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Lloyd Marcus by Lloyd Marcus: A white teacher said he routinely overhears vulgar and racist comments from students at an all black high school. I blame the black youth’s negative mindset on black ... discuss

By Joe Kral “I don’t think that Judge Yeakel gets it” were the words Dr. Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life, used to describe the recent federal judicial decision ... discuss

Sydney, Australia, Sep 15, 2014 / 12:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, in Australia's state of New South Wales, is rejoicing over having won multiple media honors from the cou ... discuss

When Democrats in Congress railroaded Obamacare through the House and Senate, pro-life groups warned that the government takeover of health care would result in taxpayer funding of abortions and the a ... discuss

Big Blue Wave (Canada) had a post that caught my eye as it has a direct impact on Tennessee and the upcoming vote for Yes on One. "In 1989, Mary Sue and Junior Davis went to divorce court, and they di ... discuss

   From: lc Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 Subject:  Old Butch...Fred was in the fertilized egg business.  He had several hundred young 'pullets,' and ten roosters to ferti ... discuss

Researchers from Cambridge University have just published a study (as of the 31st of August 2014) which said that greenhouse gases from food production will go up 80% if we continue to eat meat and da ... discuss

 Cosmopolitan magazine to jump into partisan politics—aka support pro-abortion Democrats By Dave Andrusko Joanna Coles, Comospolitan magazine Editor-in-chiefFirst things first. An ol ... discuss

Person President Obama Most Loves - Himself! ~ ARRA News Editor by Michael Barone, Some time ago I contrasted the reaction a conservative would get if he were in the same room with the t ... discuss

Yesterday I was on a blog where a woman expressed her total frustration with the infidelity of so many Catholic bishops and her intention to leave the Church. What precipitated her crisis of faith? Th ... discuss

Contact: K. McCarley, Shazzy Fitness, 678-664-4134 ATLANTA, Ga., Sept. 4, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Dove Foundation's Family Approved Seal seals the deal for Shazzy Fitness as a familyfriendly ... discuss

Dusting off the old ACORN image. Dr. Bill Smith, Editor: The following IBD article evidences shades of past action by Democrats. On Sept. 25, 2008, I wrote a ARRA News story which went viral and ... discuss

 Surrogate mother of twins awarded one of the babies after biological mother rejects her because of disability By Dave Andrusko An unnamed British woman rejected a baby from a surrogat ... discuss

The Sun newspaper in Great Britain has reported that the biological mother of twins carried by a surrogate allegedly abandoned one of them when the child was found to have congenital myotonic dystroph ... discuss

This is crazy.From National Review Online:A sign advertising the bacon at a Vermont diner has been taken down after a Muslim resident complained about the sign on the Internet and sparked a massive ba ... discuss

By Joe Kral Otto Van Bismarck was once famously said, “Politics is the art of the possible”. But just because something is possible does not mean it should be done. In 2011, a debate emerged among ... discuss

When Obama took power — amid a severe economic downturn — 31.9 million Americans received food stamp benefits. Since then the number has skyrocketed to 47 million. But there is one domestic area ... discuss

By:  Susan Jones Sen. Lindsey Graham (R.-S.C.) (AP Photo) read more ... discuss

Obama has appointed a lot of doozies over the years but the list does get to be quite impressive. To start with most believe that Lady Michelle and Valerie Garrett run the country. That seems to make ... discuss

9]> < ![endif]--> trip of land, in-between the Mediterranean Sea and Israel’s southwest border, known as the Gaza Strip, has been home to over ten thousand rockets launched at Israel since 2006 a ... discuss

This week Planned Parenthood launched a series of web ad attacks claiming that candidate for Texas Governor Greg Abbot refused to give rape victims justice. They made this claim to trash Abbott and to ... discuss

Catholics need to be more courageous in showing that religion and science co-exist says the papal astronomer who has just been awarded one of the world's most prestigious awards in science. Jesuit B ... discuss

A note from the editor: We’ve been running a little low here at EO, but don’t fear. We’ll be back up to speed at some point in the relatively near future. Apologies to Nick Dalbey, w ... discuss

Contact: Paul Marks, International Christian Visual Media, 303-694-4286 ATLANTA, July 16, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- International Christian Visual Media awarded the coveted Crown Awards to outsta ... discuss

From over at the Margaret Sanger BlogThe Prophetic KKK Speaker: Margaret Sanger A tremendous article recently by Dr. Paul Kengor outlines the prophetic, demented, racist dream of former Ku Klu ... discuss

From Catholic Fiction:Who we is a project of Tuscany Press, a dedicated publisher of Catholic Fiction and sponsor of the Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction.  The site is i ... discuss

House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer a Close SecondRep. Earl Blumenauer2013 Porker of the Year (Washington, D.C.) – Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) announced the results of its online poll for ... discuss

 Gary Bauer, Contributing Author: I had the privilege of attending the 62nd annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. There were several inspirational speakers, scripture readings and ... discuss

William A. Donohue For many decades, Steven Wise has been promoting the rights of apes. To be specific, he would like to see chimpanzees awarded “legal personhood.” He is most known for ch ... discuss

Injunctions have been awarded in 18 of 19 similar cases, the Becket Fund said. Original PostingRead more →The post New Supreme Court Injunction Benefits Little Sisters appeared first on Foundati ... discuss

Wayne State University has been awarded a $684,000 grant from the Department of Defense to research why black men have a much higher risk of developing prostate cancer than white men. While some promi ... discuss

One dozen decorated members of the American Studies Association have denounced the scholarly group’s recent controversial decision to boycott Israeli academic institutions and have called for a revo ... discuss

The Prophetic Margaret Sanger Dr. Paul Kengor President Obama has awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to feminist icon Gloria Steinem. Steinem, in turn, said she hopes Obama’s action “ ... discuss

A tremendous article recently by Dr. Paul Kengor outlines the prophetic, demented, racist dream of former Ku Klux Klan Speaker and Foundress of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger.This one i ... discuss

by Hans Johnson The first baby of a new year has always been considered good luck for a family or village. Often gifts and money were awarded to the parents. But under Obamacare, it may no longer be a ... discuss

As 2013 was coming to a close, federal courts issued rulings on three injunctions sought by religious non-profits challenging the Affordable Care Act contraceptive coverage mandate rules:• Preli ... discuss

Herewith the annual V for Victory! year-end highlights, with thanks as usual to Wikipedia for refreshing my recollection:January2: The "fiscal cliff" is allegedly averted with the signing into la ... discuss

Planned Parenthood Has Killed More Than Six Million Babies in Abortions Planned Parenthood released its annual report this week and the abortion has denied first birthdays to more that six million ... discuss

I have done several posts about Michael Voris and how I feel he has crossed the line. I find him to be more and more dangerous to the Catholic faithful. I know that is a very heavy accusation, but I ... discuss

Kindle has a new program- if you already bought hard copies of some books, you may be able to buy the Kindle versions at much reduced rates (sometimes even free!)- see if you have any titles that qual ... discuss

Anglican Scholar, Catholic Theologian Awarded Ratzinger Prize | Daily News | div> ... discuss

Phyllis Schlafly Report, October, 2013: The Democrats are chanting that Republicans must fully fund Obamacare because it is the law of the land, passed by Congress, signed by the President, and upheld ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. - Day 15 of Government "partial" shutdown. The Senate reconvened at 10 AM today and resumed consideration of the motion to proceed to S. 1569, Democrats’ debt ceiling bill ... discuss

foundationlife.netThe Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was awarded the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. Their work is still in progress, so were they really the best choice? Our Aleteia Exp ... discuss

Jay Leno really bashed the Republicans in his monologue on Thursday. Maybe it was because Chris Matthews was his guest and Leno decided to play to MSNBC fans. If that's the case, that's not too bright ... discuss

Man Writes Confession Letter to His Down Syndrome Daughter: Sorry I Wanted You Aborted I just watched a video about a family who had a baby with Downs and this is what the mother said, that it fel ... discuss

By Joe Kral It is always tragic when some Catholic politicians try to revise the Church’s historical teaching on the life issues. History shows that from the very beginning the Church has always hel ... discuss

(Vatican Radio) The International Olympic Committee has awarded the summer games in 2020 to Tokyo, rejecting final bids from Madrid and Istanbul. ...»… Read the restThe post Tokyo celebrates v ... discuss

Luke 14:1-14Pentecost 15September 1st, 2013Christ the King and Redeemer Lutheran Churches, Racine, WISinful pride.  Selfish, sinful pride.  This is one way of describing what Jesus observed ... discuss

The BBC reports:"Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be honoured for her work when she visits Scotland next month.She will address academics and students at St Andrews University before ... discuss

The Saint of the Day for August 30 is St. Jeanne Jugan.St Mary of the Cross (in the world: Jeanne Jugan) was born at Cancale, in Brittany, France, on 25 October 1792 in the turbulent period of the Fre ... discuss

 Planned Parenthood: We Have a Job to Do By Carol Tobias, NRLC President Earlier this month, the District of Columbia announced that it was giving $375,000 to the local Planned ... discuss

Thirty-five years ago today, I was awarded my degree as a Bachelor of Science in Design from the University of Cincinnati. Looking back on that evening, I can still remember ... how little there was t ... discuss

The Conrad Hilton Foundation has awarded the dissenters' rag, the National Catholic Reporter (aka the National Catholic Distorter), a $2.3 million grant to propagandize for the dissident nuns. NCR wil ... discuss

Florida’s abortion industry exhibits a similar pattern “Unfortunately, you do have rogue providers that prey on the most vulnerable of women … Gosnell is an extreme outlier whe ... discuss

                               *This picture was taken outside of the courthouse            ... discuss

... discuss

The New Hampshire Democratic Party released a statement today warning of an "anti-women's health extremist" who is running for Executive Council. Look up "anti-women's health extremist" in your O ... discuss

tStyles DefLockedState="false" LatentStyleCount="156"> < ![endif]--> I shared with you the encouraging response I received from Senator John Boozman.  Sadly, I did not receive such a response ... discuss

Right now there are about 1.1 million people in hospice care. These people are supposed to die within 180 days or else. Or else what? What happens if they miss their deadline? And what happens if the ... discuss

Jerome Lejeune was born in France in 1926. Captivated at the age of 13 by Dr. Benassis, the hero of Balzac's novel 'The Country Doctor', he too wanted to become a country doctor, dedicated to the care ... discuss

Giancarlo Rastelli who died in 1970 at the age of 36, was a pioneer cardiac surgeon who developed a classification of atrioventricular canal (defects) and a novel surgical procedure that revolutioni ... discuss

The Jane syndicate in Chicago was doing a thriving criminal abortion business. They were also under intense police surveillance. They knew Harvey Karman, whom they had invited to Chicago to teach them ... discuss

P R E S S R E L E A S E WHERE DO WE FIND SUCH MEN? Can one small community win a world war single-handedly? You'll begin to wonder after reading Robert N. Going's latest book, Where Do We Find Such ... discuss

(January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was one of the pivotal leaders of the American civil rights movement. King was a Baptist minister, one of the few leadership roles available to black men at the ti ... discuss

Facebook is a great place to find inspiration for blog posts. Have you seen this false one about General Pershing and Philippino Muslim terrorists? It's totally gruesome. A [completely not-]True sto ... discuss

I remember being captivated when I first heard about this story.  An 11 year old girl named Jaycee Dugard went missing in 1991, and was found 18 years later at the age of 29.  She had been k ... discuss

Back in 2007, the EPA succeeded in perhaps one of its most consequential schemes ever. That was the year the Supreme Court held in Massachusetts v. EPA, that the agency had the authorit ... discuss

2LT Audie L. Murphy, USAAudie Leon Murphy, son of poor Texas sharecroppers, rose to national fame as the most decorated U.S. combat soldier of World War II. He was awarded the Medal of Honor, the high ... discuss

Video via C-Span. Dr. Ben Carson is the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. President George W. Bush awarded Dr. Carson with The Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2008. Dr. Ca ... discuss

FROM THE PASTORJanuary 27, 2013by Fr. George W. Rutler The Geneva Convention’s classification of military chaplains as noncombatants has traditionally been interpreted in the United States to mean ... discuss

Ellen DeGeneres, born January 26, 1958, is an American stand-up comedienne, television host and actress. She hosts the syndicated talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and was also a judge on American I ... discuss

North Dakota boots Planned Parenthood sex ed program When North Dakota state legislator Bette Grande took to the airwaves to say that Planned Parenthood has no business in the state and threatened ... discuss

Vina, Calif., Jan 10, 2013 / 04:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A California abbey has been home to Cistercian monks since 1955, and now houses a new chapel built of stones taken from a medieval Cistercian mo ... discuss

By BRIAN O’NEEL | On Feb. 25, 1990, Terri Schiavo collapsed in her Florida apartment. Two years later, her husband Michael sued her doctors for malpractice, and a jury awarded him $1.5 m ... discuss

“The Huron Carol” (aka “Jesous Ahatonhia” or “Jesus He Is Born”) is Canada's oldest Christmas song, written in 1643 by Saint Jean de Brébeuf, a Jesuit missionary living amidst the Huron n ... discuss

Dr. Bill Smith, Editor, ARRA News Service: Being Sunday, it is a good time to reflect on important issues! With the constant push by liberals / socialists to disarm Americans, the below column last Fr ... discuss

Sorry suckers, you college students that voted for Obama, President Obama has cut your access to Pell Grants by 33%; he just forgot to mention it before Election Day. On the other hand, I'm all for i ... discuss

On November 24, 1907, homemaker Lizzie Paulson, age 38, died at County Hospital in Chicago from an abortion performed that day. John and Minnie Nelson were arrested and held without bail. John Nelson ... discuss

The Leadership Council of Women Religious was awarded the Herbert Haag Prize for 2013 for Freedom in the Church. The fact that these heritical habitless hussies have won it should come to no surprize ... discuss

Rex 84 Exposed During Iran Contra Should we be worried? video source: Uploaded to Youtube by MasterpieceConCen on Nov 13, 2006 FEMA plans on suspension of the US co ... discuss

Mr. and Mrs. William J.F. Bullerman ran "a rather mysterious sort of rookery" in Chicago on November 8, 1879. There, police discovered a woman named Elizabeth Foley seriously ill with septicemia. Pol ... discuss

By: Jeffrey Klein Political Buzz Examiner Even though the mainstream media has been hysterically hyping Barack Obama’s ‘big’ win in the general election last night, after being award ... discuss

Justice Lynn SmithJustice Lynn Smith, who announced her retirement in August, has now ordered the federal and provincial governments to pay the BC Civil Liberties Association 1 Million dollars for the ... discuss

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President, Susan B. Anthony List: This new ad from the pro-life SBA List debunks the claim that Planned Parenthood, America's #1 abortion provider, provides mammograms but does ... discuss

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President, Susan B. Anthony List: This new ad from the pro-life SBA List debunks the claim that Planned Parenthood, America's #1 abortion provider, provides mammograms but does ... discuss Me with granddaughter Grace Above is a link to another article about my granddaughter, Grace, winning the title of L ... discuss

SAMUEL ADAMS by Sam Adams MMIV:  The Washington Times reported yesterday, “The recent bankruptcy of battery maker A123 Systems after it won a nearly quarter-billion-dollar federal grant t ... discuss

A new Down syndrome patient registry will facilitate contacts and information sharing among families, patients, researchers and parent groups. The National Institutes of Health has awarded a contract ... discuss

OCTOBER 1517: MARTIN LUTHER NAILS HIS 95 THESES TO THE DOOR OF THE CHURCH AT WITTENBURG Contrary to popular opinion, Martin Luther was not a pious reformer who embarked upon a crusade to rid the Chu ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston It must be nice to have friends in high places! Ask Cook County, Illinois Board President Toni Preckwinkle who just reaped a huge back room payoff from Da Prez in Washington. In ... discuss

This new ad from the pro-life SBA List debunks the claim that Planned Parenthood, America's #1 abortion provider, provides mammograms but does not provide abortions. The ad also hits back on the false ... discuss

was born at Hurstpierpoint in Sussex, England, on 3 September 1847. A poor scholar, he left school at fifteen to work in his father's Brighton counting house. At twenty-one, Hannington decided to purs ... discuss

The following article was written by Naomi Lakritz and published in the Calgary Herald, under the title: Tracy Latimer's death was not assisted suicide.Lakritz is completely correct, Tracy Latimer was ... discuss

I had the great pleasure of having dinner with Ambassador Bolton with about 9 other people. It was a wonderful experience. I really admire the Ambassador. We had a p ... discuss

What do Islamist radicals and homosexual activists have in common? Not much, one would think, given the harsh treatment of homosexuals in many Muslim countries. However, there is one thing they have i ... discuss

  Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, will be honored with the 2012 Henry Hyde Award at the annual benefit dinner of the American Catholic Press (ACP). The dinner will ta ... discuss

Tweetby Alanna Gomez“When you take the time to actually listen, with humility, to what people have to say, it's amazing what you can learn. Especially if the people who are doing the talking also ha ... discuss

Adult Stem Cells over Embryonic Stem Cells. Looks like this is a  chickens have come home to roost moment, and the chickens have gone and won the Noble Prize. Hmm.. did that make sense? Anyhow, ... discuss

When embryonic stem cell research was being hyped during the last decade, MSM would often omit the word “embryonic” when reporting on the issue. When talking of the hope for cures, they wo ... discuss

Yesterday was the opening of the thirteenth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the theme The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith. As a part of the openni ... discuss

The man that envisioned a better way than destroying human embryos to get embryonic-like stem cells has won the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Dr. Shinya Yamanaka developed the technique to take an ad ... discuss

romereports has uploaded Yamanaka awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine for work with stem cells. Yamanaka awarded Nobel Prize in Medicine for work w ... discuss

In July 1912, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, Marie Stopes and other leaders in the early race-cleansing eugenics movement held their first international conference in London. Among the le ... discuss

by Steven Ertelt, LifeNews:  Updated September 10, 2012 Washington, DC ( — The following is a compilation of bill signings, speeches, appointments and other actions that President ... discuss

sound clip: "The Sixth Sense", 1999 movie rfh stock clip: nervous patients    source: Updated September 10, 2012 Washington, ... discuss

As Michelle Malkin points out, Hisham Altalib' White House visit is yet further proof that this administration's idea of domestic "faith-based outreach" is tea with Muslim Brotherhood community organi ... discuss

Reposted today at The Imaginative Conservative, “Civilization Without Religion?” by Russell Kirk: “How are we to account for this widespread decay of the religious impulse? It appear ... discuss

In my previous post, I asked this question: Cohabitation and divorce both have significant negative effects on child well-being. Since marital instability is a commonly reported cause of divorce, shou ... discuss

Contact: Fern Reiss, Publicist, 617-630-0945,; TEL AVIV, Sept. 23, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Now there's a new, Israeli addition to US postbac, premed ... discuss

Today, September 20, 2012, the winners of the 2012-2013 Catholic High School Honor Roll competition were announced by The Cardinal Newman Society. Since 2004, the Honor Roll has recognized excellen ... discuss

As promised in my earlier post, I decided to weigh in some more on the late Christopher Hitchens’ denying Nietzsche’s maxim about being made stronger by that which does not destroy us. Fir ... discuss

It was a year ago that Americans learned that Solyndra, a solar panel manufacturer in California that was awarded a $535 million loan guarantee from the Obama administration, was going bankrupt. In ... discuss

September 4, 2012. ( Fifteen years ago, on September 5, 1997, one of the most important people of the 20th century died. Her name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, but to the world she was si ... discuss

I was awarded the Liebster Award by Maria @ Four Blessings Academy.  This is the Liebster Award (as near as I can figure out it is an "I love you/love your blog" award of coolness). It is giv ... discuss

HT/Lydia Freedom is the only issue facing Americans by Star Parker on September 3, 2012 · 0 comments      Print This Post Star Parker The ... discuss

Abortionist James Pendergraft arrives at Orlando Women’s Center in the summer of 2011. Pendergraft owns a chain of five abortion centers in Florida that specialize in late-trm abortions. (Cl ... discuss

Of your charity, pray for the repose of  Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini who  "was born in Turin on 15 February 1927. He entered the Company of Jesus in 1944 at the age of 17 and studied Ph ... discuss

The Saint of the Day for August 30 is St. Jeanne Jugan.St Mary of the Cross (in the world: Jeanne Jugan) was born at Cancale, in Brittany, France, on 25 October 1792 in the turbulent period of the Fre ... discuss

NRD Editor’s Note: Each day, Bill Smith of ARRA News Service, provides us with special reports on what is happening down in Tampa. Each night, ALG staff participate in a live-chat of what is happeni ... discuss

Born AUGUST 22, 1934, he served in Vietnam, commanded the U.S. forces in Grenada and Desert Storm, was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and knighted by the Queen of England. This was four-star Gen ... discuss

Before we turn out the lights here at Chez Alexandre, we should highlight an historic event of one hundred years ago today. It was on this day in 1912, that the Boy Scouts of America designated its fi ... discuss

  A big-time donor to President Barack Obama is also a financial supporter of Paul Ryan. Marc Benioff, a national campaign co-chair for President Obama’s reelection campaign, donated $ ... discuss

Stratfor emails reveal secret, widespread TrapWire surveillance system ( 10 August, 2012,  Edited: 11 August, 2012  ( article sour ... discuss

20 years after Ruby Ridge Randy Weaver moved his family to northern Idaho in the 1980s to escape what he saw as a corrupt world. Over time, federal agents began investigating the Army veteran for poss ... discuss

This week’s Free Stuff Friday is all about Bible study for small groups and individuals. This week’s sponsor, The Good Book Company is offering 5 of you a chance to win a collection of all ... discuss

51 Bullet-Pointed Facts That Dispute Barack Obama's Identity and Eligibility to be President of The USA! By Kevin A. Lehmann on in Politics, article source: ... discuss

We have reported previously on the Ex-Im Bank and the Obama administration funding ventures in other countries using our money,  Now, the Heritage Foundation reports on the continuance of the Am ... discuss

Anaheim, Calif., Aug 10, 2012 / 09:43 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The Knights of Columbus awarded a family from Kentucky for their commitment the Catholic faith, as well as members from around the world who ... discuss

Matt and I were very proud that last night at the Lopdell House Art Gallery our son Christian Flannagan was awarded 3rd place in the The Trusts Art Scholarship 2012 for West Auckland students who in ... discuss

The RNC has a new web ad addressing the Obama campaign's Stephanie Cutter's laughable claim that she "does not know the facts of when Joe Soptic's wife got sick or when she died." Simply put Team Ob ... discuss

Barack Hussein, Sr. -- nationality: Kenyan.  Citizenship: Kenya.  African foreign student, U. Hawaii (1959)-,_Sr. Part of the ... discuss

< !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> skerville Old Face">Barack Hussein, Sr. -- nationality: Kenyan.  Citizenship: Kenya.  African foreign studen ... discuss

Today, August 9, is the feast of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein), virgin and martyr, a Jewish convert to Catholicism, who later became a Discalced Carmelite nun and was martyred at Aus ... discuss

This article at Life News describes recent grants & prize money that went to stem cell research.  There is something to note about how the money way divvied up. As noted in the earlier Lozier Ins ... discuss

From The Blaze By Wayne Allyn Root I am President Obama’s classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. I am also one of the most accurate Las Vegas oddsmakers and prognosticators. Accurate ... discuss

An exhibition of Churchilliana in New York has reminded Americans why they took the great man to their hearts – and kept him there  Touch of genius: Winston Churchill's words had a profou ... discuss

  From: bb Sent: Friday, August 03, 2012 Subject: A sad day for skier Lindsey Vonn A sad day I find this so sad.  She truly earne ... discuss

Joycelyn Elders Prize           The Joycelyn Elders Prize for leftwing folly is again awarded to the “B” actor  and current Peace and Freedom Party candidate ... discuss

Navy torpedo boat PT 109 was rammed AUGUST 2, 1943, by a Japanese destroyer and sunk. The commander sustained permanent back injuries yet helped survivors swim miles to shore, which unfortunately was ... discuss

Yes!  Freedom of religion is not a limited “freedom of worship.”  It also applies to how one acts and lives out their faith in the world. A self insuring private business whose owners ob ... discuss

Some of the most encouraging news in our world today is that people with Down Syndrome are beginning to be treated like the valuable human beings they are. More and more, they are being allowed to int ... discuss

Sam and his sister Syndey. As you know, I never ask for funds on this blog, but recently I ran across Sari's situation and my heart was broken. I felt called to do something to help her. &nb ... discuss

by Ben Johnson CHARLOTTE, July 25, 2012, ( – The Obama administration has awarded nearly half-a-million dollars to Planned Parenthood in North Carolina, once again overriding electe ... discuss

Steven Ertelt For the third time this month and the fifth time overall, the Obama administration has override the decision of a state to revoke taxpayer funding for the Planned Parenthood abortion b ... discuss

Barry's zeal for more and more abortions is truly disgusting.The Obama administration has awarded nearly half-a-million dollars to Planned Parenthood in North Carolina, once again overriding elected r ... discuss

... discuss

Woman Dies After Second-Trimester Abortion at Planned Parenthood A young woman has died after having a second-trimester abortion at a Chicago-area Planned Parenthood clinic. Tonya Reaves, 24, died ... discuss

Nice piece by Leticia Velasquez on the late Pro-Lifer Jerome Lejeune. Jerome Lejeune (1926-1994) was a doctor and researcher who is considered the father of modern genetics. He was awarded the Kenn ... discuss

I read this over multiple times trying to hazard a guess as to what might be in ‘Vitalized Phosphites’ and all I can think of is dried ox brain and wheat. Then I found this advertisement ... discuss

Obama Admin Sends $3.1 Million More to Planned ParenthoodAfter reaching an agreement to send more than $1 million over three years to a Planned Parenthood in Tennessee, the Obama administration ha ... discuss

Defending America’s daughters amidst the spiritual war for our country What the media often refers to as the “Culture Wars” is, in fact, a Spiritual War for the soul of our Christian ... discuss

Berühmter Sohn: SPD-Chef Sigmar Gabriel lässt kranken Vater allein | Politik & Wirtschaft - Berliner Kurier Ahrensburg, just outside Hamburg. Here, in a neat retirement home, lives the 91-ye ... discuss

The other day in a post I compared the relationship of Planned Parenthood & the Obama administration to the Mafia's relationship with politicians & judges. I couldn't help but think of a line from The ... discuss

Cardinal Archbishop of Berlin interviewed in the German newspaper, Zeit- this is the first of four parts- keep checking back.  The controversial bit is in the next part. ZEIT: At 55 ye ... discuss

by Ben Johnson WEST MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, July 5, 2012, ( – Months after Tennessee state and local officials chose to defund Planned Parenthood, the Obama administration has directly ... discuss

Fifteen Chinese scholars have issued a public letter calling for Chinese government to rethink their one-child policy. "The birth approval system built on the idea of controlling population size as em ... discuss

T  Bishop-designate Jeffrey Monforton of Steubenville STEUBENVILLE, OH--Father Terence Henry, TOR, president of Franciscan University of Steubenville, joined many Church and Steubenville ... discuss

Andy Griffith, "Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry," has passed away.From TMZ:Andy Griffith, an icon of TV, has died ... this according to Andy's close friend, former UNC President Bill Friday. Griffith, ... discuss

Arkansas Policy Foundation: Arkansas policymakers face a potential $1.3 billion budget deficit in the state’s Medicaid program despite receiving $1 billion in federal stimulus funds for “health ... discuss

Tweet This PostMy oldest son is taking archery lessons. He’s very excited to learn how to shoot a bow—I am more excited he is learning how to safely do it. As I’m watching my young boy ... discuss

In 1974, just a few years before he died, I had the opportunity to attend a Mass at which Archbishop Fulton Sheen, the great evangelist and churchman, received the Patronal Medal awarded jointly b ... discuss

Peter Singer is a bigot. Not a racist. Not a sexist. But a bigot, nonetheless. He denies the equal value of the most vulnerable and defenseless human beings, indeed, asserting that so-called human & ... discuss

Last Monday, June 18th, 2012, Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown (D-West Bloomfield) performed the shocking and undignified Vagina Monologues with leftist feminist and Monologue author Eve Ensle ... discuss

An Italian court recently awarded a family a $200,000+ settlement in a case of autism caused by the MMR vaccine. The 78% increase in autism over the last five years is alarming. Popular health doctor, ... discuss

By Rev. George W. Rutler That the film about the Cristero Rebellion, For Greater Glory, has been news to many and highlights the appalling ignorance of history in our culture. That isolation ... discuss

 Today is HM The Queen's Official Birthday. It was lovely to see HRH Prince Phillip once again at HM's side. Congratulations to >HRH Prince Charles. Happy Birthday Your Majesty. In Ger ... discuss

Contact: Colette Bercu, Free for Life International, 888-335-8835 FRANKLIN, Tenn., June 13, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- We are pleased to announce that Free for Life International was awarded $10,0 ... discuss

It only makes sense ... if we don't interogate, we don't gain valuable intelligence that can prevent future attacks. The value of intel is often cumulative and, over time, the lack of it leaves us mor ... discuss

Wesley SmithAustralia recently awarded Peter Singer their highest award of distinction, they made him a companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia.Normally a nations best known philos ... discuss

Australia Awards Infanticide Guru Highest Civic Award – By Wesley J. Smith – The Corner – National Review Online. Australia’s highest Civic Honor was awarded to Princeton’ ... discuss

Modern Parables is a Bible study series that uses short films to teach the parables of Jesus. The idea behind it all was to use film to recapture or recreate the kinds of emotions that Jesus ... discuss

Sponsor, Pro-Lifers: Democrats Blocked Sex-Selection Abortion Ban The sponsor of the ban on sex-selection abortions in the House of Representatives, leading pro-life members of Congress and leader ... discuss

Born Vladimir Nikolsky, was born on August 1, 1870, the son of a deacon of the church the village of Povodnevo, Myshkin uyezd, Yaroslavl diocese.In 1891 he finished his studies at the Yaroslavl semina ... discuss

Rush Limbaugh took time in his first hour to note that yesterday Obama awarded Delores Huerta, a professed Marxist, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. While he says it's a small thing in the news, he ... discuss

Today in Washington, D.C. -  May 30, 2012 Congress remains in recess except for House hearings. Yesterday, President Obama awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom to the following: John Glenn - fo ... discuss

Have you located yourself in times that you essential an urgent situation advance loan? Otherwise, you can look at by yourself fairly successful as many folks uncovered themselves in that really undes ... discuss

Awarded the Navy's medal of heroism during World War II and the Pulitzer Prize for his book Profiles in Courage, he was the youngest elected President, serving just over 1,000 days before being shot. ... discuss

There is a tendency in media and among the public to blame racism and other assorted bigotries on ignorance, stupidity, or “superstition” (religion). And sometimes that is true. But jus ... discuss

By:  Matt Cover read more ... discuss

-By Warner Todd Huston Matthew Continetti gives the President a D plus in his grade for his first term in office and with a grade that low, let’s hope it is his only term in office. Continetti ... discuss

Your garden Groom Trimmer, has attracted huge amounts of media awareness, and won quite a lot of honours, but is it really as nice as the media hype? Using its innovative design and light weight, the ... discuss

Mitt Romney Pix by Bill Smith Today Mitt Romney picked up expected wins on two more states in Kentucky and Arkansas. Even the news services declared the results very early based on exit poling. Ken ... discuss

     Dated; however, the questions are valid and remain het unanswered.   A usurper, fraud, "manchurian candidate", 'man without a country', 'man behind the mask', wh ... discuss

Phyllis Schlafly and Dr. Bill Smith (ARRA News Service) Discussing Threats To America! by Phyllis Schlafly, Eagle Forum: The stunning repudiation of Senator Richard Lugar’s (R-IN) bid for a seve ... discuss

WASHINGTON DC (MetroCatholic) –  Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, archbishop of Galveston-Houston and as chair of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Pro-Life Activ ... discuss

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Father Frank issued the following statement regarding Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s commencement address today at Georgetown University. “It was ou ... discuss

by Sean Hackbarth, Free Enterprise: The administration honored 41 companies and organizations today at the White House for their contributions to increasing American exports. After looking at the ... discuss

There are laws to protect our staff members – whether it is laws for children rights, laws and regulations for adults rights as well as animal rights. Laws are put into place and stored updated ... discuss

I have to confess that I am a bit disheartened.  I find that my fellow Catholics are having trouble really connecting with the >Church's teaching regarding genetic engineering.  Some ve ... discuss

Right on schedule, Nancy Pelosi tries to do what Ted Kennedy and Mario Cuomo have done before her: give talking points to Catholics who wish to hop on to policy that flies in the face of church teachi ... discuss

ORLANDO, Florida ( – James Scott Pendergraft IV, an abortionist who has had his medical license suspended four times and is the owner of five still-operating Florida abortion ... discuss

I read this story over at Deacon Greg’s earlier today and it annoyed me but I was too busy to write about it. My first thought was, “so, you friends at Catholic high school have supported ... discuss

'Where Wild Things Are' author Maurice Sendak dies  By Associated Press  |  May 08, 2012 Maurice Sendak (AP photo) NEW YORK -- Maurice Sendak, the children's ... discuss

President Obama will award a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jan Karski, a former officer in the Polish Underground during World War II who was among the first to provide eyewitness accoun ... discuss

President Obama will award a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jan Karski, a former officer in the Polish Underground during World War II who was among the first to provide eyewitness accoun ... discuss

For those unfamiliar with these awards, they are named after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck who spilled hot coffee on herself and successfully sued the McDonald’s in New Mexico , where she purch ... discuss

Head to the 8th Annual New York Polish Film Festival, being held Friday, May 4th through Tuesday, May 8th at the Indie Screen Theatre in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The New York Polish Film Festival (NYP ... discuss

Head to the 8th Annual New York Polish Film Festival, being held Friday, May 4th through Tuesday, May 8th at the Indie Screen Theatre in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The New York Polish Film Festival (NYP ... discuss

Writing in a front page article in the Globe and Mail Konrad Yakabuski is positively glowing with praise over President Obama's allegedly wildly successful foreign policy: Because he has a good story ... discuss

Could these two beat General Sherman in South Carolina? We have assumed that our intended protest vote in South Carolina against the GOP's "presumptive nominee" would be meaningless, given that this ... discuss




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