Top 10 Reasons to Vote 'No' on Obama


1. Sanctity of Life:  When asked when a baby is entitled to human rights Obama responded that the question was above his pay grade.  Obama would recommend abortion for his daughters if they got pregnant because he wouldn't want them to be "punished with a baby."

2. Ratings
:  Obama is rated 0% by the The National Right to Life Committee.  Obama is rated 100% by NARAL.

3. Legislation:  Obama is against "conscience-clauses" for pro-life doctors who refuse to do abortions.  Obama voted NO on notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions.  Obama voted NO on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion.

4. Destructive Embryonic Stem Cell Research:  Obama voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines.   Obama supports the killing of human embryos to obtain their stem cells

5. Funding Abortion: Obama wants to force taxpayers (and insurance companies) to pay for abortions - supports legislation that would repeal the Hyde Amendment which protects pro-life citizens from having to pay for abortions that are not necessary to save the life of the mother and are not the result of rape or incest.

6. Partial Birth Abortion: Obama voted against banning the brutal practice of partial-birth abortion.

7. Born Alive Infant Protection ActBarack Obama voted against and blocked legislation that would have protected infants who were born alive following an unsuccessful abortion (he took a leadership role to kill it). Then he misrepresented his record.  Obama called Gianna Jessen, an abortion survivor, a despicable liar after being presented with the truth about his failure to protect babies born alive.

8. Freedom of Choice Act: Barack Obama co-sponsored and supports the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), a radical legislative attempt to enshrine abortion-on-demand into American law, to sweep aside existing laws that the majority of Americans support and to prevent states from enacting protective measures in the future (more here).  Obama promises as his number one prior to sign FOCA into law.  Estimates are that if Obama becomes President and signs FOCA it will lead to 125,000 more abortions each year.

9. Supreme CourtObama vows to nominate Supreme Court justices that support Roe v Wade.  Obama voted against the highly qualified Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito.

10. Radical Pro-Abortion:  Obama is the most pro-abortion Presidential candidate and rejects of the God-given intrinsic dignity of human life.  Obama's only Harvard Law Review article took a pro-abortion stance.  A Barack Obama presidency combined with the Democratic majority in congress will significantly change the course of American history and set pro-life achievements back a generation.


Well said.....I wish I could send this to my friends who will be voting for Obama and his liberal illuminati politicians today!

This is weird.

Very disappointing outcome in this election to say the least. I truly fear for our nation. Especially with his ultra anti-life views.

Agreed. Obama being elected is extremely dissapointing. I found a bumper sticker at that addressed abortion.

I'm sorry but there are more important issues than abortion.

Abortion is an important issue for many reasons. If it weren't for Roe v. Wade, you wouldn't see the agitation we see now. Pro-Life people have every right to expose abortion for what it is.

Abortion is sad, and I want people to chose life but I dont want a law banning it. Who am I to enforce my views on others.
There will always be that everlasting battle between pro life and pro choice . So the reasoning behind voting pro choice is somewhat illogical.
Thanks for responding calmly

Thanks for the comments.

Unfortunately, there is a law legalizing abortion for almost any reason. It's called Roe v. Wade. Roe v. Wade imposes its morality on the populace without decreasing radically the number of abortions in America. It was only via some pro-life laws in the 1980's and the 1990's that you have seen a slight decrease in abortions inside of America. Laws enforcing morality have existed for thousands of years. Even the Bill of Rights have rules that impose morality in dealing with religion, free speech, etc. I certainly don't agree with imposing abortion on women in the federal level. Imposing destruction is the epitome of Roe, so eliminating Roe is one out of many logical solutions to get beyond the agitation in dealing with the abortion issue. Abortion isn't the only issue that should be discussed. You are right on that point.

Thanks Tim,
We should not eliminate roe, women should have a choice if you want women to choose life then you need to make it a social problem rather that a polotical problem.
Example drinking and smoking was acceptable by children in the 1920's. Now because we know the consiquence sof those actions it is unacceptable for a minor too drink or smoke.

Interesting points,

I will mention this though. Roe is a federal government takeover of the abortion question. It forces people to make the proposition that nearly abortion on demand will exist. Roe complicates matters of abortion, it creates agitation, and it never radically decreased abortions at all. Also, we disagree on the view of choice as it relates to abortion. YOu believe Roe fulfills choices. I believe Roe eliminates choices, because abortion ends the choices that babies can make in life. I believe in making abortion a social problem. Yet, in certain times in history, many moral questions were answered in the political arena as you realize. For example, in the civil rights movement, people were getting assaulted, etc. Later, laws were created to try to stop oppression against human beings based on their skin color. These laws relate directly to moral issues.

You are absolutely right when you say we cannot impose any beliefs on anyone else.

I have always had a problem with the habit going back to ancient times of human societies imposing all kinds of beliefs on human beings. For instance, almost all societies have imposed on their populations the beliefs that murder, rape, armed robbery, assault, child molesting, fraud, arson and other "choices" are "crimes" and should be prohibited by statute.

Lately we have even imposed the recently acquired belief that slavery is a "crime" and should be prohibited (if you can believe that)!

These are all beliefs and should NOT be imposed by law. Let us end all this nonsense right now of belief imposition through law and repeal ALL statutes at the earliest opportunity.

We will have a wonderfully humane and just society if we accept the "pro-choice" philosophy and follow it to its logical conclusion to the benefit of all human beings.

Many of you say you are Pro-Life but do not want a law banning abortion, or you don't want to put your beliefs onto others. There are some problems with this.
We don't accept "honor" killings in this country, if somebody from the far east finds his daughter has been "less than pure" and kills her, we prosecute him and throw him in jail, that's his belief that he can do it, who are we to judge right????
Now your going to come back with the "but she was already alive, or she was born"
There is no identifiable human difference between you, me and a baby at 12 weeks gestation in the scientific and medical community, it's proven, they have all their organs etc. At approx 22 weeks most can survive outside the womb. Where are their rights? Where do you draw the line to human rights? Have you ever seen the evil of Abortion? I doubt it, Planned Parenthood has gone out of it's way to make sure there isn't any video's around. In my Pro-life chapter we watched a partial-birth abortion from Spain, the baby was kicking it's legs and it's little hands were flexing and moving, it was getting ready for life, only his head was still in the canal, then Baam, the abortionist did his deed and killed him (it was a boy), they estimated he was at 28 weeks. Was that right? I don't think somebody should be able to do that, just like we don't accept honor killings of immigrants, And not just because it's my belief that Abortion is wrong, I think all killing is wrong and clearly this little boy could have been adopted, enjoyed a good life, played sports, enjoyed a day at the beach with his new family, why don't you see it like I do? Why is everybody so certain that they can't possibly have rights? Has the feminist movement convinced all of you that choice must exist first? Why does life not trump choice? I don't think you should be able to choose to just throw away life when it is not yours to throw away. And speaking of forcing your beliefs on people, your blessed president elect is going to do just that with FOCA. Where are my parental rights to be notified? So my daughter needs my written permission to get her navel pierced but nothing for a life changing event like Abortion? So Catholic hospitals with Catholic Doctors and Catholic Nurses are going to be forced to do abortions or face civil lawsuits? So we don't need any restrictions on late-term abortions? So we don't have to inform the women of the procedure and the risks? And this is supposed to lower the number of Abortions? Expect another supreme court challenge to the partial-birth abortion ban soon also, great. If it rains for 40 days and 40 nights I will not be the one to look up in the sky and ask why.

Dont get emotional, I know you feel strongly about this. Some girl nammed annie B goes nuts when I blog. "There is no identifiable human difference between you" is a comment you made. Yes here most certainly is. I am a living, functioning member of dodciety and that fetus is a ball of cells. I believe that If you are going to abourt you need to do it within the first trimester, after that its very questionable.
Also I notice this a lot that pro life enthusiasts see a young mother who is scared gives birth to a cut little white baby into a sucure family, who has a worm house in a development, and all is merry and well, and that mother is glad tht she did not have an abortion.
What if that child is a crack addicted baby whos mom is a stripper and neglects her child. Who will grow up, if he or she lives on the street sees no other alternative and sells drugs. Or a young girl is raped, and becomes pregnant.
then it becomes easier to understand my point of view.
Tim write back I enjoy your imput.

Well John, We always like your sacrasm.

I guess the reason of you utilizing sacrasm is to try to justify one of the most destructive acts in the world. Your many means of justification is still no justification for the murderous procedure of abortion at all. You can create hypotheticals ad infintum. Yet, that still doesn't justify the murder of innocent human life. The fetus as you mention is much bigger than a bunch of cells. They have DNA, have brain function during a certain period of development, some in a certain period of development can even feel pain inside of the mother's womb. You already know this, yet you probably want to dehumanize the unborn human life in the womb. Regardless of what you write, the reality is that unborn inside of the womb is still apart of human life. You were once a fetus. I'm sure you don't want to die. If you don't want to die in the womb, why do you support the suppressing the rights of others to live in the world?

Some of the greatest people in human history were born out of the worst environments in the world. Being born with a crack addicted mother, etc. doesn't equal to a death sentence of despair. Hope can easily raise up to inspire the poor to live out their dreams irrespective of negative circumstances. You realize this. It's the Malthusian way to accept the premise that living in a certain neighborhood or in a certain economic condition is the end all and be all of our situation. It's the American way to let our economic situation to not exist as a crutch in our existence. We can raise out of bad circumstances and become great leaders irrespective of where we live (Of course economic development and solutions are necessary in this endeavor). Also, your hypotheticals omit alternatives. Who is to say that abortion is the only alternative when the unborn exist around a place filled with drugs and danger? It isn't. As for rape, rape is a horrendus crime. You punish the rapist with a prison sentence. You don't punish an unborn child with a death sentence. There's a clear difference. By killing a child, you further kill another human being. Also, some great leaders were born out of rape.

It's a false stereotype to assume pro-lifers only get excited when a white baby is born. Babies irrespective of their color being born is a blessing from God.

I'm sorry but you and I see things differently. At 12 weeks, the baby has a heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, it has everything, you can see it's face developing, in the world of science it has no dicernable difference than you or I.
What makes you think I'm white? or at least you seem to be implying that's what I am, if you are not, my mis-understanding.

There are so many programs out there right now, thanks to the pro-life movement there are more crisis pregnancy centers than planned parenthood facilities, also there are a billion goverment programs for mothers in need, so I say the crack addict stripper still needs to give that kid a chance. I don't believe it's many of them anyways, you see the stats, it's more of the "valley girls" as we call them that are getting the abortion, and 20% of course of all abortions are still women under 18.
I just have alot of beef with this new guy, how is he going to lower abortions by making it so much easier, and when his views are they should be available on demand at any month? At his party, look who's hanging with him, Planned Parenthood and NARAL... Big Tobacoo, Big Oil, Big Abortion is the next... you think I'm kidding? Planned Parenthood is an aborting machine, figure 3600 times $1,000 bucks a piece (so I've heard, my apologies if that is wrong), man that's $3,600,000.00 PER DAY!! or in a year figure a million abortions times a thousand, holy smokes A BILLION DOLLARS... you think everybody is in this for the mother all of a sudden????? I don't believe it... why does Planned Parenthood fund things like legislation to end parent notification/consent.. they say to protect the child, my keister!
John, I don't live in a nice house, or have a nice job, just got internet recently, and I would give up the little I have to not abort a child.

"They have DNA, have brain function during a certain period of development, some in a certain period of development can even feel pain inside of the mother's womb." is a comment you made. Yes they most certainlt do. I am not denying that they are living. A mother should still have the choice. Making a law banning abortion is putting the baby's rights over the mothers. Also what I meant by my "crack addicted baby" comment was that it is more understandable, not that they should have an abortion. I recieved a magazine called "Columbia" and on the front they showed a cute little pink white baby all secure in a green blanket. Im sorry I should have mentioned this before I didint meen to seem racist in any way. but I thought to myself that when people think that they will think, "Who would wan to abbort that child" It is more understandable under differnt circumstances.
I also believe that if the mother is at risk, like if she has cancer and the kimotheripy would kill the baby, then having an abortion would be acceptable.


You make the case of making abortion illegal puts the baby's rights ahead of the mothers.... yep... what's your point?
I don't have the right to go kill somebody.. because they are a person, and that is the same why abortion should not be legal, you shouldn't be able to kill people, no matter where they are in life, I don't see why it's so easy for people to throw baby's under the bus on this issue....
since somebody relies on you for life, you can dictate the length of their life? so since a 1 week old relies on it's parent's to feed it, they can starve it and that would be ok? of course not,, so if a baby could live why don't we just deliver it instead of aborting it? That's a question nobody seems to want to answer, there are a ton of programs to take care of the child, so if your at 23, 24, 28 weeks adn your going to abort, instead why not just deliver and leave.. you can do it, don't say you can't, it's the law, up to 3 days old, so why do we have to destroy all the time?
the gloves don't fit..... Constantly it comes back to "convenience", well it's not convenient, I'm a parent, it's hard at times, but it's life, and when we forget to cherish it, what do we have left....... We're the only species that the parent's kill the unborn.. something just ain't right...
keep them coming, I've been fighting Pro-Choicers for 3 decades and I've converted more than a handful, some of them had to watch an abortion and cry about it for a week or two but no pro-choicer has ever taken me out yet, most just shout some explenatives at me with no real substance of arguement and turn and walk away......

"most just shout some explenatives at me with no real substance of arguement and turn and walk away" is a comment you made. Each side has perfectly valid points. On one side there is all life is sacred, and we should go at all costs to protect that child. The other is that a mother should have a choice, and that the goverment has no place n that decision.
That decision should be between you and your god not a federal issue. If you do not want that child you should be able to abort it. But, do not take this decision lightly.
Good for you that you hae been fighting pro choicers. Using shock tactics to convert people. Being pro coice does not mean that you are a deamon. I am not for aborting babys Im for the choice.
Im not sure what situation you are in but in certain situaitions it may be more understandable to abort. A mother of four. Her husband left. Working 3 jobs, trying to keep her 4 kids in line and to a good school. Who are you to take away her choice.


We'll never agree.

You think it's a terrible thing to ask people to watch an abortion, you say that's graphic, well it sure as @#%@ is!! your killing, I don't have any reservations about it, you should be sickened by the site of it, it should move you to tears and it should influence your decision.... Too many people think that a 12 week abortion is just a blob of blood, it ain't... at 12 weeks they have all the organs you and I do, it's terrible watching that 12 week old getting torn apart by that suction device, and I think it should be showed to all how cruel it is.
Your never going to convince me any of this is legitimate for financial reasons. There are plenty of programs out there, and you can always give it up for adoption, Thanks to Clinton (I'm actually serious here, not knocking him) we have 12 weeks of FMLA we can take and not risk our jobs, and with other programs that will step in and pay expenses.
I also will never buy into we can't eliminate a choice when that choice equals the death of another citizen.. can't do it.... That baby has rights, a right to life, Life Trumps Choice......
Abortion is evil, it kills and it kills those most innocent, ask an abortion survivor what their opinion is, usually it starts with them crying and how gracious they are to have life and how humble they are that it was almost taken from them and how mad they are that we exist in a world where it is the option to take it away..

Making Abortion illegal won't stop it, that's plain ovbious, shooting your neighbor isn't legal but that happens all too often, but if it were legal I'd guarentee you it would sky rocket...

Thanks to all that comented but his is my last comment. Illegalizing abortion will couse back alley abortion clinics to sprout up. Abortion should be legal. Made it a social problem rather then a federal problemif you want to change it. Drinking and smoking were acceptable by all ages in the 1920's now it is a social problem & is unacceptable. It is not the most important issue, & pro life vs pro choice will be fighting for ever. If a law is made then Pro choice will over turn is. THe when a republican president comes in he will overturn the pro choice acts and illeagalize abortion and so on. So rally it is not an issue.
sorry pobalo you failled to tear me away from the dark side.


I agree making abortion illegal won't stop it. but I bet you'd see a 90% decline and contraceptive use would sky rocket.

My problem with choice still lies with life.. by destroying one your saying one is not as valuable as another.

I view the baby in the womb just as I do a person on the street, all life is sacred and should be cherished and it is not us to judge which should live and which should be slaughtered. 73% of all abortions are because of financial or social reasons.. That tells me 73% of these slayings was done out of "convenience", I'm in the middle of a family of 8, my mother became single when I was 15. We made it work, there are plenty of programs, so the financial B.S. that people use to get abortions is just sick, like I said they get them out of "convenience" well how about stepping up to the plate and at least carrying the life until birth and giving it up for adoption? Having a kid isn't easy, now I have mine, it's the way it is, but people need to be responsible for their actions.

Who are we to decide who lives and who dies? Life Trumps Choice.....
And yes, I've already figured it out that your one of those die hards that believe you should be able to choose somebody else's life to better conveinence your own.. kind of selfish I think......
Unfortunately at this pace in 20 years we'll be arguing over should a mother be able to euthanize her child once it's born if she finds out it has a dissability such as downs or spinabifida... will the decision to kill the baby forced to be within 10 days after giving birth or 7? With the morales of the abortion issue already in play... what's to stop us from getting to that point?.......Remember, your president elect once commented that he didn't believe once the abortion procedure had started, that it necessarily stops once the baby is out of the womb.... during arguements over the act to protect the survivors of abortion, which he voted against... the only one to vote against....

The danger to mothers from an illegal abortion is a myth. Very few women died from illegal abortions in the years closest to the Death Roe decision. The reason was the widespread use of modern antibiotics.

lou and pablo
when are you going to address the real issues. I don't any constructive plans for reducing the number of abortions. Your only plans are fear tactics and the demonizing of Obama. Why are you not proposing methods to prevent males from getting the females know it's as much the responsibilty of men to solve this abortion issue. I don't think you will solve anything by showing gory pictures of aborted only shows how sick the prolife movement is.You guys/gals should get a life . do something worth your humanity. Grow up Lou!!

It's interesting how Jose commands me to "grow up," but sides with people who won't let millions of others do so.

Lou, Timothy, Pablo
Tell me this: have you ever slept with anyone besides your now wife? If you won't answer that, quit writing because it means you could easily have caused one of those "abortions".

Bill of Rights doesn't impose morality in dealing with Religion. Also, no one is "imposing" abortion on women in the federal level.

Illegal abortion: myth about dangers. Wrong again. Antibiotics came out in WW2, long before Roe in 73, and yes women died, had infections, bled seriously and were messed up not to have children later.

What "great leader" was "born out of rape". Answer or admit the lie.

No, at 5 and a half months babies aren't able generally to live outside the woumb....not without a fortune spent on preemie care.

Name just 15 of those "billions of government programs for mothers in need".

Roe doesn't force abortions on anyone. If you have them it's because you want them. Control yourselves and there won't be a need for them.

Well Marilyn and now Jose who wants to join the fun...

I don't know any leaders born out of rape, didn't claim to, must have been one of the others, don't see the point of that statement or where it was going with is a life....

I asked my mother, she said we used Medi-Cal, and WIC back in the day, but she said WIC was called something else back then. Also, she would stop by our local Church and pick up bag of groceries every other day, she made a point to tell me today that they never asked if she was a member, they handed it out to anyone who came and asked. We have 3 crisis pregnancy centers in our neighborhood, my wife and I drop off diapers and baby wipes monthly.

So I don't have 15 Marilyn, but we got by on these 3 resources and that was 30 years ago.. I'm betting there's more now than there was then..

Marilyn you still dodge the question.. how do you pick and chose amongst the human race who lives and who dies, how do you value one life more than another, you seem set on that soldier being more valuable a life than that child, is not all life precious? You are dead set on believing that there is no way, no how a woman can lose a right to her body even if it means brutally destroying another life.. the feminist approach (not knocking feminists, just pointing it out).

Jose, well if you have beef showing people graphic images of abortion, you need to grow a set and realize the evil it is... It is evil to watch a baby dismembered, pure evil, the kind of evil that even athiests have said "that ain't right"... you do that to your dog it's felony animal cruelty but you do that to a kid it's called "choice"... You think showing graphic pictures is sick.. watch an abortion, that's sick...and it's sick 3,500 times a day... I do not believe it posting the pictures in public, I'm against waving them at rally's becacuse I agree with the belief that it desensitizes the audience. I believe if you have someone who is hard-core Pro-Choice, yet they say they have never seen the evil, then you show them a couple video's, real videos, i don't mess around with pictures, they don't tell the story. Watch the Silent Scream someday which shows the suction method and the baby's heart rate is going thru the roof and it's mouth opens wide as it's being sliced to death, they call that the silent scream..... I believe if you have the balls to take a life, you should have the balls to watch how it's going to be taken, so I am all for educated patient bills, which of course PP has managed to get around many ways, many times.
We have the founder of NARAL on our side, We even have Roe....and Doe...........
I actually like Obama, if he wasn't pro-choice I probably would have voted for him, if he was as passionate about protecting the unborn as he is about our economy lately, we probably wouldn't have any abortion..It might still be legal but he'd found ways to prevent unplanned pregnancy. unfortunately he wants to make it easier to get an abortion by signing FOCA... I cannot agree with anyone wanting to make this terrible atrocity more available.....
Marilyn, I am quite proud to say I have not slept with any other woman than my wife....I know this makes me a minority, and trust me, as a strapping young lad I don't think it was my conciounce that stopped me, but more that I was very shy and very estudious. I expect you'll take some pot shots at me for this but I don't care, I can hear them already..
I think Men should pony up for more, I'm 100% for it, your right if Men kept their who-who-dilly in their pants more, this wouldn't be such an issue.....Would we have so many blog sites and so many agency's working both sides if there were say only 50,000 abortions a year, compared to a million?, there would be some, I'd still be an advocate against, but would we all be so involved as we are now...... I doubt it, highly, doubt it.....
by the way, the 98% is what exit polls showed Obama got for the black vote, to me that actually cheapens his campaign. Statistically 98% shows there were many that voted purely on race, he deserves better than that, he ran a good campaign, it would have been better if he'd gotten say 70 or 80%, but 98? that means some just went and voted just because they finally got one of theirs on the cheapened his campaign a little, that's all I meant in prev post.
I pray to my god every night for the day abortion ends, whether it's still legal or not, I still pray it ends, it's just not right to kill like this and Marilyn you can slam me all you want, I'll never believe this act is humane, I'll be pro-life all my life and pass that to all my children and everyone I can, That I believe every life is sacred even the one in the womb and nobody, not even the owner of said womb can destroy that precious thing called life..

I read an article recently by a young man named Alexander Sicree regarding the viewing of abortion pictures. He puts people into four categories based on their reaction.

1. People who react with horror and become pro-life.
2. People who react with horror and become mad at others for awakening their sleeping consceince.
3. People who refuse to look. They're like Germans who saw trainloads of Jews go into concentration camps and never asked why nobody ever came out. They don't want their conscience awakened.
4. People who look at bodies of cut up little ones and aren't bothered. Their conscience is dead.

Our senses are very powerful. English parlimentarian William Wilburforce took a group of the upper class on a afternoon of tea on a vessel in London. Without telling them in advance, they were taken to a slave ship. It was empty, but they could smell the stench of human waste, illness and death. It was powerful.

Abraham Lincoln was a young man when he operated a cargo ship down the Mississippi to New Orleans. He was shocked to see slaves for sale. It put his mind in motion to what later convinced the Republican President to end slavery.

Bodies cut to pieces, pools of blood, and crushed skulls mock pro-abortionists. Some believe we will not defeat abortion until people see abortion.

Pablo: thanks for being hopefully, honest about not sleeping around. You're the only one with the guts to answer. Your comment about "slamming" you is unfair, as I haven't, only asked questions none of you answer and clear up the non-factual statements thrown out. If you would all stick to reality, you'd get farther.

So, abortion "on a dog" is not a felony.
Who decides who lives and dies: ins. companies, doctors, parents, government not providing health care, or going to war, or allowing areas to be polluted or dangerous things like with Chernoble....lots of things, producers of alcohol with 20,000 deaths on our highways, lack of information to have flu shots, 36,000, and the list goes on to defective cars, polluted houses, drugs from say Afghanistan, overzealous police.

If you view a fetus same as a "person on the street", then I'll assume you fought agains the Iraq war just as hard! Yes/no

What's an "abortion survivor" and how many have you personally talked to? Also your "ton of programs" helping kids dwindled to 3, lets stick to the truth here.

If it "rains for 40 days and 40 nights I will not be the one to look up in the sky and ask why". Now you are trying to make everyone confirm to your religious beliefs. Doesn't work, some believe in no God, no fairytale and this won't get to them except in a negative way. The "notification" to parents can be a problem with incest and it is common and rampant. When a child is born, not all "parents" will take care of it you know.

Pablo: By the way the "great leaders born out of rape" was from Tim which is why I wrote to all 3 of you.
Don't think PP took anyone's videos, Silent Scream has been out a long time and you'd have to wonder what the mother was thinking if she saw it. But PP is not "an aborting machine" and a billion isn't much when you realize Bush spends 10 billion a month to kill in Iraq.
A "billion government programs for mothers in need" is like a "ton of programs to take care of the child". Don't exaggerate and you won't have to eat your words and people might take you more seriously.
The use of many contraceptives are against Church rules.
I really wish you folks would stick to the facts and answer the questions I've posted and stop with weaving out of the lines. It was Timothy who said "some great leaders were born out of rape". Think of that stupid statement and realize if you want to convince people of your beliefs being right, that is the wrong way to go.

The issue is simple: When does "life" begin? When can someone stop that life and under what circumstances and who does that person have to be. I.e. whose life is it anyway? The argument could be made that without the mother, no life would be there, so she has control.

An aspect no one wants to face is that men are usually the instigators, the cause of unwanted pregnancies, but you are the only one who said you had not. Where are the "balls" as you put it, for the rest of the boys on your side?

Lou likes the gore, in fact loves it, but people turn that off after a while. But all of you miss the point: Roe didn't force anyone to have an abortion, it just provided some safety for the mother. You are going at this in the wrong direction. One of your major blogg writers is very proud of having stopped national health care under Clinton. Now that's sick.

Yes, I believe the soldier has a better right to live than a month old fetus. Why? Because he is loved. I didn't love my fetus at a month, didn't know him, but I'd fight to the end for him after birth. Maybe that's your answer: we know and love the living because we don't know the unborn.


I appreciate your cordial response. However, in the future, please don't lump me in with others, as I don't believe I have done that to you.

Also, please don't trivialize my point about government programs, so I said tons/billions, 3 got us thru, really 1 that was sufficient would be enough, the fact is there are programs out there, while the baby is growing and afterward.

I see your point about loving the soldier because you know him, not loving a baby in the womb because you don't know him, I don't agree with it, but I see it. I loved my child before my wife was pregnant, I can't fully explain it, we weren't trying (actually trying not to), but I knew someday if I did have a kid, I would do everything for them, even before they were born. My wife was working part-time and going to college full time, we found a way, she wasn't able to work the last 3 months, but finished college, I'll admit the 2nd income being gone made it hard, we were already check(s) to check(s), now going check to check, but we pinched it hard (beans and rice I call it). I know there's alot of people who have kids who don't love them, not before their pregnant, not during prenancy and not after birth, not being loved is bad, but not being able to love is horrific. However, if a parent(s) not capable of loving, there is always adoption, there are (sorry I should provide my source, but alas, I cannot remember where I last saw this). 2.6 million couples in the U.S. waiting to adopt an infant, couples that want to love a child.

The use of contraceptives is against church rules.... who listens to the church? really? seriously?? If people listened to the Catholic Church Obama would not have won, because the Catholic doctrine on abortion specifically says any person who helps procure an abortion is in grave sin, which includes voting for an elected official whose intent it is to extend such services and/or make them more readily available... No Catholic can listen to their church and vote for Obama unless they really don't know their own church (which is what I expect) or they know their church and choose to ignore it (quite possibly). So the church saying it's against contraceptives, yeah, 54% of your own don't even listen to you on your most important issue.....where do you think they're going to follow on contraceptives?

again you lump me in with others on the men are instigators issue, I agree the gender needs to step up to the plate, as you and I seem to be in somewhat agreeance on this issue..

An abortion survivor is somebody that survived generally what's called a "Chemical" abortion, where they inject saline or similar into the womb to burn the baby alive and suffocate it to death, what happens sometimes (rarely) is the mother will suddenly give birth before the baby has died (takes up to 48 hours sometimes to burn their lungs out), so here we have a situation where the child was born, before the act to protect abortion survivors, abortionists would just put the baby in a tray and leave them to die, but.. sometimes the abortionist was not present, so the mother would give birth and a nurse would wash the baby off and send it the NICU and the child would survive and be adopted.
Another procedure that sometimes produces survivors involves forcing birth with certain drugs, the drugs create contractions many times harder than normal and the mother actually crushes her baby to death during birth, often times decapitating it. This is the method at the hospital in Illinois that was the center of the bill to save survivors of abortions after they frequently had survivors, but instead chose to let them die in the waste basket, or on a tray, sometimes they didn't even wait for them to die they just disposed of them anyways. Jill Stanek was a nurse there and she made the practice of holding the baby's until they died, on one occassion a child estimated at 25 weeks lived for approximately 10hrs with no medical attention other than being held by someone who cherishes all life. Obama frequently voted against providing care to any of these kids, he is the only one, he said it challenged r.v.w. WHATEVER!!! not even Hillary or BB voted against it, 98-0 thru the Senate... where's the compassion for life with this guy? He said it's not the same bill, it's been proven it was... He's also made the comment during debate in the illinois senate that when an abortion starts it should not necessarily end at the womb, meaning he was leaning towards finding ways to finish off the kids if they did survive? one can only assume that's what he meant?? sick......
There are 2 survivors in the pro-life network, I have not met them, they give speeches, one has Cerable Palsy due to the procedure but is thankful for everyday on earth, she's an inspiration.

Yes, I was a staunch critic of the Iraq war, I fairly predicted it's outcome, except even I thought we'd be done with it by now. James Baker said it best when he said "nobody asks me now why we didn't go into Bahgdad") (I'll assume you of course are educated and remember his role in the first Iraq invasion). The Baath party being the ruling party and minority Sunni constantly supressing the Shiite majority, hello, who couldn't have called this one a disaster waiting to happen. Saddam was a terrible, evil man, but he kept a 1000 year ongoing social clash from becoming chaos... liberate them? that's why today they were burning our flag in the streets of Baghdad...we'll see what ever becomes of Iraq now, my guess it's not good.
One fundamental difference I already see is that you constantly in all your blogs put the trivial petitions of mankind ahead of the unborn. Again you mention tens of thousands here and there and everywhere, where is the mention of the million that will die and never got to see 1 day of this earth? To me that's much worse, it is my belief that a life that never was given the chance to live is a greater travesty than one that lived but short or harsh.

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving with your loved ones.


I wouldn't blindly accept that 54% nonsense. That figure includes non-practicing, but self-identified Catholics. In other words they were baptized but don't go to church, don't go to confession, don't follow the church's calendar. I guarantee that of those that follow the faith, Obama voters were much smaller in numbers.

Obama's campaign put out the lie that he opposed born alive infant protection because it was redundant. But when he argued in the IL legislature he had two problems with it, neither of which were redundancy.

One, he adopt the hysterical pro-abortion nonsense that a born child that may not be viable will be called a "person," and then all children in the womb would be called persons and it would become illegal to slaughter them.

Secondly, he says that it is unconstitutional to expect a doctor to care for a fully born pre-viable child. (Note that he assigns the responsibility of determining the child's viability to the person hired to kill her.) He's a sick man.

Don't be fooled by discussions of war. If the rest of the world had perfect peace, liberals would still wage war on the unborn. If 9-11 never happened. If Bill Clinton never attacked Iraq. If H. Clinton, Kerry and Biden never gave the okay to go to war. If GWB never went to war, people like Marilyn would still demand the right to dismember a baby.

Also note the BO has said repeatedly that he intends to escalate the war in Afghanistan.

PABLO: Thanks, and hope you and yours had a peaceful day.
Wasn't "lumping" you with anyone, just trying to answer the 3 before me is all. I wasn't trivializing your government programs, just trying to get the FACTS out, and letting you know that when one exaggerates too much, people eventually discount that person's good points.
I didn't say I didn't love the child in the woumb, but the one month fetus because I didn't know him or her.
Adoption is a risky business for both sides. I was adopted, unmarried mother. At that time it wasn't socially acceptable for an unwed woman to give birth and have a baby. But adoption brings problems in many cases. I was lucky to get good parents, but knew when very young there was a difference, something just not right and before I was told of being adopted.
Many parents find as the child grows up they are dealing with real problems because the baby with it's birth parent was so mistreated (read up on that, it can be a mess). Crack babies, those just left all day and not handled or loved, abused all comes out eventually and the adoptive parents have their hands full!
I don't know what you mean by "TRIVIAL PETITIONS OF MANKIND" being "put ahead of the unborn". The wrong person as President and a nuclear war would pale the 1.21 million abortions a year in the US, but there is Britain and the rest of the world that practices it. Ever wonder if all those kids were born how many more wars we might have over things like natural resources, overcrowding, etc.?
What is the "TWO SURVIVORS IN THE PRO LIFE NETWORK"? Also Jill Stanek who mentioned the downs baby who lasted for 8 hours, confused the issue when she admitted she'd worked there for a year before finding they were doing that. Usually there's a better gossip group in a hospital than that. Either it was a very large hospital, or she wasn't paying attention. What went on makes no sense as why would any mother wait that long to abort? If you go that far, what's the point?
I'd like facts on Obama. Not, "what he means". Give me place, quote and a look up point that's not from a slanted source. I don't think he's what you say he is. I watched his PP speech (on u tube) and it doesn't match the complaints. He is concerned about the # of teenage pregnancy. And, teens get 17% of the abortions. His concerns lie with education to avoid unwanted pregnancies. With contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies and thereby reducing the # of abortions. I think you are buying into someone's line that didn't want him as president, and not for abortion reasons. Give me a specific ref. and I'll check it out.
Before you can cut the abortion rate, you first have to find out why people are getting pregnant who don't want kids. The stats show many use contraception and it doesn't work. Many women have a bad marriage, or bad relationship with a boyfriend. The best answer is good contraceptives and good education on how, when, and why.

LOU: I notice you still haven't answered the question: have you ever had sex with anyone besides your now wife. Why is that? Remember men are at least one half the cause of abortion!

What do you mean by "catholics who didn't follow the church CALENDAR"? One thing is for sure, American Catholics don't follow the Church's idea of not using contraception and well that is or there would be more abortions

You say "I guarantee..." yeh you and the used car salesman. Give the facts please. In para 3, starting "one..." think you have it backwards.

Bill Clinton didn't attack Iraq, stopped the flying though and you surely must know about the letter to him by the neocons trying TO GET him to go to war with Iraq. But, having some sense, he refused. This was the PNAC group.

Stop running down Obama without facts. Your reference doesn't have the page #. I've gone through many pages and have found nothing. Cite the actual page of his speaking please.

Would you have preferred a president like the Republicans who appointed the Jurists on the Supreme Court who gave us R v W? One like McCain who still maintains he wants no regulation of the banking industry who gave us this economic mess? Perhaps a McCain with the temper who might have pushed the button sending us all into our next life? Or the McCain who had no idea of what to do about the financial world-wide now, crisis we're in? Running down Obama is like shooting yourself in the foot when you're about to enter a foot race!

I don't intend to correct you on all of your mistakes, but just to show how little grasp you have on the subject matter, I'll give you the words right from Clinton's mouth.

You: Bill Clinton didn't attack Iraq...

Clinton 12/16/98: Earlier today, I ordered America's armed forces to strike military and security targets in Iraq. They are joined by British forces. Their mission is to ATTACK Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and its military capacity to threaten its neighbors.

...I made it equally clear that if Saddam failed to cooperate fully, we would be prepared to act WITHOUT delay, DIPLOMACY or warning.

You're equally wrong on many other things you comment on and it isn't my responsibility to repeatedly correct you.

LOU: You couldn't correct a 3 year old, because your brains seem to have been affected by gravity, and fallen below the belt.

Since when do we attack a country and then demand the leader cooperate? We went there for a couple reasons: to blow up chemical weapons (that I suspect we probably sold them), much like Israel did once before with its neighbor, and to enforce a no fly zone. You used his "attack" in the same breath as saying Hiliary and Kerry approved such. Not so. The so called authorization was sold to Congress as a way to get the UN to act. Bush (1 and 2) attacked the entire country of Iraq. First B followed erroneous information about what was happening in Kuwait, and fried all the people on the road out, then attacked and went only so far. Second B attacked on a lie, his, the entire country and killed a slug of folks and got us into this mess.

Apparently you know nothing of PNAC and the group who did try to get Clinton to go to war with Iraq, but he wouldn't. That was the little goodie that said we needed a Pearl Harbor so we could attack....and whee along comes 911, which Bush 2 ignored the threats about. Bush 2 tried to say there were WMD's in Iraq while the weapons inspectors kept saying no, and asked: "if you know where they are, tell us". Then you remember Cheney's infamous speach about the north, south....etc.

I guess the reason you won't answer the question of have you ever had sex with other than your current wife is because you have been causing a lot of abortions.

No, I'm not wrong on anything and I can cite you references. Unlike you, I don't go to one side or the other for facts and just stop there, I like to check the truth. AND YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN ME THE PAGE WHERE OBAMA IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE SAID WHAT YOU ATTRIBUTED TO HIM....GUESS IT DOESN'T EXIST!

What you don't realize is the Republicans won't stop abortions, because they USE it in every election. Didn't know you were being used? The Republicans gave us R v W (noticed you didn't answer that) with their 5 majority vote. When Bush 2 was helping Bush 1 get elected, he discovered the religious right and found he could use them, and later did. Some of you folks are very decent, honest believers in being pro life, some of you can't put your money where your mouth is. But, unfortunately the Republicans use all of you. It's like why Bush 2 wouldn't capture Osama BinLaden. If you get rid of the bogeyman in the closet, how are you going to use him to scare the kids into doing what you want? BL could have been captured, but then no Iraq, no 911 lies and excuses for killing in Iraq. And you fall for it like a fish after a worm!


You: Bill Clinton didn't attack Iraq...

Clinton 12/16/98: ...I ordered America's armed forces to ...ATTACK Iraq's...

Please direct your hysterical rants to someone else.

LOU: WHAT'S THE MATTER, COULDN'T ANSWER THE QUESTIONS? Too bad you're always hysterical and rarely informed. You should have read mine, might have learned something. Look up PNAC, and read it. Tell me why the Conservatives voted in RvW? Define: "attack" when it comes to a "war"...different you see, one on an entire country, another taking out a piece. Like appendectomy vs murder!
I keep forgetting your limited understanding and capacity for knowledge. Like Bush, curiosity challenged!

In the US, abortions are frequently forced only in the sense that women are abandoned by family and left on their own. Pregnancy counseling centers try to fill some of those needs. Democrats keep trying to close them down.

A couple of years ago Katelyn Kamp was kidnapped by her parents. She escaped before they arrived at the abortuary. They later pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

Had her parents kidnapped her to stop her from killing their grandchild, they would be in prison for a very long time.

My previous post was intended for a different thread.

Beware of leaving your PC for an extended period of time. There is a possibility that your message will post incorrectly.


My "trivial petitions of mankind" mean that basically all the boo-hoo whoa as me stuff, plus all the real stuff such as world conflicts, wars, etc. etc.. really pale in comparison to the killing of the million innocent a year, I mean really, 1 million dead (or 1.21million as you have written, I was just rounding), that's a staggering figure, unbelievable that we can kill a million innocents that never got a voice, never got a day, never got to be loved, or never got mistreated possibly, never got to even see life, and not only not get to see it, but to have the life they do have taken in such gross and terrible ways, riped apart, burned, brains sucked out, I mean all the conflicts in the world do not add up to me what abortion is doing. That is what I mean when I say the trivial petitions of mankind, as they are trivial compared to the murder of abortion, again, we agree to disagree on that viewpoint.

The two survivors that I know of, again haven't met, but know of are Brandy Lozier who is kind lesser known but has done some rally's, I think she spoke at the rally against the DNC this year.
The most well known of course would be our inspiration Ms. Gianna Jessen who has spoke around the world including some news shows in the U.S.
A poor little girl who survived an abortion but then was brutally murdered at a Florida abortion clinic was Shanice Osbourne, I haven't caught up on where the litigation ended on that one, but if I recall she survived the abortion procedure, but then the doctor was going to snuff her out so a nurse called 911, then the doctor hid her in a rooftop ventilator until officers found her dead 3 days later, I admit I'm recalling that one purely from memory and it may not be 100% accurrate, but it's probably close.

I agree that a pro-abortion president not putting us into nuclear war would probably for all of mankind be better at that moment in time than a pro-life that is sending the nukes up, but I honestly cannot believe Mr. McCain was going to do that, he's the most left of that party, and having been a p.o.w. I think the last thing he wanted was for anyone else to live the horor he did, I don't see him as a "war monger" that many others labled him, I saw him as a very battle experienced person who would have responsibly gotten us out of Iraq, not pushed the button, turned the keys and launched stuff at Iran. so, again we disagree.

over population is distant theroy, if every aborted child was on the earth it would hardly change anything as far as crowding, considering there is over 6 billion currently on earth, I'm a tad shocked you would go there, that's usually a last ditch freebie from the pro-abort side as it's so far fetched it's unreasonable.
Now throw in the mix geo-political complexities involving communist countries and yes, certain areas that are already over crowded would be more crowded, but that's hardly the unborns problem, that's the goverments problem for being staunch hardliners and not allowing it's population to be as it may. Take for instance China, it does not allow for normal emmigration (leaving the country) in many areas you can't even leave your own area (depends on how strong the communist grip is by that govenor), China also has a 1 child per couple law which is strictly enforced in some areas and not so strict in rural areas, yet 70% of Chinas massive population lives in urban areas that comprimise only 25% of it's livable land area... a long ways from over crowding... what would happen if they were not a repressed people? probably much like the u.s. people would scatter out more, smaller towns would pop up in the country side, jobs would be created, quality of life would improve. As far as "there wouldn't be enough food" which constantly comes up during the over population arguement, that too is a farce, consider we pay farmers money in the midwest NOT to farm to keep the supply down so that farmers that are farming can make more money... yeah... food crisis my kiester so long as we're not retarded enough to use food as a fuel someday... uh-oh... i so did just go there, 6 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of ethanol, morons..........but another website, another day.

I'm still very in favor of adoption, my cousin was adopted, he didn't know until he was 18 and quite honestly we didn't know either, heck he looks like his dad! Now, adopting kids that are already older, I have a co-worker who adopted a girl when she was 14, and he went gray quick, but him and his wife stuck with her, believed it was their calling to save a life by love, she's 18 or 19 now, still hell on wheels, going to the CC on the other side of the state, but still comes home twice a month, usually dragging some punk with her, but she calls them mom and dad, and knows she's loved even when they don't agree, she hasn't seen her biological mom since she was like 5 or 6 and wants nothing to do with her.

I'm fairly well aware of the abortion practices in other countries, the most disturbing as of late has been the idiots down under. They made a law in good faith I suppose that gave $5,000.00 to any mother that had a still born birth to ease and comfort during that difficult time (WE SHOULD DO SIMILAR) EXCEPT!!, they consider a late term abortion as a still born so the goverment is handing out checks and rewarding late term abortions and yes there is already more than substantial evidence there is abuse of the system... sick, sick SICK!! Marilyn, I think even you would agree, this one is messed up...

My big beef with FOCA is 2 ways, by making abortion a fundamental right you potentially take the concientious objector clause out of the doctor and hospital, could force hospitals to do abortions that don't believe in them, sounds simple just don't be a doctor, that's the wrong approach and when 1 out of 9 hospitals in the U.S. is run or owned/run by the Catholic Church, now your asking 11% to do something that they don't believe in... I'm willing to bet there are a fair amount of Catholic doctors that do excellent work that mankind as a whole would feel a negative affect if they quit over this, also Forcing them to perform abortions goes right back to the Feminist movement that says "you can't force me to have this baby", well if they can't force you to have the baby, how can you force them to take it? it's a double standard from where I see it.
Another thing I detest about FOCA is it takes one more right away from the states. I'm 100% against Federalism and believe the Federal government should be responsible to keeping us safe, but the local goverment is responsible for how each local culture and society is to run, The supreme court has held this up in obsenity cases that it is the local voice not the federal voice that dictates what is obscene (I can't recall the specific case number Marilyn but I recall it was probably U.S. vs. Larry Flynt). So taking away one more right from the states to do as their constituents believe is wrong, and as you know many in congress will vote along party lines on issues like this over state constituency opinion because it will be passed early and the public will have 20 months to forget about it before the next election. R.v.w. made abortion legal, but the states should still be allowed to regulate. In FOCA there is a statement about South Dakota trying to challenge R.V.W., so what if they succeed? is the pro-abort side scared all of a sudden that a challenge to the supreme court a 2nd time would not yeild such favorable results?????? hmmm... running scarred it looks to me.......

An AP poll in 2004 showed that the vast majority of the public polled believes that abortion should be legal "BUT WITH MORE REGULATION", only the small minority agrees with less or no regulation. When Obama signs this bill he'll be in the minority.

I'm listening to your arguement that we should prevent unwanted pregnancy's, but I'm not hearing it... not when according to 2005 stats 73% got an abortion due to financial issues. To me it says we do not have resources visiably available to the mothers, or we need to revisit our current resources and up the ante' if necessary, because if we don't protect our mothers what will we have left.......

PABLO: I think we're both getting to the book stage and this site will run out of room. I won't hit it all till I see what room is left, may meet up on another blog.
CONTRACEPTION; The Catholic Church seems to be against it all including pulling out before releasing and quotes the Bible for it all. Pure crap to me as they also from the Bible, say to sleep with someone else if your wife is barren, that a brother should sleep with his brother's wife if his brother is killed, etc. in stupidity. I do believe in contraception as that's the only reality way, to preclude unwanted pregnancies. Like the one your "cousin" will have if she keeps bringing home "punks".
Obama vs McCain: write your congressperson about what you want as the bill isn't through. As to McCain and being a POW, much you should read on that one! Yes, he does want to bomb Iran was very pro war for Iraq, signed the bill to torture people (and you'd think being a POW would have taught him something as he caved to the VC and made tapes for them denouncing this he should know torture doesn't get the truth). He had no economic plan and we are in the toilet there, no good health care plan and wasn't for change as he'd been in there 25 plus years and where's the change? He voted for everything to damage American workers (tax breaks for those taking our jobs overseas, attempts to more NAFTA type agreements--Clinton goofed on that one too, damage to our unions, etc.). He voted for torture as well as a lot of stuff you wouldn't like...look up his Congressional voting record.
OVERPOPULATION AND FOOD: We pay farmers for economic reasons. However, I grew up as one and have spent a majority of my life on the land. You cannot just plant and plant and plant, the soil won't make it. Also certain soils are useless for growing food. Fertilizer comes from the same scarce stuff we all worry about, and using corn or cane for fuel isn't all bad. Without fuel, no one makes it, certainly not large populations. Spreading out the population sounds good and works in some ways, but the planet is NOT FINITE, it is infinite. Only so much can survive in this closed system. For food we need: water, good soil or heavy fertilization, a way to control "pests" now it's pesticides, good weather, elevation, drainage (Calif. has a big problem in its growing areas there), transportation, canneries (lots of waste), freezer areas (energy), waste treatment plants and lots of energy (tractors). And, this is the limiting factor for population. And, we have to face that we have reached it in many areas, and will worldwide eventually (sooner than we'd like) Throw in global warming and we're in trouble as we lose glaciers and snow for summer irrigation while higher temperatures force us to use more water.

PABLO; sorry, don't know what your "down under" paragraph was about.
STATES RIGHTS; How would you feel if 49 states voted to have abortion on demand? And, required it be paid for by the state, and that all hospitals comply?
Suppose a doctor could refuse to treat a person with Alzheimers? Or one with Aids? Or suppose, a doctor thought it was ridiculous to give pain medicine because it was "God's will" people should suffer. (and that happens a lot with "Christian" doctors.) Would you feel the same way about that as forcing doctors to perform abortions? Actually, I don't think any are forced to perform abortions as there are plenty who will.
State's rights on say slavery? On women voting? On who gets to sit where on the bus? On who a restaurant can refuse service to? On whether you go to jail for cutting your hair too short or leaving it too long? It was different 200 years ago, the roads were long. But with everyone flying and moving and driving across state lines, we need uniform laws wherever possible. If state 1 has a no abortion law and 2 adjoining states say it is ok, where do you think folks of state 1 go when they want an abortion?
UNWANTED PREGNANCY, THE CAUSE OF ABORTIONS: You have to find out why people have them, and, you have to start there: Education first in how you get pregnant, education of the general public on eliminating guys thinking they can "do it" with no consequence (this means enforcing child care payments from both divorced husbands and fathers where no marriage took place). More education on use of (and make available) contraceptives....means getting the "Church" out of everyone's face. Maybe an education of the Church would help. Some 50% of abortions are for those under 25! 87% are done in the first 3 months, and 82% are by unmarried women. What does this tell you? That we have to educate, and provide contraceptives for the unmarried, under 25 year olds! Some 54% were using some type of contraceptive, but not all using it consistently or properly. Now, if you could cut in half the # of abortions, that would help. Next you'd have to work on families because many have abortions when a relationship is failing.
HIT THE PROBLEM AT THE BEGINNING. By the time you're dealing with an abortion, it is too late! The problem starts BEFORE SEX, and that's where you start. You can't sow weed seeds and then complain you got weeds. You have to check your seed pack!

I find it interesting that those who routinely accuse GWB, the military, and CIA of torturing people are almost always pro-abortion. These people are simply nazi-like in their treatment of the unborn. They dismember them, disembowel them, and stab them in the head and suck their brains out. All without the benefit of anesthesia.

Actually the term Nazi-like is not strong enough. If new Nazis arose and started sucking the brains out of live people, it would be appropriate to say that their killing is pro-choice-like.

LOU: Gee you finally admitted you are a Nazi!

I believe not one cent of the American tax payer money should go to aid abortion in any way. There are so many people in America that do not know where their next meal will come from or where they [and their family] will sleep tonight.

We have got to start acting responsibly and if our government leaders continue to be more concerned in how we look in the eyes of other countries - then we must replace them with those who believe in taking care of our own first before giving our means of life away to others.

If the government does not start acting immediately and stop "talking a good story", this country could see civil uprising in the streets within the next few years. If that ever started - we would be ripe for a foreign power to come in and take over. It has happen in other countries - why would anyone think it couldn't happen in the USA? We must act NOW and stop talking about spending money to bail out Abortion Clinics!!!




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Opinion Times Sep 23, 2017, 3:21 pm
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Reclaiming Our Children Jan 1, 1970, 7:00 am
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Opinion Times Sep 23, 2017, 2:13 pm
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A Catholic Life Sep 23, 2017, 11:44 am
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Greater Fitchburg For Life Jan 1, 1970, 12:00 am
Greater Fitchburg For Life Sep 23, 2017, 4:20 am
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DEACON FOR LIFE Jan 1, 1970, 12:00 am
Opinion Times Sep 23, 2017, 12:13 am
Opinion Times Sep 23, 2017, 12:13 am
Opinion Times Sep 23, 2017, 12:13 am
Opinion Times Sep 23, 2017, 12:13 am
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BIG C CATHOLICS Sep 22, 2017, 10:27 pm
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Opinion Times Sep 22, 2017, 9:12 pm
Opinion Times Sep 22, 2017, 9:12 pm
Opinion Times Sep 22, 2017, 9:12 pm
Opinion Times Sep 22, 2017, 9:12 pm
Opinion Times Sep 22, 2017, 9:17 pm
Live Action Blog Sep 22, 2017, 4:41 pm
Live Action Blog Sep 22, 2017, 8:31 pm
Live Action Blog Sep 22, 2017, 4:29 pm
Live Action Blog Sep 22, 2017, 8:51 pm
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Christian Newswire: All Releases Sep 22, 2017, 10:39 pm
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LifeNews Sep 22, 2017, 7:33 pm
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BIG C CATHOLICS Sep 22, 2017, 6:05 pm
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LifeNews Sep 22, 2017, 5:32 pm
LifeNews Sep 22, 2017, 6:56 pm
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Happy Catholic Jan 1, 1970, 12:00 am Headlines Sep 22, 2017, 6:00 pm Headlines Sep 22, 2017, 4:22 pm
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Reclaiming Our Children Jan 1, 1970, 7:00 am
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EmpowerShop Prolife Sep 22, 2017, 1:20 pm
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EmpowerShop Prolife Sep 22, 2017, 1:04 pm
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