Why Born Alive Truth is Necessary
A time for change ...
Baroness Warnock: "The demented have a 'duty to die'"
Persons or Problems? Colorado has to Choose!
The Obama Video YouTube Doesn't Want You to See
Defend the Rights of Health Care Workers
Reproductive Justice Exposed: New Lipstick For A Pig Named Abortion?
Obama Adviser--and Obama Supporters' TV Ads--Wrongly Whip Dems Into Frenzy That 'Women Will Be Jailed For Having Abortions'
Is McCain Shifting on Abortion
Are they afraid of Sarah Palin?
Another shocking criticism of Sarah Palin
Gianna Jessen - Abortion Survivor - confronts Barack Obama
Edited Editorial Corrects Errors In Tiller Case Reporting
Sarah Palin on Sean Hannity
Rep. Bill Sali supports HHS rule regarding moral conscience
The better choice and vetting of a VEEP candidate?
Video - Star Parker - Blacks are in a dilemma
The speaker, the candidate, and the windbag
Support Born Alive Truth
Barack Obama's appalling record on the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act
Why I am a single-issue voter
The Real Feminism
Obama's Unthinkable Position on Born Alive Infant Protection
Barack Obama: Please Support Born Alive Infant Protections
Can McCain defeat Obama in Dem States (NY?) If you help, he can..
The Truth About Barack Obama
"Emergent Church" Leaders Go in the Tank for Abortion Enthusiastic Democrats
50 Million Dead - No Monument
Is this just a bunch of cells?
An abortion cocktail via webcam?
Things About Obama, McCain, Biden, Palin, the Two Parties and The Mainstream Media That Everyone Should Know
New Stanek WND column, "Obama digs deeper on 'pay grade' gaffe"
The Stakes Are High - the unborn depend on you
The Problems of Functional Definitions for Personhood
Ron Paul says Vote Third Party
Political Nonsense
A Day Outside a Late-term Abortion Mill
Disabled Woman Save from Starvation
Why I Cannot Vote for Barack Obama
students for life
Horrible ... they're telling the truth about child killing
Video - Pastor's Letter - Pastor Caesar Lafleur
No, I won't vote for Obama ...
It's getting nasty out there...
Judge Judy refuses to judge
Obama's Mom Was 17 Years Old When Barack Was Conceived;
She Also Married Obama's Father After Learning She Was Pregnant

Students for Life of Illinois
Demotherizing America! Reviving Martha and Mary!
Biden Looks the Other Way on Abortion
Palin Verses Obama, A Tale Of Two Babies With Down Syndrome
Not Above Anyone's Pay grade!
One sigh says it all...
Does One Month Make that Big of a Difference?
Forty Days for Life Coming to 170 Cities
A Death in a Dutch Family
Children are the most precious and promising ingredient in this mixed-up world you live
Obama's Unthinkable Position
Ten Reasons Killing Newborn Babies should not be Banned
Throwing Sarah Palin to the Wolves
Barack Obama on Criminalizing Abortion
Biden says Life Begins at Conception
Will you help defeat Obama?
Choice Words
Liberal Religious Leaders Blast Sarah Palin
I'm One Woman Who Fell for the Lie
McCain's Speech
Sarah Palin Delivers
Culture of Life: Going, Going...Gone?
Sarah Palin's Speech
Olbermann misrepresents Obama's Opposition to Born Alive
Young pro-lifers jailed, shackled, strip searched for peacefully sharing message
More Sarah Palin Gossip (updated with more dirt)
Media Coverage of McCain/Palin
Obama to Slam McCain on Abortion
(Updated with pic)..Home birth tonight...
A Call to Democrats
Biden is Personally Opposed to Abortion?
Abstinence Doesn't Work?
From One Mother to Another
The Palin Family - face of modern pro-life America
Bristol Palin's Child
Palins announce daughter is pregnant - now, not then
Cruel Smear Targeted Palin's Family
Videos - Pat Mahoney Interview and Brutal arrests at the Democratic Convention in Denver
McCain - Palin - What a team!
(Corrected) Announcing
McCain VP Rumors (updated)
Tim Pawlenty on Abortion
Tim Pawlenty?
Barack Obama Speaks
Our Gift to the DNC Convention
McCain VP Rumors
Biden and Pelosi - Dumb and Dumber
Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough
At both conventions ...
GOP platform "strongest ever"
The Weapons of Choice in the Global War on Girls
Barack Obama Lied - confirmed
UK Law Outlaws (pro-life) choice
Barack Obama: fatherhood begins at conception (but not life?)
Pro-Life Voices in Denver
Nancy Pelosi Stands by her Comments on Abortion
What would make you enthusiastic about the McCain Campaign?
Massive Sign Overlooks DNC
Obama - not presidential material
The Democratic Party's Extreme Allegiance to Abortion
40 Days for Life Campaign Takes Off
Obama, Pelosi and the DNC
Reporting from the Democratic National Convention
Pelosi Trumps Obama: the beginning of life is irrelevant
Pro-Life Protest at the DNC
Stop Picking on Obama! He's a Democrat.
Obama is Consistent
McCain Nails Obama on Infanticide Vote
Biden - a moderate?
Obama and Biden
Forget the facts
Surviving an Abortion
Obama gains support of the emergent church?
What You Really Think About Mitt Romney?
Oh the Irony
Does Obama's Agnosticism Justify Infanticide?
Obama Wants You ...
The pro-life witness project picks up steam!!
Explosive Alarming Audio of Obama
Obama's Infanticide Predicament
Child Survives Abortion
Obama: Distorting his voting record on abortion
Obama's Political Response To Abortion
Obama Infanticide Controversy Continues
Billboard Offers a Final Chance
Pro-Choice Fallacies
Reaction to Obama's Abortion Lie
The Obama Cover-up Unravels
Obama campaign admits he misrepresented Born Alive vote
VIDEO: Obama irked by National Right to Life Committee
New Update w Video: Saddleback - pro-aborts try to hide the truth
Barack Obama Punts on Abortion Question
Obama, McCain, and Rick Warren - softball questions and easy passes?
Worth your time ...
Americans United for Life Names Charmaine Yoest President
Abortion Hurts Women According to Medical Professionals
The Health Of The Mother Exception
Home birth tonight? - an update
EDITED: As Many As 18 or 19 Girls Dead After Using GARDASIL (the cervical cancer vaccine against HPV) Since March 2007
Democrats Try to Sell Abortion Shell Game: "New Evangelicals" Join in the Con
Watch out Obama - The pro-life witness project is gearing up!
"The Pill Makes Women Pick Bad Mates", Researchers, Not Once, But Twice Have Found
An Astonishing Story
Breaking news: New documents show Obama cover-up on born-alive survivors bill
Obama's Infatuation with Abortion
"None of the Above" is a vote for Obama
The Hypocrisy of The Democrats
New Stanek WND column, "Cold and calculating - that's Obama"
Joe Healy Interview - Freedom of speech? Not in Maryland!!!
Poll - Are you going to participate in the 40 Days for Life fall campaign?
Imperiling Humanity
Sitemeter and IE7
Nationwide United Action Call Today - Saturday, August 2nd
Washington D.C. area Pro-Life Face the Truth Tour participants arrested!
A female V P ? What about Sarah Palin?
Abortion Acrostic
Call for Life Today! - Friday, August 1st
Planned Parenthood's sleazy outreach to teens
Abortion and God's Forgiveness
What's Really Behind The Abortion Decision
Video - Press conference at the Family Research Council challenging the NEA - Part 3
The Supreme Court and a Culture of Life
Video - Interview with Kristan Hawkins in Cincinnati, Ohio
Poll - When does life begin?
New Stanek WND column, "McCain and Viagra"
Father: 'System' killing my disabled daughter
New Stanek WND column, "Linking U.S. teen pregnancies and AIDS in Africa"
Down syndrome: the joy and the beauty
Black Pro-lifers to NAACP: no more tax dollars for Planned Parenthood
Poll - When does God want abortion to end?
Woman Who Begged for Euthanasia Has a Change of Heart
Cut Planned Parenthood federral funding NOW!
Pro-life feminists and liberals - can Obama hear their voices too?
Pro Choice Obama Really Kills Em'
New Stanek WND column: Stanek response to Obama's Relevant interview lies
Video - NEA - PLEAS Press Conference - Pt2
Video - Pro-abortion NEA leadership challenged by united Pro-Life and pro-family organizations
Legislator: Law allows banishment of Bible
New Stanek WND column, "Obama's biggest lie about supporting infanticide"
Pro-Life Unity to speak in Washington DC July 2nd
The Imminent Home Birth of My Son Judah..
Wal-Mart Says No to Planned Parenthood event
Question for Obama: When does life begin?
Expert: The Pill is outdated and leads to unwanted pregnancies and abortion
Washington D.C. Defund Planned Parenthood Video
New Stanek WND column, "What the media is ignoring about the teen pregnancy pact"
Poll - What will it take to end abortion in America?
Looking for a pro-life speaker?
"NARAL Catholics" and Unintended Consequences
Concsientious Objector Pharmacists robbed of choice
Consider the Source
New Stanek WND column, "Barack Obama and the Comfort Room"
A Vanity License Plate That is Not in Vain
Biblical Message Now Criminalized
Parental Consent Laws Have Never Hurt Minors
OSA Atlanta and National Event - July 12-19
Irresponsibility, Birth Control and Abortion
Annual Generation Life beach outreach spreads good news about saving sex for marriage!
Miracle's Happen
Read This Statement and Weep
Wichita - Pro-Life Unity Conference June 5th
Mexico Lures Boomers with "Eutho-tourism"
New Stanek WND column, "June 7: The Pill Kills Day"
Habitat for Humanity Ends Relationship with Planned Parenthood
Abortion Issue's Ability to Cause Confusion
Judging Kansas Gov. by the Company She Keeps
American RTL Elated at Historic Development
New Stanek WND column, "Pastors revolt against the IRS"
Life Lessons from Tragically-Troubled Celebrity?
Former SS Doctor accused of euthanasia honored by German medical group
12 Republicans boost Planned Parenthood profits, diss pregnancy support
Name a Pro-life US Supreme Court Justice
Coast Guard Reverses Decision On Vaccine
NARAL Divided on Obama Endorsement
New Stanek WND column: "NARAL fuels pro-abort civil war"
Poll on sidewalk counseling
NARAL Aborts Support for Hillary
Personhood Colorado
Greenness More Important Than Humanity?
Celebrating Down syndrome - a Mother's Day photo album
Happy Mother's Day!
Laura Ingraham adopts a daughter from Guatemala
California effort to stop Planned Parenthood/abortion funding
Snowflake adoption - founders/first family interview
Duggar Family expecting #18
Harvard prof says children bring unhappiness
Call for photos: Down syndrome on Times Square
Vitae Caring Foundation's Bottom Line
New Stanek WND column, "Is Brownback betraying pro-lifers?"
Lessons on Vitae from Judge Andrew Napolitano
Hitler, the Nazis and Assisted Suicide
Al Sharpton's Interesting Choice of Words
Survivor says U.S. shares guilt for China's abortions
Truths about PPFA keep popping up day after day
Pass it on - Pro-Life Unity Seeking Volunteers In All Areas Of Expertise
Bound4Life Prayer at Supreme Courts Nationwide April 26th
New Stanek WND column, "Abortion as art sport"
Questions About Conception on PA Primary Day
Baby In Womb, Awaiting
Choose Life at Yale Responds to 'Abortion Art'
Shocking Abortion Art Project Rocks Yale
Bringing New Meaning to Creativity?
"I Must Have a Male Child." -- Sex Selection Abortions Continue in "Modern" India.
New Stanek WND column, "Barack Obama and the sex life of 12 year olds"
Abortion Drug Used to Spike Drink
Policeman Had a Point About Truth Truck
New Stanek WND column, "Expelled from 'Expelled'"
Video - Spread the news please - Video - Father Pavone Discusses The Reality Of Abortion
New Shirt From 'I had an abortion' T-Shirt Maker
Pro-life persuasion - A Synopsis
Pro-Abortion Clergyman "Sees" What Isn't There
Arizona Right to Life Condemns Napolitano Vetoes of Abortion Bills
Nationwide United Action Call Today - Saturday April 5th
Nationwide United Action Call Today - Saturday April 5th
Abolish Abortion in '08!
Dear Daddy Obama a Daddy Dearest on Abortion
Is Planned Parenthood a wise investment for America - sign petition, please!
Planned Parenthood "disappointed" - parental notification
Happy Birthday, Jonny - Sweet 16!
U.S. Sen. Bob Casey's Pro-Political-Opportunism
YouTube coverage of Pro-Life Picket of Bill Clinton in Oregon
Six Quotes Hint Why Marget Sanger Received
The Day of the Living Who Speak for the Dead
"Pro-Life" Running for Idaho U.S. Senate Seat?
Jack Kevorkian has a new fan
Pro-Life Unity on the air
Obama's Votes Against Abortion Survivors Defended: With Friends Like These...
NIESBY -- Not in Eric Scheidler's Backyard
Australian Ends Life with Homemade "Suicide Robot"
New Stanek WND column, "Pro-lifers rip off 'Horton'? So sue us"
Princeton Prof & Author of "Embryo" on McCain
Defunding Planned Parenthood
Abortionist Speaks at NEA Headquarters
Alleged Rapist Gave Emergency Contraception to 13 Y/O Girl.
One Dead, One Injured
Choosing Life - Choosing McCain
Plans to deport gay Iranian teen are a death sentence
New Stanek WND column, "Pro-life Democrats see success"
No wonder NY State dropped abstinence education..
1 in 4 teen girls has a sexually transmitted disease - any wonder?
A Chance Encounter of the Post-Abortive Kind?
More trouble for abortionist Alberto Hodari
NARAL's Scores On Candidates, And The Winner Is...
Monthly Call For Life
New Stanek WND column, "4th annual Abortionist of the Year award"
"License Plates Put Money Where Motto Is"
An Interview with the Author of Walk Me to Midnight
Rick Santorum on Obama and PB Abortion
R.I.P. Bill Buckley
New Stanek WND column, "The slaughterhouse rules"
Planned Parenthood supports black genocide
Virginians: weigh in on Planned Parenthood 2/28
"Abortion was his [Rudy's] Doom." Paul Kengor
Teen Relationship Types Affect Contraceptive Use
Pregnant Celebrities Carry "Unborn Babies"
How Goes the Fight Against Cloning in Nebraska?
New Stanek WND column, "Divine secrets of the political yo-yo sisterhood"
Video - Peter Shinn at the United States Capitol Building
No Wonder His Pants Are On Fire
Chastity: The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions
Heartfelt Words of Wisdom on Winning Life Wars
She survived the abortion
AZ Right to Life Gala is Feb. 23rd!
YouTube Censors American Life League
Deliberate Pro-Life Divisiveness is Self Defeating
Black Genocide
Strong Pro-Life Presence at Princeton University
The Conservative Rebellion Against John McCain Goes Too Far
Did contraception reduce teen pregnancy by 86%?
Embryo Destruction
Be A Part Of History!
New Stanek WND column, "4 months, 3 weeks, and 2 theaters"
What's A Pro-Life Voter To Do?
Destroying people with Down Syndrome
Call for Action - Save Lauren Richardson!
The Sad Truth
Do not remove Lauren's feeding tube
Parents battle over life and death of daughter
Choose Life License Plates Silenced No More in AZ
Senator Obama - Save the Horses, Ignore the Infants.
On Pagans, Christians and Abortion
New Stanek WND column, "Abortion leaders concede?"
Shocking: HIV, Contraception and Abortion and Africa - a Hidden Connection?
British Medical Journal - Are condoms the answer to non-HIV STDs?
I'm in a Post-March-for-Life State of Mind
Abortion: the Boomers' sin and shame
16 Year Old Gives American Idol's Simon a Speech on Abstinence
FDA Warns About Birth Control Patch Clot Risk
March for Life 2008 - photo journal
Blogs4Life - Live
Greetings from DC on 35th Roe Anniversary
Watch Blogs4Life
Are you ready for the 2008 March for Life?
Martin Luther King Day
Blogs4Life 2008 is this Tuesday! (Not Monday!)
Correction: Blogs4Life 2008 is this Tuesday!
Former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline To Join Blogs For Life Conference
Special Opportunity for Bloggers Marching for Life
Blogs4Life Afternoon Session Sponsorship is Complete
There's Hope. U.S. Births Up, Abortions Down
March for Life
Blogs4Life 2008
Report on Abortion Decrease Ignores Abstinence
Actions have Consequences
2008 Prolife Signature Ad - Abortion: The Most Pressing Moral Issue of Our Time
An Interview with the author of Walk Me to Midnight
Presidential Candidates and the Human Life Amendment
Jan. 16th Update - Blogs4Life - Afternoon Session At the Front Lines
A Constitutional Right to a Birthday?
Georgia Constitution Human Life Amendment
New Stanek WND column: "Obama's 10 reasons for supporting infanticide"
Huckabee's Problem
High School Denies Pro-life Club
Shock and Outrage?
MRSA Outbreak and Rise in Syphilis and HIV Linked to Risky Activity Among Some Homosexual Men
Story About Men and Abortion Widely Reported
Americans United for Life Releases Ranking of Pro-life States
Blogs4Life - Afternoon Session at the Front Lines
Planned Parenthood sells sex - with your tax dollars
One Never Knows Whom Might Be Post-Abortive
ABC News, "The abortion vote the GOP is planning to use to bring down Obama"
New Stanek WND column, "Obama's 'present' danger"
The Black Church and Obama
Thanks, Hillary, For Bringing Up Abortion Issue
Is this Justice? Pro-Lifers Jailed for talking (10 years ago)
Clinton claims she's top dog on abortion
Telegraph - Britain has worst underage sex rates
Teen Pregnancy and Abortion in New York State - More Babies are Killed than Are Born Alive, Staggering Repeat Abortion Numbers
Candidate Comparisons for Caucuses & Primaries 2008
Call for Life Today! - Friday, January 4th
BBC News on Abortion in USA's Election 2008
UK Teen Pregnancy Prevention Campaign Called a Failure
Is Contraception is the ONLY way to prevent abortion? According to Christina Page, it is.
Father wavers on dehydrating daughter to death
Bhutto Respected Life
Poll - Who is the Pro-life blogger of the year?
Chicago Tribune Op Ed - Why isn't this study on the pill heeded?
American Right to Life: Saving Children?
A wonderful Christmas story - the short version
The Legacy of Judas: National Right to Life
Merry Christmas from President Bush
US Fertility Rate Hits 35-Year High and Environmentalists are Unhappy About It
Save the Date: Blogs For Life 2008
Emergency Contraception Isn't
Sex education increases abstinence - twisting the results
Wichita Abortion Mill Makeover by Operation Rescue
Study shows sex education found to increase abstinence
New Stanek WND column, "'Juno': The movie pro-aborts will hate"
PPFA's Holiday Greeting Cards Empty as Abortion
New ProLife Chapter Established in Westmoreland County
Abortions rising again in Illinois
Hillary Clinton Cuts Teen Pregnancy by 1/3 - and Al Gore Invented the Internet..
32 week old baby aborted in a "lifesaving" procedure.
New Stanek WND column, "Hillary vs. Obama: Who's the biggest baby killing champion?"
Young Colorado Activist Goes to Root of Issue
"There Must Be Another Way:" Breakthrough Stem Cell Scientist Tells His Story.
The Carbon Footprint - the New Abortion Debate?
I Was Wrong, On a Couple of Counts, about the Idaho State University site.
Bleeding Kansas: The Abortion State - Money and Politics
Live Video - Institute on the Constitution Christmas Party
Mitt Romney just disqualified himself
Planned Parenthood exploits children
How well do you know Roe v. Wade?
Teen Birth Rates on the Rise - Speculation Without Evidence
Obama may have voted "present," but Hillary voted "yes"
Keep the Buzz About the Movie
A Matter of So-Called Linguistics
More Evidence: Childbirth Isn't More Life-Threatening to Mothers Than Abortion
Catholic Hospitals Forced into Endangering Preborn Babies: Is Your State Next?
Breaking news: New group challenges National Right to Life
Of These Presidential Candidates, Only ONE Consistently Believes in a Federal Ban on Abortion
Post-abortion awareness group seeks public support
Where Was Amnesty International When Gillian Gibbons Needed Them?
CNN the Magician and Its Secret: Accomplices-in-the-Audience Exposed
Breaking news: Georgia RTL bucks National RTL on prez endorsement
Live Video Today And Tomorrow From Norcross Georgia - Learn Conference
Video - interview with Georgia Representative Bobby Franklin
Henry Hyde (R) has Passed Away
CNN/YouTube Republican Debate: A Few Questions, A Few Answers
Free pro-life handbook from Focus on the Family
New Stanek WND column: "The Stephen Douglas of the 2008 race"
Three Cheers for Stem Cell Scientists
Pro-Life Signs Destroyed as Police Silence the 'Truth Truck'
Loving God and Loving our Neighbors -- a Balance?
Judge Patrick Kelly Dies (Summer of Mercy - Tiller's mill)
Bleeding Kansas: The Abortion State
Neverborn & Little Soul / Get Me Outta Here!
Gianna Jessen Charms Philadelphia Pro-Lifers
New Stanek WND column, "Collapse of civilization nears as UN identifies 'masculinization of Asia'"
Book Review "Politics of Abortion"
Translation of "induced Pluripotent (Adult) Stem Cells"
Human Skin Cells Do What Embryonic Stem Cells Can't
Fred the Federalist on abortion and euthanasia
New Study: Virginia's Abstinence Program Works
Hodari's license to lie
Embryo Distortion: Scientific Inaccuracy from the Main Stream Media
I. Huckabee Nails One Point;
II. Isn't Pro-Life, Pro-Life For All, Even The Children of Illegal Immigrants?

A Politician's Right to Life
Is NRLC Fred Pick Also About Stopping Mitt?
Regarding - A Website Tracking Truth in Presidential Politics
A Website Tracking Truth in Presidential Politics
How to Serve a Pregnant Woman with the Heart of Christ
Hit-And-Run Claim Filed Against Abortionist George Tiller
Philadelphia Daily News' Op-ed
Negative peer influence and premarital sex - another reason to homeschool?
New Stanek WND column, "My pillow-talking presidential pick"
Denver Planned Parenthood has a front company; Weitz falsifies permit documents
the Gift of Bella
Gary Wills distorts history, biology in LA article.
Pro-life Homeschooler Essay Contest
Bella: Good Message Good Showing
Call for Life Today! - Friday, November 2nd
Ron Paul for Life
No Escape from Clinton Hype
Boston's Buffer Zone
Cool, we're becoming 'more' pro-life!
All Souls In Purgatory, Or Not? Helps With Adoption Expenses
Government Schools Rape of Children's souls
New Stanek WND column, "Inside Planned Parenthood"
Caring About a Candidate's Position on Abortion
Focus and allies ask Congress to pull Planned Parenthood funding
NARAL (Once Again) Being Dishonest
Rudy Employs Pal, An Accused Pedophile Priest
Medved Kind Of States The Obvious (Guiliani more pro-life than Dems)...But Worth Reading
Science, Eugenics And The Slippery Slope
New Stanek WND column, "Behind the scenes at FRC Briefing"
Resiliency of Pro-Life Abortion Clinic Protesters
Bob Jones and Romney
Planned Parenthood at Holy Cross College
Over 4,000 Campuses in 16 Countries Take Part in Silent Pro-Life Protest Tomorrow
Romney Narrowly Edges Huckabee in Values Voter Straw Poll
Eduardo Verastegui
WB - Afternoon Session - Day 2
WB 2007 - Morning Session Has Ended
Gov. Mike Huckabee
McCain: I am Pro-Life Because I Know What It Is Like To Live Withouth Human Rights
Romney: I Will Be A Pro-Life President
Dr. Charmaine Yoest
Live Video - Washington Briefing 2007 - Day 2
PPFA Supports Philly's Public Radio Station WHYY
Did Senator Brownback Drop Out Of The Race?
WB Photographs - Courtesy
Live Video - Washington Briefing Afternoon Session
The MSM Strikes Again
Live Video - Washington Briefing 2007
40 Days for Life D.C. Midpoint Rally
It's time for Pro-Life Unity
A Documentary That Truly Documents Abortion
[PLAL] - URGENT Action for Wisconsin Residents
Tying Abortion to Millennium Development Goal #5
Oct. 16th - Washington D.C. 40 Days for Life Midpoint Rally
Reckless Threats Regarding Third Party Candidacy
New Stanek WND column, "Why Dobson is right"
Abortions up in Minnesota - Should they be proud?
National Children's Study Begins in the Womb
Nobel Prize for Adult Stem Cell Research?
Two baby boys
Get to Know Jill Stanek ...
Join in on LifeChain Sunday!
Here's Hoping for Hillary Fatigue
Log Cabin Republicans Hit on Mitt
NARAL Speaks for the Typical Gung-Ho-for-PBA American!
Planned Parenthood: greedy, irresponsible, unsafe, and untruthful
Monthly Call for Life
Hilllary Clinton wants federal tax dollars to pay for research on stem cells from cloned human embryos
Video - You're under arrest...for speaking the truth
Susan G. Komen & PP - Ask Br. Kamis to Rethink His Position
Komen, Planned Parenthood, Fungible Funds, and Brother Joe Kamis
New Stanek WND column, "Planned Parenthood's bulletproof glass"
Some Silver Linings in PPFA Aurora Opening
An Unplanned Blessing Whose Name is Jack
Father Doesn't Know Best: Britain's Nanny State Creates New Rules for Keeping Parents Out of the Loop
How About a Recall on Abortion?
Truthful and Good News, for a Change:
Verizon calls NARAL "unsavory" and "controversial"

PPFA Creates Its Own Credibility Gap
Chris Danze to help Colorado Planned Parenthood boycott
Bill to Put 'Aborting a Blob of Tissue' to Rest
Who stole abortion billboard?
SCOOP: $7.5 mil libel lawsuit against Planned Parenthood to be filed Tuesday
Priest Blasts 'Usual Suspects' For Votes Against Pro-Life Policy
Abortion: The Ultimate Cover-up
New Pro-Life Presidential Candidate Wayne Wilson
A Bitter Pill for PPFA to Swallow
PPFA's Dubious Explanation of Abortion
"The Medical Right": Executive Summary
National Right to Life Honors Schindler Family
Sept. 25th - Washington D.C. Area 40 Days for Life Kickoff Rally
What Do PPFA and O.J. Have in Common?
Online Window Shopping at PPFA's Store
Judge denies Planned Parenthood Aurora's request to open tomorrow
People With Signs=Anti-Choice Extremists
The Forgotten Cost of "Choice"
Parental Notification Laws Decrease Teen STD Rates
Protest of Aurora Planned Parenthood, September 15
What Percentage of PP's Business Really Is Abortions?
Sen. Casey Sells Out Pro-Lifeness & Pro-Lifers
Whimping Out on When Life Begins
Video clips from 9-11 Aurora City Council meeting
Real Concern for Reproductive Health in NJ
CPC Near Aurora Planned Parenthood;
Mass TONIGHT Down The Block From PP in Joliet Diocese, IL

Last night's Aurora City Council meeting
New Stanek WND column, "Planned Parenthood bombs itself"
StemLifeLine pushing parents to use extra embryos to "protect the future"
A Prayer for the Nation on September 11
Armani Exchange - Window Displays Gone too Far?
Planned Parenthood's full page ad in today's Beacon
Sean Hannity Scores Real Reporting on PPFA
Abortion clinics protect child rapists
LA Times: Planned Parenthood's "mask"
Back to Higher School With Students for Life
Hannity's Planned Parenthood segment
Hardball in Aurora II: Pushback
Hannity's America to investigate Planned Parenthood
Hardball in Aurora
Aurora Planned Parenthood opening "likely delayed"
Truth be Told, One Way or Another
September 7th - Call for Life Today!
Ironies of Planned Parenthood in Aurora
Embryo Adoption: A Donor's Story
Planned Parenthood Fed acknowledges Aurora battle
New Stanek WND column, "Planned Parenthood aims at mom and pop chop shops"
Love Begets Love
FNC at Aurora Planned Parenthood today
Nationwide Call For Life Friday, September 7th
The GOP Values Voters Presidential Debate
Wrong baby killed in Down syndrome abortion
Evangelicals birth control free - your input needed
New Stanek WND column, "Planned Parenthood driven underground"
Pro-Choicers Giddy That More Women Die in Childbirth!
Women Speak Out On Hillary
Honoring Eli - A Pro-Life Mom's Experience
Did Planned Parenthood commit fraud against Aurora, or are officials in on it?
"Big News" is really No News in the embryonic stem cell industry...
Embryonic Stem Cells Repair Human Heart? Not Hardly
Study/Survey Being Done On Pain of Abortion...
ALSO: Website for Men Dealing With Regret

Pro-life protest at Aurora Planned Parenthood
Wash For Life: Help Support Pregnancy Centers on September 15!
It's Not Enough, Rudy. It's Just Not Enough.
Reproductive Health Hazards in New Jersey II
Sweet Baby
More Than A Chit-Chat About Abortion
Dueling Urban Legends: Safety and Less Abortions With Plan B

New Stanek WND column, "Liberal misogynitis"
Another music video about saving sex...
When men just want relations and not relationships - (Updated with video...)
Preemies Speak for Life Without Saying a Word
Aborting Women Are So Decieved
Cort participates in Operation Save America 's Emancipation Proclamation signing
Arthur Miller had a son with Down syndrome - part 2
Arthur Miller had a son with Down syndrome
Prenatal diagnosis - raising public awareness and eliminating fear
Swimming lessons for infants can help save lives..
Birth Control Patch Video - Alleged Cause of Death
Edgy Pro-Abort Ad Aids Pro-Life Movement
Applying Principles of Economics to Abortion
Abortion, the 2008 Election, and William Wilberforce
New Stanek WND column, "Killer cupids"
Pro-Life Education Association Sept 8 Awards Brunch
Christina Page's Spin on "Pro-choice" Policy - Giving Credit Where Credit Isn't Due
Neonaticide as 'an Act of Delayed Abortion'
Lawsuit moves MI Gov. Granholm to remove embryonic stem cell petition from website
What Perfect World Would Pro-Choicers Want?
Summertime Living is Supposed to be Easy
FPA Back Door Tactics
Why Rudy Giuliani is Unfit for Office
It's a grisly practice
Rush Limbaugh, Christ Hospital, and Barack Obama
Pro-Life Action - Join 40 Days for Life
Window-shopping for PPFA Products
New Stanek WND column, "Helen Thomas' kind of life"
Recycled Chinese Slogans Could Help 'Pro-Choice' Cause
Political Pro-Life Pettiness Not Pretty
Dr. Maria Kraw - Medical Consequences of Contraception - Part 3
Fearmongering for Abortion Rights
More On Consequences of Illegal Abortions
Per UPI, abortionists are "health officials"; mills are "agencies"
"Persistent Vegetative State" Diagnoses Too Often A Rush To Judgement
A Matter of Life and Linguistics
Live video from Arundel Mall at
CEDAW and Abortion: The Evidence Is In
Dr. Maria Kraw - Medical Consequences of Contraception (YouTube)
Government-Imposed Involuntary Euthanasia
Wisconsin Senate Democrat State Health Insurance Plan Equals Taxpayer-Funded Abortions
What About Dead Fetuses Found in Clinics?
Lack of Non-Existent Partial-Birth Abortion Procedure Hurting Women
The Today Sponge and Realistic Failure Rates
"Future Depends on Love" Tour: Aug 3-11
Russia: Mass Weddings and Sex for the Motherland
Live from Hagerstown, MD - FTT Maryland 2007 2:00-2:45 pm Tuesday
Charges Fail To Stop Illegal Late-term Abortions In Kansas
Breyer undermining Roberts
Controversial UN Procedures Lead to UN Status for Homosexual Groups
Welcome Mat Out for Babies on Military Bases Face the Truth Tour 2007 To Be Held July 30th - August 3rd
Stand True Ministries to Protest MTV in New York City
Reproductive Health Hazards in New Jersey
New Stanek WND column, "Shout and twist"
A Tour Through Fallacy Land
No Mention of A-word in Eating Disorder News
Radical Homosexuals Outline Strategy for Advancing their Agenda at UN
Shoddy conditions at New Jersey abortion clinic revealed
Freedom of Conscience vs. the Right to Contraception
Pro-life Billboard Targets Atlanta Abortion Center Again
PBS's "Post Abortion Politics"
The Millennium Development Goals and Abortion
When the Party's Over
How to Publish Your Articles
Supreme Court ruling hints at new abortion stance
Congress: Stop Giving Our Money to Planned Parenthood
Dems Want to Pick Your Pockets for Abortions
SIRIUS RADIO show addresses post abortion syndrome and the resources available to those suffering.
Kennedy-Brownback bill re-introduced to Senate yesterday
Say "No" to Kevorkian and the University of Florida
Pro-Life Signature Ad Approaches 2500 Signatures
Obama's Radical Agenda
USA Today Looks at Test Predicting Babies' Sex
"How to Save a Life" Generation Life Summer Conference
Pro Choice Y'all !
Wichita Update
Hundreds Gather in Wichita
Was she killed or not?
Virginia Abortionist Surrenders License
What to say to a pregnant teenager
What makes you a person?
Pro-Life Advocates were Unlawfully Arrested
NRFC - News Headlines
Brownback Embarks on Pro-Life Tour
Kevorkian Petition Challenges the University of Florida
New Stanek WND column, "Those onerous barriers to abortion"
Prenatal Testing and Down Syndrome
Missouri Law Keeps Abortion Business out of Schools
Contraceptive Failure & "Comprehensive" Sex Ed...
Arizona's Pro-Life Conference
Face the Truth Tour Chicago - July 7 Through July 14
July 6th - Call for Life Today!
Embryo Screening
A Blessed Fourth of July
Redefining the Human Embryo
Pro-choice blogger smears imaginary prolife organization
(CORRECTED) OP-ED: Almost everybody does it by 20 - but is this healthy?
Another clinic blockade - a rebirth of rescue?
Pro-life leader assaulted by police during arrest over Life Display
Stop Honoring Murder!
The case of Jesse Ramirez
Pro-Lifers Make Impact At NEA Teacher Convention
Schiavo Attorney Speaks Out
Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes
Is it time to revive the clinic-blockade?
Abortionist George Tiller Charged
British Docs Sell Out the Unborn
New Stanek WND column, ""Who's to blame when aborting women die?"
Texas Right to Life Statewide Conference
Live from the "O" House - Rev. Rob Schenck - Faith and Action Live
What's the Rush?
A Miracle for Jesse Ramirez and His Family
Advice to Pro-Abortionists: How to Mollify Pro-Lifers
Good Fruit - Pro-Life Efforts Are Paying Off
Stopping "Therapeutic Abortion"
Pregnancy an Injury?
Approved Deliveries Only
Don't Live Your Faith (in public)
Yasmin Birth Control Pill Suspected in Two Deaths
U. S. Supreme Court Protects Grassroots Lobbying From McCain/Feingold Broadcast Blackout Periods
So, you want to dabble in future parenthood via IVF?
Planned Parenthood Blamed for Woman's Death
Being Human
Partial Birth Abortion May Soon Be a Reality In Northern Ireland.
Fathers' Rights
New Stanek WND column, "The pain of the partial birth abortion ban"
Bush Veto is the Right Choice
Fighting for Jesse Ramirez - An Update
Rising illegitimacy rate tied to legalized abortion
Gulf War Veteran Jesse Ramirez in the Fight for His Life
Accuracy in Embryonic Stem Cell Research Reporting
The New Absolutism of Abortionists
Brownback's Hometown Crowd
Fred Thompson Addresses the National Right to Life Convention
Happy Father's Day
Romney Draws Crowds and Criticism
Ellen Goodman's Latest Outright Falsehood
The soil of Kansas is stained red
Giuliani's Hatred of Abortion
Arizona Case Parallels that of Terri Schiavo
Another Schiavo Judge is Honored
National group boots Right to Life
Review Finds Medical Inaccuracies in So Called Comprehensive Sex Education Curricula
The sound of crickets chirping - media's response to new abstinence study
National Right to Life Convention
Eugenics Leads to Gender Gap in Asia
Pro-Life Unity Division
New Stanek WND column, "Purely fanatical"
Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Brownback challenges Romney: Let's Debate
Social Conservatives: Dump Giuliani
The Moral Bankruptcy of a World without God
Attorney General Threatens Psych Doc over Tiller Statements
Vote "No" for Giuliani
Doctors are not licensed as killers ...
Abortion Doctor's Records Exposed
A Sign of the Times
Sabotaging Family Values
A Contrast of two "Pro-Life" Candidates
Legal Criteria Not Met for Abortion of Viable Infants
Will Free Speech Prevail?
Stem Cell Conspiracy?
Pelosi's Biblical Power to Cure
Planned Parenthood killing more with your money
Planned Parenthood's 2005-06 report just out
Stem Cell Riddle
Protecting Freedom of Speech
The Language of Media Bias
The Stem Cell Bill Battle
Live Internet Video - Peter Shinn Speaking on Pro-Life Unity tonight in Wichita, Kansas
Congress recycles embryo destruction bill
U.S. House turns back stealth attempt by Democratic leadership to pass "clone-and-kill" bill
Finally! Court Allows Asylum for Victims of Forced Abortion
God to Rudy?
Kevorkian: The Less they Know, the More They Like Him...
Aborting The Monster of Abortion One Limb at a Time - The Partial Birth Abortion Ban
Politics of Appeasement
Pray at an abortion mill today
O'Reilly Rebounds With Hard-Hitting Expose' on Notorious Abortionist
Jack Kevorkian: Larger Than Death
Comprehensive Sexuality Education - a Bad Idea
The Morning After the Latest Plan B Study (Updated)
Memorial Day in Pictures
New Study Finds Plan B Can Possibly Cause Abortions (Updated)
3 HPV vaccine deaths reported since March 2007
Gonzales v. Carhart - Was it really a victory? Partial Birth Abortion
Rift opens in Christian Right
Faith and Action Live Broadcasting from the "O" House
New Stanek WND column, "Abortion foes dodge military bullet"
The Mindset of the Merciless: Aspiring Abortionists Speak Out
Left says proof of Right's takeover: media uses "unborn child" over "fetus"
Emilio Gonzales has Died
Is it a child or a paramecium?
How to Excel At Histrionics and Propaganda, in One Easy Lesson, by NARAL
Video - National Pro-Life Action Center Department of Justice press conference
Live from the "O" House - Rev. Rob Schenck doing a broadcast about the Supreme Court ruling
Contraception - It's time to stop ducking the issue.
New Stanek WND column, "Giuliani's unholy jihad"
Video: MSNBC quotes on Falwell's political influence
Farewell Dr. Jerry Falwell
Flawed HPV vaccine fizzles
Pro-Life Advocates Say Fred Thompson Close to Announcing Presidential Bid
Winning the Debate by Silencing the Opposition
Amnesty begins in the womb
The Kevorkian Release
Will conservatives vote for Rudolph Giuliani?
Throat Cancer linked to HPV Infection and Vaginal and/or Oral Sex
Planned Parenthood is getting sued again
Our Little Extras - A Mother's Day celebration of our children with Down syndrome
New Stanek WND column: "Rosie's pro-life Haiku crockapoo"
NOW vs. Scheidler: Game over, NOW loses big
Giuliani Gave To Planned Parenthood
Vatican Labels Same-sex Marriage, Abortion, and Euthanasia As What They Are - "Evil"
State Leaders Out of Touch with Parents
RU ready for an investigation of RU-486?
Since When Does Pro-Life Mean Killing the Disabled?
On Playing God
Nationwide United Action Call Today - Saturday May 5th
Why Abstinence Education Does Not Work (and It's not What you Think)
Call for Life Today! - Friday May 4th
Minority rules
Ramming Values Down American Parents' Throats
Bible Reading Marathon Ends Today - National Day of Prayer
Chutzpah Defined
Review: Emma's Journal by Juli Loesch Wiley
New Stanek WND column, "The Forced Abortion Act"
Archbishop Mocked Because of His Human Rights Stand
Post-partum depression and post-abortion depression
New York Governor Plans To Make Abortions More Accessable
Don't pop the champagne yet - PBA analysis
Supreme Court Rules Abortion Not Sacred
Banning grants to liberalize abortion laws abroad.
EXTRA Stanek WND column: "March of Dimes marches for death"
Comparing abortionists to terrorists on anniversary of nation's first abortion law!
Thought Police Alert: Christians In Bull's-eye In Dems' New 'Hate Crimes' plan
Live Broadcast - Faith and Action from the Nation's Capital
New Stanek WND column: "Aborted alive in the UK vs. USA"
Video - Judy Brown and "Saving Those Damned Catholics"
Today - April 24th Is National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day!
Video - Rev. Rob Schenck at the Supreme Court as a pro-abortion crowd appeared
Fighting to kill embryos
No Coincidences in Late 1960s: Mass Shootings, Legalized Abortion Both Become Common
faithmouse / Partial Birth Abortion Ban Upheld
Justice Ginsberg Abandons Stare Decisis?
Breaking: Supreme Court Rules on Partial Birth Abortion
Breaking: Supreme Court upholds the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban
The Connection Between Va. Tech and Georgia Tech's Hate Crimes
Food Not Condoms - Starving People Can't Eat Condoms!
The reality of egg donation
Video - President Bush at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast
Abortion Organizations Decry Declining Numbers of Abortionists in the U.K.
New book on surviving life-threatening morning sickness
No Room for Condoms in Africa - Seriously
Tiller the Killer video
Photo of "Baby" Samuel and his photographer
Faith and Action Live - Today at noon
Stem Cell Research Deception
Ironic, don't you think?
Judge grants temporary restraining order for Emilio Gonzales
Emilio Gonzales Remains on Life Support
Blogger inaccurately claims Time magazine inaccurately claims emergency contraception induces abortion
Ohio: Ortho Evra Victim Seeks Higher Damages...
Ortho Evra birth control patch - Johnson and Johnson tries to cover up..
Texas Mom Fights Hospital Death Sentence
Sweet and Sour Fetus: Chinese cannibalism
Manslaughter vs. abortion
Is Baby Samuel surgery photo an Urban Legend?
Video - Erik Whittington discusses the National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day on April 24th
Does Giuliani stand a chance with Pro-Life voters?
Dr. Charmaine Yoest To Deliver Lecture At Princeton University
TV Show Re-Enacts Unborn Baby Samuel's Hand Grasp of Surgeon's Finger
New Stanek WND column on MTV reality-show star's courageous choice
Construction vs. development
Radio you can watch
Run runs from abortion
Google, Amazon Help Disseminate Illegal Euthanasia Book
Operation T-4?
Not Dead Yet's protest of Terri's murder
Lest We Forget!
Thanks for Remembering Terri Schiavo
Remembering the Value of Terri Schiavo's Life
Terri Schiavo Died Two Years Ago
Pro-aborts suppress pro-life free speech
The inconvenient truth about Terri Schiavo and euthanasia
The Right to Choose: Legalize Homebirth Midwives in Illinois
The healthy baby with "zilch" chance of survival
America's vision of inclusion
New Stanek WND column, "Elizabeth Edwards still lauds culture of death"
Suicide Bill Should Be Labeled 'Covert Abuses Act'
Stop the National Abortion Push!
Reject Wisconsin "Death with Dignity" Bill
Terri Schiavo's Brother Rebukes Bishop Lynch
British "Experts" Want Nurses To Perform Abortions
Video - Rev. Rob Schenck, Rabbi Levin and Rev. Patrick Mahoney
Little Bo Sheep
40th commemoration of America's first abortion law
When insanity speaks, or doesn't speak
What's the REAL story behind comprehensive sexuality education?
Live Video - Dr. Mariam Grossman is speaking from 2:30 - 3:45 at the National Press Club in Wash. DC
Diversity on campus?
Vermont House Rejects Assisted Suicide
The New Sexual Revolution on Campus (Harvard's Abstinence Club)
Recipe for euthanasia
Sad Euthanasia Case from Oregon
A Constitutionally Protected Right to Market Pornography to Children?
Gays on gay abortions... strangely pro-life
Watching Texas With Increased Alarm
Emilio Gonzales Update and a Message to our Readers
My op ed today: "Politicians still wrong on Terri's case"
Live Broadcast - Faith and Action from the Nation's Capital
New Stanek WND column, "Abort gay babies?"
European Court Overrules Poland on Abortion Case
Reprieve for Baby Emilio
Little Emilio's Attorneys Seek Death Stay
CNN Considers those Abortion Greeting Cards
"Weak" pro-life ad
Texas mom fights to save her young child's life
Memorializing Child Killing
New meaning of monogamy
Toddler Forced Off Life Support - Help Needed
Terri Schiavo's Life and Death
Remembering Terri Schiavo
A Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Center
A stem cell eye treatment success
Benefits for Planned Parenthood Slipped into Iraq War Funding Bill
First Female US Doctor Fought Abortion
Abort gay babies?
A Hallmark-Like "E-Card" for Post-Abortion Women
Goodbye, Bowie
Ridiculous Defense of the Day
HRT versus Hormonal Contraception
Even CA has caved on HPV vaccine mandate
Found at legal abortion mill: "rusty crochet hooks"
Giuliani and the pro-life vote
Guest column: "Are you alive because of the laws against abortion?"
Folger to Conservatives: Take a Closer Look
Mark's Blog
What caused the number of abortions performed in America to decline?
Rudy Giuliani is NOT our Man
UK: Parental Consent for Contraception to be Debated
New Stanek column, "Sean Hannity vs. the Catholic Church"
Post-abortion sympathy cards
Let the Computers Decide?
Greeting Cards that Honor the Abortion Experience
Bobby Schindler, Brother of Terri Schiavo, Endorses Brownback for President
Pro-Life Success in the States: Strategies for the Current Decade and Beyond
Hannity bullies priest on contraception
Zell Miller: abortion decimating our population
Example of MSM stem cell bias; Catholics duped?
Guttmacher questions HPV mandate
Susan G Komen official pleads guilty to Federal Child Porn charges
Portugal Legalizes Abortion
Happy National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers!
Obama and conception
Hatch and Feinstein push for human cloning
HPV vaccine's "limited usefulness"
Homer Simpson could sanction underage abortions
Stem Cell Research Review
Live Video - MD Right to Life Conference - 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Tonight
Blessing abortion
Live Video & Audio - Rob Schenck from Faith And Action
Woman Awakes From 'Vegetative State'
New Stanek WND column: "3rd annual Abortionist of the Year award"
Chicago Tribune: "The incredible, sellable egg"
CPAC - get with the program
The Face of Pro-Abortiion
Women Speak Out About Abortion
HPV vaccine targets wrong age group
She knew the secret of life and it is not in receiving but giving ...
Is the Monthly Call for Life a waste of time?
USCCB "false" ads
Embryo terminology
March 2nd - Call for Life Today!
Ultrasounds hurt women... because we say so
Huckabee Interview Tonight
Most interesting exchange, IL Senate hearing, mandated HPV vaccine
New Stanek WND column, "Italian abortion mafia"
Focus on the Family Publishes Confusing Piece on HPV Vaccine
New Jersey Abortion Mill Closed for "Immediate and Serious Risk of Harm to Patients"
The Inability to See - Would Jesus Support Embryonic Stem Cell Research?
CDC vaccine chairman opposes HPV vaccine mandate
Gardasil is not a cancer vaccine and not necessary
Mandate male circumcision?
Happy Birthday No Room for Contraception!!!! The Year in Review Part 1
Complaint Filed Against Kansas Abortionist
Think human cloning and genetic engineering are just for science fiction? Think again!
New Study Confirms Blood Clot Risk of the "Patch" Contraceptive
Right to privacy vs. right to refuse
No Palliative Care or Adoption on His Watch!
Listen to Sharon Hughes every day
Our argument is we have no argument
Movie: Amazing Grace
NYC's ruptured condom campaign
ABC News Recognizes Abortion's Collision Course with Technology
Human eggs for sale
Planned Parenthood's New Pro-Abortion Cell Phone
Moral Muddle on Medical Murder
New Stanek WND column, "Why not mandate condoms for boys?"
SCOTUS Okays Discrimination Against Christians?
Merck admits influencing legislators thru WiG and cash
Merck suspends mandatory HPV vaccine campaign
World's youngest surviving baby born in Miami
Generations for Life: NYC Condoms & Project Plus
Vote now on Roe v. Wade poll
IL Choose Life plates on hold again
The anti-contraception debate heats up on campus
Time: Cover story on pregnancy care centers
Gone and hoped forgotten
Why not mandate condoms for boys?
Reserve you seats for the AZRTL Gala
A Pro-Choice Myth
Brownback and 35 Other Senators Urge President to Champion Life Issues
Sen. Samuel Brownback and Abortion
Are You Kidding? The MSM Does a Positive Piece on Pro-Life CPCs?
Losing the MAP battle: crippled over contraceptives
George: Keep the main embryo the main embryo
Giuliani a Social Conservative? Hardly
The Grand Chocolate Giveaway
HR618 - The new Right to Life Bill
Don't Outlaw Abortion...Just the Pictures!
Response from Phill Kline to KS Supreme decision
Giuliani: life support or death knell?
Conservative Blogger Enlisted by Duncan Hunter's Campaign
Documenting the Hidden Holocaust
New Stanek WND column, "The link between HPV and lung cancer"
Happy National Condom Day!
Cindy Richards, the Cindy Sheehan of the anti-life movement
NBC Nightly News on Romney's Candidacy
Giuliani Won't Win Social Conservatives
FOX News Aids Abortion Industry Fear-Mongering with "Did Motherhood Kill Anna Nicole Smith?"
The Media Continues To Get It Wrong on Terri Schiavo
AP: "Life of the mother" abortions now a nonissue
Embryonic Stem Cell Research Survey
Who's drinking the Kool-Aid?
Romney and Pro-Life Support
Bodies of evidence
Darwin would be proud ...
Giuliani and Social Conservatives
NRFC welcomes columnist Jill Stanek to its blogging team.
The "I Want Abortion" Generation
Obama, Religion and Abortion
Baby Rowan 911 call
Pro-lifers greet pro-abortion presidential candidate Barack Obama
Anti-choice pro-aborts
Ultrasound photos "squick" her out
Live Video - Evening gathering - Leaders for Life - until 8:30pm
Former RNC deputy chair Jack Oliver is Merck lobbyist
Marketing abortion properly
NEJM survey: doctors against abortion, for consciences
The Beauty of Down Syndrome
Pro-Life Legislation Reduces Abortion
New Stanek WND column, "Incrementalists and purists vs. the South Dakota abortion ban"
No Kids, No Marriage
In their own words: pro-lifers are "brilliant" and "pro-choice" is defensive
HPV and lung cancer
Abortion and African American Genocide
Barage of legislative gunfire to block Perry's exec order
Video - Interview with Congressman Duncan Hunter
Giuliani Nears Candidacy, Discusses Abortion
The Intolerance of "Tolerance"
Giuliani and Pro-Life Spin
Romney Abortion Update
The Case for Duncan Hunter
The most inspiring post I've read this year ...
Brace for HPV executive orders
Giuliani vs Hilary - What would you do?
Walk for Life West Coast
Giuliani, Abortion and Common Ground
Never Again? What About Our Preborn Children?
Mary Cheney: Pro-life
March for Life and Media Bias
Mitt Romney's Pro-Life Conversion
New Stanek WND column: "People magazine: Don't stop, get a shot"
Quick Links
South Dakota Lawmakers Prepare New Abortion Measure
Abortion clinic director: "I am pro-life"
Brownback, an advocate for the disabled
What's the Difference? A Tale of Two Marches
The Attack on Kids with Down Syndrome
US News & Incorrect World Report
Huckabee Seeks Republican Nomination
New Breast Cancer study links to Birth Control
People Magazine: Don't stop, get a shot
Brownback Draws Cheers During March for Life
March for Life Video
Regretting your abortion? You are already forgiven
It's all in the water
Project Plus--the history
No Room for Contraception Introduces Britt Shankle
If only my sister were a convicted murderer
Pro-Life Vs. Pro-Choice Interviews
Invasion of Privacy: State has no Business Mandating HPV Vaccine
March for Life Pictures
New Stanek WND column, "The AP's fetus frenzy"
Addendum from the FDA
KUDOS & a word on the FDA
Blogs4Life spy games
Anti-Contraception Advocate Reaches Out to Presidential Candidates.
March for Life - Barbara's Pictures
The 2007 March for Life
Live Video from the March for Life
Blogs4Life Conference is Live
Stanek: Powerpoint slides Blogs4Life speech
Demonstrations Precede the March for Life
In the left's twisted logic, abortion-promoters create a "culture of life"
Blogging Conference
Cry For Justice Kicks off in Wichita
It's time for the pro-life movement to address contraception
Blogs4LIfe, Live Video Feeds and an Expanded Schedule
See you at the March
Along the same lines...
A message to our readers from Lanore Dixon
Mission Impossible: (Arizona) Agents of Change
Blogs4Life Conference at the Family Research Council - January 22nd
Note to AP: Update stylebook on correct use of "fetus"
Spina Bifida baby to be Aborted if not Adopted
40 Years in the Wilderness
New Stanek WND column, "When Obama chose his church over his state"
Brownback, Hunter to Join Blogs For Life Conference
Terri Schiavo's Siblings to Attend March for Life
"Social justice" movement dangerous to Pro-life movement
UK Catholics Starting to Carry "Do Not Euthanize" Cards
Why note age of embryonic stem cells?
Urgent - Sign The Kansas Signature Ad - Last Day Is Sunday The 14th
Some Weekend Reading
Fixed Link - Mary Healy broadcasting live now - 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm - Jan. 12th
Radio Station 'Allows' Pro-Life Ads
Brownback Urges Ethical Stem Cell Research
Pro-Life web site and blog owners
Bush will Veto Embryonic Stem Cell Legislation
March for Life Rally and Route Map
Getting Ready for Blogs4Life
Bioethics Center Slams Embryonic Stem Cell Act
House Approves Unethical Embryonic Stem Cell Research Bill
Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me When I'm 63?
The Center for Arizona Policy has a Blog
Robert Schindler is Improving
Video - Erik Whittington at St. Peter's Church responding to Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House
Blogging for Life
We Deserve Better Than Embryonic Stem Cell Research Fraud
Advancing Stem Cell Science Without Destroying Human Life
The Democrats' Newest Snake Oil Scheme: Clinton, Carter Tempt Baptists Away from Biblical Values
Doctors Starve Stroke Victim in UK
Free Blogs4Life Cartoons
New Stanek WND column, "Barack Obama's constitutional crisis"
Destroying Life is Pro-Life?
The Prolife Cause and the Coming Revolution: Abortion and the Death of Man
Your Designer Baby is Ready
Rob Schenck Interview At St. Peter's Catholic Church
Ethical Stem Cell Research Gains Applause from National Pro-Life Group
Blogs4Life Online Symposium
Exciting March for Life Conference on January 22nd!
Oppose the bill funding research that kills human embryos
Celebrating a Life Dedicated to Life's Defense
NY Times "Corrects" its Pro-Abortion Story
Can "womb fluid" end the embryonic stem cell debate?
3 Children spared from certain death
Exciting News about Blogs4Life!
Call for Life Today! - Friday, January 5th
2006 and preborn children
Personhood and Planned Parenthood
No Euthanasia Case Too Shady for UK Press
New Congress To Vote Quickly on Federal Funding of Embryo-Killing Research
Broadcasting live - picketing Pelosi at St. Peter's
More on Down's Syndrome Testing
What about her dead baby?
New Stanek WND column, "Born Alive Veterans for Truth"
Wisconsin Pro-Lifers Challenge Judicial Speech Restrictions
Obstetricians Push to Expand Down's Syndrome Screening
Joe Scheidler at a Chicago abortion mill
Time for the NY Times to post a correction on its story about abortion in El Salvador
The ACLU is Fighting for the Trafficking of Women Worldwide
Hillcrest Report - Week ending December 23rd
Dr. D. James Kennedy Hospitalized
Emergency Contraception: Study shows No Decrease in Pregnancy Rates..
Bob Schindler Update
Access to Emergency Contraception
What kind of car would Jesus drive to take his girlfriend to an abortion clinic?
Are they afraid of the truth?
Judge Clark ruled properly in the past, will he do so now?
Kline Gets Hearing on Motion to Reinstate Tiller Charges
What to expect in 2007: Congress, the Media, and the Guttmacher Institute
7 Children escape brutal attack!
Kline's Statement, Tiller Charges & Rebuttal to Foulston
Charges Against Kansas Abortionist Tiller Dropped
Pro-Life Group Not Surprised by Criminal Charges Against Abortionist
Abortionist Tiller Charged With Multiple Counts
Abortionist George Tiller Charged
New Book on the Schiavo Case
Advances in Ethical Stem Cell Research
Cloning Benefits Oversold
Pray for Robert Schindler
Roback Morse on the "rubber ideology" of "condomism"
Genevieve Parker's Latest Posts
Pandering to Pelosi
Welby's Doctor Defies Judge, Turns Off Respirator
New Book "Tangled Web" Chronicles Schiavo Case
Sirius pro-life talk show host
Pro-Life Events In January
Rick Warren and Barack Obama
Charlotte Wyatt to be Discharged
New Stanek WND column: "Is God allowing abortion to save eternal lives?"
A Well Intentioned Murder?
Stand for Life: Tell President Bush to Defend the Unborn from New Attacks
The Problem with the Culture of Drive-Thru Abortions
Butchering babies for stem cells?
Is Dr Welby's Case in Italy Really About Euthanasia?
Take the Great Stem Cell Quiz
Help Promote Blogs4Life
Human Harvesting for Stem Cells Begins in Ukraine
Happy Birthday
The Contraceptive Mentality, Men, and Abortion
A Growing Split
Nativity display stolen by angry employee of "Tiller the Killer".
Campus Psychiatrist Reveals harms of ‘Sexual Choices'
Teen pregnancy ~ are we getting at the underlying issue?
The Disquieting of the Unchaste: A Review of The Thrill of the Chaste by Dawn Eden
A Horrific Story about Late Term Abortion
Dead Fetal Pain Act Causing Pain in Movement
Judy Shiminsky 1942 - 2006
Announcing the Annual Conference of Pro-Life Bloggers
Judy Shiminsky Update - 12/11/06
Virginia - Judy update
Woman needs our help in Virginia!!!
Can you be religious & not Pro-Life?
Charlotte Wyatt to be taken away from her parents
Audio Interview with Day Gardner
"The Pink Kitchen Sink in the Livingroom" That TIME Still Ignores.
Insane "Pro-Life" bills and conflicting messages in the Pro-Life movement
New Stanek WND column: "Warren, Obama: It takes more than wings to fly"
Pain Awareness Act or Sedation Murder Act?
Abortion by Midwife Promoted in Medical Journal
December 1st - Call for LIFE today!
The Role of Contraception in Increasing Abortion
Spain Ready to Jump on Euthanasia Bandwagon
Joe Scheidler - Live Broadcast From Family Planning Associates Abortion mill
The male contraceptive - will men use it?
Joe & Ann Scheidler - Live Broadcast From Chicago University
Ganstas 4 Lyfe
They say contraception reduces abortion, but....
ACT Backs Down
Move over "morning after pill", here comes the "before the date" pill..
Finally: Abortion "Newspeak" Publicly Acknowledged
Parachutes, Abstinence, Random Controlled Trials
Beyond Belief: the Institutional Delusion of Scientism
Clinic Photos Incriminate Child Rapist - Rapists Will Now Resort to "Plan B"
New Stanek WND column: "Abortion and the end of the world"
Post Election - Pro-abortion Democrats flex their muscles
Or Will the '08 Pro-Life Support Go for Brownback?
Biotech CEO threatens Critics
The new face of HHS's family planning arm: Dr. Eric Keroack
Plan B: backing up irresponsible behavior - more evidence
Adult Stem Cells, Muscular Dystrophy: Old News, Biased Coverage
Critical Care of Babies Born and Unborn
More stem cell breakthroughs without killing embryos
Plan B gives new meaning to "pick your poison"
proLive Blogging From Towson University
"Married Love and the Gift of Life" Adopted by Bishops - Text Available
"Birth Control is Harmful" Billboards Revisited.
November 15th - Towson Maryland University GAP
New Stanek WND column, "GOP + Gays = Anti-Life"
Goodbye Norplant, Hello Implanon
New Video at - Pro-Life on the Road
Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch - Over 1,000 Claimants..
New Stanek WND column: "11/7: Day of disaster for pro-lifers?"
The No Room for Contraception Campaign Welcomes Genevieve Parker!
Facts never get in the way of propaganda
Abortion quotes of the week
We Need Sharing, Not Eggs or Embryos
O'Reilly Takes Aim at Late-Term Abortion
New Stanek WND column, "Legitimizing partial-birth abortion"
The American people didn't quit... we did
Sex on Campus: Not as Fulfilling as you Think
Catholic Bishops Prepare Document on Married Love
Justice Kennedy will vote with Us?
Scenes from PBA ban Supreme Court hearing today
CPCs Remain Optimistic
Elections Results 2006
"Birth Control is Harmful" Billboards
Live video & Internet radio broadcasting today
Rev. Patrick Mahoney at the Supreme Court November 7th
Vote For Life
Vote For Life
Time to Vote!
Parental notification - a bad idea for child predators..
Eugenic Abortion Leads to Infanticide
UK OB-GYNs Jump On the Groningen Bandwagon
The rumor about John Paul Stevens
On Eve of Election Day, National Pro Life Radio Announces New Online Programming
Kansas Attorney General Drops Abortion Bombshell on O'Reilly Factor
Baby Rushmore
Wesley Smith on Michael J. Fox
Native American Vote Crucial - Hear War Song for the Child Alive
November 3rd - Call for LIFE today!
Doctors encourage Californians to vote YES on proposition 85
Scientists' Open Letter: Missouri's Amendment 2 Authorizes Human Cloning
Women hurt by abortion speak out about partial birth abortion
A Diabetic on Michael J. Fox and Missouri Amendment 2
Another Dozen Reasons to Vote Pro-Life
New Stanek WND column, "Product of rape Jesse Jackson on SD abortion ban"
FDA Guidelines on Vaccines/Aborted Fetal Cell Lines Open for Public Comment
Stem Cell Commercial
Proposition 85 (CA) - Diana Lopez -
Fr. Frank Pavone: Election 2006
Arizona: the Time to Vote is Now
Trick or Treat?
Michael J. Fox hasn't read Missouri's Amendment Two?
Jesse Jackson on embryonic stem cells
Action Alert! Help pass pro-life initiatives in CA, OR, SD and defeat Amendment 2 in Missouri.
Help Protect our Daughters
Abortionist Now Favors Abortion Ban
Audio - Discussion with Erik Whittington In South Dakota - Rock For Life
MJFox: Explain what would be "criminalize[d]"
FRC Webcast "Missouri: The 'Clone-Me' State? The Politics Of Cloning And Stem Cells,"
Censored! - Charlotte Wyatt Blog
Pray for Eric
What Happens to the "Extra" Embryos? Announces Launch
Civic Responsibility
Gay Marriage by Judicial Fiat
Reponse to MJ Fox misinformation ad
Obama's fundraising letter using the "so-called" partial birth abortion ban
New Stanek WND column, "The power of suppression"
Responding to Michael J. Fox
Population Control vs. the Culture of Life
They Must be Doing Something Right
Blobs of tissue inside and out?
Fundraising success: abortion
Voting Pro-life
Students Day of Silent Solidarity Tomorrow - Tuesday, October 24th
Breast Cancer and Oral Contraception
Calling all Arizona Bloggers
Another angle on voting pro-life
Missouri's Amendment 2 is 2Tricky
Judges Help Abortion-Minded Young Women Evade Florida Law
Silent No More Signature Ad: 1,700 Women Who Regret Our Abortions
Thank God for Louisiana State University students with brains, common sense and guts.
"Human Rights" Organization Gives Highest Honor to Abortion Activist
Mark Crutcher
Baby Charlotte to be Put in Foster Care
3rd Annual Students Day Of Silent Solidarity - Tuesday October 24th, 2006
November 8th Action Call
Remarkable Images Published by the New York Daily News
Joe Scheidler to speak in Wisconsin
FRC Simulcast To Challenge ACLU Attack On Parental Rights
'Euthanasia Blues'
Bishop Olmsted on Catholics in the Public Square
Go To
Governor Granholm Lies During Debate on Prolife Issues
New book on Down syndrome children
Pro-Life Leftists
New Stanek WND column: "What lies beneath: MO's titanic stem cell initiative"
No Longer in a Permanent Vegetative State
Yamhill, Oregon boy wakes up after two years in a PSV
World Gone Mad
Women Who Regret Abortion Respond to Ms. Magazine
Publicity Stunt Draws Outrage
Two Men Jailed, Truth Truck Impounded in Oklahoma City
'Truth Talk' To The Muslim World
Women Sign 'We Helped Our Granddaughters Abort' Petition
We had Abortions
October 6th - Call for Life Today!
Mama Lisa
Scientific Experimentation without Limits
The Thuggery of Ethicists
China: Her Husband Opposed Abortion - She is Harassed
Abortion and Regret
What Does the NEA Have Against My Kid's Virginity?
Vote in AOL's Ms. Magazine poll
Stem Cell Research - Beyond the Hype
Linking to
Adult Stem Cells Treat Autoimmune Disease
This is Homicide
Experimenting on the Incapacitated
The 'We Had Abortions' Campaign
"Stem Cell Research: Beyond Hype, Real Hope"
"Compassion" - A Memorial Sculpture To Terri Schiavo
New Stanek column on WND: "Cut-and-run pro-lifers"
The Abortion Notification Bill Fails in the Senate - Now What?
The Vetoes of Arizona's Pro-Abortion Governor
A Child's Perspective
African Christians Take Stand for Life
The abortion industry's values and traditions
Sen. Stabenow votes against ending out-of-state secret teen abortions
Never known...not forgotten: 47 million dead
Big Blue Wave Pro-Life Blogburst
Killing Rather than Protecting
Eight Senate Democrats Flip, Kill Parental Notification Bill
I'm not surprised
Surprise, The ACLU & Liberals Force People To Have Abortions
A tearful tribute to a 'genuine American hero'
Nazi Euthanasia Victims Found in Mass Grave
Cog in wheel, pebble in shoe: Update on parental notice bill
National Life Chain Sunday 2006
Book review: A Return to Modesty
Nationwide participation expected on day dedicated to remembering 47 million babies lost to abortion
LifeChain 2006 is this Sunday
China's Gender Gap Growing
The South African Life Chain
Frist filed for a cloture vote tonight on interstate parental notice bill
Italian President Pushing Euthanasia Debate
New Stanek WND column: "Blame Frist if parental notification bill fails"
Embryos don't die in car accidents: Why pro-lifers should oppose dead embryo research
Violence Breeds More Violence
Playing vegetative mind games - a response
Why aren't women being told about the abortion breast cancer link?
Marketing Hypocrisy
A heart-breaking reality of abortion
A Ford Mustang versus the Right to Life
Abortion Video
Calling All Homeschoolers
Woman Charged in Shocking Murder of Friend and Child
Live Blogging the AZRTL Conference
Euthanists at Canadian Conference: Christians are the Enemy
What Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer is and what it isn't
New Stanek WND column, "DOJ: Betraying aborted-alive babies?"
3:00 - 6:00 p.m. - Programming Rebroadcasts
Bragging about Euthanasia - News Release
Parents kidnap daughter for forced abortion
Arizona's Annual Pro-Life Conference
Munsil Challeges AZ Governor to a Blog-Off
Remembering the 47 million babies lost to abortion
Escaping the Texas Futile Care Law
No, Oral Contraception Does not Reduce Abortion Rates
South Dakota Prolifers Need your HELP!!!
Where's the Substance?
Wash For Life
Protest Called Against Euthanasia Extremist
What Harm Does Testing Do?
Bioethics? Whose Might We Refer To?
American Life League Pro-Life Memorial Day Is October 2nd
Pennsylvania Doctor Loses License To Practice Medicine
Fetuses? You're soaking in them!
Congratulations to Len Munsil
Apprentice Contestant Tarek Saab Continues to Make Waves
The Essence of Sidewalk Counseling
Arizona Voters: Len Munsil for Governor
ACT Debacle Turning into Another Stem Cell Hoax
Cleveland Abortion Facility Closed Because Of Health Code Violations
If the Towers Had Names, What Would They Have Been?
Failure complex
9/11 Conspiracies?
Yes, We Support Len Munsil for Governor
The Washington Post Covers Ultrasounds
Marketing Death
Support Len Munsil for Governor
Black Clergy Charge Genocide
The End of "The Lesser Of Two Evils"
'Persistent Vegitative States' And The 'Culture Of Death' - More Evidence That They're 'Dead Wrong'
Vegetative Yet Conscious?
Margaret Sanger & 'The New Woman' -- An Indispensable Article by Anne Barbeau Gardiner
Pro-Abortion Advocates Vandalize Catholic Church Pro-Life Display
Why Choose Life?
Romney Imposes Regulations on "Orwellian" Stem Cell Research
Associated Press Embraces Bias and Supports Abortionists in News Coverage
Letter from the FDA's Dr. Hager on Plan B decision
Battle the Medical Elite
September 1st - Call for Life Today!
Apprentice Celebrity Begins Clothing Venture
Misplaced Outrage: Colorado Liberals Not Upset About Abortion Among Black Women, They're Only Mad Because a Republican Brought Up the Subject
New Stanek column on WND: "Babes in Thailand rapists needn't leave U.S."
Law Prof Rick Duncan Takes On the Morning After Pill on National Public Radio
Right to Life Act
Media Duped Again: Human Embryos Weren't "Spared"
The Plan B Enigma
Anti-contraception Group Calls FDA's Plan B Decision Irresponsible
Morning-After Pill Decision Throws Women's Health Concerns to the Wind
New Embryonic Stem Cell Study Smoke and Mirrors Says Bioethicist
A flagrant disregard for the health and safety of women
Over-the-Counter Sales of Powerful Drug Puts Women's Lives in Jeopardy
FRC News
The OTC Chemical Abortion Decision
FDA Scheme for 'Plan B' is Medically and Legally Questionable
FRC Reviews Legal Options After FDA's Plan B Decision
FDA Oversteps Authority by Approving Non-Prescription Access to Morning-After Pill
Petition To President Bush About The Florida Abortion Mills
Plan B Compromise Totally Unworkable!
Mainstream Media Continues to Ignore Adult Stem Cell Advances
September 1st is the next Call For Life Day
The Anchoress Support For Pro-Abortion Candidates
"Rigorous Application Process"
FREE Teleseminar Series from the Pro-Life Action League Begins 8/22
The Birth Control Pill -- Does It Really Cause Abortions?
Catching up from the Summer
World Magazine article on Hialeah abortion clinic baby murder case
Five Pendergraft Abortion Facilities Closed In Florida
Judie Brown Weekly Column
More breaking news from FL: Late term abortionist Pendergraft license suspended
Stanek 8-16 column: Breaking news on Hialeah abortion clinic baby murder case
The Embryonic Stem Cell Frauds You Don't Hear About
Clone the Truth #16
John Paul II's Take On America
Physicians, Petri dishes, and Pregnancy
Medical Breakthrough: Could Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Make the Embryonic Stem Cell Controversy Obsolete?
A Nation Of Great People
How Much Do You Know About Vaccines?
A nation of morons
American Life League column: Plan A: Scrap Plan B
National Pro-Life Leader Rallies Supporters to Defeat Abortion Status Quo at Weekend Event
Science Can't Prove the Unborn aren't Human Beings so I'll Turn to the Bible
CNN Report: Adult Stem Cell Research is a Money Maker
Badass For Life
South Dakota Update -- The Billion Brothers Split on Abortion Ban
New Stanek column on WND: "Miami - legalized back-alley abortion capital of the US"
Support EWTN
The Auction Of Pro-Life Domains
A Deadly Back-Room Deal: California's Biggest Union Opposes Parental Involvment in Abortion Decisions
A Democrat and a Republican ask Gates Foundation to fund human killing research
Will (can?) the real Democrats please stand up?
Clock ticking... Child Custody Protection Act update
Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Update
PRESS MISSES HUGE STORY - Abortion Premature Birth Link
Clear Thinking About Plan B
Medical Dictionaries Prove Plan B Advocates Wrong
Is Plan B Ethical?
Ending Child Sacrifice
Right To Exist
Alert: Sign on-line petition telling Senate Democrats to stop obstructing Child Custody Protection Act
Terri's Dad weighs in on the Florida gubinatorial race
Amnesty International's Desire to Promote Abortion Is Beginning to Hit the Headlines
Dead baby found
Condoms for Kids?
News from the front - 900 S. Washington St. Abortion Mill
Dead baby found in FL abortion clinic
How should they hear about it?
Governor Granholm using state's website to lobby for bills to legalize human cloning
"Contraception Is Not the Answer" National Conference, 9/22-23
Child Custody Protection Act not in the bag
New Stanek column on WND: "The impact of the fetus farming ban on embryonic stem cell research"
Senate Votes Yes: Crossing State Lines for an Abortion on a Minor Will Now Be Illegal
The "embryos" only have us - Now is time for action
Redeeming the Times
A Shame ...
The Cost of Selfishness
Child Custody Protection Act
MTP in the News
President holds the line for life
No fetus farms in IL and NJ
Defend Life Truth Tour - Day 5
Testimony: stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury
Stem Cell Alternatives and Embryonics Research Scams
Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries
Disability Advocate Applauds Bush Veto
Truth Tour Checks in During Rush Hour
To the Ash Heap of History
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Truth Tour Update
She has a point ....
Trial of China Abortion Activist Delayed
CWA Repudiates Attacks on Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Truth Tour Hits Westminster, MD
The President's Veto
Pavone Gets it Right
Bush Makes First Veto in Defense of Human Life
Abortion Politics Trumps Women's Healthcare
Embryonic Stem Cell Research is Wholly Dehumanizing
Stem Cell Resources and More Lies from the Wannabe Missouri Cloners
NY Times Gets It Wrong (Really Wrong) About Parental Involvement Laws
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
New Stanek column on WND: "Why Jesus Christ would not vote for Barack Obama"
Pro-Life Protests in Mississippi Hope to Close State's Last Abortion Mill
Senate Approves Funding for Stem Cell Research
Tony Perkins Comments on the Historic Senate Vote On Embryo Destructive Research
Care Net and Pregnancy Centers Attacked
Waxman Attacks CPCs
Doctor Charged in Illegal Abortion Manslaughter Case
More on Arrests Made in Katrina Patient Deaths
Ad Hominem Attack Uses Labels to Attack Life Oriented Groups
Arrests Made in Katrina Patient Deaths
White House Statements on Bioethics Bills
Assisting Execution
National Pro-Life Radio ...
Canadian Report Claims China Harvesting Organs from Falun Gong Members
Check this out: Straight Talk on Right Talk Radio
A Twisted World
Eviction Notice
Liberal columnist has second thoughts?
Crossroads Pro-Life Walk Across America at the 2000 mile mark
Like Lambs to the Slaughter
Cervical Cancer, Vaccines, and Deception
NJ Supreme Court to Hear Important Medical Malpractice Case Against Abortionist
The Beverly Killbillies
Somebody Needs to Tell This Guy His 15 Minutes of Fame are UP!!
The folly of embryonic stem cell research
One Terry Reminding Us of Another Terri
Summing up the "Onion" flap
Michael Reagan Nails It on Embryonic Stem Cell Research
College Ejumacated
"I know I murdered the life within me."
Another Texas Futile Care Controversy
Former Wichita Abortion Clinic Open for Public Tours
Hollywood to America: You Must Watch Our Smut
Shaking their fists at Governor Owens
Column raises a concern
Monthly Call for Life
Seeing Abortion Through a Child's Eyes
Honesty. What Michael Kinsley is missing in the stem cell debate.
Bob Casey's Twisted Interpretations of Being Pro-Life
Revisiting the Supposedly Deceptive CPC Story
Where There's Life, There's Hope
For our Friends in Arizona
Egregious Example of Judicial Interference
A perfect child
Fire Thunder fired
What about my rights?
Choose-Life Plates are 'Anti'?
Woman Dies Attempting to Flee Forced Abortion
Fetal Farming Ban
Wichita Abortion Mill Closed by Operation Rescue
Another 'Miracle' Found Wanting
Contraception Deception: The Abortion Rights Movement Plays Word Games to Hide Abortion
Does being pro-life define who you are?
Have you changed too?
Omaha Abortion Business Going Under?
Only Omaha Abortion Mill Closes
Stunning Rebuke of Planned Parenthood
Redeeming the Times
Assisted Suicide Bill Rejected
Parental Notification makes CA Ballot
Ten Commandments now under fire on private property
Sweet Baby James Update/ Thoughts on Adoption
Getting Used to the Killing
China's Crackdown on Sex-Selection Abortions Stalls
Will Buffett's Billions be Used to Spread Abortion?
Bioethics Rumble in Albany
NKU Professor Resolves Controversy
Urgent adoption need - Chinese baby with Down syndrome
Michigan abortions down again
Condom use reduces women's HPV risk?
I wish I were there ...
ALL ad affirming sacredness of human life to run in South Dakota reservation's newspaper
Mother Gunned Down for Refusing an Abortion
Abortion Consent Dispute
Assisted Suicide and Language Perversion
Screening Embryos in Britain
What is going on in Wisconsin?
Second Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Added to Supreme Court Docket
Nebraska pro-life community stands up for ordinary care
I just wanted to put a face to what we are celebrating today
Louisiana's Abortion Ban
Catholic Bishops, Communion, and how the Bishops "washed their hands" of the abortion "problem" - Update
New pro-life radio show on Salem's AM 1160, WYLL, Chicago
Euthanasia Law Being Considered in India
Abortion Clinic Closes
Eugenics in the United States
New Stanek column on WND: "Quit De Wining about the Santorum Spectercle"
The Progressive Era
The Slander Against CPCs
Life Links 6/13/06
The Schiavo Case
The Baby Boomer Death Manifesto
State Court: Parents should be heard
Pro-life healthcare groups fight attempts to criminalize right of conscience
Virginity Pledges
Hentoff on the Culture of Death
The Pretense of End of Life Wishes
Making a difference
Robert Weiler's Parents Blew the Whistler
Making Designer Babies (by aborting the imperfect)
Baby Born, Mother Taken off Life Support
Waking those in a Permanent Vegetative State
Response to the arrest of Robert Weiler
Fired Abortion Rights Advocate can't Sue
From an Embryonic Stem Cell Research Supporter to Opponent
Joe Scheidler has been Vindicated
Cloning to Kill
The Prisoner has a Right to Starve?
Teaching to Kill
Pro-Life Newcomer Wins Primary
Louisiana Governor Plans to Sign Anti-Abortion Law
Cloning, eugenics and the destruction of life
Still Time to Register for NRLC 2006
June 6th 1944 - D-Day
The FDA and Abortion Pill Documents
Louisiana Passes Conditional Abortion Ban
Another year in the books for Planned Parenthood
Science Gave Him a Voice
Science Gave Him a Voice
Busy Times for the Culture of Death
The Economics of Life
Democrat Governor to Sign Abortion Ban
Death By Strangulation - The Incomprehensible Death Of Tiffany Souers (Breaking Update)
Monthly Call for Life
Arguing For The Muddled Middle
So much for Cecelia Fire Thunder and her reservation abortion clinic
Michigan's Coercive Abortion Prevention Act
Eugenics in the UK
New Stanek column on WND: "Pro-abort pba paradox"
Will Democratics Tolerate Pro-Life Candidates?
Fire Thunder suspended; abortions banned on rez
Advance the pro-life cause 'because it is morally right'
China Acts to Correct the Gender Imbalance
Women's Group: Abortion Hurt Us
Man Charged in Death of Unborn Baby
Another Potential Texas Futile Care Law Victim
Murder Is Justified
"Birth Control Is Selfish" ... The Message Society Doesn't Want To Hear
Why I am Pro-Life
'We're Supporting Abortion because of Gay Rights' - Amnesty International
Kevorkian has Regrets
Dutch Euthanasia Leads to Permitted Infanticide
Kansas Senate Falls Four Votes Short
Abortion Survivors Speak to the High Court
Post-Abortion Pain ...
Wisconsin Governor Draws Fire from Fellow Catholics
Wesley Smith Testifies Before the Senate on Euthanasia
Lawmakers Prepare to Override Sebelius Veto of Pro-Life Bill
Question Authority
Amicus Brief Filed by Pro-Life Blogger
Ultrasound in Pregnancy Centers
New Stanek column on WND: "The lunatic fringe goes mainstream"
McCain and the Federal Marriage Amendment
'Reproductive health care' is disguised bigotry against the poor
Drug 'Reverses' Vegetative State
Chuck Colson: Right on Michael but Wrong on Terri Schiavo
Vandalism Update - Charges on Hold
Starving the Uninsured in Texas
News of encouragement....
The Abortion Culture War
End the Madness: PVS is reversible or misdiagnosed
Oklahoma Governor signs pro-life legislation!
Amicus Briefs in Supreme Court Partial Birth Abortion Case
A Disaster Waiting to Happen
Pregnancy Centers Serve Women, Fight Abortion
ADF and CLS in friend-of-the-court brief to U.S. Supreme Court: Partial-birth abortion must end
Doyle Signs Abstinence Bill into Law
Heartbreaking ...
American Life League Release
The Adverse Effects of Euthanasia on Doctors
Grand Jury in Abortion Death Convenes
The Problem with Line Drawing
Sebelius Vetoes the Truth
Kelly Meyers has Passed Away
What's wrong with this picture?
Can they do this?
Oregon Has a High Elderly Suicide Rate...Go Figure...
Family removed boy from life support
Alabama Abortion Clinic Shuts Down
Her Feeding Tube was Pulled Last Friday
Silent No More Responds to Guttmacher Report
Go To Church And Live Longer?
Will we choke on the pill?
Join the Monthly Call for Life at
Call Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius
Funding Abortion Alternatives
Stanek WND column: "The biggest boobs"
Roasted Embryo Under Glass
Investing in Adult Stem Cell Research
PVS Diagnosis and Euthanasia
March for Life Canada
She Killed Her Daughter
Yenlang Vo update
Help Yenlang Vo
The Battle for Michael Todd
Fetal Pain / Squirrels Gone Wild
Killing Poor Children
Surgically Separated Twins Improving
Another Desperate Case in Texas: Yenlang Vo
Schiavo Judge Continues Speaking Tour
Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Defeated in House of Lords
Federal Court Requires Funding of Supporters of Forced Prostitution
Genetic-Screening for Cancer
Formerly Conjoined Twins Doing Well
Family Fights for Son's Life
The Other Shoe Just Dropped
Mother's Day Used to push the Culture of Death
A Seventh Fatality
Northern Kentucky Professor Faces Charges - students get community service
RU-486 Controversy and the Atlanta Conference
Intimations of Spirit
Democrats for Life Support Abortion Ban
What's wrong with sex selection?
Columbia's Slippery Slope to Death
Do Graphic Pictures Change Minds?
Picketing the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Canadians March for Life
Abortion Protestors Arrested
Pro-Life Group Urges Removal of RU-486 from the Market
Debunking the Myth that Pro-Lifers Are "Filled with Hate"
RU-486 is not safe for women
Where have all the black babies gone?
Panel Considers RU-486 Today
Ending Cancer in the UK - updated
Culture of Death Hits Russia
Genetic Predisposition for Good Fathers?
Pressuring the FDA to Approve the 'Morning After Pill'
Florida Needs Legal Protection for the Unborn
Abortion Survivor Sings to Lawmakers
CDC Protest to Target Abortion Drug RU-486
Investigation into Alleged Illegal Abortions and Concealment of Rape
Fasting and Praying for an end to Abortion
What's the real story about Plan B?
States Continue Fighting to Outlaw Abortion
Pro-Life Groups Slam Morning after Pill Campaign
Good Job Colorado Representative Ted Harvey
Anniversary of the FDA's approval of the Pill
The Clinton RU-486 Files
The Da Vinci Code - A few links
Warren Jeffs on the FBI Most Wanted List
Democrats and Abortion
Disabled in the UK: "Stop trying to kill us off!"
Notes & Another Save At An Abortion Mill!
Musicians Know ...
When Fetal Homicide is not a Crime
Couple to use Eugenics to Save Daughter
'Allah' Takes Over Catholic Church In Belgium
The Display Destruction Goes On
"Contra-Contraception..." and for a Good Reason: You Don't Have to be Christian to be Against Birth Control
More on Andrea Clark's Passing
Amnesty International Considering Making Abortion a "Human Right"
Abortion Drug and Infections to be Examined
Andrea Clark Has Passed Away
Parents' Right to Know
Imagine That!
A campaign of harassment and intimidation?
Rely on normal people, not experts
UN Suggestion for Dafur Victims of Genocide and Rape: Abortion
The Monthly Call For Life Is Today!
DaVinci Disaster- can we avoid it?
Pro-Life Displays Vandalized Nationwide & Frequently
Vandals Target Pro-Life Displays
Idea for Continual Pro-life Education
Exposing True Anti-Choicers
Ramesh Ponnuru Comments on Andrea Clark
Guttmacher Report on Abortion as Credible as a Tobacco Industry's Report on Nicotine
California Parents Right to Know Petitions are Due!
Schiavo Judge Commits Judicial Foul
Planned Parenthood and Mother's Day
Those "deceptive" CPCs
Grand Jury Convened in Abortion Death
Terri Schiavo Family Blasts Pro-Euthanasia Symposium
Genetic Enhancement of Human Subjects
Dreaming of a World Gone Sane
New Stanek column on WND: "Vampires on campus"
Andrea Clark is being treated - Internet users made a difference
A Futile Law in Texas
Good News about Andrea Clark
Stem Cell Treatment for Parkinson's Disease
The Death of Womanhood
Disability Advocates: Texas 'Futile Care' Law Should Be Euthanized
Andrea Clark Update from Texas Right to Life
Pray to stop abortion!
Good News About Andrea Clark! Sister and Attorney Comment
Partial Truth and the Press
Texas Right to Life Releases Statement on Andrea Clark
A Plea for Andrea Clark
Confronting the Culture of Death
What we've all been thinking ...
Removing Andrea Clark's Life Support
Cease and Desist Order in Andrea Clark Case - Updated
Assaulted While Protesting Abortion
University of Pennsylvania Euthanasia Protest
Yenlang Vo's Struggle for Life
Help Andrea Clark - Contact List
Problem with Andrea Clark's Transfer - Updated
Andrea Clarke Is Safe, But The Rest Of Us Are Still In Danger
Reform Needed in Abortion Legislation - How you an help
Rates of Euthanasia Increase Again in Holland
Andrea Clark is Safe, Moving to Chicago! in Danger
Apes to get Human Rights
St. Luke's Hospital - Killing Andrea Clark via Futile-Care Theory
Northern Kentucky Update - Professor Charged
A Right To Die, But No Right To Life?
Andrea Clark Update - she still needs help
Bioethics Group Criticizes IL Gov. Blagojevich
The Andrea Clark Case - Breaking News Coming ...
Free Speech = Free Destruction? ... Not...
Andrea Clark - Time is Running Out!
Louisiana Senate Approves Ban on Most Abortions
A reckless disregard for human life
Andrea Clark Is Not the Only One
Debunking the Myths about Pro-Lifers
National Call To Challenge Planned Parenthood Fund Raisers
The Party Of Death: A Review
New Stanek column on WND: "Coming to America: forensic vagina inspections?"
Adult Stem Cell Research Advances
Praying for the End
Andrea Clark Trusted Her Doctors
Andrea Clark - Update
In Houston, 'Ethics' Kills (Andrea Clarke)
More On Andrea Clark - URGENT Action Needed!
Andrea Clarke's Struggle for Life
Euthanasia in Texas
Killing Andrea Clark - We are Protesting - Help Us
Fetus Pictures
Mitt Romney: Act in the Haleigh Poutre Case!
New Direction
Stem Cell Politics
A Step Beyond the Terri Schiavo Case
Illinois Needs Randall Stufflebeam
Ethics Committee Hospital to Terminate Texas Woman
Time to Join
Pro-life T-shirt Day is Coming !
More Vandalism
Personhood and Value
Tom and Katie's Privileged Child
Real Women's Voices
Stem Cell Research Cures
Your Web Site Can Save Babies Every Day
Podcasting Bioethics
Hypocrisy Revisited and Judgmentalism
Can fetuses feel pain?
What would the founding fathers say ...
Late Term Abortion in Hawaii? Please no!
Was this teacher out of line?
Good News from Louisiana
Northern Kentucky Update - Professor Warns Vandals
Nationwide Call for Life Friday, May 5th
Arizona Governor Sends Wake-Up Call for Pro-Lifers
The Vision of Pro-Life Unity
Trends in Therapeutic Abortion
Kentucky Professor Apologizes for Vandalism (updated)
Arizona Governor Vetoes Another Pro-Life Bill
You Just Paid for a Sex Video!
Death Roe
Arizona Needs a New Governor
ASU Pro-abort students fear pro-life challenge
Professor On Leave Following Vandalism
more states than not would stand on the side of life
National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day
'A Message From Gavin and Sebastian'
A sacred choice?
Pro-Life Display Vandalized at Northern Kentucky University
Abortion Would Still be Legal in 43 States Even if Roe v. Wade Overturned
Napolitano Wants State Intrusion
More Myths about Abortion
Help Pass the Parental Notification Bill
Understanding Abortion in the United States
Follow the money ...
I am woman, hear me roar!
Endorsing Death-Oriented Politicians
'' In The News
Defending Life 2006
Remembering Terri Schiavo
When should your living will be rejected?
Sioux 2: More on leader planning tribal genocide
Zogby Poll: Are Most Americans Po-life?
It's time for Pro-Life Unity
Michael Schiavo's Book to Become Movie
No, it is not a just a blob of tissue
A Cry for Help
Abortionist Keeps his Medical License
Washington D.C. & Falls Church, Virginia Friday & Saturday After-Action Report
Abortion Pill Kills Child but Not Mother
Massive Crisis Pregnancy Television Ad Campaign
Man who discovered genetic cause of Down Syndrome was pro-life
Tax Funding for Cloning is all about the Profits
Family Looses Second Child From Fire: Sabastian Rosado Has Passed Away
Nationwide United Action Call Today Saturday April 8th
Maryland - The Hillcrest Report for the week ending Saturday, April 1st, 2006
I'm not surprised
Abortion Advocates Clearly Wrong: New Study Shows Premature Babies Feel 'Intense' Pain
A Disregard for Life
Firefighter Dives Through Window In Failed Attempt To Save Child
Call For Life Today & Tomorrow - April 7th & 8th
Republican Governor to Fund Embryo Destruction
Group Alleges Abortionist Struck Pro-Life Supporter
Tiller Grand Jury Petitions To Be Submitted Tomorrow
Interdenominational Council Passes Resolution on Law Against Partial Birth Abortion
ACLU Endorses Bill To Supress Free Speech Of Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers
Roe for Men?
Michael Schiavo's Absurd and Twisted Logic
Kenny Rogers' New Song Touches on Abortion Regret
Arizona Senate Votes on Pain of the Unborn
Is China's one child policy really a success?
This is Outrageous
Fetal Stem Cells
Population Decline Related to Abortion
Depressed about what they did to Terri Schiavo?
Freedom of Speech Unless... 2
Faithmouse Remembers Terri Schiavo
A Life That Matters
Terri's Story - A Must Read
The Blindness of the Pro-Choice Movement
Did Terri Want to Die?
Was Terri's Death Painless and Serene?
Terri Schiavo's Family Fights Onward
Does Michael Schiavo Know What Terri Wanted? Does He Care?
Terri Schiavo: Finding the Answers
Clone the Truth #14
Faithmouse Remembers Terri Schiavo
Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation Launched
Still Waiting for Justice to be Served
Michael Schiavo Joins Pat Campbell
This Time, It's Jail
Schindler Family - 'We've Moved On'
Pro-Life Wall of Heroes
New Stanek column on WND: "Sioux Tribe plans to scalp itself"
Controlling Terri Schiavo
Killing Disabled Babies
Terri Schiavo's Family Publishes Her Story
Legalized Killing: The PVS Diagnosis
How Can We Take This Stuff So Seriously?
Schindlers discuss Terri Schiavo Book
Pro-Life Blogger Interview Featuring Melanie Mills
Why I Detest (Most) Reality TV
Killing Babies, Compassionately
"Real Women's Voices"
American Life League launches new ad campaign
Disability activists remember Terri Schiavo
Bloggers' Best for Terri Schiavo: Anniversary Edition, pt. 2
A Life that Matters - The Schindler's Book about Terri
Terri Schiavo's Collapse - Lauer's Description
Not the Best Choice of Words
The Pro-Choice Circular Firing Squad
An Open Letter to Michael Schiavo
Bloggers' Best for Terri Schiavo: Anniversary Edition, pt. 2
Lauer Corrects Michael Schiavo Misrepresentation
Dr. Death and the SUV Generation
Oops, we're seeing signs of consciousness
Pro-Life Hypocrisy? How would you respond?
Abortion Rights? It's A Bad Political Strategy Says Zogby Poll
Schiavo Interview Stirs Controversy
Liberal extinction, by the numbers
The Abortion Solution Shared
Why I'll Read the Washington Post
Killing for a Perfect Society
Bobby Schindler - Part II - Terri Schiavo and the Culture of Death Movement
Haleigh Poutre was Failed at Every Level
Is this what you've been looking for?
New Call For Life Effort On April The 8th
Return To Sender?
ACLU Backs Contraception Bill
How can people who otherwise seen normal favor abortion?
RU-486 Update
My Experience Walking in Terri's Shoes and Fighting for her Life
Terri - Murdered by those who love communism
Choose Smoke...
Bloggers' Best for Terri Schiavo: Anniversary Edition, pt. 1
A Year Later---The World Remembers Terri Schindler-Schiavo
NOW and RU486
BlogsforTerri Remembers Terri Schiavo
Defend Life Today - March 17th - Washington D.C.
Abortion Drug Claims Two More Lives
Part I - Terri Schiavo's Life and Death
Where have all the Judges gone?
Blogger's Best for Terri Schiavo
A Tribute to the Schindlers
Anniversary of Terri's Death
Victor Rosenblum
Judge Rules In Favor of Baby MB
Marie Claire and CPC "deception" update
Blogburst in Memory of Terri Schiavo
Bruce Fein should be totally overruled: A Response to an absurd proposal
Terri's Day Celebrates the Culture of Life
Partnership for Medical Ethics Reform
Life Links 3/14/06
Planned Parenthood's Spring Offensive Against World Populations
Three cheers for the South Dakota task force report on abortion
Debating other Pro-Life People?
Got a Pro-Life Story?
Abortion is Infanticide
The Party of Death: The Assault on the Sanctity of Life
The latest sonophobia: Harvard pro-aborts destroy Elena posters
What if they had a "National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers" and no one came?
Send in the Clowns: the farce, the lie and the unwavering commitment to kill
Fighting Abortion
With new South Dakota abortion law in place, all pro-lifers must practice what they preach
Post-Abortion Help
Texas study on parental notification laws raises questions
Is Euthanasia Being Positioned as a Fix for Healthcare Ills?
Priests for Life announces “Day of Invitation” to abortion providers
Sen. Roy Dyson of Maryland - Pro-Life No More
Dad Says His Son's Life Is Worth Living
Pro-Life Directory Connects Businesses and Consumers
Abortion Lies vs. Abortion Realities
Will Hawaii by the Abortion Center of the Pacific?
Maryland March for Life Pics & Embryonic Stem Cell Research Bill
Euthanasia News Items
New York Times to pro-lifers: It's your fault that parents are coercing their daughters to have abortions
27th Annual Maryland March for Life
South Dakota Abortion Ban Signed into Law
Statement of Gov. Mike Rounds on the Signing Of House Bill 1215
Catholic Democrats Remain 'Reluctant To Fight Abortion'
Haleigh Poutre Eating and Responding
Love the headline
Barebutt Mountain
Terri's Day: Join A National Pledge Drive
CINO's Release Statement on Abortion
Canadian Media Again Re-casts Murderer as a Hero
Must every baby be wanted?
Firefighter Donald Herbert Memorial Illustration
Joe and Pete
Charlotte Wyatt Update
South Dakota Abortion Ban
President Bush: Pro-Life (with 'three exceptions')
When free speech wins in court, it's dealing a setback?
The challenge of reaching hearts and minds
Life Links 2/28/06
Pro-Life Activist Vindicated by the Supreme Court
Haleigh Poutre Receiving Rehab Therapy
Ectopic Pregnancies - Update
Website Exposes Dangers of Contraception to Marriage and Society
Pro-life inconsistency?
Universal Health Care is when ...
Euphemisms for Killing
Klusendorf Responds to Ultrasound Article
Charlotte Wyatt Battles On
Pro-life Politician Admits Abortion
An impossible Pill to swallow
Happy Birthday Haleigh Poutre!
Charlotte Wyatt in need of urgent prayers!!! (updated)
Sen. Brownback in Arizona
Why Are You Pro-Life?
South Dakota & What You Might Not Know - Update
When it's not about you ...
The South Dakota Abortion Ban
Why They Call Roe v. Wade a Landmark Decision
Admin Note
I use to be pro-choice...
Abortion Ban Passed
Abortion Ban Passed - Culminates Years of Legislative Efforts
Reality TV Show Addresses Aftermath of Abortion
USAID's Contribution to Collapsing Birthrates
A Prediction About Partial-Birth Abortion: “The U.S. Supreme Court will correct a grave injustice”
Forced Abortions Proposed
Alito's Supreme Court Appointment and the Ban on Partial-Birth Abortion
Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act
New Zealand Cracks Down on Nitschke
Partial Birth Abortion Ban to be Examined by the Supreme Court
Supreme Court to Review Partial-Birth Abortion Law
U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 is constitutional
Guns & Pills
~Jewels~of~ the~Jungle~ Interview
In the Abortion Controversy, Which Side Is the One Afraid of Argument?
Birth Control Patch - Is it safe?
Neverborn and the Abortion Mill
Senator Paula Colodny Hollinger Taken to Task
Will China's one-child policy result not only in the deaths of its females but the death of us all?
Less Talk - More Action
A new opportunity for pregnancy care centers and hospice programs
Terri Schiavo: A Life that Matters
Would you shoot?
Teen abortion stories
The Modern day Holocaust Denied
Partial-Birth Abortion
Media Bias in the Schiavo Case
Stem Cell Questions in Missouri
Adult stem cells attack Alzheimers
Korean Govt Says Hwang Never Cloned Stem Cells
'Evidence Doesn't Matter' in APA Abortion Advocacy
Mark Steyn on Australia's missing wee bairns
Just say 'no' to blood money
Admission: Abortion Drug is Dangerous
Women's Group Berates American Cancer Society
Aborting Choice in the Free Market
Botched Abortion: She Was 'Awake and Screaming'
Len Munsil runs for AZ Governor
Emergency contraception's lethal secret
Schiavo Judge Greer to Speak at Ethics Conference
Censored Truth billboard coming soon to PA Turnpike
Lawyers Discuss Impact of Terri Schiavo's Death
Down Syndrome
Schindler Family Response to United States Senator Mel Martinez
New Stanek column on WND: "Barbequed sacred cows"
Fetus eating abortionist story regurgitated
Polls lie .... Ya think?
From the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation
What's next after condom key chains, lollipops? Planned Parenthood's new condom art contest
Indiana Law Would Inform Women Seeking Abortion - 'Life Begins At Conception'
Hijacking St. Valentine's Day
"More sympathy than most liberals"
Florida Parental Notification Law Upheld
Hospice Attorney Facilitates Schiavo Marriage
Please Be My Valentine
The Herald News reverses position on pro-life ads
Schiavo, Cranford and Greer to Speak at Ethics Conference
Death is Better than Resentment?
How Unity Will Help Us Overcome
Illinois Remains the Wild West of Human Cloning
Australian MP: 'Abortion will lead to Muslim nation'
Snow Day
Capitulation and Poor Reporting: Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Disingenuous Times: Mifeprex
Fetal Pain Bills Advanced in 23 US States
Too Graphic?
Should pro-lifers encourage embryo adoption?
Killing to Protect Life
Action Call - Washington D.C.
"How is 'Americans On Call' meant to work?
Newspaper Draws Fire for Declining Pro-Life Ads
Stanek WND column: "A Distant Thunder"
The Media’s Appeasement
Stop the ACLU Celebrates One Year
CNS News: "IL newspaper rejects sonogram ads as 'too graphic'"
Pro-Life Student Assaulted
The call for life
New Blog for Pro-Life Teens
Euthanasia Cases Double in Belgium Over Four Years
CBS Decides What's "News" On the Basis of Viewer's Comfort: Abortion Story Axed
What's the Leading Cause of Death in the Black Community?
Virginia Action Call
Pro-Life Unity
Second City's GOP mourns "black genocide" due to abortion
South Korean Govt Charges Hwang Pocketed Research Funds
March For Life Photos by Jewel Of The Jungle
Clone the Truth #12
Super Bowl City - Intimidation Alleged by Pro-Life Group
What's wrong with these pictures?
Take Action, Support Holly's Law
Call for Life Today!
Haleigh Poutre: A Letter Worth Reading
Haleigh Poutre is Conscious but not Safe
Abortifacient Drug Pushers Admit Scheme
ALL Release - PP and Child Predators
What is Birth?
Montreal Women Gets Probation for Euthanizing Son
Planned Parenthood, propaganda and RU-486
A Witness for Life
Pro-Abortion Groups Demand Walmart Carry the 'Morning After Pill'
Morally challenged cloning research
Federal Appeals Courts Rule in Favor of Partial-Birth Abortions
The Matchless Value of Human Life - State of the Union Address
Democracy Without Values Easily Turns Into Open Or Thinly Disguised Totalitarianism'
This Friday is the next Call for Life Day
"Continue pulling to disarticulate at the neck."
Coretta Scott King
Confirmation of Alito Marks Turning Point For Our Nation
Abortion is BIG Loser in Senate Confirmation Vote
Judge Alito confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court
Pro-Life Group Applauds Alito Confirmation
More Cracks in their Armor
Culture of Death - Part III
Justice Samuel Alito
Carrying a Baby...A Baby Model, That Is
The Schiavo Marriage
What does viable mean?
Extreme Media Bias at the Arizona Republic
Culture of Death - Part II
Culture of Death - Long, but worth your time - Read it
Abe Lincoln's possible genetic defect discovered
Haleigh Safe for Now
A Distant Thunder - Provocative Film Probes Partial Birth Abortion
When they force us to kill for them
Clone the Truth #11
Picket Today in Washington D.C. Is Back On
Haleigh Poutre in Rehab
Schiavo Marriage - more questions
Media Chooses Suicide Protest Over March for Life
Marching with John Jakubczyk
More signs that we are winnning
Governor Granholm wants human cloning to come to Michigan
March for Life Images
Michelle Malkin Speaks Out for Haleigh
Terri Schiavo's Brother, Bobby Schindler, at the March for Life
Abortion Hurts Women and Kills Our Children
The upside of female feticide
Romney Orders Investigation of MA Girl Targeted for Euthanasia
Why are humans valuable?
March For Life Pic
What has influenced the drop in abortions the most?
Australian Study Claims Nearly 2 Out of 3 Hospital Deaths Involve Euthanasia
March for Life Photos
"Americans On Call" Say, "How Can We Help You?"
Were You at the March for Life?
Bound4Life at March for Life
Terri Schiavo's Brother, Bobby Schindler at March for Life
March For Life
"3/4 of African abortions are instigated by the men", + crowd pic
Jews and Christians on the same stage again
Schindlers, Theresa Burke, others at MFL06
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Pregnant and Parenting Student Services Act of 2005
Princetonians for Life, former atheists, Fighting Irish, too
Live coverage links to MFL @ EWTN and C-CPAN
Michael Schiavo Isn't Satisfied With His 15 Minutes
Minced-up Human Fetuses
Blogs4Life About to Begin
Why Pro-Lifers will Prevail
"Americans On Call"
Remembering the Unborn
Blogging for Life
Peace meets jest: Pro-aborts antagonize pro-lifers with violent threats and graphic displays
Clone the Truth #10
Bugs Bunny alive!
Breaking the Silence About Consequences of Abortion
Targeting Advanced Directives in Texas
Haleigh Poutre, Eleven Years Old, Not a Vegetable
33rd Annual Rally and March for Life - President Bush Invited
Redefining the Cloned Embryo (or Dolly was not a REAL Sheep)
Clone the Truth #9
Life Links 1/20/06
March for Life This Monday
Fetal Pain Passes Arizona House Health Committee
Were You Ever an Unborn Child?
Marking Roe v. Wade Anniversay at Defunct Abortion Clinic
FRC to Host Annual Conference of Pro-Life Bloggers
Blogs4Life Promotional Cartoons
Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood
End-of-Life Anarchy in the UK
Blogs4Life Conference On Monday
Where would you want your children to intern?
Call to Action!
The Minor's Good vs the Abortionist's Greed: An Exemplary Illustration from Yesterday's Sidewalk Counseling
Supreme Court Rules in Gonzales v. Oregon
Over Half of Euthanasia Patients in Holland Clinically Depressed
Jill Stanek Interview
Calling Iowa, Clone the Truth needs your help
Would Martin Luther King Jr Have Opposed Roe vs Wade?
Catholic Church consipred to bring down Dr. Hwang
Final Countdown: Blogs4Life Conference
Shopping for Life
Babies Not Admitted to "General Hospital"? GH Actress Claims She Was Fired for Pregnancy
Clone the Truth #6
Why Planned Parenthood needs you...
More March For Life Buses from Maryland
Abortion in History
Molding the Data to Fit Ideology
No human eggs for cloning? Just use animal eggs.
Moral Responsibility
A Conference for Pro-Life Bloggers
A Million Voices for Darfur
Condom Key Chains: blasphemous, offensive, available to kids online
Blogs4Life Conference
Metro to the March for Life in Washington D.C.
Pro-Life Bloggers Cover Samuel Alito Supreme Court Hearing
Roe v. Wade Settled Law?
Buses to the March
Kennedy's Attacks Grow Ugly
Alito's Common Sense Remarks Repel Kennedy and Company
SpeakOut Illinois 2006 Conference Jan. 28
Clone the Truth #5
How cloning exploits women: Scientist forced to donate, dissect own eggs
Fundamental Rights
Pro-Abortion Researcher Dismayed by His Own Findings
Announcing the "Clone the Truth" Campaign
It's up to us
DeWine to Alito: Roe is not a 'Super-Precedent'
Burden of Truth: Senator Edward Kennedy's Achilles Heel
The Schumer-Alito Exchange on Abortion
ACLU Says 'No' to Samuel Alito's Supreme Court Nomination
Live Blogging the Alito Hearings
Alito Responds to Specter on Abortion
The Hard Topic of Abortion
March for Life Fund Information & Map
Cloning Spin Cycle 101
"The purpose… is not to encourage sexual activity among teens"
TVC/Operation Outcry Rally Bullied By Abortion Advocates
Blogging Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito
HR 552 - Right to Life
Abortion Statistics in Illinois Show that Child Rape is Still Being Covered-up
Brownback: Judge Alito, Abortion is Murder
Schumer Vows to Probe Alito on Abortion
Lindsey Graham, Abortion and the Alito Hearings
Take Action- Sample Letter to the Editor
Five Questions for Judge Samuel Alito
Alito Hearings Begin with Emphasis on Abortion
Alito Hearings: All About Abortion
China to Continue "One Child" Policy
Judie Brown Interview
Be at the Supreme Court Today
More Puppies?
Administrative Note
Justice Sunday III
Pro-Life - More than a phone call
Pro Life Blogs at Blogs 4 Life
Selective Publication of Abortion Related Research Results
Justice Sunday III Update
Photographs of babies. Can you help?
Lawmaker files bill to make abortion illegal
Teen opinion poll on abortion, homosexuality and gun rights
Call for Life Today!
Blogs4Life Cartoon Coming Soon
The Mental Health Impact of Abortion
Will the Life at Conception Act End Abortion?
In Case You Missed It....
STOPP Exposes the Business of Abortion
Silencing the Majority
Does Israel Support Euthanasia?
Attacks on Samuel Alito - Action Item
Churches Urged to Talk about Abortion
Justice Sunday III and the Alito Hearings
National Democrat Party - perceived as "morally bankrupt" - recruits pro-life/-2A candidates
What Women Want
Alito Draws Praise from ABA
Partial-Birth Abortion Returns to the Supreme Court
Stem cell riddle of the day
The Twenty Day Countdown Begins
You can pretend...
RU-486 Adverse Events Reported
Christina Dunnigan from RealChoice Interview
Abortion in the Church: WWJD?
HR 552 - Right to Life Act
Congratulations Charmaine Yoest!
Abortion won't end if...
Major Malpractice Judgment Against Mississippi Abortionist
God's Children
Hwang Out to Dry
Blogs4Life Conference / Neverborn
You want it? You got it.
Merry Christmas
Monthy Call for Life
Embryonic Stem-Cell Researcher Resigns in Disgrace
The Hwang Effect
Bill and Melinda Gates – People of the Year?
Top Story – No Story
Lives are Being Saved Every Day
She Resisted Abortion and is Blessed with 'Wonderful Twin Boys'
HR 552 - Right to Life Act
The Abortion Breast Cancer Link
God would be in favor of human cloning?
Killing the Elderly
The Stakes are Too High
Euthanasia Reports from Around the World
Unnwanted babies increase by 60%!
Does 'Unplanned' Mean 'Unwanted'
Pro-Life Democrats Applaud Congress for Passage of Cord Blood Bill
Plan on Attending the March for Life
Killing Their Patients
Blogs4Life Website
Smith's Life Saving Stem Cell Bill to be Signed into Law
The War on the Soul
Last Post on SCNT Research
Are you going to leave it to others?
SCNT Defined
I'm the culture of death?
Cord Blood Bill Passed by the Senate
Spotlight on Darfur 3: Christmas Edition Is Up!
Judie Brown Interview
Help promote Blogs4Life!
Impaling Embryonic Stem Cell Research Hype
United (No) Way!
Fraud Confirmed by Another Hwang Colleague and Seoul National University
Blogs4Life Conference Set for January 23rd
Sex, Lies, and Audiotape
Hypocrisy Over Stem Cells
Schiavo, Truth and the American Way
Cloner Admits Faking Data - Should we Trust Modern Scientific Research?
Is Planned Parenthood involved in a cover-up of 11-year-old rape victim?
Priests for Life
Peace and justice in the bedroom
Farewell Naaman
Mother Dies of Cancer to Save Life of Her Unborn Child
Send a Pro-Life Christmas e-Card to your Friends
American Girl Tries to Restore Image, Pro-Life Group Declares Victory
Planned Parenthood's Criminal Negligence
Spinning Reality via Tookie Williams
Was Rape Concealed?
The March For Life Fund Annual Report
The Great South Korean Cloning Meltdown
"Empty Manger" Caroling Brings Hope to Places of Despair
The Human Cost of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Woman and Unborn Child Survive Sky Diving Accident
Did Planned Parenthood Cover-Up an 11-Year-Old’s Rape?
Of Mice and Men - Be afraid - But speak out!
Major Breakthrough for Adult Stem Cell Research!
Abortion Causes Guilt and Shame Years Later
Cord Blood Vote Alert
Weekly HR 552 Reminder
Weekend Round-up
Which is worse?
faithmouse / two recent cartoons
Abortions fewer in countries where it is legal?
Wisconsin pulls a legal move for death
Gov. Mitt Romney and the Pill
Success in Colombia
Another Pro-Death Action Committee
Is New Israeli Law Euthanasia?
Hijacking Christimas to Promote Abortion
Roe v. Wade Overturned!
Abortionist George Tiller Cleared in Patient's Death
Busy News Day
Michael Schiavo To Start PAC in Terri's Name
Dec. 7th, 1941 - Lest we Forget
ACLU Gives Civil Liberties Award To Terri Shiavo Judge
Studies Denying Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Debunked
A Movie About Dr. Death
Video Statement by Justice House of Prayer
I'm not the one condemning you
Spotlight on Darfur 3: Christmas Edition - Posts Invited
Is Euthanasia Doc Survey Objective?
China Admits to Organ Harvesting
Corporations that Support the Culture of Death
Thank You
Why is there a Passion for Death?
Call for Life How-To
Call for Life Today!
More Trouble Yet for South Korean Cloning Doc
Call for Life today!
Good News For Child Murdering Crackheads
Prop 73 Resurrected in California!
50 Babies Born Alive After Abortion Each Year in UK
This will keep them howling for at least a week
The Priest of the Abortion God
Another Teacher Gets Fired
Pro-Aborts Lie - You Die
Ayotte vs Planned Parenthood
Abortion Always Takes a Human Life
Dutch Establish Child Euthanasia Commission
Enlighten Me
Christmas: the new 4-letter word
Used by Politicians
Yet More Lies From Stem Cell "Superstar"?
What are we praying for?
Catholic teacher fired for being pregnant
Australian "Dr Death" Moves Operation to NZ
Appeals Court Rejects Ban on Partial Birth Abortion
Chief Justice Roberts to Hear First Abortion Related Case
Friday is the next Call for Life Day
Post-Thanksgiving Round-Up
Her Life is Done
Catholic Standards
More on the NY Times Abortion Pill Article
FDA Investigates Abortion Pill
Giving Thanks for Pro-Life Groups
Pro-Life Group to Picket American Girl Place in Chicago
Can I March For Women's Lives?
The Litmus Test
faithmouse / A Distant Thunder
Clarence Thomas on the Confirmation Process of Federal Judges
More Ethical Abuses in South Korean Cloning Research
Alito now not acceptable?
Abortion Stance Draws Filibuster Threat
Choose Life License Plates - Battle Won
Planned Parenthood's web site calls the unborn "children"
Pro-aborts don't want to talk about this, so let's
A Penalty of Death
Que Sera Sera
Death penalty v. Birth penalty
Death on Demand: Assisted Suicide Not a Medical Solution
Cord Blood Researched
Cord Blood
Action Item / Follow-up on Umbilical Cord Research
Worldview 2
Action Item - Ethical and moral legislation held hostage
The Komen-Planned Parenthood Money Machine
College newspaper removes "pro-abortion" from description of Planned Parenthood
The Nerve Of Some People!
Euthanasia and Torture
Pro-Choice and Homosexual Terrorists
"Our child doesn't deserve Down Syndrome. He deserves death."
Wrongful Life?
Cloning - The Real Story
Anti-Roe opinions by pro-abort renowns
The Word 'Abortion' Does not Appear in the Bible
Will Bush Address China's Human Rights Violations?
Do not remove under penalty of law
Planned Parenthood Challenges Hospital Mergers
Pro-Life Nurse Says Beware of "Living Wills"
Pro-choice organizations respond to Judge Alito's resume essay
Criminal Ethics
The Workforce We Are Creating
South Korean Cloners Already Stumbling on Ethical Issues
Alito: Abortion is not a Right
Florida Appeals Court Says Girl Can Have Abortion Without Parental Notification, Despite Law
Choose Life
Christian Testimonies
The Persecuted Church
Too busy to save lives?
Forced Abortions
Hillary Continues to Posture
A Call for Help by June Maxam (Empire Journal)
Testing for Down Syndrome
Killing to Heal
George Allen joins the Lukewarm Republicans
Veterans' Day - Thank You for Serving Our Country
Eugenics In America
Birth-Control Patch Warning Will Robinson!
Expelled Student, Fired Clinic Escort - Faithmouse Weighs-In
Alito and Roe
Abortion-Cerebral Palsy Link
Ignorance is Bliss
Adoption should not be taken lightly, says Fr. Pavone
H.R. 552
Judging the Judge – Alito and Abortion
Was The Last Abortion Clinic Biased?
UK Right-to-Die Bill Tabled for Fourth Time
Activist's Review of Frontline's 'The Last Abortion Clinic'
Christianity Today Article Exposes "Birth Control " Pills
Californians reject parental rights
The Last Abortion Clinic
Pitiful Turnout in Virginia
Proposition 73
Planned Parenthood's Unholy Alliance
TV Show Distorts Church Teaching on Abortion
Good news in Mississippi
Euthanasia Promoter Faces Jail or Expulsion from Cambodia
A Fictitious Voice of Moderation
<----- 2 Directions ----->
The Last Abortion Clinic
Secret Abortions Exposed on Tape
No Tolerance from Gay Activists
Fired Clinic Escort Files Complaints Against The Catholic Church For Being Consistent
Anti-Abortion Activism and the "Right to Life" bill
Why We Need Prop 73
US National Sued in Cambodia for Euthanasia Websites
Virginia Elections
California Parents' Rights
Parents Have a Right to Know
My take on "The Last Abortion Clinic"
Passion for Life
End of East Coast Call for Life Day
Judge Alito's Rulings in Abortion - Update
Today is the Monthly Call for Life Day!
Two Routes Down the Slippery Slope
Call for Life Today!
Passion for Abortion?
Milwaukee Abortion Clinic Closes its Doors
Human Cloning Ban Vetoed
Alito and "Personhood"
"Of course he's against abortion."
Californians - Unite Behind Proposition 73
Confederacy of Dunces
Alito and What the Liberal Media Want Us to Ignore
Supporting Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito
Alito Concerns Pro-Lifers
Today wasn't the Call for Life Day
Help Abort73
Alito and Partial Birth Abortion
Will Gov. Doyle Stand with the Wisconsin Legislature on Cloning Ban?
Stacking the Deck
Too Young for Sex, Old enough To Kill
Judge Samuel Alito Gains Pro-Life Supporters
Prolife blogger expelled
How to Break a Fillibuster
Call for Life this Friday
Pro-Life Boycott of American Girl Begins Today
Reaction Dividing Lines Sharp With Alito Nomination
Samuel Alito's 90-year-old mother says:
Swimming the Mainstream
Media Lies
Mommy, what does "pregnant" mean?
FRC Pleased with Alito Nomination
The Nuclear Option
Alito Nomination Draws Liberty Counsel's Praise
'American Girl' Fundraiser Cancelled
Reject the Filibuster
Right-Wing Extremist Nominee
LifeSiteNews on Alito Abortion Rulings
Abortion Supporters Oppose Samuel Alito Nomination
It's Time For The Left To Bring It On - 'IT'S SAMUEL ALITO'
Christian Coalition Stands Behind Bush Nominee Alito
Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito and Roe v Wade
Alito Nomination to Supreme Court Gets Pro-Life Support
Preempt the Filibuster
Conservatives Rally Behind Alito
Pro-Life Women's Group Supports Alito
Pro-Life Group Supports Alito
President Bush nominates Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court
Uniting to end abortion
Not Made in China
Abraham Lincoln Said
Teen Births Down
Pro-Life Republicans?
Abortion Litmus Test for State Department Job?
ACLJ To Protect Free Speech of Pro-Life Demonstrators
Over 70 Subpoenas Served in New Orleans Euthanasia Investigation
Women’s Health vs. Pink Ribbons
Mad Scientists in America and Gender Selection
Catholic Institutions- what's the point?
"Students Day of Silence a huge success!"
Now is the time
The Next Nominee
Pro-Life Action Alert
What do we say?
Planned Parenthood Confessions
Harriet Miers Withdraws
Sex selection in the U.S. of A.
Carnival of Life, number 5
Miers' 1993 Speech Draws Fire from Pro-Life Groups
Stem Cell Vote Scheduled for 2006
Harriet Miers' Controversial Speech
Social Marketing of Abortion Blasted by Life Decisions International
Taking Back Our Kids
What 'Pro-Life' Means
Abortion Clinic Closed!
Past Abortion Linked To Child Abuse
Support for Embryonic Stem Cell Research Based on Media Misdirection
Terri Schiavo Advocates Release New Book
Harriet Miers on Abortion - Part II
Rosa Parks and Planned Parenthood
Support the Right to Life Act 2005
A Distant Thunder
Most Oppose Abortion
Religious Nut?
Sponsor of UK Euthanasia Bill Speaks Out
American Girl Alternative: A Life of Faith
Abortion and Breast Cancer
Day of Silence
Bloggers Oppose Miers' Nomination
Abortion Argument Unravels
Calling All Canadians!
Feminists support Abortion?
Pro Life Regardless
It's just tissue, right?
Mercy Killing Storm Brewing
Driving for Life!
World-wide Funding of Stem Cell Research
Harriet Miers and Girls, Inc.
We can run, but we cannot hide
The Boston Globe on Stem Cells - Not Making Sense
What Bloggers are Saying about Harriet Miers
Do Not Resuscitate Order Lifted
American Girl Controversy Update
Harriet Miers - More from Olasky
Adult Stem Cells Provide New Life for Livers
Infanticide and Sex Selection Abortion
Bush's Hidden Agenda
Thomas More Law Center Defends Partial-Birth Abortion Act In Supreme Court
The Miers Quagmire
Harriet Miers on Roe - Nobody Knows
One Copy is Sufficient
More About That Clinic Escort
A Pro-Life Litmus Test for Miers?
Up Close and Personal: Getting Acquainted with the Preborn Child
Alternative Embryonic Stem Cell Procedures Miss the Mark
Harriet Miers on Abortion
The Pro-Choice Drum Begins to Beat
The Abortion Debate No One Wants to Have
Pet Peeves
This will irk some prolifers
Embryonic Stem Cell Research in India
Overrule judicial supremacy
New ESC Production Techniques Aim to Avoid Embryo Destruction - But Do They?
1989 Miers Answers: She'd Support HLA, Oppose Federal Funding of Abortions
US Supreme Court Allows Abortion for Prisoner
Embryonic Stem Cell Studies Raise Questions, Not Cures
Spotlight on Darfur 2 - Now Online!
The Latest on the American Girl Controversy from LDI
Harriet Miers' Pro-Life Critics
Pro-Life Senator Considers Presidential Bid
UN Critical of Uganda's Successful Abstinence Program
A Call To Sidewalk Counselors
Miers Opposes Roe v. Wade?
ACLU Defends Woman Who Gave Birth To Drug Addicted Baby
Darfur: Anarchy as UN Pulls Out Staff - & I'm Worried About a Guilt Trip?
Posts Invited for Spotlight on Darfur 2
Mo. Prison Overruled on Inmate Abortion
Pressure Builds against American Girl
Conscience Protection Act Vetoed
Quick Picks on ProLifeBlogs
What Does Pro-Life Mean?
Judge Rules In Favor of Choose Life Tags
Parental Notification Law Heads to the Supreme Court
Keep Up the Pressure on American Girl
"Roe" Challenges Abortion and her Former Attorney
Breast Cancer Cases Increase in China
Katrina Euthanasia Reports Being Investigated
Cracks In The Foundation Of Feminism
GodBlogCon 2005
American Doll Controversy - More Information
Teen Safety? Really??
Lawsuit Targets Distributor of RU-486
A Chorus of Opposition to Euthanasia in the UK
"A pro-life president loses his voice"
Is Bush Pro-Roe?
Dobson's Secrets about Miers Revealed
Response From American Girl Company Over Charity Controversy
American Girl Company Teams up With Pro-Abortion Group
Former patient funds study of adult stem cells
Liberty Counsel: Withdraw the Nomination!
Miers Controversy Continues
The Left Coast Debates Abortion
Litmus Tests: Bad For Them, Bad For Us
Had an Abortion? Call an Attorney
Debate on UK Euthanasia Highlights Abuse
Life Links 10/10/05
Slip-sliding Away in the UK
The Miers' Supreme Court Nomination Controversy
Bauer Challenges Miers' Stand on Abortion
In Vitro Fertilization's Monstrous Secret
Adult Stem Cells Offer Hope Where Embryonic Stem Cells Offer Rhetoric & Division
South Korea Catholic Church offers $10 Million for Adult Stem Cell Research
Get Involved - Call for Life
National Life Chain 2005
Pro-choice tolerance? It's not so tolerant
Aggregating the Supreme conservative controversy
Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Not a Myth
Euthanasia and the Supreme Court
The Right to Kill
Oral Arguments of Gonzales v. Oregon
Looking Closely at Your Charitable Giving
Eating black licorice, aborting black babies - who cares?
When Abortion Becomes A Part Of Your Life
Two Stories
Supreme Court Nominee Miers and Abortion
US Supreme Court Considers Assisted Suicide
McCullough says Miers is a Pro-Life Evangelical
Rehnquist Had NO Prior Judge Experience Either
Kevorkian: No Remorse
Good News?
Invisible Woman To Replace O'Connor?
Miers Views on Abortion are 'Consistent with that of Evangelical Christians'
Bush Picks Stealth Candidate for the Supreme Court
Obfuscating the Obvious
Abortion Hurts Women
First Monday in October — don't forget the babies
Life Chain 2005 is this Sunday
Contradictions of an Ohio Abortion Opportunist
Do Men Have A Right To Abortion?
Dutch Expand Euthanasia Guidelines
Roberts Sworn in as Chief Justice
Pink Money
Is the Brave New World Inevitable?
Breast cancer-abortion link slighted
RU-486 Trial Halted in Italy
Free Abortions for Hurricane Victims
Comprehensive Human Cloning Ban Passes Senate
FDA Seeks Your Input on Morning-After Pill
Wisconsin Senate to Pass Cloning Ban
Pro-Life Group Blasts Acting FDA Chief on Abortion/Breast Cancer
Carnival of Life
Terri Schiavo's Family Announces Book Plans
Americans United for LIfe
Euthanasia Doc Removed from Medical Register
Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Headed to Supreme Court
Euthanasia Doc Faces Medical Censure
O'Connor Supreme Court Replacement - Ignore Filibuster
Silent About Abortion
LifeChain Africa
Pro-Life Carnival
Comprehensive Human Cloning Ban and Cord Blood Donation Bill to Receive Senate Vote Tomorrow
Adult Stem Cells Help Heart Failure Patient
Fetal Harvest
Countdown to LifeChain Sunday
Monday, Sept 26: "Family Dinner Day!"
China's Coercive Family Planning Policies
Schiavo Euthanasia Conference Brings Protests
The Battle for the Supreme Court is about to Begin - Upated
A Modest Proposal For Getting Rid Of Roe
Another adult stem cell trial
Liberal media bias on abortion? No never
Chinese Diplomats Fume at UK Pro-Life Protesters
Media bias for embryonic stem cells? Really?
Wisconsin Pro-Life Legislators Promote Life through Multiple Bills
What aren't they calling it an "underpopulation crisis"?
Second Carnival of Life is Posted
There's Got to Be a Morning After (Pill, That Is)
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Big mouth, no teeth
Death Underground
March of the pro-aborts
Who are the victims of prolife legislation?
Wrongful Birth Lawsuits Demean the Disabled
The "invisible hand" of technology
Call for Life - Oct 7th
Chinese Abortion Workers Arrested
Stem Cells Cure Mice
Planned Parenthood's Questionable Fundraising
Pell calls for stem cell research ban
Chinese Abortion Whistleblower Under Siege
UNFPA Denied U.S. Funds for Fourth Year
GodBlogCon 2005 Set for October 2005
Report Calls on China to Give Up Forced-Abortion Population Control Policy
Right-To-Die Group Exploits Katrina Tragedy
Abortion Litmus Test for Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts
When being born and dying are the same thing
Are we close to a human embryonic stem cell trial?
More rants on Planned Parenthood
Hanging Judges
Judge rules that Michigan's law which defines legal birth is unconstitutional
Judge Roberts Vague on Euthanasia
The gory details of partial birth abortion
John Roberts: Man Of Mystery
China Using Tissue from Executed Convicts and Fetuses for Cosmetics
A Call for Help following Katrina
A Pro-Life, Pro-Faith Alternative to the Girl Scouts
Roberts Respects the Precedent of Prior Abortion Decisions
Safe And Legal ... In Nepal?
Disaster relief pregnancy resource center volunteer needs
Abortion Debated in Roberts Supreme Court Nomination Hearing
Susan Anne Catherine Torres Family Statement
Baby Torres died Sunday night - updated
Hypocrisy on Abortion 'Choice'
More muddling with human life in Britain
Don't throw babies out with floodwater
Patients Reportedly Euthanized in New Orleans Hospitals
Update on financial status of LA/MS pregnancy resource centers
Let's not lose this one!
If you can't trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child?
"Fetal Farming" legislation
Most Belgian Euthanasia Not Reported
Bork Gives Pessimistic Outlook for Supreme Court Abortion Reversal
First Carnival of Life!
A Young Woman's Pro-Life Manifesto
Operation Save Katrina's Babies
Missouri won't ban cloning for cures, says "pro-life" Governor
Can We Make It Go Away?
More Problems with Embryonic Stem Cells
Arizona Right to Life's Fall Conference: Promoting A Culture of Life Through Education
Texas Money for Pregnancy Centers Closes Planned Parenthood Office
Reminder: First Carnival of Life is TOMORROW
Why Do Women Have Abortions?
Over a Third of Child Deaths in Holland Hastened by Doctors
Spotlight on Darfur 1 - The Latest News and Views
Embryonic Stem Cell Research Has Been Oversold
Did you pledge money to MDA this weekend?
Roberts Nominated as Chief Justice
Rehnquist: Leadership and Commitment
Chief Justice William Rehnquist has Died
God Rest His Soul
Language of “Rights” cannot frame Stem Cell Debate
How Much For That Fetus In The Window?
Help pregnancy care centers in Katrina area
The financial burden of nonaborted children
Michael Schiavo's Lawyer Back in the News
Whittling Away At Abortion
Katrina Relief: Planned Parenthood Style
Baby's Head Back on Display
Probation for Teen who Killed his Unborn Son with a Souvenir Baseball Bat
Miami Herald editorial: "FDA caves in to abortion politicis"
"Guilt-Free" Pluripotent Adult Stem Cells?
Spotlight on Darfur 1 Will Be on Monday September 5
Reproductive Freedom Gone Amok
Fetal pain II
More Debate on Adult vs. Embryonic Stem Cells
Life Chain
Carnival of Life
Fetal Pain and the Pro-Life Response
Sheriff Loses Legal Battle Over Abortion Transportation
Pro-Life Group Urges Input on Morning-After Pill
The Post Frets Over Anything That Might Encourage Birth Over Abortion
Don Cheadle Launches "Live for Darfur", Time Magazine Weighs In, & So Does a Suburban Dad
Canadian Euthanasia Bill Worst So Far
Planned Parenthood Accused of Secret Deal on 'Contraceptive'
Alleged Secret Deal for Morning-After Pill
Eugenics Uncovered at Local Illinois Hospital
Cracking Down on Planned Parenthood
Abortion and Metaphysics
Abortion Advocates Fight Against Choice
NARAL's new anti-Roberts ad
Experts Waking Up to the "Birth Dearth"
Abortions Outstrip Births in Russia
ACLU Declares Jihad on Abstinence Education
NRL: "Gullible treatment of trumped up 'study' on fetal pain issue should embarrass JAMA and some journalists"
Feinstein Promises Abortion Litmus Test for Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts
Support for embryonic stem cell destruction falls
Do Not Resuscitate Order Remains on Charlotte Wyatt
No Fetal Pain in Abortion? Look Again
Debate Continues on Abortion Fetal Pain Study
Profit Motive for Embryonic Stem Cells
Quotable Quotes - Fetus' Unable To Feel Pain
Fetal pain study authors unbiased? Please!
Update on Fetal Pain Study
UN Accused of Aiding China's Mandatory Abortion Program
Nasal Stem-Cell Surgery Treats Paralysis
Fetal Pain Debate Heats-Up
13% of Timken (Ohio) High School Girls Pregnant
Administrative Note
Why Aren't Women Being Told?
Update on Little Susan Torres
Delay Embryonic Stem Cell Vote
State Considers Legislation for End-Of-Life Decisions
Baby Improves but Hospital Keeps Do Not Resuscitate Order
Getting Wise to the Lies
Protecting Pregnant Women and their Unborn Babies
Embryonic Stem Cell Alternative - Hype or Hope?
The Chorus of Life
That Which Secular Science Overlooks
Kansas Lawsuit Seeks to Block Abortion Funding
A Few Weekend Pro-Life Posts
No Funding for Eugenic Abortion
Altered Nuclear Transfer-Oocyte-Assisted Reprogramming
'Embryonic-Like' Cell Discovery Could Affect Ethics Debate
Pro-life movement: Time for truth and consequences
Dem left/centrist split evident in CA senators
Schiavo Lawyer Discusses Improprieties in Her Case
The UN's War on the Poor
Decreasing Abortion Rates
Susan Torres' Father Tells the 'Best Story'
Durbin Asserts Abortion Litmus Test for Roberts
Late Term Abortion Study
Investigating Terri Schiavo's Collapse - Silent Witness
Experimental Therapy Uses Aborted Babies to Heal Burns Administrative Update
False NARAL Ad Sets New MSM Precedent
Abortion Pill Killing Mothers
Two Parent Families Fall Behind Single Parent Households
Killing the Undesirable
Get Ready for the 2005 LifeChain
Spotlight on Darfur 1 - Posts Invited
Starvation Death Too Painful and 'Undignified' for Euthanasia Activist
Planned Parenthood Cartoon by FaithMouse
Michael Schiavo to Speak at Ethics Conference - Updated
Suicide and Abortion Resource List
Planned Parenthood silent on violent video
PETA Founder Tells African-Americans: "Get Over It!"
More on Roberts' possible position on abortion
Abortion Minded Teenager Changes Her Mind after Reading Pro-Life Bumper Sticker
NARAL Pro-Choice America Maligns Peaceful Pro-lifers
Stem Cell Programming Could Solve Stem Cell Research Dilemmas
New Details Emerge about RU 486 Abortion Deaths
Schindler, Pavone Condemn Schiavo Death
Pro-Life Bloggers Cover Justice Sunday II
Disinformation on the Abortion-Cancer Link
Chicago Sun-Times editorial against NARAL
Right-to-Die Activist End Hunger Strike Due to "Intense Pain"
As Critics Mount NARAL Claims False Ad is Accurate
Embryo Screening and Eugenics
NARAL can't abort fallout from ad
Operation Rescue Responds to NARAL Attack Ad
CNN Bias Revealed in NARAL's Attack on Roberts
NARAL Buckles Under Pressure, Pulls Ad
NARAL's defense or lack thereof
Planned Parenthood reveals its violent side
Critics Rally Against Planned Parenthood's Cartoon
Inhuman Rights
Uneasy conservatives sticking with Roberts
NARAL defends their refuted commercial
New Statewide Organization of Pro-Life College Students Formed in Michigan
More on the Dutch Euthanasia Study
Project Jason - Searching for the Mssing
NARAL Ad Misrepresents Roberts
Bloggers Take Down NARAL's Deceptive Commercial
New Dutch Euthanasia Study a Whitewash
Second Thoughts about Roberts
Live Births During Abortion
Update on Baby Susan Torres
People's Ethical Transformation into Animals
Animated Video Glorifies Violence Against Pro-Life Christians
Michael Schiavo - Guardian of the Year?
Abortion Groups to Use Confirmation to Boost Funding
Planned Parenthood Cartoon Targets 'Anti-Choicers'
Dobson Criticized for Comparing Embryonic Research to Nazi Experimentation
The Human Cloning Ban that Wasn't a Human Cloning Ban
Homicide Charges Filed in Death of 'Fetus'
The Monthy Call
Death-Urge in the West
Doctor Claims RU-486 Can Cause Lethal Septic Shock
"But it was just too late"
Faces of death due to legal abortions
Belgian Euthanasia Doctor Charged with Murders
Statement from the Torres and Rollin Families
Susan Torres Passed Away Today
State Democratic Party supports 'death with dignity'
Numb Numbers and Flawed Abortion Statistics
Korea Doctors Use Adult Stem Cell Research to Fix Skin Damage
Stem Cell Therapy Heals the Heart
Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts Praised Criticism of Abortion Decision
The Only Latin American Country Where Euthanasia is Legal
Pro-Life Leader Applauds the Child Safety Act of 2005
Susan Torres Gives Birth
Bobby Schindler to Speak in Arizona
Socialism and Euthanasia
Cloning Opponent is Target of Cheap Political Stunt
Michigan's 2004 Abortion Statistics
Update on Charlotte Wyatt
Man Emerges from 'Vegetative State'
Democrats for Life Makes Party Inroads
Frist Support of Embryonic Stem Cell Research Draws Fire
Frist's Position on Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Frist Support of Embryonic Stem Cell Research 'Insane'
Frist Supports Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Pulls a Kerry
Bioethics Group Decries Frist Decision
Women's Group Blasts Frist on Stem Cell Flip-Flop
CMA Doctors Lament Senator Frist's Support of Embryo-Destroying Research
Frist to Back Embryonic Stem Cell Bill
Senator Frist Disappoints
Frist Breaks with Pro-Life Supporters
Embryonic Stem Cell Research and the JDRF
RU-486 Study Proves Need for Drug's Suspension
RU-486 Causes Septic Shock Deaths says Researcher
UK Doctors May Remove Food and Water from Patients
Life Links 7/28
Fighting for the Right-to-Life
Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Are Curing Patients
Bobby Schindler to Speak in Arizona about Terri Schiavo
Abortion Drug RU 486 Causes Rare Bacterial Infections
Euphemisms about Terri Schiavo
Women's Rights
Using Cloned Humans for Research?
Maria Korp sentenced to death
Stem-Cell Study May Point to Cure for Heart Attacks
Durbin Disputes Turley Attack on Roberts
Premature Babies Born at 23 Weeks Survive
Justice Called for in the Supreme Court Confirmation Proces
Disability Activists Blast PBS for ADA Anniversary Promotion of 'Better Dead than Disabled' Film
Oklahoma Abortion Laws Upheld by Appeals Court
Abortion and Breast Cancer Link
The Trouble with Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Adult Stem Cells Treat Heart Disease
A Sad Anniversary
Abortions Down but Still Top 20 Percent of Pregnancies
Cruel Cunning
The Scoreboard has Changed
Unborn Child of Mother in Coma Reaches Milestone
Doctors Call for FDA to Pull RU-486 off the Market - Updated
Roberts' Wife: Feminist Pro-Lifer
Supreme Court Nominee Roberts Position on Abortion is Unknown
Life Links 7/20
Pull RU-486 Abortifacient from the Market
Wanted: A fair, honest Senate hearing for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts
The President's Supreme Choice
President Bush Nominated to the Supreme Court a Strict Constructionist in Judge John Roberts
NRTL Responds to Roberts Nomination
Pro-Life Response to Roberts Supreme Court Nomination - Updated
Background on Judge John Roberts, Supreme Court Nominee
Bush Nominates Roberts to the Supreme Court
Edith Brown Clement and Abortion
Women Hurt by Abortion Speak Out About Supreme Court Nomination
Supreme Court Nomination Close, Speculation Continues
Update on the Supreme Court Nomination
Stem Cell Hype and Michael J. Fox - Updated
Are you opposed to human cloning for research?
Stem Cell Agenda Becoming Clearer
BlogsforTerri Announces New Mission
Book about Terri Schiavo Hits Top Ten List
Differences Rooted in Foundational Presuppositions
Embryonic stem cells not needed for research
College Prolifers Injured in London Terrorist Attacks
Rehnquist to Stay on Supreme Court
Abortions reach 30-year low in Minnesota
New Study Finds Higher Substance Use Rates Among Pregnant Women Who Have Had Abortions
Should women be punished for having abortions?
Forced Abortion in China Thwarted by Hong Kong Officials
Wisconsin Court Rules Hospitals Cannot Intentionally allow Newborns to Die
The Rise of Eugenics Reflects a Culture of Death
Blagojevich Order Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research Unconscionable
Hope for the Supreme Court
Illinois Funds Immoral Embryonic Stem Cell Research with Taxpayer Dollars
Schiavo Editorial by Gov. Jeb Bush
California Assisted Suicide Legalization Bill is Dead
Adult Stem Cells Treat Heart Disease
Senate Poised to Vote on Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Abortion Pill RU-486 on Essential Drug List of World Health Organization
Legalization of Cloning in Spain?
Justice O'Connor's retirement signals opportune moment for President
Update: Supreme Court Nominations
Partial Birth Abortion Ban Ruled Unconstitutional
Pro-Life Cartoon FaithMouse Gains Readers
Retired Persons Association Promotes Euthanasia for the Elderly
Judicial Murder and Terri Schiavo
Terri Schiavo Death Motivated by Money?
Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Clash of Worldviews
Embryonic Stem Cell Hype
AIM Reports on Terri Schiavo's Autopsy
Rehnquist to Retire? Official Says 'Do Doubt'
McCabe Closes Terri Schiavo Investigation
Alberto Gonzales is not a Candidate for Supreme Court
Supreme Court hoopla: Rhetoric or reality?
Human Fluidity and the Pro-life Position
Schumer: Disarm and Cool Heated Rhetoric
Supporting our friends in London
United Church of Christ Endorses Gay 'Marriage'
Pro-Life Campaign Exposes the Truth About Abortion
Children who were adopted as human embryos
Abortion Supporters use Urban Legends in Supreme Court Debate
Schumer Conversation Promises War
'Emergency Contraception' is Early Chemical Abortion
Gonzales on Abortion
Bush's Criteria for Picking Judges
Traditional American jurisprudence
Supreme Court Nomination – Sign the Petition
Senators Promise to Block Pro-life Supreme Court Candidates
American Academy of Pediatrics 'Absurd' Stand on Teen Pregnancy
Supreme Court - O'Connor Replacement
Doctors vote to keep 24-week abortion limit
UNFPA Pitches Abortion as a Means to Reduce Child Poverty
Supreme Court Nominations - More Misinformation and Distortions
O'Connor Retires - Prepare to go to battle!
Supreme Court Vacancy – Hope for the Unborn
Supreme Court Justice O'Connor's Retirement Comes at a Very Critical Time
ALL Protest Inauguration Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa
Answering Mario Cuomo on Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Debate - Stemming Specious Statements Before ...
Terri Schiavo's Autopsy Report and Flawed Conclusions
China's Policies of Coercive Abortion
Silent Witness : The Untold Story of Terri Schiavo's Death
Supreme Court to Hear Abortion Protest Case
Neurologist Takes Aim at Schiavo Autopsy Report
Overturning Roe v. Wade Not Enough to Stop Abortion
Schiavo Autopsy Open for Criticism
Pharmacists Denied Liberty of Conscience in Abortion Pill Debate
Breakthrough Points to Post-Natal Stem Cells
Nurse Fired for Refusing to Give Abortion Pill
No Surprise: UN Excludes Pro-Life Groups
The Death of Terri Schiavo
Adult Stem Cell Breakthroughs Attract Investors
Treating Disease with Adult Stem Cells
Adult Stem Cell Research and Applications Continue to Thrive
Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Unethical and Not Working
Human Cloning Ban Passes Wisconsin Assembly
Ribald Rhetoric - the Opposition to Parent's Right to Know
American Medical Association Targets Pro-Life Pharmacists
Woman in Coma is 23 Weeks Pregnant
Bobby Schindler Responds to Schiavo Grave Inscription
Terri Schiavo's belated vindication
Terri Schiavo was Buried Today
Father’s Day 2005 - 48 Million Killed
Physician Who Examined Schiavo Critical of Autopsy Report
Gov. Jeb Bush Writes Letter to the Editor on Schiavo Case - Updated
President Bush Brings Pro-Life Message to NRLC Convention
Bush Calls for Investigation into Schiavo Collapse
Wisconsin Assembly Passes Morning-After Pill Ban on UW System Campuses
Autopsy Leaves Unanswered the Reason for Terri Schiavo's Collapse
Culture of Life Foundation Responds to the Schiavo Autopsy
Schindler Attorney David Gibbs Speaks Out on Schiavo Autopsy
Autopsy suggests Terri Schiavo was Cognizant
UNFPA Funding Denied by U.S. Congress
Terri Schiavo Autopsy: Manner of Death 'Undetermined'
Schindler Family's Statement on Medical Examiner's Report
Schiavo Autopsy Leaves Most Important Questions Unanswered
No Excuses for Dehydrating the Disabled
Schiavo Autopsy Released: Died of Severe Dehydration
President Bush Falls Short in his Defense of the Human Embryo
American Life League Responds to Terri Schiavo's Autopsy Results
Autopsy Does Not Change Moral Aspects of Terri Schiavo’s Murder says Priest Who Was With Terri Moments Before Her Death
Terri Schiavo's Autopsy Report - Updated
Outlandish Autopsy Results Predicted in the Terri Schiavo Case
Abortion Doctor Loses Medical License On Account of "Vile, Disgusting" Clinic, Allegations of Cannibalism
Terri Schiavo's Autopsy Results: Expectations and Controversy
House Vote Could Restore UNFPA Funding
Pharmacist Challenges Abortifacient Dispensing Order
Following Abortion, Many Men Experience Guilt and Pain
Abortion: An Unspeakable Health Threat
Pro-Life Activist Jill Stanek Joins the Blogosphere
Bill Blocking Morning-After Pill on UW-Campuses Passes Assembly Committee
Stem Cells from Aborted Fetuses Used to Treat Heart Disease
Another Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough
Abortions Have Not Increased
Putting her Unborn Children First
Take Action Against HR810 - Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Bush Gets it Right on Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Important Message from LifeNews
The Bioethics of Therapeutic Cloning:
Bush Would Veto Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Pro-Life College Student Claims Abortion Clinic Harassed Him
TX - House panel advances abortion consent bill
The Darfur Collection
Pro-choice Ads Removed from Nickelodeon
Press Release: Senate Committee to Hear Pharmacists Conscience Clause Bill
Abortion Increases Risk of Premature Birth
Couple Found Guilty for Refusing to Seek Medical Treatment
Another Ambulance Visits Tiller's Abortion Clinic in Wichita
Nickelodeon Running Pro Abortion Ads?
Florida ends fight against abortion for 13-yr-old - Updated
BREAKING NEWS: Planned Parenthood Flouting Illinois Law for Fun and Profit
Dutch Doctor Admits Killing Disabled Newborns
Abortion staff ignores baby boy born alive?
Euthanasia Hall of Shame: Hastings Center
Stem cells' promise is an empty one
Twin Survives Abortion - Mother Still Doesn't 'Get It'
Euthanasia Hall of Shame: The Wendland Case
Misleading Scare Headline on Adult Stem Cells: 'Adult Cells Cancer Threat'
Charlotte Wyatt-- something more to do
Saving an Abortion Survivor
Update on Clara Martinez
Brain Death
Baby Charlotte Wyatt Needs Help: She Wants To Live
British Courts Rule Against Charlotte Wyatt
The Hard Truth
Freedom of Speech? Not if you speak against abortion
Abortion-Causing Morning-After Pill Approved Across Canada Without Prescription
New Pope Ratzinger Seen as a Strong Pro-Life Advocate
Moving pictures stop abortion - Young mothers describe how ultrasound technology persuaded them to choose life for their children
Hearing Set for Tomorrow on Pro-Life Pharmacist's Request for Temporary Restraining Order Against Illinois Governor
Why Censor Ultrasound?
Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Save Lives
Big Companies Pursue Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Part II
The Fight for Clara: A Battlefront Update
ACTION ITEM - Schiavo-Like Case Addressed by Local Pastor
Updated: Terri Schiavo Attorney Calls on Georgia Court
Aborting the Handicapped
Mae Magouirk, Pulled from Hospice, is Doing Well
Schumer v. Reality on Bush Judges
Russian Abortion Killing and Sterilizing Millions; Demographic Collapse Likely to be Worse than Previously Predicted
The Fate of Ora Mae Magouirk
Stem Cell Bill Fails in Seattle
Massachusetts Gov. Vows to Veto Embryonic Stem Cell Bill
Big Companies Initiate Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Updates from Ken Mullinax
Advice about Living Wills
Misdiagnosing PVS - Cranford and Terri Schiavo
Euthanasia of Infants by Doctors Responsible for Nearly Half of Newborn Deaths in Belgium
Judge Boyd Writes BlogsforTerri
Mae's Family Removed from Her Room
More on Mae Magouirk and her Delivery from Certain Death
Hospital admits abortion at 34 weeks
Mae Magouirk - out of the Hospital - Thanks to Bloggers
The Ugly Face of Euthanasia
Every Third Russian Abortion Ends in Patient's Death
Abortion Advocates Push Litmus Test for FDA Nominee
Mae Magouirk - not comatose - not vegetative - not terminal, BEING STARVED AND DEHYDRATED TO DEATH (Update)
Pavone Slams Living Wills
Bill Gives Unborn Equal Protection
The Execution of Terri Schiavo
Schiavo neurologist views Alzheimer patients as physician-assisted 'suicides'
Massachusetts Legislature Votes to Use Clonned Embryos for Research
Some Vague Living Wills Allow Starvation
Pro-Life Advocate Pope John Paul II Died Today
UN Steps Up Vigorous Call for Universal Access to Abortion
Vatican City: Pope suffers heart attack
NRO on Terri Schiavo's Death
Message from the Schindlers
The Blogosphere Writes About Terri's Passing
Statement of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation
Terri Schiavo Has Just Died
Infant Euthanasia Creeps Into Acceptability.
Jackson Admits Failure in Florida Schiavo Effort
Federal Appeal Courts Gives Schindlers the OK
Humanity, Personhood and Terri Schiavo
Most Recent Report from The Hospital Bed: Terry Continues to Communicate
Supreme Court Says 'No' to Parental Consent for Abortion
Terri Reacts to Friend on Sunday
Caring About and Defending Life
Terri's Breathing Has Become Labored
ACTION ITEM - Stay With Terri, and with Us
Terri Schiavo Has Not Given Up, Neither Are We, says Attorneys and Family
Terri Schiavo's Suffering Continues
On Our Black Robed Masters And The "Evolving Standards of Decency"
Whittemore Rules against the Schindlers
Terri's Health Wanes
Mayo Clinic Neurologist Says Terri's PVS a Misdiagnosis
Remembering Sun Hudson
Neurologists say Terri is not PVS
Action Alert - Call Gov. Jeb Bush
10 reasons why Terri Schiavo's life should be protected
The Supreme Court Says 'No' to Schiavo Case
National Call For Action: Come to Woodside Now - Go To Washington Now
Fired Nurse Claims Terri Feels Pain
Independent Expert Says Terri Responds, Feels Pain
Florida Senate Rejects Bill To Save Terri
Terri Not PVS - Gov. Jeb Bush
Fired for Refusing to Remove a Feeding Tube
Terri is No Different Than My Daughter
ProLifeBlogs in the News
Florida Legislature is Able to Help Terri - Action Requested
Polls - Read the Fine Print
Paving the way for euthanasia legalization
Medical Attorney Andrew Schlafly Says Federal Court Decision in Schiavo Case Ripe to be Overturned
We Gave Her a Chance - Part II
Terri Schiavo Bone Scan (Updated)
Judge Declines to Help Terri Schiavo
He Lived through a Do-Not-Revive Order
Florida Legislature is Still Able to Help (Update ACTION REQUESTED)
Judge Declines to Rule as Terri Schiavo Starves
Asking the Wrong Question
Doctors Said Pull the Plug - Husband Glad Wife Stood Firm
Support Terri Schiavo at the Courthouse in Tampa
Terri Schiavo Hearing Set for 3pm
Bush Signs Terri's Bill Into Law
Terri's Bill Passes Congress
We Didn't Know What Terri Wanted - Updated
URGENT ACTION: Congressman Jim Davis(FL) and Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz(FL) Need Convincing
Senator Robert Wexler (Fl) and Congressman Earl Blumenauer (OR) Are Leading The Effort To Cause Terri Schiavo To Die (Updated)
MOST URGENT ACTION REQUIRED: Contact Democratic Senators Now (UPDATED)
Bobby Schindler Sunday Update - Fry the phones Again!
Terri Schiavo, Judge George Greer, and The Persistent Vegetative State: What Judge Greer Doesn't Want You To Know
Schiavo Judge Leaves Church Amid Criticism
Video: Delay- bill will restore nutrition & hydration
Updated - We Gave Her a Chance
Update - New Action Item to Support Terri
Northern Alliance Discusses Terri Schiavo
Terri's Mother Speaks
Legitimate Object of GOOD Government
Are You Politically Motivated?
URGENT Call to Bloggers from Bobby Schindler
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Good News - House Passes Schiavo Bill
Cloning and More Cloning
Sensenbrenner/Weldon Legislation Introduced Today to Protect Terri Schiavo--Full House to Consider Today or Thursday
2nd DCA denies Dept of Children and Families motion for stay
Killing Through Starvation is Painless?
DCF Appeals Schiavo Decision
Former Nurse Reveals Terri Schiavo's Capabilities
Human Rights Groups Silent on Schiavo's Torture
House Bill 701 Passed Through Committee
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Abortion Business Closed
Please, Intervene President Bush
Fighting for My Own Life
Statement of Schindler Family in Response to Offer of Mr. Robert Herring
A Day of Fasting and Prayer for Terri Schiavo
A Call to Florida
HB701 Protects the Disabled, Including Terri Schiavo
Terri Schiavo Action Items - March 7
Getting to Know Judge George Greer
Day of Fasting for Terri Schiavo
Medical Experts call for new tests for Terri Schiavo
Schiavo DCF Document Released, Alleges Abuse
Congress May Step in on Terri Schiavo Case
Schindler's Request New Trial Based on Judge's Error
Breaking: United States Presses Ahead with Anti-Abortion Amendment at UN
US May Back Down at UN Conference?
Bobby Schindler Speaks Out
Disability Rights Activist Has Experienced Medically Induced Starvation
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Emergency Petition
Extreme Prejudice and the Survival of the Fittest
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Greer Delays Starvation by Three Weeks
Marriage Vows Don't Include Starvation
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Abuse Allegations to be Investigated
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You Can Make a Difference
Michael Schiavo Plans to Withhold Terri's Food Today
A promise is a promise
Bob Schindler: "There Is NO Stay"
Schiavo Judge Bars Withdrawal Of Feeding Tube Until Hearing
Felos Aims to Begin Death by Starvation Tomorrow
A Call to all Blogs for Terri
Schindlers File Emergency Motion, Schedule Press Conference
The Feeding Tube Myth
The wonderful world of legal murder
Jeb Bush Could Save Terri Schiavo’s Life…If He Wanted
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Reminder: Bloggers' Best for Terri Schiavo
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Contact Government Officials to Save Terri! -- CONTACT INFO
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Cockroaches scatter when you turn on the light.
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Joni Eareckson Tada Speaks Out in Support of Terri Schiavo
Terri Schiavo supporters again take to the streets
Disability Activists Call for Moratorium on Starvation and Dehydration
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'Death sentence' is unjust
Schindlers Coordinating Efforts For Rescue Of Terri Schiavo
Ask The US Supreme Court to Help Terri
Have a HEART for Terri Schiavo
Does Michael Schiavo Know What Terri Wanted? Does He Care?
New Terri Schiavo Press Release: Why Refuse Terri Schiavo Speech Therapy--Unless Michael Doesn't Want to Know What She Thinks
Experts Who Have Testified Terri Schiavo Could Improve with Therapy
One Hundred Blogs for Terri Schiavo are Needed
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Judge George Greer Cannot Act as Terri Schiavo's Guardian
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Right to Life Amendment Proposed
Following the Terri Schiavo Story
Human Cloning Licensed in England (again)
Incongruity in Artificial Conception
The Suspicious Circumstances Surrounding Terri Schiavo's Injuries
Florida 2nd DCA Denies Schindlers' Motion for Rehearing
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