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Buckwheat Sesame Molasses Bread I have two versions to share- the original, yeastbread version, and if you scroll down, the sourdough version I made this week. This is a dense, hearty, dark, whole gra ... discuss

Here’s the recipe for these whole grain fig and nut muffins (back story and pictures further down): Preheat oven to 400 Grease two regular sized muffin tins Dry ingredients: 1 cup wheat germ 2 c ... discuss

I make something like the recipe below- or rather, I used to, when money was much tighter and I had more mouths to feed. I usually added garlic and some salted nuts or seeds to mine. I would use arro ... discuss

I may have posted one of these before, I’m not sure. As you can seeI’ve escheewed the more twee and fancy versions I used to do. Now I mainly focus on getting it done, plus: Filling him up ... discuss

“Almanzo asked Father why he did not hire the machine that did threshing. Three men had brought it into the country last fall, and Father had gone to see it. It would thresh a man’s whole ... discuss

10 to 48 hours in advance: Combine one cup of sourdough starter with 2 1/2 cups of warm water and 4 cups of whole wheat flour.  Stir together in a large bowl (4 qrts is good) or a clean bucket or pai ... discuss

I am not sure how frugal this is, because peanut butter isn’t that cheap, but peanut butter balls are one of my favorite Christmas treats, and they do make nice gifts, so I don’t care.=) H ... discuss

Michelle Malkin & Dr. Bill Smith, Editorby Michelle Malkin: Gird your loins, Beltway Republicans. Election Day is barely over, but the progressive left is locked and loaded for battle over President O ... discuss

I’m going a little hogwild with the sourdough around here, in case you hadn’t noticed.   I’ll probably pursue the topic like a maniac for another few weeks and then drop it and move ... discuss

I used this recipe at A Heart Full of Love. My sourdough base is Kamut flour. I doubled the recipe.  I used the Kamut base, but added whole wheat pastry flour for the biscuits. I had to use mozzarell ... discuss

An acquaintance of mine is doing Whole30.  She’s about halfway through. Totally unrelated to the Whole30 plan, she had also been dealing with some anxiety issues and her doctor had told her tha ... discuss

Granny Tea made an absolutely marvelous butternut squash soup the other night. I had butternut squash, sweet potato, chicken broth, onion, whole cream, a bit of milk and a couple other ingredients. It ... discuss

Sweet Potato Muffins 7 cups of Kamut flour (you can use other flours) 1 1/2 cups sugar 2 Tablespoons baking powder 1 tablespoon ground ginger 1 teaspoon baking soda 1  teaspoon salt 3/4 cup melted ... discuss

El Picosito Copycat Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I’m proud to be working with the Beef Checkoff. I would have shared this recipe with you regardless, so the National Cattlemen’ ... discuss

I did a BIG List of Lunch Ideas Post a year or so ago – right before we began our journey to live a more “paleo-ish” lifestyle and ditch inflamatory grains and disease-and-obesity-c ... discuss

As a native Marylander, of course, I have my favorite crab cake recipe. Make sure you use genuine meat from the blue crab. The highest quality "picked" crabmeat, with the least amount of cartilage an ... discuss

“Well did you ever make colcannon,Made with lovely pickled cream,With the greens & scallions mingledLike a picture in a dream?Did you ever make a hole on topTo hold the meltin’ flakeOf the creamy ... discuss

After an evening of hourly wakings from a baby girl who just can't seem to adjust to the back and forth schedule between her parents and her foster parents, at 5:41 am I am awakened to "MOOOOOOOOOOOMM ... discuss

Guest post By Megan HoytHello friends of Hildegard! Happy Feast Day! And when I say Feast Day, I don’t just mean a celebration of the life of St. Hildegard of Bingen. I also want to share some ... discuss

The latest victim of the Obama nanny state is a popular school snack that had been around for a long time.  From Fox News: School children in Elyria, Ohio are mourning the demise of a 40-year traditi ... discuss

Cold chimneys began to smoke and the sky seemed a marmalade fire as Drifter Pancake rode wearily into dusky Waffletown"Syrup my steed" Drifter Pancake rasped as he flipped his next-to-last butter pat ... discuss

Ladies and gentlemen; it is my conviction that we stand at the dawn of the golden age of pancakes.Humanity stands at the ready, plate and fork in hand, anticipating the challenges of a more glorious b ... discuss

I originally published this recipe to the Internet on March 16, 2007 This is my basic recipe for banana bread. I almost always fancy it up a bit with additions such as vanilla, cinnamon, fresh ... discuss

I first published this recipe on February 18, 2007 I have had my Belgian waffle maker for a few weeks now and it has been a great addition to my kitchen. Thanks to my neighbor Kathleen for rec ... discuss

Summer Leisure Reading: Some of these are the sorts of books I categorize under my Kindle as ‘Mama Reads.’ Because these are titlest that are free due to being in the public domain, they a ... discuss

Sometimes the connections below will seem a bit, um, whimsical, random, and loose.  Like loose tea leaves.  Or maybe more like what you’d find at a jumble sale where the books were sorted by a ... discuss

 HT: Jill StanekBig Abortion is in a sorry state, with loud lamentations and and dramatic hand-wringing such as this Planned Parenthood post. Their cry is that laws setting medical standards for ... discuss

Scottish Breakfast of 1775: "He found Miss Bradwardine presiding over the tea and coffee, the table loaded with warm bread, both of flour, oatmeal, and barleymeal, in the shape of loaves, cakes, biscu ... discuss

I know this is a little random, but I'll sort it out later. It's just nice to find a place to write down some of the things we've found so useful over the years (and often wished we had purchased the ... discuss

This writing prompt came from the school where I work.  An English teacher we had gave her students an assignment to write foolproof instructions for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.&# ... discuss

.: Chocolate Brownies with Mocha Frosting :.This is how we celebrated yesterday's Solemnity of the Incarnation.  Not really sure how something so dark and un-blue and un-white could symbolic ... discuss

                      I received  \"The New Inglenook Cookbook\" (Brethren Press, 2013) fo ... discuss

A major Roman Catholic organization on Thursday called for a boycott of Thin Mints, Shortbread, Peanut Butter Sandwich and other Girl Scout cookies, seeking to undercut funding for the pro-abortion ag ... discuss

Texas is known for it's white gravy, so it's imperative that a transplant like me get it right. I've made gravy using drippings. I've made it using olive oil. I've made gravy since I was a little girl ... discuss

With all our kids' allergies, we can't eat the chocolate from the stores. Our options are to spend upwards of $5 for a candy bar, live without chocolate for Christmas, or make some ourselves. Last yea ... discuss

If a teacher in Oregon uses PB&J to illustrate a point, she is likely to be called racist. At Breitbart, readers learn that Portland schools are spending big bucks to ferret out anything they deem mig ... discuss

You’ve spent months and months developing the backstory, characters, and places for your story. You’ve obsessed over every detail. For instance you know that your main character loves pizz ... discuss

Here is a collection of recipes I found, mostly from other Pinterest site: a lot of them are from popular vegan recipe sites, like 'Oh She Glows' , 'Fragrant Vanilla Cake' and 'The Simple Veganista'. ... discuss

                                Click on any ... discuss

A friend and I made this cranberry pie for Thanksgiving, based on the recipe posted last week at Faith and Family Live! The recipe Rebecca posted is as follows:Cranberry Pie:Crust: use your favorite r ... discuss

Last week our 17 year old  managed to step on a chewed and dried up piece of animal skull out in the yard that slid about half an inch into her foot- lengthwise, just under the skin. It was deep enou ... discuss

Its been a busy summer which caused us to have Will's friends birthday party a month late. It was worth the wait though, as Mama made the most amazing Lego Ninjago Jay cake for Will. Lego Ninjago ... discuss

Fiesta Corn Find more great family recipes and meal planning assistance at Dine Without Whine Fiesta Corn Makes 8 servings 3 cups corn fresh cut from cob (about 6 ears) 1/2 cup green bell peppers cho ... discuss

We all too often hear the argument that the Novus Ordo Mass is needed in our world to make the Mass accessible to the common man.  The Novus Ordo is seen as a bridge by some in the Traditional Co ... discuss

I’m participating in Carbonell Olive Oil’s #DareToCarbonell campaign – highlighting their three distinctive flavors of Spanish olive oil – number one in Spain since 1866, and ... discuss

The recent furor involving data collection by the NSA, as disclosed by Edward Snowden, is significant not because of what information has been obtained but by the real potential for abuse.The abuse of ... discuss

Like our Facebook page and then you can leave your questions for other Q and A Thursdays! Q.  What are your favorite books for the preschool age, and why? I have listed many of our favorites with so ... discuss

"Follow the Money" and Follow RomeIn our defense of conscience protections, it often seems that we neglect to point out that medicine which is consistent with Catholic ethics happens to be health care ... discuss

Just a short time ago, the director of The Bartimaeus Project and his wife were in The Philippines.They were able to check up on a few of the children being served by The Bartimaeus Project and I'd li ... discuss

Notre Dame is French for 'Our Lady' but here it represents the sorrowful Notre Dame des Douleurs as the pancake Co-Redemptrix is mourned by fabulous Mormon linebacker and Heisman Trophy ... discuss

by Patrick B. Craine Accuracy is a news agency’s bread and butter. Readers want facts, laid out clearly and correctly. That’s why we’re always grateful when readers hold our feet to the fire. Af ... discuss

Curiously enough, "Mister Ed's" real name was Bamboo Harvester and he died a somewhat untimely death in 1970 from kidney disease.  A different horse, thought to be Mister Ed died it 197 ... discuss

One of my true heroes passed away over the weekend. Here's his story from my upcoming book Where Do We Find Such Men?James A. “Jake” Blanchfield attended to his regular duties as Circulation Manag ... discuss

I know, I know.  It’s Thursday and the other Moms are way ahead of me.  I hope you already visited all 3 of them to see their Q&A while I was still sleeping  taking care of a newborn. I put ... discuss

Hi Everyone!!! I know I have been gone for a really long time, and I am SO sorry for abandoning you! However, I am happy to say that I am back! *Woot!* Though I probably won't be blogging that often t ... discuss

You look great! How did you do it? This is what people say ever since I lost 50 pounds. They don’t say, “You look like you lost weight!” They say, “You look great!” Now I realize that I a ... discuss

Here's a whole new (and terribly frightening) take on the "drugs in school" problem.When Dr. Michael Anderson hears about his low-income patients struggling in elementary school, he usually gives them ... discuss

Why is Chuck Todd more upset with Mitt Romney than with the radical Islamists who raped and murdered US Ambassador J Christopher Stevens? (That does it! He's no longer one of my faves among the "Big T ... discuss

A new painting of the beautiful Lady Kate Middleton nude and with topless pancake breasts. Before anyone argues with me, let me point out that butter and syrup are not considered toppings. A topping w ... discuss

A new large stretched canvas portrait painting of the eyes of President Barack Obama- Before anyone argues with me, let me point out that butter and syrup are not considered toppings. A topping would ... discuss

A new large black and white portrait painting of the older Bob Dylan in honor of his recent Tempest album Before anyone argues with me, let me point out that butter and syrup are not considered toppin ... discuss

  WARNING: o'clown's supporters fear truth about 'the one'. -- rfh  From: Freedom Outpost Sent: Monday, September 03, 2012 Subject: Interview: Obama Had Marxist Vision Fo ... discuss

30 years ago, as our long time readers know, the HM and I got married and promptly lost our jobs.  We had lived like grasshoppers and winter came hard and fast.  We had no savings and several very s ... discuss

I continue to read reports about ridiculous actions taken by public school officials in response to a variety of issues dealing with students.  There was the recent story about the 5 year old kinderg ... discuss

Today, we visited the Dallas World Aquarium. It was easily one of the best nature destinations we have been to. And, as the following photos shows, it is a photographers paradise. The variety and pr ... discuss

Who doesn’t love fruit?  I’ll be honest: my favorite fruit recipe is one where you pick up a piece of fruit, peel/wash as necessary, and eat.  Can you really improve on God’s desi ... discuss

Or how yummy? Or how filling, nourishing, and just generally delightful? And, last but not least, provided you are creative enough, how cheap it is? The Equuschick was astonished. Shasta and The Equus ... discuss

The great Pearl of Tyburn over at "Longbows and Rosary Beads", that great blog, has nominated me for the Leibster Blog Awards.As a result of her gracious charity in doing so, and I remain unable expre ... discuss

At the end of this is a quote of the month by Jay Leno.. If you don’t read anything else, please read what he said.Very well stated , Mr. Leno.TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED THE1930′s, 40̸ ... discuss

Today, my children illustrated why school is necessary for at least 9 months of the year. They developed an Olympic sport all their own, Samurai banana peeling.  To explain, they toss said banana ... discuss

That's the problem: a dysfunctional government made up of kleptomaniacs writing phony checks on the future and a population addicted to easy money and unfunded entitlements. What's the solution? The ... discuss

Outside my window... A little friend of ours who found a way to keep occupied during the homeschool picnic. I am thinking... about the grave of my 2nd great grand aunt, Rosannah Klinger.   ... discuss

I don’t have to convince you of what a sorry job the federal government typically does of “controlling costs.”  Then, has it ever done that?  And you already know the federal gover ... discuss

The last time we studied the Medieval Times, my kids were in the very beginning of Elementary. Those days were so precious. I look back on them and shake my head at how fast these ‘studentsR ... discuss

Last weekend I was invited to speak on the Frugality panel in Vision Forum’s recent food conference, Reformation of Food & the Family.  I was also privileged to attend Chef Foucachon’s 6 ... discuss

What were they looking at? Unfortunately, only themselves. “His heart was moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things.” T ... discuss

What were they looking at? Unfortunately, only themselves. “His heart was moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things.” T ... discuss

Ammie makes the most wonderful melt-in-your-mouth Stroganoff. In fact, her family loves this dish so much that they eat it as their traditional Christmas dinner and look forward to it all year. St ... discuss

Join Jen and the other Quicktakers over at the Conversion Diary 1. Set up a Facebook Account for my daughter. Her cake teacher suggested it and told us to make sure that we put all of her cakes o ... discuss

The pro-abortion community that includes many in the political and religious factions in this country have unbelievably promoted the act of killing innocent humans in the womb.  Th ... discuss

Ironman Coeur D' Alene  The closer I get to Idaho on my pre-race road trip from the deep south, the more Coeur d' Alene participants I see around me. It's like I can smell the excess of ... discuss

Dial 1-800/AIDSNYC Every Monday and Wednesday morning hours, promptly at twelve a. meters., I just leave behind my personal daily life and turn into to volunteering being an AIDS Hotline psychologist ... discuss

Very quick portrait of the criminally convicted Monsignor William Lynn of Philadelphia with a pancake on his head and a butter pat collar- ... discuss

Join Jen and the other Quicktakers over at the Conversion Diary.> 1.  As I am going to be spending a lot of time at the homeschool convention for the next couple of days, I wanted to make sure ... discuss

I really splurged this morning on Fathers' Day breakfast - Old English Buttered Eggs. My neighbor gave me some butter and heavy cream last night as she was going away on vacation. I already had eggs, ... discuss

This week we’re talking about teaching children to cook.  I guess that’s not quite the same as the week we talked about cooking with children, because there is no room to interpret it in ... discuss

The Four Moms: Raising Olives, Life in a Shoe, Smockity Frocks,   and Me A while ago a young friend of ours in his 20s confessed that he did not know the first thing about cooking, because his mo ... discuss

Good science and good ethics go together like bread and butter.  Now, scientists have used cell reprogramming to treat Huntington’s disease–which killed Woodie Guthrie and remains incura ... discuss

I am a hands on reader. I like to underline and star passages that interest me, makes notes in the margins, keep lists of other books and events referenced in the book I am reading, and then pursue t ... discuss

I received some wonderful non-book gifts (Wrath of Khan Director's Cut DVD, come to mama! And the new crucifix that is now gracing our living room ...) but for this crowd, I know that quite often the ... discuss

Paid advertising promotions are increasingly becoming the key source of pay for traffic. With regards to working a pay-per-click profile be it Pay per click, Milliseconds Ad Heart, or Aol Search Engi ... discuss

There are a number martial arts equipment of reasons that people are taking up martial arts training as a hobby, ranging from the prospect of good physical exercise to self defense, to boosting self e ... discuss

She loves me. See the heart-shaped matzo ball she made for me last week? What you don't see is the floating head she put in her daddy's soup. Aren't kids fun? I hope you are enjoying yours this ... discuss

Fake Cook is absolute to not turn the epidermis orange, depart a smell, or get away from a talent this is due to the exclusive coloration information method that indicates wherever it has been put on. ... discuss

I recently received a new book, Retro-Christianity: Reclaiming the Forgotten Faith by Michael Svigel (Crossway, 2012). In reading through just the first couple chapters I’m humored by the author ... discuss

The early teen years are a time when charming misinformation is passed on from kid to kid with the solemn, easy assurance of time-tested wisdom.  “Schnauzer” is a dirty word in German.&nb ... discuss

It’s Q&A week with the 4 Moms, friends, and here are a few of the questions I received on the Life in a Shoe facebook page.  So sorry if I didn’t get to yours this time.  I’ll try ... discuss

Obama is posed before a roughly rainbow colored background, which clues us that the portrait may have something to do with Gay cultural issues.  Echoing this, the face is modeled with a variety ... discuss

We first posted the following on Mother's Day two years ago.  It seems to us a beautiful reflection on the life and spirituality of many mothers.  It never occurred to us that this essay ... discuss

Far from home, in exotic L.A. (where I'd like to be myself), Rose is plying two unpaid internships while gathering work credit to hopefully propel her into the film industry.That means that she and Zo ... discuss

Good morning. Irrespective of the contents of this particular debate, I think Ms Althouse is spot on in noting that any argument that depends/blends on personal anecode is cheapened and weakened. So ... discuss

The Josh Tolley show, which I gather is in MN, recently did a show about raw foods and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) going after Moms who help their friends and relations get them.- th ... discuss

This week, the 4 of us are talking about cooking with leftovers.  Alternatively, some of might be confessing that our cooking with leftovers mostly amounts to cooking with eggs laid by chickens who ... discuss

Keeping Little Ones Busy You might need to keep little ones busy while you homeschool older ones. You might need to entertain them while you are on bedrest. You might need to keep them busy wh ... discuss

We are often asked what 'activities' we do to go along with our books.  The truth is, for the most part we just read and narrate, and sometimes look at the map or a timeline. We rarely do an ex ... discuss

NOTE: This is Part 5 of a 10 day series on Accidental Unschooling. If you are OCD and want to start from the introduction or Part 1, hop to the bottom of this post and use the conveniently provided ... discuss

I was reading one of the Charlotte/Little House books to Ramona the other day. In the first book of the series, Charlotte named a trio of containers the Saturday family:"There was the mother, a tall, ... discuss

by Andy Moore of Planned Parenthood’s bread and butter is death. The helpless, the disabled, and ethnic minorities are their prey. But believe it or not, Planned Parenthood has ... discuss

He was not an easy man to get along with, as his complete estrangement from my youngest brother testifies. He hasn't known who I am for a while now. I used to be able to write funny stories here about ... discuss

A painting of a cottage made of pancakes and various other breakfast items, inspired by the artwork of the great Thomas Kinkade- This large, 2 by 3 foot painting has great detail and is ... discuss

Breakfast: The usual Crockpot grain cereal- until I run out of oat groats. I'm starting to feel like the widow with the jar of flour. Oatmeal muffins- made with the leftover crockpot grain cereal ab ... discuss

(from 03/25)In the first chapter of Luke we read how the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she had been chosen to be the mother of the Christ, and how Mary answered, "Here I am, the handmaid of the ... discuss

The Leaning Tower of BeveragesIt was a rough night last night at the Tech Week Dinners.  Nothing bad happened or anything, but through a perfect storm of my usually-barely-controlled social anxie ... discuss

It’s time to take questions from the audience again, and this time we opened up the floor on the 4 Moms 35 Kids facebook page.  Did you get a chance to ask your question?  Or maybe you’r ... discuss

I ended Part I by saying that the “warm, fuzzy feeling” most people associate with love is a good and necessary component for marriage but that it isn’t sufficient cause for marriage.  I ... discuss

It sounds weird, and it took me a while to get up the courage to try.  But you know what?  They’re really good. No hint of bean flavor with unsalted homecooked beans.  Just a rich chocolatey ... discuss

Breakfast: Crockpot grain cereal- which can be made with any grains at all, and in just about any combination- buckwheat, millet, oat groats, quinoa, amaranth, kamut, spelt, even rice or wheat berrie ... discuss

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player. Lounge chair (Must be in good shape….not one of those busted up, ghetto ones that goes too far back. LOL) b. Huge bowl of air popped ... discuss

remember that song? (I've actually not seen this movie, but we have the song on a CD of Irish songs. be warned: it has a ridiculous tendency to get stuck in one's head)Groupon has a deal today for eit ... discuss

You’ve heard of $5 dinners, but they usually feed 4 or maybe 6 people.  Today, the 4 Moms are going to try to do better.  Really?  Is it possible to make dinner for $.50/person? In an attempt ... discuss

 The Four Moms are:  Kimberly at Raising Olives Connie, at Smockity Frocks Kim at Life in a Shoe And me!! This week we're sharing recipes, with a focus on extreme frugality. We want ... discuss

    FROM THE PASTORMarch 4, 2012by Fr. George W. Rutler In March of 1938, when the naïve among his contemporaries still thought they might cut a deal with the National Socialist ... discuss

We're almost to the one month mark of unemployment. The HM has worked as a substitute teacher steadily the last two weeks. Still mostly eating from the pantry and freezer, except for that awesome find ... discuss

Despite record gas prices Democrats killed another Arctic drilling project this month. This came after Obama’s recent move to reject the Keystone pipeline project. US gas prices at the pump have dou ... discuss

We love Tex-mex, and I especially love enchiladas.  They’re a great way to stretch meat and nobody will even think of complaining.  If your family enjoys beans, you can even skip the meat alt ... discuss

While browsing through the 1964 Rituale Romanum, I found some gems that solidified my conviction that this book needs to make a dramatic, worldwide comeback.  For example:BLESSING OF BEERP[riest] ... discuss

This is an ordinary cake made from a boxed cake mix. The frosting is a home-made buttercream frosting (powdered sugar, butter, a bit of milk). The colored sugar is made by mixing food coloring with ... discuss

February 23, 2012/Topeka, KS/Operation Rescue -- By Cheryl Sullenger An Initial Order released by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts on February 21, 2012, revoking the medical license abortioni ... discuss

Well the penitential season of Lent has finally arrived. We are now in 40 days of preparation for the coming of Our Lord and Saviour, for his Resurrection, and so, we are also doing 20 days of penance ... discuss

I ran across a blog a few days ago and I had to pause.   I don’t know who these guys are.  They aren’t intellectual giants.  They aren’t deep thinkers.  They aren’t even ex ... discuss

Let all that you do be done in love. --St. PaulLove is like war: easy to begin but very hard to stop. --H. L. Mencken Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love ... discuss

Jenny made this, and it is so scrumptious. 1/4 cup flour (she used whole wheat) 1/4 t. sea salt 6 tablespoons butter 4 ounces unsweetened chocolate 1/3 cup of coconut milk (because we are out of mil ... discuss

OK, that’s not exactly the topic we agreed on.  We were going to talk about desserts.  If you must know, I’m projecting.  I eat too many sweets.  I like to skip the bread and rice and ... discuss

Four Moms and Sweet Thangs? No, I don't mean us. I don't even mean our sweet children (and in my case, grandchildren). No, this week, we're talking about dessert.  The Four Moms are:  ... discuss

Breakfasts:My fabulously frugal, easy, crockpot full of cooked grains for breakfast. When I shared the news that my husband is out of work, I also shared we have a full pantry. One of the things in th ... discuss

The worst kind of martyrdom one can suffer, some say, is ridicule. You have to live with ridicule and a tarnished reputation. At least if they throw you to the lions, the lions kill you. It's painful, ... discuss

Susan B. Komen, the breast cancer fighting charity, has, at last, canceled their funding of Planned Parenthood, the baby killing organization.  More here, and the article has some interesting num ... discuss

This post isn't just for dieters.  It's also useful for diabetics who want to focus on foods that won't spike blood sugars, and for mommies of toddlers like my Equuschick was and like her son is ... discuss

Here are some great suggestions from Truth and Charity:1.  Pray! We all intend to pray for an end to abortion, contraception, and any other practices which defile human life, but how often do yo ... discuss

Wonderful opportunity to serve - one which would be very meaningful to do with your children: Have you been looking for a service project that you can do with your children?   The Catholic Char ... discuss

Tripp's Aunt Mary Jane sent these to me four years ago and I published them. Now I wish I'd printed and hung them on the refrigerator - there are some really good ones here. So for the benefit of ne ... discuss

Decadence strikes a beat, into your heart it will seep–to paraphrase a rock classic.  But now, that term has reached a new low in the Netherlands as two men “promoted organ donation” ... discuss

First reading: 1 Samuel 3:3-10,19 Psalm: Ps 40:2,4,7-10 Epistle: 1 Corinthians 6:13-15,17-20 Gospel: John 1:35-42 the LORD came and revealed his presence, calling out as before, “Samuel, Samu ... discuss

First reading: 1 Samuel 3:3-10,19 Psalm: Ps 40:2,4,7-10 Epistle: 1 Corinthians 6:13-15,17-20 Gospel: John 1:35-42 the LORD came and revealed his presence, calling out as before, “Samuel, Samu ... discuss

It's On My To-Do List: Homemade Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies! Boycotting the girl scouts as the team up with planned parenthood and push gay/transgender issues. ... discuss

There are links to the low-carb menu and a shopping list for it here.  The shopping list is not just a shopping list.  I also have tips on how to make some changes to it to help the budget t ... discuss

This menu is essentially for me.  The rest of the family will be eating their own, non-low-carb thing.  I think I need the structure this week to stick to it. Breakfasts- two boiled eggs, s ... discuss

Breakfast: Eggs and sausage, and toast from my homemade bread, $1.00Lunch: Potluck at the local Friary, where we received our blessed chalk and holy water for the Epiphany doorway blessing.A stop on t ... discuss

I have written a few times here about the wonderful work that the Comunita Cenacolo is doing to not just get people off drugs, but helping them find true peace and freedom that comes only from a life ... discuss

Cold nights deserve warm soup. Even if you are planning to eat sandwiches, a creamy soup is just what the doctor ordered. Most of us are trying to eat more vegetables as a resolution, too... so wha ... discuss

Every week the local paper puts out what it calls the THExtra. It goes to the homes of those who don't get the TH with the Wed ads & 4 page mini-paper. Page 1 is usually 2 ads, 1 for each si ... discuss

Although we have lived in the country for the past 8 years, we have been very blessed.  We have never seen a rodent inside the house.  Well, except for the ones in cages, like all the gerbils we bre ... discuss

Breakfast: English muffins that were given away at church, coffee I received for a Christmas presentLunch:  Lentils & rice,  $1.00 for the lentils, $1.00 for the tomatoes, about .50 for the ... discuss

First: I am going to watch every single penny.  Not that I don't, but I still think there are many more things I can do without.  I will let you know as I go.  Everything is so darned e ... discuss

... discuss

William Holman Hunt, Triumph of the Innocents I don't know that I like this painting so much as I like the fact that it shows Christ accompanying the Holy Innocents and the end of their suffering, ... discuss

I haven't made this in six years...About 15 years ago, a Jewish family introduced me to this bread and told me how to braid it. My first attempt met with their approval and so this beautiful bread has ... discuss

Dear __________,Welcome, and congratulations on your new position at the clinic. You have a lot of learning ahead of you, so allow me to make the process easier by filling you in on a few things. This ... discuss

Photo courtesy EagleiOnline Dear __________, Welcome, and congratulations on your new position at the clinic. You have a lot of learning ahead of you, so allow me to make the process easier by filli ... discuss

Photo courtesy EagleiOnline Dear __________, Welcome, and congratulations on your new position at the clinic. You have a lot of learning ahead of you, so allow me to make the process easier by filli ... discuss

While at the grocery store Sunday night, Strider and I found bagged apples marked down to .25/lb. I got, well, quite a few. Some of them are in shabby condition and it would behoove me to use them all ... discuss

This is the Curtis traditional Christmas Breakfast Scramble. I make this on Christmas Eve afternoon so it's ready to pull out of the refrigerator on Christmas morning to cook while we unwrap presen ... discuss

Sheila's over here getting eaten alive by trolls on the blogosphere. One even strayed over to bite me for saying essentially the same thing (she says it way better). I do advocate practicing accommoda ... discuss

 Thanks to Jennifer Fulwiler, a fellow Texan, for hosting 7 Quick Takes Friday over at Conversion Diary.com1 - Since I wasn't able to get to a computer nearly all day due to bak ... discuss

First up, a further update on yesterday’s shootings at Virginia Tech. According to Reuters, the man who killed police officer Deriek Crouse also shot and killed himself, after fleeing into a ... discuss

For reasons that make perfect sense to me, many holiday traditions center largely around food.  What are your favorite food-related holiday traditions? This week we’re sharing some of our favo ... discuss

No matter what our kids and the new generation think about us, WE ARE AWESOME !!! OUR Lives are LIVING PROOF !!! To Those of Us Born 1925 – 1970 : At the end of this email is a quote of the mont ... discuss

Well, I was busy this morning … and have an early flight back to the windy city (from the temporarily windy SouthWest) and won’t have time then. So, here’s what I found out in the wi ... discuss

Williams’s best novel is entitled Descent into Hell. Here we watch a perfectly unnoticeable and respectable historian damn himself to Hell by an unremitting sequence of very small petulant choices. ... discuss

A few weeks ago, I decided to make our Sundays more special by adding some flair to our evening snacks.  Maybe I was influenced by the upcoming holidays.  Who doesn’t spend November and Decemb ... discuss

BreakfastBaked Porridge served with yoghurtOrange juiceKombuchaTeaLunch Almond butter and banana sandwichOrange juiceMid Afternoon snackFruit, nut ... discuss

BreakfastToasted sourdough fruit loaf with home made low sugar marmaladeTeaOrange juiceKombuchaLunch Tinned Sardines in Tomato Sauce on sourdough toastOrange juice30g Chocolate ... discuss

I've got rather behind on these for various reasons so I'm just going to post what I ate and the nutritional information and then put any comments on the Day Twenty One when I do the weekly average.Br ... discuss

Tomorrow we will have a national day of thanksgiving and celebrate it with lots of food.  Do people really understand the reason for this holiday?  Yes, we've all heard the stories of the pi ... discuss

Where Do Singer Songwriters Find Ideas… When Ideas Don’t Just Show up? I’m sure you’ve heard, seen, and read the stories of the almost endless parade of tortured artists, sin ... discuss

In a fun coincidence, it turned out that all three of us Catholic homeschooling moms were doing The Trumpet of the Swan as a read-aloud.  One of the moms suggested a tea party for the  five ... discuss

[Not everyone went to war. The unlucky ones got left behind. From September, 1944, the UNITEDS PX.]A BIBLE STORY By Luke A. RoundBehold William, the son of Lindsay, the Lion, the son of McKnight. And ... discuss

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cookies Recipe from tags: baking homemaking ... discuss

From: Chuck Baldwin at Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2011 Subject:  A Suggested Survival List by Chuck Baldwin, October 20, 2011"A Suggested Survival List" ... discuss

Yesterday I began a short series of articles on knowing and doing the will of God. In the first part I spoke laid the foundation of God’s sovereignty over all that happens in this world, affirmi ... discuss

How about two quick takes in 7 quick paragraphs? (Thanks, Jen) 1. What do feminists have against cookies? Simcha Fisher, whom I sometimes wanna be when I grow up, has this fabulous smackdown of an ... discuss

It’s the end of the week, and I hope you won’t think less of me if I say that cookies were my favorite part. After all, these weren’t just any cookies.  They had chocolate and peanu ... discuss

A painting of President Barack Obama with a pancake on his head.  The pancake has a small island of butter and syrup isolated in the center - Obama Syrup Island Pancake Painting - Ebay Art Auct ... discuss

Ephesians 4:26English Standard Version (ESV) Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger.I am a person who has struggled with anger. I remember being angry a LOT as a child. I wa ... discuss

We are going to the United States in November to, between us, give 4 talks to 4 different conferences that we have been invited to speak at (details below). We need to raise the funds to get there an ... discuss

I grew up on a country road in Michigan. Back then, before Amazon, e-Bay, QVC or much of anything else except for the Sears Roebuck Catalog, there was the door-to-door salesman. One afternoon, suc ... discuss

So where were you on the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001?  You may well be asked this question come Sunday from friends, acquaintances or family members so I might as well begin…I was, just ... discuss

I was looking forward to spending an early dinner with Claire at a new restaurant in our area of town, a cafe and cake decorating shop started by a pro-life friend of ours from way back, Gina Sterns. ... discuss

If you are coming up with a short body detox, you will need to form sure you eat the foods that increase your chances of success and avoid the foods that may hurt your efforts. Here could be a list of ... discuss

I like to think that I am not an impulse buyer, that I have control over my desires and am able to hover over the absurdities that draw countless into purchasing useless items…but alas, I am a rube. ... discuss

From NewsWithViews.comBy Paul Walter The pool of presidential candidates for the Republican nomination has been considered less than exciting for many party faithful. Mitt Romney ... discuss

The first step in making a Star Wars R2D2 cake is to make butter-cream icing in four colors: white, light blue, medium blue and dark blue. This is done by simply stirring and adding blue food colori ... discuss

Here's what each of us had to say about this section: Kim, Life In a Shoe  Kimberly, Raising Olives  Connie, Smockity Frocks Kim B, Large Family Logistics This week we are discussing th ... discuss

Some of my favorite articles lately… What He Doesn’t Need (And What He Does)CLICK HERE for up to the minute daily updates on how we are dealing with our layoff. Thank you to Tiana for this gu ... discuss

Lots of very ungenerous comments yesterday — detailing how Mark Shea is a heterodox-Michael-Voris hater — by people who were busily emoting, and ignoring the fact that yesterday morning, ... discuss

So, the other day I apparently said, "Actually, what we're really talking about is an education: what that is, what it means, how one acquires such a thing."The trouble with saying something like that ... discuss

We celebrate two birthdays the first week in August. My birthday on the 4th and my husband's birthday on the 5th. I have always loved the fact that our birthdays are nestled up close. And since it mea ... discuss

About a decade ago I was anti-Lutheran.  I didn't want anything to do with the obsolete label.  In fact, I quietly embraced the label 'Non-denominational.'  Denominations, confessions a ... discuss

The Dow Jones Industrial Average shed more than 1,000 points the past two weeks. Investors lost more than $2,000,000,000,000.00 in value from their portfolios. Think about that. That's a huge loss to ... discuss

I was at the Wisconsin State Fair yesterday. I didn't witness any problems while I was there. I saw no fights and nothing remotely like mob violence or people being attacked randomly. We were parked o ... discuss

Current giveaway: a free layering shell from The Modest Mom! I decided 4 weeks ago that I wanted to lose 10-15 lbs. of weight that has crept on over the years.  Then I posted 2 weeks ago that I had ... discuss




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