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Asunción, Paraguay, Feb 26, 2015 / 12:00 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Archbishop Edmundo Valenzeula of Asuncion, Paraguay is demanding that U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon – who is visiting the ... discuss

By Allison LeDoux For those who are called to the vocation of marriage, the wedding day marks an incredible milestone, one of the most memorable experiences in the life of husband and wife. While the ... discuss

by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: The carnival in Rio de Janeiro from February 13 through the 17th was one heck of a party. It was celebrated by the locals, plus an estimated one million visitors, ... discuss

Click here to subscribe to the Social Conservative Review Theologian David Wells has written of “the extraordinary bombardment … that goes on every day from a thousand different sources ... discuss

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) will soon issue a Marriage and Family Life Manual for marriage and family life educators. Chizoba Nnagboh, Human Life International (HLI) country d ... discuss

Chizoba Nnagboh, country director for HLI Nigeria, is actively engaged in the pro-life movement. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) will soon issue a Marriage and Family Life Manual ... discuss

Interest in the 2016 presidential election contest is heating up. It is an arguably unfortunate aspect of the US national political scene that no more than midway through a presidential term, the nat ... discuss

By Adam Cassandra It can be hard to love fellow Catholics who use their positions in politics or the media to publicly attack Church teaching—very hard. But love them we must. And one of the ways we ... discuss

Albania pro-life leader Dr. Gjoni with HLI’s Joannes Bucher (third from left) at a recent televised interview in Albania. TIRANA, Albania — Because of the devastation wrought by abortion- ... discuss

Rhoslyn is busy spreading the word about the upcoming Youth Conference in Southport (6-8 March) where another excellent line-up of speakers will help to form the next generation of pro-life activists. ... discuss

by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: Something very unpleasant is occurring in America. Those who have a strong religious faith are being denied the right to say “no” based on its teachings and v ... discuss

I thought this quote from Dietrich von Hildebrand on teaching children the faith was totally on target. "Religion has often been taught to children in the same way as history or spelling. Instead ... discuss

In 2014, 29-year-old cancer patient Brittany Maynard received national attention after she announced her plans to kill herself under Oregon’s assisted suicide law. Maynard found out she had stage II ... discuss

This article was published on February 23, on the HOPE Australia website.Paul RussellBy Paul Russell, Director, HOPE: preventing euthanasia & assisted suicide.There’s a subtle hypocrisy in our socie ... discuss

There’s a subtle hypocrisy in our society in regards to suicide that also plays out in cases of wrongful death and euthanasia & assisted suicide arguments. If a young person tragically dies by suici ... discuss

Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist 85 that the Constitution was the best frame of government that "the present views and circumstances of the country will permit." In our latest essay, we examine ... discuss

When lawmakers press for pro-life laws, abortion advocates derisively label the protection of unborn children a “war on women.” But a new study indicates locations that have pro-life laws ... discuss

When I was a child there was a great program about Robin Hood on television. It ran from 1955 to 1960. How I loved that hero and his devotion to Richard the Lion-Hearted who was fighting in the Crusad ... discuss

En noviembre de 2013 recibí el primer mail: una persona de nombre José Luis Quijada me escribió para advertirme que mi blog enlazaba a webs de organizaciones tapaderas de un grupo secreto llamado " ... discuss

Ever since my days at the Evergreen State College when I listened to died in the wool Marxists and environmentalists peddle their propaganda to many empty jeans (Evergreen students), I have always bee ... discuss

Union Supported:‘Not Just A Pipeline,’But ‘A Lifeline For Thousands’Editorial Cartoon by AF Brancoby Marita Noon: After six years of dithering, the Keystone pipeline project has finally cleare ... discuss

I’ve put off writing on homosexual “marriage” for many years. My good friend and ministry colleague, Eric Holmberg, has been producing a series on the homosexual political movement ... discuss

Rational discussions about National Socialism are often hard to come by.  The word “Nazi” has become a vitriolic buzzword that only the Left has a license to use, especially against conservatives ... discuss

You can also apply this poultice to the soles of the feet. More info here. With so many people sick with flu like illnesses, this could be helpful. I remember an episode in Catherine Marshall's book C ... discuss

 Assisted suicide court ruling is morally twisted By Mark Pickup Editor’s note. Mr. Pickup is a Canadian disability rights activist who ... discuss

By Mitchell Kalpakgian, Ph.D. “What about the soul? Will the soundness of a soul consist in disorder or rather in a certain order and proportion?”—Socrates, Gorgias Psychological studies and soc ... discuss

Yesterday, in the consolidated cases of State of Washington v. Arlene's Flowers and Ingersoll v. Arlene's Flowers, a Washington state court judge held that a small wedding vendor defendant engaged in ... discuss

    Gabriele Kuby  Genderism – a new ideology destroying the family Editor’s Note: The following address by German author and social commentator Gabriele Kuby was delivered ... discuss

The Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture, Elucidated by Question and Answer, 4th ed. The one at Gutenberg has the illustrations. The introduction is a narrative, but the rest of the book ... discuss

Ozone MoleculeAlan Caruba, Contributing Author: Putting aside its insane attack on carbon dioxide, declaring the most essential gas on Earth, other than oxygen, a “pollutant”, the Environmental Pr ... discuss

Dr. Gjoni, Bishop Msgr. Ottavio Vitale from Lezhe, Albania, and HLI’s Joannes Bucher. LEZHE, Albania — Shortly after Pope Francis had visited this country with its “long path of sufferin ... discuss

She’s been doing all kinds of home experiments testing house hold cleaners, hand-sanitizers, natural cleaners, essential oils, and more. She tested Thieves essential oil and other cleaners, and ... discuss

At the Christian Coalition, we believe that America needs to develop its own energy resources, for the sake of national security and economic health. Right now, the United States sends about a billi ... discuss

In our Founding Father’s day, the practice of virtue was a crown of honor, not a bigot’s badge of shame. Just look what we as a nation have become today! We are a nation of godless, narcissistic, ... discuss

By Patrick J. BuchananHopefully, the shaky truce between Vladimir Putin and Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko, brokered in Minsk by Angela Merkel, will hold.For nothing good, but much evil, could come of b ... discuss

Book Details: • Author: Duane A. Garrett • Publisher: Kregel Academic (2014) • Format: hardback • Page Count: 816 • ISBN#: 9780825425516 • List Price: $39.99 • Rating: Highly Rec ... discuss

The British government’s health program is under fire from pro-life advocates who are uspet that it is handing out condoms and lubricant to kids. The contraceptive credit card scheme is availabl ... discuss

  A ministra da Justiça, Paula Teixeira da Cruz, defendeu recentemente, numa entrevista à TSF, a legalização da venda de drogas leves em Portugal e a sua venda nas farmácias. De acordo ... discuss

Antonia TullySPUC's Safe at School campaign has said that parents must be at the centre of sex education, in response to the report from the House of Commons Education Committee on PSHE and SRE in sch ... discuss

Growing up in a small country town our way of life reflected much of America. Our teachers were many but our parents were the primary influence. We had rules at home we lived by and each home had un ... discuss

How do you know it’s Lent?It’s not so much by the ash mark on your forehead or fish marks on the calendar. Tradition tells us that Lent has three distinguishing marks: prayer, fasting and almsgivi ... discuss

Have you ever dreamed of being rich? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know that money poses no barrier between you and your dreams? I think we all have at one time or another, h ... discuss

By Mark S. Latkovic, S.T.D. This is the final article (Part VI) in a series; find Part I here, Part II here, Part III here, Part IV here and Part V here. Let us seize this moment right now and renew ... discuss

Hermione’s Group of Thinkers By Don Marquis (pronounced Mar-Kwiss)- he used to write for a paper, the New York Sun, I think, in the early 20th century. He’s clever, witty, with wit with j ... discuss

Brian Williams is a liar. Like most in the media, Williams is also a hardcore liberal. While not all liberals are liars, lying is endemic to hardcore liberalism. It is a natural byproduct of moral rel ... discuss

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, one of the most respected and admired presidents in the history of our nation. Lincoln’s greatness lay in his deep religious faith, his s ... discuss

This gem from John Nolte came across my Twitter feed the other day: “Met Brian Williams once in DC. Starting to wonder about that story he told me about saving all those hostages at Nakotami Plaza. ... discuss

I met a very nice lady yesterday, the cashier in a little museum gift shop. In the course of our conversation we got to talking about people in nursing homes and I mentioned that I'm a Catholic and ta ... discuss

Mayor Sally Lee declared Sorsogon City a “Pro-Life City” on February 2, in honor of pro-life month in the Philippines. The executive order highlights pertinent provisions of the Philippine Constit ... discuss

Sorsogon City Mayor Sally Lee with husband, Governor Raul Lee — both are pro-life advocates! SORSOGON CITY, Philippines — Mayor Sally Lee declared Sorsogon City a “Pro-Life City” on ... discuss

By Brittany Higdon Step aside, Giselle Bundchen. The world of fashion and the stigma of disability are rapidly changing in pop culture. At this year’s Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, a wom ... discuss

Abortion clinics operate every day in the United States, suctioning and tearing preborn babies out of their mother’s wombs. What happens to the bodies of aborted babies after they are killed? Ideall ... discuss

As we commemorate President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday today (February 12, 1809), reflecting on his life inspires us in our work to secure comprehensive protection of human life from conception ... discuss

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told Congress on Wednesday that even illegal immigrants who didn’t pay taxes will be able to claim back-refunds once they get Social Security numbers under President ... discuss

Because the world is a wide and beautiful and fascinating place that as yet you know almost nothing about. You don’t know what you’re going to discover out there, and of the things to dis ... discuss

I was born weak. Though I bear my father’s last name, I bear a much stronger resemblance to my mother’s side of the family. The people on her side tend to live long and relatively healthy ... discuss

By Fr. C. J. McCloskey You may wonder why laws promoting ultrasounds before abortion don’t have the impact that abortion opponents expected. It is true that many people whose opinions about abortion ... discuss

Denver, Colo., Feb 11, 2015 / 05:01 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- If you ask Archbishop Aquila, theology of the body and natural family planning – both practical resources on human sexuality – may ... discuss

California’s proposed assisted suicide law will soon face its first hearings before both the Senate Judiciary and Health Committees. After the committee assignments were announced last week, this ma ... discuss

Why has American Sniper struck such a chord with the American public? No doubt in part this is due to the incredible storyline and cinematography, but other factors are certainly at play in such a blo ... discuss

March 10 has been designated "National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers" by the abortion lobby. This "celebration" was mainly intended to overcome the powerful negatives of working in aborti ... discuss

By Allison LeDoux Each year on February 11, we observe the World Day of the Sick. The first world day of the sick was held in 1993, having been instituted by Saint Pope John Paul II to be observed ann ... discuss

Vatican City, Feb 10, 2015 / 05:12 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- Following mixed interpretations of Pope Francis’ words on the crisis in Ukraine, the director of the Holy See press office said on Tuesday ... discuss

Besides its arm's length defense of the 3/5 Compromise, there is probably no argument in The Federalist less likely to resonate with a contemporary audience than Alexander Hamilton's case against addi ... discuss

by Archbishop Charles Chaput – If human laws do not reflect the deeper law of God, there is little chance of survival. That is why people of faith must participate in politics and public life be ... discuss

Babbitt I found this depressing, but you’re supposed to. It’s also funny if you like biting satire (I do). Reader Review: Sinclair Lewis’ 1922 novel/expose highlights the shallowness ... discuss

by Rolley Haggard: Most evangelicals, consciously or unconsciously, gauge the spiritual health of a given church or ministry at least to some extent by its emphasis on missions, which is to say, on ... discuss

By Don DeMarco, Ph. D. The expression “right to life” is best understood in the negative. It is the right of a living human being not to have his life discontinued by being killed. It does not me ... discuss

26-year-old Callie Martin was devastated after suffering three miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. Her and her partner, Kailan Broughton, thought their dreams of having children were over; however, ... discuss

It is good to have close friendships with members of the opposite sex. Relational apologetics is a topic I’ve been speaking about a lot this year. Often I tell the story of my friendship with Deanna ... discuss

The short account of Zipporah being forced to circumcise her son is one of the most enigmatic and puzzling texts for modern readers. I want to look at the text here briefly and allow Duane A. Garrett ... discuss

Lent is a season of  drawing  into a deeper intimacy with Jesus. Watching sacred films during Lent is one method I use to draw closer to Christ. Here are the films I recommend watching this ... discuss

We would read them with a fox. We read them with some clocks. Affiliate links? We do not care. We will read them anywhere. Helen of the Old House A best-seller when it was published. This author also ... discuss

There is a saying we often use for people who never seem to judge, “He/she does not have a bad word to say about anyone”.  These people always seem to find the good in everyone trying to und ... discuss

Today, Colorado lawmakers defeated a bill that would legalize assisted suicide.  A coalition of disability rights groups, faith-based organizations and the pro-life group Colorado Citizens for Life i ... discuss

We don’t tend to think of the pre-born as an “unreached people group.” One reason is that definitions of “unreached peoples” were formulated at a time when many evangelicals were divided ... discuss

Getting Things Done with 100+ Instant Productivity Hacks! Includes Over 100 Productivity Tips to Help You Get Things Done Easier and Faster! And overcome procrastination with powerful habits! In this ... discuss

Technically, the hospice movement is part of the diverse coalition opposing assisted suicide. But people would be excused for being unaware of the hospice position since the organized movement has gen ... discuss

“The Lord has loved me so much: we must love everyone… we must be compassionate!” – St. Josephine Bakhita Human Life International is participating in the Vatican’s call for ... discuss

More than 500 Austrian pro-lifers solemnly marched in opposition to the country’s 40-year-old abortion decriminalization laws on January 23, in remembrance of those lost to the ravages of abortion. ... discuss

Vatican City, Feb 6, 2015 / 02:08 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In view of the much anticipated encyclical on ecology, countries, agencies, and even industries are seeking papal support in advance of the 2015 ... discuss

by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: “In short, climate change is not worse than we thought,” wrote Bjorn Lomborg in a recent issue of The Wall Street Journal. He is best known as the author of ... discuss

Charlotte Mason Education in the younger years. Most people who have heard anything about Charlotte Mason and science know that nature study is largely the focus in the early years- and this is defini ... discuss

13 May 2014, Leslie Fain After Alexandra G. was raped at age 13, her mother opted not to take her to a doctor or a counselor, but to an abortion clinic. “She was a child of the ’60s, vehement ... discuss

Pro-life advocate HLI Australischen leader Dietmar Fischer VIENNA, Austria — More than 500 Austrian pro-lifers solemnly marched in opposition to the country’s 40-year-old abortion decriminaliz ... discuss

 Euthanasia “has shed its aura of transgression” By Dave Andrusko Last week we commented on a provocative column written by the Natio ... discuss

  Y’know . . . I don’t mind admitting when I’ve screwed up or made a bad decision or said something before I had all the facts. Some people can’t bring themselves to admit they’re wr- ... discuss

It really is astonishing, sometimes, to see the lengths to which government officials will go to enforce their often deeply misguided understanding of “separation of church and state.” In their c ... discuss

Contact: Dr. Allan Carlson, 815-964-5819,, ROCKFORD, Ill., Feb. 4, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- CHOICE magazine, the influential journal for academic libra ... discuss

The saint of the day for February 5 is St. Agatha, the patron saint against breast cancer.Agatha was born in Sicily, the daughter of rich and pious parents. At a young age, she consecrated herself to ... discuss

By Mark S. Latkovic, S.T.D. This is Part V of a series; find Part I here, Part II here, Part III here, and Part IV here. So many have looked to and continue to look to the Catholic Church as a reliab ... discuss

Pro-Choice journalist Robin Marty was invited to the Walk for Life in Washington, D.C. by Jill Stanek to see what it is pro-life people do at these events. She wasn't infiltrating; she wasn't pre ... discuss

Former “The View” co-host Sheri Shepherd came under fire last year after reports surfaced showing she wanted  “nothing to do” with her unborn child now that her marriage has folded. Shepherd ... discuss

In 2014, God has blessed 40 Days for Life in many ways … in response to your prayers! We wanted to do a “top ten” list … but there were just too many great stories! So we settl ... discuss

Matthew McCusker ofSPUC and Voice of the FamilyThree members of SPUC's staff attended the Pontifical Council for the Family (PCF) conference on the Family Synod last month.They were also representing ... discuss

Denver, Colo., Feb 2, 2015 / 05:06 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- While the notion of 'death with dignity' may seem appealing on the surface, the push to legalize assisted suicide in Colorado is based on a lie ... discuss

In Italy, Pope Francis reached out to the pro-life movement and encouraged them to be faithful to their commitment to life. His comments came on the day that Italy celebrates the Day for Life; and he ... discuss

by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: It is one of the great mysteries. How does Barack Obama continue to generate job approval ratings that say he’s doing a good one? On a recent weekend Rasmussen R ... discuss

Footage of 31 inches of snow in Hudson, MA (Video 1/25/15)by Paul Jacob, Contributing Author: If you’re living in New England and you’ve recently been buried under snow, you probably don’t wan ... discuss

First the deals: 1.99: When God Goes to Starbucks: A Guide to Everyday Apologetics Blurb: Guidance for those deep coffeehouse conversations about God What do you say when someone raises tough objectio ... discuss

Are you ready for some football? Super Bowl Sunday is a day for fun, food and friends – and a good time to enjoy friendly rivalries as fellow Americans, rather than seeing one-another through &# ... discuss

New York a few weeks ago took steps to protect the citizens of the Empire State from a potential calamity threatening its citizens:  earthquakes.  Governor Cuomo signed a fracking moratorium ba ... discuss

1. Genetic IdentityLet’s start with the most basic observation.  It is biologically false to say that the unborn is not an individual.  In living things, the instructions for their physiol ... discuss

Have you ever been just sucked into such a whirlwind that you felt you were doing good just to make sure your teeth were brushed and all the urgent things of life tended to? Like you were on a wild ri ... discuss

I feel that the question of the age of the earth has become much more caustic in recent years. This debate has been increasingly polarized with each camp thinking the absolute worst of the other. But ... discuss

All too often on the internet I am called names for holding a particular position. I'm generally told that I hold my position on "X" because (1) I'm not smart enough to understand it (2) I haven't con ... discuss

Rome, Italy, Jan 31, 2015 / 06:08 am (CNA/EWTN News).- The general secretary of the Italian bishops conference stressed on Friday that the attempt to introduce textbooks into the nation's schools that ... discuss

As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.  (Pope Saint John Paul II, Familiaris consortio 1) Last week in Rome I joined nearly 300 people from 28 countries ... discuss

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) wrote this in 1970. Let me repeat the year -- 1970!"And so it seems certain to me that the Church is facing very hard times. The real crisis has scarcely ... discuss

Without People of Faith in Medicine, Who Will Defend the Vulnerable? Religious liberty provides for the free exercise of one’s faith in every aspect of life. This freedom is far more extensive than ... discuss

By Mitchell Kalpakgian, Ph.D. What is a man If his chief good and market of his time Be but to sleep and feed? A beast, no more. Sure, He that made us with such large discourse, Looking before and aft ... discuss

1.99 Miss Buncle’s Book Miss Buncle Married 1.99 Fermented Vegetables: Creative Recipes for Fermenting 64 Vegetables & Herbs in Krauts, Kimchis, Brined Pickles, Chutneys, Relishes & Pastes Ferm ... discuss

by Alan Caruba, Contributing Author: I made a promise to myself that I would not write about President Obama’s State of the Union speech because that would require me to watch him deliver it. Like m ... discuss

Lizz Lovett could choose to take her own life. As an Oregon resident stricken with advanced stage kidney cancer, Lovett could lawfully utilize Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act to end her life prematu ... discuss

Update 3:15 PM CST: By a 62-to-36 vote, Republicans and nine Democrats passed S.1, the bill to authorize construction of the 840 mile Keystone XL pipeline which Obama has vowed to veto.-------------To ... discuss

Did you know that the kind and brilliant people who work in creating and marketing educational products for children have created these boxed sets where you can buy paint, brushes, and rocks all in on ... discuss

My concern with the legalization of assisted suicide is the psychological impact on the rest of society. I am writing from my personal experience. I have dealt with depression for almost 50 of my 63 y ... discuss

The nones are in no way novel or unique in their rebellion. These nones merely reflect our natural propensity and complete denial of greater spiritual realities. For them, and a growing majority of se ... discuss

The peace of Christ comes as a result of your choosing Him…He wants you by loving His will, to want what is best for you. Christ does not need anything for Himself. If he does want something from yo ... discuss

By Mark S. Latkovic, S.T.D. This is Part IV of a series; find Part I here, Part II here, and Part III here. When Bl. Pope Paul VI spoke beautifully of the two “meanings” of the marital act – the ... discuss

So. Back to work tomorrow. Carnegie-Mellon puts PV=nRT to the test. No prejudice in the alteration of data. Methane for vehicular fuel, exhibit a and exhibit b. School hi-jinks. Corruption in (a) gov ... discuss

A review of America in Retreat: The New Isolationism and the Coming Global Disorder by Bret Stephens Bret Stephens is certainly not the first journalist to note that America seems to be in decline. S ... discuss

I was once asked to speak to the topic "I am more than my disability". I fashioned my address, in part, on the Leonard Cohen song "Anthem".  He is a tired old man, but so am I. At the end of my p ... discuss

 Trial of woman accused of neglect of a dependent and feticide enters second day Aborted baby was over 25-weeks oldBy Dave Andrusko Purvi Patel Back in May, NRL News Today reported th ... discuss

Spiritual direction has been an essential part of Catholic tradition since the earliest days of the Church when desert fathers were sought out for their wisdom and guidance. Today, a renewed interest ... discuss

2014 Pastoral Visit of Pope Francis to Korea by Republic of Korea on Flickr lincsed under cc 2.0Last week, the Pope had a little press conference on the plane coming back from the Phillipine ... discuss

Scientifica (Cairo). 2012;2012:980812. doi: 10.6064/2012/980812. Epub 2012 Dec 13.Public Health Impact of Legal Termination of Pregnancy in the US: 40 Years Later.Thorp JM Jr. Abstract: During the 40 ... discuss

Excerpts from: Uuras Saarnivaara, Luther Discovers the Gospel: New Light upon Luther's Way from Medieval Catholicism to Evangelical Faith (St. Louis, MO: Concordia Publishing House, 2005), 14-18.A com ... discuss

From the Funeral Sermon on Henry VII.FORASMUCH as this honourable audience now is here assembled to prosecute the funeral observances and ceremonies about this most noble prince late our king and sove ... discuss

Tammra McCauley via FlickrPope Francis has been quoted all over the news this week regarding birth control, cesareans and breeding like bunnies!  I know that a lot of his comments were taken ... discuss

    This is one reason why SSM is not, objectively, marriage. As a rule*, marriage is a culturally and societally managed institution which, through natural processes, results in the next g ... discuss

io9 reports January 18 on a fascinating study by Oklahoma State University: A recent survey conducted by the Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Economics found that 80.44% of resp ... discuss

Love this lady! For the past few years, our family has had the privilege of working with the Brighter Days Food Pantry which partners with Austin Area’s Texas Capital Food Bank to feed the hung ... discuss

Now Being Distributed to Legislators Nationwide: AUL releases the10th edition of Defending Life, “the playbook” of model legislation How Safe Are You? Check out the Women’s Health an ... discuss

Barely five days after The New York Times ran a major news article on the firing of Atlanta’s fire chief for his views on homosexuality, a major Times opinion writer declared that religious libe ... discuss

Gracias a las redes sociales (a su inmediatez, masificación y "omnipresencia") hemos conocido un poco más acerca de la no siempre conocida faceta de los papas: su manera de vivir, su espontaneidad y ... discuss

Unable to attend church this morning due to sickness, so thought I would have church with you guys today. :) Reading James 1 this morning out of the NASB, unless otherwise noted. Plain text indicates ... discuss

"In silence, we are better able to listen to and understand ourselves;ideas come to birth and acquire depth... Deeper reflection helps us to discover the links between events that at first sight see ... discuss

Most of you readers are aware of the fact that, back in 2006, our family welcomed a child into our home from a disrupted adoption.    I detailed the events surrounding that decision and ... discuss

Portman Disses Marriage and FamilyI concur completely with the pro-life, pro-family Cleveland Right to Life organization's Press Release issued today regarding the withholding of any endorsement of th ... discuss

... discuss

Last week, I received an email query that is worth sharing. It comes from a young woman who says she believes abortion is murder but came across an online argument for abortion that she had a hard ti ... discuss

Last week, I received an email query that is worth sharing. It comes from a young woman who says she believes abortion is murder but came across an online argument for abortion that she had a hard ti ... discuss

Personhood is a shift back to a Christ-centered view on the sanctity of life and all dignity of life issues. We begin with a recognition of the dignity of the human person at all stages of developmen ... discuss

Vatican City, Jan 6, 2015 / 12:03 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Months after being named to replace Cardinal Raymond Burke as head of the Apostolic Signatura, Archbishop Dominique Mamberti will be among those ... discuss

The post below original appeared as one of my columns for The Archdiocese of Edmonton newspaper, (Canada). The Western Catholic Reporter _______________________________________“Do old ... discuss

At a time such as this when evil seems to be running rampant in our world there is no better hero of the faith than St Joan of Arc to provide an example of how to properly resist evil.  Born into ... discuss

By SYLVIA WINGFIELD BOSTON (AP) — Former U.S. Sen. Edward W. Brooke, a liberal Republican who became the first black in U.S. history to win p ... discuss

Lot and his two daughters flee the destruction of SodomQuestion: "Why did Lot offer his virgin daughters to the Sodomites? Why wasn't Lot appointed a place with the Sodomites for such a horrible offer ... discuss

An objection to abolition that is becoming slightly more common as the realisation grows that the usual pro-abortion arguments don't hold any water is derived from the so-called "test for adultery" in ... discuss

How many good things happened at local 40 Days for Life campaigns in 2014? The answer is really “too many to count!” Picking a top 10 from among more than 200 campaign reports was almost impossibl ... discuss

This morning, I spoke during Mass in the parish church of St Theresa of the Child Jesus, in north west London, about the Extraordinary Synod on the Family in Rome last October. Interestingly, my talk ... discuss

35 Easy Weeknight Dinners – The Recipes for Mexican Food and The Mexican Dinner Recipes Edition (Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes – The Easy Weeknight Dinners Collection) Reader Review; Auth ... discuss

Matt Barber has it right. In the face of Satan's persecution against those who defend natural marriage and will not cooperate with evil, refuse to submit and stand your ground!CHRISTIANS, STAND YOUR G ... discuss

Science is the process of determining the behavior of matter (the universe) using observation, testing (controlled observation), and reason; with reason defined as the ability to observe, comprehend a ... discuss

“On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, three French hens ...”“The disciple whom Jesus loved” (“ο μαθητης ον ηγαπα ο Ιησους”) was, for a time, banish ... discuss

27 December, New Testament Saint John, Apostle and Evangelist, a son of Zebedee, was one of the twelve apostles. With his brother James and Simon Peter, he formed an inner circle among the Twelve: Th ... discuss

son of Zebedee, was one of the twelve apostles of Our Lord. Together with his brother James and with Simon Peter, he formed a kind of inner circle of Three among the Twelve, in that those three were p ... discuss

Jason by Justus Miles Forman, about whom Wikipedia has this interesting entry: His only play, The Hyphen, appeared in 1915 but did not receive the success Forman expected. The Hyphen was a topical dra ... discuss

Denver, Colo., Dec 20, 2014 / 08:19 am (CNA/EWTN News).- While the phrase “women’s health” often conjures up images of artificial hormones, devices, and pills, one natural health car ... discuss

I cannot promise that all the titles below are really worthwhile books, but they should all give you something to think about.  They are older books which means the language and the syntax are more ... discuss

Hanukkah Latkes We like to go crazy around the holidays and use every excuse we can find to praise the Lord. Hanukkah gives us eight extra days of celebration and more chances to sit around the table ... discuss

From Catholicmom.comLast month, Brittany Maynard chose doctor-assisted suicide over aggressive treatment or even palliative care for her brain cancer.  In many television interviews  she gav ... discuss

“Turn away my eyes from beholding vanity; and quicken you me in your way. Establish your word to your servant, who is devoted to your fear. Turn away my reproach which I fear: for your judgments ar ... discuss

Sydney mourns, and we mourn with them-  Two hostages are dead.   The gunman is also dead, and we have trouble summoning up much concern over that.  . In general, I’m not a Muslim/Islam apolo ... discuss

Timed for a Christmas season release, director Ridley Scott’s intended blockbuster, Moses: Gods and Kings hit the big screens this past weekend. On its opening weekend the movie shot to the top ... discuss

...but Moses supposes erroneously.  That's a line from a song in a movie I wish I had seen instead of "Exodus: Gods and Kings" today. Since everyone else seems to be reviewing it I thought I woul ... discuss

Brussels, 12.9.2014. On the initiative of the Civitas Institute and with the support of Mario Borghezio MEP, a Crib has been set up in the Brussels EU Parliament and blessed by Bishop Fellay The Crib ... discuss

And that feels great.Mind you, I am perfectly capable of lamenting the passage of time. I did it here, when Ramona was six and I wrote a poem about wanting her to never grow up. I worried about it her ... discuss

Well, it happened again: another Republican landslide victory. Can you believe it? In the Louisiana Senate runoff election this past Saturday, December 6, Republican challenger Bill Cassidy soundly de ... discuss

When outrageous becomes the norm, we've already breached that much touted tipping point; we've slipped into the realm of self-destruction.Despite the serial lawlessness and incremental foundational se ... discuss

O Mother, how pure you are, you are untouched by sin;yours was the privilege to carry God within you.Divine OfficeIf you wanted to be a great baseball player, what would you need? First and foremost, ... discuss

Udo Schuklenk, who was the chair of the one-sided Royal Society of Canada: End of Life Decision Making panel, is now proselytizing his philosophy (or Peter Singer’s philosophy) promoting euthana ... discuss

Contrary to the view that the doctrine of the Holy Trinity was invented centuries after Christ’s earthly life – a view popularized by Dan Brown’s thoroughly entertaining, but historically uninfo ... discuss

I have to take a big breath when I hear people say "Why don’t you care about the children that are actually here?"  Or "I don’t want to bring a child into this world." Both of these phrases a ... discuss

Jokin de Irala nació en Donibane Lohitzun (San Juan de Luz) el 9 de junio de 1958. Está casado y tiene 5 hijos. Es Licenciado en Medicina y Cirugía por la Universidad de Navarra, donde ejerce la do ... discuss

Since the introduction of the dangerous RU 486 (mifepristone) abortion drug, pro-life physicians have focused on coming up with a method of reversing the abortion pill process if a mother decides imme ... discuss

I mean it. You are not invisible! Someone sees you...(Ive written so much over the years. This is a copy and paste sorta job and I hope it makes sense. I mean every word. Love, Brooke (birth mom mi ... discuss

This excerpt comes from the book Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence by Fr. Jean Baptiste Saint-Jure & St. Claude de la Colombiere"Nothing happens in the the universe without God willing and allow ... discuss

Writing has always been a priority in our Catholic Homeschool from when we first started, I’ve alwaysprovided our children with papers and writing utensils of all kinds.  I have basically been ... discuss

Select thin, narrow branches for this projectby Diane SteinbachMaking Whole is a bi-monthly art therapy column focused on art to heal. The old adage: "Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but Na ... discuss

This post was originally published in 2005, and is re-presented here. Happy Thanksgiving!The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) has republished an essay from the 1950s by economist ... discuss

I've been meaning to write this post on the next deadly sin for a while....but I've been too lazy to do it. Seriously, I'm lazy. Sloth is probably the deadly sin that I struggle with the most. I like ... discuss

Everywhere you look our culture is telling us....IS SCREAMING AT US....that sex is good and that there is nothing wrong with having sex whenever, wherever, and however we want to. In fact, our culture ... discuss

Tough Questions Series - What Would The Punishment Be If Abortion Were Illegal? This is probably one of the toughest questions to answer as a pro-lifer and I fully expect to receive a lot of hat ... discuss

Pro-choice or Pro-abortion; is There a Difference? I can imagine that some people will start to write and chastise me for the title of this commentary before they even read what I write. It has ... discuss

Barack Obama Wants to Hear From Us - Let's Speak Up Barack Obama told us in his speech on election night that he wants to hear from people who disagree with him. His transition web site has a fee ... discuss

Stand True's March for Life and Inauguration Recap and Slide Show If you can't see the slide show here - Go here: ... discuss

Recently a number of letters have been sent to the Holy See, some of them from prominent figures in political and ecclesial life, explaining the confusion that has been created in various countries, e ... discuss

Here is another reason to stay away from Windows software - as if you needed another. This came out after Warren Buffett anounced he would give Bill Gates' charity a mountain of money:Fr. Thomas J. Eu ... discuss

I read a favorite blog of mine recently, Raising Arrows, and found out that after a recent miscarriage, Amy was expecting again!  I am so very happy for her.  And since she is due in January ... discuss

I have my 24 week appointment at the midwife tomorrow and don't anticipate any surprises.  I love hearing the heartbeat, having the midwife tell me what position the baby is laying in, and the wo ... discuss

Snake 'befriends' snack hamster- JK wedding entrance dancePhoto:  Aochan, the snake 'seems to enjoy' being with Gohan, the hamster (AP/BBC)A rodent-eating snake and a hamster have developed an unusua ... discuss

Jill Stanek's article in WorldNetDaily made me mad, so I wrote a not-so-well written, rambling reply which I hope still makes sense:Incrementalists try to maintain some moral ground even as they under ... discuss

Unfortunately, much of my "blogging" these days takes place on Facebook (under Ed Hanks), and so it doesn't appear here. But every once in a while a fascinating discussion comes along which deserves ... discuss

by Ed Hanks Time was, you couldn't get elected as a Republican in Colorado if you didn't have the "three exceptions." Candidates would be coached to say, "I'm opposed to abortion except in cases of ra ... discuss

Many conservatives, Tea Party folks and Christians have mixed feelings about the GOP takeover of the US Senate yesterday. Not that it happened - it's progress in a certain way, and it's great that it' ... discuss

Back in November of 2006, I began writing a series examining Arminianism vs Calvinism (Reformed) theology. At the time, I had already become convinced that the Calvinistic position was the more bibli ... discuss

Today of course is Christmas Eve and many of us are eagerly looking forward to getting together today or tomorrow for happy moments with our families, exchanging gifts and enjoying hearty food, baskin ... discuss

1. Right after I wrote my last 7 Quick Takes post a few weeks ago, I started my next one, listing a few topics for Quick Takes that I wanted to briefly expound upon for the next week in which I got ar ... discuss

The US Constitution is very explicit when it gives the criteria for becoming President of the USA:1. Must be at least 35 years old;2. Must have been a US resident for at least 14 years;3. Must be a na ... discuss




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