Dear Dr. Haas and associates, Though they continue to have Catholic sounding names, it ... discuss

There has been much "giving" and some painful "taking away" these last few weeks at our shelter for street children, Mercy House.  I am both sad and happy to share the events with you in hopes th ... discuss

Image sourceScenario: Two people are engaged in mortal ideological combat on Facebook.  Each person argues their point passionately, genuinely baffled that what is manifestly obvious to them does ... discuss

The following conversation occurred between an abolitionist and someone who objected to the work he was doing outside a child sacrifice center. I asked, "And what would Jesus have done if He were pass ... discuss

"It was during the night of the Epiphany of Our Lord when men are wont most joyfully to recall the acts of Christ that she first saw the light in this mortal life”Tomorrow will mark the 604th annive ... discuss

-The Jonestown massacre on November 18,1978 has always been a topic of interest to me.  I have watched documentaries and read books on it over the years.-After I read Leslie Wagner-Wilson's book, ... discuss

This is my response to Professor George Yancy of Emory University’s open letter entitled: “Dear White America“ Dear Professor Yancy, I hesitate to dignify your thinly veiled bigotry ... discuss

This blog has been quiet as I’ve been pursuing other projects. Yet, I should share how I’ll vote on Tuesday. Senator: Jim Risch I’m pleased with the job he’s done for our state ... discuss

Dear Cecile Richards: I speak as a person who believes that all life is sacred. This includes the poor, those with disabilities, women, men, those without homes, those who are unborn, those with m ... discuss

ROME, December 8, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Howling, grunting, and roaring animals, along with images of overcrowded city centers, depictions of pollution, and negative portrayals of industrialization, ... discuss

Last week I offered five simple solutions that could turn this ship around. First, jettison the Empire to save the Republic Second, declare our energy independence. Third, end the de facto amn ... discuss

After five seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead, it’s easy to feel desensitized to the walkers. While they’re frightening in large numbers, the initial shock of their existence has worn off, despit ... discuss

To recap, undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress have revealed Planned Parenthood’s potential involvement in four illegal activities: 1) selling baby body parts for profit; 2) ma ... discuss

I was glad to get my blog jump-started again, and like before, I have posts I would like to get published. And like before, I haven't published them. I'm also trying to get other blogs underway, and I ... discuss

Full Length of Mortdecai in Best Video FormatNow you can enjoy Mortdecai in best quality with duration 106 Min and was released on 2015-01-23 with MPAA rating is 331.Original Title : MortdecaiMovie ti ... discuss

Though I can't say that I'm happy with the result in terms of the policies that will likely flow from a left-wing Legislature welded to a left-wing President, it's a pretty terrific thing to see a bla ... discuss

I enjoy finding science-based information that confirms things I already subscribe to because of my religious beliefs. The intersections and commonality are fascinating and they help me understand a c ... discuss

Tennessee is a pro life state, so when the ACLU and Planned Parenthood teamed up to sue the state in 2000 to throw out pro life protections voted into place by a bi partisan legislature, few thought t ... discuss

Since [Donald Trump] has changed his mind on amnesty, on health care and on abortion, I would just ask, what are the principles by which he will govern?--Carly Fiorina-The 1st Debate last night, whi ... discuss

The Center for Medical Progress has released the fifth video in its blockbuster investigation exposing Planned Parenthood’s baby parts trafficking scheme. Today’s video takes us inside P ... discuss




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