Obama's Assault on Life Begins


The transition advisers to President-elect Barack Obama have compiled a lengthy list of administrative actions and executive orders that could be issued to reverse White House policies on stem cell research, reproductive rights and other issues.

Here are an abbreviated version his plans:

Obama himself has signaled, for example, that he intends to reverse Bush's controversial limit on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, a decision that scientists say has restrained research into some of the most promising avenues for defeating a wide array of diseases, such as Parkinson's.


The new president is also expected to lift a so-called global gag rule barring international family planning groups that receive U.S. aid from counseling women about the availability of abortion, even in countries where the procedure is legal, said Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. When Bill Clinton took office in 1993, he rescinded the Reagan-era regulation, known as the Mexico City policy, but Bush reimposed it.

"We have been communicating with his transition staff" almost daily, Richards said. "We expect to see a real change."

Daily communication with the number one provider of abortion?  Is this hope and change?

Sadly, I expect this to be just the beginning of the anti-life actions taken by Barack Obama during his first week (if not day) in office.

Those, like Prof. Doug Kmiec (more here), who suggested pro-lifers ought to vote for Obama despite his radical support of abortion, are now reaping what they sowed.  Obama's assault on the unborn has begun...

UpdateEd Morrissey - "These are the acts of a pro-abortion absolutist, and they presage the sponsorship of Planned Parenthood’s Freedom of Choice Act."

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Sad but true. As much as I hate to say it, I hope the economy and war efforts keep him so busy that he can't even get a up enough energy to lift a pen to sign these reversals.

Obama's arrogance and lack of concern for human rights is shinning through before he even takes the oath.

"Daily communication with the number one provider of abortion? Is this hope and change?"


Hank, sadly, Planned Parenthood will HOUND him till he does sign this. We knew it was coming. Obama said as much. He will not get a night's sleep until he does, because they will make his life miserable.

Of course, I don't believe they'll have to twist his arm at all.

The sad part is I know at least two people who voted for BO, one of whom immediately regretted it upon learning stuff like this, and the other, a Catholic friend of mine, who doesn't even know Obama is so pro-abortion as this. She also thought he was pro-Gay-marriage (he is not) and cited this as another reason to vote for him. When I gently pointed all this out for her, she defended her vote saying, "We just couldn't have more of the Bush garbage, that's all I know."

Broke my heart.

Hello All,

I have a Post that fully explains why "The Freedom of Choice Act" is very un-Constitutional. Please read the post, the bill, and my other "posts" on why abortion itself is un-Constitutional. There are still many in this nation who side with us. We must continue to fight for LIFE!

"The Doctrine of Original Intent"

As Always Thanks for being involved, Many Blessings, Shane

"Standing Strong" & "Closing Ranks"
and still in the "Hunt For Red November"

I am sad this morning...I feel weighted, heavy, fearful. But the bible call on all of us to pray for ALL of our leaders of this country...and that means regardless if they are left wing liberal illuminati or right wing conservative. So in addition to praying for the unborn, I will also pray for Obama and his advisers. The unborn do need praying for-don't fool yourself...Obama is an abortion supporter, including partial birth abortions where the child is sometimes born alive. God help us........

The good news is that is a perfect oppurtunity for us to educate others and fight for our beliefs. I will never give up and I will forever be pro-life.

I don't know what I am more upset about...the fact that BO made it into office or that all the BO supporters truly think they have done a brilliant thing by getting him there.

I was driving home on the interstate tonight and I noticed the car in front of me had several BO stickers in the rear window and on the bumper... as usual, I rolled my eyes and shook my head. "Sheep" is always the first word that comes to mind when I see these...but then, I noticed something. There was a pro-life sticker that read "Abortion stops a beating heart" What?! So either this person cast their vote without researching Obama's stance on such issues, or WORSE, chose to leave their morals outside the voting booth and vote for him anyway...

I can hardly watch the news anymore...it disturbs me so...I can't stand it that the media is painting him as this hero and "messiah"

I want America to get back on her feet, but at the same time, I want him to fail miserably...or at least not get complete credit for anything positive that happens over the next four years.

I think he'll wait until his 3rd day as President to pass all of the anti-life Executive Orders - January 22nd, the day of Roe v. Wade.


I am so happy Barrak is going to lift those stupid stem cell research bands. YOu program the cells so they can not form a human.

Well put John
I have to agree with you. A woman has so many eggs in her body and she will have 8 of them used at most.

Stem cells aren't banned. Forcing taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research is banned. Also, there are alternatives to ESCs that you can still have stem cells with ESC-like properties while not destroying embryos in general. Not to mention that ASCs have made cures and treatments in a constant basis.

Yep! Took my morals and went right in and voted for Obama...McCain the wife cheater, let's go to war with Iran and kill everyone, Mr. hot temper with a potential hand on nuclear weapons DID NOT GET MY VOTE, OBAMA DID.

PRO LIFE (who isn't) wants Obama to fail or if he does good, not get credit for it. How sick! You no doubt voted for the dolt Bush, who took us to war, killed hundreds of thousands, spent billions every month just to kill, put the country in an economic mess, has people evicted from their homes and living on the street, cost millions their jobs....yeh, the Republicans would have been some choice. But yet, they are the ones who keep telling us that government shouldn't intrude into our lives! But YOU WANT THEM TO INTRUDE, to do your bidding for you, to force, yes force women to have babies.

Executive Orders? Bush is writing them as fast as he can to allow your water, soil, rivers, and air to be polluted. You think that won't kill the unborn as well as those here? What of the kids with asthma and the pollutants he wants to let loose, or the regulations he doesn't want on nuclear plants...think that won't kill the unborn? Think of Chernoble, or better yet, just think!

The orders Obama wants to make are to protect the environment. Stem cell research, yes. Might be able to help me live without the pain I am always in or save a yound doctor I know with Parkinsons, or thousands from diabetes.

Neither Obama nor anyone else forces anyone to have an abortion. If you'd read, you'd know he wants to improve education to cut down unwanted pregnancies so there will be fewer abortions. But, if a woman wants an abortion, she will get one. Women have been doing so for centuries.

If you don't want abortions, don't have one. Teach your kids about unprotected sex. Talk to your friends kids. Hiding your head in the sand and hoping the government will stop abortions is stupid. What did Bush do for 8 years? Nothing. And what would McCain have done? Nothing. Men have abortions! That's right, they're the beginning of every abortion. Teach them the need for abstinence and you've got it. Don't blame women, they're just the last stop on the bus line.

I wish Obama good luck and we ought to help him solve this country's problems. Are women more likely to have abortions if they've lost home and job? And who caused that little scenario--your "friends" the republicans.

Work with this President and you might be pleasantly surprised he isn't what you think. Then, get off the one subject idea. We have kids on the streets, parents and kids in campgrounds in winter for lack of homes, kids going to bed hungry and in the world children starve by the millions. And, you can't see the forest for the trees. Wake up!


Well you have made some points, but many are kind of partisan...
Fanny Mae, Freddy Mack, who started the whole subprime lending problem? normally I don't go here but you pushed the button so let's have it out.. It was the Democrats in 99, look it up... who said we need to change those policies.. McCain in 2004, look it up...
but onto the abortion issue...
To me and to many, Abortion is the top issue, you talk about killing etc.. well how about a million murder's a year? how can you say oh so much killing would come with McCain, when your Obama wants to make it even easier (FOCA).... What about my right as a parent? I don't even get a notification anymore.. whatever, harder to get her navel pierced than it is to get an abortion, wtf!!!
Then you go on this tiraid that Bush didn't do anything for Pro-Life, da haell he didn't...
We now have more crisis pregnancy centers than Planned Parenthood facilities, we have a partial-birth abortion ban, which held up in the supreme court, his administration lobied states to push for mandatory education before procedure, something which Planned Parenthood routinely abuses and doesn't do according to women who have aborted....
Watch an abortion, watch the child get ripped limb from limb while still alive from the suction tube, watch a late term, where the legs are kicking and it's getting ready to be born just to be decapatated or maimed some other way. Obama wants abortion survivors to be left for dead, and has made statements that the abortion procedure once started should not end at the womb, basically he'd be ok with just forcing a delivery, then hit the kid with a hammer, or face down in a bucket of water, and you claim this is your moral choice?
Why the big push for FOCA? If your so informed, explain to me why FOCA is so important to your leader, even NARAL says it's a little extreme, can you believe that NARAL thinks it's going a little over board???? Planned Parenthood likes it, of course they're a business, in the killin business, ONE BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR,...... I was more than happy to cast my vote for life, John McCain...

Here is what Bush did just for starters.
- Signed a Partial birth abortion ban. Ever notice how mad liberals got when sucking the brains out of babies was threatened?
- Signed the Conner and Lacy Peterson act.
- Instituted the Mexico City policy.
- Signed an executive order permitting doctors to refuse to kill a baby.
- Appointed justices who respect the Constitution. The real one, not the imaginary one invented to kill babies.

Obama's policies are death threats to the unborn. Death Roe just got a lot longer.

Ever notice how liberals are obsessed with make-believe people GWB has killed in Iraq? It makes them crazy. Yet they have killed millions of little ones during the same time.

They make believe Obama is anti-war even though he's said repeatedly that he'll escalate the war in Afghanistan.


I guess this is the CHANGE that many pro-abortionists want to believe in.

It typical of these liars to stereotype pro-lifers as not caring for the environment, not wanting health care, etc. The reality is that many pro-lifers don't agree with Bush on every issue and have love for the environment. Cures and treatments from real adult stem cell research, cord blood, etc. are really occuring.

To the holder of this blog who lists a place for "comments", just what happened to the one I just sent in?
Please don't tell me we are suddenly afraid of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.....reply please.

Typically they don't show the words if you use a cut a paste situation.

You are awesome you see the bigger picture.

I know bush did a fantastic job. I mean other then some pro lfie stuff he
1)got us into a god foresaken war
2) into trillions of dept
3) and now were are hated world wide. DOnt just focus on one issue.

I konw really lou. We should have july 4th aslo praide bush day. We should have fireworks, floats, and partys country wide. He is the best meat puppet I have ever seen being contrled by Dick Cheny. Watch Oboma take all those bans off!

Yes, like the war in Afghanistan, the war on the unborn will escalate when Obama is in charge. Anyone who can invent the Constitutional right to deny a baby life saving health care is cruel.

But Obama is the same guy who lives in a mansion, say's he's his "brother's keeper," but has a brother who lives in a shack made of garbage. It's also the same man who called others "selfish" because they want low taxes, but earned $1,200,000 over a five year period and gave less than 1% to charity.

Oboma came from nothing. John McCains been well off his entire life. Oboma put himself through one of the best if not the best colledge in the country. John McCain failled his. Oboma may own a mansion, John has seven. Oboma is for the middle class giving at leat a $1,000 dollar tax break when John would give me $360. Hmmmm. wonder who is selfish and living the AMerican Dream.

PABLO: you don't get notice when your daughter has an abortion, but do when she gets a naval ring? Why is she not taught at home about sane and insane?

Bush and the republicans on the subprime and de regulation. In 99 it was Graham who brought up the bill, McCains econ. advisor yet. And it wasn't the Dems, remember who controlled Congress then.

Supreme Court? Five of those voting for R v W were Republicans appointed by Republican Presidents. Two were Dems. One Dem and one Rep. voted against it. So it was your Republican Presidents who did it, 5 of 7, only one Rep. voted against it!

Lou: Peterson case is foggy and don't believe he did it. Bush also went ga ga over the dead lady they thought they could retrieve from the dead. Bush only REVIVED the Mexico CP, it goes in and out with administrations. Obama didn't start Afghanistan's war,, Bush did, Obama wants enough troops to clean it up then get out.

Abortion starts at home, mother, wife, child, sister. Were you a virgin when you married? Abortion starts with men. You can stop it, Obama cannot. You can set a good example for your family and teach that way. If you fail, and someone has an abortion in your family, don't blame Obama. Abortions went on before 73, when Christ was here and before. You cannot and Obama cannot stop them. Laws won't make people conform to your beliefs.

No cut and paste, it was labeled as being checked. Obama might just keep some from losing their homes and jobs, but that wouldn't suit some of you. You won't be happy unless you can run everyone else's life. Clean your own doorstep first!

Pablo: "the killing business, ONE BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR", you voted for life, McCain?

McCain voted for the Iraq war, not one billion, try 10 billion a month! To kill and maim innocent people by the thousands (check Britain for the estimate last year of some 600,000 Irak people killed!). Two million refugees. Families split by death. Our kids home in body bags or with parts missing. Abortion graphics? Try our 20 year olds with parts of their brains left in Iraq, with legs and arms blown off. Why? Bush wanted a war. Financial gain for his buddies and theoretical praise for him...but it backfired. Did you write hate letters about Bush the killer making money for his cronies?

McCain for life? The same guy who bombed with napalm and burned people in Viet Nam (we killed about 2 million). This guy also lost 4 planes, played hotshot in one, cheated on his wife and his bad temper would be no good around nukes. He voted for the Irak war and for torture...yeh a vote for life my foot!

There is nothing so mean, nasty or brutal done in the name of abortion that BO doesn't want legal. Anything goes. Dismemberment, disembowlment, decapitation and stabbing babies in the head and sucking their brains out. The right to do these things is cherished by liberals more than anything.

Like the war in Afghanistan, BO will escalate the war on the unborn. He will send money to foreign agencies to kill mostly brown and black children. He will pay Americans who slaughter mostly brown and black children. He once discovered the constitutional Right to a Dead Baby, promoting the practice of negligent homicide of abortion survivors.

50 million dead since Death Roe and they haven't had enough.

Lou: I didn't know they provided computers in the psych. ward, but reading your tripe, I guess they do have them. If you're not getting help for your warped mind, try getting some.

You are so obsessed and so in love with gore, it's unreal. You love killing, and I suspect you've been causing more than a few abortions and are trying to rid yourself of a guilty conscience.

You have no facts, but just practice hate. Why didn't you speak to the issue of what Bush did not and did do about killing? Why couldn't you speak to those justices who voted in R v W being Republican appointees? Couldn't handle it? Can't understand what a Supreme Court or a justice is?

Don't you realize you are the worst person to speak for the anti abortion cause? People look at your comments and assume all prolifers are as nuts as you are (some of us look beyond the likes of you and assume you just to be an anomaly).

You need to remove yourself from the stage, you're doing more harm than good to the decent people who honestly value life. It is pretty obvious you care nothing about life, or babies. Try this on if you can: The US with the importation of slaves from Africa caused the death of some 18 million people! Hitler's group killed directly some 5 to 6 million. Stalin did in even more. The Crusades....well, who was counting? Abortions over the centuries, no one knows. But the gore in the Crusades will make you sick. Hiroshima and Nagasaki...read and weep as I did. So get the gore out of your head, stop lieing about "liberals", people you don't even know, and try dealing with the abortion issue in an intelligent manner! I'd take Obama's morals over yours any day, but I suspect your hatred of him is racism


I find it ironic, that you slam Lou with all this talk of how many Hitler killed, how many Stalin killed, how many here, how many there, how many Bush failed to not kill....
Yet all of these don't add up combined even close to how many babies have been slaughtered morbidly by abortion....
people like you don't view life the same, you put a different value on everybody's life.. life is sacred no matter who you are.
I don't view that baby in the womb any different than that soldier on the field, both are life and both are equal...
it's people like you who look at people like me on the street and think hmmmm.. I wonder if he could be my next gardner... or painter... you don't see people like me as your equal in humanity either....
Racist? I'll tell you racist... how about 98% of one race voting for one candidate? statistically it is impossible that race was not the reason of voting behind a considerable many of those.........

Hysteria on parade. When I start getting applause from people who think stabbing babies during birth is a constitutional right, then I'll know I'm screwed up.

Being called a liar is common. Logic cannot be used, so they grasp at juvenile name calling.

Let's look at a lie. "The US with the importation of slaves from Africa caused the death of some 18 million people."

Slave trade to the USA existed for a very short time. Almost all of the slaves brought to land now called the USA were brought to English colonies. But that is beside the point.

Of the 15 million or so slaves taken from Africa, it's likely less than one half million were shipped to North America. The vast majority of slaves went to the Caribbean and South America.


Thanks to Republicans, American eventually rid itself of the brutality of slavery. Democrats were pro-choice. They're still on the side of brutality.

13,000,000+ black children killed since Death Roe.


Lou: tsk tsk, into your yellow hysteria again are you. Do you ever get to logic? Go back and answer logically any of my points, like why the 5 Jurists of the Supreme Court, appointed by Republican Presidents voted in R v W. Can't figure the logic on that can you?

Yes 18 million in the slave trade killed....try the african american statements on that. Also, why are you promoting abortion? That's what you're doing with your prevarications you know. When an intelligent, thinking person reads your drivel, they tend to discount your "point". ***************

Obama pays no one to kill anyone. Christ didn't put up with people who lie? Quit doing it. What's the 98% all about?

Pablo: I'll assume Vd es Latino, si? But you have no idea how I value life. Have you ever conceived, or carried to term, or had a baby? Cared for su nino daily? I doubt it. If you assume I see a Latino on the street and think of him as my gardner or painter, you're nuts. I garden and paint on my own mostly. My best girlfriend was Latino, and I voted for a part african american for President. If you missed a test in school by that much, you'd have flunked out!

For both of you: Obama isn't President yet, Bush is and if you figure all those "deaths" from abortion, then you had them from 73 on. How many Republican years is that? Especially since the Republicans voted it in. So, why are you yammering at Obama, the one guy who wants to bring this country out of a recession, save people from being thrown out of their homes, save their jobs so they can eat and feed their kids. Anyone who doesn't want that hates people, not the other way around. You don't seem to understand who butters your bread!

Roe v Wade doesn't CAUSE abortions, people do, people like you. Did you ever sleep with someone other than your now wife?

Legalizing anything gives you the green light saying it is OK.

Why should abortion be legal?

Murder is not OK.

RvW wasn't about legalizing abortion. It was about a women choice to privacy and her right to do what she wanted with her body.. a private right that we americans have been given by the us constitution. it doesn't give the green light to kill..that's the individual decision..that goes with any other choices that people make everyday.. do I have the right to consult your doctor on your medical records..NO you would say.that's my private information.. the mother of the unborn child has the same right to privacy and her medical records ar not our buiness. she alone and her partner are liable for their action.. the government doesn't make them decide to have an abortion if they desire but at least permit them to have good medical care.
So use another way to attack the issue and don't believe all of the prolife propaganda..be smart and learn the facts ..remember the truth will set you free

LINDA: "THE GREEN LIGHT, SAYING IT IS OK." Only if you are a Lemming or a sheep and can't think for yourself.

Alcohol is legal. I don't drink! The maximum speed llimit is 65. I pick back roads and go 55 to save gas. A real green light? I don't go unless I check the other drivers as some, who are so in love with their cell phones they forget where they are, don't wait for their side to be green and just go. Prefer not to get hit.

In case the above missed you, it defines being a thinking person. Just because something is legal, you don't have to do it. R v W doesn't make anyone have an abortion. If you get one, it is your problem, not Obama's or the Republican Jurists who voted it in. It seems you just want some government to control everyone else's rights, so then you don't have to be responsible. All R v W does is allow for safer abortions than those in back alleys for folks who are going to have them anyway.

Murder may not be ok, but your idea of what constitutes "murder" and the idea of others, may not coincide. What gives you the right to tell other people what to do? If you don't want to do something that is legal, don't. But if someone else wants to, and would, legal or not, that's none of your business. Live your own life, don't have an abortion--I never did and it was legal, but don't try to run the lives of total strangers. Bet you didn't try to make the Iraq war illegal--real murder going on there.

Here's one for you, 36,000 people in the US die every year from complications of flu. Get out and get everyone a flu shot. Some 20,000 plus die on the roads due to alcohol, join MADD. People are being raped and starved in the Congo, work on that. You had 8 years of Bush 2, four of Bush 1, and 8 of Reagan....R vW is still here. Why?


You are right. Roe v. Wade was completely about legalizing abortion on the federal level. Before Roe, abortion laws already existed. Abortion or Roe for that matter has nothing to do with real choice or the representation of privacy. No woman or no human has a right to do whatever they want. We have no right to do rape, pedophilia, murder, or perjury. Roe is about stripping the privacy rights of unborn human life. Also, the right to privacy is never found in the Constitution at all. The Supreme Court back in 1973 just lied and tried to equate ripping a baby's body parts out as an euphemenism for choice or privacy. Roe does give the green light to kill, since it orders killing unborn human beings under certain circumstances (nearly on demand). Individual decisions? We are limited in what decision we can make by various morality-related laws from murder to rape. Also, opposition to Roe v. Wade has nothing to do with medical records. It has to do with the Supreme Court dictating federally how abortion ought to be conducted. The federal government has no right to dictate how abortion should impact people. Abortion strips privacy and eliminates the choices that the unborn has in life. Roe is bigger than just medical issues. Roe is one of the reasons why abortion rates are extremely high in New York City and throughout the nation. Roe is one of the reasons why abortion agitation exists in America. Roe is one of the reasons why the culture of death is so prevelant in our society today. Also, real pro-life people don't present propaganda. That's false. Tons of pro-lifers have tons of evidence to outline their views, they are highly intelligent, and they won't be intimidated by the likes of pro-abortionists. We are here to stay. Linda, you are smart and don't let jose intimidate you. Jose use slick ad hominems on many occasions.

Funny how people use hypotheticals instead of outlining what abortion really is.

If Republican's had not been President, the liberal's war on the unborn would have had even more casualities. Liberal and athiest writer Nat Hentoff, has estimated that the Hyde (R-IL) Amendment saved at least one million people. That's a lot of innocent people who would not be here if Democrats had their bloody way.

Who knows how many were saved from the butcher's knives thanks to other Republican policies like the Mexico City policy, UN programs, and others.

An Obama government will reward women who kill their children by paying their bill.

Obama is a selfish man. He earned $1,200,000 from 2000-04 and gave less than 1% to charity. He has a brother who lives in a shack made of garbage. He has an Aunt surviving on welfare.

Free speech advocates can quote the Constitution's First Amendment on their issue.
Gun ownership advocates can quote the Constitution's Second Amendment on their issue.
Abortion rights advocates can quote the Constitution's...um...ah...hmmm...

Lou and Tim
I bet you blame Obama for a blister you got from typing lies.
Obama is not selfish. What political office have you run for, been in, given up your privacy and time for?
What brother? A child of his father after the divorce from his mother when he was a baby, living in another country? And you know he hasn't helped him because?????Seen the pictures with him and his grandmother? And the aunt on welfare? Same relationship? By the way most of his money came from his book sale. And I understand 60 at his house for Thanksgiving.
By the way, what did you make last year, and how much did you give away?

"secure in their person" is the Constitutional privacy issue...missed that one didja?

"Roe orders killing unborn human beings"...yeh and the stopsign orders the destruction of my car every time I look at it! Where do you get this garbage?

We are not limited in "decisions we can make". Our decisions are ours, laws get us after we make the "wrong" ones. Wrong again! The "federal government" does not "dictate how abortion should impact people" and Roe does not "cause agitation" and it is not the cause of a "culture of death" as there isn't one.

Evidence and "views" should not appear together. One is fact, the other belief.

What UN programs from the R's. So what about the Republican gift of Roe in the first place? You blame the Dems for what the Rep gave us...nice going, kind of like a McCain lie on steroids! So again, how many did you sleep with?

Tim, Have you ever heard anyone of getting blisters by typing lies? Me neither. It must be something you learn from personal experience.

Beware of people who say, "Men have abortions," and think, "secure in their persons... against unreasonable searches and seizures," means I get to suck my baby's brains out. Don't tell them anything about your career, income or intimate relations no matter how nosy they are.

Yeah. Marylin is silly on many fronts. She is a change the subject and constant usage of hypotheticals machine. I don't blame Obama for my typing. No, I don't intentionally type lies. That's a lie by you. Not a single word in the Constitution outline the words of the right to privacy. That isn't a lie. Abortion causing the ripping apart of baby's body parts isn't a lie. Many pro-lifers being intelligent also isn't a lie.

What does a political office have to do with the justification of Roe V. Wade or the justification for abortion for that matter? The answer is absolutely nothing. I said there is not a single word in the Constitution mentioning the right to privacy explicitly. Secure in your persons relates to due process and is definitely similar to privacy. I will give you that. Yet, immoral criminal acts being done always trumps above and beyond privacy. For example, if a rape occurs, I have a right to stop it (and call the police. This has nothing to do with privacy). You realize this. Not to mention that abortion has nothing to do with true privacy. Abortion has to do with destroying people's lives and exploitating women. Abortion destroys the privacy of the unborn in the womb. Abortion readily possesses dangerous side effects that can effect women.

Roe does orders the killing of unborn human beings. It sanctions it almost on demand as mentioned in its own words. You need to wake up about that. Abortion is murder. These facts are not garbage at all.

Also, we are limited in our decisions. If we make illegal decisions, law enforcement might arrest you. You have no right to do what you want whenever you want simply. Roe does allow the federal government to regulate abortion. That is why Roe was created in the first place. It was supported by the federal office of the Supreme Court. You saying that something is wrong doesn't mean that certain information are false at all. Roe did cause agitation since it further divided Americans. Roe promoted more types of abortion procedures to be enacted. There is a culture of death, which is your other falsehood. That culture of death includes abortion on demand, enthanusia, forced abortions, murder, etc. going on worldwide.

Evidence and views has no bearing on the legitimacy of Roe or abortion at all. Neither does people's sexual lives. If it makes you feel better, there is a certain distinction between evidence and views.

Also, I don't support either major party. So, don't pull that 2 party card on me. Barack Obama is your guy. If the pro-Patriot Act, pro-FOCA, pro-FISA law, pro-war on terror, and pro-bailout President of Barack Obama is your version of CHANGE, you have a right to embrace that. I have a right to dissent with that version of CHANGE.

I mean evidence does have bearing on the legitimacy of Roe and abortion. My mistake.

John, Cindy and Marilyn:
John, the ban on embryonic stem cell research was warranted. Embryonic stem cells have done no good for anyone, and actually have done physical harm to human patients, to the point of them requiring surgical intervention to fix the damage done. Embryonic stem cells cannot truly be programmed to "not form a human", they more often than not actually begin to act like cancer tumors. Please, do your research before repeating what little misinformation the media has allowed you to read. Almost 5 years ago, scientists even testified before the Senate in 2004 that “the driving force in…promot[ing] Federal funding of human embryonic stem cells or human cloning…[is that] it is a superior business plan to have a mass-produced product such as embryonic/fetal/cloned stem cells that can be sold [more profitably] nationwide and have patentable intellectual property…Adult stem cells…are much better for people with diseases or injuries but generate an inferior business plan…[where] one can only develop a procedure that is generally not patentable…The most profitable, not the best, treatment for people is being promoted.”

In the Annals of Neurology, August 28, 2003, Volume 54, Issue 3, Pages 403 – 414, doctors at Mount Sinai School of Medicine found that ESC made 56% of Parkinson's patients develop severe spasms and jerking, involuntary movements of arms and legs. Three people experienced such disablement that it “necessitat[ed] surgical intervention.” They would not recommend fetal stem cell use for Parkinson's, though they did suggest further research.

A similar March 2001 study (New England Journal of Medicine) also found that several patients developed severe head-jerking and flailing of their arms.

Also there's this: "[Adult bone marrow stem cells] do not…die prematurely and importantly they do not form teratomas or tumors like embryonic stem cells tend to do," and other studies showed that ESC destroyed mice’s knee joints.

Cindy, you "agreed with" John so the above is for you as well.


Marilyn, you prove the point that most folks didn't really vote FOR Obama, you voted AGAINST BUSH/the GOP. ANYONE other than the GOP would have won this election, as soon as the financial meltdown occurred. I won't stoop to your level by attacking you as you have attacked us with your extreme sarcasm, insults, belittling and smug faux superiority. But really, you do Obama supporters a true disservice displaying such obnoxious taunting instead of rational, intelligent, respectful debate of valid points. Give it a rest.

You also prove the point that has been made here and elsewhere that the media only let you know what they--and the Democrats--wanted you to know about BO and also about the other side. We've seen it countless times here already, and will continue to see it: every true fact about Obama and his policies and promises that is negative, you don't like or refuse to believe.

And every true fact about the Democrats' part in the root causes of the financial meltdown, you refuse to believe, insulting us in the process of bringing it all to your attention.

You seem to have missed so much news. Here's one example:

"Leave it to present-day Democrats to skim their 20% of profits first and foremost off the top of any enormous financial-bailout benefit, shafting the taxpayers who are about to foot the bill, and giving that 20% to groups who supported Clinton and the Democrats in Congress when they modified a law in 1995 to require banks to give out more of the risky housing loans that caused the financial meltdown in the first place, a law first supported and passed by Democrat President Jimmy Carter which created the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac disaster, a law that is still law in this nation...all while solely blaming the Republicans for passing another law that President Clinton collaborated on and passed."

Your refusing to believe that such facts about Obama and about the GOP are true doesn't make them any less true.

It just makes you appear truly uneducated and ridiculous, every time you issue a new insult-laced, self-righteous rant.

Do you really want to keep looking like that?

If so, please get some education first THEN come back and feel free to look ridiculous. Try starting with these facts here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, AND
how Obama has been lying to you, misleading you, me, everyone, everywhere, for MONTHS.

Annie: The most uneducated seems to be you trying to sell the big lie. First Fanny and Freddie were working just fine and helping a lot of folks. The bill was in 96, look it up, and the deregulation was brought up by McCain's buddy, look that up too. Who got bailed out. Well, let's see Bush is President and he asked for the 700 billion, so I'd guess the Republican President, and it was SENT TO Congress (not from Congress) with a demand they hurry up. McCain has been for de-regulation and still is. Hmmmm seems it is the Republicans afterall.

Why all the name calling when you're wrong. Parkinsons: the head snaps and limb movements are normal for people with the disease. And, if a certain procedure didn't work...well, bless my soul that's unusual isn't it. Why they call them trials, isn't it? And just WHO IS THE MYSTERY PERSON YOU SAY TESTIFIED BEFORE CONGRESS. Get a life and get some education. When I got through college, I knew how to check facts. What happened to you?

As to Lou and Tim: Roe DOES NOT ORDER KILLING ANYONE. If you want surgery on a foot, the hospital will allow it, doesn't mean they force it. If you want an abortion, the law allows it, doesn't force it.

Thanks for arguing for me on DECISIONS. That we have a choice and can make wrong ones if we want is evidenced by the # of folks in prison.

PRIVACY: yep, secure in your person is where it is....no, that's not just FISA.

Now for you who spend your efforts name calling to cover lack of knowledge:

If you want to get rid of or lower the # of abortions, limit pregnancy: Yes what men do does cause pregnancy and thus abortions. If you've had sex with other than your current wife/husband, how did you protect from pregnancy?

We need increased education on preventing unwanted pregnancies and all you folks yammer about is which person to blame. Well, it is you who have sex, you who don't go for education on sex, its consequences and how to protect the participants, in our schools. You put your heads in the sand, call anyone with common sense names, blame everyone else, but do anything constructive? No!

Educate in school on prevention, tell them what to use and how, and then tell them where and how to get it. 17% of abortions are for teens, and 50% for those under 25! Some 82% of the women are unmarried. Get the picture? And yes, men are half the problem, so see they have to pay child care if that woman has to have her baby and care for it. And teach your boys there are no WILD oats...a lot will sprout!

annie: Why do you lump me into your erratic comments on stem cells?

Why do you go on about Obama....I said he wasn't responsible for abortions. Roe v Wade was put in by 5 republican presidential appointments...only 2 dems! And YOU say I don't know what I'm talking about!

This isn't about abortion is it? I think you are a disgruntled neocon. Give it up, you guys lost. If decent, you'll work with the new President, if not, I guess you'll just continue with the misquotes.

If I were onto stem cell research and which work the best or which are more dangerous, I'd have to ask that both be given a chance, but then you'd scream wouldn't you. Just like you are still trying to blame Clinton after 8 years of Bush for what Bush did. Amazing. Please join the real world. And by the way, I'll read your answer if you can legitimately refute anything I've said.

If sex education was all it's cracked up to be by it's proponents, why does Andrew Sullivan have HIV?

Sullivan studied at Oxford. He has a Ph.D. from Harvard. That didn't stop him from advertising for other men to have unprotected anal intercourse with him AFTER he already had HIV.

Education doesn't cure lust. Just ask another Oxford educated man who was making obscene phone calls from his oval office to the Pentagon. His lust was so great that he did this even though he believed he was listened to by foreign spies. His brilliant plan for denying it? Tell everyone that it was all a prank, that he knew he was being listened to and wanted to play a joke. Lust makes you stupid, not smart.

Lou & Timmy: No, education doesn't cure lust and you're proof it doesn't always even take...much like an innoculation doesn't.
Blaming for the blister I guess went' over your head, Tim, as it was satirical. You blame Obama for everything else, why not that. I suspect I don't have to ask you anything personal....welfare, shy breeder, somewhat broke, not well educated, incapable of complete sentences or thought structure. And Lou, hates everything and spews his hate page by gory page!
Discounting you two who can't read nor comprehend, the point; to those who are really sincere about wanting to slow abortions. It's simple:
Sex causes pregnancies and pregnancies not wanted are aborted. So education about preventing pregnancy is the key to it all. Educate about how to use birth control, when to use it, where to get it and why.
For those of you who just like to spew mumbled words, this will pass over like a jet plane, but for those sincere folk among you, remember abortion is the end line birth control, and it shouldn't be.
Talk to your school boards, your state and federal representatives and work in that direction.
Timmy and Lou, just keep up the drivel and you'll prove the need FOR abortion!

Marylin is really persistent with her silliness.

Marylin's only response is the display of fautly emotionalism and a distortion of what people meant. Common sense dictates that education can't cure all forms of lust. Yet, education can decrease crime and murder. Education and other actions can help a society. Sorry, I don't blame Obama for everything under the sun. I just disagree with him on some issues. There is a perfect difference being having paranoia to blame a man for all evil things (like some of your crowd do for George W. Bush) and having dissent with the policies of man.

Also, the rest of your commentary consist of ad hominem attacks. This is typical of you Mariyln since you always deny what abortion really is. You also cover up the truth about Barack's real policies are. Obama supports the Patriot Act, the FISA law, and other pro-establishment policies. Many of his proposed military cabinet members are war hawks. The falsehoods you have made about me being possibly a breeder, etc. is not only disrespectful. This shows the type of character you possess. I do outline fine sentence structure constantly. You, on the other hand, are the one who writes down run on sentences. Also, I'm highly intelligent, so your falsehoods and cheapshots don't work on someone like me. I do read and I do comprehend words extremely well. That's another lie by you. Everyone realizes that sex causes pregnancies.

On the other hand, the action of ripping babies' body parts out is never a permanent real solution to help women. Real solutions include a multi-faceted approach of education, crisis pregnancy centers, the development of better health care, the building up of our communities, etc. I don't show drivel. You just show half truths and lies to promote your agenda. I don't prove the need for abortion. What a quasi eugenic and snide remark. Yet, snide remarks by you is apart of your M.O. I prove that irrespective of what you think of me, the fundamental right to life is still apart of the American creed.

"Pregnancies...are aborted."

Their self-delusions would be entertaining if they weren't so vicious.

Do you two ever read what you write?
Do you look at your words or understand that what you say is so disjointed as to make it impossible to understand where you are trying to go?
I've never denied what abortion really is. Why do you lie? I'll match up what I write and what you say about it and take it to any person with a brain and I think I'll hold up just fine. I haven't covered up any truths (as you call them) about Obama's "real policies". SHOW ME WHERE I HAVE OR QUIT THE LIES.
What does education curing lust have to do with anything? You went on to say education can....."decrease crime and murder". But you said abortion was murder and then you say education can decrease murder....so, you proved yourself wrong!
Once more: without pregnancy, you have no abortion. So you prevent unwanted pregnancies. Why is that so hard for you to understand? To prevent unwanted pregnancies, you educate about contraception. Got it? You aren't trying to control "lust" as you call it, you are educating to protect against pregnancy. You may still "lust" with your pants zipped, but you won't get anyone pregnant that way. Have you got it yet?

Now lets see you run around with all the things you will make up pretending I said them, so you can avoid reality.
You couldn't do a one on one confrontation or debate on this subject, because you don't know the subject. Too bad, but I feel sorry for the pro lifers with people like you messing them up.

You lie by calling us vampires, by claiming I blame Obama for everything under the sun, and ignoring the murderous nature of abortion. It's as simple as that. You big lie Marylin is you claiming that I don't care about the issue of abortion.

It's seems like Marylin is the one is the faulty logic. Here's the reality of my words. I do read what I write down. Marylin, your run on sentences and distortions can give any grammar teacher headaches. Lucky for me, I know what you're trying to write. Now, I didn't say that education can cure all forms of Lust. I did mention that education can help to decrease crime though. There's a difference there. Do you understand that? I don't know if you do. Now, I did write that abortion was murder. There is no contradiction here, because education and other policies can help decrease abortion. That's been proven by a multiple of studies. Also, the act of abortion is bigger than lust. It's the intentional destruction of human life. Your juxtaposing of lust and abortion is faulty logic in trying to justify your logic.

It is you who can't do an one on one debate without restorting to ad hominem attacks, run on sentences, and distortions of what people say. Sorry, pro-life people exist in many backgrounds. They always have people to refute people like you.




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